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Four goals scored in two games, by ONE player.

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May 4, 2023 4:06 pm

Four goals scored in two games, by ONE player.

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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May 4, 2023 4:06 pm

What was the most shocking thing about the Boston Bruins getting knocked out in the first round, if it’s shocking to Greg at all? Where did the Bruins go wrong? What did Greg see and hear from the Canadian media with the Toronto Maple Leafs making it past the first round, but not without a scare? What’s the “leafiest” thing to do, which they did? What do the Canes need to do to win this series against the Devils, in Greg’s opinion?


As we bring in Greg Waschinski from ESPN, NHL national writer, I appreciate your time. I remember last series when the Hurricanes fell behind 1-0 after one period against the Islanders in Game 6.

At the bottom of the screen it flashed. Team Met scored first, won all five games. Team Met led after the first period, won all five games.

And it really didn't matter because none of that stuff ever matters. Because I can tell you right now that it is a bad idea to have a player score four goals in a game. They have not won either game in the playoffs when somebody has scored four. That's true. I mean, I think the trick is to not let the other team score more than that.

No, no, no, no, no. I think the trick is to not score four. You get punished. You know, it's funny. As you know, I do some betting content for ESPN. I'm on Daily Wager a lot. And one of the bets you can make is, will there be a hat trick in this series?

And let me tell you something right now. I looked at those odds before the second round. They were pretty long. They were all like plus 300, plus 400. Somebody out there made some pretty good coin on the first night for some of these series.

My gosh. With the games that Pavelski and Dryseidel had, it's in fact, they bet those. But you know, you don't often see what we saw the last two days. And you certainly don't often see a situation where both teams lose.

No, you know, it's funny. I also, and it's not just Scott Van Pelt. I've seen a lot of people remark about how incredible it is that in the same playoff year, we lost the record setting team and the defending Stanley Cup champ. And I would agree, except it happened five years ago, too. Well, that's the thing about the Bruins, right? It's like people have always been asking me about how shocking is it? Where does it sit in the pantheon of shocking upsets?

And on the one hand, look, it's a complete shock. They were the best regular season team we've ever had. Although I do think those numbers were pumped up a little bit by having a season in which a lot of teams were intentionally trying not to be competitive because of the draft. I think that's something that not a lot of people have talked about with regard to this Bruins record. And then, and then, but the part of it that's not shocking at all is that they won the president's trophy. And as of right now, after this Bruins loss in the first round, since they started giving out the president's trophy for the league's best regular season record in the mid 1980s, eight teams have gone on to win the cup. Seven teams have gone on to lose in the first round. So we almost have the same number of teams that have gone on to lift the cup at the end that have been out in the first round when they win the president's trophy, which is insane. Greg Wyshinsky, at Wyshinsky on Twitter, joining us here on the Adam Gold show, ESPN national hockey columnist, writer, TV provocateur. Here's the thing about it.

Cause I, somebody asked me, it might've been on my podcast or wherever. What was there anything that surprised me about it? And the, my only answer was the fact that the Bruins were up three, one in the series and made games three and four look almost pedestrian. To me, that was the shock that you just assume they were going to go home and wrap that up. But they were also banged up. Bergeron's hurt, Crachey was hurt. And those two guys, and they were a little older team anyway, even though they were deep and they were getting great performances from Tyler Batuzzi at Taylor Hall and some others that, that was the only element that surprised me.

Yeah. And the, the Bergeron one is the real key. I mean, you know, he played well defensively. I don't think that guy could play poorly defensively if he was playing on one leg. Um, but he had a herniated desk and where it really hurt them was offensively. You only have one goal in three games, but he was a minus six.

Um, and that is where it really hurt. The Bruins was in not having one line that they could depend on like when they're cooking and that Bergeron Marchand duo is going great. Then that's when they're at their best. They can roll those guys out there. They play great defense. They generate offensive chances.

They they're very reliant on those two guys being good together. They didn't have that because Bergeron was hurt. Meanwhile, the Panthers get Matthew can stand Bennett together and they become the most dominant duo in the playoffs, not named with David and dry cycle. Like those guys, when they're on the ice change everything for their team.

And I think personally that can Chuck is probably the leader for the consummate or playoff MVP right now. So the Bruins don't have their game changers going. The Panthers all of a sudden have those two guys going. And you could really see the difference in these games when, when one team can't quite find the right combinations because of injury or whatever. And the other team can just roll out a line they know is going to give them everything on every shift. Greg was Shinsky is with us here on the Adam gold show.

All right. So Florida now takes game one from Toronto. And I am sure that everybody was very rational on morning radio and TV in Canada after, after the game one loss. Am I right? I said fastly avoid Toronto media.

I couldn't tell you what they were saying. I mean, it's, it's just too much. And I pity, I pity the rest of the country. Like imagine how like, you know how like most NFL news centers around the Dallas Cowboys and like how this affects the Cowboys. Now imagine that times like a thousand and that's Canadian hockey coverage.

Cause it literally is every single story. How does this affect the Leafs? So I try not to dabble too much in Toronto media. Look, I think they've still got a lot of sunshine and rainbows up there because of getting through the first round. I mean, there, I think there's a lot of confidence that things are going to be different this time. And I think there's a lot of confidence that they're going to be good and good tonight because they, you know, they won game two against the lightning after really getting their behinds handed to them in the first game. So I, if they lose tonight to the Panthers, I think there might be a lot more panic about where this series is going, but I think as of right now, they still feel like they're in a pretty good spot.

I actually think they are. And I don't know why I was getting the fun. I have these vibes in the first round. It wasn't, it wasn't post beating the lightning, although it was interesting that they won all three games on the road in overtime.

I found that fascinating. Uh, but I had a Washington capitals, uh, 2018 vibe about this team that, cause when the capitals finally got over on Sidney Crosby, you could just almost feel a collective exhale like, all right, we finally vanquished the beast for the, from their point of view. And now we can go on.

And I got it. I got the sense that once Toronto got past the first round, cause they're built differently than they used to be, uh, that I think they'll be okay. I think they are the favorites, uh, maybe to win the Stanley cup.

I don't know. Well, let's roll a little bit there. I mean, um, I, I think they could be okay. I Panthers are a real tough hour. And the problem right now is, and it's kind of the problem that Dallas is facing with Seattle a little bit is that the opponent that they're facing is getting better as the playoffs go on and the Panthers are clearly getting better. Like not only do they have the Bennett to Chuck thing, Barkov's picking up his game Montorez scoring goals, but Brodsky played his best game in the playoffs in game one. So it's not as if there's anything fluky going on with the Panthers. And by the way, like you see how many, how many teams came out of tough first round series and, and had really bad game games won in the second round, like the Panthers won the biggest game, maybe in franchise history since like the mid 1990s and like play just as well in game one against lease, it was really impressive. So they're, they're in a spot of trouble in this series. Um, but you know, it is funny to think about how like getting past the first round. I agree. You know, the wind should be in their sales.

It should be different. And then on top of that, the Panthers clear the road of the other bookie band for the lease and the play in the playoffs, the Boston Bruins, where they don't have to see the spoke B in the second round. So now you're thinking, okay, it's really setting up for them.

And so the leafiest thing to happen would be to then lose in the second round to Florida. Cause then it's like, all right, well, what do we do? Like, do we keep building? Did we make, are we a failure? Like what's going on? It's going to be really fun to see what, what the shakeout is.

If they do end up getting out in the second round, the leafiest thing to do. All right. Final thing for Greg, we're since gay.

I love that leafy is thing to do. Uh, we, we have something down here called NC state stuff. Uh, and I think that's the same thing.

All right. Um, Carolina without, you know, Tara vine and Svechnikov patchy ready, uh, can't score except they keep scoring, keep scoring. I mean, in all circumstance, I'm not, uh, I still think they have their offensive challenges. Uh, but what do you make of what we saw last night between these two teams?

Maybe they don't, I don't know, man. All I know is that the over has hit more with the Carolina hurricanes in these playoffs than I thought maybe they, maybe it did in the regular season. I mean, it was, it's insane how many goals have been in these games and they keep finding ways to generate them and their defense is leading to offense and they're doing a really solid job. Um, game one against the devils was kind of save big during the spring savings event right now at Lowe's for a limited time only get $50 off select ego, self-propelled mowers and $20 off select 15 and 16 inch string trimmers rated the number one brand in cordless outdoor power equipment.

Ego is the perfect way to get your lawn and shape for spring Lowe's knows outdoor power equipment Lowe's knows home improvements about the five 17 selection varies by location while supplies last. How I anticipated it going, even though I didn't want to believe it as a devil's fan, which is that the devils went from being the hunter to the hunted, right? They went from a series in which they are trying to shut down Panera and, and, and to Banajat and Kane and Terasenko and all those guys to now all of a sudden having a team that's going to do that to them. And so, you know, Nico, he sure said after they lost their first two games against the Rangers, they're, they're a quick learner, you know, and, and we're going to see how quick that learning is because now all of a sudden they're going to have to change.

It's like a, basically a one 80 for them. They're going to have to change a lot of the things that they do in order to try in order to try to win this series where there is absolutely no room to create. There's no ice. Jack Hughes is going to have Jordan stall on him like a jacket, the entire series. Like they're going to have to figure out some things and they clearly weren't prepared for what Carolina was throwing out to the game.

One. I think Chuck Keaton told me yesterday, longtime voice of the whalers, then the hurricanes, uh, that the first, the team that gets to the four check therefore check first will probably win. I think the devils could do that to Carolina just as easily as Carolina did it to New Jersey. I think this is, I think we're in for the long haul. Uh, and I think it'll be fun. I think this will be a skating series and I think that'll be a super entertaining and I appreciate your time. Yeah, no, absolutely. And I also think it might be a home ice series because getting, getting their best players away from the best defensive players on Carolina could be real key.

All right. Uh, I think you're right. I think you're right. Although rod did break up the stall Martinook Fost trio, they're on different lines now.

So they have two more focus on stall in that equation. Cause you know, that guy out there against any of the devil's top lines, whoever he's playing with, it's going to, I think it's a criminal. He didn't get a selkie nomination by the way.

Like I just, I don't get it. Like we're used to it here. I know you're used to it. I really thought this would be the year he's, he's like older. He's got a good rap. They're doing good things. I mean, it's, it is a mea culpa East coast, Northeast bias for he's sure getting an overstock. It's all had a better season.

He sure is great though. I love, I love that. Uh, love that play real quick. Uh, ran it to Andre's fetch to call from the press box a week or so ago. And I asked him, I said, do you like practicing against Jordan? He goes, no.

And I wouldn't want to play against him either. So that Andre is one of the great personalities in our sport. Uh, I appreciate your time, Greg. We'll talk again later. Anytime. Thanks for having me.

You got it. Greg was Shinsky save big during the spring savings event right now at Lowe's for a limited time. Only get $50 off select ego, self-propelled mowers and $20 off select 15 and 16 inch string trimmers rated the number one brand in cordless outdoor power equipment. Ego is the perfect way to get your lawn in shape for spring Lowe's knows outdoor power equipment. Lowe's knows home improvement about the five 17 selection varies by location while supplies last.
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