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Breaking Carolina Hurricane news!

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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February 28, 2023 4:55 pm

Breaking Carolina Hurricane news!

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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February 28, 2023 4:55 pm

What’s the feeling after the last loss against Anaheim? How are the guys rebounding and preparing themselves for the next game? What are his thoughts on the Devils and Rangers? Is he worried about the additions these teams have added, especially considering the Canes haven’t taken a leap with anyone new? As an opponent, what’s his scouting report on the newest member to the Carolina Hurricanes? How many things hurt when he gets up in the morning these days? If someone were to ask him to sell the Carolina culture, what would he say? As a leader on this team, what are his thoughts on THIS teammate?

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Carolina Hurricanes were off on Sunday and off on Monday. No practice. Free day.

Practice today. Getting ready to get on a plane to get out to Las Vegas to play the Golden Knights tomorrow and then the Arizona Coyotes on Friday on a college campus, by the way. Jordan Martinuk joins us. Assistant captain. I don't know if it's an alternate captain for the Carolina Hurricanes. He got an A. And that's all we need to know.

He also screams at four games and that's great too. And he joins us before they board the plane. How are you, sir? I'm good. How are you doing? I'm doing very well.

Thank you very much. I know you guys are scrambling to get out of town. So we'll start with some hockey things, if that's okay with you. I know it had to be frustrating Saturday night. 50-some-odd shots on goal on Anaheim and a loss. And you guys have done that before. You had 67. I was there for the game against Nashville when U.C.

Soros was amazing. How do you, what's the feeling after a game like that? Is it just throw your hands up, hey, we did everything we could, nothing we could have done to change that outcome, goalie was too good. What's it like after a game like that? Well, I don't know if it's any different after a game like that or if you lose 7-1.

You're just, you're upset that you lost. But obviously you can take good things out of out of games and we created a lot and he did play well, so you got to give him that. But yeah, I think we've done, we've been on a pretty good run here and we're not going to let something like that hit in our heads by by no means. Well, a pretty good run is one of the all-time understatements. I'm not going to ask you if you've ever been on a team that has won as many games, like since Black Friday, you guys have won, what have you got, 29-5-4 since Black Friday? I mean, that's kind of an insane run. That's pretty good.

That is, say it out loud like that. That's quality analysis from you. I know, but the crazy part is we've been on a run like that and there's, you look at the team, the two teams behind us, I'm pretty sure they're, they might be splitting images of ours. Look, the Devils and you guys have played them already and the Rangers, they probably have caught you at the right time for them, both times that you guys have played. What are your thoughts on those two teams?

I think they're pretty different. I think the Devils are maybe a little bit speedier. What is your take on those two teams? They're both really good and playing, playing pretty good hockey right now. So I think the Rangers power play is just very good and obviously you add another player like they did in Tarasenko. It just, there's an element that you're just going into a game. You're like, okay, this is something we got to be aware of and Jersey's just, obviously they're young or they kind of haven't been here before, but they're, they play with a ton of confidence and a ton of speed. So I think every team in the Metro kind of plays that fast, up-paced style as, as do we.

So they're, they're not crazy different when you really think about it. So you mentioned the Rangers adding Tarasenko does look like they might be interested in about to add Patrick Kane. The Devils added Timo Meyer. I mean, I know you're going to say I'm good with my group, but what is this time of the year with the trade deadline on Friday? What are you guys talking about? Do you ignore it completely and just go to practice, go to the rink, go to the game? Yeah, obviously you're looking around and seeing what everybody else is doing and keep, keep tabs like that. But as for your own team, you're, you just kind of keep going as, as you would.

And if the people up top think we need to make a move, then they're going to make it. So, but as, as us, we, I don't think your mindset changes as your daily routine, you're going to the rink, you're doing the same thing. Maybe get a little more nervous when your phone vibrates here and there, but that's, that's the only part. Did you get nervous when we called you? I knew it was happening at 1257 though. I was like, Oh, I heard it was at one, but well, I don't have the power.

Yeah. Your WARL came up too. We're all good. I don't have the power to do it to move it. And I wouldn't, you would be off the board. You'd be off limits.

You'd be on my new move list. By the way, you guys did make a trade today. Yes, he pull your VJ.

Yes. He Jesse pull. Your V is in from Edmonton. I know you guys have played against him before. So as an opponent, me a little scouting report, I don't know if you guys have played a little scouting report on Jesse. Uh, he's just big and I think he moves pretty good. And I felt like I've been being from LaDuke just outside of Edmonton.

I've seen him play a little bit like quite as much. I kind of watch Edmonton more than other teams. Obviously they got that other guy on their team.

That's pretty fun to watch too, but, um, good shot. And he's a fan. I feel like, uh, we're sometimes we're the Helsinki canes instead of the Carolina ones, but, um, has history with fishy and yeah, I'm excited to see what, see what he's got when he gets here. Yeah.

I mean, everybody's going to be going to Sebastian for, uh, all right. Tell me about this guy. They were world junior teammates. I believe they were world junior line mates when Finland won the world juniors that year was like six or seven years ago. Uh, it's hard to believe that it's only six or seven years ago that Ajo was centering a line in the world juniors.

He's been so good. Uh, all right. Let me ask you a couple of, uh, not really weird questions, but different. Uh, how many things hurt when you get up in the morning right now? Uh, two. All right. Not bad. That's probably good, right? Yeah, that's, that's, that's good. I, and, and two, two, not major ones, just two, two, like you got a scratch on your back and you just can't get it quite.

If that was my description. Excellent. No, no, that's good. So not horrible, but just kind of one to bug you just enough in, in past years, I bet that number was like six or seven.

So it's been a lot higher, but 30 is the new 20 this year. Jordan Martinuk is joining us here on the Adam Gold show. All right. So now at this time of the year where there's so much movement, I want Jordan Martinuk to give me your pitch to a player who might be like, do I wave my no trade clause and come to Carolina and he rings you up and he says, Jordan, sell me on the culture of the Carolina hurricanes.

Well, I, I would probably send him a picture of what I'm looking at. Cause I got a blue sky and I don't know what these white trees are out by the airport, but this is pretty nice. And it's 76 degrees and, uh, the end of February. So just from a living aspect, we're doing all right here. Um, and then as a culture wise, uh, I, since I've been here, there's not been like, there's not been one person that hasn't fit in or gelled with what we got going on. And I think that's a testament to the people that get brought in, but obviously what we have here, um, it's just, it's always been, everybody just got along so well, you've never had an issue whatsoever. And I think that's, that's something that a lot of teams can't say. And it's been consistently for the past five years.

All right. I'm going to ask you as a leader on this team, uh, to see a guy like yes, Perry coat, Guinea Emmy, who like, I don't know if I could say he's coming into his own, but he is certainly playing and producing now more than he has in the year and a half. He's been here. What are your thoughts on his progress as a player? Yeah, I, I just see a lot of, a lot of confidence coming out and, um, I think that's something that I can say for myself, even this year, when you get, when the puck starts going in and you start getting more and more points and you do it, it's crazy.

The confidence does hit affect you a little more. And, um, I, you can see that with KK, the more he's scoring, the more, um, you're noticing him a ton out there and it's, uh, yeah, like you said, it's, I don't know if it's coming into his own or what it is, but he's, uh, he's been playing. I think some of the, probably the best hockey I've ever seen him play since he's been here has been this last kind of month, month and a half stretch.

He's been on. You're only four behind your career high and goals. I want you to get that tomorrow night against Vegas. Uh, and did you know that Jordan stall is top 15 in the entire NHL and shooting percentage?

I did not. Yeah. So tell him to shoot more. Yeah. Well, I, I feel like I've, I, I've been on the other end of a few of his goals.

So I'm, uh, I will tell him to shoot more now, now that you, you are armed with that information, uh, safe flight to Vegas real quick. As a kid, we used to go to, uh, Atlantic city. I grew up in Northern New Jersey. We used to board a bus and go to Atlantic city. And part of the deal was they would give you like a roll of quarters to use in the slot machine. When you board the plane to go to Vegas, did they give you a roll of chips? They do not.

Oh man. They should. They should.

Yeah. I'll pass that along to Tom Dundon. Uh, maybe we can get that going. Uh, Jordan, have a good trip. Good, uh, good luck tomorrow against Vegas and, uh, we'll see you when you get back to town. Awesome. Thank you. Have a good one out. You too. Jordan Martinook here on the Adam Gold show. That was fun.

All right. That was so, but that's a legit thing that used to happen. Anybody who's from Jersey who ever did that, we would, you'd get to wherever the bus left at like seven o'clock in the morning. And they put it's mostly retired women. Yes.

Some retired men too, but, uh, mostly they're just going to go and they're going to pull slot machines and they'd give you a roll of quarters. Yes. There you go.

Days of our lives in the back part of the whole thing. Gosh. And anyway, yeah. So they should give them like a roll of chips. I don't know. Probably not.
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