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Wrapping up the Carolina Hurricanes Season with Rod Brind'Amour

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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June 2, 2022 3:30 pm

Wrapping up the Carolina Hurricanes Season with Rod Brind'Amour

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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June 2, 2022 3:30 pm

Carolina Hurricanes head coach Rod Brind'Amour joined Adam Gold to discuss the season coming to an end earlier this week with a Game 7 loss to the New York Ranges in the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Rod also discusses how the business side of the NHL and hockey might be the reason why some players might not return next season, and what some young stars need to do this offseason.

Also, Adam and Dennis give their sports bets for the day.

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This is the best of the Adam Gold Show Podcast brought to you by Coach Pete at Capital Financial Advisory Group.

Visit us at Capital Financial This is the Adam Gold Show. Dennis, you during the course of the season, you became the host of the storm watch and the aftermath.

I did. And during the storm watch, I do an interview with the head coach Rod Brind'Amour. And right before on Monday, late morning, I mentioned to the head coach that it was, I believe, the 90th time that I had talked with him. And we both hope that there were more.

This is 91. I wish it wasn't today. I wish it was yesterday before game one of the Eastern Conference Finals. Head Coach Rod Brind'Amour, how are you, sir? You really wanted to talk to me, but it would have been under better circumstances. Other than because it ended, what was the most disappointing part of what happened against the Rangers?

Maybe game seven or just the series in general? Well, I, you know, it's tough to end the season. You know, you come this far and you mentioned 90 meetings with you. And I think we played almost 100 games. It was 100. Exactly.

Okay. Well, and like I said, in my end of year presser here, I felt like we did a pretty good job for 100 games, like hard, like hard as we could have. So I'm not disappointed in certainly anything that we, the guys did and how they played.

Just disappointed in the way it ended. Like, I really feel like we had, you know, I don't want to say we're the better team because we can't say that, but I just felt like we didn't quite get to it in this last series to our level. And that's what we needed. And I think had we done that, we'd still be playing.

So that's the disappointing part. But it was a hell of a year. And, you know, overall, the guys did a hell of a job. In a way, do you think that maybe you got a little unlucky? I mean, they're goaltender Igor Shostyrkin was tremendous throughout the entire series. But in this series, with the amount of scoring opportunities you had in games three, four and six on the road, which all could have turned out and maybe game six wasn't the best of the three games, but you had chances to score. Do you think in a way there was a little bit of, you know, a little unlucky to not win one of those? Sure.

For sure. I mean, but I also know that you needed that on your side to win. You know, like, if it's going to, you're going to win, you're going to need to pull out games you shouldn't, and you're going to need to stay healthy.

And, you know, there's a lot of things that have to go your way. There's no way, no question about it. You know, I don't think in that series, it was a game where really too many moments where you're like, wow, we got a lucky break there. So it just, it didn't happen that way. Rangers played well. I think they played, you know, to their game, you know, it was what we thought was going to happen coming in.

It just didn't go away. But I, again, I guess that I thought, I think the year was, was, it was a great year. Just the way our guys came and played every night. I got proud of that.

To be honest, you've heard me say it here a bunch of times, but it's not easy to play a hundred games as hard as we do. And I thought the guys did it, but at least they left it all out there. And you can, you can kind of, you know, walk away feeling good about that. Right.

Brenda Moore is joining us here on the Adam Gold show. Is there anything you would do differently than maybe you, you decided to do during the ranger series? Oh man, you beat that up all night.

And trust me, that's all night. I mean, I'll be doing that all year until we play the next year. It's just, there are things you'd say, well, maybe we could, you know, put this guy in or did that different, but I really, I don't have a lot of that. I don't have a lot of regrets on how we did things and what I'd like to see in us execute better on certain things. Yeah. I mean, that's for sure. But overall, like I said, I liked the group we had and they were after they gave every night and their preparation and everything they did to try to win.

And so it just wasn't quite there. You know, we'll, we'll definitely do our best to try again next year. So this question has been asked of me and I don't disagree with the, with the premise of the question.

I just want your thoughts on it. That you are an incredibly loyal coach. You don't pull goaltender's. I mean, the first year you didn't pull a goalie once, zero, which I'm not sure any team has ever done over the course of a season. And you are loath to make drastic changes to your lineup.

Did, did that loyalty maybe work against you at times with players who really weren't producing, even if they were trying hard? Well, I mean, I guess you'd have to be more specific because I mean, I did, you know, it's funny. We, I heard your, I do listen to your show by the way. You know, I was afraid of, well, no, I actually do enjoy it. I think you educate me a lot of things. And so what I did here in the one series, I think it was at the Boston when we played, you had your, their guy talking about how they were going to beat us because we don't make adjustments.

That's what this guy said. And you didn't, you didn't stop them. You didn't say, Hey, uh, you know, they had a pretty good year.

And by the way, we kicked their butts through three games, right? So, but, but we, we, we make a ton of adjustments. It's just not with maybe lineups or guys, like we are constantly adjusting how we play and things that people don't notice and face off alignments and little, any little thing that you can think of. So I think where maybe we don't just flip a line and the guy here or there, which I don't think is really, that makes much of a difference.

And, and where you really, I think, make your adjustments is on how you do those other little things. So we're constantly doing that, like putting the guy in. And again, you'd have to be more specific on who you think is taking in or out because I, you know, we, we really didn't, there's not a ton of options there.

True. Uh, you had, uh, you know, at times you had Steven Lawrence or Derek Stepan or Jordan Martinuk sitting out. Uh, and I know Jordan had some health issues, uh, throughout the playoffs, but, uh, like, uh, more teenagers stayed up in the top six.

Uh, and had a re I thought had a rough, uh, had a rough series, uh, really both series were, uh, were kind of rough. Did you consider, you know, healthy scratching him? Well, he was, you know, we needed more out of him.

So, uh, he did move up and down. I view him as you say, top six, but you remember how I look at my line. I know he's actually probably our, he was our third line winger at the time. And you know, he's, you go by ability and I, my job is to get best out of the best players you have.

He's definitely one of our best players. Um, so, you know, yeah, I do. I believe in those guys.

Yep. In their abilities. And that's, you know, I felt like he gave us the best chance to, to, to win the games and he did play better at times.

Just obviously the production wasn't there. Um, and we did mix, you know, max went up there and played in that spot and did well for a while. So it, you know, but at the end of the day, I felt like the best lineup we were filling out. There was the best lineup to win.

Um, and those, that certainly wasn't, I don't think the issue why we didn't win, if that makes sense. So, uh, yeah, we need him to be better. He knows it and you know, but again, he's still a young kid with a ton of potential. So I do believe in his abilities for sure.

And I'm going to defend myself. I didn't get into the debate that was Matt Porter of the Boston Globe. I didn't get into the debate with Matt Porter, but we did mock that, uh, that assertion, um, in the next segment. And then in subsequent segments on the show and the stuff that I write for, uh, for the web, because the, the adjustments that they were praising, and it wasn't just Matt. It was also their reporter for the athletic putting, uh, what Chris Wagner in the lineup, uh, changing goaltender's, which I noted was probably a game too, too late. Uh, after Lena Solmark also lost game two, uh, and then putting the, maybe the best offense, best forward line in the last decade back together, those adjustments I could have made.

So I did, I did, I did mock that, but you know what I'll say, Adam, on the, on the lineups for people that are listening and I, if you believe in your group, this is how I always was as a player was if I'm having a bad game. If I'm not, you know, I'm two periods in and I'm, I'm kind of struggling. I, I'm going to, I'm going to come out of it.

You know what I mean? Like at some point. And so maybe you could say you go too long with certain guys, but I really feel like it's starting that George saw watching him for face-offs in the first period. If he's over 10, what do you think is the end of the night's going to be like, I guarantee you he's getting back. He's going to find a way to win those backs and you, so you stick with them. And so, yeah, he's got a little more track record and then whatnot, but that's just kind of how I think he gets, if you believe in your guys, you gotta, you gotta stick with them. Yeah. I'm always, you know, you know me and it's probably to my own detriment because I defend you all the time.

I am team rod, Brenda Moore. Let me ask you about your stars. Sebastian Aho, Andrei Svechnikov, Tevo Taravanan, where, where did they may, maybe just, you know, fall a little bit short in the series against the Rangers or did they do enough that just wasn't necessarily on the score sheet? Yeah, I, well, obviously we needed to score some more goals. I guess said that the chances were there. They created enough opportunities to, to score enough to win the games. Obviously, I think our power play that they're part of was no good, but it actually wasn't terrible when I go back and look through it, especially our last three games. We got in every time we got the chance to just, you know, it started actually looking normal again. So, you know, at the end of the day, you got to produce at this time of year where you're not going to win and we didn't get enough of that.

But I, again, I keep going back to what more could you have done? I think the guys prepared and gave it all they had it. We needed to get a bouncer there and just didn't happen.

Rod, Brendan Moore, head coach, Carolina Hurricanes. What are the exit meeting? What your exit meetings without getting into specifics because I don't think you're going to tell me what you told Andre or Seabass. I can tell you.

Alright, go ahead. What did you tell Andre? I told Andre to be careful in the summer because this guy, I've never had to say it to too many guys. He's close to overdoing it.

So it's a great problem to have. You'd like to have 20 guys where you got to say, hey, you got to be careful on how hard you work in the summer. You know, this guy, like when you put in the work like he does, there's actually a chance of overdoing it. So that's my message with him was I know he's coming in to be one of the best shaped guys, but, you know, he's 20, whatever young kid. You want to be that way when he's 40, you know, or 30. I'm still gone at how hard he works.

There's that danger of kind of overdoing it at times. So that was an easy message with him. And I don't have to say much.

This guy comes and he's, you know, he's, he wants to win as bad as anybody. Really simple message with him so I can give you those two. That's, that's the half hour meetings I had with him. That's the gift.

What was the most difficult exit meeting you had. Yeah, none of them are really difficult, because I said I was pretty happy with most of the guys and the top ones are the ones that I don't know the future, because they all know I want them back and I get that it's a business right and I have to kind of wear two hats on that, but, you know, it's so like we have a few of those guys right yeah it's just, it's just kind of okay. You know, I love him I think I play more than anybody.

So, you know, but I can't pin, you know, that's not coming out of my pocket. Right. So we got to figure that out and, you know, I express how much we like him hopefully it can work out I understand if it doesn't.

And that's, that's, those are tough conversations because you don't know if you're going to see the guy again. What do you think about Tony D'Angelo and what he brought to the team this year. I love that level he brought I mean, listen, we all know there was some things you'd like to see a little differently on how he handles the when it gets going a little squirrely. You know that's no secret.

I think he's working on that part of it. But the, the overall package already brought on the ice I thought was great and guys love, you know, in the room he's, he's kind of a different guy so he's a great, great guy to have around your room so I you know I'm hoping that we work that one out to obviously that's another one that's who knows where that goes with the, you know, the interesting thing is when you talk to the players. You know they all want to be here, which, which I believe and they like how. First of all, they love the fans, they love the area, which is great, right like that's a big, big thing. It's kind of hard not to when you play the game playoff game here it's obviously you're here it's pretty special so that that's a huge plus.

But to get agents involved. And, you know, things go real sideways sometimes quickly so I never, I mean, I'm always hopeful we can get all these guys back but I know how it works in my conversations with Tony what always jumps out to me is how, how easily the game. How easily how easily the game comes to him. He's able to process and identify things so quickly. You can tell he just gets the game gets the, the mental side he sees things happen before they happen that that has to be invaluable. Well, you can pretty much say that pick any great player, high end player. That's the skill set that they have that, you know, you hear people say what you can't teach that. Right.

And that's, I think that's across the board Adam, you know, you go to all the any sport, you know the top guys always have that ability to kind of think ahead, right, what's the, they already know what the next play is before it happens. And that's he's one of those guys. My final thing for rod Brenda more and I know we'll speak again soon.

You don't you're not going anywhere you might go on vacation hope you do hope you take some time and spend it with the kids and your family. What is the need it man. I know how you grind.

Holy moly grinding me down but sorry go ahead. No, no. What is the next. What is the next step mean you're not obviously the team's not going to be identical to what it was this year. There could be as many as seven or eight new faces, a year from now. What, what does this team need you think to take the next step.

So, well, I mean, I don't know. What do we need different is what you're asking I mean I feel like we're like I said I believe in the group but we were I really felt like we're as good as anyone to have any good a chance to win this year is anything. So, what do you need I mean, we got to obviously get over that hump but I don't what I don't want to do is, and I said this last year and we did it and it didn't matter I changed a whole bunch of pieces. And yet we did and we got better.

Right. Oh, it's kind of gives you a positive, it makes you feel good to know that if it does happen that way, we can still move forward, because we did as long as we're not losing your guy, you know who right yeah guys. It feels like if you build around that you got a chance and we definitely are going to keep the, the, the core guys here intact. And so, I guess we just got to keep telling the right pieces in and keep trying, that's that's the end of the day and I know we will just keep doing our best. I know we're with the good pieces we have, you got a chance right and that's all you can. Everybody gets behind 11 and 20, you're you and 74 I don't want to leave out.

Sure. He's just tremendous. I think that was my, the most enjoyable thing about this postseason, was that they stopped after maybe game five of the Boston series, they stopped calling Jacob Slavin underrated. They just started recognizing just how good he is. So, we got a few of them, we got, we got a few great, great pieces and I think we're, you know, the young guys that coming up. I mean, Jeremy had a breakout year really tough playoffs. Physically in a tough playoffs, they got hit in the Jarvis. Right.

Then, then it took a stick to the mouth and then Jacob Truba got him. Yeah. Yeah, but I think that's not gonna, you know, slow them down a bit and that's why I think these guys got a bright future. Well, I thank you very much for the time, I'll talk to you very soon. Best to everybody, we'll see you. You got it, take care. You got it, Rod Brind'emore. See, I told you. Yeah.

Listen to the program, I'm screwed. He was ready, man. I give him props.

Alright. I think he did tape. He is very prepared. Yeah, very prepared. He is very prepared and like when he says he needs some time off. Yeah. Absolutely needs some time off.

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Alright, four on the board today. I did have his back though against Matt Porter. You did. I did have his back. I have that whole cut saved. Thank you.

We can play in the rewind. That whole exchange. Loved it. By the way, I don't know if you watched it. I didn't.

The match, the one with Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, and Josh Allen aired yesterday. Why was it on Wednesday night? Don't care. I mean, I wouldn't have watched it anyway.

Yeah, I don't care. But why was it on? I forgot. Totally forgot. I thought it was on this past weekend. I honestly, I didn't.

Yes. I thought it would have been on. I thought it was on this past weekend. I thought it would have been on like a Sunday or something. Memorial Day, I thought it was like Memorial Day. Yeah.

I don't know. Either way, it happened. What else was there on television Memorial Day? We had the Hurricanes at night. You had the Lacrosse Championship.

Yeah. I was doing it daytime. Maryland beating Cornell. Other than, like what else was on? That would have been the day to do it.

Wednesday night? What? I don't know.

Maybe they didn't want to compete with the NBA or something. Either way. Okay.

Because TNT has it. Either way, that happened yesterday. I don't know who won. I don't care. But here's something that actually, here's something I would like to see if they do something like this.

Okay. It would be perfect for YouTube or something like that, is I want to see some, some linemen out there who are like, you know what, let's see if I can break 110 today. I don't want these guys who are actually good golfers. No, no, no.

I want something relatable. I want guys who are hitting 110s, 120s, or cracking beers, like doing stuff with the golf carts, like jumping over sand traps. That's what I want to see. I actually watched. Give me that. I'm trying to remember what the show was.

I watched Shaq play golf. Oh. Okay.

Yeah. He was not good. Did he have clubs that fit him? He's not good.

How long are those clubs? He's seven feet. He is. He is.

He doesn't look like toothpicks in his hands. But yes, there was a, I saw Shaq playing golf. That's very interesting. I could not have been less interested in four quarterbacks playing golf. Yeah, exactly. No way. Don't. And I love golf.

I love golf, but that, that whole, that whole series has kind of run its course. Yeah. It's all. Yeah.

Now you're just throwing quarterbacks out there because whatever. All right. A few, a few memorable moments and things happened on this day in history, 12 years ago, the Armando Galarraga non-perfect game, Jim Joyce call at first base that was 12 years ago today. Today? Yes. 12 years ago.

Oh man. Here's the thing about that moment. If he had actually thrown a perfect game, we wouldn't remember, but we remember it because of the Bush call. Right?

Well, yes, we, we, because there have been enough perfect games that it would, it would just blend in, but to be on the list of pitchers that have thrown perfect games is, uh, would be obviously exceptional. Here's the thing. And I said this at the time, Jim Joyce got the call wrong. Yeah.

Okay. But there was enough weirdness that happened in the call. I believe you had Galarraga who was sort of reaching for the base, like the, I think the throw to him was behind him and he had to reach for the base and it wasn't as simple a missed call as people think. But it clearly was the wrong call. I mean, nobody's saying that it did, Jim Joyce didn't make them make a mistake. It was the wrong call.

The only thing I objected to was the, was the people that claimed arrogance for getting the call wrong. Yeah. Like missed it. Yeah. He, he just missed it. Uh, Joyce came back the next day, like teary-eyed, because he was the home plate umpire the next day and apologized. Like they had a press conference and Joyce sit up there and said, I kicked it, meaning I blew the call. Yeah. At least he owned up to it. He has a great mustache.

He does. Also 20 years ago today, The Wire debuted on HBO. Great show. Fantastic show. I never watched. What? Yeah. Never watched.

But Dennis, Dennis, Dennis, Dennis, Dennis. I watch very little of those types of like almost no shows. I don't see movies and I don't watch shows. So my television viewing in general is sports, news, and the, uh, the oceans movies and Men in Black. Okay.

Harry Potter. Are you popping in Men in Black on VHS? No, no, no.

You can find, you have YouTube TV. Yeah. It's always on. Yeah.

No, it's not. Men in Black. First of all, do you have, uh, have you seen all three Men in Blacks? Actually? I don't think I've seen the third one. Oh, the third one might be the best one. Really? Yeah.

The third one might be the best one. Um, uh, who was it? James. Not James Brolin. It was James Brolin. Or Josh Brolin. Josh Brolin. Josh Brolin is in it and he's great. Um, the second one has Rosario Dawson in it. Excuse me.

Just need a moment. I've never seen Clerks 2. Oh, Rosario Dawson is in Clerks 2? I've never seen Clerks 2. Um, wow.

Nice. Have you seen Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief? Actually, I have not.

Yeah, she plays Hades' wife. I'll just leave, I'll just leave it there. Either way, The Wire, you need to watch it, is one of the best television shows, well written shows I have ever seen. Anybody that I know who has seen it has loved it and I respect it.

It's fantastic. I'm just probably not gonna watch it. Okay.

That makes me sad. Alright, uh, well since you don't like television, I'm just gonna let everyone else know that season three of The Boys begins tomorrow on Amazon Prime. The Boys? Yes.

I have no idea what that is. Um, I don't wanna dive too deep into it, cause I'll go off on a lot of tangents, but either way it's, um, not for kids. Let's put it that way. Okay, that's fine. Uh, but basically the, Garth Ennis was the creator of the comic book, but the premise of the story is that essentially, imagine if the Justice League was corporately run. Okay. And that there are investors and...

It's not? Uh, yeah. But that's the premise of the story, like imagine like all these superheroes are corporately run, but then you get Congress involved in things like that, so really there's a lot of cover-ups because you gotta protect your, you know, market shares and all those kinds of things. Interesting. Publicly traded, so yeah, it's a lot of corporate conspiracy, government conspiracy stuff, and then obviously the superheroes are supposed to be good, really are the ones that are... Oh, but they're not because...

The ones that are corrupt. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. So it's just corporate corruption, but... Who's the most corrupt superhero? In that show?

Yeah. Homelander. Who's that? Basically the Superman. The Superman? Yeah, Superman. That's who I would've guessed. That's who I would've guessed. Superman is the most corrupt.

Yeah. Who is the most philanthropic? Oh, I don't know if they have any. Batman. It has to be Batman. Wow, there's no Batman. Well, no. No. Batman had no superpower, but was still a superhero. Exactly. Rich guy helping out.

Never happened. Also, throughout there, speaking of Batman, movies like The Batman or the original Tim Burton Batman movies, there's actually, Warner Brothers announced a DC in Concert. It's an all new kind of global touring film concert series where you can watch the films on a massive giant screen, but you have a live orchestra doing the film score during the course of the movie. So you get the actual live orchestra there with you as you watch the film.

This is something I nerd out on. I love film scores, and I've actually have gone and seen the North Carolina Symphony multiple times when they've done film scores as the show, whether it's John Williams and Star Wars or whatever it may be. They had a Space Spectacular where they did the film scores of E.T. and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I enjoyed those things very much, so the fact that I can watch a movie and hear the film score performed live in front of me with the orchestra, that sounds pretty cool.

Yeah, no question about it. It's a new way of watching movies, I guess you could say. I like it. I like it. A live score?

Pretty cool. I just can't wait until they come to Raleigh. I don't know if they are, but I want them to. Just listen, people. Dennis has spoken.

I will keep you informed. A couple other quick news and notes here related to the NBA. Jeff Van Gundy and Adrian Woznarowski will miss game one of the NBA Finals after testing positive for COVID. Wait, wait. Jeff Van Gundy tested positive for COVID?

Yep. Mark Jones sat in for Mike Breen during game seven in Miami, right, because Breen tested positive. Anybody that watched that game could tell that Jeff Van Gundy was sick. I was blown away that Jeff Van Gundy, who was clearly sick as a dog, was allowed to broadcast. Duh.

Of course he's positive. Yeah. Also, NBA Eastern Conference Finals hit a four-year high, averaging just a shade under seven million viewers per game. Game seven. Yep. Well, it was a great series. Great series.

Boston, too. Yeah. Yeah, this is for the Finals as a whole. And it was awesome.

That is it for Halftime Entertainment. Excellent choice. All right. I went two for three yesterday. Dennis picked up a win.

It is time to read them and weep, add them up. We'll place our bets next. Off of the crossbar, and the Hurricanes have won the Stanley Cup. June 19th, 2006, but it all started May 6th, 1997, with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina.

It's a story of transition, of heartbreak, of figuring it out on the fly. The Cane's Corner look at the 25th anniversary of the move, presented by the Aluminum Company of North Carolina. Listen now, find Cane's 25th anniversary wherever you get your podcasts. But now it's time to add them up from last night. So let's do it. Place your bets. Place your bets.

Here we are. I bet you slice into the woods a hundred bucks. Gambling is illegal with Bushwood, sir, and I never slide. Damn it!

Okay, you can own it. I owe you bets. As I stand with Ukraine, and the Lightning and Rangers were tied after one, it mitigated the damage of Holger Rune not beating Kasper Rude at the French Open. So I picked up some units yesterday, and I am at plus 540. Very nice. Dennis, I think you gained 10 units.

I gained 10. Well, because the Shohei Ohtani home run bet that it had the Angels and Yankees got postponed, which Anthony Rizzo ended up showing up at Madison Square Garden yesterday because of the postponement. So he was there for game one.

He might have been there anyway. Yeah. Big Hawks, big Rangers fan. Good for Anthony Rizzo. All right, so start us off. All right, Celtics Warriors tonight. I'll take Boston, Moneyline, game one, plus 145. Boston plus 145. Very good. The Warriors have been sitting around for a while.

That's probably not a terrible thing. English. I will also do something with the game, but I am not going to take a winner of the game. I am simply going to take Steph Curry to make the game's first three pointer at plus 250.

Plus three, if it's Steph, it's plus 250 in my coffers. So there you go. All right. There you go. Spain plays Portugal in soccer today. Oh, an international friendly? Yeah, UEFA Nations League. Oh, OK. That's not even a friendly.

That's OK. That's good. Game that matters. I'll take Spain plus 110. Spain plus 110 over Portugal. Yep.

Beaten their neighbors. Very, very nice. We do have some some World Cup stuff coming up this weekend that we'll we'll save for another time because I know how everybody is fired up about the principal charity classic on the PGA Tour champions. Give me Jerry Kelly to win at plus twenty five hundred.

Wait, what? Jerry Kelly to win the senior golf stop at plus twenty five hundred. OK, I thought my bets were a go.

I'm going to give you so much the crossing UFC tomorrow. This ain't this ain't Sunbelt. This ain't Sunbelt lacrosse.

Sunbelt doesn't have lacrosse. It's the Socon, which I nailed those bets, by the way. I told you, Rich, I actually I said high point with the goals and they won.

Just saying, I don't. Then why are you minus twenty two thirty five because I messed up on other bets, Adam. But I'm not messing up Euler's money line plus one forty five tonight for my third bet. Euler's money line plus one thirty five to one forty one forty five. Just take what? What's the over?

Yes. What is it? What is the over? Actually, the seven and a half. The over actually under was it's seven again. It was over under was seven in game one.

I don't know how we're not going to be at ten goals. I think Colorado is going to be in their backup goalie to me. To be perfectly honest, Edmonton's on their backup goalie, too.

They just start him. No, it's Mike Smith. Yeah. So Pavel friends, Seuss and Mike Smith of the two goalies defense optional.

Yeah. I mean, we we're going to have a lot of games. I mean, seven just of course, this will be a two one in overtime. But I know I just think we're going to see a ton of goals in that series.

All right. I yesterday or two days ago, I won with Rafael Nadal beating Novak Djokovic. I think Alexander Zverev gets him gets an adult today, really. So I'll take Zverev at not some it's tomorrow, actually.

I'll take Zverev at plus 275 to advance to the French Open final. And that's where we are. That's where we are ending very nice. Real quick about about the hockey and we do have obviously we have NBA Finals game one tonight and Western Conference Finals game game 286 final, Colorado and Edmonton. I just think Edmonton is so explosive. They're going to score on anyone, anyone. They're going to score goals. Because now you've got Evander Kane playing well and Zach Hyman playing well, and they're getting goals from Ryan Nugent Hopkins and Kyler Yamamoto. They don't even need Mick David and Dry Seidel to score.

They do. But they're getting goals elsewhere. Colorado is the better team, but we're going to see a ton of goals in that series. It sort of looks like the playoffs, sort of. This is the Adam Gold show. June 19th, 2006, but it all started May 6th, 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina. It's a story of transition, of heartbreak, of figuring it out on the fly. The Canes Corner look at the 25th anniversary of the move presented by the Aluminum Company of North Carolina. Listen now, find Canes' 25th anniversary wherever you get your podcasts.
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