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Bob Harig of Sports Illustrated on the latest with LIV Golf

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October 19, 2022 3:11 pm

Bob Harig of Sports Illustrated on the latest with LIV Golf

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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October 19, 2022 3:11 pm

Bob Harig of Sports Illustrated on the latest with LIV Golf, including how the tour is trying to get World Golf Rankings faster, and how some LIV players could potentially get out of their contracts.


This is the Adam Gold Show. It's like the second time I think he has shot a pellet gun. It's pretty good. We had some kids there that missed the targets, but that's fine. I'd be more okay with that than the other way.

I'm not sleeping with both eyes closed anymore. You know, you got a 14-year-old, they could get mad and go find a pellet gun. Just never mind. So not something you should joke about. But no, they had a good time. They did a lot of cool stuff at the fair. There's a lot more than just fried foods and silly rides.

Although that's what they pretty much wanted to do. Yeah, there's milking cows. My son milked a cow. Is that going to be a promo by the way? Yeah.

Yeah. Yeah, my son milked a cow. How could it not be? And stood right next to a cow when it projectile defecated. Because that happened. All right, let's do the wall of sound.

The wall of sound is a function of this studio. There's no doubt about it. Let's start with the NBA last night. The NBA kicked off or tipped off.

I guess we have to say tipped off. It's the NBA. They don't kick off their season last night. The Celtics and Sixers was a fun game.

I really really fun game. I did not watch any of Lakers Warriors. That was the nightcap.

I was long asleep. I did see Draymond Green getting to the arena in a bright green like a money green shiny suit, which looked awesome. And I know Kevin Harlan and Reggie Miller had the call.

So what were they talking about Dennis? They are calling for the overhand right to knock off these Lakers. Be careful how you characterize that here comes to Scott ah, especially was a Jordan pool shot exactly that is even better exactly even better. Meanwhile after Draymond Green slugged his teammate in practice. Jordan pool got his contract Andrew Wiggins got his contract. So the Warriors are on the hook for I mean pretty much three max deals.

Curry Thompson pool Wiggins has a big deal. I said this last week Draymond Green's not going to get another not he's not going to get a big money contract. He might get not get another contract at all with the Golden State Warriors that are that era is going to end and I mean Clay will be around but that's it. I think Draymond is done in Golden State maybe even after this year. Do you think he opts in at 27 million for the final year? I kind of think he will but if he opts out he's going to end up with another team.

I don't end up with another team. I just wonder his value outside of the Golden State Warriors is not that high. I agree. I think his value is to the Golden State Warriors. He will not get that money anywhere else, which is why I think he opts in yeah take 27 million.

That's very funny. By the way, Kevin Harlan and Reggie Miller. All right to to football. Let's start at the NFL owners meetings in New York. Here is Jim Irsay is the owner of the Colts who came out. I think it was yesterday and basically said the NFL the NFL needs to do something about Dan Snyder. In the workplace today the standard that the shield stands for in the NFL that you know that you have to stand for that and protect that and and you know, I just think that once owners talk amongst each other they'll arrive to the right decision and I just you know, my belief is that unfortunately, I believe that that's the road we probably need to go down and we just need to finish the investigation but it's greatly concerning to me.

The things that have occurred there over the last 20 years. All right. I have I only had one problem with what Jim Irsay said there what the shield stands for the standard that the shield stands for are we talking about different NFL's? Yeah, that's good question. I wonder how Jerry Richardson feels about said she's just curious. Look earthsays larger point is sound Daniel Snyder has to go.

So the the natural follow-up. Hey Commissioner. Did you hear what Jim Irsay just said? What do you think about what Jim Irsay just said? Are you surprised are you disappointed that Jim Irsay had strong comments about it?

No. How do you like that? How do you feel about it? How do I feel about what his comments? I just said and I said it to the membership speculation without facts is not a very positive thing to do. I think everyone deserves to have facts and to make sure those decisions are made with facts and the membership will have that opportunity.

I really enjoyed that now on second listen to that. It's possible that Roger Goodell wasn't necessarily endorsing the ouster of Dan Snyder, but I think he was I know you could certainly apply. Goodell's comments to mean something different, but I think that he was advocating that yes, I would be completely in support of getting rid of that loser in Washington. I really do that's what I think he meant but it can be it can be interpreted.

Whatever I just said in different ways. All right, here's more on Goodell this one specifically on the investigation of Snyder and the Washington football team. It's an ongoing investigation.

That's what we talked about. There were no interim reports. We have not gotten interim reports.

We do not provide any because we don't have them. When Mary Jo White is done with her investigation, we will share that with the membership and share it publicly as we committed to before and I was very clear with them. There's no reason for there to be any speculation. At this point in time or discussion until we have the facts and so that was my message to the ownership and there was little or no discussion. All right, so I there there must be another investigation because I thought we were done. I looked at it investigated. That's what happens when you have multiple investigations. They overlap when one ends another begins when one door opens Dennis.

Or when one door closes another one opens. I don't know. I don't know sure we'll go with that. All right more from the NFL owners meeting since when does the NFL owners owners meetings make so much news actually this is about football Jared Jara, Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys owner on Dak Prescott, his quarterback who is slated to return. I think he'll be back and I think we'll get to do anything that we want to do. He's is it. No one is more prepared. No one has spent more hours getting ready to play a football game than DAG. And I think we've got it all there the full repertoire.

And so I don't think there'll be any limitations on anything we do. Yeah, there shouldn't be when he comes back think about it a lot of the shower. I have been I have been when he comes back. It's because he's healthy not because you can't win without him. You can win without him. I mean they could have won that game with Cooper Russia quarterback, even though rush through three interceptions.

They could have won the game. But Dak Prescott is the quarterback that if you can get to and win a Super Bowl, he will be your quarterback not Cooper Rush and he doesn't come back until he's a hundred percent. So there are no limitations. So it's it to me.

That's a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you will. I mean Dak went a hundred percent will be back.

All right. I'm just watching this on the screen on ESPN. They're asking the question who has been more disappointing this season Aaron Rogers or Tom Brady. Let me ask let me answer that question quickly and I want your answer to Dennis before we play the last soundbite in Wall of Sound. The answer is that's a stupid question quarterback is not played in a vacuum. Yeah, your team has something to do like anybody who has watched both of these two teams play understands that. Yeah.

Okay. They're both old Brady is 45 Rogers. I think is 39.

Yeah 38. He was drafted only one year after Roethlisberger Rivers and Eli Manning. So and you know, he was a guy who went to a junior college before transferring.

So he spent a lot of time in school. So but they are not it's not their job to also block and catch and run routes and catch. All they can do is throw and you're only going to be so good.

If all of those things are not operating properly. There's just nothing you can do because I've watched both of them play this year where they look great. Yeah, so maybe it's other factors and maybe they're not good, but I think at going into week 7, I think basically we've just asked a stupid question. So with that said I saw Brady yelling during the game is screaming at teammates during the game Dennis. Why was Tom Brady screaming at teammates? I'll let him answer.

Okay. It's a bad day when there's more f-bombs and touchdowns. The only reason why I'm doing it is to try to motivate them and try to get us to a higher level. You know, if I don't feel like we're living up to the expectations and playing up to the expectations that we're capable then it's that's my job. You know, I'm a quarterback. That's what my job is to try to get us going and to try to rally us and there's a lot of ways to do it. And sometimes it's getting on people and trying to raise the level the sense of urgency and raising my voice and trying to create a different vibration for the whole offense.

By yelling? Yeah. Well, here's where it looks here's where it really looks bad. You know how it really looked bad?

What's that? If Geno Smith did that to the rest of the Seahawks. Oh, yeah. Well, here's how it's a bad look for this week. So he's been not practicing on Wednesdays right veteran thing which happens across the league a lot, right and he missed Friday's practice because he went to Robert Kraft's wedding. Okay, so he wasn't at practice on Friday either. So Kraft got married Saturday Friday. He's like his wedding was on Friday Friday afternoon.

Yeah at some point. No, but the reason I asked that question is Robert Kraft is Jewish. Yeah, and I mean it could have obviously been a non-religious wedding, but they don't do weddings like if you have a Saturday wedding it's going to be in the evening.

Yeah. Well, it was Friday at some point on Friday. So he wasn't a practice Friday to go to Robert Kraft's wedding and then he skipped the Saturday walkthrough before the team traveled. So you basically went from Kraft's wedding.

I'll meet you guys in Pittsburgh essentially and then obviously stunk it up on Saturday or Sunday against the Steelers team that had all three of its top corners out make a Fitzpatrick out Cam Hayward was hurt and TJ Watt also out. Belichick didn't go to the wedding. No, because he was checking tape.

Get watch tape on your phone Bill. Come on, man. Have the video guys. So download it to your phone and bring it bring it bring an iPad.

That's why a lot of people are like, wait, how you skipped most of the week and here you are yelling at everyone to do their job, but you missed most of the week. Who else was at the wedding? We have do we have photos. There are photos. Well, there's photos of Tom Brady at the wedding.

Well, but cause you know who wasn't there who Giselle? No now he had to find a new plus one. I thought those kids were going to make it he honestly he's playing too much football. Yeah. Playing too much football. Sometimes you got to go home for dinner. Yeah.

He's staying out beyond when the light comes on the school. It's too bad too bad kids. Come on. Come on kids.

Anyway, she was supportive and then she decided to stop being so supportive. Like you know what? We have a we have a thing here.

Maybe you should come and join it. I would love to see Bob Herring from Sports Illustrated. I would love to see his passport Bangkok Thailand to Jeddah Saudi Arabia. I'm shocked sir that you didn't stop over at Zozo in Japan. How are you? Welcome back to the United States.

You must be exhausted. Yeah, it was quite the journey. It was basically going all the way around the globe when you when you look at it the way I went so it's good to be back though.

It's good to be home. All right, let's I'm curious about this and I've got a lot of questions. I hope I know we don't have a ton of time but I think I've probably followed the goings-on with live golf at least as much as any other person who doesn't either work for Golf Channel or make my living covering golf. And here's what I don't understand because I think I get the issue. I don't understand how it's controversial that live golf isn't currently receiving official World Golf rankings points explain if it is and I may be may be wrong, but I think it's been kind of framed as this controversy and I just don't see it as one. It's always been a process, right? Yeah, it's it's a I think I think if you step back from it, everybody should realize that this wasn't going to happen right away.

Right? That's the fair probably the fairest assessment. Their view on that is they're completely different than any other golf tour seeking points. Sure and that the the you know, the process for reviewing it is completely different than like if you were looking at some developmental tour that was trying to get off the ground that you don't know who's backing it you want to make sure that they've got the rules in place that they're actually staging tournaments that they can fund it.

Obviously those things are not an issue here, you know, they've got they've got made, you know people behind the scenes are our pros who are known in the game of golf who are running this and obviously they've got the funds to do it. And so they think they should be getting it right away. And so that's where there's the controversy but I think they have been wrong in pushing that. I think they should have been been trying to you know behind the scenes get everything in order so that they would get them starting next year. That would have been fair. I mean, it doesn't have to go a year like I agree with them that pops, you know, you shouldn't have to wait a year either from launch or from when they formed but they should have to wait some time and to think that they were going to get them now I think was that was a misjudgment on their part. And especially when you consider that the people most of them in charge of the owgr are people that don't really want to see this work, you know, and so it's I just think they'd have been smarter to play nice as then to be antagonistic. Bob Harrigers Sports Illustrated is with us at Bob Harrig on Twitter.

Thanks for making that easy. The the thing that really you mentioned they like a misjudgment and there's no question that Greg Norman who is obviously the CEO of all of this but he has made several miscalculations that are costing the players on that tour and the tour, you know, their maybe their rightful spot as an official points earning tour and I believe that they should earn points. I just believe that there are certain things his first miscalculation was thinking that they could essentially threaten their way to getting points or to having their players do whatever they want. Even though those players are all employees of live golf. Is that the first mistake that he made that saying that you guys can go back and play the PGA Tour whenever you want. Yeah, I mean, I think you're right in that the way he's gone about it has not helped them. This whole thing was started as we can be additive.

I that word just, you know sticks out he used that word a lot additives. When he said we don't have any problem with them playing the PGA Tour. He meant that with F when they're not playing for us. They could do whatever they want. Right and that is the crux of the argument, you know, and and why they're why the tour is being sued. They're they're they're restrictions on player releases. It's kind of you know, why they're why there's a big deal now, you know, realistically could you follow the PGA Tour's rules and play for live be pretty tough. I mean, you know, you've got there's the 14 for live which are required and then to be a PGA Tour member. I think they have a right to set membership rules 15 events.

Okay. So now you and that includes the majors and the players. So now you're going to play 29 not too many guys do that. It would be hard. So but yet he's he's if I would love for them to see that to be able to be a thing and then see how many guys actually do it are able to keep their membership right exactly, you know, so I do I just think some of the rhetoric has not helped because because there are there are things about this that you say what's the big deal. You know, you know, they've just this is never happened before. There's never been the ABA to the NBA or the USFL to the NFL in golf. It's always been it's always it just just never really it's never happened.

And so all of these things are new world ranking points. OWGR wasn't set up to deal with a rival tour that was going to poach players, you know, the idea that you know, the tour would limit your appearances outside of the tour. Nobody's really ever challenged it to any great degree. They grumbled about it. But what were they going to do, you know, and I think that's part of their argument, you know, hey, you know you we had no choice. So it's that part of it's going to continue to play out but I just don't think the rhetoric the negativity has helped live. Yeah. I also think that the Norman using the term additive was a lie back in February when they started talking about it because it there's no possible way as you did.

You did the math. There was no possible way live golf could be additive to the PGA tour. The mean a tour stunt was just an end around that was I mean, I laughed I don't want to spend a lot of time on that but the world ranking things because you you pointed out and I think it's important to note this and we're talking with Bob Harrigan Sports Illustrated is that there are no actual criteria. There are more guidelines right which means that they can be sort of bent and cajoled in certain ways to make it fit and a lot of tours don't even have don't even meet all the so-called criteria, but just starting with what live is and that are no cut events 48 player fields 54 holes. Don't they have to change that part of the structure of that tour in order to get rankings points. The thing that they have to change the most out of those is the no cut the 48 players is going to be the way the rankings are set up the why the way they actually were just changed in August. They the owgr went through a long several year review process and they put in place a new system in August. It has nothing to do with live.

It was it was coming no matter what correct. But part of it is is reducing points for limited field events. So they're going to be hurt by having only 48 players.

So like that part of it isn't an issue. We already saw that this year at the tour championship the 30 player field. Those points were reduced from what they were last year. Obviously, it's based on the players too, but they weren't getting as many as they were getting before so that part of it is it's sort of like all right, if you only have if you only want to have 48 you're going to you're going to pay a price for that.

54 holes is also a reduction. So they're going to have that too the but the thing they need is a cut that there's no way for the ranking system to properly address week by week every single player getting points. And that's the that's the problem is one of the new criteria also is it back before not everybody who made a cut got points like it and on a in a tour event if I finished worse than like 50th, you might not get any now you do now every player gets points. So if you have a no-cut event, everybody gets points. That can't work on a tour where you're not churning players week to week. So they need a cut. I also think they need to not be locked into 48 players and that is so easily fixed.

You know, I don't mean to be you know, so blunt but nobody cares about the fourth guy on these teams, right? And so you could easily have a system where you turn 6 8 12 players per tournament, you know have three or four Monday qualifiers have three or four who make it off the live points list and then have three or four who come in who are the the say the highest finishers in the most recent International Series event, which they are a part of so now that doesn't mean that all 12 would change but at least there would be the opportunity for change and that Monday qualifier thing might be really interesting. You know, they could probably charge a lot of money and give it to charity for these, you know for these qualifying fields because the guy who gets in is going to make a hundred twenty thousand minimum.

There'd be interest in that but you've got to have those to me are the two starting points final thing Bob. I'm the with if they make alterations to the format of the tournament. How does that impact the contract that these players signed?

For instance, I'm just spitballing here. They make format. They make changes. They add players. They they Institute a cut Dustin Johnson goes to Greg Norman and says the contract I signed is for this. I'm suing you for breach of contract because if there are players who are regretting this decision at all because of their lack of access to major championships, this is their way out.

Is this a possibility that has been floated? You know, I don't know enough about the contracts for that to for that to really be an issue. The guys who are contracted, you know, and trying to there's they're not open about how many have them. Right?

I'm guessing it's around 30 guys. Yeah, some of some of them have different lengths like some of them were for only this year. But I think those guys are deep down are fine with all of this. I mean, yes, they want the world ranking points, but part of the overcompensation was to make up for the lost opportunities elsewhere, right?

And you know that I kind of get that. I mean that came out a little bit in the lawsuit already, you know, when those guys were denied the opportunity to play in the FedEx Cup playoffs. I frankly I thought the live attorney argued that wrong because there's no price on getting into the majors and that's what they were fighting for because if you get to the tour championship and you're in the top 30, you're assured of being in the Masters. Actually the top 30 at the Tour Championship gets you in three of the four majors. And what's interesting about that is despite not playing any of the playoff events.

Taylor Gooch finished in the top 30. Yeah, so will he will they will they honor that but but what came out the judge said it's right here in the contracts that you said that you know, you're paying them to make up for the lost opportunities that they had now that's monetary and so I think you know Harold Varner said it well last week, you know, I kind of I kind of knew what I was getting into. I didn't you know, we weren't sure we were going to get ranking points.

I can live with it. So, you know, I think I think that tack would have been better for them, you know this end around with the Mina tour. Well, well a part of that is really smart because it could have worked for them ultimately to think you were going to get rubber stamped in a day was just you know, I mean it just made them look bad. Yeah, you know and and so and so does and look, you know, I'll say this too in defense of the players. We ask them the questions they answer them. So they've answered, you know, they've been asked a question about world ranking points a lot and they're answering them and then we hammer them for telling, you know for telling us that you know that they're that they're mad that they're not getting them. But I think the I their their their attitude could have been hey, look, I know they need time to review this but we should have them by next year.

That would be a better talking point and easier to swallow than hey, you know, we're six events seven events into this and we should be getting them now. Yeah, no question about it. And even the players like Rory McIlroy Hideki Matsuyama have said those players deserve. We all know Dustin Johnson top 10 player top 20 player in the world that they should at some point. They will get rankings points and I believe they will once once cooler heads settle. Although the makeup of the official World Golf Rankings board is maybe a little problematic for them.

Bobby when they do when they do get them. They're going to be reduced points. Yeah, and they're it's going to be harder for them to climb the the the ladder. That's why in my mind they should get up, you know, like the points are going to be no more than probably half of a regular tour event. So you can have to play your tail off to move up. No question.

And if that's what you want to do fine, you know, it's sort of like if you want to make it into the top 50 in the world playing on the DP World Tour, you're going to have to you're going to have to be up there a lot. So, you know, I think that's why ultimately their best argument is the world ranking system is not legitimate. If you're not ranking all of the players and that should be their argument not we deserve them. Now. We're meeting all the criteria even though they don't have to meet all the criteria.

They're not meeting some key criteria. Yeah, at least at least get the big ones by Bob Herring get some sleep. I appreciate your time, man.

It's a good thing. There's really not a ton of golf to cover over the next couple of weeks. Although maybe you'll get maybe you'll be at the team event in after at Trump Doral in Miami, Florida. I thank you so much, man. I appreciate it. Thanks for having me.

Be well. But I got to the bottom of the Robert Kraft wedding. It was not a wedding on Friday in New York and it was in New York City, right? It was not was not up in Foxboro or New England.

It was in New York City and it was a surprise wedding. So to speak now, I'm some I don't know why Tom Brady left Tampa to go there. Exactly other than Brady also missed two weeks of training camp to go on a vacation with his family. Yeah, I think that was a my speculation and I have no sources on this that they were trying to save the marriage.

It's you know, it's possible. Yeah, it's very possible wedding couples retreat. It's couples retreat didn't work.

Go didn't work. They didn't go to Sandals. No, they did not. So the it was a party that was described as like a kickoff party come, you know, we're going to watch this whatever it was and it was in New York. They told people to dress festively and during the party which at which Elton John. Ed Sheeran and Meek Mill all performed nice.

Yeah. Yeah, Robert crafts like in tight with Meek Mill, which is just wild. They like visiting him in jail.

Yeah got him out of jail in Philly. It's tremendous Robert craft is there's some things about him that surprise you. Anyway, the they were announced by Elton John to the surprise of everybody who was in attendance as Mr. And Mrs. Robert Kraft. So the wedding happened before so the reason I pointed it out was because fright from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday really mid-afternoon Saturday in the Jewish faith. They will not a rabbi will not marry you. They will not do that on the Sabbath. So your weddings you typically will happen Saturday evening.

So that's the only reason I mentioned that because that strikes me as odd. So it was just a party so they were married ahead of time and they got married almost at the suggestion of Elton. John, huh? They were at an Elton John concert in at Gillette Stadium. They went backstage and Elton saw the engagement ring on I forget her first name, but their last name is Blumenthal. She's a doctor and he saw the engagement ring and he said wow, that's a nice thing. When are you guys getting married?

And they had basically just talked like we're going to elope which yeah, go for it fine. Go to the courthouse steps and and Elton said well when you get married, I want to play the wedding and that's how it was set up. John had a like a break in between he's doing a farewell concert. What is Elton John like 80 doing a farewell concert? Finally, there's like the eighth farewell tour of it's called Farewell Yellow Brick Road and Elton flew into New York played an hour-long set nice.

Yeah, did a duet with Ed Sheeran Meek Mill performance crazy. So there you go. So it kind of reminds me of the episode of Parks and Rec where Andy and April get married.

But here's the thing. They invite people for a house party, right? Everyone's in charge of bringing a certain item. Like are you've got bring in a cake or you bring in this appetizer or whatever it is. So everyone had an assignment.

He had a house party like oh, yeah, by the way, you're actually at our wedding and just surprise everyone like surprise wedding for everybody. It kind of reminds me of that. I mean, it's kind of awesome. I certainly see the I see the similarities.

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