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Where will UNC football be in this week's College Football Playoff ranking?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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November 15, 2022 3:31 pm

Where will UNC football be in this week's College Football Playoff ranking?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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November 15, 2022 3:31 pm

Where will UNC football be in this week's College Football Playoff ranking? Wes Durham of the ACC Network joined the show to talk about the next College Football Playoff Rankings and where UNC is likely to land. Also, Durham said that Drake Maye needs to be in consideration for the Heisman Trophy.


This is the Adam Gold Show. It's the Adam Gold Show.

I am Adam Gold. We'll talk with Wes Durham in about 15 minutes. Wes is actually in town today. He's got Georgetown versus Gardner Webb tonight. Georgetown versus Gardner. I was like, were they playing at Dorton?

My mouth is stuck. North Carolina and Gardner Webb tonight. Okay, that makes more sense. I was actually, because when he sent me the text of the game he's got, he said GW, right? And I have been thinking about it as George Washington all day, and then I'm like, oh wait, it's not George Washington. It's Gardner Webb. And I had, but never mind. It doesn't matter.

It just doesn't matter. We've got the Tar Heels and Gardner Webb tonight at the Smith Center. And we'll talk to Wes about mostly college football, but maybe a little basketball, as well as he's getting ready for a ballgame tonight. Right now, Wallace Sound time.

The Wallace Sound is a function of this studio. There's no doubt about it. Duke, Kansas tonight.

9.30 or whenever they're done explaining the latest college football playoff rankings that don't matter. John Shire, now 2-0 as a head coach at Duke, never lost on facing a real team, Kansas. The Champions Classic has always been just a great test, you know, to see where we're at. And of course, they're the defending champions. They have championship DNA and they have, you know, an incredible program. So we have a lot of respect for them. To be honest with you, we haven't really gone into that much. It's going to start this weekend.

But we do have a lot of respect for who they are and I think it's a great opportunity for our team as well. Peloton's best offer of the season is here. Get up to $300 off accessories when you purchase a Peloton Bike, Bike Plus or Tread.

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Cannot be combined with other offers. See additional terms at John Shire. I have no idea if Kansas is any good. Here's the thing. If I wasn't here, I couldn't tell you. I have no idea who's on Kansas' roster.

No clue. I will watch tonight and find out. If I can stay awake past 930, I will watch tonight and tell you I will report back on the Duke Kansas game tomorrow.

So just keep in mind that in place your bets, I have Kansas. And over 145 and I have no idea who's on their team at all. Is Danny Manning still there? Might be.

Okay. Maybe Danny Manning is still there. Alright, we woke up to this today. It is the latest narrative of Russell Wilson selling the I was disrespected at NC State so I had to leave part of the story.

And here's Wilson with Peyton Manning on the latest episode of Peyton's Places. I call my former coach and I say, hey, I want to come back to NC State. He says, no, no, no. Just go focus on baseball. You're not going to be able to make it in football. Hold on.

Did I hear that right? Rewind that back. Just go focus on baseball. You're not going to be able to make it in football. As Harry Carried say, holy cow.

Wow. I said, will you at least let me come back and compete? He says no. They said I was too small. So then I'm like, alright, well, listen, I want my transfer page.

What do you mean? I said I want to be able to transfer so I can go continue my, pursue my football career. I really had to make a decision. Am I going to continue to pursue this baseball thing right now in the midst of it all?

I'm starting every night at second. Or am I going to go play college football? So I was like, you know, I'm going to take the risk. If football doesn't work out, I can always come back to baseball. But you can't go the other way around. Um, actually, that would be the better way to approach it. Yeah.

Baseball first, then football. I'm not saying it's easy to take, let's just say three years off from football and then jump right back in and play. I'm not saying it's easy. But it's easier than the other way. Yeah. Especially as a developing baseball player, like there are guys who miss an entire year or 18 months recovering from an injury. We're talking about hitting pitching.

You can you can wait, you know, wait a couple of years and save some wear and tear on your arm, right? But the fact that they sold that as, oh, of course, like you're nuts, you're all nuts. With that said, this is just the latest in Russell Wilson. Attention seeker. I mean, his story. In and of itself, his story is amazing.

Right. He wasn't under the is an undersized quarterback. He went to state. He became a star. He also was a baseball player drafted in the fourth round by the Rockies. Goes to minor league baseball.

Doesn't do very well as a hitter. Was he playing every day? Of course, he was a fourth round pick. They were they looked at him as a future major league player. Was he playing well? No, no.

Whether it was that with the Asheville tourists here in North Carolina or it was with likes, I think as team called Tri City, which was out in Washington, Washington State. I mean, it was a it was a low 200 center. Again, it's it's hard.

It takes time. Like if you talk to major league scouts, they'll tell you it's you need like 1500 plate appearances in the minor leagues to really be able to tell if you can do this. Russell had like 400, if that.

He didn't give himself and I'm not knocking him for that. Baseball is the harder route to go. The harder route to go of the difference between hitting 300 and 250 is one hit a week. One. One hit a week. That's that's pretty big difference, I think.

Anyway. Gosh, Peyton's Peyton's places, though. Go check out Russell Wilson. The winning quarterback last night between the Commandos and the Eagles was not. Jalen Hurts, it was Taylor Heinecke as Washington pulls to five and five on the year.

It's huge. You know, again, we were on a good good run there for a little bit and then I feel like we kind of let them go last week that we could have won and did the bounce back and and go against a undefeated Philly team at home at their place. They're undefeated, you know, Monday Night Football and for us to kind of battle like that and get a win like this is huge for us.

You know, we have a lot of confidence here going on. Washington is only a half game behind the Giants now, not the Giants half game behind the 49ers for a for the final playoff spot. Now, ultimately, I think the 49ers are going to finish pretty high. They're going to finish with a record that Washington can't catch, right?

The whole thing is kind of a mess right now. Seattle is leading that division. I wouldn't be surprised if the 49ers won that division. But Seattle's record is going to be, I still think, better than Washington, what Washington can get to. But with seven games left, they're five and five and there's something to be said for that, just being five and five at this point. That's not quite as good as what the Bills are. But even though the Bills are six and three, you know, they're the sixth seed right now in the AFC playoffs. Yeah, they're third in their own division.

Miami is first, the Jets are second and Buffalo is third. Wild. Yes, they could be a wild card.

Yes. In fact, and that's what many people right now are talking about in terms of Josh Allen. He's too high risk. Dominique Foxworth, what say you? Josh Allen made the best leap from one year to another year of any quarterback that we've ever seen in the history of football. And now you're asking him to make another one. Stop it.

Like Aaron Rodgers, what he was in his prime and what Patrick Mahomes is right now is unique. You think that you're going to make Josh Allen into a guy that gives you these big, wild plays without mistakes. You're not going to do it.

It's not going to happen. So accept that he is outstanding and great and accept that sometimes he's going to give you some boneheaded plays where he's trying to punch out bubbles with his injured elbow. He's going to try to run through people.

He's going to try to throw balls through defenders. It stinks, but you take the good with the bad. There's a lot of truth to what Dominique Foxworth just said. My only pushback to this is we didn't hear a lot of this. Well, you know, Josh does take a lot of risks. Until Monday. We didn't hear it after they lost to the Jets.

You know what the bigger problem for Buffalo is and maybe it's a Josh Allen problem. I don't know. Do you know how many touchdowns they have scored in the second half of their last three games? Not very many. Zero.

That would be not very much. Second half touchdowns, zero. They've got four field goals total in the second half of the last three games. They won one of them. They did lose the last two. That's kind of goofy to me. They're just they have not been a good second half offensive team.

I don't know what that says. Maybe they're maybe they're bad. They're poorly coached. I don't know.

I'm not suggesting that they are, but that is kind of amazing that they have really allowed so many games to slip away. They had a lead on the Jets. Let it go.

They had a 27 to 10 lead at home against the Vikings and they didn't win and were blaming Josh Allen. I don't know. Maybe we don't allow a fourth and 18. Maybe I'm just let me just toss that out to the panel. Is that a good idea?

No, probably not. Maybe we maybe we shouldn't do that. All right. When we come back West during the voice of the ACC on the Tar Heels. Right.

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See additional terms at one Victoria is I believe at a baby shower. She'll be back tomorrow. I assume. Will she be back tomorrow or is it like a two day baby shower? She will be back tomorrow. Excellent.

Although it's always fun when you're here, Dennis. So I just, I don't want you to think that I'm looking forward to her return at your expense. No, it's okay.

You can. It's fine. All right. I bet a lot of people are so you're not the only one.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Don't sell yourself short. You're a tremendous slouch.

I apologize. The voice of the ACC. The man is responsible for the conference making a profit. West Durham is in Chapel Hill for the Tar Heels and Gardner Webb tonight, and he joins us on the Adam Gold Show. How are you, sir? What's up, AG? I'm doing okay. Hope you are, my man. I am.

I am. We'll talk a little bit about hoops before we before we say goodbye. Okay.

Project down the road for me. North Carolina 12 and 1 with an ACC title under their belt. What has to happen before they're in the final four? Well, I think that that really where we are in this process is we're kind of at the following junction. Okay.

The junction is Georgia, Ohio State, who I think will win their respective leagues. Okay. Right.

And then I think three. If TCU stays undefeated, it'll be TCU. Sure. I just think it's that simple for them.

Okay. When and you're going to be agreed. And then I think four is going to come up to being the best one loss team.

And that's easier said than done because I think there's a lot of tricks here. I think the best one loss team could be the ACC champion. And I mean, either one of them, right? If they are the best one loss team, I think it's really critical. If you're just a fan of the ACC and you want the ACC in it, you need both those teams to get to Charlotte with one loss, right? And then have a few things happen in front. It wouldn't hurt if Tennessee took another loss.

It wouldn't bother me if you threw another log on the fire at USC. But tonight I think will be really interesting because I think you have to kind of start laying kind of the first couple of weeks I'm convinced to make for television. It kind of starts formulating itself tonight. Do you think?

I don't think it matters at all. Well, I think next Tuesday night is the real one. I think next Tuesday night puts you in front of the final week of the regular season and then the championship. Because realistically, the championship week, you've got to play in order to make jumps if you don't play the championship week. So that's why I think tonight is kind of the preamble next Tuesday night is pretty impactful.

And then you've got to play out. In other words, I think you've got to get to your championship game to be a factor in this particular case. I think TCU critically important. And for Clemson Carolina, to your question, I think also very important as well.

West Durham is joining us here in the Adam Goldschule. I agree, Georgia and Ohio State win out undefeated champs easily. And if TCU does the same, it really comes down to if Michigan's only loss is Ohio State, Tennessee's only loss is Georgia. Southern Cal's only loss is Utah by one point. Right.

In Salt Lake City. If North Carolina or Clemson is twelve and one. Those four teams for the final spot. I don't know how the answer isn't Tennessee with wins over Alabama and LSU. Because Southern California and or Carolina Clemson would be confident. Right.

You're right. We are going to find out for sure how much the power of the conference champion is because Tennessee's body of work. Their only loss would be against an absolute machine in Georgia. And they were outclassed. They were second best by a wide margin that day.

But I mean, I don't see how Tennessee's not one of the top. Let me just say this. The LSU rhetoric right now is ridiculous. Yes. It's ridiculous. It's made for television.

You know, by the fight promoter. So there you go. A hundred percent agreement. But it will be interesting if they were to win out, wouldn't it? No. They'll get smoked.

They'll get smoked at Mercedes-Benz. No, no, no, no. They're not beating Georgia. I agree with you.

I agree with you. But just the hypothetical, if they were to beat Georgia, it would be a fascinating thought exercise. If they were to beat Georgia, how the committee would treat an 11 and 2 SEC champion with the wins that they've got. Oh, and Lord help us if they didn't get in. Good heavens. And Georgia did with one loss because, you know. Georgia and Tennessee ahead of LSU. I mean, you know, the building in Birmingham might not be able to withstand it. Incredible stuff.

West Durham is joining us here. You know they invented it, right? You know that they actually invented football.

Okay, good. No question about it. How good do you think Clemson is? I think their front seven defensively is really good. I think their back end is okay. Offensively, I think they're evolving. I thought what they did Saturday was the way they really have to win, which is Will Shipley and Antonio Williams. And I think they need a Joe and God, Adam Randall, EJ Williams, somebody to take command of the perimeter threat in the receiving game.

We are going to let you got to be able to ride the emotional roller coaster with him. And I think Shipley can I think their offensive line is okay. It's a little better than it's been, but I mean, look, I will tell you that I think if Carolina and Clemson play, Clemson is going to hold on for dear life and Charlotte. Yep. Because I Carolina will be the best offensive team they've seen all year. Right.

By a long shot. And Clemson's challenge will be to keep up. Because Carolina, I'm I'm and look, everybody's on what his boy is a Woody's boy. Carolina, I think, can score on just about anybody when they when they got it going. Yeah, I think it does do.

I'll jump here real quick. Clemson does do the one thing that will cause Carolina problems. Oh, Carol Clemson can get to the pastor right in a variety of ways and their front six or seven, depending on which way Wes Goodwin wants to line up, can be really, really impactful because that zero at linebacker Barrett Carter is a problem. And, you know, Miles Murphy and K.J. Henry are already problems.

So in Brazil is a kid who's fought through everything on and off the field and all he needs is a reason. So that'll be Caroline's biggest challenge in the game. But Clemson offensively, if Carolina gets rolling and clicking with one with eleven and three and the tight end committee and all that going plus Elijah Green running it. That could be a real problem for Clemson. Yeah, look, Drake May is so good if is if if he can get the ball out of his hands quickly.

Caroline is Caroline is going to score plenty of points. And he did it against Pittsburgh. Yeah. He got the ball out fast against Pitt.

And I think the same kind of approach would be important here and make no mistake. I mean, look, I'll tell you this. I'm voting him the player of the year in the ACC. Oh, God. And then I don't think you're going out on a limb, Wes. Well, but here's the other thing I'm going to say right now. He very well could be my number. He probably right now today, my number one vote on the Heisman Trophy ballot to mean he's definitely in my final three times. Yeah. And he has been big time each time.

All three times. I mean, if people are voting without his fastball, without his fastball a couple weeks ago, he was big time at Virginia. If if you lay the stats down of Drake May against C.J.

Stroud, Hendon Hooker, Bryce Young. I mean, Drake May's numbers are better. It's not even close.

Yeah. I mean, it's I think it's close with Stroud in terms of yards per attempt. I think Stroud is actually a little high. I think it was Stroud that was a little higher in yards per attempt.

But the numbers are cartoon like. And he's still like the fourth or fifth choice on the Heisman Award. I think I think it might have gone up a little bit more with his latest performance where he totaled like five hundred and forty yards of offense and four touchdowns in the latest win. And that was an impressive win. Look, Wake Forest, not great defensively anyway. But it's an impressive win because there's always scoreboard pressure on Drake May because their defense is not is not good enough to shut people down.

So they're always in ballgames where they have to keep scoring. And that probably will not change. Maybe it changes this week against Georgia Tech. But I mean, they still got to finish the deal against NC State on on Black Friday. And then and real quick about the Clemson matchup. And this is why I like Carolina from at this point. I like Carolina in the game for this reason. I as much as Clemson wants to be a running team. I don't think they can just line it up and run it on anybody. I'm not sure that either.

I don't know that I might be in agreement with you. They really only have one tight end that's a blocker. And it's not really the one that plays. I mean, burning stool and Davis Allen are basically what I call flex ends. Now, we have them all over the NFL for the most part. But yeah, Davis Allen and Jake burning still are both kind of flex. And I think that, you know, to be honest with you, I think Clemson is much more in the way.

They can certainly throw vertical. He's got a credible arm, but I think that Carolina Carolina's defense has done a terrific job of adjusting at halftime to. Yeah, I mean, they've done a phenomenal job and Jean and big and Charles Warren deserve a lot of credit for kind of making that kind of adjustment with a football team that at times in the first 30 minutes looks like it's just gotten the game plan when they got to the stadium. Look, we gave him a lot of grief at the beginning of the season, but they definitely have improved. I wouldn't go as far as to call them good at this point, but they are certainly better than they were. And frankly, they don't have to be that great based on how prolific their offense is final thing. We'll let West Durham go the Tar Heels tonight their first two games. It's been slow starts both ways.

And then of course, they figure it out and they pound people. What's your read on what the slow starts are attributed to? Look, I think you've got a people don't like to hear this sometimes, but I think you have to buy into the old coaching adage that even when you have four starters back every year a team is different, right?

Yep. And even with Carolina bringing back everybody and only making the change with Pete Nance. I still believe that this is a different team. Certainly shooting the ball has got to get better and I'm sure it will but in today's college basketball two games is, you know, pretty small sample size and you played kind of two teams that that wanted to muddy the water a little bit on you. And I think Tim crafts got a talented Gardner web team now, obviously Carolina should outclass them in many respects, but at the same time Tim's done a terrific job at the Big South for a decade and I would say this Carolina to me is going to revolve around love RJ Davis and Baycock. Those are the thinking of it and triangle offense. Those are the three right?

Yep. I think Leaky Black is the best on ball defender in the car in the college game for sure. And I think Pete Nance does a lot of things that everybody wants to think of as Brady manic things, but in reality Pete Nance is probably a much better passer than Brady man. So when I see Pete Nance kind of drift to the circle foul line area and make a quick pass into a corner for a shot or find a cutter coming off a back screen.

Those are the kinds of things. I think he brings to the table also his ability to rebound the basketball. So I think it'll be interesting to watch Carolina continue to involve evolve, but Adam make no mistake. It's going to take 10 or 12 games where I think we finally have a feel for not just the five on the floor that people are excited about but also how do the four five six guys who ultimately come off coach Davis's bench impact this team to Yeah, I mean it might take a lot longer than 12 game might take 22 games to for this team to figure it out because that's about the time they figured it out last year and I keep saying this. Pete Nance might be overall a better basketball player than Brady manic.

Good luck. Good luck having a bigger impact than Brady mannequin. Yeah, I think Brady manic was a perfect fit for Carolina and certainly what this team needed but remember a year ago today. We were talking about Brady manic like we didn't watch we were talking about Dawson Garcia.

I remember him. Yeah, that's what I'm saying. Yeah, so we got to see these teams evolve and I would say the same thing about Duke playing Kansas tonight or you know NC State who I think they're playing Campbell, right? You know, you got you got those tight games and and while you do focus on your opponent, you're much more concerned about evolving as a team and I think that's pretty important right now, especially for the locals you talk about but there are some teams in the ACC right now and obviously Louisville and Florida State or head scratchers at this point, but we need to find out what Miami is going to be what Clemson is going to be what Wake Forest looks like because I watch Virginia Tech a little bit on Sunday night. I'm pretty excited to see where Mike Young can take that group. That's a that's an interesting basketball team in Blacksburg that I think can capably win a lot of games.

Oh, there's no question. By the way, State plays FIU tonight, Florida and they already played. Yes, they already played Campbell. Look, I am a chance to watch turquavian Smith is always a good idea. Oh, look, the quavian Smith and Jarquil Joyner now Kevin's driving to the PNC for a shoot around or something.

He's gonna direct wreck his car when I say this Smith and Joyner are capable of going and getting 50 between them on any given night. And that for me would be enough to go to PNC to be honest. Go check them out. Watch that happen.

Good. Not nine o'clock ACC Network extra if you can't make it out to PNC Arena. It's on your regional sports Network tonight.

It is and you are working with the tall Virginian aren't you? Yeah, Dan Bonner and I at eight o'clock tonight on on ACC Network. We follow Dustin Kearns Appalachian State Mountaineers at Louisville. Very nice that is jets to Louisville at at at apps or app state at Louisville.

Maybe maybe Scott Satterfield to get on the bus and go back. Oh, wow. Come on. No, I've got to be there Saturday for the wolf pack. Ah, that's right. Oh, we didn't even talk about that next time next time.

We'll talk about the wolf pack. I appreciate your time. Well, take care.

Take care. So yeah, you kind of West Durham as so many things going on. This is this is the hardest part of the season like a night like tonight. You've got all these basketball teams. You still got football games coming up. No, when you were a voice of a school like West for a time was the voice of Georgia Tech. Yeah, you got basketball and football in the same day. Can't be in two places at once.

No, you can't. What do you choose? They almost always choose football generally Bob Harris used to Bob Harris at Duke football somebody else to do the basketball game. This is the Adam Gold Show Wendy's new French toast sticks are so delicious. Some are saying that they're better than their mom's breakfast.

Excuse me. Did you just say Wendy's new French toast sticks are better than my breakfast mom? Is that you answer the question? I said some people are saying that because they're so crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside and perfect in every way. Uh-huh.

And what do you think? I think it's time to tell people to choose wisely choose Wendy's new sweet and crispy homestyle French toast sticks. That's still not an answer at participating us Wendy's during breakfast hours.
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