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What did he call Bryce compared to Cam?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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April 28, 2023 3:56 pm

What did he call Bryce compared to Cam?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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April 28, 2023 3:56 pm

Looking at the bigger picture, will it change your opinion on which QB you would’ve taken in the draft? Louis was concerned with Bryce Young’s size, does he still feel that way? What’s the best description Louis has heard of Bryce thus far? Who are people reminded of when they look at Bryce play? 

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How do you feel about a full face shield the next time you guys are doing the triangle in two? Well, my face is my money maker, so I got to make sure I protect it. That's how I view it, Adam. You are the first person, and by the way, I'm not arguing against that. You are handsome, but you are the first person to come on and basically tell everybody how handsome he is. Hey, listen, my mom says the same thing, so if she says it, it must be true. That is true.

That is true. All right, you did some pretty really, I think, very creative and interesting stuff before the draft, and if people didn't see it, you can go to, the triangle in two that you do with Mark, and you got in front of a virtual screen. You did kind of a height look at Bryce Young, comparing him to Cam Newton, which is... Did you call Bryce a sapling to Cam Newton's Redwood? I did, I did. I was trying to make something creative there with the verbiage of it all. I was like, you got like trees. I don't know. It kind of worked.

It kind of didn't, but he's a short guy. That's not a mystery at this point. Right, sapling to Redwood.

Good California Redwood, those things. You could drive through the middle of them. So, the data that you used, kind of give us a hint, you know, a listen to some of the data that you discovered about height and quarterbacks. Sure, so if you go back to 1970, which was the AFL-NFL merger, before last night's draft, 500 and I believe 22 quarterbacks had been selected in the NFL draft. Obviously, the length of that draft has kind of varied and changed over the years, but you had a very small number of quarterbacks who fell in that six-foot tall or under range that were selected. I believe six-foot even, I want to say it was about 21 quarterbacks in total, which the headliners of that group are like the Drew Brees, Joe Theismann, quarterbacks who had won a Super Bowl, either one MVP or finished second in MVP.

So, you have that. When you look at 511, it's much less six quarterbacks and the headliner from that group is Russell Wilson. You know, we all know Russell Wilson's story at this point and then at 510, you had three quarterbacks total who were drafted. Two of them, I think, are a little bit more well known. Doug Flutie being one of the examples.

Yeah, and obviously Flutie had a, you know, very up and down career, a whole lot of history there, but he did have some success with the Bills overall. And then Tyler Murray, most recently being the guy at 510, but he's a different kind of quarterback, if you will, than Bryce Young. I mean, Bryce isn't, he's athletic, but he's not Tyler Murray athletic by any means.

Oh, there's no question. But my pushback to the height thing is that, first of all, it is a real concern. And I think it's probably as much about the weight as it is about the height, because Russell Wilson and Tyler Murray, by the way, there's no chance he's 510.

Zero chance on this planet that he is 510. But that doesn't even matter because when you're sub six foot, you might as well be five feet. You know, be five feet, too, because all of the NFL offensive linemen, they're all gigantic.

So, so anybody sub six foot. My, my pushback to that is, but the guys who have proven to be okay are great, as opposed to not. I mean, Russell Wilson is likely going to go to the Hall of Fame.

Drew Brees is definitely going to go to the Hall of Fame. But, you know, even for a guy like, what's the difference between somebody who's six foot or 511 and six one like Jalen Hurts? So, yeah, I understand the point. But to me, I think we've evolved past that.

I agree. And I think when you look at the bigger picture, right, the NFL has changed dramatically, bringing up Jalen Hurts, I think is a prime example, right? And he's six one, but he's, you know, he's stocky. He's incredibly muscular. He's a fullback squatting like 600 pounds.

You know, he's, he's a big guy. But, but the NFL has changed a bit. And I think that's where you get someone like Bryce young coming in. Those quarterbacks that have been drafted that are smaller. They had a lot of college production, the five 10 group and below. Now, if you include Bryce young in that mix, three of the four of them won the Heisman. So they're all very talented. I think what you're starting to see now is quarterbacks are so much more polished than they've ever been. So even if someone is smaller, they have all the other things versus just leaning on their athleticism to play in the league.

Yeah. And I think young is the pedigree in terms of where he played. I mean, you can go back to high school playing at matter day high school in Santa Ana, California. I mean, you go, go look at football players who played at Santa Ana, all right, rather matter at matter day.

I mean, you know, you know about five or six of the quarterbacks that played at that high school. And then he went to Alabama and he stepped on the field. And his first year after his redshirt year, he was the starting coach. They knew he was a starter and he was spectacular for two years. They did not win a title because Georgia won the last two, but he did. I mean, he just, I don't think he had a bad game in, in two years.

Absolutely. And I think we have this just kind of perception from a societal perspective, if you will get big picture here, we look at Alabama and we just assume everything is the best about them. Best players, best offensive line on my private. Bryce Young never got touched. He's over here throwing the, like, you know, the Devante Smiths of the world and all this stuff. But that wasn't the case with his two years, Alabama, the Alabama offensive line, they were, you know, outside of the top 50 in terms of SAC rate, both years that Bryce young was the starter, go back and look at the wide receivers that he was throwing through this year.

They were not over the same caliber. He had Jamison Williams, you know, his, you know, his first year as a starter there, but that's really the only thing, a top tier first rounder type guy that Bryson had to work with. He has all of the intangibles in my mind.

I, one of the best descriptions I've seen of him so far is he's a five 10 Joe burrow. And if he was six foot two, he, it was, would have been no question slam dunk easy. He's had his entire, you know, career when you're going all the way back, he's gone to the football camps, you know, go playing in California in high school, all of that stuff. He's been groomed for this moment to be set up to be a franchise quarterback. He's always been under six, six feet tall. So he didn't just, he wasn't six one when Alabama recruited him.

He wasn't wearing like high heels when Nick Saban came to watch him. And I would just as, before we say goodbye to Louis Fernandez from WRAL digital, you should check it out. Go, go to WRAL sports Check out he and Mark and what Mark stuck in us.

That's fine. But Dan Maguire, six eight, right? I think he was Mark Maguire's brother or something. Dan Maguire was six eight, was nothing in the NFL. Paxton Lynch was a first round pick and was dreadful for the Broncos. Brock Osweiler was so unimpressive, two anecdotes about Brock Osweiler. One, a clearly broken Peyton Manning was brought back into the starting lineup just to hand off because they couldn't, they realized they couldn't win with Brock Osweiler. And then after the Houston Texans gave him that major contract, they realized that the only way we could get rid of him was to trade Osweiler and a second round pick to Cleveland for a fifth round pick. That's, that's how much of a disaster Osweiler was. And he was like six seven.

So height, I mean, again, we could, I could prove this or disprove it any number of ways, but I think Young, the only red flag on him is the size and he's used to being five 10. So I think this was a good pick and I think you think it's a good pick too. So it's nice to finally come back to, Hey, we agree on that. Louis, I'll see you soon, man. I appreciate your time. All right. Thanks. I appreciate you. You got it. Louis, Louis Fernandez here on the Adam Gold show.
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