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Not only was there a Super Bowl, but there was controversy in hoops.

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February 13, 2023 4:27 pm

Not only was there a Super Bowl, but there was controversy in hoops.

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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February 13, 2023 4:27 pm

How does she believe it should’ve been handled? Where was the first mistake? And then the second mistake? Where do Adam and Caroline disagree about the foul in this game? And where do they agree? Why does she believe the ACC made a statement? What does Adam consider to be dumb in this scenario?

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Caroline Darny for the win at CW Darny on Twitter is not only an outstanding reporter on ACC Matters, she just so happens to be maybe the most level-headed Virginia fan I know. She joins us, like that's not exactly a compliment, just so you know. Well, I'm gonna be like, I'll take that every day of the week, I appreciate that. Those two statements rarely go together. See, that's why, that's why. It's a low bar.

It's a huge compliment. So the reason why we're talking with Caroline Darny, because over the weekend, some people might have, it might have escaped them with everything else that was going on. We had a Super Bowl that we're all focused on completely. LeBron James broke a record, Kevin Durant got traded, all of that.

Shouts to the NBA, by the way, for taking the Super Bowl off the, off the sports, our sports minds for about three days. But Duke and Virginia ended in a, well, didn't end, but at the end of regulation, a somewhat controversial occurrence where a foul was called, where it probably was a foul on Reece Beekman, but they called, I think they called it on somebody else. And Kyle Filipowski probably, well, should have, if they called a foul, should have been at the free throw line. Wasn't, they took the foul off the board. Virginia won in overtime and I had no problem, zero problem if they don't call the foul because we've seen that not called before and Virginia, as good as they are, Hey, look, Duke played well, take that and go home. That's fine.

No problem. But the way it played out was a problem. So Caroline Darny, if they call the foul, should Kyle Filipowski have been shooting free throws? So this is a complicated question. They called the foul, as you mentioned on Ryan.

So there's, this is the thing. There's so many pieces and there were so many mistakes made by, and I'm not even gonna say by the players. This is mistakes made by the referees. And then later, I think ACC officials.

And by that, I mean, the biggest mistake was blowing the whistle in the first place because I agree with you. Um, I looked at stat broadcast today. I think it was for the last, about the last four and a half minutes of that game, right? The ref did not call a single foul. And if you remember that game was tight down the stretch, obviously if it's tied at, you know, the buzzer going up, um, the only foul that they called was one that Virginia gave by Reese Beekman with like 10 seconds left or whatever it was. So there was a lot of contact in the paint that was not being called throughout the last few minutes of the game, which fine, you know, it is what it is.

I all, all, a lot of the fans across the ACC have asked for this season and season before is consistency. And so if you're not making those calls, then don't decide to make it. I mean, you can make the argument for the super bowl last night, right? So if you're not calling that hold for the other three quarters, do not call it with a minute and a half left. Um, and so you and I don't agree as much as you think we do, but that's fine.

I'll continue. I'm looking at it as like the first mistake I think they made was blowing the whistle. Um, because I think it was a close play that was either way.

And so if they did not blow the whistle, we do not have this drama. The second biggest mistake was issuing the statement in my opinion, because the statement made everything worse because in the statement, they say that the foul was assessed on Ryan Dunn. So you're asking, you know, if it was a foul, should he have shot free throws? Well, then you get into the technicality of, I spent an hour this morning scouring the rule book, looking for information on blocks because they've mentioned the path of the ball or the flight of the ball, et cetera. The ball is still in flight. The ball, in other words, if the shot, if they get the shot off before the buzzer, which Philipowski clearly does, and there is a foul in any part of that sequence, then it's a foul. Unless in my opinion, and this is what I couldn't find any clarification on the path of the ball is disrupted by a block, which is what the non call on Reese Beekman would imply.

So this is where things get dicey, right? So if you're saying that Reese Beekman at six, three, he did go straight up. Look, we can have conversations all day long as to whether or not he got ball first in hand, which is allowed for the rules, et cetera, et cetera. But the rest determined in that moment, the foul was not on Reese Beekman. Reese Beekman affected the flight of the ball. So at that point, is it still the shot?

You know, this is where things I said, like I said, get hairy. Cause again, I can't find anything in there about blocks or blocking and I'm sure it's hard to search because blocks comes up with block charge and you don't want any of that drama. All this is to say, if they decide that it's undone, there is very little, if any evidence that done fouled him.

I think that is the part. So in, in retrospect, what the statement does is say, Oh, it should have been a foul on done and Philip house. You should have shot two free throws. That's worse. I think as an outcome, the issue of statements of Virginia saying, Oh, done, didn't actually commit a foul, but we put this guy on the free throw line. No, they're not going to do that. So the end result is not a loss.

They didn't get handed a lot. That's my biggest beef with this whole thing. I think it's the people saying like, dude got handed a loss by the rep. No, they went to overtime. All right. So here's, here's where you, you and I are going to, uh, part agreement. Uh, one, I don't think it matters what they have called before saved. I talked about this already in the football game. I don't think it matters what they have called or not called before. Uh, if the referees see a foul and they call a foul, then that's a foul.

And I have no problem with it. I agree that that should not be something that's like in this moment, you can't call back like that. And like, you know, cause people will say like, Oh, I bet you thought it was a foul when Kyle got hit.

Yeah. It was a foul when Kyle got, got hit against Auburn. Like you call that in that situation because it's a clear and obvious foul. That's where I think the Reese going straight up in the, the, I don't think the discussions may be a little bit different. If like, this is the equivalent of Jeremy Roach blocking Caden Cedric. Like I feel like that's lost in this is the athleticism of the play that Reese Beekman made is a great play.

It's a great play. And again, I would have been okay if they don't make the call. My whole point is this, and this is what I said on Twitter. Uh, and I didn't, you and I took our, our conversation about this offline. Uh, so as it was just you and I and not everybody in the world, uh, you know, I, I didn't want Elon Musk kicking me off Twitter because I didn't like the, uh, the way this was adjudicated. And frankly, I didn't care. Uh, and I, at the beginning I said, if they call nothing, I'm okay with it, but they didn't.

Uh, my, I have two points about this. The first is they call the incorrect player for a foul often. I'm not saying it happens every game, but they get that wrong enough to where it's not out of the realm of possibility that with two guys defending on the play, they got the wrong guy for the foul in their minds. How do they not fix that in the statement though? That's the ACC's problem. It's the ACC statement that was bad.

And I don't know why, because maybe they didn't look at the video. That exacerbates the problem. There's no question about that. Let me just, let me just finish this real quick because the real problem is this, that once they, once they realize, once they assess a foul, if the shot would have been good, had it gone, then the foul is the foul. And it doesn't really matter whether that foul occurred after the light went on or not.

If they decide to assess a foul. And that's, I agree because I think this is where it comes in with the whole, who it was on and the fact that it was the flight of the ball, Reese blocked it. Like that is why that shot went so wild because Reese blocked it. Like whether or not you think he got armed first or all these other things, Reese touched the ball and impacted the flight. No, no, no question.

I don't think any of that matters to be honest. If any other play is going on. Right. So if someone is blocking the ball and that play and that play is not determined to be a foul, but they land and then they say that it's a foul or whatever, then that's not in the, like, that's where I think it gets dicey. And that's where it's after the, the horn went off is what they were saying. That was the, and the other part that really made things bad was the inner arena announcer said they determined there was no foul. Well, that's not allowed. They think that the foul was after the shot process of Reese versus Philip Housley. Well, maybe that's semantics because of the, you know, because if it happens after.

It absolutely is. And I think my guess is it was probably something similar to, and I'm not defending this for people who might want to, I've been called a nitwit and an idiot and whatever else. I'm just saying. Somebody called you a nitwit? Right?

In 2023. Like a nitwit? How come nincompoop didn't come up? Like, um, I think it's similar to a play in which rather than calling like an over the back and giving a player a foul on an rebound attempt, they just give the ball to the team. It was clearly off on.

And so the reps probably were like, Oh, we messed this up big time. We can't really call inadvertent whistle. We can't, you know, and they decided that, Oh, this was the play.

This play of Reese versus Philip Housley ended. And now it's after the buzzer when Ryan Dunn gets involved. And therefore it's not a foul because it like, or the foul occurred after, not that the foul is waved off.

They're saying, sure. The foul happens and whatever. Then the ACC gets involved in ads, the flight of the ball and the other stuff. That statement by the ACC was bad.

Um, I, I agree. Um, what we need legitimately, what we need is what the NFL, uh, provided last night after the football game, uh, where they have a pool reporter. She asked the question and he goes, no, he was a Jersey pole right off the line of scrimmage. It impeded the, uh, the pass route end of discussion. There was, he said there was no debate because we saw the play. We saw the, we saw the, the, the penalty right off the play.

So there was no debate. Uh, and this, it would be great if, I don't know who the crew chief was. I know our, our friend Tim Klokerti, he was one of the officials on the play.

My issue was that it didn't appear that any of the three officials really knew the rule, uh, which was probably rules are so convoluted that there's an issue there because I, again, I went through the whole thing. And so what really, really stinks to me in this whole situation is one, that was a really, really fun game to watch, to cover, to be in the arena for, and now this is all that's going to talk about. And I feel bad. I do. I don't think anybody's talking about it anymore.

I really don't. Not even here. That's about it this morning. Yeah. I mean, I'm sure he was, uh, but like the one thing I do think that the, why the ACC may have made a statement is this is now too late game situations that would be extraordinarily frustrating for you.

If you're a Duke fan or Kyle Philip house specifically, and both in the state of Virginia, I don't really think there's a Virginia, um, like, yeah. Oh, that's right. Similar thing happened up at Virginia tech. Right.

Yeah. So I think part of this was the ACC. And I mean, there's a lot, there's just been so much more referee talk.

No one, no one wants to talk about the rest. That's why we should never have press conferences involving referees ever, ever, ever, ever. And so it's the whole thing, you know, the coaches can't say anything or else they get fine too. The coaches should be allowed to say something. Yeah.

It's for the whole thing. It's a big mess. I feel, you know, and here, here's the big thing, right? Duke could have turned it over last Virginia could have made more free turnovers. That's why Duke lost. You can't turn it over to gosh, when you play Virginia, when you play Virginia, there's only like 30 possessions. How do you turn it over 22 times? Well, and you can't, Virginia, you can't put yourself in a position where you go way under your average from the free throw line. They missed nine free throws in the, in regulation.

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Yeah. He's finally back to that. And man, he is so athletic. He's a heck of a player.

He went up and met him in there. Like that's the, that's the conversation, you know, there were so many great plays in that game. You know, you saw so many, there was, I think it was a drive by Proctor and overtime where she just kind of dribbled around and you're like, Oh, he's going to lose it. And then like had this beautiful hook shot.

You had grants and tying it like Arman going off. Like it was just such a great fun game. And hopefully eventually, you know, like eventually people will get out of the mentions of people who cover Virginia or the Virginia official accounts and stop saying like, you stole the game.

No, nobody, nobody stole anything. Again, it would have been fine if they just, Oh, we're going overtime. And then Virginia blew Duke's doors off and that's what happens. Duke starting a whole bunch of tea, you know, kids in diapers and Virginia's got a bunch of older guys, which is fine. Clark has been there.

This is eighth year. Yeah. He played with Rob Sampson. Caroline Darnie for the win at CW Darnie on Twitter. Again, the most level-headed Virginia fan I know, which is a short list. I appreciate your time. Be well, we'll talk to you soon. All right. Thanks.

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