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Luke DeCock, News & Observer Sports Columnist, joins Adam to talk about the Carolina Hurricanes season starting and the things we should be looking forward to.

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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September 23, 2022 5:32 pm

Luke DeCock, News & Observer Sports Columnist, joins Adam to talk about the Carolina Hurricanes season starting and the things we should be looking forward to.

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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September 23, 2022 5:32 pm

Luke DeCock, News & Observer Sports Columnist, joins Adam to talk about the Carolina Hurricanes season starting and the things we should be looking forward to.

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Financial capital financial This is the gold show this weekend begins, you've gone horrified scrimmage another arson. Can I get for me on his iPod. Just keep saying it but what is the glorified scrimmage so work it work out whatever gigs you have to work out and will see everybody in death Valley next weekend which should be an absolute blast.

Mema clubs got their own big game going talk about here in Mitte takes in just a minute because they have to deal with Wake Forest on the road in Winston-Salem. First, we have a lot of things to get to not a lot of time to do it.

Mitte takes let's let's do this.

Victoria I know you're a Panthers fans will give you first crack put 60 seconds on the clock. Saints at Panthers Panthers getting to have points at home from New Orleans you go okay well steer.

They did not have a winning record at home so I have no reason to think that it would be anything different than that. I do not see the Panthers getting their gameplay. Together, these division games. They've always been flustered and said to me I don't have confidence that they can get it together again is probably to be another gorgeous day. When I dropped the ball for no reason so I love my Panthers see them coming out of the window this Sunday. Even if Bank of America yet. I don't really have a home-field advantage they have lost nine in a row regardless of the venue. It's hard to have any faith in them. II don't think that would did Orlovsky said in the video that we very talked about. I don't think that's 100% true. But I also think don't think it's 100% false like again. I keep saying it, it just appears that the game is a little too fast for the head coach.

It's a hard thing to do. Too fast for the owner to I think the saints will with better defense and a better quarterback by let's move on you. You just you just tap me on the shoulder. If you want to jump in here Victoria and North Carolina thing about this game that I find fascinating order talked to Luke to talk about this in about 10 minutes or so. There wasn't as much expected of North Carolina going into this season in terms of being a top 25 teams in term of doing this is that but they are three no and Notre Dame is so much there there such a shining light in the sport that it doesn't matter if this Notre Dame team is ultimately a six and six outfit. This is an opportunity for UNC in front of a crazy crowd on a gorgeous day. Went words going to be like and what made to low 70s stadium on national TV over the air TV to put that skin on the wall. Yeah, I next Clemson at wake.

I don't think Clemson is dumb enough to look past Wake Forest. I don't think Dabo Sweeney is look at the team that just represented the Atlantic division in the ACC championship game and think about next week. I think they're smart enough to not do that. That doesn't mean this games going to be easy. But here's the thing about it. I think Clemson is too big and too physical at the point of attack. I don't think Clemson is the score talked but I think you will be able to control Wake Forest and I see this game being played in the low to mid 20s and I see the tigers coming out on top, staying undefeated in setting up a showdown in death Valley next week so I got a bulbul blowing onto the next load up all right you get will reduce state here stayed at home against Yukon okay next following what you say about that. I am not.

I hope I don't see them run a flea flicker in the first quarter at the +30 yard line. That's what I hope to write like I hope they could just light it up and get the running game going against the what are they called whatever Yukon is called, but I can't remember right now I'm moving on to get Kansas I will do three no Kansas. Three. No, I don't say that that way for for four days but is kinda remarkable that people are discussing this game as big game. What do tendons look it's not a big game nationally. It's not a big game, even within each conference, but it's a really big game for those two programs that have been doormats over the last two years. Kansas longer than Duke Duke is sort of bottomed out, we think, pretty sure they have seen my calico computer role. I think Kansas might be a little bit better and it's there so I don't expect Duke the way that I expected to play well this I seem to play well three weeks in a row. I will get back to some NFL stuff right here before we have to wrap the segment up Mr. Bill's dolphins and bills for reels with the on the end of it. We all know that the authority think the dolphins of this season, I'm shocked that I think it's an acceptable point of view that the dolphins might be for real because to two weeks were not sure. I'm not 100% of post.

I am like 30% on board with the dolphins. Yeah, I think they have great skill position players. I think to might have something I think they have some really good pieces on the fence about sold their offense of line but maybe their head coach Mike Daniels is just smart enough to scheme around a faulty offense of one it's going to get them at some point it might not even be this week yeah but I think the bills they better, more competitive than they used to be at least yes bills are a 5 1/2 point road favorite at Miami Art Ravenswood patriot patriots. One of the worst things like yeah well I shouldn't say that they're not one of the do not really not of bottomed 10 team league. I just think the patriots are very very average.

I don't think the head coach is very very efforts it just a limit to what you can do with limited personnel like they have limited personnel. I'm not really sure how the ravens lost to the dolphins with four touchdown lead four 618 point lead in the fourth quarter on the road so like Jacoby percent talked about how the Browns had to come back and figure it out. Look themselves in the mirror and rally from having blown the game against the Jets. The ravens have to do the same thing, only the ravens are on the road in Foxborough by the ravens. When the game they are road favorites was the last time the patriots were underdogs and now I Packers box why this game doesn't have a game feel to me now that could be just my fault. I know it's Packers box. I know it's Roger Brady, but we don't know what to make of Tampa's offense now know Mike Evans. Their offense wasn't really that good with my, Kevin's, so I'm not really sure what to make of it. Packers are trying to figure figure it out with a whole bunch of new options for Aaron Rodgers books are only a one point favorite at home.

Now that's crazy with sound right now Packers again when this one really ideal that was not picked by the horns of what with that with Julia on Julio's car down very good writing tablets at home, but I think the defenses so who knows. I finally the United States leads the internationals in the presidents club for one however the of the four, only one wasn't easy.

I said this is it about golf golf is kinda dumb in that it doesn't matter if you are the best player in the world. You can lose the hundred and 50th best player in the world because that guy is capable of going what he just doesn't do it as often, but man the worst player on the international team is probably shot a 62 this year plow so it doesn't matter how good Scotty Scheffler's you can lose Scotty Scheffler and Sam Burns lost yesterday.

Right now there are all five matches on the course USA leads and wannabe internationals, leading one and they are all square in the other three.

Anything can happen. US from around so that presidents of school board earlier this flip USA leads into internationally none rematches are all square.

That cannot end that way. I think the internationals have to win this session otherwise just to get to.

By the time we get the Sunday it's going to be not worth anybody's time. Unless you just like to watch it and that's me I'm that guy. But if you needed to be close. I don't think it's going to happen was internationals when the session today. We had a lot of things to discuss today and I'm glad that was Friday we could talk looked up from the news and Observer. My friend, you can read them in the pages of you know online news all that, twitter at Luke Takagi makes it easy. Let's start with the start with the Carolina hurricanes opened up training camp yesterday. Not a surprise. Brent Burns and Jordan Stoll set the bar in the team's fitness test. Rod told me that we can goings blown away, but your level of optimism for this team over the course of this is obviously injuries Rosie to play part of everything barring something crazy like Max that you ready blowing out Achilles to miss four months of the year what your level of optimism for this group is the same as it was last year and is higher. You got some even with the patch ready injury without needing a new driver Vincent trajectory Brent Burns realized this yet because I keep you I don't think people realize what parabolic exponential upgrade.

Brent Burns is over 20 years look nothing against Tony Baxley probably made to the limited capabilities for most of the season here records is just a completely different player rights is not the same sport and the center area I think centers would be little bit of an issue.

He started in the needle role on the wing can play in the middle. He wanted to belong what to use for can be there, Martin HS is going to get a look at center because he complained about it.

The line in fairness to him. It's good having it needs to happen. So given the opportunity and takes advantage of it.

No more power to them and he knows it. I think you always kind of unimpressed with you, the kids from rookie camp at the Vasily pot tomorrow has a chance you know of passion is going from passion to patching the passion to passing the passion over the course of the last two weeks we'll score lacrosse: look, I know, eight-year-olds are doing that all the under live live action is you were Davis would say is is different, especially the rookie term again. Everybody's looking to clean someone else's clock so to me that the expectations haven't changed. Even with the new faces. I wrote today. What's changed I think is is the fact that there is only one option for this team that you can call the season a success. That was true last year's through this year is true. Anytime your contender in his rod said yesterday. No dirt even the best usually just has a chance. One of the team that has a chance and end on September 22 September 23. If you're in a position to say that you have a chance. You're not hoping you have a chance, then you're the bar separately. I think it is again for the hurricanes. I think there if they can figure things out at center, whether that status near Cokie and whoever it is. Maybe it's even inject versus manage to exceed all expectations. Over the course of his young career. Bill be okay, that's one issue and obviously the left defense situation you and I've been talking about the monster can solve the problem solved itself so often do. Theoretically, God still. I guess as to win a spot on the team but I have no doubt that he will this people don't know what Luke might be referring to their and that is Jake Gardner knocking to be a training camp and more than likely will be placed on long-term injured reserve back went out. Apparently so will not be returning after a year on long-term injury. I cut my only fear of visiting my only real fear I have some some fringe fears you referred to one of the names really other than Derek Stephan or potentially more teenagers. There's no right shot center and we know rod likes to have options. Right he left.

My biggest fear is what happens if Freddy gets hurt pretty Anderson goaltender missed the entire playoffs last year. We know auntie Rhonda is really not capable of being a 55 game of God.

50 got five game a year God. So what happens if goaltending deals with an injury or just isn't quite as good as it was a year ago which I think given age is a possibility it's a possibility idea or two things. One can always get in that sort of veteran goaltender market they haven't for various reasons, Reasons and wanting to write computer concert on every opportunity to play in Chicago B is they really like Opticon and they like his his sand for lack of a better word, and if yes to come up and play little bit that's not the worst thing that I don't think you want to go into the playoffs.

What you ended up in the playoffs last year with Ron to country, but I don't think this team should be good enough that if they lose pretty Anderson for the month of December that they can get by with runtime codger, it's not a long-term solution, but there are many teams in the league that would be in a good position if that was the one only for the playoffs.

See how likely it Is not sitting are going well. It's a backup plan. Zielinski, Brian L will be saucy camp and what happened yes a big hole for as yet no kidding. It's a big hole for you and it was for the hurricanes and really not Toronto. Despite the way things ended.

Working away so I hear what you're saying there.

I don't have a ton of concern over about a month or so without pretty look over the course of Freddy's career for a month or so.

That is something you have to game plan.

I'm fine with Opticon coming up at ease on that opportunity. I think he's earned yesterday to the guy in Chicago and I have sort of a veteran type come in and play at him and we'll see what happens with that. That's also position Adam, if you get into a fixed you can address of the deadline with the guy from a non-contender there's there's other things you can do, but I'm not sure in September.

Having Patrick seen the way he played on fire. I'm not sure. In September they need to do anything about that you mention his sand. Just the fact that he went after Brad Marchant during said series against Boston. That's enough for a lot of people the way you want a lot of respect. Maybe not.

Maybe not as much in the room for that Allied I'm sure he did, but fans notice that play wow that guy went after Marsha, let me go to to football careless Reno coach Pete DeRidder with the capital financial advisory group. We are talking retirement.

I coach simple. When we start tax planning and retirement should start as soon as possible because here's one thing that taxes are not going away and so the game here is we know the rules.

A lot of people want to ignore the rules or act like they don't offer me with them, but Iris knows the rules and so we get retirement. The region start taking some of their money out of your accounts so the secret here is to put a force field around as much as possible. By strategically moving summer Monday to Roth IRA were some of the other vehicles that are taxed like a special life insurance policies you can borrow against your money there and never have to pay tax on you wanted to build up inside your Space up there a lot of strategies here. One strategy that does not work is ignoring mature and not ignored the next 10 people will do for you your very own tax and retirement plan to help you minimize taxation with retirement 800-661-7383. All you got is call or you can text Adam to 21000 for coach Pete the road. Nobody really thought there would be national contenders and I'm not suggesting that they are put three and no even though they got there and kind of a Weird Way, Notre Dame here what's at stake in this like is this unless I want to say it's ceremonial because Notre Dame is clearly not vintage what's at stake for Carolina this week. I think legitimacy is at stake. To be honest with you having athletes you remembered out of asking for no they got to win some moral victory over UNC in a transitive property victory at Miami is crazy world is moving on with life as if that's they won that game. Are you sure you combine that with how bad UNC with the insubordination and with with no struggling to put away Georgia State on the road.

I think legitimacy is on the line for you and see you one thing Notre Dame is.

This battle sees it's a catch. About the time to catch them to you and see what you're talking about you and see when the coastal so you know it's not like this is crazy out of bounds but if UNC is legit if they're going to be a good think this is a game you have to win at home to struggling order danger to take mother down back that to me is what's at stake for you and CRC has no bearing on the coastal division or the ACC race but you had three wins that are not exactly oh I don't know what the word you say is decisive right got a chance here.

Even if this wing isn't decisive nobody's get a discounted Notre Dame is the Lord right everybody will forget if Notre Dame is a six and six Notre Dame team. Nobody will care at the end of the season or next year or the year after, they will simply remember that when it was 73°, not a cloud in the sky and beautiful in Chapel Hill. I was there when the Tar Heels beat Notre Dame blah blah blah. Because yeah that's this kind of its Notre Dame and Duke beat Duke being a terrible Notre Dame team.

They went to South Bend beat and it might as well be Tony Rice and little it doesn't matter.

The big old gold flexor storm helmet. It's it's like it's it it just matters it just that should do different conversation in 2022 is Notre Dame still Notre Dame. I don't know but I do it in a bad Notre Dame good Notre Dame Notre Dame and hurricanes run through the wall 41 times that it it also counts the spread and nobody at NC State is like discounting that when because Notre Dame finished the season for eight nobody cares that Notre Dame was bad and was poorly coached on that particular day look to conquer the news and Observer is here thoughts on wake hosting Clemson interesting spot on the schedule for Clemson. It's an interesting spot starting next week on the schedule for NC State which starts a stretch at Clemson home against Florida State is clearly not a train wreck and add suddenly viable Syracuse. So what what what are your thoughts about Clemson going to wake.

I think this is the kind of gamer everybody picks constantly claims this is a classic weight.

Dave Clawson, Jim Grove. If you want to go back that far. Everyone's picking against them if they can find expectations and that's right back in September with the Clemson II just I know Clemson's defense is good. I'm still just not sure whether Clemson is good or will come to know is Clemson good and I think we despite struggling with liberty has a lot of confidence coming in this game before.

All I think I just feel like this is one of those games were we look back and say oh yeah why didn't we pick weight weight was obviously when that game and you know it is a tracking for Clemson. Yeah, I think it is because you look at the ACC preseason player of the year. The way the preseason pulling went state, and the constant that's a big game and you're going to be looking ahead to that a little bit I think is even now as good as wake is bang.

I still think people overlook weight because it's wake. I think what I think Clemson to a certain extent, is is is is ripe to fall. That way. Here's the thing about this game. I actually think that Clemson's running game and then at the point of attack on both sides of the ball might be.

I think this could be low-scoring writings can be a close game, but I think that might be just enough. I think there were signs in the wake liberty game defensively, more than anything else that way is it might not be good enough to I met look, I know DJ you is not great, but he looked much better then he had against air against Louisiana Tech. So I think if he is turning any kind of corner that I think Clemson's been a be too much athletically for for wake to analyze the liberty game I thought was eye-opening. Not so much ostensibly more defensively is your weight, your weight and move on in your they were probably looking at is is Duke, Kansas.

An actual big game. Yeah I think so just because we know that Kansas is well. Coach it looks like Duke as well. Coach I was learning about Duke is it and what you and I talked about this. Nothing against David Kukla. He worked miracles at Duke and obviously went stale at the end I think what you're seeing is players who were there for the last two years playing with a new degree of freedom of of of love of the game. I think it's almost turn back the clock on Duke for five years, back to when there was excitement around that program and in any… It's it's sad that it took that coaching change. To do that, but sometimes that's what it takes.

I think we seen with the schemes and the coaching staff that the brain drain really did hurt Duke that they just want you know would look at what Chase prices darted out state that was just not a program that was that was doing 2022 things on the football field know Mike knows what he's doing his comforting programs. He may be a first-time head coach but is unable to install things that he knows will work on both sides of the ball and they got there Brandon connecting Jordan more. The quarterback was wide receiver and scores over touchdowns. Their best. Now you're now you're harkening back to the to the true modern board know I think it is. I think Lance Leopold's nonbelief.

Kansas Yukon kinda comes from. You know my my roots in terms of sort of small college in Wisconsin which is which is legitimate and that's what I grew up watching for various reasons why I believe that the success he's had it Kansas and the success he had at Buffalo was no fluke man and I believe the young Michael goes clearly hit on something at Duke in terms of tapping a surveying of enthusiasm and end-user talent. Yet, it just sort of gotten hidden under the sort of gray clouds that that came to surround a program such as a legitimate look at this point until proven otherwise is is a contender in the coastal you know they will sometimes no I don't think the ghost is very good. I better than Northwestern and they beat Northwestern on the road like Temple was temples in the struggle against Broughton O'Connell Givens and obviously agency is not up to AT&T's usual standards but going on the road. Northwestern is legit and they go on the road and the Kansas I don't know what you agree with you. If they go on the road and be Kansas all agree that there's fringe contender in the co-who else is there any Carolinas looks terrible and Carolina Miami. While some significant event do I find my right to be wrong I love the program and this is short on Miami until the day I die a rich man totally totally understand. I final thing is there a way to talk that international team can win is no. Is there a way, although I'm going to show. Is there a way that if when the Panthers lose to the saints that this will not be a Sunday night Monday Tuesday Wednesday referendum on that role. I like your I think Matt ruled wanting Daniel Lasky goes on ESPN interiors you a new one where he was right or wrong national guys even the prickly ones take head shots like that sitting coaches who they think are going to be around Polly and they know it will come back on. That was a absolute kill shot right, it doesn't matter whether he's right or wrong. The fact that he pulled the trigger on that video break down basically showing of the Panthers were to finger plays and then calling out the coaching staff doing it back to do that. Matt ruled out. June 19, 2006, but it all started May 6, 1997 the announcement that the Hartford whalers were coming to North Carolina transition of heartbreak.

Figuring it out on the fly became 25th anniversary of the presented by the Carolina listen my yeah grant rules.

This defensive group you football genius is supposed to be spot that if you go to is it checking their tendencies.

Like that's what you 19 offense of quality control system. Someone's watching just they just put a situational clock on the practice field this week probably need. Where is that going to go in the tick-tock two years from now where it went wrong from the Faneuil Hackett. The Broncos you know it's always good guy. You can make outside the joke. I'll make is ACC Commissioner Jim Phillips has a view or will have a view of Bank of America Stadium from his new office and he's considering he has been rumored as a candidate for the Bears open presidency easier. The choice of managing the second-worst franchise in the NFL or watching worse franchise in the NFL widely single day. That's not an envious anyway. No, I don't think that will fire during the season. I think the Panthers maybe like Thanksgiving. I think the Panthers will will use Matt will if you're smart and knows of their will use the map through the end of that will era as a as a tank getting to drafted predicates in town the draft and start over with a guy knows what he's doing is in over his head.

I said actually I got yesterday or the day before that a sneaky good bet is Matt ruled to not be the first coach in the NFL fire.


And if you smart. He's talking the rest right now. I know they're looking I would know these are parties talking Arizona's date, not talking to Nebraska if Matt rule is really smart and I know you are linked to cognitive. I appreciate your time and went to got and I'll talk to look. I am. I just don't II want the knee jerk it it's we all understand the head coach. Not great. This week we get okay we have to be able to focus on other things.

Unless that coaches are complete full during the game which case yeah and I appreciate by the way, in the Faneuil Hackett owning up to their event like for delay of game penalties in two games and actually that's not even half of their issues. Pre-snap for the Broncos that they have other.

Actually, the Broncos don't have other issues the quarterback of the Broncos has other things that will probably get to at some point before we are done here today, but it is have to mention that Paul love you very excited yesterday happen. I am ready for all the fullness which is Halloween will do.

I like hollowing yeah I like it. My my son is 14 is not trick-or-treating anymore which is good. I don't have to do with the cost but my wife will all hollowing. We have no neighbors. Nobody comes to the house now. We decorate the house with pumpkins already there will be a which there will be on all sorts of apparatus around the house fund a fun holiday are the same person. No one really sees any of my decorations but it just makes me feel good to do and I'm getting at. Be honest. Right now I'm taking my Halloween decorations out this weekend and I may put them up there is no question percent, and I'm glad you brought up trick-or-treating. That brings me to my first topic doesn't have to do with man's present owners say that they put costumes on their little dog as an You put it on a cat by not doing that what my dog Earl the one he likes to wear, he likes why marauders don't have full they're not fully referred if you will hop so their chest and belly are kind of exposed. She gets cold. He likes to be covered up in a blanket like loves to be covered up in a blanket and if you don't cover them up. He will cover himself okay but yes outside, especially if it's cold yet he he digs a coat so she would accept a costume yeah but we don't mean there's no reason a customer entity that I used to have a bull terrier who I put a panther jersey on and even just freeze like you didn't really know what to do with them sound but I didn't know apparently that so many people take out the kicker.

That kind it was like 31% of people take them trick-or-treating and preferred to do that over a human or a like a child, like a Sydney significant other or their child. How does the dog hold the bag. Do you not get looks if you go to people's house and you know you're like 38-year-old person with the dog. Dogs got out like out one of those plastic pumpkin handy buckets you can hold it with the handle of his teeth.Candido absolutely I would. This is a real real issue back in a previous life I use to do a show we have bet on every week and for people who are new pet owners, dog owners, Halloween really dangerous for God so not to be serious about this, but keep your dog away from the candy. Keep your dog away from the candy. No chocolate yes that's not a good idea.

Let someone come up to my house of the dog in a constant yes I give the person candy anyway so I'm excited to see this picture you like the halftime show for the Super Bowl. For the most part yes I love this this past is just amazing so much fun. I really loved it when I lay there little birdies going around about this next approval halftime show. These are thinking.

It's good to be Taylor Swift. Their fan club now they'll appear from early this morning with an NFL announced and significant Super Bowl coming and they made a deal with Apple music and they are no longer with Pepsi now people are starting to connect dots because Taylor Swift couldn't work with Pepsi she's like affiliated with Coke okay idea.

This also is released at midnight, so that's why they're connecting the dots, like Pepsi's out of the picture to be Taylor Swift sound funny. I have no problem best halftime show ever was Prince I think last year's halftime show is I just thought that was so such a slick prince you ever seen the there's like a mini dock. It's not a long documentary, but it's a mini dock about putting back together and how cool Prince was to deal with everybody involved.

Yeah. And of course you admit it was a driving rainstorm. They were terrified that he was the electric well obviously you have a great, great piece that was back in 2007 believe it was that long ago but it was in Miami and he was had dolphin colors on the sports. It was a sportsman I reference as though I now write the essay alive is just somewhere not about performing yes no apparently there's benefits between hot versus cold. So apparently if you like hot coffee and supposedly lowers the risk for cancer or heart disease, diabetes, now this step also just holding a cup of warm coffee supposedly makes you a more generous person and less stressed out, holding it makes you more generous and less they say and I say day thinking that they had some kind of credential degree you decide that they even do that study now like is there a control group for that study. So we gave 100 different people. A cup of coffee not to drink just a hold right to see if there generosity tendencies when a higher rate. Distress lied Erica less of a check I don't I don't even understand how you no idea. But if you like cold coffee.

Not all is lost because you still get some protection with your digestive system is better for your teeth versus hotline by caffeine He makes everyone happy is happy to know I think that's really where it's coming from a fan of coffee and doesn't have to go any further than that, good elder.

I get that.

I think less of it now than I used to drink probably drinks 4 cups a day little bit more which maybe not great. So I'm I'm down to between two and three. Of course our cups their giants well yes that's kind like my wine glass to only like one. Glad I got this huge thing is my landline. I now enjoy your coffee makes you nicer look.

I think I discovered a cold bath ice coffee ice coffee is unfortunately here's where ice coffee goes wrong is that it's not really I guess some people do drink ice coffee black.

I don't understand now, but to me ice coffee is more all right. It's sweet.

It's got this and it got that and it it's got sent a Maki Otto to it like at this point, might as well just do milkshake, in which case I'm four cookouts right up for all that. So let's just do that when we come back. This is the gold shell June 19, 2006, but it all started May 6, 1997 the announcement that the Hartford coming to North Carolina transition of heartbreak. Figuring it out on the fly became fifth anniversary of the Carolina listen

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