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Which QB is the best Carolina Panthers option?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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March 15, 2023 3:47 pm

Which QB is the best Carolina Panthers option?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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March 15, 2023 3:47 pm

Adam and Danny break down each QB candidate and why they may or may not be the best fit for the Carolina Panthers. What are the positives and red flags for CJ Stroud, Bryce Young, Will Levis, and Anthony Richardson? What surprised Danny about CJ, which media hasn’t talked about? What’s Anthony’s ceiling? Who does Levis remind Danny of? What still concerns him about Bryce? Who’s the wild card he’d pick? If Caleb Williams or Drake Maye were in this draft, would they be the first two QBs to go?


Through the magic of radio.

Danny is actually on the air right now on but don't go there because he's too handsome and you'll stay there. So let's let's get to these quarterbacks. The Panthers finally did something aggressive.

Well, I shouldn't say finally, they do this too often, actually, but they traded up from nine to one, they have the first overall pick, they get their pick of the quarterbacks. So let's start I'm just going to throw one out. I want you to sell me on him and then tell me why we should stay away. CJ Stroud of Ohio State. And he has a way better personality in person than he does during media interviews.

And maybe that's on the media, maybe for not drawing out. But I was like, Oh my gosh. And I had a similar reaction to Justin Herbert coming out of Oregon, who I pictured as this shy, you know, unassuming kid. And I was like, man, I didn't see any confidence in him. But then I met him.

It was like this quiet, cool. I'd say that's similar to CJ Stroud. And he had maybe one of the best throwing sessions in the history of the combine. And then if you want to see game film to match, go look at the semifinal game against Georgia where he had his best game as a Ohio State Buckeye.

And that's why we're having this conversation right now is because he was able to shred apart that defense and come in just short of the upset. All right, what is a red? By the way, safest pick? I'm not sure.

To me, safest might be a red flag. Give me a red flag for CJ. So out of the four quarterbacks that were kind of putting as a big four, the least mobile.

And that was a big question about him and not, you know, 10, 15 years ago, I'd be like, so what? I just throw from the pocket. But the way that NFL offenses are designed now and teams are realizing and offensive coordinators are realizing, man, if you've got a quarterback who can run and scramble and make plays off the cuff, that's, you know, a weapon that is becoming a prerequisite. So he's not the most athletic, but going back to that Georgia game where he threw it excellent. He also made a lot of plays on the run that really had people saying, oh, wait a second, maybe he just had such great protection at Ohio State, he didn't have to showcase it.

But he clearly is the least in this first round conversation. Danny Connell, Cover Three Podcast, Mad Dog Sports Radio. All right, Bryce Young, sell me on Bryce Young. So Bryce Young is my favorite quarterback. And all you have to do with Bryce Young and if I'm Bryce Young, you know what I'm telling every coach who's questioning my height and my weight?

Go watch the tape because nobody has better film than Bryce Young laid down the last two years in Tuscaloosa for Alabama. He makes every throw. He makes throws from within the system. He makes throws improvising off the cuff.

He's a competitor. And the thing I love about him most and this is one of those intangibles is the poise because whether it was in the Iron Bowl on the road when he was at Alabama against Auburn, their biggest rival, they had to go 90 yards just to get to overtime. And he never looked like his pulse was over 80 just as cool and as calm and collected as you could be converted, not one but two 4,000 conversions and drop drove them up the field and then they went they tied the game went on to win an overtime or a game like this year. They're on the road in Knoxville, Tennessee. They're getting beat 28 to seven brings them back into the game ties it up their kicker missed a field goal.

They would have been able to win that game. But at home on the road, he's made every throw and it's film is as good as anybody I've seen in the last 10 years. He is that good when you throw on the tape. All right now the red flag I think we all know is the red flag the size. Yep, five 10 and an eight. That's all you got to see it and and to all four which was probably Did you know how much a gallon of water way put you on the spot and I'm so a gallon of water weighs eight pounds. Yeah, I was gonna say six but eight pounds. And I guarantee you he had at least a gallon before he got on the scale at the combine and put him up over 200 where he came in at 204.

So it's an issue. I was shocked by it. The first time I saw him in person was at Indianapolis in the national championship game against Georgia. I was like, ooh, he is really small in person like, you know, TV adds some weight to you. Yeah, he is he is like, slight. He's not like and other quarterbacks like Baker Mayfield Russell Wilson, some of the other quarterbacks, Kyler Murray, they're short, but they're sick. Yeah, he's not sick, but I'm not that concerned about it because I still think he's young. I don't know about you, but I put on a lot of weight and kept like growing even in my 20s. Or you're probably your peak of 26 27 28. So I think you pack on the pounds once you get them on your team. You worry about him, you know, the risk of injury later, but you know, he can play the position.

Yeah, that also happens in your 50s and radio. Also, ads 10 pounds. Danny canal is joining us here on the Adam Gold Show.

All right, we'll love us to sell me on well. So Levis is the player that irks me the most. I'll just say that like I don't I don't understand the hype around will Levis I get what people want to make him out to be they want to be the next Josh Allen because Josh Allen playing in Wyoming didn't have great talent around him, you know, made some plays but he was a little bit inaccurate. But man, does he have a cannon for an arm and he can run but will Levis isn't as big as Josh Allen. He has as big of a cannon as Josh Allen and I don't think he's as good of a runner as Josh Allen. So he's almost a poor man's Josh Allen where I see him is more of a Mitch Trubisky a quarterback that was based on one year in North Carolina. I'm sure very familiar with them who you know had a lot of skill set and you kind of liked it but it didn't pan out the NFL just the consistency wasn't there.

I see that will love it. So I think that's for me probably the biggest red flag of the quarterbacks of the big four because the tape just doesn't match up you miss some throws you made some bad decisions and you just didn't see consistent success even when he was a Kentucky I get it. He's not playing with much talent around him but I still just don't understand the upside that people see and will love it. I guess I mean you can he's impressive he's big he's physical I'll give you the plus side he's big he's physical he does have a good arm he graduated early he's a great like young man like you know but you know the great young man I was it didn't mean I was a quarterback you know like there's got to be more to it than just being a good kid who can represent your franchise. That's outstanding here on the out of gold show Anthony Richardson final one of this and I know you're going to throw in a wild card after this but give me Anthony Richardson. So he to me is the the biggest risk reward because even with Will Lemus I do think there's a floor where you know he could be a service so back up if it doesn't work out as a starter Anthony Richardson I think the floor is like you're talking about a bus to might have to switch positions like just doesn't figure it out and you're looking at somebody who's not a very good quarterback in the NFL but the ceiling if he gets it is off the charts where I think he could be like and I know he gets the Cam Newton comparisons which I totally understand but it's almost like a Cam Newton Josh Allen Lamar Jackson hybrid if he puts it all together because you talk about flashes of brilliance like the arm talent is off the charts strongest arm of this class the running ability is electric he's the best runner of this class of quarterbacks but the problem is the running capability has been there and that's like you're going to get that no matter what but like I'll give you a for example get Florida State in the first half he was in Tallahassee big rivalry game coming down he had Florida State on the ropes he's carving up their defense the announcers on the call was a nice drop on the call your Carolina guy my buddy and they're raising their like oh now you can see what the scouts are looking at and I'm thinking the same thing I'm like oh my god this guy's incredible then he opens the second half and he's like oh for 12 bounces a couple balls in the desert and the dirt throws a couple balls over his receivers that are wide open and you're like where was the guy in the first half that is in the story of Anthony Richardson's career at Florida up down all over the place and it just hasn't been consistent I am a I'm pretty much a believer that you cannot teach accuracy like you either have it you're either born with it or you are not but I do think you can improve somewhat with better fundamentals and a better grasp of a system because I do think you play the multiple systems at Florida when you're thinking so much that can become that can impede your ability to throw the ball accurately so I do think that's what people see in Anthony Richardson plus when you meet him he is as physically impressive as anybody I've seen coming out you know since probably Cam Newton he's just a physical specimen when you see him six four two forty four five percent body fat I mean he just he looks the part of an absolute stud no that you just described a younger Danny Kanell all right let's yeah you have a wildcard or two that you that you like I do so if you if I was a GM and I did not have a top five pick where I could get either Bryce Young or CJ Stroud I would not take I would not take Will Levitz or Anthony Richardson in the first round I would say let some other team take those guys and give me Hendon hooker all day long the quarterback of Tennessee who threw his in his two years he had 58 touchdowns and only five interceptions I mean the numbers are absolutely astounding and I get he played in a system that is very quarterback friendly but you still have to make those decisions he's got the prototype six four and you can talk about a smart kid he's written children's books like he's an awesome young man he's smart he's got a great football IQ a very natural throwing motion and he's coming in hungry towards ACL to end the season so he realizes that's part of why he's dropped but if I can get him and hooker in the second round give me him all day long because it's cheaper and I think the upside is potentially just as big as Levitz or Richardson is there another name I look I thought the same thing if the Panthers were sitting there at nine instead of having traded up to one I thought man you could even trade back into the draft get compile a couple of assets and then take a flyer on Hendon hooker in the second round or even I don't know if he's there late first round maybe you have to but I thought the same thing he would have been the Heisman Trophy winner had he not gotten hurt no yeah y'all for sure let me ask you something because I actually I wonder if you think I'm gonna win this bet because as soon as the Panthers traded for the pick all of a sudden there's these rumblings that they are really high on CJ shroud which I get like yeah maybe they want to go the state you know more durable quarterback but then I also hear they're shopping the pick around and maybe they're open to trading out of that pick to me all of it is a smokescreen I took a bet on Bryce young to still be the number one overall pick at plus 280 yeah I think the bet cash is because I do think it always goes back to who has the best film and I think the size is the size and durability questions to me are not that significant considering the rules of the game but I'm curious to know what you think like why why are those rumors out there is there validity like do you think they're sold on CJ Stroud or and do you think they're or do you think they're open for business to shop that first pick I don't know who they're sold on but I can't see the logic in giving up the assets to trade from nine to one to then trade back to three I just for the life of me I can't see the logic in that or trade back to four so I think it's ludicrous that they would trade out of that pick they did this for a reason they're going to have their choice they don't have to worry about the guy that they really want might not be there so they're going to take that quarterback at one and I if I have if I read you correctly you rank Bryce Young number one which is exactly what I've got yeah and I think they do too I think they're probably just you know floating it out there to maybe see if somebody calls with some outrageous call and offer that they can't refuse but ultimately when all the dust settles I do think Carolina picks Bryce Young and we'll we'll see I could be wrong been wrong before and but in those odds makers you know those sports books yeah usually they're right but I think this is all a smokescreen I don't remember the last time Danny Kanell was wrong all right final question for you Danny Kanell before you have to get it you know on the cover three podcast and then I'm busy boogie woogie woogies after you begging please take me with you the electrified Jeep Grand charity for by e learn more at Jeep is a registered trademark of FCA US LLC with one of the best savings rates in America banking with Capital One is the easiest decision in the history of decisions even easier than choosing slash to be in your band next up for lead guitar you're in cool yep even easier than that and with no fees or minimums on checking and savings accounts is it even a decision that's banking reimagined what's in your wallet terms apply see slash bank for details Capital One and a member FDIC if Caleb Williams or Drake May were in this draft are they the first two quarterbacks to go yes I think they are um Bryce Young again the tape I would say Caleb Williams matches the tape of Bryce Young he was spectacular Drake May a little more questions at the end of the season tapered off somewhat but I still think the size would you know if we're talking about CJ shroud over Bryce Bryce Young I think Drake May would silence all those critics too I think they both would interview all off the charts what I think is going to be really really interesting is these two next year when we're having this conversation you know are they both still in the conversation for the number one overall pick and if they are who's number one because Caleb Williams phenomenal but Drake May playing with not allowed him really lifted the level of play of the Carolina Tar Heels he was one of my favorite quarterbacks I want to see him bounce back I want to see him without Josh down but he is impressive and Caleb Williams he's got an edge that I don't know if all teams are going to love like there's going to be some criticism some of it's stupid like the fingernails like who cares he paints his nails whatever but he does have an edge to him that's got a little bit of a Baker Mayfield kind of you know cockiness to him that I don't know if every team is going to fall in love with but the film is spectacular but yeah I think both of those quarterbacks would be in the one two spot ahead of anyone coming out I agree with your Bryce Young take and I hope you cash that ticket and I hope you you know I don't know get your girl something or your take your wife to dinner Danny canal cover three podcast go check that out as always and mad dog sports radio my man I appreciate your time you're the best out of many winnings go straight to the college fund and if they get a scholarship and I get to keep it off excellent I want a great idea thanks Danny the Jeep Wrangler four by eight it's electrified so you can boogie woogie woogie up a mountain over creeks or boogie woogie woogie through a desert where you get bit by a pit viper so you boogie woogie woogie back to camp 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