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Bryce Young should be the QB for the Carolina Panthers; Looking back at The Masters Day 1

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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April 7, 2023 2:05 pm

Bryce Young should be the QB for the Carolina Panthers; Looking back at The Masters Day 1

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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April 7, 2023 2:05 pm

Adam Gold says Bryce Young is the best QB in the 2023 NFL Draft, and should be the No. 1 pick to the Carolina Panthers. Gold also shares his thoughts on Day 1 of The Masters and wonders if Tiger Woods will make the cut.

Also, former Carolina Hurricanes Erik Cole shares his thoughts on being named to the 25th Anniversary Team. Plus, the Carolina Hurricanes lost 3-0 to the Nashville Predators. 

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Staying focused on a radio show for three hours with the Masters on television in front of me.

Good luck. Well. Strategery. Yeah. You know what I'm talking about, Dennis Cox. I know exactly what you're talking about.

Strategery. 100% do. All right, we got a lot of things to do. It is Dennis Cox today. I am Adam Gold. I'm always Adam Gold.

That's Dennis Cox. Normally, you're just stuck to the afternoon guys. Yeah, normally. But I have a wedding to attend to today. Do you?

I do. Who? Shout out to my buddy Jared and his wife Lindsay. Jared and Lindsay. Getting married today here in Raleigh. Well, we should make this show the pregame show for Jared and Lindsay's wedding.

It basically is. Their wedding's at 4 today. Wait a second. 4 o'clock on a Friday. It's a Good Friday. So a lot of people are observing the holiday today. Yeah, it's a holiday weekend. Good holiday to those celebrating Good Friday. Good holiday to those celebrating Passover. Kind of snuck up on me. As holidays tend to.

I mean, if there are no gifts to be given, then the holidays tend to sneak up on me. We are pretty preoccupied with stuff right now. Like, Cane's Hockey, the Daily Stuff, all that. Yes, absolutely. Very preoccupied with Cane's Hockey and all of that.

And reacting to antibiotics negatively. Oh. So, if people tune in today wondering, hey, Gold, where was the Cane's Corner Podcast last night? It's now up. It finally went up about, I don't know, a few minutes ago. Actually, no, it's not up yet. Because I haven't sent Rusty the headline of the abstract for it.

So I have to do that. Yeah, it's just not happening last night. There's a lot of things that were not happening, like goals last night for the Hurricanes. Dennis, I don't know if you watched the game.

I did not. But the Hurricanes had a power play in the first period, early in the first period, probably, I don't know, six minutes in or so. They were buzzing. Carolina was all over the place. Get the power play, and it stunk. Shockingly, I know people can't imagine that the Hurricanes' power play would be bad, but let me be the bearer of bad news, it was bad. So, they had trouble getting the puck in the zone, trouble entering the zone and setting up, and actually, in fact, the puck came all the way back into the defensive zone, and Nashville ended up with a puck.

And they started passing it around a little bit. They probably wasted 15 seconds just passing the puck around to each other, and they sent the puck all the way back into their defensive zone, and they were trying to clear it out of their defensive zone. But Sebastian Aho intercepted the puck, and that was the only time the Hurricanes set up. Ahos, he intercepts the puck, he's got the puck on the half wall, and they set up. They didn't do anything with it, but at least they set up. Then, of course, the puck went down the other end of the ice, they had to re-enter it again, and toward the end of the power play, maybe a minute or so in, maybe a minute 15 in, the bad pass, Nashville goes the other way 2-on-1, 1-0. Predators.

Whoops. Shorthanded goal. It was not good. And Rod Bridenmore did a bench interview right after the second goal was scored by Vancouver, by Nashville, which was an awful goal to allow. Just a simple pass in front that went past Freddie Anderson and off his own skate and in. Tragically bad goal.

Something unfortunately Freddie has been giving up a fair amount of late. And it's 2-0, and then Ryan Callahan does the bench interview with Rod Bridenmore, and you can tell, because it happens right after they go to the break. So Rod has time to go instruct whatever he has to instruct before they go back to play, because the breaks are not that long. So it's a quick interview, it's like 45 seconds, and Callahan goes, what do you think about the way your team's playing even though you give them two goals? It's like, I feel bad for Callahan. And Rod was like, well we were doing pretty well until the power play sucked the life out of us.

And, well, pretty accurate statement. Still think Carolina was the better team through two periods. They were not the better team in the third period, Nashville was better in the third. But Carolina was better in the first two. They just gave up two goals.

And scored none. Not good. Not good. Such is life.

Such is life. Hurricanes lead by one point. They do have a game in hand.

Hurricanes will be in Buffalo tomorrow, and the Sabres are dangerous. They can score. They put up seven last night, it'll win over Detroit.

And the Devils are just one point back, playing at Boston tomorrow. I don't know. What's Boston's motivation? Other than a win gets them the, ties them for the all-time record with wins in a season of 62. Are they motivated by that?

I don't know. Boston Bruins pretty much know everything that's going to happen to them before the playoffs. They have the best record in hockey by a lot.

Yup. Home field, home field. Home ice advantage, home court advantage. Home court. Home court advantage for... They serve first. They do. Unbelievable.

They're the home team. All right. Let's start. All right, let's start with the Masters. Victor Hovland, Brooks Koepka, John Rumm. All seven under par had the first round lead. Brooks Koepka on the course at 10 under par is alone in first right now. Rumm, four putt in for double bogey on his first hole.

I watched that and went, oh, that's not good. And then he hit his drive on two, the long downhill par five, that he overcooked and hit it too far left, but he got away with it. Whether it got deflected off a tree and back out into the fairway, he ended up making birdie on the hole, but he hated the drive. And then he just blistered the course. Nine under par in his last 17 holes at the Masters on yesterday's opening round. So that's how he got to seven under.

Victor Hovland was the opposite. He got off to a great start. He was seven under through 13 and then parred his way in, which, frankly, 14, 15, maybe not 16, but 17, those are birdie holes.

You can make birdies on them, but Hovland just didn't, and that's fine. Seven under par, nobody's going to complain about that. Koepka, I think, played well on the back nine. Koepka was just solid throughout, but he's obviously off to a good start today. It was not a great day for Tiger Woods. It's the opportune time to get the ball, get the round under par, and I didn't do that today. Most of the guys are going low today.

This was the day to do it. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be a little bit better, a little bit sharper, and kind of inch my way through it. I mean, this is going to be an interesting finish to the tournament with the weather coming in. I can just kind of hang in there, maybe kind of inch my way back. Hopefully it'll be positive towards the end.

Hopefully. Right now the projected cut looks like it's two over par. The longer they play today, I think that number will go down, meaning one over par, maybe even even, but right now it's two over.

It's a little cooler, it's a little breezier, but it's about, it's going to be 80 degrees this afternoon. So before the rain comes in, and the rain is supposed to come in this afternoon, before the rain comes in, I think there is a good chance that the scores get really good again today. I think Tiger has to be under par to even have a chance of making the cut. I'll be surprised if the cut isn't one over or even par. Forty-four players broke par yesterday. Forty-four. Half the field in red numbers. So Rory McIlroy was two over yesterday, or it was even yesterday.

It was two over early today. He's got no positive energy. The course is made for him. Made for him. But he's got a mental block, and maybe it's opening rounds.

He was great last year, once he was basically out of it, once Scottie Scheffler had run away. But, whatever. So, weather's supposed to come in today, this afternoon, like they're expecting storms at like three o'clock. So we don't know if the late tee times are even going to finish. And tomorrow, it's supposed to rain heavy all day, and be cold.

Like, it's supposed to be in the mid to high 40s in the afternoon tomorrow. You think we'll get a Masters Monday? If they don't finish today, which I think there's a chance they won't, there is no question we'll have some golf on Monday. You might have the entire final round on Monday.

But, you'll at least have some. I don't know that they could get, let's just say 50 players. I don't know that they could get 50 players around that course twice on Sunday.

And, at the very least, it looks like they might have to do that if they want to finish on Sunday. Here's Mark Schleybaugh from ESPN on the weather. I think the conditions today with no wind, warm temperatures, greens had some moisture in them, or receptive, guys were able to put up 700, 600.

I think there are still, you know, I think there are still 20, 30 guys in this thing that could put up, you know, numbers over the weekend. You know, Shane Lowry, who's up there, you know, I still think Rory McIlroy, who didn't do much of anything today, but, you know, it's going to get ugly on the weekend. There's going to be thunder showers tomorrow night, there's going to be rain all day. Saturday, with 12 to 18 mile an hour winds, 25 mile an hour gusts, guys that have excelled in those conditions in the past, Lowry, Tommy Fleetwood, Rory McIlroy, you know, I think it's just going to be a survival of the fittest over the weekend. I mean, who knows if it's cool, and Sunday's weather looks like it's actually going to be really nice, but it is cooler.

It's around 60 degrees. Right now, I think the winning score based on the weather probably isn't more kept because it's 11 under right now. If you offered Brooks Kepp, would you like to be 11 under when it's over? I'll bet he says yes.

I don't think it's going to get better than that, but depends on what the weather says. All right, let me move on to this real quick. If you look at any NFL mock draft today, you're going to see basically the same thing everywhere. C.J. Stroud to the Panthers at number one overall. Our buddies at CBS, Ryan Wilson, friend of the program. Tom Fornelli, he's been on this show before. Pete Prisco, he doesn't want to come on, but he's still a friend of the program.

I've had beers with Pete Prisco. The guys at ESPN, Todd McShea, Mel Kiper Jr., all have Stroud to the Panthers, not Chris Mortensen. What I'm hearing is that both Mel and Todd are going to have to change their mock drafts. Now, Bryce Young is the pick. Yes, Frank White, connecting Frank White to C.J.

Stroud in terms of the prototype of the guy that he's worked with in the past. They all love Bryce Young. I think I'll quote Adam Schefter, who said this reminds him of when the 49ers moved up all the way to three, intentional to draft Mac Jones, and then changed their mind at the last minute and drafted Trey Lance. And that has not worked out for the 49ers. And I think the Panthers are on Bryce Young at the start and will stick with him when it's time to turn in that card.

All right, here's why I think Chris Mortensen is right. If you've watched both, and this is not about C.J. Stroud not being good. If you have watched both, Bryce Young is built for, not physically, his quarterback skills are built for modern day NFL football. He is brilliant when it all falls apart.

Because it's going to fall apart. Patrick Mahomes does some of his best work when it all falls apart. And that's Josh Allen. All the best quarterbacks do work when it all falls apart, because rarely does it all go according to Hoyle. And that is when Bryce Young really shines. Is it a worry that he may not last? You know, sure, he might break. I mean, big quarterbacks have gotten hurt, too. Camp Newton's gotten hurt, too. Gotten?

I don't know. I'm not sure any of that was good English. But Young is the best quarterback. In my opinion, Young is the best quarterback, and I've said this before, the only other quarterback I would consider at number one is Anthony Richardson. Bryce Young is the best player.

Take Bryce Young. Alright, let me move on to this, because he is a friend. The Hurricanes announced their 25th anniversary team, was it two days ago? It was Wednesday. It's a squad that fans were able to vote for. And while there were a couple of surprises, I think there were a couple of surprises there, there were also several no brainers.

Like, my man, the one and only Eric Cole. Congrats, my friend. You know, I hadn't realized that that was an announcement that was coming out, to be honest. And a bunch of buddies of mine sent screenshots and congratulatory text messages to me, and I was like, well, I mean, realistically, it's a very nice honor and I'll enjoy it for now. It's only a matter of time, with the amount of great players and the continued success of our organization, that I'm going to be bumped off that list. So yeah, it's a very nice honor and I'm thankful for it, but I think that at some point the days will be numbered for me to be on that list. Which is a good thing.

That's very modest. I don't think you're ever coming off that list, unless we produce a whole bunch of Hurricanes Hall of Famers, but to me you're the best power forward that this organization has ever had. Well, it's very kind of you to say, but with time there will be more and more great players coming through here and with the direction that our organization is headed.

You know, I hope one day I do get booted off that list, because that means we've built something here that we're all very, very proud of. When you think about your time with the Hurricanes, what is the first thing that comes to mind? I think everyone knows that I thoroughly enjoyed my time playing here as a Hurricane. Part of the disappointing things that happen in pro sports, whether you get traded or you sign somewhere else, because it's the right thing to do for your family and for your career. There's a lot of moments for me that I wish I never would have played anywhere else.

I always knew this was going to be home base for me when I was done playing. So there's that aspect to it, but I couldn't be more thankful for the belief in me and the opportunity that was given to me by Mr. Rutherford and Shelton Ferguson and Paul Maurice and Lavi. Lavi was the coach that came in and just took everybody outside their comfort zone.

When we came back from the 04-05 lockout, it was kind of almost like a new approach to how he managed each player's individual personality, as well as the collective group's personality and goals and how we set goals and how we look at things and how we view things. So I'm just super thankful for the experience. Obviously, this is a place that I basically raised my kids and where I continue to live.

You are. You're an all-time Hurricane. All right, Eric Cole, as somebody with emotional investment in this group, how do you assess where they are? What has maybe impressed you about the way they maybe have still continued to win in spite of player attrition? It's such a difficult situation as an organization when you have a player with the status of Max Pacioretty that's been out the entire season. You almost feel like you probably didn't need to make any movement for the trade deadline or leading up to the trade deadline because you had him being inserted into your lineup. So it was like you had a trade waiting for you. Obviously, I know Max very well.

We were line mates in Montreal together. I feel so bad for him and I feel bad for our fans that they don't get to see him right now because I just think he's the exact rate of a player. But to lose him and then you feel like you got to try and make a move at the deadline. It's hard to make moves.

The prices were through the roof and everybody came east. There was a lot of tough factors going into the trade deadline in terms of trying to get a deal done. The loose fetch is obviously incredibly disappointing. That's one of those things where you have to shrug your shoulders. It's out of our control. It's an opportunity for somebody else. Who wants to step up and grab it? Who wants the extra minute?

Who wants to play that role or fill that role? To the organization's credit, we've built that type of depth within the organization that you're able to sustain injuries when they happen. We've shown that throughout the last few years that there's plenty of capable players that just aren't here yet.

But we've seen them in glimpses. For the team to continue to put points up and win hockey games this time of year, that is all that matters. Final thing. What is the key for this team, not just the last few days here, but as we get into the latter part of April and hopefully into May? I think it's going to be, number one, health. Health will be a big factor. I think the power play is going to become a really big factor throughout the regular season and into the playoffs.

And goal setting. I've been on hurricane teams where maybe we weren't playing all that great or didn't have our best stuff, but we had some really great goal senders come through that played really well. I've been on a couple playoff teams where it wasn't just one guy.

It was a shared responsibility, which is fine. Because if you have that, that means you've got good depth to that position. So you want the guys that are going to ride to certain occasions and certain stages, and you want them to play well and succeed and give your team a chance to win. But I think that will be a big part of it in the playoffs. The last thing would be matchups, really.

Obviously, it's going to come down to the wire here to see who's going to be playing who. But the East is what the West used to be back in the day. In teams from the East, you just hope that everybody in the West beat the snot out of everybody on their way to the Cup Finals.

So that way, they were broken and beaten down, and you could take a good run at them. I think that this year, that could be said with the teams coming out of the East. Obviously, Boston had a very historic season. The Rangers loaded up. Tampa Bay's Tampa Bay with the experience that they have.

Toronto's just been pecking at the surface for a few years now, so I think that coming out of the East is going to be more challenging than it probably ever has before. No question about that. I want to thank Eric Cole for his time. A great gentleman and a great hurricane.
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