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We have Jay Williams Tuesdays and now we have Max.

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February 1, 2023 3:33 pm

We have Jay Williams Tuesdays and now we have Max.

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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February 1, 2023 3:33 pm

Does Max believe this is real and Tom Brady is actually done? What did Max notice about Brady’s retirement message this time, compared to the last one? Plus, Adam enjoyed seeing the Tampa Tom vs the New England Tom, what caused that difference if it wasn’t Bill Belichick? What movie does Max use a metaphor to Tom Brady’s career? And, will he go see 80 for Brady when it comes out? Who is Max’s pick out of all the available QBs? Who is Tom Brady the player and Tom Brady the person?


Max Kellerman from... I like to change the title simply because I've known Jay Williams a long time.

Jaywill, Keyshawn, and Max joining us. You bring up, you're the anchorman on that show, Max Kellerman. How are you? Yeah, anything you put in the prompter, I'll read. I said what? Hey, I've been there.

I've absolutely been there. Well, right now, the only thing in the prompter is Tom Brady. So, Tom Brady retires.

I know you're a Giants fan, you got two over him. Your thoughts on Tom Brady when you found out that it was over, first thing that came into your head? I believe him, first of all. I mean, there's no way to be sure because he doesn't know, really. Only time will tell if he's truly retired for good.

But I did not think he was ever retired the first time because I heard the reasons he gave were not good reasons. It's not sustainable. When you say my family has sacrificed so much for me, now it's time for me to sacrifice for them. What that means is I can still do this. I still want to do it. I still love it.

There's more in me, but I'm giving it all up for someone else or for other people. I don't think that is a sustainable way to retire. You're going to come back. And sure enough, a couple of weeks later, he's back. So he never really retired. This feels different. He looked old, creaky this year.

And a lot of that was, look, I thought that when he was on the Patriots, it turns out he didn't have any receivers, right? But this looked a little different. But also the way he announced it, the self-awareness, look, you only get one retirement speech.

So I will make this quick. The fact that, you know, he thanked his competitors. He thanked the fans. He was choked with emotions several times. It felt like a real retirement for me. And if you read between the lines for the right reasons, in other words, I'm satisfied that I that I'm done now.

Yeah, there's a lot of things that the more you think about it, there's a lot of little tentacles we can explore and we'll try to get to some of those. You know, it's funny for me when I think back about Brady, because I remember the beginning and the evolution of his career. He was a game manager. They barely threw the ball when he first took over for Drew Bledsoe during that run to the Super Bowl.

He went from game manager to what he has become now. And I find it funny that the best passing years of his career, they didn't win Super Bowls. I don't know what that says. I don't think it really means anything. Just means that it's hard to win Super Bowls.

But what about the evolution of the most prolific passing years? Oftentimes, there's a reason you're dropping back so much, right? Maybe your run game isn't as good.

Maybe your defense that is, you know, like you need to maybe just your offense is so spectacular to indicate team devoted more resources to the offense. Right. So it's a little lopsided.

So, you know, that may be one reason that it's correlated with fewer Super Bowl wins for him. But absolutely right. In the beginning, it's kind of like life. I think it was George Carlin who said, you know, when you're old and toward the end, it's like when you're a baby, right?

You can't feed yourself, you know, like it's you're kind of, you know, you're teetering all the time. So like toward the end, you're not as competent a player at the very end as you are in the middle. In Brady's case, though, he was a far better quarterback. You know, the last, let's say, four of the last five years of his career that he was the first four years of his career. You know, he worked with Tom house, the pitching guru, right. Who worked with Nolan Ryan and Nolan Ryan, just like Brady was a much better picture at the end than he was at the beginning. Brady took very good care of himself and learned how to play and, and had, you know, special Jedi powers by the end of his career that he didn't have fully. Although he always seemed to be the guy who the brakes went his way.

At a certain point, you say luck is the residue of design. Like he's very well-prepared. Oh, there's no question. He is. And that's probably what made him as great as he was because it's interesting. I don't know if you know who this gentleman is. Gary Williams used to be at Golf Channel. Now he does a thing called Five Clubs Golf. And he actually tweeted out a story today about, he just so happened to be on vacation with his own father and ran into Tom Brady and his dad after Brady's rookie season. And he said, I think I have a chance. They were playing golf at Ballybunion in, in Ireland. I think they were walking down the fairway and Brady said to Williams, I think I have a chance.

Belichick likes me. So think about where he was then to what he became down the road. What did ESPN and Max Kellerman is joining us from Keyshawn J.

Will and Max. All the former Patriots players that work at ESPN now and have worked at ESPN in the past, they must have Brady stories, but how do they talk about Tom Brady, the player and Tom Brady, the person that he's a, you know, Jay was talking about on the air today, he's kind of a guy's guy behind the scenes, very edited, joking around that type of thing. But you know, people have obviously a lot of respect for him. Look, even from a distance, you know how like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar will write an article or he'll, he'll talk on some issue. And the, and the feeling you get always is that he's the adult in the room. Right.

And that's what I get the feeling. I have a lot of the admiration for Tom Brady. I get the feeling like that same feeling about Tom Brady. He's the adult in the room. When the reporter says something about his son, he doesn't like it. He shuts down the interview. Even the way he did that was responsible and mature.

Right. And when later on people were piling on the reporter for bringing up his son, Brady told everyone lay off, you know, this is basically a learning moment. And, and even the way he just announced his retirement, the way he's handled issues throughout. He is, he has a kind of maturity and wisdom and always has that, that, you know, early on belied his years at now, you know, because he's a hundred years old, makes a lot of sense, but, but even so every step of the way, the way he carried himself was exemplary. He's been old in football terms for 15 years. It is remarkable, remarkable how good he was.

And it was the ultimate Tom Brady thing to win a Superbowl in year one in Tampa, wasn't it? Not to mention, yeah, like the great debate of the 21st century in sports, there are actually two, one is Jordan or LeBron. Right. Right.

You just never know because the answer is Jordan, by the way. But you know, like there's no way to really prove it. And Brady or Belichick, who's more responsible, you know, we're, we're three, we're, we're well into the third decade of the 21st century now. And that was the great debate of the century of this new century, which ain't as you knew what it used to be. And Brady answered the question, you know, like I was shocked. I always just assumed it was more Belichick. And yes, Brady set himself up great with a loaded team and the whole thing and left Belichick hot and dry without a quarter. Yes.

Yes. But Belichick has not won a playoff game since Tom Brady left and Brady won the Superbowl the first time he had a chance. And he got by Drew Brees in the playoffs to do it.

I do. I do think that because you brought it up, I mean, the team that he left in New England had nothing. I mean, which is why he had to go. And while you could see it at the end, when they were really helpless in the playoff game, you could tell that that team didn't have personnel to help carry Brady. Brady is no longer capable of carrying the team.

In moments he can. But that Buccaneers team, as you pointed out, was absolutely loaded. Max Kellerman from ESPN is joining us here. I think the most fun part for me and I am a recovering. I always say this. I no longer really care, but I'm a recovering Jets fan. So I've been on the short end of Tom Brady moments throughout my when I was really a Jets fan back in the day. But I think my favorite part about his career, the evolution of him, is that when he got to Tampa, you could see the fun side. Like, I wish I'd seen that Brady in New England. I would have liked him a whole lot more throughout his career. But there is a level guys get to. And one of the reasons I predicted the cliff is because Peyton Manning seemed to attain this level before his neck injury, where it was like, wait, he's he's old as the hills and he's better than he's ever been. He just do 50 touchdowns, right?

They get LeBron got this way before he started to go and declined, although his decline, like he's still sky high. But, you know, he was better two or three years ago that that it's like you ever see the movie The Last Dragon? No, I have not said I'm going to ask you about movies here in a second, but I have not seen that. So the movie The Last Dragon, Bruce Leroy, right?

Versus showing up with the big with the big showdown. And, and Bruce Leroy, like everyone's looking for the glow. You got that glow, right?

That means you got the, that you're on that next level of martial arts. It's almost like magical. And that's where Brady was, was cruising. He had the glow.

He like, he couldn't do wrong. And, and then, and that's what I noticed that with Pete Mett. I noticed it with Brett Favre and then they suddenly that it seems to happen like, like the media are coming through the atmosphere. It burns bright if it's burning up and then God, right?

Yeah. So Brady was there, but, but the crazy thing was it wasn't just suddenly gone. He was able to maintain it for years and years and years.

It was, it was unreal. He got to the point where, look, he won the super bowl. Now Mahomes didn't have an offensive line, of course, but through five years, the greatest quarterback who ever lived by far through the first five years of the starter is Patrick Mahomes. There's no resume that comes close. No one passes the eyeball test.

No one put up the numbers through the first one. Brady popped him in the Superbowl. Yeah. That's unreal. Max Kellerman is with us. All right.

You brought up movies. It's amazing. He was great. Brady was the same kind of Brady luck, right? Which is where the pre snap penalty gives Brady the ball. Brady throws the interception to glock AFC championship over.

Oh no wait. Pre snap penalty. Give me the ball back. Never looks back. Tuck rule.

All of it. Uh, although I'm not going to call that luck. That's called Bill Belichick being smart and knows the rule. Uh, all right. Quickly to residue of design. Yeah.

Quickly to movies. Will you see 80 for Brady? I'm not sitting through that. No way.

Did you see Ted too? Of course. It was sneaky. Good. Wasn't it? Nothing sneaky about it.

I don't know why it was sneaky. Good. It was hilarious. I generally don't like movies like that, but it was funny. No, I was laughing. It was different kind of humor. It was silly humor. And sometimes I don't, I don't go for those, but I, but it was smart, you know, it was stupid, but it, but in a smart way, the scene where, well, no, you know, Brady's in bed. I'm sorry that, I don't think we can talk about no, that's just, uh, that's just phenomenal.

I don't know what you do in Raleigh, but let me ask you this question. Cause you, you already alluded to Patrick Mahomes. I give you one quarterback of today. Who is it? Other than Mahomes? No, no. You, I get you, your pick of a quarterback today. You get him. Who is it?

Mahomes. It is? Easily. Okay. Uh, this, this will get us back to, uh, and we'll wrap on this, this area here. This will get us back to the debate. I still believe in my heart that there was nobody better than Joe Montana.

Well, I can't lie. I'm not going to argue with you about Montana. Joe Montana was Tom Brady before there was a Tom Brady, but he was better in the clutch. Like Montana, four on Superbowl, 13 PDs, zero picks.

Yeah. And the two game winning drives is if you're saying, if you're saying you're going into a game, you know, Martians has the desk being pointed at her. Who do you want quarterback the game?

I can, I might also take Montana, right? Like that dude, that dude is the, it's the hard to make an argument that he was the greatest of all time because Brady matched his, but, but his career is twice as long. So that's what, that's how Brady nips Montana, but in his prime, you, you put Montana up against anybody.

And even if he, but that's the thing about my homes. It's like, I remember that era of the kid. I lived through it. Elway was the talented guy. He was like the, he was a big, he's Josh Allen. Right. And, and, and, and Dan Marino was like Justin Herbert.

Oh my God. From year one, look at that arm. Right. He's not the athlete, maybe that, that Elway, the look at that arm.

But Joe Montana was the dude that's like Joe burrow or something. That's exactly right. That's the winner. That's the winner.

But there was no Mahomes because my homes is all those guys rolled into one. You know, he is more talented than everyone. The eyeball test tells you that you look at the numbers, they're the best ever. You look at the team accomplishments. It's, it's in line with the best ever. And you know, like, and you roll it all up and then look at the first five years, Brady was never all pro in his first five years.

Patrick Mahomes has, is about to win his second MVP. Huh? I'm with you.

You're 100% right. My guy would be burrow, but, but it's because of the Montana. I think he is the most like Montana of any quarterback we have seen. Just the cool, the cool of Joe burrow.

All right. As we say goodbye to Max Kellerman, who you got next Sunday, there's a Superbowl. Who do you got in that game and why? The Eagles, because they're the best team front to back, even since the preseason, like in the off season, you can see the roster and say, that's the best roster in the NFL.

It was the Eagles and the NFC, the bills and the NFC. If you were paying attention before the season and then, and then Sirianni knows just how to use Jalen hurts and Jalen hurts. The real thing I needed to see was, will he ever see the middle of, but he put that work in and they went out and got him AJ Brown, but week one, I don't know.

He's still not seeing it. And then with two on, Oh my God, Jalen hurts is as good as anyone in the league. So when you see, they only lost one game that he was in, right? So it's a one loss type team that only they're very, very few teams ever have been one loss type teams. And they've been steamrolling everyone in the playoffs.

They are when at full strength, I think easily the best team in the NFL. And so I'm picking them to win max Kellerman at max Kellerman on Twitter. I thank you very much for your time, man. This just in two o'clock. So get, get to a television very soon. Thanks, man.
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