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Did the NFL fail Tua?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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September 30, 2022 2:11 pm

Did the NFL fail Tua?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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September 30, 2022 2:11 pm

Did the NFL fail Tua? Adam Gold discusses the injury to Miami Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa, and how the NFL and team let down Tua and his head injury.

Also, Joe Giglio of 99.9 The Fan joined the show to talk about NC State football visiting Clemson football in a top-10 matchup.

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Financial capital financial. This is the gold shell be durable like the UNC women's soccer program from 90 still like that except for the guestroom but not quite what was UConn basketball women's basketball. Yeah holy mackerel welcome to Friday.

You say you got women's basketball around these parts.

Now that my goal know it we did should shut up the people will always get the home game to bed to bed. Shouts to Wes Moore, my friend, if you don't show on Friday. Dennis Cox's ear. Though baby shower. I Mike Mike got canceled.

I don't know it's true true hope everybody's doing well, like where were hurtle across the state. Those you people up in Asheville. I don't think anything is necessarily gotten there yet. If it has. I looked at Asheville whether I know that the coastal area were on Wilmington. That place is that they know what's coming. There use to it but we have all all over the state of North Carolina is going to be rain and I hope that Wilson will be spared the worst of it, but I just hope everybody's taking the proper precautions and will try to keep it fun and light. For the most part except some of the stuff today is not fun and light like the first thing that were to talk about isn't really funny like you can watch the TV to, and I apologize for my appearance today a babbling mixture very excited big baseball game today I decided to practice what I preach. And that I have always told state fans to embrace fandom. Don't be afraid of losing don't because your the way you talk about games does not impact the outcome of games doesn't us predicting things doesn't change the outcome of games it doesn't alter the outcome but we do so, Mets, Braves big weekend series starts tonight, mother nature, clearly a baseball fan though the Ian completely like left.

It missed Atlanta yet so completely around. It's beautiful today and left I think is low clouds based on what I saw the weather report today and then study the rest of the weekend like perfect mid-seventies and all three games in prime time. 729 720 tomorrow and then I believe that the ESPN game on Sunday night so this is a huge series Braves likely need a sweep likely but I think of the race. Take two out of three. Then they'd simply have to outperform the mats in their first three games. There are three games remaining each next week.

I believe the Braves are home to the Marlins and the Mets are home to the nationals. So nobody's playing anybody great setup but that doesn't matter because you can lose to anybody as both teams have proven over the last several weeks there there been opportunities to take advantage of the others failures and neither team has done it so this is where we should be is not much to choose between these two teams and we have a three-game week. Answers talk about it will get into a little bit, but you can watch on TV at W oriole sports plus were here android Apple Roku fire TV 34.1 on an antenna spoke to somebody the other day who watches this on the antenna all the time and the pictures great so surreal. I this is not necessarily fun stuff. But it is stuff that needs to be discussed. Remember back to last weekend and the injury to to it's on the myeloma just before halftime against the Buffalo Bill's life. You remember that we all thought it was a concussion. Head snapped back, hit the ground after you showed to the turf going backwards.up wobbly truck she was shaking his head to on wobble but then he kinda stumbled and fell. The Dolphins said white winter particle but it was really a back injury and ankle injury that caused him to stagger and almost go down again really last night.

Very scary stuff to a was ragdoll in the second quarter and was out down. I mean, he was body slims like a wrestling move. It was body slammed to the ground. First, why don't say why that's not a conversation that we had were all talking about protocol than anything you can't get anywhere near quarterbacks anymore.

You can't tackle Laura quarterback low you can't beat if you come close to accidentally hitting them in the neck or the head. It's a penalty we saw that happen. Brian Burns got golfer terrible penalty rep. Remember that right but because we are so hypersensitive that apparently not last night so now the football world is wondering how this happened, why do we bury our own heads. In the center neck nave about this.

The players are cattle.

That's just the players. There's going to be another player number how good the player is there's going to be another one.

There's an I'm not saying there's an unending supply at some point. Maybe there will be an ending supply. There will be a finite number of these people, but for the time being no work were making more every single year. The Dolphins that they follow the protocols here Mike McDaniel Mike McDaniel McDaniel, the head coach the Dolphins. I don't think that is an injury from last week made it made him fall the same way this week. You know, but I do not have any right absolutely zero patience for or will ever put it was a player and positioned for them to be in harm's way that is like not what I'm about at all. And no outcome of the game, whatever influence me being a responsible as the head coach of the football team on we do know that concussions beget concussions.

If you get a concussion. It's just easier to get the next one. Also, I'm calling BS on it wasn't a concussion last week anyway. Next the DOS of the doll that said if all the protocols here is NFL PA head Damaris Smith on the process. Our job to locate where we are questioning whether the protocols were followed starts with an investigation and interview between doctors we follow what's happening with the treatment protocol to ensure that the player knows that you getting the best medical care if it means providing free second opinion third opinions doctors that he or she wants to look or talk to you that and then going forward. If the review will actually what happened on the circumstances and again game situation.

We built this to be a multilayered matrix of people who can protect the player. Everybody from the referee came doctors to the neutral to the spotter everyone else. We want to know what happened after that any player who was in the situation has to be cleared not only by the team doctor but neutral on a pileated doctor right and that's that's the problem here.

The problem is the protocols because I think the protocols eliminate common sense. I was watching the game on Amazon last night there was almost a really good discussion after the game, except that it was had by basically all former players and will get to get to that element. The second one more here from Tamara Smith before I want to explain something here's Smith on the responsibility of the teams. Every employer in the country. Duty provided when an injury occurred.

They have a duty to treat that injured employee patient.

So what I would say the fans and get it.

You love your football. The idea that tackle football and playing with concussions has to go hand-in-hand is simply a lie we've seen this game do tremendously well economically seen this game do tremendously well with a fan following.

Since we put in strict protocol so the idea that somehow these two things have to go hand-in-hand is simply not true. I is the responsibility of everyone, not just the team. It is just the team's responsibility because you can't trust the team but you know what else you can trust the player. Players are always going want to play football's game toughness meant plantar injury doesn't matter where the injury is this. This might be alarming to some people but for decades players. It was like a badge of honor for the player to come by my bell rung to come back take the job.

Rice, I knew saw to it doing it against Buffalo. Like there's no way that he wobbled because his ankle was hurt or his back hurt is just no way. If you, for you if you watched his body language against Buffalo. First thing he does is shake his head was clearly he needed to shake is trying to shake himself straight and then as he's not just going to the ground but kind of slumping back on another player. You can tell he's still foggy so don't hang that on back and ankle to move on here but we either need to eliminate the team and the players from this and have somebody completely independent. Not somebody works the players somebody were actually somebody completely independent has been almost no skin in the game at all. And these people are in charge of the situations that more we need to stop caring to the level we care today because nothing that we do is going to make the game safer. Nothing. It's a brutal game and the players understand it. They have understood it forever but it's going to be a brutal game so what golden studio with my friend Coach Pete the router with the capital financial advisory group. We are talking retirement coach house longevity risk figure into our retirement and income plan.

This is the best of times and the worst of times and longevity risk to live too long, but to me everyday lives not too long we want to money to outlive us and unfortunately many people have seen you out there listening.

Maybe one of them. Your money is not designed to outlive you.

You might outlive your money and that's not what we want to have happen as we get to that day after you run out of money not to be a fun time. Let's design a plan that guarantees will never run out of money. We call it the GPI plant growth protection lifetime income for the next 10 people is a golden ticket out of the snow. They were to do it at no cost or obligation, and all you have to do is call we make it so easy. Would you like financial independence into your retirement and beyond. 800-661-7383 that golden ticket is $1000 value or you could text Adam to 21000 for Coach Pete to root 31 1/4 hours away. Almost that's actually kicked out of barbiturate 742 so seven 31 1/2 hours away from kickoff in death Valley has everybody feel good about what we live in an age of pipe overhyped super overhyped. I actually think that we haven't completely gone to the mat for this we haven't but I don't believe this is something it's only 10 verses five is not like is one versus to so it hasn't gotten tons of national run, but this is an enormous game for the Wolfpack and in this era of college football and how we hyped everything to the nines. The fact that state is playing in their first ever game between two top 10 teams in the regular-season is awesome and I know what the ramifications were of 1967 you what you plan for national championship, but honestly hyping that game at 6767, was born around for the material we haven't even put a man on the moon yet now we got a space force that's true.

I love that I don't love. It's fascinating to fascinating. Anyway first ACC game of the season.

Yeah so state that is just a women's right stays closely to state wins.

Now what only got seven more of these, including next week against Florida State and then at Syracuse game against Wake Forest to come is just the first step.

Good luck on what does last year's win over Clemson mean in the grand scheme of things. I ask that of Dave Dorn yesterday and I can always say that in our think there was certain there could believe Walker and that we were better than them. People in justice came that we can turn out to determine where men when you have then you finally do it.

I think it does not mean something nominal is a time here one we can beat anybody. My first you want a single league game in everyone. No one particular one. We expect one on site.

That's the biggest difference in the closing second again getting a W elevated confidence within a team that they can beat anybody in crumbs of the great program there to come national champions under the respective so when you knock someone off the program. It means something to confidence this fun game last year.

I would argue that last year's game state probably should've one comfortably right but one nonetheless getting it done.

Just teaches you a lot about that was a big game, although we all understood that Clemson wasn't the same Clemson right DJ Leung delay had not yet developed into a good quarterback. I believe over the last couple weeks we have seen DJ look like the quarterback, the Dabo Sweeney Touting for two years and as we talk to I think was Kelly Gramlich from the ACC network yesterday like we go back to the game at Notre Dame worried they lost, but he threw for 450 yards. He's playing better now much better now than he did in fact particular game because they had different personnel in that particular game will do something else about Dave that Dave Dorn said I want to get back to the let's move on to the Cardinals look is not a lot to say about this particular game.

I don't think the Cardinals are all that good.

We know what the Panthers I do think that when the Panthers win this game on Sunday, and I believe they will win this game on Sunday.

It might create a sense of false hope among fans, but whatever. Enjoy the moment. It's been a long time since we could been able to enjoy Panthers moments honestly a lot of losing and also not playing a fun Brenda football that's got to be that's an issue for this team. They don't play a fun Brenda football to watch the first three games this season have been kind of, you wouldn't want to sell the game by showing people Panthers games that they have to address that in terms of being fun and I've been harsh on that rule to be harsh on that role here for a different reason. So I'm wondering if there's beef between or in the Panthers offense of meeting rooms obviously passing a mezzanine good Matt rule was asked about that yesterday as you've heard me talk about the passing game which is everybody's not everyone guides us on the coaches on the is on the line to protect its audio so it's on the guys get opening make make tough catches so everybody just kind of really honing in on a will can I do with turnovers last week. If you talk to me a lot sometimes gets her to get tense about it. We got we got it we got cut loose they get such pressure is not many guys have a better feel for stepping up to challenge and some in the second game because the bliss package. I think that we really good job wanted to do the job of just making him totally confident with a pocket in front of them.

The part which is the time you guys get open to being with her supposed to be other. There's no every click I tell its own story displays a return on someone's poster running in the window not quite with her supposed to be in Baker's look in there and so all that always falls on the quarterback's falls on the on the play caller but we kinda just need everybody to understand their the most important person in the replay just have to do their job and and and I think you'll see those play start to happen. Say less. Matt say less right now your Matt rule said he was not blaming anyone particular group.

He was blaming everybody we can agree on that right. That is, that's that that's your read to that Matt rule was blaming everybody basically for the most part fair get back to the question posed to DJ Moore who I believe caught one pass for 2 yards in the win over the Saints. The question posed to DJ Moore was Matt rule was really question it was Matt rule says receivers need to get open. Better, what are your thoughts, DJ very much what he said to say. It's really no so I have to be on the same page is present in an open is an open open is one-yard .5 yards. Openness opens this lead to the next three experts are to get open as a matter of time. But if you watched the video of that DJ did not appreciate the question or the thought that somehow this was on wide receivers or maybe him in particular. So again want to make it clear that rule was not hanging this on any one group but here's where I believe Matt rule screwed up again. Don't call anyone out. Matt twice and say less, but by calling out wide receivers offense of line you have brought questions to them that they honestly they shouldn't even need to answer and now it looks like we got problems because DJ Moore was called out by the head coach even though that's not what Matt rule did this. Here's what Matt rule should say it's either only about the coaches he's clearly protecting bacon bacon bacon yeah that's is his aim here is to protect the quarterback who everybody understands and Baker admits has not played well certainly not nearly as well as they were hoping at this point they were not looking for Aaron Rodgers & Aaron Rodgers lease that Baker Mayfield.

He's not Aaron. They were looking for a better version of what they had. Which to this point they don't have no honest assessment of the quarterback spot for the Panthers tells you that Baker Mayfield to this point has been an upgrade over Sam Donald Youngman worse, but he had been better.

So Matt rule either wears it with the coaching staff say we as coaches we have to do a better job of putting players in position to succeed, and that's enough. That's enough. Do you want do you want met you and your Matt will say that.

Tell me Matt rule saying that it is they had at the end the day for us as a coaching staff to make sure that we are putting our guys in the best position that they can be be successful and I really starts with us at the end of the day we go back to the taping, we shall be the same age BP. That's all folks. He does have a Porky pig think I am right so yes, that's what he should know that's what he should say he should stammer through that.

Or if you want to hang on Baker that's okay starting quarterbacks are built especially Baker. They are built to be the shield because the good ones the great ones, especially in terms of leadership willingly take that on. But when you start pointing the finger at everyone and you mentioned receivers need to get open. I'm telling you DJ Moore's is going to practice every day and getting games every day.

Every Sunday and on. I'm open. I'm getting open so they don't want to hear you say receivers need to help them out.

And now they've got a problem and the problem is the head coach. But he doesn't get this episode is brought to you by Samsung unfold the all-new galaxy Z fold for and expands your world with flex mode it stands on its own, so your hands free to get more done during calls and with multiwindow view. You can use up to three apps at the same time plus the edge to edge screen allows you to fully immerse yourself in your favorite games and shows. Visit to learn more about galaxy Z fold a big huge game and we have a huge game. We ship Joe Julio to it.

I don't know where he is on the road between Garner, North Carolina and Clemson, South Carolina. But let's find out. Joe Julio where our user in the store and Greenville, North Carolina.

Dr. during the store. Did you starting Christmas shopping now. Yeah, yeah, I could tell you what I'm doing but I can't tell you at a later date.

Totally understand. All right, let's start with the Mac Pro on this one of the biggest games I mean in the high pair of college football state never played a regular-season game like this right now most people are going to remember the big moment the question can I handle so what do we have to kind of point to to give us an indication of how this group coaching staff may be more than the players have handled moments like this is last year's game at Mississippi State in any way shape or form similar to this. I understand where you're going, but I think the familiarity of the opponent help here..

I think they have to take the confidence from last year whenever Clemson but yet far as like having one of those moments okay dictate. This is your turn. Dr. play with your food.

Your turn up a trip over yourself have not been trustworthy in such moments, I do think that is the conference game and I do think that it began to the point they have success against last year definitely helps and point them in the right direction told me yesterday that last year's game. They were as they were preparing for.

They felt like they were the better team and I don't disagree with that.

I thought especially the way Clemson had been playing at that point I thought NC state was the better team and the fact that I got the overtime was a little bit of a surprise, but maybe not. How do you think these two teams stack up just in terms of personnel taken the uniforms off the better secondary for sure I'll think of linebackers well thought out there. I'm not impressed with skill players that includes their quarterback, their offense of line for probably a push, come down to was last year with Devon Carter having to win from some jump all you know which which which receiver group is really going to differentiate itself and really step up and make a play that are necessarily better next. To win the game credit to Clemson tight ends and running backs and receivers last week. The question is can they do that again. I think a better secondary to get to the Wolfpack in terms of how they have played ostensibly over the first four weeks of the season.

I just want to go back to your lack of confidence in DJ Young delay, which by the way, now I can say thanks you for that promo enough for I been practicing the I thought DJ looked like he was playing differently and more more patiently against Louisiana Tech.

I thought that really showed against Wake Forest that those two games. Certainly the latter one didn't even alter your opinion on DJ improve the wrong item, always believe what Isaac and I went to see Clemson game in 2018. Clark, Eric Thompson football game and you never will start, but Ryan currently with an NFL quarterback. I had questions about the time everyone and I thought Lawrence on the first row that came thrown out 30 yards across the field by go for pressbox Clemson. We were not. You could hear the damn ball. We slid across the field when you get through it and turn around the clock to sit next to me like that that's what the MFL quarterback looks like a wonder turn in Raleigh so that's my standard, but it always will be part of that, like you can't shake certain positions when you've seen it right yet you know you from you soon enough NBA players all these years and the triangle you know one when you see him so to me it's just please find improved for sure, but that doesn't mean he is one of those guys.

I don't know that is in its own accord. I've hundred percent agree. I just the guy I watched against Wake Forest go did not seem at all bothered but by my right and improve. Yeah, I'm not that I don't have Mike Williams over in coming in many different handled gardening board to write to me that's the difference between Clemson now and Clemson isn't so much the cornerbacks they were dangerous with Kelly Bryant Wayne anything close to it, and if the quarterback got a warrant amazing with Kelly Bryant which is why they went to Trevor Lawrence. But it's it's the battlefield and I like Mo Shipley but I don't think he's certainly not some of the guys you mentioned and the receivers are not those guys.

They don't have enough of those guys not NC state Joe Julio is with us he's at the Adidas store in Greenville.

If you're on your way you can bother him while were having this conversation may be listening on the app somewhere. What is been there. Give me an idea what what you think their offense has been for the first four weeks.

They haven't been great. I think they been sharp against lousy teams. I was appointed in the way that they played in at ECU were lucky obviously to get out of the win but they did. You know, I do think everything is a God who they can run with questions about blindness will be obvious to most of the cult test they get in terms of the front this year so now the weather we don't know if I'm raining here right now all morning on my writing here so that what you will you not. I think it to me and told me to come down to I want to see more mostly been absent. I want to see more please find warfare, I want to be there, targeted between 10 and 15 times in the game really that you really have to die with your fastball and I hope in God, and if they do not you check your heart Clemson you quite better than us, but I but you don't really want leave this moment in this opportunity and then say, well, chief man, if only you know all of our 28 year seniors came back, only you know Larry, you know, didn't go Pro only you know if this patent you know candies and box but this is a 40 year storm Adam and moment.

They really need to embrace real real quick about this is what I said at the beginning of the season going into the sea. Again we can see the net game we really haven't seen it against compass competition that is similar that I wanted to see them trust Larry and let it go, let it rip. Be a passing team and then work the runoff that have they done that or is that what you're advocating for like trust Larry trust Thomas make Carter thing and they have other good receivers to that we really haven't seen established I think ultimately may need to be a little bit more creative and be less predictable as well on first-out mean you abandon the run.

I actually thought there game planning at Texas Tech reminded me of 2019, when West Virginia really, torn apart NC State defense in large part because I knew how to play and I think NC state that again expected and ran the ball on that didn't bother me. I do think there is a place for that, but ultimately I think you win games by your quarterback being outstanding by Devon Carter shown you what he did last year. Content and by really involving fair Thomas in a creative way Know Chuck play Dr. Joe, Julio, what is the difference in this game as you see I think ultimately it comes down to defeat secondary can have a couple takeaways they didn't know you see you again and then the offense just need to make one more play and competent defense. I think if they could do that they can win a low-scoring game in and get out here you know what their dreams intact.

If not, you know the law of the wall from an antistate stuff that will Shipley got 26 family members graduated from antistate, yet is somehow not an empty will magically run for 220 Arden Park and I don't see a whole lot in between man, don't. Don't get me anything at the Adidas store. Do not be the person I like Adidas is not you have your family take care of her. I thank you very much for your time St. back to get Joe Julio low-scoring game. This is the Adam gold shell

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