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Charlotte Hornets still need a coach // UNC Basketball lands big transfer

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June 20, 2022 2:30 pm

Charlotte Hornets still need a coach // UNC Basketball lands big transfer

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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June 20, 2022 2:30 pm

The Charlotte Hornets are still in need of a head coach after Golden State Warriors assistant Kenny Atkinson reneged on his decision to become the new head coach, electing to stay with the NBA Finals champions. Brian Geisinger joined the show to talk about the Hornets' situation, what they're likely to do with the NBA Draft, and whom they can pursue as their head coach. Also, Geisinger discusses UNC basketball landing a big transfer in Pete Nance from Northwestern.

Also, Hayes Permar and Dennis give their sports betting picks for the day.

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This is the Best of the Adam Gold Show Podcast brought to you by Coach Pete at Capital Financial Advisory Group.

Visit us at This is the Adam Gold Show. Yeah, the Avalanche have looked like the better team through two games, certainly in game two. But I reserve judgment till tonight before I decide if Colorado wins tonight, I'm taking the Avalanche to win the series. Okay, but if the Tampa Bay Lightning storm back tonight, then it ain't over yet.

I will actually watch tonight. I didn't watch Saturday night. I was trying to think if Saturday night was the first real wedding I've been to post COVID. Because for a while, we didn't do weddings. Wasn't cool, right? I got married during COVID, but it was like outdoors and no dance at our party or anything.

Just spread out, come watch, go home. So it was like, it was kind of cool to be back in the wedding group. I'm a wedding guy.

I enjoy weddings. But because of that, I missed the game Saturday night. I kind of looked at the score. I may have even snuck away.

Knowing I was hosting Sports Radio Monday, I might have sacrificed wedding time to go sneak away if it had gone into overtime or something. But no, once you saw the score, it was like two, three, four, five. No need to pay attention. I'll pay attention tonight.

Again, bold statement. If Colorado wins tonight, I like their chances of being the Stanley Cup champs. If Tampa wins tonight, we'll see if that affects the series. Joining us now to break down the NHL, all the hockey... No, we're not talking hockey. We're talking hoops with Brian Geissinger of and the BuzzBeat Podcast. Let's go in... Actually, I don't even know what chronological order it was.

They both happened over the weekend. Let's start with the Charlotte Hornets because I was talking about that already. What happened with Kenny Atkinson deciding to renege from the Hornets and where does that leave Charlotte now in terms of not having a coach the week of the NBA draft? Yeah, it was kind of a bizarre headline. We've certainly seen on the rare occasion a coach agreeing to a job and then backing out a la Billy Donovan, but that was to not take the magic job and then to go back to college. Obviously, eventually he went on to the NBA, but this is a little different to see someone agree to a head coaching opportunity than to, less than a week later, flip that decision.

Very strange. It's tough to read between the lines on the reporting. Adrian Wojcicki from ESPN said there was some stuff that he had gotten a clearer picture on from Charlottesville that caused him to back out. Who's to say? At any rate now, Kenny Atkinson gets to go be one of the top assistant coaches in the NBA for Golden State, the defending champs. I'm sure the Dubs ownership group is going to give him a nice little pay raise, especially with Mike Brown, one of their other top assistant coaches taking the head coaching gig in Sacramento. And, you know, I mean, I think some people, I don't want to just like churn out the rumor mill here, but there were definitely some people over the weekend speculating like, Hey, if Steve Kerr wanted to retire at one, two years from now, you know what I mean? Could Kenny Atkinson be the guy?

But that's like, that's way in the weeds. Like, honestly, it's a weird, like, it's kind of a mess for Charlotte. And I think it's not really a good look for anybody involved because the draft is in, the draft is Thursday. You know, like the draft is Thursday. They probably need to have a coach in place by then. Free agency starts like right after that. They're going to be a player in terms of trades. And so yeah, like the sooner, the better. And I mean, it's tough because this is the week where everyone should be locked in, in the front office, should be locked in on the draft and, you know, possible trades.

And now you've got to now circle back and try to see if you can clean up what is a pretty real mess for the Hornets here. I read somewhere that Kenny Atkinson was the only person that Michael Jordan had met with personally. But the other candidates that there were at least rumored were one was Mike D'Antoni. Yeah, and I can't remember who was the other one. Terry Stotts.

Yes, yes, yes. Do those go back to being the two guys that now are most likely considered candidates or do you start over with the search? Yeah, I mean, it's tough to say.

I mean, my thought would be because you're seemingly on a bit of a time crunch, maybe you do have to circle back with those guys. And like Stotts is a was a really solid coach, coach, the coach in a few different places, but most recently was pretty successful running the the Portland Trailblazers. And the guy like D'Antoni, like, he's maybe not like Charlotte really needs to improve the defense. So someone like D'Antoni maybe wouldn't seem to be the guy that you would want to bring in, but I think he would be good for the development of LaMelo Ball too, right, as a guy that has helped, you know, turn Steve Nash into an MVP, has turned James Harden into an MVP. So, you know, assuming you brought in someone on the staff that could run the defense, I think that's interesting. And you got to remember too, some of the other candidates that they looked at, like Darvin Ham, an assistant coach from the Bucks, he ended up taking the Lakers job.

So it's like, you don't have your full menu of options. It's just tough if your best or sort of like most obvious starting place is circling back to the guys that a week ago you said you're not good enough for this job. So I'm sure they've got a deeper roster of guys to look at. They maybe just won't be like name brands like Stotts and D'Antoni or like Kenny Atkinson was. So I don't know. It hurts, man.

I don't really know the best sort of like the best direction for them to head in. But my guess would be you have to at least circle back with Stotts and D'Antoni. It's tough. Like you said, there's things that we don't know. We don't know everything about it. But even whatever the best possible scenario could be for why this happened for the Hornets, it still comes across and makes you like people change their minds. Humans do human things. We don't know when family members say, oh, I know you said you wanted that job, but you know, I'm drawing a line here. Like we don't know how that happens.

An organization could do all the right things and human things can change stuff, right? But just but on the surface, just on the rare, whether it's college, pro, all different leagues, like, you know, this happens once every couple of years or so where a pretty high profile person says, yes, I'm taking a job that doesn't. And regardless of what the truth is, it just looks and feels kind of embarrassing, partly for the reason you said, because now you picked a guy that you said, you know, you told reporters, oh, we feel like we got our best candidate. So then when you obviously come back with somebody else, it's like, oh, we feel like we didn't get our best candidate, but we got something we really like.

You know what I mean? We've we've seen it here in coaching searches in the triangle where it's like when when names start get out of like, you know, who who might be the person and then those big names don't come. Then it has the feeling of whoever you hire is like a second or third choice. And I feel like that's where the Hornets are now. Yeah. And look, like it's just it is kind of strange, too, because like Kenny Atkinson in the midst of a championship run.

Right. Like he went through multiple rounds of interviews. It's part of the part of this the job search for the Hornets to find their next head coach.

He met with Michael Jordan. It is like not. I mean, like I know everyone's having fun making fun of the Hornets right now.

I get it. And it's certainly like plenty of this messes is on their hands like this. This stuff doesn't happen to like every team in the NBA.

You know what I mean? Like there are it happens to certain certain groups or in other various leagues or whatever. But like at the end of the day, like they went through the process, they hide like they they took their time. They made their decision.

They hired a pretty good coach, seemingly. And then for six days later, for Kenny Atkinson to say thanks, but no thanks. Like, look, it's a free country. Kenny Atkinson can do what he wants.

And, you know, you know, it's like everyone should be looking out for themselves and can be go go do what they want and behave in their best in their best self-interest. But at the same point in time, like he did agree to a deal, you know, a four year deal. We know how long it was going to be a four year contract with Charlotte. What I will say is like, I don't know, so much of this from the outside looking in, like, you know, when we follow coaches in various pro sports, like it's so like vibes based. Like we don't know everything or not in the locker room. Yeah.

Or or I mean, like, I mean, I geek out so I study X and O's and stuff, but like all these NBA coaches have good X and O's. So it's like, I don't know, like it stinks right now. This sort of like feels like the nadir of it, in part because like Charlotte didn't have to get rid of James Borrego. Like that was a good coach, but they agreed to an extension with less than a year ago.

So like there's a little egg on their face because of that factor. They didn't. Borrego's a good coach. They didn't have to move on from him. But what I would say is like, let's see who they hire and let's talk about it in a year or two years from now or three years from now. You know what I mean? Like they think this could end up being OK. The main thing is they have Lomelo, they have Miles Bridges in place, assuming they do in fact sign him this summer, which I believe they will. Then then like everything is still like manageable and they've just got to take their time and find the right guy. It's just tough because right now they don't have a lot of time. And speaking of not a lot of time, as you said, the draft is three days away. The Hornets have two. Well, you could make it sound really rosy by saying they have two picks in the top 15.

Now, they also have zero picks in the top 12. But seems like kind of an important draft, you know, because it's they got a young core nucleus that's going to get more expensive. So adding some good role players to the draft is going to be important around the mellow ball.

What you can name specific players if you want. But is there is there a direction that you would like them to go? Would you rather see the two picks packaged together to try and trade for a certain player? Is it the obvious they need help at center so you better draft some guys that could protect the rim?

What's the, again, you can name players you'd like to see picked at those. But I'm asking more generally, like what's going to make you feel like they did the right thing coming out of that draft? Yeah, I mean, luckily they have options, which is good. I mean, that's that's also something they're not like completely boxed in. They don't have like the cleanest, you know, cap sheet in the world right now because of the Terry Rossier extensions and the Gordon Hayward contract. But like they've got good young players and they have most of their first round picks, including like an extra pick that they got this year via New Orleans making the playoffs and last offseason's Devontae Graham signing straight.

So they've got like a little bit of extra wiggle room. I think there's a good chance they could end up parting with one of these picks, in part because like it would be a lever to pull towards acquiring a veteran center or getting Gordon Hayward's contract off the roster if that's the direction they want to they want to go in. I think they could also do that with using by by like keeping by not using one of the draft picks by using a young player like PJ Washington and expiring in like an expiring contract to go trade for Miles Turner from Indiana or something like that.

So I'd like to see them kick keep both picks, I don't think they will, in part because I think they're it's just an obvious way to like upgrade and add a veteran or, or, you know, clear a prep potentially clear a contract off the books, but also like they have so many young players on the roster already, I could see them saying like hey like let's consolidate a little bit and use this as a means to go get a vet, they need help at center, like obviously. So, if they if they go through the draft for that will someone like Mark Williams from Duke makes a lot of sense right I picked 13 or 15, assuming they hold on to both of those. If someone like Jalen Duran, who's a friend was a one and done center at Memphis, I think during the best true center in this draft. If he somehow fell to 13 that'd be a great pick your boy Jeremy so hot from Baylor, if he were to fall to Cisco Cisco Cisco I do not want this.

He's not you know obviously he's not a center but he could really give them some help on the wing defensively which is something they need. So those are some of the big names in play, but those are also like, I mean Williams will be there, I don't know about during. I don't know about so on both those guys really should go like in the top eight of this draft. There's a chance AJ Griffin from Duke could fall to 13, that would be very intriguing.

Maybe someone like, how about Ben Caro he fallen. No, his floor is absolute floor is three needs to be three with Houston. Yeah, I mean I would take him in, I wouldn't have him. I think he and chat are one, one a one B in this draft. So but it does seem like Orlando is pretty locked in with Jabari Smith at one, I might even have Jaden Ivey above Jabari Smith those guys are sort of like, I like it through three a three b for me.

Yeah, so look I mean I guess the Hornets could theoretically try to package those two picks and move up, I don't think they will I don't see what options are really available to them there, but they are gonna have the chance to add somebody, because there's a couple of good wings, or a center like during that could fall, or someone like Mark Williams that there's a high probability will be there, it could be sort of like their young development center to get into the pipeline with Lavello Brian guys you're joining us. The four of UNC's five starters from last year are returning, which meant Brady Manik obviously moving on exhausted all his eligibility. So the talk was, who can they get to replace Brady Manik but then a lot of people said look you can't just replace Brady Manik it's there's not a one to one fit. They get Pete Nance from Northwestern and I look at his stats and I'm like, I don't know that seems like a pretty good fit for Brady Manik he shoots 45% for three he's six 10. Did they get the perfect player to complement their starting five. They got a really really good player Pete Nance is someone that I've seen a fair amount of the last couple of seasons with Northwestern and look like I know he shot a higher percentage three than the manic this past season but you know manic did it on way more volume, and on, you know, just the degree of difficulty of like how Brady Manik shot on movement coming off screens picking pops like, and how that could unlock all the high low stuff that really was like the foundation for North Carolina's often so like, you know, I do think manic, it gets an edge as far as like shooting goes over Pete Nance, but pretty much everything else, like, like, Pete Nance is an NBA player, like he can, he's, he is. He can play the four the five, he can guard a couple positions, he can really pass he can unlock your offense as a guy that can you know can run handoff action at the elbow or above the break which like will be a benefit for guys like RJ Davis and Caleb and when Baycott sits he can go in and give you a, you know, you don't have to, you can have him be your center so I think he was an excellent fit for this roster I think people are like a little worried like, Oh, is he are we going to be playing to centers at the same time now it's like, not quite be in part because like Pete Nance played a lot of the four at Northwestern, but also like do you know what solves like, you know, fit, or like possible like, you know, integration concerns with bringing a new player into a roster is like it shooting, which Pete Nance does very well for someone his size so like, look, he's a great player this is an excellent addition for UNC and I do think Pete Nance will be one of the better players in the ACC next season he's I probably would have had like the top 80 top 100 in terms of prospects for the 2022 draft so like I think he's an NBA player, and I think he can unlock some new things that maybe even as good as Brady manic some stuff that even manic couldn't add to the fold because Nance is just such a good passer and the guy that can really do damage as a guy that can, you know, hand the ball off and dive to the hoop, especially in lineups when Armando Baycott is on the, on the bench.

Brian Geisinger ACC you can read more of his college hoops takes there, you can listen to him talk about the Hornets, and all the stuff going on this week with them as they try to find a new coach and look to make three draft picks you follow that at Buzz beat at the buzz beat podcast check him out on Twitter at be guys underscore bird BG appreciate the time and all the hoops knowledge dude. Yeah, you guys be good. Talk to you, Adam golden studio with my man coach Peter with the capital financial advisory group we're talking retirement and coach, I'm a simple guy, but I like colors. Tell me how I can color code money and get ready for retirement. I like colors to pictures I like graphs I don't like just a bunch of words. And so, what we try to do is we try to break down all those words on your statement all those numbers into three colors, red, green, yellow, people are amazed when they come in and most of the money is in the red category I don't want that red means high horsepower potential it also means high loss potential.

So you have to it's a give and take you can do that or that yellow means liquid money you can get it anytime it's not gonna earn anything green gives you safe growth, but also gives you a lifetime income, as we get closer to retirement we need some green accounts we need the green zone we call it, and Baghdad green zone was important green zones important for you to the next 10 people Adam it's $1,000 value golden ticket we're going to put together for you your very own total plan that has a green zone, it's a traffic light, I hope it's green for you 800 661 7383 or text Adam to 21000 for coach Peter ruta. The US Open and Big Rock Fishing Tournament each received 42% of the votes they're tied. Yeah, Stanley Cup received 4% of the vote, NBA draft who voted on Stanley Cup can I see people's votes here. Who wants me to talk about Stanley Cup game three tonight, who really wants that I chose it.

Really, yeah I did. Why, because why not, who, who is like, I want to hear this guy, talk about Stanley Cup game three tonight, that's the point I can't name. I bet you can name more players you can golf caddies Steve's is Sam coast still goes he still plays. All right, I can name at least two lightning. I can't name anybody on the avalanche.

I don't know an avalanche player Patrick wall. Sure. If you voted for me to talk about Stanley Cup game three you're a sucker NBA draft. Yeah, I've got some thoughts I can use on that but I got 13% of the vote.

But here's the thing you tell people they can write in something right yeah reply with another topic, some nerd wrote comics which we're not going to do well give the people what they want. Steve Hill replied. Big Rock. Now Big Rock was one of the choices. So you could have voted for it.

So instead you wrote in Big Rock. So how is that the tiebreaker I think, yeah, well here's the thing is that the vote the polls that closed at this point so he wrote in after this was an absentee ballot. I don't, I do not buy that and I don't think I don't think after the polls close you get to use an absentee ballot.

That works. We're going to only reinforce the bad things that certain people believe about voter fraud that are true that I see it's those absentee ballots they filled out after the voting. Exactly. No, no, that's not how this works. It's not how any of this works.

Okay. No, but the question is, is one of his did he vote and then write in Big Rock after he heard us say it was tied like he's just trying to reinforce because we can't let people vote. It's a multiple vote, right?

You can't rig the election. Other topics we got are New York Jets minicamp, which come on Watkins knows we're not talking about that. I know him. That's a Sports Channel 8 fan. He knows we're not talking New York Jets minicamp.

In fact, that might actually be a Sports Channel 8 reference because he knows who will be talking about New York Jets minicamp in the middle of the summer. You want us to talk Desposito? No.

You want us to talk Will Manny? We're not talking that. Heat Lightning Awareness Month was voted. We are still in the middle of Heat Lightning Awareness Month, so people should know. Alright, so how do we decide?

How do we break the tie? It is June. That's right. Watch out there.

Be aware. It's the number one cause of canceled baseball games. Heat Lightning. It's a real thing. The best is the weather people that tell you it's not a real thing. Alright, so US Open or Big Rock Tournament, how do we decide?

How do you do tiebreakers in this situation? Just talk both? Just talk both. Great.

I've given you everything I had on both those. Alright, here's the thing with the Big Rock. We can't have this, the winning fish, 572 pounds I believe it was. The boat was mercenary-ed. They caught it on a Monday. Now, if you do watch, there's bonuses every day out there. So you can win for being the first person to catch, to bow to Blue Marlin, or any Bill Fish I think, on any day of the week, right? There's all these different competitions within the big prize. Everyone sees the big Blue Marlin that's caught, but there's all different kinds of different games going on for $2,000 or $5,000 pots. Yeah, I think the one that they won on Monday was just being the first 500 plus pound Marlin. Yeah, they won the first 500 plus pound bonus. I think they got a bonus of the day for that day, and then they ended up being the overall winner, so it goes for $3.4 million. One thing I do like, and the Big Rock, I'll get to that in a second, but it goes to the next thing I'm going to say. I was reading from the Big Rock the results, and then there is a paragraph that says, all results are unofficial as the tournament waits for polygraph results from the lead boats.

That's right. When there's $3.4 million on the line, they make you, the person who pulled it in, and the captain, they bring you down and they ask you questions. Think about this, and this is what I'm going to get to next on the Big Rock. You got to take a lie detector because, not necessarily the Big Rock, but in fishing tournaments, where there's decent money on the line, people will cheat. You go buy a big fish, put it in the water, pretend like you brought it in, and there's been accusations of cheating. There was a couple years ago where there was a lot of skin missing from the thing, and they thought it might have been a blue marlin, or somebody catches a blue marlin a week ago, and they're like, dang, this thing is huge.

This would have won the Big Rock. They don't tell anybody they've caught it. I'm not enough of an engineer to tell you exactly how it would work, but you keep that marlin somewhere stored away, go enter the Big Rock, and then claim that you caught that fish because there's nobody else around. You throw it on your boat, you go back in. There's ways to test for it and things like that, but one of the things they do is ask everybody. I don't know if they ask everybody on the boat, but you have to subject to a polygraph test.

There's three total purse of five and a half million dollars on the line. People could be out here cheating. Now, here's the interesting thing where I walk a moral dilemma line. I would never encourage someone to cheat. If someone said to me, Hayes, I got a way I could beat the system at the Big Rock tournament. I could cheat and win a million dollars.

Will you help me? I would say no, I'm not doing that. I probably wouldn't tell on them if they told me they were going to do it, but I would not condone it. I'd say, man, that's not cool.

I wouldn't do that. So I myself do not condone cheating. However, as a sports fan who just likes good stories and cool things to happen, I love a good scandal.

A good cheating scandal drums things up like nothing else. So the Big Rock, maybe 10 years ago now, we had the guy, the team that won, but one of the dudes on the boat didn't have his fishing license. So they were DQ. Really?

Yes. Like everybody on the boat has to have a license, even if you're not just the captain or not just the person who's real the rod. And it's such like an easy thing.

And you just like you can go online and do it and print out your license. I mean, you don't even have to have it on you if you've officially got as long as you have it. And I think maybe he tried to go get it once they realized they were going to win because I've been invited on the boat before, like they fish five out of the seven days and not everybody wants to go every day. And so they may say, we got an extra spot. And they'd say, but, you know, make sure you get your fishing license. And I'd be like, yeah, I got it.

You know, we're not going to win anything. It's not a big deal. And then all of a sudden you're sitting there with the prize winning Blue Marlin and you're the dude on the on the boat without his fishing license. You're like, ah, so that that raised some headlines, right? Yeah. Then a couple of years ago, big headline, Michael Jordan came to town right now. But Jordan's been in it for a couple of years now. He caught a dolphin this year. But like Jordan, that's not adding any new sizzle.

Everybody's seen his boat. They know he's going to be there. Like a good cheating scandal might be kind of good for the big guy. And again, I want the person to get caught and disqualified and embarrassed and, you know, write about how they did it and the actual legitimate winners to get the prize money. But like a good old fashioned sports cheating scandal is what I like. This goes with baseball, too. I think the Astros, when they were cheating and the Red Sox and whoever else was using the electronic stuff, they should be punished to the fullest extent. They should be mocked, booed in crowd.

Remember, they got off light because COVID kept the crowds from getting at them the first year, right? Absolutely. They are. They should be labeled cheaters. They should be that should be mentioned every time they get up. When when one of them makes the Hall of Fame should be like he's in the Hall of Fame.

But also that one year he was caught wearing a wire and he's cheating, whatever it is, like they should be cheaters, labeled cheaters. And it's bad that they did it and it's wrong that they did it. But as a sportsman, I'm like, I love it. I love that somebody is like, holy crap, we're going to try and cheat the system in Major League Baseball.

We're going to bang on trash cans to try and send the picture. It's it's drunk. I love that they got caught. And again, I love that they are mocked for it. But also as a sports fan, I just I like the element of like, you know, somebody's always trying to cheat. That is not me saying you should cheat because others are. I'm not going the Lance Armstrong route. I'm just saying it's sports.

One of the things I like about it the most is that it is human theater and humans will sometimes try and take shortcuts to achieve ends, especially if they don't. There's three million dollars on the line. So that's your big rock talk. US Open.

I don't know. I mean, we can review what we talked about before. As I said with Will Brinson, A plus drama. You could not have asked for for better, more captivating golf being played. Unfortunately, I wanted Scottie Scheffler to be like the third biggest name in the first threesome. Like if it were Scottie Scheffler and two bigger name players, if it was Scottie, Rory and Dustin Johnson or Scottie, Phil and Jordan Spieth, then that would have been A plus golf drama and A plus names instead of it was like A plus golf drama and B minus or C plus names.

And then the only other thing I mentioned is shout out to our boy Grayson Murray. Just absolutely making the viral videos. Meltdown. The one the putter toss is one that I don't super understand unless you're tossing it into water. But like just throwing your putter. And then you got to go pick it up. It's like, what good did it do now?

Snapping an iron over your leg. That's that's the frustration you want to see. Right. Also, I know you'll appreciate this since as my mom texted me, you have no soul and don't care about caddies. You appreciate the grace. Okay. Great. Grayson. I told her that, you know, you have a soul and that you were partly being funny.

I'm also being true. But Grayson Murray one time fired his caddy in the middle of the round. Didn't didn't like I was going fired him. You can't be standing up for Grayson Murray. I don't know how the live tour hasn't gotten Grayson Murray yet.

He would absolutely do it for like no money. He would love to be the villain and like he's going to throw things and get viral videos for your live tour that you're not going to get from Charles Swartz will playing golf. So live tour reach out to my boy Grayson Murray because he is fun to watch on TV, especially when he's imploding and he's always been talented.

I that is listeners choice. Sorry for people who voted for NHL Stanley Cup finals game three and NBA draft. Gold will talk some more about that. I'll be back later this week. We'll talk some draft later. We are a couple minutes late because I'm the guest host and that's how it goes more about 90 minutes into the show. We got about 90 minutes left is halftime people. All right, so last night we saw I guess at midnight Beyonce dropped a single at midnight.

Thanks for our good friend Brendan Whitted for pointing this out out. Let me give us the heads up. Yeah, so Beyonce dropped a single last night break my soul. I believe is what it's called. So we also saw last week Drake drop a surprise midnight album. Is this the new thing? So midnight releases used to be the thing like remember if movies for sure. Yeah, and but albums to if you have an album dropped on like a Friday then record stores would have Thursday midnight sales.

So maybe it's just a call back to that. Do we do we have the Beyonce song? Have you heard it?

I haven't heard either. I will say I don't I often am behind on my music. I have to let it like seep into the conscious a little bit. I didn't see a lot of good reaction to the Drake album.

Yeah, for the most part. I didn't either and apparently he was maybe intentionally taking it like a different turn. So like he knew he was doing something a little change up and experimental but I expect Beyonce's reception to be much warmer. Beyonce seems like I don't know a she seems to make good songs.

There's a good chance. It's good, but be she also is in that category of like because Beyonce does it. It's good, right? Oh, yeah, you can't say anything bad about the people will love it regardless. So I imagine Beyonce will get a warmer reception.

But yeah, I'm down with the midnight drop plus. I think as well as the fact that it's just a since it's just a single if it's a good song then people are going to rave about it. As opposed to an album might have one or two good songs on it. But if the rest is kind of and people are going to give it more of a well that's that begs the bigger question is like does the do we still need an album? Does the out like if if a song and I'm not making the case against it. No, no, no, no, but I'm saying if you drop the single if you dropped over the course of a year you drop 10 different singles. You drop a you know, dance track a ballad, you know, a happy, you know, summer song whatever. I mean at the end of the year somebody who's bought other songs could like put them in whatever physical form they want and call it an album. But you didn't release it all at one time. Is there I'm sure there are music critics who say like no, I like the whole album takes you on a journey and you see you know, you hear what's going on in an artist mind at a certain time in life.

I'm not saying that it's over or that I'm against it. I obviously grew up on albums and it's easier for me to think. Yes, give me that CD to listen to 12 songs. But I just wonder as we are evolving the music 30 years from now. Will anybody ever drop 12 songs at the same time vinyl still a big thing. So people still buy albums on vinyl. So I'm well, I would assume people would still do something along those lines. Otherwise, again, you're just creating a mixtape. No, what's in that case?

Okay, put a mixtape on vinyl that works to Beyonce Beyonce ever do mixtapes. I don't know. So it's straight from like CDs to midnight singles.

I think yeah. All right, and a bit of news. I know you're loving right here an original Frank Miller Dark Knight Returns cover. So Frank Miller wrote the story Dark Knight Returns a big inspiration for the Dark Knight trilogy. The cover for the issue number one sold for two million dollars at auction. Here's here's why I believe this.

Okay. I've been reading recently about like baseball cards making a comeback. Yeah, comic prices are huge where like basically people who are turning of a certain age where they are, you know, the age that they become millionaires and billionaires.

Obviously, some of them are in their 20s, but more more often in your 30s 40s and 50s, right? The people that used to buy wine, the things that you used to collect to show that you had money and to let other people know were wine and art, right? But now those things are kind of out of fashion. Like what good is having this wine that's worth whatever it is. If the people that come and visit you don't know what it's worth, right?

That's the whole point of owning it. But the things that people know what worth are are movie memorabilia, comics, baseball cards, historic sports things. That then when you're at your billion dollar penthouse in New York and your billion dollar friends come over you're like, oh my gosh, that's the home run ball from whatever or that's the comic book cover that the those movies that we all know were based on. They have more cultural cachet than wine and art and so more and more of these things are drawing higher and higher prices in the very, very real world.

Not just among comic book nerds like yourself. So the original piece again sold for auction at over two million dollars. It's the previously the highest paid amount for an original Batman art piece was six hundred thousand dollars.

So again, these are one of one. So it's the actual page that was drawn, the cover and everything was printed from. Frank Miller was the artist.

Lynn Varley was the colorist for it. But again, auction for over two million bucks. Did you put in a bid?

I did not. Like if you just put in an auction and be like, hey, I'll bid, I got some extra cash on me. I'll bid 50 bucks. Yeah. I'll put 50 bucks for that Dark Knight cover.

So let me know if it holds up. Yeah, I wish it. Yeah, it'd be great. Bit of movie news here, Jurassic World Domingan crosses over six hundred million dollars worldwide. Top Gun Maverick is close to nine hundred million dollars worldwide. Alright, got a couple thoughts. Okay. One, I don't need any more Jurassic Worlds, Jurassic Park movies. Yeah.

I really didn't need any after the one. I get that like the studios pay their consultants and they're like, what brand name is still strong and worth investing a lot of money in? They're like Jurassic Park brand still strong if you've put out a crappy movie, but it says Jurassic Park.

We can still guarantee it'll get X number of dollars. So I don't know if that movie is good or not. I just know I don't need it. It's not for me. Apparently it's entertaining. I haven't seen it. Are they still rolling around in those like circle pod things? I have no idea. That are clearly never coming anytime in my lifetime.

No, I don't need it. The first Jurassic Park, iconic, legendary, cinematic history. Somebody pointed this out recently of like, why does it feel like CGI was like never better than in Jurassic Park? Like why does that look like the best Hollywood graphics we've ever had? And it was like 1995 or whatever.

It does not feel like we've advanced a lot in the graphics department. Now, and I'm not just trying to be a hater here. Top Gun Maverick I thought was cool that it was like, yo, this is the movie outside. It's not a comic book movie and everybody's going to see it.

Like people I would talk to whether you had kids or didn't have kids like you got to go see it in the theater. So maybe for me it was just the hype turning to classic rightly rated fashion. It was just it wasn't bad, but it was just overrated. But I went saw it. I was very excited. My wife and I were like, cool.

Everybody's talking about it. I went with my mother-in-law. She was like, yes, let's go back to a movie theater. I know she hadn't been since COVID hit. She's been very cautious. She has reason to be.

She protects yourself. But we're like, let's go. We're back. We're going to a movie theater. And I just didn't think it was that great. It was fine. And like, yeah, the action scenes that are like what everybody's saying and carrying it were cool.

Maybe it would have been cooler if we could have gotten IMAX. But I don't know. So congratulations. I'm cool. And then the other thing, did you have you seen Top Gun Maverick? I have not yet.

I might actually see it tomorrow. There's this weird and I'm not as anti Tom Cruise as some people are. Obviously, the whole Scientology thing is just weirdo. And he's a weird dude kind of. But I don't I don't hate. It's what it's whatever.

He's made his life decisions, you know. But he does this like you're sitting down. The previews have ended. And I don't know if this rolled for everybody or it's just the theater chain that I was in or whatever. You get this weird like, hey, I'm Tom Cruise. Thank you for coming to my movie movie like we need you. And you're like, what?

I don't I don't need this. I didn't pay for this. And like it felt like I don't know whatever my ticket price was. It felt like it was him being like a third of your ticket money went directly into my pocket.

And I appreciate that. And it was just I didn't like it. It was a creepy message. And I think it turned me off for the whole rest of the movie. But I just wanted to enjoy him as a character and not really know that it was Tom Cruise the person. But instead he injected himself into my movie movie viewing experience.

How dare he in his own movie. All right, last bit of information here real quick. So Ric Flair's last match is coming up next month.

I saw this. And it's taking place in Nashville. Well, they're actually moving it from the Nashville Fairgrounds to the Nashville Municipal Center.

So a larger venue because ticket demand was so high. Should be at Dorton Arena. That's where it should be.

Honestly, it should be. It's going to be seats about 7,000 people. Lots of North Carolina ties in this match. So we have Tony Schiavone and David Crockett are actually going to do the commentary.

Because you actually can purchase it on pay-per-view like on Fight TV or something like that. So Tony Schiavone got his start here in North Carolina. He even like called gains for the Greensboro Grasshoppers and such.

But then also worked for Jim Crockett Promotions, whose son is David Crockett. So a lot of North Carolina ties there. And he's tag teaming with FTR, the tag team of Dax Harwood, Cash Wheeler, who are from North Carolina. They're also in the match. So a lot of North Carolina ties. So yes, this match should take place either at Dorton Arena or the Greensboro Coliseum.

No, this should be in Dorton Arena. You know what? I don't know what I'm going to be doing when this goes on.

But this is like one of those like I would consider ordering it. Yeah. Like I'm not a huge wrestling fan. And I know that it's not like a WWE or AEW.

Is that the new thing now? I know it's not one of the big ones, but I'm still like, they're going to do something cool for Ric Flair's final match. And I might watch it. But yes, if my boy, shout out to the Murnick family, my good friend, Anna Claire Murnick, now Price. Her dad, Joe, was a big time wrestling promoter, one of the people that helped bring Ric Flair.

If he were still here today, he would make sure that Ric Flair were fighting in Dorton Arena for his final match, not in Nashville. But I do think it's cool. And again, like I'm not saying 100% sure I'll watch this. But whereas you think of it as something like, I'm not going to watch this. I'm not a big wrestling guy. I'm like, I don't know, Ric Flair last time. And it also makes you wonder, like, is it going to be if it goes well and he makes a lot of money and he's still healthy enough in six months, will he do another one?

I don't know. But I might see this one, much like I got the Mike Tyson fight a couple of years ago. So, yes, that is halftime. On the other side, find out how Cox did on his weekend bets, and I get to spend Adam Gold's money. It didn't get any better than that. Next.

Off of the crossbar! And the Hurricanes have won the Stanley Cup! June 19, 2006. But it all started May 6, 1997, with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina.

It's a story of transition, of heartbreak, of figuring it out on the fly. Here's a Canes Corner look at the 25th anniversary of the move, presented by the Aluminum Company of North Carolina. Listen now.

Find Canes' 25th anniversary wherever you get your podcasts. Dennis, do you want to brag about your biggest win from the weekend? Place your bets. Place your bets. I bet you slice them.

Oh, I have a few. Did you go three for three? I know you hit this Will Zalatoris hit. It is place your bets. But first, we gotta brag about the bets that hit.

Oh, of course. So I did hit Will Zalatoris top 10. That was a plus 3.30. Nice. I also hit Colorado Mammoth winning the National Lacrosse League, the indoor championship, at plus 1.40, beating the Bandits 10 to 8.

I also predicted your guy, Will Manny, having over four and a half points for the Archers. That was a plus 1.50. Is that Gold's plus assists? Yeah. I mean, come on. It's free money. Free money. Exactly.

Four and a half for Will Manny? Exactly. Come on.

He had four points in the first quarter, Hayes. All right. Though I did miss.

So I did have Donald Cerrone winning his fight, but the fight got canceled because his opponent actually had a weird freak injury that happened the morning of the fight. Interesting. So yeah, I was no action on that one. And I did miss.

I had Archers and Atlas winning, Atlas lost, but Archers won. But I had parlayed those two together, so I missed that. All right. Congratulations.

Big weekend for you. So yeah. So now you're only like 25 units? 2,500 units?

No, I'm actually down to minus 1,200 exactly. What? What? I know.

I was at one point plus 26 Hayes per mark. Come on. You're just making stuff up now. I am not making things up. I don't believe this. Like I'm not making up that I'm taking a futures bet, Tampa Bay Lightning, to win the Stanley Cup at plus 4.50. Okay.

A big comeback. You're calling for it. All right. Well, I'll start.

I'll join with you because I'm taking them tonight at minus 1.10. That's how good I feel about them. We got... Just on the money line? Yeah. Just straight up.

They got to win. Minus 1.10. Give me the Lightning. All right. I'm also going to go to the game line here tonight, but I'm also going to take Tampa Bay minus a goal and a half plus 2.20. Okay. Interesting. In addition to the Lightning rebounding, I think that Andrei Vasilevski in general is going to rebound. I wanted to go nails and take the flyer on him to pitch the full shutout, the under half a goal, for plus 1.100.

I could really make gold some big money if I win him 1,000 bucks. Units. Yes.

Lots of units. But instead, I'm going to play it a little bit safer and just take Avalanche under 2.5. I believe it was... What did we say it was? Plus 3.20? Yes. Something like that. Yeah.

Plus 3.20. I got a half. I got Vasilevski showing out big there. What about you? I'm going to switch over to Major League Baseball here. Give me Aaron Judge to hit a home run at plus 2.95.

Okay. I'm back on the home run training. I once heckled Aaron Judge into a bad 0 for 4 performance playing at the Durham Bulls when he was in triple A. Oh, very nice. He was on his rehab stand?

No, no, no. This is when he was like, hadn't played in the majors yet. Oh, okay. He was starting the season with the Columbus Clippers. Is that who it is?

Sure. Somebody Clippers. And big man, I mean, there is a heckle seat that I know at the Durham Bulls where basically you're sitting on top of the on deck circle and you don't even have to yell. You're like, hey, what's up, man? Like, you're huge. Like, I'll bet when you miss, everyone knows it. Like when you swing, you swing really hard and you miss big time, you know, like whatever. And then as soon as you strike out once, you're like, hey man, you're back again? You're going to do it again?

Don't embarrass yourself in front of everyone again. Same game. Nick Swisher was playing triple A.

That's right. And that's, I tried to heckle him and I was like, Nick Swisher, you're 35. You're playing triple A baseball.

And he stopped to turn around and goes, I'm getting paid $15 million a year, man. I got no problem. And I did not affect Nick Swisher that day.

I think he went two for four. All right. I heard a good prop bet was to take Shohei Ohtani to homer for plus 278. All right. I'm coming in and stealing your money.

Stealing my bits. I've been listening to the show and I heard you take Ohtani, I think you need to ride it out more. And I'm taking him Ohtani to hit a home run tonight. Believe it. It's going to happen. This is the Adam Gold show June 19th, 2006. But it all started May 6th, 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina. It's a story of transition, of heartbreak, of figuring it out on the fly. The Canes Corner look at the 25th anniversary of the move presented by the aluminum company of North Carolina. And now find Canes' 25th anniversary wherever you get your podcasts.
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