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Looking ahead in the series on the Teuvo loss…

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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April 21, 2023 3:41 pm

Looking ahead in the series on the Teuvo loss…

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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April 21, 2023 3:41 pm

How does he believe this game will go? Will the Canes resort to matching the Islanders physical play or stick with what’s got them there? Does he think Necas is 100%? What is Rod going to do with Staal and moving him around on the lines? How will Burns help when adjusting lines? Which line is much better equipped to be successful on the road than they were last year?


Hi, I'm Adam Gold. Victoria's here. Both of us are in Raleigh, North Carolina. I will be reporting tonight from studio Back Porch in Oxford, North Carolina.

Luke DeCock is at Belmont Park in New York where the Hurricanes will take on the Islanders. I am unaware, is Belmont running today? Can you get across to the track and maybe catch a Daily Double?

I don't know. I'm in Uniondale. I can see Nassau Coliseum from my window.

We'll go over to Elmont tonight. I believe Aqueduct is running though. Belmont's getting, Belmont's under construction.

They're putting in a new track there. So yeah, no, the big A is running and I'm hoping to get a few bets in tomorrow. All right. Well, yes, you'll have time.

During the off day. All right, let's, let's, we'll go back a little bit to game two in a second, but let's just look ahead first. So who do you think is best suited to take Tevo, Taravan and spot on the Aho Jarvis line? I mean, honestly, you brought in, yes, you pulled Järvi for a reason with Aho in the past. Throw him there and see what happens.

You're not going to get tonight. He's had the potential to be a physical body. Even, you know, in, in a series that could potentially get more physical, I would just do that and, and see how it goes. I wouldn't mess with the stall line. I wouldn't mess with the Kokie any line.

I would just do that and see how it goes. Give him a chance. I mean, you brought him in here for a reason. This is a big spot. Let's see what he can do. He was a top three pick for a reason.

At one point long ago, roll the dice and see what happens. Luke Tkach is in New York. The Hurricanes will take on the Islanders tonight at seven o'clock. When I said to several people that for me, the loss of Tevo, Taravan and is more devastating to this team than the loss of Andre Svetnikov. And I am not in any way suggesting that they could just brush number 37 out of the lineup and it's okay. It's not. But Tevo impacts so many different things that they do 200 foot game, penalty kill, the creativity when he's right on the power play that I just don't think there's, there's nobody to really compensate for all that.

No, there's not. So many roles and, you know, this hasn't been the best season of his career. There's no doubt about that, but by the same token, this is a team that, that doesn't have someone who slot he's, he's an essential part of several different units on the power play, on the penalty kill and even strength. It's not an easy player to replace. You miss Andre Svetnikov's goal scoring, but you're going to miss so many things about table Tara, Tara Biden, other than the fact that he's not a great goal scorer. It's, it's, it's, it's catastrophic in this point.

I some ways you're losing the gap. I'll tell you what, Luke, we probably need to call you because the, the internet in New York, that's why it's Uniondale. You know, if it was like Wantaw or, or Merrick, I think the internet would be better.

We're going to call you right, right back so we can, we can get that. Look, or if it was the Hamptons, if it was, if it was Montauk, then the internet would be, would be outstanding. Uniondale, there's a reason why the Islanders moved away from the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum. Again, part of my youth was there. Somebody asked me on Twitter, did I ever see Elvis there? I'd actually never been to a concert at Nassau Coliseum.

I went to my concerts either at Hofstra University or Westbury Music Fair. All right, Luke, the cock is back. I, you, you're, you're too important to me to not hear everything you say.

Well, I'm, I'm definitely getting some Marriott points out of this crappy Wi-Fi, I'll tell you that right now. Yeah, I got the gist of what you were saying with, um, with Tara Vine. He does, he, he checks so many boxes for the way this team wants to play. Uh, do you, do you anticipate the Islanders doing much of what they did in game two in that they tried to run Carolina through every wall, every wall? Yeah, I mean, look, this is, this is always going to be that, that kind of series. And, and honestly, the first round sometimes is, is, uh, exponentially the most physical series because everyone's fresh and everyone's trying to make a name for themselves and everyone's trying to plaster the other team through the end board.

By the time you get to the second round, everybody's tired and beat up and nobody has the energy for that kind of thing. So, you know, I, I think the Islanders went into the series, probably thinking they weren't going to win between the whistles and needed to win outside of them. Um, which is certainly a strategy we've seen teams use with the hurricanes before. I actually think the Islanders have been pretty good between the whistles. And as I wrote after what, after a Wednesday's game, they didn't need to resort to this kind of stuff, um, that they'd be, you know, they, they don't need to goon it up to compete in the series.

They can compete five on five. And you know, if the hurricane power play fizzles, like it did in game two, that then the Islanders are going to have a huge advantage at home, but look, the Islanders are going to get every call tonight. You don't get nine, a nine minute to zero minute penalty of, uh, power play time differential and not get that evened up in game three. So the hurricanes need to be prepared for that. They're going to have to kill those penalties without table terrifying. And they're probably going to be on the losing end of some scenarios where the Islanders run a guy and the hurricane get a penalty. That's just going to be the way it is on the road, the way game two went. So it was really critical.

The hurricane did win game two because the ice is going to be slanted against them tonight. Well, the penalty kill has certainly been good, but of course, Tevo Tara vine and has been part of the penalty kill. And that ultimately will be, uh, you know, somebody else's responsibility, uh, kind of in a, in a, in a good way, we've seen Seth Jarvis become, I think pretty good in limited time killing penalties. Yes. Perry coat can EME has been used in that role as well. Uh, do you think Martin nature's is 100% physically?

Yeah. You know, I don't, I don't know if he's a hundred percent, I don't know that anybody's a hundred percent, but I think he's, he's good enough to be Martin nature's and, and, you know, this is really more to a certain extent, what continuation of what we saw from him at the end of the season, where he wasn't able to sort of sustain the momentum he had in the first half of the year, I'm less concerned about that. And, and I, you know, then I am the sort of general, uh, changes in reallocation of ice time without terrifying him.

It's a, it's a big gas to fill. You know, you mentioned Jarvis earlier, you know, I, obviously this, this hasn't necessarily been the offensive season that people were expecting from him, but I think if you look at the 200 foot growth in his game in his sophomore year, that may be more promising for his long-term prospects, even then than having a, uh, you know, a big leap in terms of production. I think his all around game is, has improved drastically. Um, that to me is a, is a bigger step forward than, you know, scoring more goals or, or having more. I a hundred percent agree. I actually, the only part of Jarvis's game that really I haven't liked has been the fact that the scoring touch, it just hasn't returned. We we've, we've always tried to find signs. All right, maybe that's what will get him going. That's what, and it hasn't happened, but the, the, the, the, the, and it hasn't happened, but the other stuff I think has been there. He's also been outwardly physical in, uh, so far in this.

I think he had six hits in game one, although I'm not even sure what constitutes a hit anymore, but, uh, he was throwing his body around, uh, in game one. What does Rod do? You can't put stall on the Horvat line, the stall line on the Horvat line, which has Barzil and Lee, because you don't have last change.

So what do they do? I mean, you just got to deal with it. You're going to lose match-ups. I mean, this is, this is part of the reason that the hurricanes have struggled on the road in the playoffs last year, or did struggle on the road, left in the playoffs last year is they got into a couple of series where the match-ups are terrible for them on the road and you have one line that's great defensively. And then, you know, against the Boston against the Rangers, they have lines that they can get out in situations against lines that aren't as good.

I will say this, Adam, I don't know that it matters as much this year than last year. And the reason why is last year you had a situation where when you put Slavin out there, you were putting Tony D'Angelo out there too. And now you're putting Brent burns out there. And the third pairing of Jalen Chatfield and Shane goes to spare is better than Brendan Smith and Ian Cole. I think defensively on the blue line, the hurricanes are much better equipped to go on the road than they were at this time last year. That was a big weakness with that third parent getting trapped out against Marshawn.

It was a big weakness in the ranger series. Now, I don't think they have the same concerns about Goss to spare and, and, and Chatfield. And, and honestly, but the rap on gossip spirit throughout his career has been that he's been a weak link defensively. I mean, I don't, you know, he's no Slavin or burn, but I haven't necessarily seen that in his time with the hurricane. I think he's been okay.

And then he doesn't hurt you there. So I actually think he's been good, right? I think he's been good.

His only mistakes together, right. And the match-ups, you know, the stall line matchup becomes less of a big deal. I think Goss to spares only mistakes on defense really have been like the occasional, why did you make that pass? These, I think the giveaways have been the issue with Goss to spare defensively. But then again, you could have said that with Brady Shay at the end of the second period in game two, I, to, to drill down a little bit on Slavin and burns as a pair, really more about burns. I'm not saying he's better than anybody expected, but is he better in his all around game than anybody expected? I mean, I mean, I think he's been Brent burns and, and you know, the worry that you have is, is that there wasn't enough tread left on the tires or he wouldn't fit the system or he wouldn't have chemistry with Slavin, which look, the day they got him, everybody knew that's where he was going was, was, you know, next to slave.

And I, and the fact that none of that has even been an inkling of a concern is, is good. I mean, you just want the guy to be Brent burns, which is a lot to ask. I mean, Brent being Brent burns is, is, is, is, is a lot, but you know, you see it, uh, you saw it in game one, in game two, when he forced the turnover on the first goal, just with his presence in that he got to hit the guy.

Yeah. He just got in, he got in here. I was either pool locker, pelican pool. I could, it was pool lock coming from behind the net. Didn't want any part of burns, basically hands in the box. Burns goes for a skate. Next thing you know, the hurricanes are up one nothing. So, I mean, he just does things with his presence that other, other defensive and can't do. And then when you tap in the back and we haven't seen it yet in this series, but what he can do sort of skating in from the blue line to the right circle and threatening to shoot or distribute there, um, that opens up lanes for everybody else. So there's just so much going on there with Brent burns, um, that, that helps the hurricanes. I think you'll see it even more on the road when they get into some tougher matches.

Yeah. What's interesting is I think you have seen the burns impact skating and the offensive end. It just hasn't necessarily led to a goal because there've been a few occasions where he has skated around and created a chance that just hasn't been finished. So yeah, his, he has been awesome.

It's the best. We thought before the season started that this would be the best defensive pairing that the hurricanes have maybe ever had Slavin and burns once burns got fully up to speed with how Carolina and comfortable with how Carolina wanted to play. Uh, but really all six of their D and knock on wood on my head, uh, that they stay healthy because that's go with all the offensive attrition. That's, what's going to have to be solid for Carolina.

Don't make the mistakes and we, we need more defensive activation. Final thing for us, Luke to cock in goal. My guess is that based on statements that Rod Brind'Amour made yesterday, that it'll still be auntie Ronta tonight. Uh, but really the first bad signs from Ronta on the first couple of goals against the Islanders in game two, uh, your thoughts on where that goes.

Yeah, well, we all knew going into this, they were going to need both guys. I mean, auntie Ronta's history is he'd be able to play really, really well in short spurts. And that, that, you know, we may be seeing that we certainly saw that last year.

We may be seeing a little, excuse me, a little of that. Now, Freddie Anderson is going to have to play. That's just, it's whether it's by choice or because they need to replace Ronta. Freddie Anderson needs to get into the net. He needs to play. He needs to play a playoff game for the hurricanes.

And he needs to have the chance to put this playoff baggage that he somehow accumulated in Toronto, because of course, the least I've never ever had problems in the post-season when Frederick Anderson wasn't in that, uh, to put all of that behind him. And honestly, going into the series, his illness aside, I would have played him tonight. I would have said, Ronta plays the first game. If that goes well, he plays the second game, but regardless of what happens when we go on the road and it's a change in atmosphere and everything different, that's when Freddie gets his chance. And then we'll figure out who we play in game four, especially with, with how much better Ron says then at home, his Freddie's illness obviously puts a bit of a wrench into that. But that said, again, regardless of how Ronta plays tonight and regardless of whether they win or lose. Now I say that a lot, but 67 safe shutout and play like UC sorrows against the hurricane. Uh, I think there's a really good chance if Frederick Anderson is back to a hundred percent that we see him Sunday afternoon. Yeah. I think they treat it like a back-to-back because it's a one o'clock game Sunday. That's the way I would treat it. It's a back-to-back.

I think you go, you go in with two goalies, regardless what happens. 92% of households that joined Peloton early in the year are still active a year later because of cycling. We also have a treadmill and Peloton guide guide the thing that counts your reps. Yeah. It turns your TV into an AI powered personal trainer. And with training programs, like a stronger, you Peloton guide takes all the guesswork out of working out 92% stick with it. So can you try Peloton tread guide or bikes risk-free with a 30 day home trial, new members only not available in remote locations.

See additional terms at one slash home dash trial. Yeah. No, I mean, I think that makes sense. As I said, I would have gone game three, but obviously circumstances changed. I would, I would have too. All right. Well, you have time to get to aqueduct. The game doesn't start till seven. Luke. Yeah, no, I'm going to, I may, may try to sneak in the late pick six or something. All right.

Luke to cock at Luke to cock on Twitter. Uh, hurricanes at the Islanders tonight, man. I'll talk to you later. Thank you. Yep. You got him.

Luke to cock of the news and observer. I didn't realize they were building a new track at Belmont. Belmont park is one of the great places on earth. Just a beaut, gigantic, never been as, uh, as racetracks go. My favorite racetrack Saratoga Springs. It is gorgeous at Saratoga.

Yes. Gorgeous at Saratoga. I have not been to Churchill Downs, but I have been to aqueduct. I've been to Pimlico. I've been to even Laurel park in Maryland. Kind of a dump, but so has Pimlico. Uh, Pimlico is really a dump. Should be condemned not. Um, but they might've, they might've renovated since, uh, Belmont is gorgeous.

Saratoga Springs, one of the most beautiful places on, on the planet. If you are a horse racing fan, should I wear a big Derby hat? If I ever go to any of these places? No, no, save it for the Derby. You probably shouldn't wear it even at Churchill Downs, but that's the thing to do at the Derby. Right. Right. I mean, you should really just kind of wear comfortable shoes to be honest.

You're going to be walking around all day sunscreen. Yeah, exactly. You're good. There you go.
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