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Who tries to be Chip but just can’t be?

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February 2, 2023 4:35 pm

Who tries to be Chip but just can’t be?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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February 2, 2023 4:35 pm

What’s something that stood out to Chip about Clemson’s class? Why does the ACC get such a bad look compared to the others? Chip, recklessly, speculates what he thinks is going on?


Chip Patterson joins us cover three podcast.

Can I express my disappointment before before we start here at chip underscore? Patterson on Twitter, so I was very excited National Signing Day is not something that generally grab grabs me and says Adam You need to immerse yourself in it. So sure cover three podcast Drops and I'm driving in this morning like perfect My son's got headphones on he's listening to something else And I'm like, I'll listen to chip. Talk to me about recruiting and no offense, but Elliott's awesome But he's not shit patterns Well, your affection is is heard received and appreciated, but it's so much better than me faking it I mean, can I stream together words and sentences to take up the amount of time necessary for us to accomplish our task? Yes But are there people who live this and breathe this 12 months a year and when they are available I I do think there's some value in just letting them nerd out, you know than having Maybe somebody who has to play keep up now when we're talking about rooting headlines in all of the other three hundred and sixty-three days of the year then yeah, let me be the Listeners guide and you know asking the dummy questions trying to get us to the big picture stuff But at the conclusion of two signing days and a huge cycle I was like man y'all y'all can just dive in and nerd out and talk about all your favorite players because This is one thing that bud like truly does He's the best camp.

Yeah, he's the best at it. He sees these players with his own eyes Yeah, he formulates and opinions And so yeah, I was a part of the National Sign a Day coverage on the 24-7 sports wall-to-wall Sort of no YouTube channel exclusive During the day, but when it came time for the for the wrap-up You guys got this. So let me look, you know me I mean, it's not my thing, but I know people are are curious about it, so Trying to keep it local if we can ACC ish Did anything change from the signing day that happened a month ago? to yesterday and Ultimately, how does it stack out?

How does it stack up though? How did the locals do did Clemson? Restock did Florida State, you know reestablish their dominance all of these cliches Okay, so the number one story from the ACC perspective is that Miami, you know, they lose Cormani McClain They don't end up getting Jane Rishada They still finish with the number one class in the ACC in the top ten class nationally Wow, and they did this Losing or firing their offensive coordinator Josh Gaddis couple days before signing day and I think it speaks to Mario Cristobal who for Three to four months out of the year. I find myself questioning, you know where he's at in terms of the ranking of coaches Right the way that he handles Saturday afternoons in particular Kind of give me some head scratchers from time to time going all the way back to his time at Oregon, but it is Undeniable that he is one of the best recruiting head coaches in the entire sport there was a great comment during the coverage yesterday where 24-7 sports always lists like your primary recruiter. So if you're a quarterback, it's probably the offensive coordinator If you're a defensive lineman It's probably the defensive line coach and the comment was Mario Cristobal could be listed as the primary recruiter for every single guy in This top ten class because that's what he does. He pours himself into it I think there's a lot to be pointed at in terms of like, okay Mario Well now you need to go and get it done this fall because if you go five and seven again You're not gonna get another top ten class kids are not gonna jump on board what you're selling But I think that Miami is one of the big headlines in the ACC the Clemson Tigers Loaded up on the defensive line. They've got a new defensive line coach not this year But last year guy named Nick Eason former Clemson Tiger player. I don't know if you might remember him he he showed up and he has done a great job of restocking what I think is you know one of the most slept on important position groups in the last ten years of ACC football because While Deshaun Watson and Trevor Lawrence were tremendous. They don't win those national championships without Dexter Lawrence Christian Wilkins and Cleland Earl Austin Bryant even I mean the defensive line and the way that they made that a dominant group Was really important to Clemson's climb and that has been one of the big things that stood out to me about Clemson's class Still didn't see any wide receivers.

That was how I was gonna ask you that. Yeah, we're still kind of waiting to see if If they're gonna be able to get back to where they were in terms of both bringing in blue chips because remember Sammy Watkins was A blue chip player. I think DeAndre Hopkins more developed into a superstar But our Tavis Scott was a blue chip player.

Dion Cain was a blue chip player. The the wide receivers is still leaving Higgins Yeah, T Higgins is a blue chip player. So Clemson's right behind Miami with a group That's great on the defensive line and they got a new quarterback in Chris Vazina who I think is gonna be a good fit there Florida State is interesting because they've got one Stud a five-star wide receiver named high team Williams and winning that recruiting battle was big for Mike Norvell Because when it comes to recruiting out of high school Florida State hasn't been awesome in the Mike Norvell era.

They have been able to Supplement that with great transfer portal additions. Remember Jermaine Johnson picking him up from Georgia Jared verse going to get him from Albany. He's become such an important player. They've gotten guys from Oregon You know, they're pulling him in from all over the place Developing what has become a really impressive roster heading into 2023 But this is the last year that I think I can look at Florida State's high school recruiting and say Like okay. Well, you know that'll improve in the future because now we have on-field results and attend wins And so you want to see that switch over just a little bit North Carolina with a pretty solid class the thing that stood Out to me there was a wide receiver named Culver who a lot of people are excited about six three guy in state guy they got a good running back in the class that you know, they're big fans of it's very much in North Carolina Mac Brown class and That he went to Mecklenburg County and he went and found the best skill position player. They got boom You're coming to North Carolina Tad Hudson is kind of the name to know that you've got right there and at the quarterback position Seemingly and the guy's been committed for three years almost so he is believed that he is the next in line behind your Sam Howell behind your Drake May for being the next quarterback there at North Carolina and then You get into NC State you go down into South Florida and you're able to get Fagan.

That's awesome. You know, you're Excited about that This is a group where? You're you're hoping that they continue in the line of being able to push this NC State program forward Those are the things that that probably stood out to me at least ACC and locally Oh wake got a weight got a wide receiver. A lot of people are excited about he's a three-star.

I'm sorry I forgot his name. But when I was talking to all my people again, it's like a I mean, I don't know how you remember any names well any because any of them because it's still Thursday and as I've told people before I Admittedly did not have a great attendance record in college. I I really really worked to be able to rectify the accumulation of knowledge before the final exams Because often the final exam was a situation where you got to get this. Yeah get this like a target So I national signing day is very much a cram session and and like those cram sessions in college I'll flush it and I'll see you again in two years because the the college football is so I mean as a physical game It's hard to expect freshmen to come in like some freshmen will come in and be good, right? There's some and I know there's the cliche that the closer you are to the ball or the further you are from the ball I think it is the better you are the the easier it is to be I don't even know what the cliche is now But it's hard as a freshman to come in true freshman and have an impact because I mean you're playing against people who are two or three years older than you and Even at that age that is difficult. There aren't that many people who are ready to do that Could you argue that you'd be better off?

Concentrating on the portal then you would be in recruiting out of high school. I Cannot argue that if you want to be set up for real long-term success if you are a new hire Then that's just what you got to do to be able to because that no one's gonna sit around and wait for you to develop and build up a group, but if you really want to If you really want to establish Culture I talked about the hurricanes for ten minutes already. It's all about culture. I I'm a culture guy continuity is the other word that I would say because like the lessons that you're able to teach to that player when they are a freshman and Then also go down into the next group and they spend all that time together The twos and the threes are going up against each other and practiced they become the ones and the twos They begin to trust each other they begin to establish bias They begin to trust each other they begin to establish bonds 92% of households that start the year with Peloton are still active a year later 92% because of a bike not just spikes. We also make treadmills and roars. Oh, let me guess for elite athletes only, right?

Nope It doesn't matter if you're an avid exerciser or new to working out Peloton can help you achieve your fitness goals 92% stick with it So can you try Peloton bikes tread or row risk-free with a 30-day home trial new members only not available in remote locations See additional terms at one Peloton comm slash home dash trial Georgia did not take a single player from the transfer portal heading into the 2022 season and they did. Okay Here's my point for a school like Georgia or Ohio State that we know Unless they're mismanaged that they are going to have great players and it is about continuity But there's only about eight or nine of those schools in college football for like if if I had all of my Dreams or you know the way that I would want to do it is I would come into a job I would use the portal I would create instant success I would take that success to the recruiting trail and I would try to get high schoolers to commit and that slowly we would move From focus on the portal to focus on high school recruiting with the idea that we have created real program longevity and development and being able to Like man, I love the programs that get old and stay old Well, it doesn't happen much any example of a Duke. All right, you get a really good year last year. So Duke at best they're gonna go out, you know, maybe they'll get a foot one, you know a four-star recruit Everybody else is gonna be two and three stars and you're just guessing at this point Now some people are better at it than others in terms of I see the potential in this area I mean, why wouldn't you just go load up on? like Adults known commodities. I I know I saw this guy play I can put him here He can do this at this level rather than and maybe I only have them for one or two years But if you can create that and be good I mean, I don't know why you you mean you're you're turning your roster over basically every other year.

Anyway, why wouldn't you just do that? Well, this is a great you just took me somewhere which probably answers your question and sort of where my tendencies lie in terms of Personal taste because Mike Elko was the defensive coordinator for who Dave Clauson it right for it and Dave Clauson at Wake Forest He Probably is looking he is looking of course for physical traits. He of course is looking for You know your talent your ability, but but man he just needs to know where your head's at He needs he needs to get the ok G's.

I don't think that's a cliche, right? Ok, ok G's means our kind of guys a lot of coaches talk about him and what kind of guys they are That depends on what school you are and it for Dave Clauson at Wake Forest he needs to go identify someone that is going to love being a football player at Wake Forest and Love the process of building out their body because there is not a weight room Across the entire country in high school football that can match what a power five strength and conditioning program What a power five nutritional program can do to physically change you with all the physical transformation that you undergo Throughout your time in college and with the teaching that the really good coaches are able to do then in that sense Yeah, you want to get the guys that just have the right mentality To the way they're approaching college football. It's why There are very very talented players in this recruiting cycle who even some of the best programs and coaches Ultimately did not work hard to get into their classes because they did not like the mentality and Other programs or for maybe a little bit more desperate for four stars and five stars They might have overspent. They might have overused their resources or spent But because they want to you know up their level of talent So, I don't know that's it's such a people business and that's what yesterday really drove home for me It's coaches have to do their evaluation on tape but the one thing that we really missed during the the kovat lockdowns in terms of the recruiting side of things is Coaches didn't get to know these guys and these guys didn't get to know coaches led to a lot of really bad fits And one of the reasons why I think we've seen a ton of Transfer portal activity at all positions here in the last couple years. All right, I got two things I really want to get into there's more I know I texted you a bunch of topics We were going to talk about I want to talk about ACC schedules and I want to get into the fact that Urban Meyer can't count We got to do that Chip Patterson is here.

He's wearing a hoodie, which means he doesn't have to go rush and be on TV In in a few minutes, so we're gonna talk about those two things. Oh Charlotte Bob Yeesh the excellence of a seven seed the pursuit of Excellence to be swept by the magic. Is that the worst nickname? That we've had in professional sports Bobcats No, there's too many other. No, there's too many other Bobcats the in professional sports Profession it ties in with the Panthers. It's fine.

Okay. All right so let's talk about ACC schedules the schedule release day was on Monday and I this is an annual for me Somebody's gonna have to explain to me why the only one of the power five Conferences that is ridiculed for its level of football. I don't know why we don't really ridicule the pac-12 Big 12 had a bunch of teams are okay TCU hit it big Ended up beating Michigan blah blah blah But ultimately they've been Oklahoma and then Oklahoma gets crushed and then we make fun of big 12 but the only league that gets ridiculed is the ACC and yet again 25 non-conference power 5 matchups Why? Nobody cares.

They only care about your record. Why are we doing this as a league? Oh Oh, you want to improve the perception of the ACC by scheduling easier Well, you don't have to schedule easy, but you don't have to do this We're talking like Boston College doesn't have any power five games outside of the league.

None zero That shouldn't happen, right? It shouldn't happen, but they don't according to their the schedule that I saw none of their Non-conference games are power five Um, they have I guess they didn't have Notre Dame this shot But that's what I was what I wrote down everybody's power five Right and they didn't have one they'd somebody maybe somebody backed out Like NC State's non-conference schedule, Connecticut, Notre Dame VMI Marshall. Yes That's what I'm talking about Like if you beat Notre Dame great, but when all the others Your record looks better and nobody cares anyway at the end of the year. We only care occasionally Why can't the league get this? I Allow me to speculate recklessly, okay, please I think that in the non-conference schedule As college football continues to become more and more of a media property with the decisions being made by television executives these non-conference games are like boxing matches and they require some level of hype or some level of interest and Much like boxing matches. There are some boxers who are gonna be the punching bag tomato cans and And Unfortunately, the ACC happens to share a geographical footprint in a time zone and an audience interest television market map With the SEC so schedule like them and if you stretch it out like that the Big Ten and I think that You know the ACC finds itself signing up for a lot of these opportunities where it might not benefit the ACC Because the ACC is I guess your your challenge is like why are you punching out of your weight class?

Mm-hmm Yeah, I think that you're doing that for the check. I Mean, I don't but here's Boston College is non-conference schedule Northern Illinois Holy Cross at Army and Yukon those are their for non-conference games. Did Yukon join a power five league that I don't know about So you think that's a good that's got to be somebody backing out. I'm sure I'm sure it is Um, but like for Boston College, that's fine. Go win those games. Good luck I mean, I hope they can win all four of those games Georgia Tech who already is playing Georgia everyone. Why are they playing? Why are they going to miss?

Oh, yes Yeah, what why what what why? Half of the schools in the league Their goal should simply be to make a bowl game Why would you go and add? Non-conference games that you're not going to win, especially now for Georgia Tech. I I'm baffled by this and if I were Jim Phillips, I would be not gonna I don't even know who the idea is at Georgia Tech right now.

I'd be knocking on his door going what is wrong with you? You're not gonna win six games when you're automatically going to lose two Right out of the gate like some of these schools are gonna lose three so are you more frustrated by the challenging yourself in non-conference opportunities to which you are likely not going to be favored to win and may not win or Are you more frustrated with and I think Jim Phillips did say something about this? Scheduling road non-conference games against group of five teams, Virginia Tech at Marshall after losing at Old Dominion last year Yeah, that's on my mind Yeah, all right. I don't know how good Purdue is and I don't know how good Rutgers is so Virginia Tech might win both of those but I mean, I Guess they have to write.

I guess you have it. Maybe it's a two-for-one deal You have to get you have to give them one two to get to I mean You know app states a good enough program to get a big school to come up there every once in a while So I understand it but holy cow. I don't understand what pits doing Well to go back to the beginning of your argument The reason why nobody criticizes the PAC 12 is because the PAC 12 doesn't have a title contender like nobody picks this year. They did Nobody picks apart the strength of competition in the PAC 12 because the PAC 12 hasn't been part of that conversation this has all been a Clemson College football playoff era issue and And because and it is honestly built in because the ACC spent most of the BCS era falling on its face in All of its BCS games that the ACC was sending its champion into a BCS bowl game That wasn't the BCS national championship outside of Florida State and Florida State at the beginning and end of the era, right? For the most part those teams were falling on their face and during that exact same time the SEC ran off seven straight national championships like the arguments that we were having the perceptions that you're fighting against were ingrained of over a decade of ACC sending its best teams to the biggest stage from a larger perspective and that team falling short But Oklahoma, what was Oklahoma's record in?

playoff games oh and for right I just get get run God constantly getting run. Yeah, I mean Notre Dame was getting run in in their playoff appearances and BCS appearances Getting crushed right and we critis every year. They talk about how Notre Dame don't play anybody Even though Notre Dame secretly got a really tough schedule. No, they do I mean look when you don't have it when you don't have a conference to fall back on it's hard to play a great schedule But I did like Notre Dame schedules traditionally have been I mean there were a couple of years where they were a little bit lower You know less daunting than they had in the past But I think for the most part Notre Dame is doing the best that they can with their schedule and I frankly Notre Dame schedules have been hurt recently because Southern Cal and Stanford which are always on it haven't been all that good. They used to have Michigan on it every year They don't that doesn't happen anymore Coach I would want to take my team to Oxford so that they could see And get a lesson right it wins and lessons, baby I know I know you want to get everything to a bowl game But I want to be able to to get get you to see what happens. It's a formula for me Here's the formula that I that I would advocate advocate for if I were Jim Phillips or whoever's in charge of football in the league Make the bottom of your league appear better So it doesn't damage the top of the league when they play you so yes, Mississippi and Mississippi State are better football programs today than they were let's just say 15 years ago, okay 92% of households that start the year with Peloton are still active a year later 92% because of a bike not just bikes.

We also make treadmills and rowers Oh, let me guess for elite athletes only right nope It doesn't matter if you're an avid exerciser or new to working out Peloton can help you achieve your fitness goals 92% stick with it so can you try Peloton bikes tread or row risk-free with a 30-day home trial new members only not available in remote locations see additional terms at one Peloton comm slash home dash trial, but 15 years ago when they were scheduling nobody and going for no in the non-conference Well when we got to October and you played Ole Miss or Mississippi State man They're six and oh or they're five and one oh they might even get rankings points But we do we do this garbage and by the time we get to the end of September We got five teams were under 500. That's what I want to stop It's what I wanted we need to change in the ACC in the ACC we're different right we don't Yeah That's seriously like this is this is something that maybe we should know it's not my friend Danny canal is it started to open up a real like Ripping the vortex over on Sirius XM where it's like Peter Burns and Chris Doring on one side Danny canal and dusty divorce checker on the other and dusty you played at Oklahoma Danny you played at Florida State They're like we would never root for Rival or somebody else in our conference just so that we could beat our chest about our conference and the SEC is all about rooting You know Florida's Chris Doring is like I was rooting for Georgia like they were my favorite team Danny doesn't need it didn't need it when he played because Florida State was killing everybody and It didn't matter who the league was they were always better than everybody fans weren't rooting for Florida State like ACC ACC well, yeah, but he didn't need it because they were they didn't have to pretend that the league was better Wait, everybody knew what Florida State was now that like I just don't think ACC fans are I could be wrong But I just don't think we're smarter than that right? I use air quotes there does S of the conference No, we're smarter than we like to pretend that we're smarter than that Meanwhile, the league's getting laughed at because our records are for the most part pretty mediocre I have to get to Urban Meyer.

We only have a couple of minutes left with chip Patterson. So Urban Meyer gave his five best College jobs based on recruiting and he gave us six. Why can't Urban Meyer add or count? The problem was give us your five best jobs in all of college football Right and Brian this is on the all things covered podcast is Brian McFadden It's Patrick Peterson and B Mac teed him up by saying in terms of prestige in terms of history You know like kind of setting him up to say like this isn't an open job urban We just want to hear like what do you think are the best jobs and right off the bat urban's like? I'll tell you what forget tradition forget prestige forget history for me. It's all about talent, right and he needed to list Georgia LSU he gave Florida and Florida State as a tie USC and then who is the other one?

Yeah, and he was it basically represented honestly everything that I saw. Oh, he put Ohio State on there No, John was Georgia, Ohio State, Florida and Florida State as a tie Well, then we only should have one more than urban USC where the other two but that's the way that urban had like approached coaching just as like a maniacal Mm-hmm Accumulation of talent. That's all it's what he cared about It's what really messed up the Big Ten when urban arrived because remember the Big Ten had all of these gentlemen's agreements about how Nobody would you know if if one school is starting to talk to this player you were gonna stay out of it and urban was Like has he signed? No.

Okay. Well, I'm in his living room right now That sort of approach to talent accumulation is what made him great and ultimately wore him down at At both of his stops at winning national championships at Florida and Ohio State It did not surprise me at all that urban Meyer despite playing at places coaching at places with great tradition That he has very little concern for tradition or prestige and that he's all about how many high school players are NFL prospect within us X number radius of campus at 300 miles, right? It's it's how we've used the world. No that I don't I don't disagree with that And I also don't disagree with the fact that he didn't have Alabama On his list Alabama has proven over time to be coach specific We've had plenty of coaches who could not succeed at Alabama. It's kind of hard you would think to not succeed at Alabama, but It's the same with Florida and Florida State.

That is a I agree. That's USC clay help left it I mean, he said go you just you circle 300 miles around the campus there Usc and look me guys, you know go on to the NFL draft It's like well clay Helton was still ranked outside of the top 50 Right, I'm skating down I have to click more on the team rankings to be able to load the next 50 to find USC something's gone wrong There in Troy size, Texas on this list. I don't think Texas is a top five job Really? Yeah, because of the because of the pressure or because you there's a lot of talent in Texas. I'm told Texas and Texas A&M are the spider-man pointy meme with all of the resources and all of the want to and Ultimately a trophy case that is so much smaller than their ambition. Then it's just dysfunctional what they've done. Yeah how they operate Who's to say I Think Austin is more attractive than College Station and clearly Texas reach peaks that Texas A&M has not reached but Ultimately, it goes back to they are similar in that they seemingly have limitless resources The want to is so deep and yet the trophy cases are smaller than their ambition Your trophy case is enormous Chip Patterson at chip underscore Patterson cover three podcast moderator CBS Sports calm. Thank you, sir.

Talk to you later Sounds good. Y'all be well 92% of households that start the year with Peloton are still active a year later 92% because of a bike not just spikes. We also make treadmills and rowers. Oh, let me guess for elite athletes only, right? Nope It doesn't matter if you're an avid exerciser or new to working out Peloton can help you achieve your fitness goals Ninety two percent stick with it. So can you try Peloton bikes tread or row risk-free with a 30-day home trial new members Only not available in remote locations. See additional terms at one Peloton comm slash home dash trial
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