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Any news on Jaden Rashada?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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January 25, 2023 5:07 pm

Any news on Jaden Rashada?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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January 25, 2023 5:07 pm

What’s the latest with Jaden Rashada after the let down NIL deal that fell through in Florida? Which schools are like to be promising prospects for him? And how did the conversation turn to geography, and back to astrology like when the show started? Wake Forest loses a QB, and NC State filled their spot, so who does Wake have for this upcoming season? What are the potentials for the next hire who will take over the Big 10? What will the job entail and which type of hire SHOULD they be looking at? And what’s the deal with Kevin Warren and what might happen out in Chicago? Plus, Adam brings up Deion Sanders and what the plans might for him and his strategies? And why was Matt Rhule brought up? And what random facts is Chip dropping on the Adam Gold show? …you won’t be able to guess…


It's the Adam Gold show. What is going on everybody? I am Adam Gold. Victoria is here and you know who else is here. It's Wednesday. Chip Patterson. Cover three podcast moderator.

My friend, my favorite. How are you sir? I'm doing very well. I hope you are. Is this calm before the storm? Is there a storm coming?

Well there actually is. The National Signing Day coming up first Wednesday next month which people don't really care about anymore. Four. Four. F-O-U-R of the top 150 players we've got our eyes on. But I'll tell you what, those four players, we're gonna make a big old daggum deal about it. Those four players.

The last pieces on the board. I'll tell you one thing that's really interesting to me and I know that in the text this wasn't on the topic of conversation but with Bill O'Brien going back to the Patriots, Nick Saban has to make a new offensive coordinator hire. The defensive coordinator Pete Golding likely going to be on his way to Ole Miss after National Signing Day which means that Alabama is essentially operating without an offensive or defensive coordinator. So oh my gosh what's happening to Alabama heading into signing day with no offensive and defensive coordinator? They just have the number one class in the entire country with seven five stars, 24 stars, one three star who I do think is a punter and the average per player rating out of 100 is 94.8. No OC.

No DC. Doesn't matter. Alabama keeps on churning. You know it's just that that's that's kind of where we're at right now where it's like Nick Saban got a shot across the bow from Jimbo last year. Got a little you know sniped back at him in May and sure enough they responded with an epic historically great recruiting class.

Well a couple of things about this. First of all Nick Saban losing an offensive and or defensive coordinator happens like every other year doesn't it? No he makes them stay too. He always makes every like I said every other year pretty much somebody is out the door. Yeah the defensive side is not like Pete Golding's promotion after Kirby Smart left. The defensive side has been mostly stable. The offensive side does speak exactly to what you're talking about where you know it was the first big move was to go get Lane Kiffin. Lane. And after Lane Kiffin Steve Sarkeesian.

Don't forget one year of Brian Day ball. That's right. You know before he was out there at the New York Giants he was a failed coordinator at Alabama and so you know this is this is what my colleague Bud Elliott on the cover three podcast he says rehome. Like when Nick Saban is sick of you he tries to find a place for you.

He tries to rehome you. Right. And Will O'Brien got rehomed in New England with Bill Belichick as the new offensive coordinator there. It's interesting you know I don't know if Nick Saban's going to go to Thailand to go find Cliff Kingsbury. I don't think that's a very good stylistic fit.

No. I think he could poach Oklahoma's offensive coordinator a guy named Jeff Lebby. I think that he could get Philadelphia Eagles quarterback coach Brian Johnson.

Somebody who had great success with Dan Mullen at Mississippi State and obviously has done great things with Jalen Hurts. A lot of this is to me a pivot point in the Alabama Nick Saban era because if this is a home run hire it could reinvigorate Saban in the Crimson Tide. If he strikes out on bringing in a really big name and it just ends up being kind of a meh higher then maybe we're starting to enter our our final final chapters of uh of the dynasty. Oh well uh I thought the dynasty was over. I everything I heard is it was George's world now that even Alabama was just living in it.

Danny's got a great Danny Connell has a great point. He says the dynasty's not over but the dominance is and the stat that he points to are one score games where even when Alabama is winning in the last two seasons they have not been by the margins that we saw. The the number of one score games that Alabama had for like a six or seven year run were less than the number of one score games that Alabama has had in just the last two seasons and so it is literally on the scoreboard showing that the competition has caught up. So winning is still possible and if my opinion college football playoff expansion increases the chances Nick Saban wins another national title right as opposed to where we are with the 14 format but um this these hires are important you know this is going to be a very interesting decision that Saban has to make regarding the future of his offense in particular. You and I agree with this if if we wanted to spread out the teams competing for a national championship then we would shrink the field not expand the field but expanding the field doesn't make everybody feel good about themselves. All right let's rather be at the dance and lose right then yeah exactly and not dance.

I went I went to many dances as a as a young man without actually dancing. Let's uh let's get a quick update on the whereabouts of former Miami recruit former Florida recruit is it Jaden Rashad of the quarterback uh who had a 13.9 million dollar NIL deal with Florida's collective and hundreds of thousands of dollars on I actually read that it was 13.9 so I could be wrong here was 13.1 okay 13.1 I like 13.9 uh I would have just written 14 at that point uh so is he has he surfaced anywhere or I mean it is you know would be early semesters so maybe he just goes maybe he just signs in the summer. So interesting thing here uh first step is I've heard he may not even sign a national letter of intent. He might just show up sure and JT Tuya Malola the star linebacker for Ohio State famously just said that he wasn't even going to commit until the summertime before his freshman year committed to Ohio State saved them in the game against Penn State earlier this year but so Rashada right now though is pacing towards maybe a national signing day announcement he will have a chance as you mentioned with that first Wednesday in February coming up uh he has visited he has either visited or will be visiting this weekend Arizona State where Arizona State after Herm Edwards hired a guy named Kenny Dillingham who's the offensive coordinator at Oregon this past year led to a lot of Bo Nix's success okay with the uh he was came he was a Tempe native you know 32 years old I think he's the youngest head coach at the FBS level right now and he's got a transfer portal class it's kind of unrelated but it got so toxic under Herm Edwards that the guy they've hired to replace him is 32 years old and is bringing in about 27 transfers and that's not that much of an exaggeration. The man is literally trying to flip the roster and I think that Arizona State is going to be trying to make Rashada a splashy signee like they are going to try to create an environment that will make him say hey I can sign up here I can probably a little bit of cash and I can be a superstar right off the jump. He also either this weekend or last weekend visited TCU where you know we're losing Max Duggan uh Chandler Morris is the expected incumbent but by no means for sure going to be the star and TCU went out and got Kendall Bryles as its new offensive coordinator to replace Garrett Riley with Sonny Dykes there it isn't going to be a quarterback friendly environment Jane Rashada could decide that he wants to link himself up with the Horn Frogs coming off that college football playoff run. Washington also may be in the mix as well just because Washington because remember Florida and Miami fighting over this guy don't forget he's from California. Even before he was a rising star in the industry Washington was in on the recruitment insiders at Washington believed that Washington's not going to play ball so to speak on the level of Arizona State uh or maybe on the level of TCU if Rashada is all about that side of the game. Washington is trying to do the like it's so funny because we don't really have good references for University of Washington but it's like it's it's almost like Michigan you know they this is what I've heard. We at Washington we do it the right way okay NIL for recruits we wait until you get here and then we link you up with the opportunities you know they do have boosters they do have money they've got resources but we do it the right way the NCAA would never find any wrongdoing with us.

Why am I having uh trading places flashbacks here are you Mortimer Duke is that is that who you are? Well the thing is like truly they're probably tech bros so they don't actually talk like that yeah and I don't have the the good University of Washington booster culture on lock but everything that I've gotten from Washington insiders says that if Rashada is going to be about the NIL deal that you can guarantee right off the jump Washington's not going to be able to hang with uh an Arizona State specifically what I heard so TCU, Arizona State those are going to be some some to watch uh maybe Washington in the mix as well but definitely looking like it's going to be a school that is is Fort Worth west of the Mississippi yeah yeah yeah it looks like it's gonna be west of the Mississippi for the California product. We uh we have to send you to geography class yes Texas definitely west of the Mississippi. Well I yeah it's of course because New Orleans is where we started right? Yes but I don't yeah well yeah New Orleans where the Mississippi River empties right? Empties or starts depending on it starts I think it's it dumps is it the delta I think it yeah I think it dumps there yeah but the Mississippi starts in uh actually like Minnesota I think that's where we start in the north and then we dump out oh yeah I think that's the way it works I don't know uh you know we we started the show out with Armando Bacot having an astrology lab uh I'm pretty sure there are no astrology labs but I tried I tried to get into I don't know if y'all remember Pickaprof I don't know if Pickaprof is still a thing I have no idea Pickaprof when I was in college was a service that would allow you to be able to see the percentage of A's B's and C's that certain professors and certain classes got analytics man and I remember that the astronomy class was a favorable class I remember trying to get into the astronomy class I mean you'd get to go to the Moorhead Planetarium you know get to apparently it sounds great sounds like a great opportunity um I never got a chance to enjoy it I was more of a geology guy took so many dadgum geology classes one day they put up a bunch of numbers they said if you have taken one of 101 103 105 or 107 this class will not count at all for you and I was like well I've taken three of those okay shut my book stood up and walked out saluted the professor on the way out and said all right we gotta rework this schedule now too bad that is uh it's way too bad but he said astrology uh which is a completely different thing than astronomy all right um real quick before we uh before we take a break um Wake Forest loses a quarterback they lose Sam Hartman in Notre Dame we know NC State's filled their spot with um Brendan Armstrong from Virginia who's Wake got um after because I think the uh the backup to the guy who started when Sam Martin was out I think he also left so what are we looking at as a quarterback for Wake Forest that would be news to me I thought he did I could be wrong I my belief is that Mitch Griffiths is is still there will be the starting quarterback and that there was some but coming down the stretch there may have been a little bit of a mutual parting of ways a little in some of the comments we heard from Dave Clausen certainly indicated a little bit of a proverbial backslap for Sam Hartman hey man it's been awesome right go out there go get him but that staff going all the way back to the preparation for the VMI game I was hearing they're like we we really think that Mitch Griffiths is going to do a great job of running this offense okay it doesn't get you ready for the NFL though because that that mesh point um that is that is a red flag for NFL coaches and maybe going to Notre Dame with a more pro style offense being able to throw to tight ends a lot maybe that'll be a better spot not not to mention the fact he'll make some NIL money that probably wouldn't be available to him at Wake Forest no I don't know that it wouldn't not be available to him at Wake Forest I mean sometimes there is a point where you've spent like you can't invest your entire program on Sam Hartman if you really have been developing Mitch Griffiths to come and and be someone who's going to maintain that level of competing for ACC championships and you believe that he can do that you got to turn the reins over okay I mean I I it's a very Tom O'Brien ish you know thought in my head that's not what I've heard from anybody else okay when when you have promised Mitch Griffiths that there will be opportunities for you just because the NCAA decided that every single person gets an extra year and Sam Hartman's had nine medical red shirts like at some point it's like Sam you get NFL hit the hit the portal go get some money but like man we we got to move on we can't stay here can't keep making the same album every single year I think Dave Clausen knows that you know you you got to be able to turn this thing over I have been under the impression that Mitch Griffiths is going to be a good quarterback within this system that the coaching staff has confidence in him and that was one thing that when the Hartman injury first occurred they're like I I think we'll be okay you know they're like if we can get him back before mid-october I think we can be okay what he missed like two games one game one game I think just vmi I think so uh by the way I thought last year was not this past season but the season before was cracked rear view and this season was more Fairweather Johnson Fairweather Johnson has some some bad news on birthday birth stopped cold at dawn is good that's a very good song okay take your word for it I don't think so uh all right Chip Patterson on the other side uh Kevin Warren left the big 10 should the the next guy I said I want to phrase this correctly if the big 10 turns to Jim Phillips should the ACC be upset about that or should the big 10 even turn to Jim Phillips if they need somebody else uh Kevin Warren left the big 10 to go become the president of the Chicago Bears and move that team to the suburbs because that's what apparently what's going to happen uh with the Bears and their search for a new stadium he got the big 10 media deal done seven-year deal brilliant deal I don't know how much of that was Kevin Warren and how much of that was this is the way the presidents directed them to do it but he didn't want to stick around he went to the Chicago Bears they're looking for a new commissioner um just your thoughts on what seems to me to be a step down in prestige even though you are working for an NFL team oh he'd like it's uh it's not a total Costanza but it's definitely just like walking out and just right before everything that's tough because the media rights deal you know you say done by the university of presidents university presidents don't have expertise here they had a media consultant right you know they say like Fox told them what to do you know Mark and which is why like Mark Silverman from Fox is one of the names that's mentioned like Burke Maggots from ESPN is one of the names that's mentioned I think that the decision that the university presidents make in terms of who's going to be the next commissioner tells us a lot right about where we are going in all of college athletics because to hire somebody directly from the top of the food chain on the media side means that we are going to continue to move towards a sport that is increasingly professionalized yeah and trying to maximize the dollar value and the entertainment value and get the most amount of eyeballs all across the country if we uh have a an athletic director or somebody from the more academic side which at this point probably even is an athletic director or somebody that's more traditional then maybe the university presidents are able to maintain some sense of uh the collegiate model and I I'll tell you that if that is something that the big 10 presidents want then some of the best um advertising for himself as a candidate that Jim Phillips could have done was what he did at the ACC football kickoff when everyone gets in there and they're like Jim what are you going to do college athletics is running away and he was like we have to take care of volleyball we have to take we have to take care of running and diving he was talking about gated communities and yeah he was yeah it's okay to be number three of 32 who cares if there's two that are running away we have to take care of everybody right we he fought so hard for the idea of the collegiate model and not giving up on it and there are probably decision makers within the big 10 who liked that and are hoping that the next big 10 commissioner will be in that line but that to me is the fork is that this is either going to be a more traditional hire or this is going to be pushing us even further into the world of the sport being run by the suits who are trying to get the most amount of eyeballs and the highest ad revenue that's possible and in terms of the in terms of the job itself when you've got a deal that's wrapped up for the next eight years when you've already got ucla and usc coming isn't it just like a kissing babies and keeping people happy job that's the way i think about it you know it's it's it's interesting to me if if we're gonna go the non-traditional route we sort of have an example of it not working larry scott with the pac-12 if we if if we declare that not having worked i mean we don't we have nothing to compare it to because you could have gone a traditional route and it ended up in the same spot uh the pac-12 unfortunately is where it is and they play a lot of games is not traditional i mean we got his replacement is from mgm right so they've done that twice and now brett your mark the new big 12 commissioner is from jay-z's camp i mean we are continually going you know the like jim phillips is one of the most like traditional uh conference commissioners right now has i mean i don't we don't it is too early here's what's interesting about kevin warren because his tenure he packed a lot into a short period of time because i go back to the pandemic and this is to me where maybe it all really unraveled and kevin warren at that point decided you know what i ain't gonna be here long i don't like these people because when we go back to the pandemic the five conference commission five power five conference commissioners met and i may have some little details wrong here but i think you know in general i think i have this right the five conference commissioners met and basically declared we're just gonna kind of hold off here and then kevin warren out of nowhere like a couple of days later just said we're not playing figuring that the big 10 as influential as they were they would be setting the trend you know whether it's erring on the side of safety or whatever whatever the reasons were to appear more collegiate warren said we're not playing the acc the big 12 and the sec didn't say anything the pac-12 which is apparently joined at the hip uh said yep we agree we're not playing but the acc big 12 and sec all played and then all of a sudden it's tail between your legs going back to the going back to the presidents or the athletic directors as they're losing ground and kevin warren did not enjoy the feeling of being you know dragged through it and i think at that point he decided i ain't gonna be here long we're gonna get this media rights neil done and then i'm out uh because he was essentially ridiculed and i'm sure a lot of it was offensive uh because i don't know how many people understand this but he's black and uh that doesn't always work in college athletics so can we trace it back to that yeah i think that that's where if i was kevin warren i would have realized that this next period of being the big 10 commissioner which like i said is just kissing babies and making everyone happy like if you weren't vibing with the athletic directors and the university presidents and everybody on the school side well then that's when you want to get out he is look at the minnesota vikings he got a stadium built one of the things that makes him attractive for the chicago bears is that they need somebody to build a stadium like the things that he is doing and the things that are his high watermarks are business forward and it is not some of the more collegiate more networky sides of being a conference commissioner of which now that ucla and usc are joining the conference and you've got a new media rights deal done that's worth you know 20 billion it's not 20 billion but you know like a billion dollars a year whatever it is then you are now just left to play politician and kevin warren just might not might not want to play politician and i would think that the way things went in 2020 uh certainly would have informed that decision or that takeaway well i think kevin warren's future might be actually in politics down the road i think what he's going to do i think he's going to take the bears to the suburbs i mean it's not an hour outside of chicago but it's not in chicago the stadium in minnesota is built in minneapolis it's uh it is in downtown um but they're not gonna i doubt they're gonna stay at uh anywhere near soldier soldier field they're gonna go out into the suburbs uh all right let me uh let me ask you about dion sanders uh because we're headed to the second uh national signing day portal closed how'd they do it colorado they did a very very good job of being able to um again just like flip the roster so uh right now lsu they've got uh 11 players in their transfer portal class right you know auburn you know hue freeze you know it's a little bit of coaching turnover 13 players in the transfer portal class maybe coming in right coming in correct correct okay 23 at colorado dion sanders has a recruiting class number of players coming in that are transfers obviously travis hunter the five-star cornerback who might be playing both ways is going to be one of those he got a couple four stars in there as well and then he recently was able to flip cormani mclean a five-star cornerback coming out of high school so now this colorado defense while it might be lacking in like really true depth especially compared to the best teams in the pac-12 and at the power five level would be a five-star on one side of the field a five-star on the other side of the field and one of those guys travis hunter is good enough to play both ways the way that oh i don't know dion sanders was doing for a hot for a hot second i'm i'm definitely uh in the in the camp of thinking that colorado which was a one win team and the worst power five team in all of college football this past season is going to be so much better but where it shows up in the win column right it's going to be difficult because the schedule they do tcu nebraska colorado state in the non-conference they've got a nine game pac-12 conference schedule that includes usc oregon utah ucla oregon state with dj uyonga lele is going to be tough that was a very successful team this past season i believe a nine win team so i think that we can see the buffs in year one under dion get a lot better but there is there there might be a ceiling in terms of how many wins getting a lot better is going to be but i still think that what he has been able to do is exactly what colorado hired him for which is talent acquisition and changing it in a big way i mean they played nebraska that's that's the by game right is that homecoming against nebraska is it home or is it on the road at nebraska oh yeah this is in boulder it is so should be number one that should be homecoming free advice free advice i am not in the follow where game day goes or tell game day where to go like there's a whole beat of people that try to guess oh where's game day going to go next oh that's not me or if i was to do the end goal um i see the first game of the season against tcu which just played in the national championship game got thumped but dion against tcu good gravy game day go there number two home opener for coach prime is against matt rule in nebraska gosh game day go there like if you just you can just stay there on sanders uh and that would be all you need to do let me add one more layer and i cannot believe that on january 25th i'm so excited about week two in college football in a game between two teams that are not going to be ranked but matt rule is already talking smack is that rule yeah matt rule is like you know i'll tell you around here we uh i don't have cameras following me you know we don't have the kind of program we're gonna have cameras following these kids oh give it to me now like nebraska colorado is a rivalry even without these two we've got these two huge personalities and now we're gonna have it right there on september 9th in boulder and and ralphie's gonna run out there and dion's gonna be coming after ralphie and you know what ralphie and dion have in common adam uh eight toes they both have eight toes okay dion found out ralphie dion was a little bit nervous but there's a great promo that colorado put out which again like shout out to colorado you realize you get dion you activate your entire promo department and it was um dion meeting with ralphie's trainer discussing how he was nervous about a buffalo a live buffalo that he's gonna have to be in and around and finding out the way game day goes and they said well he's this many pounds oh my gosh he's this many pounds he's like he's he's got uh eight toes two on each leg and dino's like my god that's something we have in common we both got eight toes that's fantastic by the way uh rip to arkansas's live mascot who uh passed away yeah natural causes they said natural yeah and also the sam pittman hype train because uh that staff has lost five assistant coaches and what happened there what i mean arkansas two years it was two years ago yeah nine wins of games right yeah nine win team a lot of excitement everybody is er you know going crazy but like so i've got a piece that's going up it might already be up on giving out grades for coaches that just finished their third year heading into their fourth year sam pittman's one of them he has a sub 500 record again in sec play um beat texas just his defensive coordinators now the head coach at unlv took a linebackers coach with him his offensive coordinator left to go to tcu his quarterbacks coach resigned only to take a job at temple it's vibes vibes aren't great at arkansas vibes aren't great at oklahoma state um you know there's there's a couple places where we've got our eyes on it where things are the the wind is shifting hot hot seats and sam pittman is exactly the name of a coach who gets fired earlier than you would expect i believe that the names of the coaches matter and if you are named sam pittman you are not long for that job chip patterson you're a gentleman uh appreciate your time as always we'll talk to you next week sir sounds good y'all be well you
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