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Canes are in NY playing the Rangers tonight

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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March 21, 2023 4:16 pm

Canes are in NY playing the Rangers tonight

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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March 21, 2023 4:16 pm

Going down memory lane, what changed the entire trajectory for the Canes? Does Tripp agree with Adam’s assessment of the last few weeks for Necas? What does Tripp really like about Necas lately, even if he’s been struggling in some areas? The foot note of the game, the guy with the hat trick, really came through when the Canes needed it. Can we rely on that being consistent into the playoffs? What DOESN’T Aho need? Will the 7 game scoreless stretch actually be a good thing for him? Tonight’s the start of a 5 game stretch, but what will these two games coming up determine?


A man whose brackets are unscathed because he wouldn't give them to us last week. Jay Williams from JWill, Keyshaun, and Max.

ESPN radio in the mornings. So you didn't lose the Final Four team, I lost only three of them. You lost only three, but oh you told me last week this whole story about how you got the Final Four right one year and how you were confident coming into it. No, no, I'm not confident now because I've been paying the price, paying the price ever since 2003. So yep, I had Duke, I had Arizona, I had Kansas, I still have Miami left, but they're going down to Houston because Houston looks healthy and that's over.

Exactly, yeah that's going to be different. Yeah, nobody really saw the whole FDU, Purdue thing happening. Nobody saw Princeton making it to the Sweet 16. Like watching FDU versus FAU was, I just, I love this time of year because you get a chance. We had Dan Hurley on the show today and obviously I think a lot of people looked at UConn as one of these dark horse type of teams because of their talent and it's just the time of the year where you know it's always agey about playing your best basketball, but I think what we're seeing is like the new bloods no longer the blue bloods and I think that's what makes the tournament so special because FDU had three guys on the team that were brought up from division two basketball. Division two basketball to play pivotal minutes and beating the number one seed in Purdue. Like this is where we're at with the saturated marketplace that we're in.

You know there's a lot of things I want to ask you about. It's funny, I mean FDU, I've been, I might have been inebriated on that campus at one point during a summer when I was living in New Jersey with my dad, but like these small schools, St. Peter's just kind of just you know electrified everybody and I know people thought well FDU could beat FAU and they were for a while. We're thinking could we get a 16 seed into the Sweet 16? It is the third straight year we've had a 15 in the Sweet 16.

What do you make of that? Is it we have so much talent or at the top levels is the game too young? I just you know one of the trends I've been seeing over the last seven years is first off with top recruits people don't feel the need to go to the big schools anymore because of the optionality around the league. I think what we've been seeing with the transfer portal is extremely intriguing because first off 30% of people that enter the transfer portal don't play basketball at a school the following year. Like they miss out on opportunity and it certainly allows schools like Pitt to all of a sudden overnight become older. So you know you're allowed to recruit, you're also recruiting players off teams where they're solidified.

It makes the game feel like the wild wild west so I think there's so many moving parts. It's hard for coaches that are even more established to you have to the recruiting cycle is already tiring Adam and now just times it times 10 because now you're you're there's no you barely have time to coach on team with what you're being asked to keep bringing in and you're recruiting your own players yeah each and every year and I think that's a that's a challenging part for more legacy like coaches guys like Tom Izzo who just want to coach basketball and wouldn't want to challenge young people to be better it's if you don't tell me what I what I want to hear I'm off to the next opportunity and that's what makes it difficult. Jay Will is joining us here on the Adam Gold Show. All right your thoughts on why Duke got uh got beat by Tennessee yeah literally literally I mean Adam look can I can I can I take off the analyst hat sure and give you the Jay Will Hooper from playing for New Jersey hat yeah we don't talk to the analyst we talk to Jay Will. Okay here's Jay Will for you do you know they were especially after my freshman year when I started to believe in my own confidence as a player my goal was to always punch somebody in the mouth and initiate contact first it did multiple things to you psychologically number one I had I forced you to react to me right out of the gate you're thinking about me and me initiating an elbow here me driving into your chest not saying anything to you but smiling at you now you're engaged with me right now automatically you're not thinking about what we need to do you're thinking about what you need to do right so I take you away from the team aspect and I get you locked into the me aspect which I learned quickly from my freshman year coach K not getting over screens and then saying you know Jay why wouldn't you get over a screen and they say well I didn't do this or you know he I'm like he's like no stop thinking about you think about us so for me I'm like oh if I can use that reverse psychology if I can get other teams to start thinking about me instead of them I'm winning that battle think about that right from the beginning the kid from Tennessee just elbow filipovsky in the mouth like they're dictating the pace they're dictating the physicality of the game and I think with the exception of Jeremy Roach Duke has never gotten punched in the mouth before right they didn't know how to respond to that especially a physical game so I think Duke spent so much time engaged in trying to learn how to respond to the physical aspect of the game that by the time they got settled into the game you know now Jeremy Roach is in foul trouble now you're trying to be a team different than what you are playing his own and Tennessee has found their rhythm so I mean these are little tricks that older teams know how to play because they're seasoned that they've been knocked around a couple of times this team has never been knocked around before not to that degree so when if if that whole group were to come back and we know they won't but if that whole group were to come back they would be more adept at dealing with that in it or maybe they would initiate it because Philip asking to play a physical game I don't know if there's anybody else in that team I thought the missing Mark Mitchell at the start of the game obviously mattered it's a it's a piece that they didn't have that they can plug into a lot of different places especially defensively right Adam Adam don't fall victim to that please don't like I you know it's like when I start seeing stats float around like well when Duke when they're fully healthy they're 19 oh what team is fully healthy we just come on like this is a war of attrition it is we we miss Carlos Boozer we won a championship we got him back in the final four like so it's about like sometimes but you were an older team agreed agreed agreed so like yeah but that's that's what makes the tournament right so hard to win and it helps people put it into perspective right like there has to be such a series of things that need to go correct like are you old enough do you know how to handle adversity have you dealt with enough adversity if you're a young team throughout the course of the year that probably prepares you to handle that moment at that stage this is a one-game tournament how do you handle foul issues right um and I think all these are things that for teams that are a little bit more seasoned they have understanding of who they are and like either unless you're a collecting talent but still we saw that team get all the way to the finish line and not finish the deal because they've also older more competitive team in the final four right which allowed Duke to win it that year so I there's so many things that have to go correctly in your favor to win it all the best team does not win NCAA tournament sure it's a team that has the best path and they understand how to manage that path yeah and the team that plays the best it's a it's a tournament of who got hot at the right time like we have in a lot of playoffs and but it's just in college basketball with the one game out uh anything could happen it's hot though Adam is it seem like it's hot because like Houston has played well but like now I'm looking at Houston and their path like that's a that's an easier path going against you know a double-digit knees I'm not saying it's going to be easy to get there but I mean whether there's a gauntlet path if you're looking at Miami like what Miami has to go through in order for them to get there so it's being playing your game but also like what what is revealed to you during your path oh sure no no you if you catch a break then yeah you can you can win a title um with but I I still think it's the team that mean ultimately you got to play the best because once you get to the final four you don't play somebody who's playing great you know you might get you might catch a break if it's a uh a Loyola of Chicago playing great but obviously isn't super talented uh or a Saint Peters although Saint Peters wasn't in the final four uh or a VCU that doesn't have necessarily doesn't have pros I look I think that the teams that win have professionals on it and you know probably an NBA player or two or maybe three uh and you look at Houston who clearly does you look at Arkansas who beat Kansas and clearly does have pros uh it's much I mean it's it's not I think coaches matter I'm not saying coaches don't matter they matter a lot but I think the players matter more yeah I just need the head coach of Arkansas not take his shirt off anymore you would have done it too if you were a coach you would do it different if I would have done it go at him like I'm so tightened up now what a legit Jay Will is joining us here on the Adam Gold Show so who's your final four now now that now that we're down to 16 it's easier no no we're waiting to trap me this week either out of my bracket is perfect and I look forward to remaining perfect I refuse to be uh lit by the societal rules I need to give you my final four who gave you the hardest time about uh the ACC only having one team left oh my my brother-in-law because you know people forget like you know but not forget I mean people don't know that I married an IU grad right um and her family her brother went to IU or dad without you so all this year I've been hearing about you know the big 10 and 18s in the tournament how weak the ACC is and now I laugh right you know now an ACC team be IU and I say no and now we both have one team in the sweet 16 so it looks like we're pretty much even so um yeah it's probably my family my my my own family very nicely on my uh yeah Michigan State is left Miami is left Miami by the way beat Indiana twice they beat Indiana in the men's tournament and the women's tournament oh double whammy last night Adam felt so good it was uh it was tremendous all right I'm gonna ask you kind of a fun question here jay will um the uh the NHL is switching hockey uniform manufacturers from Adidas to fanatics I was I was unaware that fanatics made their own stuff and they probably don't they're probably going to uh farm it out but either way uh so let me ask you what is the most let me ask you what is the most uh because you wore a lot of uniforms you know whether it was in the uh in the pros or at Duke uh best uniform most comfortable uniform you won the one or the one you liked the most Nike the the Duke Nike one or did you wear a Nike one in the NBA no the Duke Nike one like you know it's so funny I every year I'm first up Adam I have a problem I'm a hoarder okay are you I I have so much every year I get a pair of new Duke shorts and I just I just hoard them all the way really I am I just I love I like literally if like the past 16 17 years I buy them I got buy them from the schools manufacturers so like for me like having 16 years of different Duke shorts like I go back to ours like we had the light mess shorts that were like they were light but they're also a little bit thick but like still like it it felt like I had on to me it always brings me back to like when I my freshman year coming into the summer Carlos Bruver and I lived at Matt Kirchison's um apartment okay and we literally don't know it's bad we stole their team shorts right so like and like all these guys like I don't know what happened I'm like I don't know what happened to you girl I don't know I don't have them uh meanwhile I have a size 5x source I'm like six one um but like those mesh shorts to me like that's what basketball has meant to me like putting on those shorts and saying like I am now a part of this culture right so for me Nike has always held a special place in my heart because we were Nike school now look when Adidas came around with a seven figure payday I obviously was going to accept that I'm an Adidas guy very quickly right yes but like there is a nostalgia with Nike for me because that's that's what I grew up on that's that's home so they will ever have a place in my heart until somebody comes through with a bigger paycheck uh all right what's the first jersey you had as a kid Alex English wow a nuggets Alex English old school nuggets out he was one of my favorite players growing up very nice tape on him and everything I mean just dribbling is kind of like an unorthodox foul that he had I tried to mirror it until I learned that I couldn't do it at the same level the the rainbow nuggets jersey the rainbow nugget jersey and by the way I wore throughout I mean back in the early 2000s I wore it the all-star weekend I mean I kept it going for a while really very a very old school and nostalgic that's uh that's outstanding I I was never a jersey uh a jersey kid growing up but I had a Richard Todd jersey because I was a Jets fan growing up yeah look at you Richard Todd I invited him when I was 13 I invited him to my bar mitzvah um he did not come I grew up a Jets fan I'm no longer a Jets fan I am recovered you're not like you're not excited about this whole Aaron Rodgers mistake for a year no look I'm fascinated by it because I know what's going to happen he will never be able to get the Jets off of him that that's like a skunk this whole line just sits in my in my in the back of my mind when it comes to the Jets and Aaron Rodgers you know a lot of you said a year ago it's a beautiful mystery oh boy New York get ready for this mystery be careful what you wish for on both ends on both ends I think Aaron will get exactly what he deserves and the Jets will be the Jets I just don't there's too much history I do appreciate the Joe name it's going to give up number 12 for him though uh that's good for Joe I just don't know why why would you want to follow in the same steps as the other quarterback that I mean you could do whatever you want I get it like you're going to follow the same blueprint from Brett Barr like we're we're doing that why I got it I don't know like to me I guess there's something about me like I just want to blaze my own path and maybe it may not be the best decision but like I I need things to be marked down like this is what Jay decided to do like this is like all Jay's going to follow the same blueprint as Brett Barr yeah I mean uh I guess nobody else wanted him I don't know maybe I mean that's all I could think of and of course they haven't figured anything out you know what I'm really looking forward to Cam Newton throwing at Auburn's pro day I I am fascinated by that because if Cam Newton shows any kind of arm I think it's going to be a game changer for a lot of teams so like so we were talking about that today at the show Adam and here a couple of teams where it makes sense all right because my thing is if I have a young quarterback I don't want to create controversy with my fan base on a like a brand as cam is so big that automatically is a backup court he's he's the biggest branded backup quarterback ever a dm you have to be prepared for the noise yeah that's going to come along with cam new and and the fan base being somewhat divided if your quarterback doesn't live up to expectation so for me like if I'm a smaller like if I'm the giants from daniel like I don't if I'm saying like I don't want that noise behind daniel jones I don't want to split up my fan base and things going on I need him to have a comfort level because we keep talking about quarterbacks being insensitive so I look at places like joss allen you know with the buff I look at places that are more cemented with quarterbacks that you know like lamar jackson with the baltimore ravens if they figure out that deal a place where he can fit into the scheme or you know that he has a bonafide number two and this whole noise of him potentially becoming a number one does not exist that those are the kind of fits I think are right for cam whichever teams are going to draft stroud richards the kid from florida anthony richardson or will levis whoever's going to draft them sign cam newton let him be your quarterback for a year let him be your quarterback for your left let those guys sit and watch if if he can throw if he can't throw we move on uh but I'm I'm fascinated by that same here do you think he would be the type of quarterback ag that will put his arm around a young fella and no or do you think it's the the opposite I don't know I think he will maybe to the detriment of the young player no I think he will I can't I think cam was a great teammate everybody that played with him thinks he's a great teammate I think he's a great teammate so I don't have any reason to believe that that will change cam I think cam knows the game he's a smart dude uh the whatever the font he uses on instagram notwithstanding uh he's he's he's like norwegian he's norwegian on instagram why can I not read I'm a 41 year old grown man and I can't read oh man all right you're uh you and your perfect brackets I'll talk to you next week all right you got it brother does he not have a bracket I know I know maybe he just doesn't want to jinx himself maybe that's what the problem is my dog's got a bracket I know actually you know the sad thing is is that I'm the only one at my house that filled one out really my son didn't do it my wife normally we do it and we've like we do it for the pets too for no reason why not but no reason why not but no they no I'm the only one that had one and it was bad
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