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Daniel Wilcox, Super Bowl Champ/Former Ravens TE, joins Adam to get a Baltimore perspective as the Carolina Panthers head there to play the Ravens this Sunday.

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November 17, 2022 7:53 pm

Daniel Wilcox, Super Bowl Champ/Former Ravens TE, joins Adam to get a Baltimore perspective as the Carolina Panthers head there to play the Ravens this Sunday.

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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November 17, 2022 7:53 pm

Daniel Wilcox, Super Bowl Champ/Former Ravens TE, joins Adam to get a Baltimore perspective as the Carolina Panthers head there to play the Ravens this Sunday. Also, what’s going on with the Ravens defense and how will that play out for the Panthers come game time? What does Daniel think about Lamar Jackson’s situation and how the Ravens are handling it?


Panthers are in Baltimore this weekend to take on the Ravens, and let's get a look at this game from Baltimore's perspective. For that, Daniel Wilcox, former Ravens tight end, a Super Bowl champion with Tampa Bay, by the way, back in 2003.

He's with Believe Network, He does Believe in Ravens online, and I appreciate your time. Daniel, is it fair to say that the Ravens six and three record could easily be a lot better?

It's very safe to say hello, man. I'm telling you right now, the Ravens should be sitting right around eight and one right now. They definitely lost one game, but the first two games they lost through the year. The one against Miami was just a bunch of mental breakdowns and that's just dropping the ball. New defensive coordinator, Mike McDonald, then guys adjusting to the new scheme.

And just trying to get a full understanding of what Mike got going on. And we just, we dropped the ball, man. That's all you can say is we dropped the ball.

And the other side of the ball didn't drop the ball at all. They caught every pass thrown to them. They scored about six touchdowns on us. Yeah, well, Miami has proven to be better maybe than we all thought.

And that game was sort of the coming out party, I guess, for Tua. But still, when you have the lead that Baltimore had in the fourth quarter, to ultimate, at home, to lose that game is just absolutely eye opening. It looked like maybe Lamar made the mistake against the Giants that just don't throw it, just eat it, throw it away.

Just even take a sack at that point, because all you have, all by yourself. By giving the Giants the ball in such good field position, it just invited the loss. But by the same token, isn't there something missing with Baltimore's defense at this point? At first it was.

I really honestly felt like it was. A lot of that was just chemistry at first. And then you started to look at the middle linebacker spot and the linebacker core. And we was all beat up and banged up. We had some guys that wasn't out there healthy yet. Now guys are starting to get healthy and get back. Then we was able to pick up Roquan Smith through the trade deadline.

And I think that was the missing piece, the missing link. And now I don't see any holes at all in this defense, man. It's going to be a tough defense for the rest of this season, I think, for people to see. Well, if that's the case, then they should be fine.

How, what is the health situation? It's like the 15th running back that the Ravens have had. Who are we down to?

Is it, I don't know. Is it Don Ameche? Who's the running back now?

I went, I went way back. Yeah, well, we got King and Drake who's really started to really show improve and play extremely well this year. And I really feel like you need to get more touches no matter who's the running back. We have come back healthy.

Good. That wasn't been healthy. He's back on the field, but he got a little nicked up last game. And then of course, Dobbins, he got back healthy and he started, he played a couple of games and got banged up again.

I think he'll be back this week. And then justice Hill, just like, he just like all the rest of me came back and I'm, you know, tweaking his hamstring missed a couple more games and he's back now as well. So, I mean, we got a pretty, we've got a pretty good slew of running backs, man, that we can throw it to at any point. And I really do feel like any of them can get the job done against any team that we play off of the line.

It's finally healthy. We've got running Stanley back and we're back on all cylinders there. And you got a great chemistry, the lender bomb kid, and we dropped the first round of the center. You know, he's been playing lights out all year, Adam. And he's been playing, he's been, he's been a phenomenal piece in the middle and the anchor of that offensive line to kind of take us to the next level. Daniel Wilcox with believe in Ravens.

It's B L E A V in Ravens. You can also follow him on 12. Well, I'll get your, what's your, what's your Twitter handle, which I just, I wrote down and then can't find now. Twitter handle is coach Wilcox and IG handle is Daniel.Wilcox.

Thank you very much for helping me out, man. I don't want to, I don't want to leave you hanging like that. The, the, the thing about last year, last year, people forget that Lamar was hurt, really hurt and played through it, really hurt all last year. Uh, now everybody has a dip here and there. I think there was a little bit of a dip in his play.

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Hurry into Ram power days going on now for JD power, 2022 U S award information visit slash awards. Yeah, I see you last year. I'm just being honest here, Adam.

I don't think there was a dip at all. Early in the season, everybody was talking about MVP with Lamar again. And then, you know, he started getting a bunch of injuries, man. You had every running back on the team was out last season. You wouldn't got guys off the couch to come in and play running back for you.

And your entire office alone was beat up and they was down. You know, Mark Andrews was the only thing he had healthy. The receivers was beat up and banged up the entire defense. The whole secondary was out, but they couldn't stop nobody from scoring. I mean, you lose every DB that start for you.

Then you lose linebackers, use your pass rushes. I mean, they couldn't stop the beating last. They had over 30 from injuries last season and deal of Mario ended up getting hurt towards mid season. And it just kind of fell out from there. But if you remember last year, early in the year, you know, they had a lot of games where they play from behind and Lamar came back and he was getting, he was getting to be known as the fourth quarter quarterback.

Right. You know, so he had a great season last year, even though he was playing with half a roster, you know, and then once you start losing all the key components, they help you to help you to be good as you are. You know, you kind of, you come out there running for your life, you know, and this year he's starting to get everybody back.

And I think once we get back to full health and we're a hundred percent, you'll see Lamar of old. And I still think he's having a heck of a season. He's breaking record every single, every single week. He's breaking a new record. He's great.

There's no question. He's great and he's going to get paid. So I really only have a couple of more quick things for Daniel Wilcox. We're not talking about the contract anymore, but it's going to come up again. So where are you with what the Ravens should do with Lamar Jackson? Hey, man, you know, it's real simple for me, pay the man and I'm a little biased because I'm an NFL guy, you know, I played the game and I was there for a long time. I feel like he's earned it.

I feel like he's been underpaid the entire time he's played for you. And I feel like the Super Bowl is coming. You know, I think a lot of times you don't want to feel quarterback before you win their Super Bowl and rightfully so. I feel them on that, you know, so I don't blame the Ravens for trying to hold out as long as they possibly can. This may be the year they've made moves to bring guys in like they're trying to go for the Super Bowl title.

So let's see what happens. Yeah, I think if they win it now, it probably changes the equation from a team perspective with Lamar Jackson. He's very comfortable from afar. It appears to me that he is very comfortable simply playing on the franchise tag because he knows it means more money to him.

It doesn't mean long-term money, but in the short term, it means guaranteed massive paydays. Let me ask you one more thing and this is about how they stack up against Buffalo who they played, had a big lead over and lost, and Kansas City who they have not played. So how do they stack up against the two other best teams in the AFC?

I think they stack up incredibly well against anybody. I think they got the best defense in the league. I think they're going to start to become better and better as the season goes on. Right now, I think they're ranked number three in rushing defense and the Ravens have always been known for defense. So there's nothing new to see them doing well on the defensive side of the ball. Unfortunately, they wasn't playing well early on and I think now they kind of turned the corner a little bit. Everybody's getting back healthy and they're starting to gel and everybody's starting to buy into Mike McDonald's new defensive schemes. I think we're going to get better and better on defense as the season goes on. Through that process, the Ravens have always been known for defense, but now they've got one of the top offenses in the league as well. So I think they're going to be a scary team in a couple of weeks to see. Lamar Jackson is fun and I'd love to see just another team in the mix because for about five weeks it looked like we had four teams in the NFL. And then everybody else was just like, let's see who's going to be fifth. It looked like it was Philly and Dallas in the NFC and Buffalo and Kansas City in the AFC.

Now we're starting to see warts everywhere except maybe Kansas City. At coach Wilcox on Twitter at believe Network believe in Ravens I thank you very much Daniel.

I appreciate your time. Hopefully we'll do it again. Adam, thanks for having me on buddy. You got it. Daniel Wilcox, a Super Bowl champion.

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