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Who did he get mistake for??

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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March 8, 2023 4:04 pm

Who did he get mistake for??

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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March 8, 2023 4:04 pm

It’s not an easy place win at, so how did Mike Brey do what he did? What can be done, but you just have to get the right guy? And what is he confident about when talking about Notre Dame? What kind of guy is Mike Brey? “He’s just a dude…” What did he do to help guys loosen up? What’s stopped UNC from being more successful? And what made him emotional during THIS game?

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First of all, who did they confuse you for earlier today? Was it Sean May? Sean May was a hell of a player.

Maybe that was it. The two Joe's can kiss my entire tail for really riding this joke. I love Sean May. He's a good friend of mine. I don't think we resemble each other. Look, I'm just going to go ahead and say this on the radio. Maybe Joe and Joe believe that all black guys look alike. Oh, we went there.

Yeah, so maybe we'll just go there. So yeah, I'm a little offended. Everybody looked up when I said that. All post players.

All post players look alike. Sean's my guy. And I'll tell you this. I'll throw a little bit of analysis in here.

I think Caroline is poised for a little bit of noise here this week. Not because of Sean May. Not because that's apparently my cousin. And we share bloodlines.

So here's one of the things I wanted to start with. Was Mike Bray. You played for Coach Bray for four years at Notre Dame. And he had a great run. It's not an easy place to win.

It really isn't. How do you sum up what he did for 23 years in South Bend? AJ, I'd say it's remarkable, honestly.

I think anybody like you who's in the know, anybody who knows, knows that that's a very difficult task. And not only to win, and winning in a remarkably high level, 2015 ACC Championship, 13 tournament appearances, winningest coach in program history. But there was consistent winning there. People forget 45 consecutive games. This guy didn't lose at the Joy Center. This is Notre Dame basketball, not Duke or Carolina.

He had what is so important in the game now. They had identity. It was a program where you knew if you played Notre Dame, they're going to light up a scoreboard. They're going to take care of the basketball.

They're going to play clean without violating. So this was a team, you said, well they can score it, which is at a premium at any level of the game. But you had to go out there and beat them. And when they had that talent there, that was a tall task. And I never thought when Notre Dame came from Big East, which Coach Bray had great success there, to the ACC, that they would be the challenge that they were for these blue blood programs in this conference and high level programs. What he did is going to be hard to replicate, quite frankly. I mean, how good, how tough a job is it for the next guy?

Not only because the shoes that they're filling. We see Hubert Davidson has to deal with that, not had, has to. John Shire is dealing with that. The next guy at Notre Dame has to deal with that too.

Yeah, it's going to take an impressive person. I mean, look, John Shire, I've said this and I think JG kind of bit it for me, full disclosure, but I said Coach Shire will be the coach of the year in any other year. You've got no votes, Jordan. Zero votes. That's just not understanding how it works. Or maybe it's just because of Capel did such a great job.

Who got my vote full disclosure? Right, he did. Keats did a great job as well, but Coach Shire swept Carolina 120 plus one undefeated at home following the greatest coach in the history of the sport, arguably.

Who lost his last home game. Yes, and think about the revenge that he got back on Carolina effectively ending Carolina's season unless they can do something magical here. But yeah, it's going to be a tough gig to follow because whoever comes in and interviews is going to find out Notre Dame plays by a different set of rules that can be a disadvantage in trying to build a program. And how they utilize undergrads, that's a very difficult thing to get those transfers in in a world where that's what matters. You know, the academic standards that come with it, we're not paying at the level of these other programs in the conference, the coaching staff. So it's going to take somebody, like honestly people forget, Matt Doherty did inject a lot of life to set it up in that one season for Coach Bray to take it. It's going to take somebody with that maniacal energy and passion to lift it in the beginning and then start to take it. But in this world where Pitt was awful and Pitt is really good, you can flip a roster in a year so it can be done. You're just going to have to get the right guy. And from the short list that I know is currently there, which I can't fully share A.G. It's fine.

Are you on it? No, no, no. I would say they can't afford me, but I'm very cheap. So they very well could.

They could pay a couple of me. They're on the right path. They're going to have a guy where you don't go, what is Notre Dame doing? They're going to get the right guy in one of these four or five guys on the short list and I'm confident that we'll be where we want to be. It was time for Coach Bray. It just was. Right.

I mean, the last couple of years haven't been as good. Talk about, from the inside, his personality. He is a guy that if you're in with him, you're in with him.

And like, he's also a guy who if you don't know him from a ham sandwich, and you're not hanging out with him for an hour, you're going to get some of the best stories you're going to have. He's just, and this might have negative connotations to some, but I don't mean it. He's just a dude. He's just a good dude to hang out with. I mean, he's a loose guy. He's known as the loosest coach in America for good reason. He's disarming. He lacks an ego.

He's just a good vibes person. And that worked very well at Notre Dame because he could get guys not to feel the pressure of the moment with a joke, with something intrinsically he knew about you, to disarm you, to go deliver. What he was best at was having a pulse for his teams. Quite frankly, he lost that this last year.

And I think it just ran out of gas. And so that magic that would come late game with old groups never happened. And fitting it didn't happen in his final game in the loss of Virginia Tech. But 23 years, for lion's share of that, he knew how to get the best out of his guys.

It was because of the personality and the relationships he had built. He didn't spend a lot of time barking at referees or saying stuff after games, but he did last night. He got his money's worth on the way up. Hey, look, Coach said he was going to keep coaching, so I don't know if it was the wisest thing he did because he's going to see Lee and AJ and those guys again. Is he or is he going to go to TV? He's going to coach again. I'm not breaking any news here, but people have got to see the connection between him and Georgetown. I mean, what he means to the DMV being the mentor, having a mentor, Morgan Wooten there at Tabatha, that pipeline.

Coach Bray is a legend in the D.C. area. I think if Georgetown went that way, it would be a very smart hire. There's no guarantee it does, but if I look at a job right away where he goes right in, it would be Georgetown.

Right. If that doesn't happen, I don't know if there's a job readily available this year, AG. He probably does that. TV takes that sabbatical for a year, but best believe Coach Bray is going to be on the sideline again in the next couple of years. Look, obviously he's a very good coach, but his personality could be... Oh, he's the best. I mean, I learned from him, man. He got me into this business on a radio side with Notre Dame, but I just watched how he moved with people, and he never compromised who he was. Right.

Even at a place like Notre Dame, which could be kind of stuffy. He never was that guy. Right. I mean, he came in and did it his way, and I took from that. Hey, Jordan, media, some media types do it a certain way. There's a certain way maybe you got to be.

It's be your frickin' self. Everybody else is taking it, and I learned that from Coach Bray, and I'm trying to apply that to my career in broadcasting. Jordan Cornett from the ACC Network. All right, you said earlier that you think Carolina is kind of sneaky good here.

I think so, too. I think they're one of the teams that can win it, but what has stopped them from winning games? The jumper that can't make shots. Right. 5 of 23 again in a loss versus Duke. They have to be innovative in ways to generate offense that don't rely on the three, and sometimes it's through good movement, but the ball ends up in guys' hands that aren't percentage-wise efficient shooters.

Right. So they've got to have an elite defensive approach this week. They've got to play with pace.

Armando Baycott's got to get his touches. They've got to try to turn you over to have that defense key some of their offense. They have to find ways dynamically to score without having a reliance on the three-point shot because it's just simply not there.

Who they are is who they are. It's March. You're not going to reinvent to go on a crazy shooting streak to go win a title this week.

It's not going to happen that way. We underestimated, I think, the people. I mean, the preseason, number one, I got it. They returned four players that went to the national championship and led Kansas by 15.

I get it. Everybody slept on how important Brady Manik was in two areas. Obviously, the big shots that he made, but there was a toughness about him that, no offense to Pete Nance, the chances of anybody replicating that were very, very small. And they haven't had Caleb Love moments this year.

That's the difference. I think about, forget about Nance versus Manik. Caleb Love, what I said going into the Duke Carolina game, I need a five-minute Caleb Love performance. You give me five good minutes, Carolina wins that game because I think he's ten points in five minutes if he gets going.

Well, you nailed it. I mean, that is the diagnosis for this team. Caleb Love's lack of consistency. Him and RJ Davis elevated at the same time, which is what happened in that March run a year ago.

We haven't seen that. Brady Manik, the latter, I think is most important. Of course, his shot making, huge. But his level of toughness, they've been devoid of that. Pete Nance is a talented player.

I do think it's really hard to come from a system for the lion's share of your career, be thrusted in one season and say, hey, replicate the production of a guy who meant so much to Brady Manik, and clearly that hasn't happened. Pete Nance has to be a double-figure scorer this week. He has the ability, he has to do that. We've seen him go for 20. Then he goes for triple. He goes for three in the game versus Duke. He's got to be an offensive threat to make this thing sing.

And it's not crazy to think he can't do that because he's done that. He's got to be a guy that's an offensive threat and be aggressive because that's another way to generate offense. Let's hit the other two triangle schools real quick. Wolfpack didn't play as well down the stretch. The defense against Wake Forest, they won that game.

That was the bad sign because that defense kind of stayed around for a couple of games. What do you think about the Wolfpack? This team I like at this time of the year, honestly, A.G., because they've got bucket-getters. They've got guys that can heat you up. They've got that Kimball Walker-esque performer and two guys, Jarkel Joiner and Terquavion Smith. But the biggest x factor for them that makes them even more impressive. Turbulent times, shooters aren't getting their shots to fall.

DJ Bird's down low is just so crafty. That neutralizes a game. If your shots aren't falling, they've got their version of Baycott in terms of a guy back to the basket who can score it.

And he can be a disruptor because he's crafty, head fakes, he can finish over both shoulders, and with his body he uses it so well. Packer is a sexy pick to go ahead and win this thing. I go Miami. After Miami, I think NC State, and I'm still throwing UNC in the mix as my wildcard team, I really like Miami and NC State.

And then if I'm given my wildcard, it's Carolina. My final four league in this tournament is Miami and Duke at the top, Carolina and State at the bottom. Everybody likes Duke.

I get it. I think it's because, and here's what's fascinating about Duke. But I think Miami is going to get to the pot.

I mean, Miami the one, I really like Miami. I just think they can be a final four team, A.G. For Duke, it's Duke's healthy. And Duke's looked the part and they lead with their defense. To me, Duke's the best defensive team in the conference. And that resonates in March.

Can you lock people down? Duke's done it with the best of them here down the stretch. Yeah, look, I think Tyrese Proctor's on-ball defense, he can take out the number one guy. So, if Duke plays Miami, is he going to see Tyrese Proctor take on Isaiah Wong? It'll be interesting to see. Well, I think even tonight with Quinton Post and Armando Bacon, if Quinton Post plays for Boston College, Boston College is the sneaky team, so as much as I think Carolina may have a run here, it could also very well end tonight if Boston College has Quinton Post, that seven-footer who they play through and makes them look entirely different because Earl Grant's group is going to compete.

D.C.'s plucky. Georgia Tech is playing well. It's a fun one this year.

Yeah, like today's games are, there's a lot of different scenarios that we could be completely blown up by the time we get to tomorrow. I sat there with our boy Wes Durham last night at the end of our broadcast of the Notre Dame-Virginia Tech game, which I got emotional after Coach Bray lost, didn't expect that. But I deemed seven teams that could win this, seven teams. I think there are seven teams. Isn't that wild?

The first seven seeds, I believe, could win this thing, and Clemson is one of those teams as well. All right, real quick before I let you go, Jordan Cornett, bummer about your Bengals not getting back. Oh, no, still too soon. Too soon? Still too soon.

What do they need? Well, they need to keep that group. Joe Mixon's back in trouble, which is awful news.

The guy needs to get his head on straight. T. Higgins saying everybody seems to want him, but everything I hear at the Bengals is they're going to keep him. I just think it's all about keeping our roster and proving that offensive line clearly, which they put a lot of money into and it just didn't work. You got a Bengals sticker on there, JG? Are you a Bengals guy?

Oh, yeah, I get it. I'm aware of that too, 11-2 against the number. It's nice to be able to bet on your team and they deliver for you. I think they're in a good spot. They do need to get in the draft. They need to get an offensive lineman. They don't have a first-round pick. They don't have any early-around picks, but I think more than anything, securing that nucleus is big for them moving forward.

I know your wife, Shay, is a Bears fan. You're laughing at it. They're in a bad spot.

Although, they're now in a great spot, truth be told. How they handle this thing, they deal that number one, they can really stack. It's just a matter of is Justin Fields a guy you can win with?

Does that formula work? I happen to be a guy that doesn't believe so. He can't take that many hits and stay. Is he talented enough and healthy to win?

No question. You just can't get beat up like that. Isn't the NFL, though, built to let Justin Fields be the guy for two more years and then just get another Justin Fields? That's why I love where I'm at. It's cruel to Justin Fields. That's the nature of the business.

The game chews you up. You know what I love, AG, is this time of year, just these wild rumors as people try to posture the draft. They're strangers to the Bears. Why wouldn't we do that? But like Tom Brady's coming back or Bryce Young looks like Joe Montana or Patrick Mahomes. It's like, just let the draft happen. Let teams build their teams. Let's see what happens.

But all this outrage is from there. We can't do that. You're in media, man. I just talked to a bunch of students and I wanted to tell them, guys, you're about to get into a filthy business. There's no way around it. This is what it is.

Well, it beats working for a living. No calluses on these hands. There you go. Jordan Cornett, ACC Network. Thank you so much, man. I appreciate it.
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