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How have recent college basketball games adjusted the brackets?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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February 14, 2023 4:20 pm

How have recent college basketball games adjusted the brackets?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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February 14, 2023 4:20 pm

-Is North Carolina in your bracket, Jerry?

-In the middle of the bracket/end of AL pool, are they mostly combining Q1/Q2 into one number? Heels don’t have any bad losses.

-Impact of 4OT loss to Alabama?

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Are you down with JPP? That's what I want to know. North Carolina lost to Miami at home last night and the questions are starting to be asked. Are you concerned? The questions asked to North Carolina players and coaches, are you concerned with the possibility of missing out on the NCAA tournament? Armando Bacott, star center, said 100% concerned they did not come back to play in the NIT. Jerry Palm, at JP Palm, get it? JPP? Never mind., he is our chief bracketologist on this program because Jerry is the best. How are you, sir? I'm fine, how are you? Doing very well. Should North Carolina be concerned?

Absolutely. They are now 0-9 against quad one teams. 0-9. So the record for the worst record against quad one to get an at-large bid was Oklahoma going 0-6 in 1998.

We didn't call quadrants, those quadrants quadrants, but they were, we just didn't use the term. So that's a long time. 0-9 is not going to get it done. In fact, 1-9 probably isn't going to get it done either.

I want to dig a little deeper on that. Considering where North Carolina is in the bracket, not, and you had them, I'm assuming that this has, if it hasn't been updated negatively, it's certainly, so your bracket before last night's game, you had North Carolina in Dayton in the first four. So losing it home to Miami, I don't know if it does damage to that or not, but it can't help.

So yeah, they'd probably be out if I did a bracket today. Okay. So, but my question is for teams like that, is it quad one or is it the combination of quad one and quad two, which by the way, isn't much better because Carolina is six and 10, I believe in those games. So that ain't better. But does it, do we look at both of those or we only look at a quad one? I mean, no, it's, yes, you can look at both of those. But there's a reason why 0-9 has never been good enough.

Okay. So it's funny because they actually had a quad one win until last week when Ohio State finally lost enough games to drop out of quad one because they've been taken. And they only got two games left. That's currently qualify as quad one.

Sunday's game with NC state on the road. Right. And Virginia. Correct.

The week after amazing game is not even a quad one game. That is true. That is true. I mean, it could be by then, but you know, it's it's just baffling. I mean, this team has proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that they can't really compete with NC double A tournament caliber teams.

And that's a good way to get left out. It look, everything you've said is absolutely true. I am curious, does the does the committee apply any context to this, or do they just completely look at the data? Because it's clear that part of the reason why the ACC has if for home games only for just looking at this in home games has so few quad one opportunities, because right now there's only one team in the top 30. I think of the ACC, actually, Miami might be in the top 30 now. Yes, actually, they are. Okay.

Qualifies as a quad one loss. They're number 30. Right. They're 30. Virginia's solidly in the top 15 or 16, or whatever.

I think they were 14 today. So with with all of that, you know, you've got a team like Clemson that is outside the top 75. So but you've got five teams that are so bad that it's dragging the power rankings of the rest of the league down with it. Does the committee look at it and apply some context like, you know, NC State would have a better rating if they didn't get saddled with having to play Boston College twice, Notre Dame, Florida State, Georgia Tech, because it's like you're playing teams in the big sky. NC State would have a better rating if they played a better non-conference schedule. Their non-conference schedule is 245. Right.

I used a bad I used a bad example there. So, you know, would Duke have a better rating? I should have used Duke. But Duke's in the tournament.

No, I understand that. But Duke right now is about a top 40 team. But, you know, their seating is going to largely depend on how they've done against better teams, you know, and do they take any stupid losses, which, you know, I don't think Duke has taken a lot of stupid losses, but they don't have any bad losses. Yeah, I mean, Clemson's the worst, and that's not that bad.

And Clemson's halfway decent team. Which is why Duke, by the way, is a top half of the bracket team. You know, so and they also they beat Xavier and Iowa outside the league. And those were neutral court games. And those are tournament teams. So, you know, Duke has done a little more, which is why they are where they are. Right. But what I'm saying is Duke's power rating isn't very good.

Their rating in the net. Your power rating doesn't mean much when it comes to selection and seeding. But the power rating matters when they group teams, when they.

So your power rating matters for quad one and quad two. Yeah. But, you know, we talk about it that way.

Right. Like, you know, you and I are having a conversation. We'll summarize, you know, North Carolina's resume by, you know, quad one or whatever, quad two. And we'll talk about that. The committee is going through the details.

OK. How did you get to these games? You know, and really, I think it's more important. Your record against teams in the field. Right. Or under consideration for the field is actually more important than any quad ranking. So.

You know, just as an example, see if I can find one, a quad to win against a team in the field is better than a state quad one win. Yeah. So so my question was, do they apply context? And the answer is yes. Which is good.

Yes, they do. So but they don't they don't hyper focus on teams rankings because it just doesn't mean that much. Right. Your opponent's rankings does matter more.

And so there'll be some context there. But your own ranking doesn't really mean anything. So Jerry Palm, CBS Sports dot com on Twitter at J.P. Palm, CBS chief bracketologist for for me, Pitt is a team that not everybody was into a while back. And they have some very suspect losses on their resume. But they are also at basically at near the top of the ACC. Not that that really matters at all. But well, yeah, I understand that.

But it does. They have to beat some good teams in order to do that. They did not win all 10 games against the bottom five. Otherwise, they're ranking their all the all the other stuff would kind of be 11 and three against. I've got it in front of me.

What a pit? Yeah, I think 11 and three. They're eight and five against quad one and two. They have four quad one wins. So they have they have a fair amount like they won in Chapel Hill. They have a fair amount of good wins on their resume.

They do. And how long did it take you to come around to Pitt as an NCAA tournament team? It's not it's not that far back, I don't think. You know, they I'd say it's been a few weeks when they won it, when they beat Miami.

OK, yeah. And they came very close to beating. They kind of blew the game against Clemson when Clemson was still undefeated. Before I let you go, Jerry Palm. So what's funny about Pitt, if I may.

Sure. Eleven and three in the league. Two of those losses are home Clemson and home Florida State.

That's quad three and quad four. The weird year, right? Because it is is very strange here. Yeah, there's so many bad teams like Louisville is.

I can't even imagine that. I mean, there are three thirty one and that's. I mean, they should be playing in the I don't know, again, the big sky.

All right. Final thing, real quick, real quick about NC State, the you feel good about their chances as long as they don't completely spill soup on their shirt. Yeah, you know, with these next four, no problem. They could lose to Carolina, maybe. But, you know, Syracuse, wait, Clemson, we can Clemson at home. You got to win those games and then they're fine. So just don't screw it up is what you're saying. NC State, don't screw it up. All right. Jerry Palm, you're the best. Not how we normally converse about NC State, by the way.

It isn't. Look, I think they're I think they're very good and I think they'll be fine. I really do.

I think they go to Syracuse and win a game that on paper will in name will seem a lot better than it actually is. Jerry Palm, you're the best man. I'll talk to you soon. All right. Thanks. You got it. All right. Jerry Palm, CBS Sports dot com. Chief Bracketologist.
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