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An interesting weekend of football is right around the corner

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January 11, 2023 4:56 pm

An interesting weekend of football is right around the corner

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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January 11, 2023 4:56 pm

What’s the one thing Bridget respects about Brandon Staley? If you’re Mike McDaniel, do you even wait for the medial report to come back or do you just say “I don’t care, I’m not putting Tua in this Sunday”? Does Bridget think we’ll be seeing the last of Tom Brady this season? Who does Adam think has the most pressure to do well as a team this upcoming weekend and does Bridget agree? Who does she think the best team in the NFC is?


Jumbo wild card weekend starts Saturday afternoon, 4.30, with Seahawks taking on the 49ers for the second time this year.

In both games, it was the same. The 49ers ran the ball like crazy. The Seahawks did not. And I just see that if the Seahawks can't run the ball a little bit, it's going to be hard to beat the 49ers because their defense is just too good. You can't go back on.

You've done an absolutely intriguing things. I know Bridget condo of the NFL Network is going to spend some time at chargers practice this week. I don't know why I've been seeing questions about Brandon staley's future as the head coach and I don't know that he's done an amazing job, done an amazing job but they're in the playoffs and they have played well lately and they played well through injury. I guess he's answering a lot of questions about who he chose to play in a meaningless game are those questions still around because Mike Williams got hurt in the game and was it. Bosa got hurt during the game are those questions still plaguing him. Yeah, I think we will see today. I'm actually a little late.

I'm still on the highway. I apologize if you can hear but you know, we'll see today who's out there at practice. I don't think there's any concern about Joey Bosa. I think the Mike Williams is the biggest concern but he the x-rays that came back were negative.

So that's a good sign. He did say yesterday that we will see him back at practice in some capacity this week, but those are you know, there have been a lot of questions about Brandon Staley, you know why he goes for it so much on fourth down the field goal last year that kept them out of the playoffs and then, you know, you remember week 3 when the team played the Jaguars the Jaguars the first time was when Justin Herbert was hurt with his rib fracture. And if you think back to that game, they were down. I believe 28 points in the fourth quarter and he kept Herbert in the game and the one thing about Brandon Staley that I can say, you know, I respect him for this is he knows exactly what he wants. He doesn't care what the fans or the media or anyone is telling him to do. He has his ways and he's going to stick to them and his reason for keeping Justin Herbert in the game that week was, you know, he believes in his guys. He wants them to stay in these kinds of situations. I think it was reckless a little bit, you know, keeping star players in when you'd already clinched the playoffs this past week, but that's I think that's we just are going to have to become accustomed to Brandon Staley doesn't care what any of us else think he's going to do what he wants to do. If he thinks it's the right way to do things.

Yeah. Look, I don't have I can certainly understand the especially from fans and members of the media. We I mean, I'm not above it. We like to say why the heck did he do that as somebody who host a talk show or whatever, but look those types of things.

We are generally reacting as opposed to thinking ahead. Let me ask you about what is going on or what what everybody's talking about regarding the Miami Dolphins to a tongue of Iowa has 3 official concussions. He's still in protocol. He has not done anything this week.

And if you are Mike McDaniel, you are the head coach. Can you do you even wait for the medicals to come back? Don't you just say I don't care what the medical say. He's not playing. Yeah, he actually just said in his press conference that since to a has not been cleared. Skyler Thompson will start for the offense as of right now. So to what he's already ruled them out for this Sunday, which I think is smart whether his medicals came back and he was cleared to play football or not. Look you have, you know, you got to go to Buffalo to play a Bill's team that's on fire right now. They have so much to play for right now. I don't see how the Dolphins beat that team regardless.

So is it worth putting to a back in there? If he had been cleared risking his really his life is what we're talking about. I think we need to take a step back and realize how scary that is not only to get three concussions in your life, but we're talking a three or four month period like we need to take care of him as a person.

So I think it's smart to just rule them out. Let him rest for this entire offseason and then make the decision on if he wants to, you know, come back and play football or if he decides to do something else. Bridget Condon NFL Network is joining us here on the Adam Gold show.

I know as a native of the Boston area. Ms. Condon has it entered your mind that we might be watching night. I don't know if we are not the final game of Tom Brady's career. You know, it hasn't it hasn't entered my mind because I just I'm at the point where I don't think he's ever leaving, you know, when he retired and unretired. That's kind of where I'm like, I think Tom Brady football 20 years still going to be playing at this guy is never going away and people are, you know, I went down to the Cowboys a couple weeks ago and what they're doing there is great and you know, exciting for them to be back in the playoffs.

But part of me is like, can we just let this guy win one more time so that she retires and we move on because I really don't think if he loses that it's the end. Now with everything, which is now well, he's got all the free time, but made here to go home. It's tough to be a single dad man. You have to evolve. You have a lot of time.

See, I think you actually have you have more time that you have to spend. There's no, there's no built-in, you know, mom will mom will do it. You have to be there. I mean, Brady's a good dad from everything that we that we could gather.

So he's good. It's tough. You mean you get you get, you know, the kids are with you half the time.

You got to bring them on road trips all that. Meanwhile, the Cowboys and Dak Prescott are kind of a mess and they can't stop turning it over and going on the road against the Buccaneers defense, which is still good. It's not a not as what it was maybe at the beginning of the year, but it's still good. I mean, I can't imagine there being more pressure on a team right now in the first round of the playoffs and there is on Dallas.

No, absolutely not. And there's so much that comes with Dallas and Jerry Jones and the whole facade, right? And the fact that they're back in the playoffs isn't good enough for this team and for the city of Dallas and the fans.

They want to win the Super Bowl and you know, now that they it was interesting whether you know, if they had gotten the one seed, I think it would have been of course an easier path. But as a five seed, you're now or I think there's a six, right? Dallas is a five. There's a five.

Yeah. So they're playing the Bucks, which okay, but Tom Brady in the playoffs is not who I want to see right now. I would probably want to go to Minnesota and play the budget, you know, so it's going to be a challenge and I the way that they played against the commanders against Sam Howell on Sunday. I don't know that I'm I'm believing in this team beating the Bucks. I want I'm definitely not believing on them beating Tampa in the first round of the playoffs. I think they're look, I think the Cowboys in terms of talent and they're not perfect, but I think in terms of talent, they're probably the maybe the fourth or fifth best team left. I think it's possible that the three best San Francisco was in there.

The four best are San Francisco right now and the three best teams in the AFC. But Dallas has loads of talent, but Dak just hasn't figured it out. They haven't figured it out, but the back-to-back passes the one that should have been intercepted and then the one that was was I just didn't I couldn't figure out how you could do that twice.

You got away with it. The first time. I do think having another week, you know, they had issues with their line a lot of injuries and players have worked back from that plus another week with of TY Hilton, you know learning the playbook.

I don't know. Does that help now to you know, it's real. How many weeks ago did they get, you know, some people have their lie back. I think because I was at the Jaguars game. So that was a couple weeks ago and that was the first game that, you know, they had some level of stability. So it's just, you know, one of the things that the Chargers are saying as I'm here about the playoffs is every little mistake is magnified. So it doesn't even really matter who the better team is. It matters who makes less mistakes because the other team is going to capitalize on what you do and eat it up. So if Dak Prescott throws to interceptions, no, they're not getting out of Tampa, but it's Tom Brady, you know, make some of the mistakes.

We've seen him make and this Dallas defense that is very good can capitalize on it. I think that's what it's going to come down to best team in the NFC is San Francisco. I would say so, you know, I'm concerned about Jalen Hurts and you know, the Eagles because of his injury Brock Purdy, I'm a believer. So I would say, you know, even if Jimmy gets healthy, keep Brock in the entire ride. I say, look, Brock Purdy, if you're the last player drafted and suddenly you become like a legit quarterback, you're making a mockery of the whole draft process.

Why would he better get paid after this season, whether they win or not? Why would I waste the first round pick on a quarterback? If I can get that guy dead last in the entire draft, didn't we learn something from Tom Brady, however, 22 years ago, we're all we keep looking for the next time Brady. We need to go. We needed to wait till the following round.

Brady was a sixth round pick as opposed to a seventh rounder. Who do you think is the most fun team in the playoffs? Wow.

Okay. Well, I was just in Cincinnati when the Bengals won and let me tell you that locker room. My hair still smells like cigar smoke because they were just having the time Joe burrow took his sweet time. Get into the podium.

He was just having fun. You know, I haven't been around every team, but from the teams I've been around. Definitely. I would say the Bengals. Yeah, they do and they're good and they're confident.

They the term swagger, I believe was thought about with the Cincinnati Bengals in mind. Bridget, kind of by the way, did the Chargers practice at so far? No, they got just out in Costa Mesa. They're actually building a facility in El Segundo, which is like 10 minutes from so far, but it's not gonna be open. I think for the next two years.

So they're at this like random spot right now. I was going to ask you if Georgia scored again on the way on your way out there, but I maybe not. We'll have to check somewhere else Bridget, Condit NFL Network. I thank you very much. Happy New Year to you. I'll talk to you soon. All right, you got it. Bridget Condit here on the Adam Gold show.
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