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College Basketball is officially underway

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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November 8, 2022 2:04 pm

College Basketball is officially underway

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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November 8, 2022 2:04 pm

The College Basketball season is officially underway, which included the head coaching debut of Jon Scheyer at Duke basketball. CL Brown of the News & Observer joined the show to talk about UNC basketball after their season opening win over UNC-Wilmington, and Wake Forest basketball's win.


This is the Adam Gold Show.

And the Powerball is still available. You know I didn't win because I'm here. Dennis, I am Adam Gold.

That's Dennis Cox. Say, is that why Victoria's not here? You know, well, we found out that nobody won. Which means that whenever the next drawing is... Tomorrow. Tomorrow? Like, is it tomorrow or when they get around to it? Like, last night's wasn't done until, like, this morning.

We'll get around to that in a long time. Oh, we had some scores coming in from the far west. Yeah.

So we couldn't put the paper to bed. Not all precincts have reported yet. Oh, happy election day.

Exactly. See? Happy election day. We have things for you to vote on today. Yes, happy election day to everybody. And I say this as honest.

And I'm always serious about this. It is my hope that every single person in the United States who is eligible to vote, votes. Everybody. Complaining that your vote doesn't matter is a farce. Everybody's vote matters because it will be counted.

Contrary to some opinions. So let's get out and vote every... I don't care. People think I'm lying here.

I don't. I don't care who you vote for. Vote.

You want to write in Winnie the Pooh. Go out and vote. Just say it. Let's get out. Let's let's see how high the turnout can be. Everybody should vote. Shout out Winnie the Pooh. Shout out Winnie the Pooh. And honestly, he might not be a terrible choice.

Might not be. I don't know that I'd vote for Owl. No, no, no.

But I think I'd vote for Winnie the Pooh. All right. We have... Trying to think what else we have to do. We have college football. The college football playoff rankings will come out. Ah, yes.

Anarchy will take place. We are going to talk a little bit about that. We are going to talk about State and Carolina. Carolina plays at Wake. State is...

I guess they're just kind of waiting for the last game. State has BC, right? Boston College. BC this week. BC is no good. State can't relax, though, because they are always... They're going to be a work in progress for the rest of the season because you just never know what's around the corner with a true freshman quarterback. BC, then they're at Louisville and Louisville is just a role of the dice what you're going to get. Sometimes Louisville is great. No, I shouldn't say great.

You're not great. But sometimes they're dangerous and the other times they're dangerous to themselves. So there's that and then you've got the Black Friday game against UNC, which could be for a whole lot between when we finally do get there. Carolina more than likely will have already clinched the Coastal, but that's the least of Carolina's goals at this point in the season. They have goals they didn't believe they were going to have at the beginning of the year. But in fact, the goals that they might have are the goals that State wanted at the beginning of the year. So Carolina has a lot in front of them, but they must win this week at Wake Forest. Got a ton of things to do. We're going to kind of do a little bit of a tour of the college basketball landscape today, the local college basketball landscape that will start in just a few minutes with our friend CL Brown from the News and Observer who was at the Smith Center last night.

So let's see what we can get through before we get to that. Real quick about college football are our poll question. If you go to either my Twitter feed at a gold fan or at the fan rookie Dennis Cox's Twitter feed who will have the higher college football playoff ranking at the end of the regular season? Will it be NC State or will it be North Carolina?

Simple question and I'm going to throw this in there. I don't think we have it as a poll, but assuming it is Georgia 1 Ohio State 2 tonight and I think that's a safe assumption. Georgia 1 Ohio State 2 who's 3 and 4? I think Michigan will be 3.

Okay. I think Tennessee will be 4 and I think TCU will be 5, but if you put TCU over Michigan, I ain't going to argue with you. TCU has beaten more good teams than Michigan has, but Michigan was well ahead of TCU last week and they both still didn't lose. So we'll have to see where the committee goes, but we'll talk about that a little bit later on. PJ Walker will be the Panthers quarterback when they host the Falcons on Thursday night and I think that's probably the right decision. Here's what I found yesterday when it was announced that there are people who think that this is a tank job by announcing that PJ Walker would be the starting quarterback.

Nope. Like I could argue the other way. Now that the reality is there really isn't a difference between PJ Walker, Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold who has been activated. There really isn't a difference. In terms of ability in terms of chances to win.

There's no difference. There is actually something incentive wise for the team to not start Pete or to not start Baker Mayfield. Oh, I'm sure there's a financial interest to not start Baker Mayfield. Well, the it actually comes from because it was a conditional fifth-round pick that they sent to Cleveland. If he plays 70% of the snaps this season, it bumps up to a fourth. Right. So by him not playing more snaps, it stays a fifth-round pick as opposed to a fourth. So he's he's missed three games with injury, right?

So if he misses two more games, then he can play the rest of the season and not get to 70%. Ha! Eat it Cleveland. Exactly. How many times a day is that said?

Not enough. Spoken like a true Steelers fan. All right. So here's the here's the thing. Why would PJ Walker not be the right choice?

Again, I get back to this from yesterday. It seemed like we were blaming PJ Walker yesterday. For what happened Sunday afternoon when like I ain't trying to tell you he was good. He obviously was not. But did he play defense? Yeah, I didn't see him give up five touchdown runs for Joe. I thought this PJ is he like a defensive tackle?

No, is he is he a free safe? Well, what are we doing over here? What are we doing? Leave PJ alone again? I ain't even I'm not on the PJ Walker bandwagon, but their best quarterbacking of the entire season. Granted low bar.

But the best quarterbacking this entire year has been turned in by number 11. So what is the problem here? I just don't get it.

All right. So that is a Panthers note. The college basketball season crashed the fall sports party last night amid the NFL and we had an NFL game NHL was in action last night the NBA. Did you see what the NBA did? They every team was in action at 30 15 games and they staggered the start times of all 15 games. Pretty cool.

The entire night was had a staggered start. So if you were so inclined and had access to league pass layer league pass later the NBA league pass, you know what? You should have access to the league pass.

I should shouts to Brian and Brendan. We're going to talk to Brian later on about college ball. If you had access to it, you could have watched essentially the ending of every game and that's a pretty cool. That's a pretty cool deal that the NBA the NBA did so college basketball started NC State beat Austin P 99 to 50. We'll talk more about this with Brian Geisinger later, but to Quavion Smith 26 points 5 assists Jarkel Joyner 18.8 assists Jack Clark 15 and 7 think there were some good things we saw from Jack Clark DJ Burns at 10 points and 9 boards for the Wolfpack is obviously a bunch of new faces.

The transfer portal was necessary for NC State. They will play Campbell on Friday Carolina a little bit of a struggle. We're going to talk this talk about this more with CL Brown in about five minutes. Tar Heels that they were never in debt in danger. It was a close game early, but they were never in danger at about an 8 to 10 point lead from much most of the second half, but it it wasn't great. It was kind of choppy they fought the only had four assists. They fought the ball most of the night, but they won and it is just game one. Nobody's going to be that bent out of shape Duke 7144 over Jacksonville by the way Carolina will play College of Charleston on Friday Duke played Jacksonville.

They won by 27 South Carolina upstate is on Friday. But the real story the John Shire opening act is in the books here Shire after the game. Well, I just take a moment before going out there. You know, what an opportunity.

What a moment. You know, this is a place I've grown up in playing coaching and to be here. You know as a head coach like I was I was not going to be anywhere other than this moment right now. Look, I thought Duke was pretty good. I got a chance to watch about the first half on my phone as I was watching a youth soccer practice, but I thought Duke was pretty good.

I didn't love it. I thought there was a little bit too much of a reliance on the three-point shot, but that's also the guy couple young guys out. It's all they will they're missing a seven-footer and Derek Lively and Derek Whitehead. So there did the two top recruits coming in in the entire class where we're not on the court. Yeah, yet Duke still had a pretty good squad out there. Jimmy Roach played well shot the ball. Well, I mean Duke didn't shoot it badly, but they didn't shoot it great either, but whatever.

I'm not again. I shouldn't complain about anything Central gave Virginia a what for they had a lead into the second half did the Eagles but Virginia wins that 73 61 Wakebeat Fairfield. They will host Georgia. I think they host Georgia on Friday night. There were 13 ACC games. The only upset was Florida State losing at home to Stetson BC had a scare.

They won by two over Cornell 79 77. So that was the ACC basketball story. So we're headed to week 10 now in the NFL. Here are the current playoff matchups. By the way, the Ravens beat this the Saints are bad.

They say it's are bad. They're really bad Ravens. They're not as bad as the Panthers although the Panthers don't have a win over the Saints Ravens have now won three in a row for what that's worth and I think the Ravens are good, but I don't think the Ravens are that good. So we're headed to week 10.

Here are the current playoff matchups Dennis Cox. Okay in the AFC bills get the by so far, but that ain't that that's not there's bad news for the better a lot of teams with six wins in the no, but they're still the best team as long as dot dot dot story out of Buffalo right now is that Josh Allen is getting his right elbow tested for a potential ulnar collateral ligament problem. That is the ulnar the UCL if that is damaged that's when pitchers have Tommy John surgery. Yeah, actually didn't Ben Roethlisberger have that a few years ago, right that ain't a surgery.

You want if your job is to throw things though. So if that's if that happens for the bills, I wonder how many people off the top of their head know who Buffalo's backup quarterback is. Mitch Shabiski. No, it's unfortunately. He's not unfortunately for the Steelers. Mr. Biski is not so the bills right now would have the buy the Chargers would be at the Chiefs as the 7-2 matchup 6-3 is Miami Baltimore that would be a rematch of a huge comeback from earlier in the season Jets at Titans that game might bore everybody to death 5-4 matchup Jets at Titans Jets have a great defense.

Why are you shaking your head? No, well because the Ravens lead the division therefore they would be at least the four seat the Ravens the Ravens are the three seat who's my aunt Miami is the six six at three Miami at Baltimore Jets and the Dolphins have the same record but the Jets beat the Dolphins. Okay, so the Jets are ahead of the Dutch would be the top wildcard if the season ended today, which of course it doesn't Tennessee is the fourth division leader.

Okay, I misheard. Sorry, I could have missed set I mean anything could happen New England and Cincinnati are five and four there are half game behind the Chargers for the final whale wildcard spot in the NFC Eagles have the by right now San Francisco at seven would be at Minnesota the two the Giants the six at Seattle the three I thought those two teams would combine for about seven wins this year. Giants at Seattle would be a matchup Dallas at Tampa would be the five at the four Atlanta and Washington are a half game behind the 49ers. By the way, San Francisco is just born for it ain't like they're running away Panthers right now are the 16th seed in the NFC. There's only 16 teams in the NFC. That's it just 16. There are 31st in the NFL only the Houston Texans are behind them.

All right final thing. The Indianapolis Colts have a a new temporary head coach in former Tar Heels lineman Jeff Saturday. Yes, that Jeff Saturday ESPN TV analyst Jeff Saturday. Shock would be an understatement right shock would be an understatement. So yeah, we had the conversation and it escalated quickly. I feel fully capable excited about the opportunity made games to you know, listen, here's a great part about my career. I came in nobody expected anything.

I'm here. Nobody expects anything. If it goes well, hopefully it'll go extremely well, but I have no preconceived notion that I'm going to be some spectacular anything. I know I got to work hard and I mean, you know, I'm audition and not only for this one but for for 31 others just like everybody else in this game. Oh, so this is an audition to be a head coach.

Oh, this is like a serious thing real quick. I need to hear from from the owner. I need to hear from Jim Erce who doesn't care about experience in this case. He has tons of experience.

He knows this game inside and out with relationships with coaches and players and has been a consultant for us for several years a paid consultant, you know, informing Chris and I and other people in the organization, you know, his opinions. So to me, you know, I know people can, you know, look out and see it and ask that question, but you know, you know, that doesn't surprise me. I understand looking I don't know how to make sausage. I don't know what goes into sausage, but I do know how to build a football team because I've been around for 52 years.

All right. I have questions not the least of which is does Jeff Saturday taste like sausage. That's my first question. Pause. Yeah, I mean like why would he go to sausage?

Maybe Jeff Saturday tastes like sausage. All right. So there's that question. The other question is are you really good at building a football team?

I'm just curious. I just have I've thoughts in my head about how good you are building a football team. And if Jeff Saturday was such a good consultant and he was a paid consultant as Jim pointed out if he was such a good consultant, why why did you guys sign Carson Wentz?

I'm sorry. Not sign trade for why did you give up assets for Carson Wentz and then Matt Ryan who's kind of been done for a few years now. It's just there's just there's no there's no figuring this out. There's just no figuring this whole thing out. Anyway, that is I have those are my questions about the Indianapolis Colts. We have I have another question Jim Mercy said something else at the press conference that we're going to get to later, but in order to really discuss it, I need somebody I need like a math teacher as as it's election day and a lot of the public schools are closed.

If not all of the public schools, I don't know how this works anymore. I need a math teacher. So if you are a math teacher or a professor even and you can help us out 919-860-5326 legitimately, I need a math teacher to help us out 919-860-5326. If it's easier for you to remember five fan, that's fine. But there's something that Jim Mercy said that we need to figure out. All right. Let's get to my friend CL Brown news and observer at CL Brown hoops on Twitter.

All right. It seemed to be a struggle last night for the Tar Heels. They only turned it over nine times, but they also only had four assists. That's a very low number for them first game. I'm not too bent out of shape over it, but what were your thoughts after, you know, beating what Wilmington by 13?

Yeah, exactly what you said. I don't think it's you need to the alarm bells need to be going off right now in terms of offensively because even returning for starters, there's going to be an adjustment period, you know, getting back into a groove and especially integrating not only Pete Mance into the lineup, but Hubert Davis using his bench and there being different combinations out there on the floor. But I what I was impressed with was defensively. I see a lot of potential there. You know, they held Wilmington under 30% shooting, which they only did one time all of last season to an opponent. So they've got a little bit more athleticism and they can switch a lot and can make things difficult defensively. So I would say that was encouraging. But obviously on Friday people are going to be micro managing to see see how you know how quickly they can improve and get going offensively. Yeah, look, I'm first few games are probably not going to be too bent out of shape over anything.

And honestly, I don't even think it matters if they take on a loss. We all know how last year should have given everybody a reason to just take a chill no matter what happens in November and December because we saw the turnaround really over the last five weeks of last season CL Brown at CL Brown hoops on Twitter from the News and Observer was at the Smith Center last night. You mentioned Hubert Davis using his bench.

He didn't use it a ton. They only played really basically seven guys and I assume that Puff Johnson and maybe a couple of others will be part of the rotation going forward. What do you foresee in that area? Is he going to play as many as eight or nine? I think so. I mean, I definitely think Puff Johnson is going to get, you know, pretty good minutes when he gets healthy enough to be back in the lineup.

So that's eight. I think Jaylen Washington the freshman forward will also get some minutes. Although I figure those might be on the lower end kind of how he used Tyler nickel and really, I mean, Dontre style is going to get more than three minutes a game, you know, like yes that happened last night, but I thought part of it was especially in the second half. I mean the offense wasn't going and so I think Hubert wanted to kind of leave those guys out there to start it out there a little bit longer to try and get them, you know, some continuity just to try and allow them to to work through things and then they got in foul trouble. So that kind of skewed it, but you know, I do think last year made an impression on Hubert in terms of that Kansas game and them really not having enough bodies with the experience and running out of gas, you know, in the National Championship game, so he he's been talking about developing depth all summer.

So I don't see why he changed, you know, now that the game's accounting. You need depth to get you through the season, but once you get down to the tournament, then depth goes out the window and that's really the way everybody seems to do it and it's probably the best way to do it because the adrenaline will carry you through when we get to that point CL Brown from the news and Observer is joining us here on the Adam Gold Show. The chemistry that last year's team developed was real and it's so hard to recreate that it has to develop naturally.

There might be some issues just with that going forward, no? Well, I mean, yeah, I think to an extent, I mean, every team takes on its own personality and nothing is, you know, you're not going to be able to duplicate what you had at the end of the year when you're just starting off, you know, in November and I thought last night, it almost seemed like, you know, they were being a little bit too deferential sometimes with each other, you know, I don't think there was any kind of real pecking order like we want to do this on offense, you know, now the credit UNC Wilmington for the way they play defense. I thought, you know, they ran them off of the three-point line. That's that's why Carolina only had 10 attempts from behind the arc, but but I also thought, you know, Carolina didn't really establish what they were trying to do offensively. I thought, you know, guys are just kind of sharing with each other and it's like, okay, now it's your turn to take a shot. Like, you know, they're right. If you will to the to the offense, let everybody get a little something so that that will also kind of work itself out.

I think moving forward. I'm not I'm really not not concerned at all about how they'll perform offensively, right? No, nor am I and honestly, there are times where certain players should be a little bit selfish and no, no, this is not a disparaging comment about Caleb Love when he's feeling it. He should be he should just let it fly because that's really what makes him Caleb Love and makes him dangerous and in some ways him shooting from 27 feet opens it up for other players. Yeah, and he didn't I mean, you know, I thought he was fairly efficient last night. He didn't take a ton of you take a ton of shots.

You know, I thought there were a couple of times where I thought he could have made an extra path that he didn't and took a shot. But but overall, you know, I mean, how can you complain about 6 or 12 shooting 17 points, you know, so and still getting to the free throw line. So what I was also surprised about though was their rebounding. I mean getting out rebounded by UNC Wilmington and one of the things the head coach of Wilmington to K.O. Siddle said after the game was he felt like that Carolina did.

I forgot how he described it. They didn't box out hard some something to that effect and he felt like they could that Wilmington would be able to to you know, maybe not beat but at least match them on the boards and you know, they obviously ended up ended up 3732 winning that battle. So that that's something Carolina is going to definitely have to clean up moving forward. Yeah, that's not that's a pretty telling number considering that Wilmington didn't shoot.

Well, CL Brown will do it again soon. My friend. I appreciate your time next time on video. All right, good.

I would love to see you. Have a good one out. The Thursday before the day before the concert that will they will announce the two newest members of the Hurricanes Hall of Fame. Then there's the concert hoodie in the blowfish Friday night the outdoor game on Saturday night and then the state hosts Carolina men's basketball on Sunday. It's a pretty good weekend.

Not bad. I don't know if Connor O'Neill is going to be there. He might otherwise be busy. He's got 74 different teams to cover. Let's talk at least about one of them.

Maybe two of them or three of them or more right now. Connor O'Neill from we're just going to say for this for the purposes of the beginning of this Devils Illustrated joins us on the Adam Gold Show. You were at Cameron Indoor Stadium last night. Overall impressions that John Shire do anything dumb. I don't think so.

You know, of course not. I did I did marvel at I unless I missed it. He did not use his use it or lose it timeout in the first half.

What is he thinking? He has he has a lot to learn. Yeah, and I also I marveled it. There was a charge called on Duke in the first half and I figured it was the first time in what 43 years that a charge was called against Duke and Cameron and the head coach did not either a lose his mind or be subtly point out to the officials. You know, we we get that call down here too. Kay would Kay would do that little point and it'd be it'd be that little reminder of hey, you know, it needs to be called down here.

Nice. Did John did John work the officials at all that he screamed at their referees at all last night. I noticed him doing it a lot more in the second half and the first half the foul differential in the first half was 5 2 at one point against Duke and then in the second half it started 5 0 before it started moving in the other direction right before it started evening out a little bit.

I think I think there was a settling in there. He didn't mention that after the game will circle back to it but is noticeable against USC upstate on Friday night. Connor O'Neill was at the game last night as Duke beat the beat Jacksonville by a 71 44 score overall thoughts on what you saw from Duke. I know they're missing two of their best players to very highly rated recruits. I think the one in two ranked recruits in the country coming in but there's still a ton of talent on the floor and they're still led by a pretty veteran on too many veteran players. But in Jeremy Roach, they've got as much of a veteran as you're going to have as many games as he started at Duke.

What were your thoughts on how they looked? The defense stands out. I mean you hold a team to 44 points. That's always going to be an easy explanation, but they really they're so athletic. They're so long the seven-man rotation, I mean figure that grows to nine once Whitehead and Lively come back and the prognosis on Lively was actually more positive than I think we thought it would be. John said he had a great chance of playing Friday night. But Mark Mitchell, the 6'8 freshman, he's kind of, it's funny, you know, he's like the afterthought of the freshman class because he wasn't the top five kid with Whitehead Lively and Kyle Philipowski, but he's, you know, the 21st ranked recruit in the country.

Right. He is, he is phenomenally versatile. Like he's just, he's a 6'8, 220 pound left-handed slasher who poured it, you know, made a couple threes when he was open last night.

He guards one through five. He gave up a couple blowbys, but just, you know, that'll come, like hopefully for Duke's sake that he stays in front of people and he makes them, you know, he gives them so much versatility and gives John so much flexibility with his lineups and being able to plug him in and guard two, three, fours and fives. They have a lot of future pros. I don't know if, I mean, to be honest, I mean, they're probably all future pros somewhere and it's some, you know, to varying degrees, but one of the guys who really didn't do much last night that I think you and I have talked about it.

Tyrese Proctor is, I mean, he's going to be, this year, he's going to be an outstanding player. They're really, he didn't really have too many of those moments last night. I think the moments were Mitchell and I don't even know that the moments weren't Jalen Blake's off the bench had some big moments. Yeah, I asked John about Jalen. That's the last question of the press conference and he basically said, yeah, the threes are a bonus.

All they really want out of Jalen Blake's is to play defense and kind of have a steadying hand in the backcourt when, especially when Jeremy Roach isn't out there. I think Tyrese Proctor was just so nervous and worked up and that's where you attributed to, he's a freshman. I thought Kyle Filippowski looked just about as nervous and worked up as Proctor did and until, you know, Jeremy came down on like a secondary break with a minute left and set up Filippowski for a wide open top of the key three that he hit and that settled him down. Like you could sit in courtside, you can see these things, you see kind of the motion drain out of their faith and they're kind of like, okay, you know, I can do this. I'm here. I never really got a sense of that with Tyrese Proctor and I don't, you know, I don't think you press the panic button on that one.

I think you wait and if it's still an issue like two weeks from now, then maybe just start worrying. Oh, I don't think we're going to push the panic button on anything. These guys are super, super talented and they're used to playing, I mean, I don't know, big games is the right word, but they're used to having the spotlight on them because when you're at that level, every time you lace them up, there's somebody coming after you.

So you used to play in for something even if it's even if it's just personal pride. Connor Connor O'Neill joining us from Deacons Illustrated and Devils Illustrated. Let me just throw it to Deacons Illustrated here and talk about the football game coming up on Saturday Night Carolina going to wake. This is two games in a row. Obviously, this one wasn't nearly as bad as what we saw at Louisville and I think I believe that it was more states defense than wakes offense.

That was the issue. What do you make of where the Demon Deacons are so far now what they're six and three? I think this is kind of a crossroads. This this program had a great season last year and I wrote and was ready to kind of say this is it's getting to be from last year's great season to being a great program when they're six and one and they didn't really play their best against an ACC team in Boston College and still won by 28.

I was thinking, you know, this this is going to be another double digit win. The rails of have completely fallen off for the offense and it's not like they've been the sole perpetrator here. The defense has not played well in spots either but man, it's an offensive is averaging 41.4 points a game in the first seven games that has barely put up 21 in back-to-back weeks. It's it's just it's whatever descriptor you want to throw on it out of rhythm in a funk in a rut.

They all apply and there's not really one physician group that you can look at and say, okay, they've been doing their job the last two games. It's everybody else. It's it's across the board abject failure. So, yeah, you know, you're you're so down on it and then you go into this game is like, well Carolina's defense gives up the most yards in the ACC. They've they've been keeping people off the scoreboard better in the ACC than they did when they gave up 61 points to app.

But they've been locked down in the red zone. So this is this is kind of the swing point for me, you know, wake this is the first of three games left and they're playing three good teams and they just played two good teams. I mean, it was a little more backlogged of a schedule than I think we thought going into the season just because of Derek using Duke being to the surprise teams in the league. So, yeah, they're they're in the grind and it's it's a this is the game that can either propel you to a strong finish or it can keep keep shoveling dirt on to what was once what once looked like a really special season. Yeah, at one point 10th in the country and then it is mean I again, I'm I go back to the Louisville game and it's just inexplicable what happened there.

I've never seen eight turnovers in nine possessions from a good team and to me they they are a they are a good team. So there's still a lot still a lot to lot to play for and hope it works out Connor O'Neill. I appreciate your time at Connor O'Neill underscore Di that's either Devils or Deakins Illustrated. You decide appreciate your time, man. We'll talk again soon.

That's right. I appreciate it. And why didn't you give David Tepper credit for bringing Judy and the Bluff Fish to Raleigh?

I could actually I think Carolina's owner really worked phones for that. I think I'm glad I'm glad Tom Dundon can actually get things done in that regard. I can't look there are people have problems with Tom Dundon did a pretty good job here.

He did a pretty good job here. All right, Connor. I'll talk to you later, man. Thanks Adam. I appreciate it.

Peace. Have you ever seen Hootie in the Bluff Fish? I have not. I have not seen Hootie in the Bluff Fish either it there are there are not fish once you I have never caught a fish really. I've never caught a fish look it's been it's been a minute since I have put a rod in the water.

So but I have never caught a fish and not that this would be the replacement for that because it is you know, not the same but of all the shows all the concerts. Are you all right? Yeah, I'm good. You okay in there. I'm fine. That is on the table.

I don't want we don't want that. So I mean I was just being honest. So of all the concerts I have been to there is only one that I regret having never seen and this is it. I mean, I've seen everybody else. I have wanted to see that I could have seen and I've seen Prince. I've seen Elton John. I've seen Tony Bennett twice. Okay, never got a chance to see Sinatra when I was a fan because Sinatra had already passed but I've seen all I mean, I didn't see the Beatles but I mean the Beatles were mostly gone by the time and Paul McCartney can't sing anymore. So don't talk to me until you can sing fine. No, he can't he can't hasn't been able to sing for 10 years. That's Sir Paul McCartney.

It is Sir Paul McCartney who is brilliant and one of the Alzheimer's but can't sing anymore. But Hootie and the Blowfish is the only act that I haven't seen that I really wanted to see so the Friday before the stadium game very excited for that. All right from the no crap the magazine do it we have any like music or a sound effect for a no crap the magazine exclusive. Hey, I can find something.

Yeah, if you find something so again, a lot of the kids will say no blank Dick Tracy. Sep Blatter who is the man who used to run FIFA has just said that awarding this World Cup to Qatar was a mistake. You're kidding Sep. It was a mistake to award. The world's number one sporting event to a country notorious for human rights abuses. What they've done to migrant workers who by the way make up the majority of the population.

I believe in their country. There's not enough hotel rooms in Qatar. Do you know that? No, I actually did not know there are not enough hotel rooms for all of the people expected to visit. So you know what they're doing? They're giving people tents.

Oh, I'm not making that up. I have a tent. Well, you could go over to Qatar and hand it out. Oh nice. They are giving people tents. They're going to have big tent communities.

What is this? The Quidditch World Cup? No, that'd be cool for people who have seen Goblet of Fire.

You would understand what I'm talking about there like you've got to be joking. Qatar is also paying certain groups of fans. They're actually picking up their hotel tab and their airfare in exchange for positive social media reaction to how they're how they're performing hosting the World Cup. There it is. All right.

And then there's this matter. Remember this is about set bladder saying it was a mistake to award the World Cup to Qatar. You know when the World Cup normally is held, right? Summer. July. Average daily high temperature in Qatar in July 108. Oh average Heaven forbid. It's like 115.

All right. Yeah, but have they ever felt the humidity of North Carolina? Do they get three o'clock thunderstorms? It's a dry heat.

I understand. So the World Cup because of the heat in Qatar in July has to be held essentially this month the end of this month into no into December like for five weeks. I think it's about a five-week event. It's basically it starts in three weeks less than three weeks less than three weeks. So I think the 20th of November is the first other first matches and it goes through the middle to late December. So the average should be beautiful weather. It's going to be like in the low 80s for Qatar.

That's great. But all of the major European leagues have to shut down to play and the problem is that so many players are injured. Korea's best player. Youngman's son is hurt. It's not going to be on play place for Tottenham, right?

Yes, right. There are tons of players who are hurt and can't play not to mention the players who are going to get hurt at the World Cup and then can't play for their club teams. See in July when the only real competition for players is Major League Soccer, not a ton of those players are playing for their national teams. I'm not saying there are there plenty, but they're just it's not a ton. It's not like if you look at the Premier League, you look at La Liga, you look at Serie A, Bundesliga.

I mean those leagues are chock full of World Cup players. But yes, Sepp Ladder, you made the decision to give the World Cup to Qatar and now you say it was a mistake. What a dope, what a dope. I can't wait for it. By the way, I am fired up for the World Cup. I love it. There was a poll question today somewhere, which which nation has the best uniforms?

I think the answer is none of them. Yeah, they're boring to me. Argentina is always nice and actually Brazil's are kind of cool.

Brazil's are cool, but there's nothing different about it and I like Croatia's but other than that, none of them zero are nice. This is the Adam Gold Show.
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