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Does FSU have the best brand in the league? 

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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May 19, 2023 4:24 pm

Does FSU have the best brand in the league? 

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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May 19, 2023 4:24 pm

How does Lauren feel about Jim's confidence on the ACC's future and what other schools may or may not be doing? Are TV ratings the biggest thing to look at, especially when it comes to Florida State? Is there too much emphasis on team's brands in these negotiations, especially if they're inaccurate? Which has a better Twitter, Canes or FSU? What does she think about each team's page? 


We're going to talk about Cain's Twitter here in a second.

What was your take from the spring meetings and the crowing about other people's money? Well, I mean, in Florida State's case, look, sometimes athletic directors have to speak directly to their fan base, right? No one was better at that around here, I don't think, than Debbie Yao, for example. She understood what the fans wanted to hear and would often say that, sometimes before they even could.

And that's exactly what he's doing. I mean, literally, that's all their fans have said for years and years and years. And this is even when they weren't very good. Like, Florida State fans have stood on this, on the fact that their brand is worth more than anybody else's and that some schools aren't trying all that hard in football. And I think Florida State, this is sort of, this is part of my guess, but I think there's a little extra resentment in there too, a little bit, in that they don't have the rich alumni base that a lot of other schools do at their disposal either. And so now you put them behind the eight ball and revenue generation as well, when they're a school that does really care about football. And I understand where they're coming from, but I also just think this is posturing. And even if there is a revenue sharing thing based on on-field success, it's not going to be significant enough to make a difference. And you know what?

You better hope that you can live up to it as well. Like, that's the other part of it. It would be great if Florida State and Clemson and Virginia Tech and Miami won the success award every year and got a bigger share of the revenue. But I mean, we can't say that that's consistently happened, except Clemson's the only one we can say has been consistent, honestly.

Yeah, the last decade. Does FSU have the best brand in the league? I don't know.

You know what? That's tough to say. I mean, I think Miami has a good brand as well, but Florida State is currently in better position, you know, both going forward and now, I think, to capitalize on that. I think both are in a lot of cachet with what happened in the 90s and 2000s. And for both of them, especially Miami, I think that cachet is running lowish.

They may need to replenish. But like we say that and how long have we been making fun of Texas, for example, for Texas being back? You know what I mean? And so they're not the only ones. Well, right.

I don't know. And that's the other part, though, right? The ones that we make fun of the most for not being back, those are the ones that television executives assume will be good for your TV screen.

So you care enough to hate watch him. Right. That's true.

You know what? Texas is like the Chicago Cubs. So, you know, what we're really finding out is that the national championship in that, what, two or three year era, that was the outlier.

Texas is otherwise just kind of meh. They make a ton of money, a ton of money, like the Cubs. And like until they finally mixed in some championships, the Red Sox, they just make oodles and oodles of money. But, you know, the success and all there. Here's the thing about about Florida State is that over this period of time, they haven't been successful enough on the field to really beat their chest about we deserve this and we deserve that. Yes.

I understand. I saw a chart that they had like they and Clemson had the highest TV ratings of schools in the ACC. I mean, honestly, is that we're just pointing to TV ratings. That's it.

Well, the brand value. That's where the money comes from. Sort of. Yeah, it does.

It does. But. I mean, I don't know how much of that is specifically to Florida State. So a couple of years ago, Duke and Virginia played like two or three or two times. And they were both both of the games were in the top 10 of the number of top 10 rated college basketball games. Are we now to say that Virginia and their basketball brand is a top 10 brand? Well, no, that was because they played Duke. So sometimes those games involved the other team, too. I'm not trying to slam Florida State.

I don't think their brand is is as as great as they claim it to be. And they don't deserve anything simply because Bobby Bowden had a dynasty for nearly 20 years. There's a lot of looking down the nose that happens from Florida State football fans on the rest of the league. I mean, even when Wake was handing them their own. But they would they would still sit there and say they deserve more money because they were like, wait, doesn't even care about football that much. And they're not spending the money and they have a high school stadium and it's embarrassing. So, like, you know, to their credit, almost like they haven't cared if they were good or not. Florida State fans to say that they haven't said, wait till we're good. They're like, no, man.

Y'all aren't doing enough, you know. And now do they make some valid points at times? They have made some value. Like, are we sure Boston College is still awake over there?

Are they OK? You know, how much do they still care about football? They feel the team. Jeff Laffley tries hard.

Oh, hey, come on. They care. They care. I think they care more than Georgia Tech. All right. Which which is the better Twitter, Florida State Twitter or Cain's Twitter?

Carolina Hurricanes, not Miami Hurricanes. Look, I would be a traitor to this area and to people that I know and like very much, I think, if I didn't say Cain's Twitter is better. Better in a good way or better in a bad way? I say crazier. What's crazier, Cain's Twitter or FSU Twitter? Oh, FSU Twitter.

Yeah, they're nuts. They're there. But I don't have any problems with them because I know what upsets them. Like, you don't see me tweeting this. OK, you don't see me tweeting some of these thoughts. I know better.

Revenue sharing is like a like throwing blood in the water to sharks. No, don't even. I'm not even talking about it. You all take your extra money. I don't care.

You're good. What is what do you like about Cain's Twitter? I think it's a lot of people that are not unlike ACC Twitter in that there's a lot of self-deprecation amongst the fan base, but also don't come for us. Only we come for us.

Not you. You know, like only Cain's Twitter comes from Cain's Twitter. Not not outsiders telling people how they the hockey in the south is an abomination or whatever. And I like that they stick up for the area and they do stick up for the team within reason. And I like that about them.

I think they have more sanity. Here's my take on Cain's Twitter, because there are two extremes to Cain's Twitter. And one of them one of them is adorable. The, you know, treating the canes like that, like a newborn puppy.

That's one part of Cain's Twitter. They're adorable. We love everything about them. Even when they have the Duke football, the Duke football.

When they poop on the rug. Wow. Isn't that cool? Let me clean that up. And then there's the other part, the dark part of Cain's Twitter, the dark part of Cain's Twitter that see a loss in January as the end of the universe. And this team will never win. I'm done with this team.

That part of Cain's Twitter needs to be lopped off and thrown into the ocean. Yeah, that that doesn't I mean, look, I'm not I'm not a hockey expert. I've never claimed to be. But it's a lot of games. That's my analysis of the situation. There are a lot of games.

Eighty two. A lot. Yeah.

Probably don't need to worry so much about losing just literally one of them. Every every single night is a referendum. Every single night. Did you watch five periods of hockey last night? Eight, 12 period.

However many periods. It might still be going on. I am. And fortunately, I did not. And I was in bed. Gosh.

I don't know. I was. I have to tune back in.

You should. But well, the game is the game is over now. Last night's game is over a lot. If it was still going on, maybe there's a condensed replay going on.

Well, you can go to NHL dot com and you can watch like a 12 version of that entire game, which it was an entertaining game, even though there were no goals for over an hour of played sport, because by the middle of the third period, we were done with scoring until at the very end of the seventh period. So. So that's all. I guess. I guess the dude who asked me a question comparing the case, a mailbag question comparing the case to Virginia basketball, I guess he'll feel validated by that. How how do you compare the case to Virginia basketball?

I don't know. A lot of people I was like, hockey people explain this to me and hockey people were like, we can't. That's nonsensical.

So it was fine. But I think it was just like defense oriented. Anytime someone sees a team oriented around its defense, then they and pop possession. And it's like and people were like saying that they're like, oh, but the kids play way more entertaining and explaining it to me. I'm like, that actually sounds like Virginia.

That sounds like Virginia. Everything you're saying in basketball, the equivalent. So you all need to chill out. Well, you know, me, me, I'm not the biggest fan of I don't mind defense. I just I just don't like teams that kind of intentionally hold back offense. But I think Tony does that for when he when he has better offensive players. I think he lets him go a little bit. But yeah, when they die, he won't.

And that's my my ultimate problem. But I'm glad you wrote about Kane's Twitter in the mailbag. Lauren Brownlow, you're still still bullish on Bryce. I don't know.

Bullish is a strong word. You know, I'm here to hide. No, my kid asked me. My kid asked me about the Panthers the other day. He's like, you know, who's the quarterback now? I told him and he said, is he as good as Cam Newton? And I said no. And he started crying. So a lifetime of this. Well, he's he's he's adorable.

Just like that part of Hurricane's Twitter. They'll look at Bryce Young and say he's adorable. I think he's going to be great. So will he be as good as Cam? Probably not, because that's how good Cam was.

But I think Bryce can. That's OK. Like, that doesn't mean he can't be fine. I'm not saying that. I just I had to be honest with my kid. Just no. All right. Well, next time the Hurricanes play seven periods, you have to watch. OK, I promise. Those are the rules.
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