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Previewing NBA Finals Game Six between Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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June 16, 2022 2:38 pm

Previewing NBA Finals Game Six between Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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June 16, 2022 2:38 pm

'Nata Edwards of CBS Sports joined Adam live in studio to talk about the Boston Celtics vs the Golden State Warriors. Also, 'Nata sticks around for Adam & Dennis' sports betting picks.

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This is the best of the Adam Gold Show Podcast. Brought to you by Coach Pete at Capital Financial Advisory Group.

Visit us at This is the Adam Gold Show. Not in the Scriven studio with us in a matter of moments. Apparently there's traffic in the Raleigh area today.

Which is fair. We have traffic. We have construction going on. We're building. Yeah, that's okay. Working on it. Mm hmm.

Road road work all over the place. All right. As we as we get ready for game six tonight. To me, this is more about I think this game will be more about what Boston is or isn't. Then it will be about what Golden State is or isn't. I know Steve Kerr had talked about, well, we have two cracks at winning a title.

They do. I mean, that is just a fact. There's no crime in Golden State losing tonight because game seven is on their floor. And even though Boston took game one. This is why you get home court advantage.

So if it comes down to a game seven, it's in your building. And this is where Boston failed in game four, where they had a chance to really control this series and let it get away from them in a game where it looked like they were the better team throughout. And Steph Curry went for forty three and Andrew Wiggins had a big game, at least rebounding wise.

And that was enough. Clay Thompson helped out in Golden State, wrestled home court advantage back. And maybe that was the sign that the Celtics weren't quite there.

As a group. Now, Golden State has yet to they have had three cracks at closing out series on the road. They had a chance to close out Memphis on the road, I believe. I mean, I don't have the score of that game in front of me, but didn't they lose that game by about 50? Sounds right.

Right. No, like they were at one point, I believe, down 50. In game six in Memphis. They had a chance to close out. Was Memphis in the first round or no? The second round. The second round was Memphis. I don't remember who the first round was. Was it? No, it was Denver.

That's right. And they couldn't close out the Nuggets in game four. They were about to sweep. And Jokic had a big game.

But it was all right. Gentlemen sweep. They win game five. They had a chance to close out Memphis in game six and just I mean, just got punked or it might have been game five and got punked. I think it was game five. Got beat by a thousand points. And then they had a chance to close out Dallas.

And also couldn't close it out on the road. I don't anticipate Golden State winning tonight. I don't. But the way the Celtics have played in the fourth quarter, in second halves, of basically getting run in every third quarter, has said a lot to me about what Boston is missing. And I know that when we talked to Nada, I guess it was last week, you know, we kept using the phrase and he did. But this is a phrase that I've used also about playing with their food. This is what Boston does. They're like, they're, they're goofing around.

Like, I think it's worse than that. And I don't know that it's coaching because I think in May, a joke is a wonderful coach, albeit in year one. And maybe Steph, Stephen curse, Stephen, Steve Kerr is out coaching. Maybe, maybe we're seeing what we're seeing is a great coach who maybe didn't get the credit he deserved for, you know, winning those three titles, albeit they were loaded in terms of their starters, not to mention that, but guys that they had coming off the bench who were really, really good contributors on both ends.

Maybe Steve Kerr is going to get his his due, I guess, this time around. But I'm just not sure that Boston is a a solid enough offensive team to take advantage of how great they are defensively. What I will say is that I don't believe that they will or should change anything they did from game five tonight.

Say I mean, honestly, the exact same game plan is good enough. You just can't stink offensively like you did in the fourth quarter. And that really started at the end of the third quarter. Remember, Golden State and they were bad in the first half to Golden State, led fifty one thirty nine at halftime. Boston scored the first ten points of the third quarter and ultimately, I believe, had a four or five point lead with about four minutes to play in the third quarter.

It was that kind of a turnaround. And then Golden State and hit a shot here. All of a sudden, Jordan Poole makes two threes at the end of the third.

Yeah, he scores five points. There were three free throws and then a and then a layup scored five points around other scoring in the first three minutes of the fourth. And all of a sudden, Golden State's back in front. They led it to half, too.

They led at the end of the third quarter. The Jordan Poole banked three pointer. Yeah, which he's done that twice now.

Yeah. Taking a page out of Steph's book. It's funny how anytime he hits that, he's like, I'm feeling it now. He puts it up and he's that kind of an offensive player. He's not great defensively, but he's that kind of an offensive player if he gets going.

And it's almost like Boston should treat him the same way they treat treat Steph to a certain extent. Although you can't it would be foolish almost to set your defense to stop Jordan Poole because he's not Steph Curry. When Curry gets going, you're at you're at his mercy because he has as quick a release as we've ever seen in terms of a jump shooter. I mean when he gets going and and the thing that their defense did I thought to curry was it became cumulative. It became curry rushing shots curry taking bad shots or curry maybe thinking too much and not being ready to pull the trigger. Because he was always wondering where's the defense where's the defense even when it wasn't there. And that's why I've always believed that great defense has a lasting effect even when it's not there because I thought that happened to curry in game five. But if you're Boston, you don't change anything about the way you defended nothing. And frankly your game your offensive game is what it is.

I don't I just don't know how it can change. Jason Tatum basically initiates their action. Now when he's not on the court, they will run it occasionally through Jalen Brown or maybe they do it through Marcus smart.

But sometimes Derek White has been the initiator, but basically it all goes through Tatum. And when you know Tatum has to understand not to force bad shots, but he makes those sometimes and once you make a few of those you thought I can make anything. So we'll see how ultimately that fuels Boston's offense, but they can't turn it over like they have and what's the line of demarcation if they're 15 or fewer. Basically, they win if it's 16 or more basically they lose now to me that's arbitrary, but that has basically been what's happened. And there was a time during the game where they were at 15.

Well one more turnover and it's certain they're going to lose and like I'm not entirely sure that that's how it works, but it is certainly worked out in that regard. But I so the other thing I wanted to get to is the the impact on Steph Curry's legacy, if you will, and I hate using legacy as a term because he's not done right. But in his career to date. This would be his crowning achievement, like LeBron James has four NBA titles. We got to with Miami, in the middle two years of his four year stint with the heat. We have the one in 16 with the Cavaliers over these warriors. And we have the one he won with the Lakers. And there's no question, which of those is the signature LeBron James title. It's the one with Cleveland.

Yeah. This would be the crowning achievement and Steph Curry's career, because, theoretically speaking, even though I believe that Curry was the best player on those warriors teams that won three out of five years. Kevin Durant put them in a, in a, in a stratosphere that nobody could touch in 17 and 18, you had no chance to beat the Warriors, if they were healthy with Kevin Durant, no chance, because Durant was essentially unguardable at that at that point in his career. And then you had all of the other pieces that they already had that had already won a championship.

And real quick. We were having these conversations constantly. And I try to bring it up as often as I can. Harrison Barnes is completely overlooked as a big piece of Golden State's first title. Harrison Barnes, a good player is great.

I get if you can, and they did. If you can swap out. Harrison Barnes for Kevin Durant, and you can do it financially, which is the what the Warriors could do because Steph Curry's contract allowed it to be to be that way and Draymond's contract at that time, allowed it to be that way. So if you can swap out Harrison Barnes in favor of Kevin Durant, you're going to do it, you're going to get better because Durant's actually better at both ends of the court than, than, than Harrison Barnes. But holy cow, Harrison Barnes was a very good player. And like if you, if you could put Barnes back on the Warriors today, he'd make them better than they are. So Barnes has never gotten the, the, I don't know, the, the credit for being part of that championship team. But again, if Durant is coming, I mean, I get it. I get it. Yeah.

I mean, the fact that you had Steph obviously in his prime, Klay Thompson fully healthy before the injuries and Draymond Green in his prime and Kevin Durant at his true peak, even though he's still playing at that level. Yeah. I mean, I could have been the fifth guy.

Pretty much. I probably could have. Actually, who was it? It was Andrew Bogut, I think was the starting center, I believe. Yeah. I mean, he was, he was there. Yeah, exactly. He was there.

I also could have been there. I don't even think they needed a center. I mean, Draymond played center for, you know, a lot. Yeah. Bogut played some, but he was just there if they needed size. Right. And, and honestly, a lot of this run has been made without size.

So, you know, they've, you know, they often play with a, with a small lineup on the court. Adam Golden Studio with my man Coach Pete DeRuder with the Capital Financial Advisory Group. We are talking retirement. Coach, let's say I have more than a million dollar balance in my 401k. Congratulations.

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Put together your very own tax and retirement plan. Call 800-661-7383 or text Adam to 21000 for coach Pete DeRuta. Our friend Nada is coming in. It's all right. Raleigh is a difficult spot. Graduation traffic. Graduation traffic.

Graduation traffic. All right. We're going to try to fit in a lot here. Yes. Let's do it. All right.

So Nada described on Twitter. CVS Sports. All right. You are one of our NBA mavens. Let's start with the Celtics. Let's do this about the Celtics.

If they can't win game six tonight, and I think they will win game six, they might blow Golden State out tonight. I've heard you mention this because I did a little research on this. Had a lot of time to think about this. In the car. In the car.

Don't tell people that you're doing that. Doesn't this say more about that the Celtics might just not, might be, whatever I just said, not might be there yet at this point or they're missing a piece if they can't win game six tonight? I think they're missing a piece.

I think what we're starting to see is the limits of not having a point guard. Right. Like that's the big thing. That's the piece I'm talking about. That's the piece. I thought Derek White was going to be that piece. Me and you had this conversation at the deadline that this was going to be the piece.

I am shocked that it's not the piece. I thought Derek White would be better with them. They're going to need a starting point guard and they're going to need a high caliber starting point guard if this is going to be the case and if that's what they're missing. If you're running your offense through Jason Tatum and that's what they're doing and maybe that's what they're going to do forever. I mean, do you really need a high caliber point guard or do you just need somebody to kind of get you through those moments when it's going sideways? I think you need, that's a tough one because I thought Derek White was a high caliber point guard before this all began.

Right. I do wonder if this becomes one of those situations where you're going to need a high caliber point guard. Maybe Phoenix is something that, maybe Phoenix is one of those where you're just like, what's the situation?

What's the status? Is Aten going to be the sign of something that comes down later where Chris Paul says, I no longer want to be there. Right. And maybe you do something for Phoenix in terms of getting a Chris Paul in there.

But you're going to need an elevated point guard at this point because if Derek White's not going to be good enough to get you there, then you need to start thinking, okay, I need, I might need a top 10, top 15 point guard because what they're running right now is not that good. Right. And that's what leads to all of their second half turnovers and their breakdown in the fourth quarter. They've had one great fourth quarter in the playoffs that came in Game 1.

And maybe it was surprising because... I think that was serious changing, though. I honestly think if they don't win that, we're talking about Warriors in five or we're talking gentlemen sweep. We're doing this as like the postscript.

We're doing a eulogy on this year's Boston Celtics. Really? You think so? Yes. So because you and I have already had so many conversations about this. Yes. I keep watching these games and I realize the Warriors lead 3-2.

Mm hmm. And I keep watching these games and I believe I am watching games in which Boston is the better team. Agreed. Even though they have lost three times.

Agreed. Even in the games that they have lost, they have looked like the better team to me. They've been the better team.

And that's why I won't disagree with you. They've been the better team throughout this series. They just can't stop like finishing. They just can't stop turning the ball over. Right.

And it drives you nuts. But that's where the point guard thing comes in. But also at the same time, that first game was that was a show from Stephen, the Warriors. That was an absolute show. And what the Boston Celtics did was they were like, you know what? I enjoyed that.

You're having a little fun. We're going to take that away from you right now. We're just going to it was a little legitimate run the jewel situation. We are going to take what you love right now and we're going to take game one.

We are here. But outside of that, can you really say that this team like this team lacks the focus and it lacks the point. It goes back to what we've just talked about this team likes the point guard.

Well, there's there's no question. We probably had this conversation about the Celtics for the last few months. They have been able to mitigate all of those because you know, Marcus smart such a great defender, the defensive player of the year in the NBA, whether he was or not.

Yeah, he's certainly a great defender. Like, I mean, I think Boston flops a little too much, but we see that all over the NBA. They are one of the bigger offenders. One of the biggest offenders I've seen since the Blake Griffin Clippers. Again, if your NBA had you know exactly what I'm talking about. They flop too much.

They whine too much. They were just a generally unlikable bunch of the Clippers. Yeah, the Boston. So I think these Celtics are likable. They are they are outside of maybe a Marcus smart. See I like Marcus smart. I think smart knows what he's doing. He tries to get away with it. And I think smart is like, all right, whatever aggravating understand that he's not Patrick Beverly. Well, no, no, no one can be Patrick, right?

No one can be that big of a scrub and still get a TV job like he's actually done. So I know I know where you're going with this. We're gonna stop you now. Appreciate Matt Barnes for calling that out. Yes, by the way. Thank you. Yeah. Thank you that because that was that was one of those things like oh, oh, you're talking now.

Mr. Mr. I get Chris Paul basically eliminated me and made me look bad. Oh, I remember that that was hilarious at the time. All right, let's let me just fold this into Steph Curry. I've actually talked about this for a while and I thought that with even with all of their injuries and Kyrie's decision-making on and off the basketball court. The fact that it hasn't gone well in Brooklyn yet yet for Durant and he's had his own injury issues has sort of brought back the Warriors tenure maybe into clearer focus. Yeah, we are relitigating that entire Warriors to look the Warriors won a title before Durant got there. Durant was amazing with the Warriors and I'm not saying that he is not a better player than Steph Curry because he might be the second greatest score in the history of the NBA agreed so and it's still about points the most points wins not the best most defensive stops, right? So he might be the second greatest score in all time behind Jordan, but I still but I think that based on what we see out of this Warriors team with a sporadic Klay Thompson and Draymond can be a complete zero and even a negative to them. I think we're seeing that what happened in 17 and 18 while Durant was the playoff with the Finals MVP it might have been more about Curry than anything else and I just think this that this is what it's saying to me that Curry to an end to an extent Klay and Draymond that's the core that won three titles and that Durant just was an embarrassment of riches. What I want to warn you about because I don't doesn't don't necessarily disagree with you what I do want to warn you about is we've had this conversation. I want to say a couple times back and it's on the best of the Adam Gold show and I suggest you download this but we are going to talk about but this is where this is where I come to the structure like the salience of the structure the fact that Curry is the foundation of the big part of that does Draymond eat off of that yes because we can make a case that Draymond was last elite maybe 2016-2017 oh yes 100% Klay's been Klay but Klay's allowed to be Klay because of Steph but that's that's just the greatness of the structure of what the Golden State Warriors are built we're gonna see it with Camango when he grows into his role we're gonna see it with Moses Moody when he grows into his role we see it with a guy like Kavon Looney who has looked like Bill Russell Redux like wow like we again he's the man's pulling down 22 26 rebounds a game like that's the thing with guys like that the structure matters more than the individual talent and all that tells me is that Kevin Durant has a horrible job does a horrible job picking structure he wants to be great he wants to do all these things he wants to score he wants to be this entertainment mogul he wants to have this media company but at the same time he lacks the structure in his basketball life to do that he picks markets outside of this one time this one three-year run where they basically went to the finals twice then I'm sorry the with the finals three times won it twice those two rings that's the one time he's ever chosen structure and then he's chosen to reject it ever again like he's chosen to reject it and it's funny because you can make the case that LeBron had the same kind of career or just a little bit earlier in his career LeBron was 25 26 27 when he did it rather than KD being basically 27 28 29 if KD chooses structure we're going to read relitigate this narrative again I can guarantee that all right so I want to I want to explore this real quick LeBron when he left Miami when he left structure yeah to go back to unstructured in Cleveland yes LeBron could do it because of the type of type of basketball player that he was yeah and even and he's we've already seen LeBron make curious or agree to I'm not saying make a agree to curious personnel we can say he endorses it sometimes he endorses he like some folks embrace debate others embrace chaos that is LeBron right when you start thinking about that career you think about his choices now like he went back to Cleveland he could have stayed in structure and then he says these podcasts where he's talking about man I'm the missing piece in Miami yes we know LeBron then he goes to LA could have been there exactly you should have been there right like you're talking then he's going to LA and then he's choosing the bus family that has been clearly chaotic since Jim buses has passed like dr. buses past that that's been kind of established at this point you're talking about a guy that him that can't stay away from the drama that only had the structure that three years and then that was probably the most dominant LeBron outside of that 2009 2010 Cavs year we're talking about LeBron being LeBron but LeBron is a singular force LeBron does everything KD like we've just established scores he does it perfectly yeah that's the only like he's a really good defender but it's not what he does best LeBron does everything the best unfortunately for KD and this is where the structure helps if you have someone to take some of the pressure off of you and that can't be a Kyrie Irving because Kyrie Irving isn't reliable for multiple reasons but but Durant hitched his wagon at Kyrie yeah yeah yeah and Brooklyn which doesn't seem to be all that salient or smart of a market here's the thing but first of all the year before Durant got there mm-hmm the Nets were kind of sneaky good weren't they they remember Kenny Atkinson now knew that's what I was gonna ask you know Charlotte weren't his coach had some structure and wanted to build had a culture built built it around Jeremy Lin and the last vestiges of what was Lin sanity he built that around he had a guy again Jared Allen carousel legend Jeremy Jeremy Lin exactly Hornets legend don't don't get me Jeremy Lin fans they will be in my mentions after this and I'm not looking forward to it um I would say like they built a culture and then KD came in there Kyrie came in there toward all part and they are what they are right now and that's the thing some folks are just addicted to the difficulty they don't want to win on regular all probe they gotta go to all Madden to feel that to satisfy that itch and therefore that's why some folks don't like structure C LeBron CKD it's just a little bit like they're just certain things that people just it's their competitiveness and I get it and I respect it I just wish they would make it easier on themselves they make it easier on us to love them not to describe as in studio with us we're gonna take a quick break we have to come back we can make bets yes we are we're gonna talk more about the finals absolutely and I think I think Dennis wants to talk comic books with you absolutely that will be when I leave oh we can we can fill an hour I don't have that kind of time we'll be right back we'll try to make some money next June 19 2006 but it all started May 6 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina it's a story of transition of heartbreak of figuring it out on the fly the canes corner look at the 25th anniversary of the move presented by the aluminum company of North Carolina listen now find canes 25th anniversary wherever you get your podcast how many different podcasts you produce there just three right now just three just three on college basketball is my primary ones from I'll work with Brinson on pick six every now and again and then you like you like Brinson don't you well I'm one of like the five people that do come on I love will yeah but that guy okay so you're two of the see everybody's it's like it's fun to just poke fun at Brinson well everybody likes me though I know that but that's well he makes it he makes it entirely too easy but like we're like two of the five people that actually like it and what else and then I'll do occasionally I'll pitch in on all things covered with Patrick Peterson and Brian McFadden oh that's that's very cool that is a very fun one it is you get to see athletes in their element talking to other athletes it's been really it's new media it's new media but it's responsible new media responsible wait wait wait are you saying that Draymond Green is not responsible new media okay who produces him again who's got no idea he remember he's under the Colin Cowherd banner he is so volume sports like I like certain podcasts with them Dragonfly Jones obviously is probably number one but there's a responsibility factor that sometimes you have to have when you have these athlete led podcasts and you have to be like okay maybe you do this one maybe you don't say this maybe I cut this and they're never the none the wiser that's all you got to do sometimes okay all right I happen to like light greens yeah I do like I do like his but I also wonder how much we actually get of his whether how and how good the producer is with that because I don't think he's just in there recording editing and then putting out no I'm pretty sure he's not doing that at least I hope not he's too rich to do that all right you're gonna you're gonna have to critique our wagers here all right then yeah then we're gonna I have some other questions we got to talk more and who knows this might stretch over into the other hour oh that's perfect I got nothing I got no time shouts to our friend Lauren Brown low who's who's nursing her way back to health you are nursing her way back down do you have a degree I do not have a degree in a stethoscope I do not have a stethoscope either but what I used to be I used before I did media media is my second career so before that I used to hang around in dude did basically I was a kitchen manager for a nursing home okay so I have what are you saying about Lauren then well are you saying that says where she belongs no I'm not saying that's where she belongs that's where I belong she is an old soul but that's that's harsh you're trying to get me hit by a wrench when I get back there she knows she knows I have nothing but mad respect for Lauren Brown low all right Dennis let's play some bets all right let's do this Dennis Cox I think I lost all of my bets again yesterday it's like the third day in a row but I keep hitting on big ones so doesn't matter you even it out so what did you win yesterday I won nothing yesterday really at a future out with Wills Alatoris okay courier so I've got futures and I don't even know who's that courier is that's fine I'm lost the champion made lightning because I had them at Moneyline plus 135 with the overtime loss I had JT come for scoring a goal he had three great scoring chances including the game winner that's right he had a great chance on that too so there's that and then Juan Soto didn't play again again so the no action on that one so I lost 100 units yesterday it's not bad it's not bad broke a streak it's okay all right Nana tell me if I'm making a good bet here Steph Curry three or more three pointers in the first half plus 185 take that bet yeah you take that you run yeah I'm like oh he went over nine today he'll make one in the first half but this is gonna be what we're gonna talk about Boston's defense will not change I thought Boston's defensive game plan was brilliant and it should have led to a win but it didn't that same game plan I think will lead to a win at home all right I'm gonna start with this Al Horford okay three or more threes made for the game at plus 375 I'm going with Al Horford you're relying on a guy that's played let's see two straight game seven game seven stars to have some sort of legs to shoot threes in game six yep I am twice plus 375 if it was a short thing it would be plus 175 sir sir sir it's your units it's your unit my units you leave my units alone yes I shall so I'm going Al Horford I could have gone out Horford to score 15 or more points at plus 350 that might have been safer and I'm serious I'm being dead serious like that might have been safer here you are trying to risk more for no out of like I have more faith in Al Horford scoring 15 than I do Al Horford's getting three threes because that relies on a lot of legs at least with 15 he can at least score in the in the paint he can get fouled there's a whole lot of other way that this can happen all right let me ask Dennis can I change it to 15 or more points let me take a look here and see I'll let you know it's plus 350 they're both they're both you gotta let them you gotta let them do it all right fine go all right we'll go 15 or more points if he hits three three threes and scores 11 points I'm coming to your house all right you're you're up Dennis track not a down all right I'm gonna switch over to baseball because Juan Soto hasn't played the last two games I'm gonna switch things up give me Aaron judge against the Tampa Bay Rays hitting a hole more plus 245 how is it just plus 245 minus money I know that's what I'm saying yeah gosh Dennis like they're not like there's Vegas these guys aren't looking for you because you just robbed them you had to oh you should see my overall unit total it's in the net yes you should look at it it's negative 1540 all right I'm I'm going back to the NBA Finals for Props really nothing that floats me tonight it's all NBA Jason Tatum and Andrew Wiggins to each have 10 rebounds or more that feels like a good one plus 375 that feels like a good one yeah the Tatum one maybe not I think we're gonna see the best Tatum has him like we're gonna see a Tatum haymaker which means this may be one of those Pantheon games we talk about even in a loss estimate like this this could be this could be the Isaiah Thomas loss like game six loss type game where he does something nuts you mean the Isaiah Thomas against the Knicks in 1984 in game five where he scored Lakers 31 in the fourth quarter Lakers game that Lakers won on yet that I think I'm talking about the Lakers 119 I believe it is 80 I think it's either 87 or 88 where he scores that likes ridiculous 20-point quarter in on one ankle okay like I think we're getting that kind of Jason Tatum effort tonight well I haven't both to get at least 10 rebounds at plus 375 all right Dennis all right give me Andrew Wiggins right Oh under seven and a half rebounds today plus 120 I think he comes back down to under seven under seven and a half rebounds Oh two plus 120 to enter only one can survive so what you're telling me is you're explaining why your units are the way they look the way they look pretty much okay just normally don't make these prop bets like this but I have a lot of futures out hey by the way not I was down to like minus 2400 actually like 2450 I'm out 1540 so I've actually been on a heater the last yes yes and you're here you are trying to set yourself back on the same trends that you were on you can't be doing that this is progress you're supposed to make progress forward we're disappointed in you Dennis come on man when Aaron Judge hits a homer today and I'm gonna be in the plus I'm surprised you just didn't go back to Shohei Ohtani oh yeah I trust we had a long running bet of Shoney Ohtani hitting a home run and he finally did and did it did it feel good it did I bet it did it felt great I mean it's like the fourth try but we I'm like you got to keep on it the the first time Ohtani hits a home run you're gonna be mad at yourself for not doing it exactly you got to be there when it happens and that of course came in a game against the Mets yeah I think came in a game against the Mets it's good all right let's yeah we're yeah by the way I mean they're okay no no de grom no Scherzer they're still fine I want to see where they're at after July 4th I'm just going to I'm the less I mention them the happier I am okay all right my are you did you give us all three already I did all right my my final pick I think Boston's gonna win tonight I think Boston's gonna win by a comfortable number so I'm gonna take the line and I'm gonna go take it up and I'm gonna take Boston minus seven at plus 145 I mean I don't think that they'll do what the Grizzlies did to the Warriors in game five in Memphis where it was 134 95 and it wasn't that close I but I think Boston wins comfortably tonight if Boston weren't one of the worst home finals teams in history I think I would how do we know that though they this team is not the same as the other teams this I feel comfortable saying this this team along this playoff run has not been able to do much at home do I think there's a good chance that they survive and they take this to San Francisco yes I don't feel comfortable about that one at all they don't they play with their food too much they do too they do do the turnover thing entirely too much I don't trust them at all I don't disagree with that but I think they win tonight I think if they don't it says too much about what they don't have fair or what they aren't and I think that they're I think they're really just inexperienced they do need a point guard they need somebody to settle it down but I don't think they need a guy to be on the court all the time they just need that guy when they need that guy that's all that's a lot to ask though that's a lot it is I think that when I think they win tonight and I think they win comfortably that's why I'm taking a minus seven I just need to jump the line up a little bit to plus 145 because otherwise they're like minus 170 or something in the game by the way after game one I got the Warriors of plus money in the series yeah we waited for that this is the Adam Gold show June 19 2006 but it all started May 6 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina it's a story of transition of heartbreak of figuring it out on the fly McCain's Corner look at the 25th anniversary of the move presented by the aluminum company of North Carolina listen now find came's 25th anniversary wherever you get your podcast.
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