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Did the Carolina Panthers give up too much for the No. 1 pick?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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March 13, 2023 5:05 pm

Did the Carolina Panthers give up too much for the No. 1 pick?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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March 13, 2023 5:05 pm

Will Brinson of CBS Sports weighs in with Adam Gold on the Carolina Panthers trading with the Chicago Bears for the No. 1 overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. Did the Panthers give up too much? Let us know in the comments. 

Also, UNC-Asheville play-by-play voice Brian Hall discussed the men's basketball team making the NCAA Tournament. 


A big exciting day today. Now I'm wondering, I remember when the Panthers won a game last season early on she went to a baby shower so she missed watching the game. Do you think she's at a baby shower and that's why they got the number one overall pick?

Is that the reason why? It very well could be. You know it's funny, in a way I'm a little surprised that the Panthers did this. Like when we spoke to Scott Fitterer when he was at the combine, we spoke to him about, oh I guess it was so about two weeks ago right when the combine was going on. And he kind of, he knew that a quarterback was the thing. I kind of felt like he would have traded up if the, I didn't know he was going to trade up to one.

I thought he might trade up you know four or five spots which wouldn't have been as expensive. But the further we got into this process, the more QB1 kept changing and it became unpredictable. Because all four quarterbacks have taken turns at as QB1 and were only a week and a half removed from the combine. We went into the draft thinking that Bryce Young was QB1. And then you know and it was CJ Stroud of Ohio State. Bryce Young from Alabama if you didn't know. And then it was Will Levis from Kentucky. He's QB1.

Wow boy, what about Anthony Richardson. Did you see what he did at the combine? He ran this, he threw this. He ran this, he threw this.

Everybody was taking a turn. It's QB1. And when it is incredibly unpredictable, I get it. So the Panthers removed all doubt and traded four picks, really three, because you're swapping ones this year. So it becomes a one, two twos, and DJ Moore for the first overall pick in this draft.

Here is one way that I have looked at it and I haven't heard anybody say that this is a bad way of looking at it. The Chicago Bears probably also need a quarterback. And they're gonna roll with Justin Fields for now. But they have one eye on a future draft. Maybe it's next year's draft, where theoretically, there lie two prospects better than any of the four in the first round this year.

Caleb Williams from USC, Drake May from North Carolina. If the Bears really thought that this draft had a quarterback that they could use, they would have done it. Because I'm pretty convinced that the Bears don't really believe that Justin Fields is the guy.

Maybe he is, we'll find out. Well, Brinson, senior NFL writer, CBS pick six podcast moderator joins us on the Adam Gold show. So first of all, were you surprised the Panthers did what they did? And do you think they gave up too much? Yes, I was surprised.

Prime. Well, I say that I was beating the drum that the Bears might not trade the first overall pick because it would be too difficult to find a team that would give them the proper compensation to move out of one, especially to move as far down as nine. And then I forgot the Panthers were earned by David Tepper, which was me.

I'll take that L. I should have remembered that David Tepper will do anything to get the quarterback of his dreams. Now they just have to pick the right one. Although I love this little thing. They're like, maybe we'll trade out of one. They're not doing that. They're not doing that.

It was traded to what? Like the Texans have already been leapfrogged by the team that would get like, No, stop it. Stop it. You just get it for the first pick.

And now you're drafting first overall. You don't have to do now. You know, so I'm, I'm not surprised.

In hindsight, I was surprised in the moment I was annoyed at the moment, especially it was Friday at five 30. Yes. And you could wait to announce a deal like today. Yeah. Um, I think that, uh, with respect to the price they paid, they gave up a ton. I would not want to give up that much. However, I feel like it's a fairly reasonable price tag move from nine to one. Yeah.

I don't think they gave up too much. I thought that was, it was a fair trade. Well, yeah. I mean, it could work both ways though.

Right? Like, I think it was a fair trade in the sense that I thought Chicago got a really nice haul back. You get, you know, you get to the ninth overall pick, you pay a really good papers pick in the second round this year. And you're probably going to get two pretty good picks next year from Carolina as well. If you're Chicago, you're, you're banking on, you know, the same, you're making on like what we saw with the bears at the trade deadline this year with chase Claypool.

They're like, ah, let's trade our second round pick for chase Claypool. Surely that can't backfire. We don't have the worst record of football.

They did. Um, if you're the bears, you're banking on Carolina being bad next year, even with a rookie quarterback who they draft first of roll. Now could Carolina win seven, eight, nine games?

Sure. Um, if they don't, then you're going to get a, probably a top 10, certainly a top 13. So I think that's smart on Chicago's part. Carolina's you're running a risk, but they are also saying, and this is where the messaging gets a little confusing. They're like, we made like three of these guys. It's like, dude, don't trade a one.

Cause you're like three guys. You trade a one cause you're somebody you'd love. Um, yeah. I mean, trade to three, if you like three of these guys. Correct. If you like, and three was tradable because the Cardinals would have been more willing to move out of that. Absolutely.

And you, you leap forward the Colts who then would be forced to trade with the bears if they wanted to be guaranteed to get somebody. And then you still, if you like three guys, I, I mean, I'm not count Chocula or whoever, but one, two, three, or whatever. Chocula anyway. It's just the count. It's just the cat. Yeah. Count Chocula is a completely different thing, but I, I understood.

I watched a lot of Sesame street as a kid, will Brinson. Here's the thing I, what I would have done. And I said this last week, stay at nine.

One of them is going to be available at nine. And if they're not all well, if you, if draft Hendon hooker in the second round, if you desperately need to get a quarterback out of this draft, that's what, that's what I would have done because to me, and this is the, to me, the bears, I think the bears are going to be drafted a quarterback next year. And I think they believe that they're going to be drafting a quarterback next year. But if the bears really needed a quarterback, they had the first pick this year. They could have taken one.

If anybody was screaming at them to take them. The other thing that the Panthers could have done, and this would be my preferred method, especially when you have a GM, like Scott Fitterer, who is, has done a very good job of trading on the clock is sit at nine, let everything else play out in front of you. See what the Colts do, do the culture to one, do the Texas straight up a spot, do the Texas even take a quarterback. Everyone's assuming the Texas are going to take your quarterback and the Colts will take a quarterback. I think the Colts probably will take one because Jim or say, breathing down Chris Ballard's neck. Yeah. But he was never trading up to one. He just he doesn't he doesn't it was or she made him.

And so like, sit on the clock at nine and see what happens and then use less resources to move up to three or to move up to five. And you know, if you don't get one of these three quarterbacks, oh, well, come back and get right. What's his name from Carolina or what Drake made the following year? Drake mayor, Caleb Williams. Sorry, I didn't mean to write his name.

I just completely forgot his name. It's totally understandable. Here's the thing. I actually think that the Panthers fans get a win here, because they haven't gotten a lot of wins, obviously, on the football field in the Matt rule era. And at the end of the Ron Rivera era, they haven't gotten a lot of wins there. So they don't have too many wins, they get a win here because they get some excitement and hope leading into the draft.

But in in the grand scheme of things, and you're gonna get a win next year, probably not probably not. And in the in the grand scheme of things, even though you hate trading away your only credible pass catcher, because they don't have one at tight end, they don't have another one at wide receiver, and they don't have a running back out of the backfield that catches the ball. So other than that, like they're bringing in a rookie quarterback, and they must surround him with that was the play business, Lincoln, right?

Seven options. Yeah, you guys had a lot a lot of work to do to make it work for a rookie quarterback, who is, I mean, I hope isn't going to be expected to play but isn't the first overall pick and quarterback almost always getting on the field. You're playing if you're drafted first overall unless unless it's like an Anthony Richardson situation where they bring in like, it's gonna be percent who I mentioned several times, you know, makes a ton of sense for the Panthers. You know, it's just like, even if he just starts the first three games, or even if he doesn't start just, you know, a guy who's a veteran anyway, he's been mentioned with the Buccaneers today as well during the early stretch of legal tampering. But you know, Anthony Richardson, I think I saw somewhere that like, he's still in play number one, if you tried all that up to go to number one to draft Anthony Richardson, and your plan is not to play him for the first year. Look, if the plan works, the plan works. But that to me is a questionable process. And even if you give all that up to go get Bryce younger, CJ Stroud, they got to be the guy and you don't have a lot around them to help them be the guy.

You know, it's like, I don't think this is not a knock on the table. I just think, you know, like, so I always I always like to compare Sam Darnold situation with the Jets versus Josh Allen. With the bills, the bills took their time and built out an infrastructure with an offensive line and weapons, and then drop Josh Allen in and then add Stefan Diggs to make to try and elevate his play.

And it did it worked really well. The Jets were like, cool back quarterback, let's go. That's a little word that the Panthers might be doing here saying like, quarterback, let's get him and let's go. It's like, well, you know, they have built up the offensive line. And it is better than it was two years ago. I mean, but there's, it's this is not like the Panthers are the quarterback away.

And they just traded a bunch of picks as if they were a quarterback away. I 100% agree with that. Again, I think the only winner here are fans because they get some some excitement. But of course, there's a level of skepticism because I think that and they're justified. They're wondering how they're going to screw this up. And it ain't that hard to screw up. Picking quarterback in the first round, especially of among four, and every single one of them has a pretty big question mark.

I think Bryce Young is the best quarterback, but he's also the smallest and most likely to break in half. If he gets sat on by Aaron Donald, Will Brinson, senior NFL writer, CBS pick six podcast moderator, sir. I'm sure there will be an emergency pod coming up later today, because it is the free tab, the the legal tampering period. And actually, I actually had to turn down an invitation to the NIT because of all the emergency podcasts that could be coming up. So that's fantastic. Thank you.

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Savings off sale and clearance prices, exclusions apply. I know it didn't work out well for the tar heels this year, but the Wolf packer in the NCAA tournament Dukes in the NCAA tournament. So is you NC Asheville, Ryan hall, who, uh, is kind enough to stomach this program on his station, uh, up in Asheville on ESPN, uh, Asheville, he joins us on the Adam gold show.

He is the play-by-play voice of the Bulldogs of UNCA. Uh, first of all, well done way to get your guys into the tournament. Well, you know, I hoped and wish, and it came through. And by the way, we did turn down an IT bed as well to accept the bed in the NCAA tournament.

Everybody's going to take their shots at North Carolina today. That's fair. Oh yeah. It's fair. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. It's fair.

It's fair. No doubt about it. It's good to see you, my bald-headed brother. Good to see you in Greensboro last week.

And, uh, yeah, it's, it's a fun time. And you know, this, this is like Superbowl week up here, uh, for the city of Asheville to, to be able to get back in the tournament for the first time in seven years. Uh, we played, we played Villanova in Brooklyn the last time that team eventually won the national championship. And so this UCLA team is going to be an interesting challenge on Thursday night in Sacramento. Yeah. I watched the UCLA game, uh, there, uh, the end of their game against Arizona the other day. Uh, I don't think they're a gifted offensive team. So, uh, I'll give you guys a puncher's chance to give them a scare.

Yeah. You know, a couple of things, uh, Jalen Clark, uh, they haven't officially announced it, but it looks like he's going to be out for the tournament. Uh, Aidan Boba, their center, uh, he hurt his shoulder.

Not sure if he's going to play, uh, you know, they lost by two to Arizona, 61 to 59. Prior to that, they won 12 straight coming in. So I mean, look, uh, they got a great team and Mick Cronin's always got that team ready to go in March. And they played some great basketball over the last couple of tournaments, you know, without a doubt, but, uh, look, uh, the Bulldogs have won 18 of the last 19, and this is the best team that we've ever had, you know, at UNC Asheville to go 27 and seven. Uh, I'll also point out no other team in the state of North Carolina has won that many games this year. So, you know, it's been a heck of a year with the talent on this team is the old and college basketball. You know, that the key is get old experience and he got a great shot to win. And Drew Pember has been everything for this team preseason player of the year. He ends up winning the player of the year, uh, defensive player of the year as well. He led the conference. Scoring, rebounding and blocks.

And nobody else did that in the country. And we're one of the best three point shooting teams too. I mean, and, uh, so, you know, it's, it always, you gotta have a lot of breaks in order to pull off an upset, you know, 15 over two. It's been done before, um, you know, East Tennessee beat Arizona back in the day, uh, as a 15 versus a two.

And who knows? It could happen again on Thursday night. I was at the first one. I was at Richmond overseer. I was at the gate Richmond over Syracuse. I did.

I have stories about that, uh, that night that I don't have time to get into, but yeah, I was at the first one. Uh, and we all, we had Santa Clara beaten Arizona, uh, like a couple of years later. So yeah, the, the, the talent in college basketball is starting to spread out enough, not starting. It has been spread out enough. So many kids who want to play that. Yeah. You, and it only takes one great player on a given team to impact the outcome of a basketball game. It's the rare sport that has that.

Uh, so yeah, like any, anything could happen. Anybody, we had UNBC beat Virginia, the number one overall seed. Not that, you know, that Virginia team was super talented, but there are a few guys who are in the NBA off that team.

I think people probably don't give that team enough credit. Uh, but what is, what has coach Morrell done? Uh, this is year three that really has re energized the program. Well, let me, let me correct it. It's year five. Um, yeah. And the first year was ugly and you know, he, he will be the first to admit it.

Wikipedia sucks. I just want you to know that, uh, you know, it, we were four and 27 that year, the first year, and it was nothing but freshmen. And we were the second youngest team in the country. And coach Morrell has one player left from that, that squad. And that's Taejon Jones. And he has now become the school's all time leading score.

Uh, he is one of the best three point shooters in the country. And he personally put the team on his back to win the big south tournament. Uh, when we were down by 14, the Campbell was seven minutes ago and he proceeded to score, uh, 16 points down the stretch and, you know, get us over the hump.

But, uh, Taejon is that link, you know, from four and 27 to 27 and seven. And over the years, Mike's done a great job at recruiting at work in the transfer portal and at getting guys to believe in themselves in this team and this program. And it's really paid off.

And we've had some additional, uh, transfer portal help that came in this year. Got us bigger on the front line, tougher, able to compete, you know, against anybody and the point guard, uh, to Taylor Burgess, great defender, great score at the rim. And so, you know, it's a fun team to watch and they've been fun all season long. They play great defense and I can't wait to see what they look like going up against UCLA. One of the, of course, you know, the best programs in the country.

All right, Brian Hall, before we let you go, we had about 45 seconds. Uh, have you already researched what to do in Sacramento, California? Um, I have, and, uh, apparently there's a very cool waterfront, uh, area, which I didn't know because Sacramento is not on the water, but it's on the Sacramento river. Uh, and, and they feature saltwater taffy.

I thought Myrtle beach was the only place to get saltwater taffy, saltwater taffy on a river, which is very interesting. It's all right. Good river. Yes.

Yeah. And, uh, cool museums, nightlife, uh, obviously the state Capitol of California. And so, uh, looking forward to getting out and exploring a little bit while we're out there and it should be, uh, it should be a lot of fun. Tell Gavin Newsom. We said, hi, just in case you, uh, you bump into him walking around the capital city of California. Uh, Brian Hall, we'll check in again, man. I appreciate your time. Congratulations to you and the Bulldogs have a good time in Sacramento. Go, uh, go give him, uh, give him a hard time. You got it, brother. Good to talk with you. You got it.

Brian Hall, the voice of the Bulldogs of UNC Asheville. They will take on UCLA in the first round of the NCAA tournament lows always has more ways for you to save on top of our everyday low prices, pros can save big when buying in bulk, or if your purchase is over $1,500, ask about our volume savings program. A pro associate can provide a customized quote, ask about our volume savings programs today. It always pays to be a pro at Lowe's. While supplies last minimum purchase required selection varies by location. Lowe's reserves the right to limit quantities. Volume discount pricing quotes are valid up to seven days. Visit your local pro desk to learn more and start saving offers subject to change may not be available in all Lowe's stores.
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