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He was on the 150th Anniversary team, for what?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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February 2, 2023 4:35 pm

He was on the 150th Anniversary team, for what?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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February 2, 2023 4:35 pm

Ross puts into perspective Tom Brady’s career, especially compared to his. Plus, what kind of rumors did he hear that he wasn’t surprised actually happened? How does Brady’s retirement impact Rodger’s career? It seems like the Packer’s are over Rodgers, but is he over them? And WHO does he think might be Carolina’s next QB?


Good Adam, I hear you great. Thanks for having me.

Look, I want to we're going to talk about my front page story in a second. I The question I asked you was fantastic, but I do want to ask you this you are you you played at Princeton You played in the NFL, but you have the rare distinction of being on a one hundred and fiftieth anniversary team Because we are in 2019 you were named to that and of course people make people may not know this Rutgers Princeton the first football game in 1869 was anybody on that 1869 team also on the 150th anniversary team You know what? I gotta go back and check and see you know what I hope they had at least one guy on there You'd think from that year. I mean, how do I even know the guy's name? Right, like that is unbelievable.

That's a great point. I'm so glad you brought that up cuz that's gonna be my new line like Tom Brady is known on 150th anniversary team. See well, you know you were you played with Tom, right?

I did. Yeah, oh five and oh six till I got traded to Cleveland We were teammates and I you know Adam I could tell you a million things about him But I'm really proud of my seven-year career, right? It's twice the average which is two and a half Tom started a year before me. I Played 7 0 1 0 8 He just retired in 20 23, right? I mean if you think about it 30 year olds, okay Have never Seen the NFL without Tom Brady in it.

Yep, cuz they don't remember when they were five or six, right? So a 30 year old does not know about the NFL without Tom Brady That is just bananas. Yeah, I said yesterday that Tom Brady played longer in the NFL Then he didn't right, so he was 22 or whatever it was and it so his entire career was longer than Whatever happened before his career. You said you were surprised though that he retired Is this because we just assumed he was gonna play it forever No, I think last year I had heard behind the scenes a bunch of talk that He was done. You know that that was gonna be the end right? So when he retired last year, I wasn't surprised because People that know him and kind of hinted about that to me this year it just seemed like most of the momentum was pointing towards him continuing to play and I thought he played for the Raiders to be honest.

I thought that was most likely And after he got divorced, I guess I thought well Maybe he doesn't have that That force compelling him right to stay home that force compelling him to retire anymore now that he's divorced but Maybe it made him even more Maybe maybe what made him want to spend even more time with his family now that he is door I don't you know, he'd be up to have to be the one that would speak to all that stuff. I Wanted him to keep playing well Two things Adam. I didn't like watching this year, you know, everybody that knows them or played with them loves him You'll never catch one person actually knows them to say a bad word about him, right? Which is really unbelievable. It really is So it was kind of painful to watch him not play great this year not be on a good team. Mm-hmm the flip side is my daughters are 9 and 10 and every year When they go to school for the first day You know and they can tell everybody in class and their new class that their daddy played with Tom Brady Yeah, that made me cool for another year.

It's true. No, I was just hoping he would play nine more years I only need him to play nine more years Adam get him through high school and I would have been good But it's still true it it doesn't change It doesn't change the fact that you did play with Tom Brady Ross Tucker Ross Tucker podcast is joining us here on the Adam Gold Show How does Brady's? retirement impact Aaron Rodgers Well, it's funny you say that because I I tweeted this yesterday I think it impacts it very much because first of all Aaron Rodgers Was never gonna retire this offseason, right? Okay, it goes against every ounce of human nature to Decide you know what? No, I'm not gonna do something I love for five months for 60 million dollars who decides that Who says no to that right show me one person's like, you know what?

For from from from August through December. I get 60 million dollars I play football for another year I don't care how much money you got bro, right doesn't matter dollars. Yeah 60 million dollars, so he was never gonna retire anyway, but If you've paid attention to Aaron during his career He really does care what people think about him. I mean he always knows what's out there Always knows what's being said He's very sensitive to it, which is totally his right He's not going in the Hall of Fame the same year as Brady He's not He's not playing second fiddle again. He's been second fiddle of the guy his whole career, right? He's not gonna then go and be second fiddle again at the Hall of Fame.

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What is the cost just to get? Aaron Rodgers, I think that might have something to do with it You know I don't know that you know I think there's some people that aren't really all that interested in paying them 60 million dollars So, but I think there's some that are Like the Jets yeah, I think the Jets realize they go to the playoffs next year with him Oh, yeah, and that that's worth it to them to get him in there So I think the Jets are probably the front-runner right now Packers are still in the mix But seems pretty clear the Packers kind of want to move on from him Did is it mutual does he also want to move on from them? Dad I'm not so sure about I don't think he liked the way it ended last year with that loss I think he cares about his legacy. I think he would prefer to stay Stay with his friends. Stay where he's comfortable.

I don't know that. He's all that interested in going to another team You know I I just think especially if he thinks it's only a year or maybe two I don't know that he wants to do that But if the Packers aren't willing to do the things he wants them to do to try to win Then maybe he'll be willing to do it. I think Aaron Wants the Packers more than the Packers won him.

Yes. I'm not sure the Packers have a really good fallback I'm not sure that Jordan love is ready to be a Division winning quarterback, but if they want to roll those dice, and I guess there are other quarterbacks out there They can explore those real one more one more football thing before I ask you the question I asked at the very beginning How how successful do you think the Broncos will be immediately? With Sean Payton, I don't I think it was worth what they gave up I didn't think they gave up a ton to get an elite level head coach But how successful do will they be immediately? Yeah? I guess the way. I look at that is They've invested so much in Russell Wilson You know the draft picks the most successful invested so much in Russell Wilson, you know the draft picks the money Kind of made sense to double down right kind of made sense To give up the draft picks in the money to try to maximize Whatever it is that Russell Wilson Still has at this stage of his career.

Whatever that is. I Think they feel like they're gonna get that out of him from Sean Payton So that that part of it made sense to me to try to maximize Russell Wilson, I don't know you know Sean Payton is so particular and precise and Russell Wilson such a Second reaction guy, I don't know I'll be really curious to see how that marriage works Before we let Ross Tucker go Ross Tucker NFL on Twitter I mentioned at the very beginning. It's actually even before you could hear me My my son's a fairly good goalkeeper, and if I want to I can't get the news to cover him because he's only in eighth Grade so I mean honestly. We're just sort of kidding around here, but if I wanted to get a news story written about him Do you know a way I could do this for us Tucker? You know what's so funny Adam? That's actually Exactly what you just laid out there. That's why we started the company my front page story calm because of newspapers Newspapers contracting and there being less and less coverage to be honest with you It's turned into more of a gift-giving business right like we kill it on Valentine's Day Because guys like when they're driving to Chick-fil-a or something They'll talk to one of our writers for 10 minutes right about how great their wife is The writer writes this unbelievable story In a couple pictures It's framed looks like it's on the cover of the newspaper. It's beautiful, and it's just so money I don't to be able to say hey, honey I want you something special for you, so I had a story written about you like that just sounds awesome I had a story written about me like how did you do that? How did you get that done and then they read the quotes about?

You know I never thank her enough all the little things she does for the family like they cry Almost every time and then it's like the gift that keeps on giving because it's hanging up in the house somewhere there You go my front page story calm if you guys have not gotten a Valentine's Day gift yet my front page story Calm trust me. Oh you could do it just in line at the Chick-fil-a. He just you don't need because They're two lines, and they stretch around the block at Ross Tucker NFL on Twitter Thank you very much my friend. I appreciate it. Hopefully we can do it again Anytime man, let me know you got it Ross Tucker spring training is right around the corner So come for the games and have a ball in Arizona With world-class resorts unbeatable dining and nightlife amazing scenery and endless outdoor adventure Make your visit unforgettable Edible plan your getaway at my spring training calm
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