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Sports betting in North Carolina will have to wait

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June 23, 2022 2:23 pm

Sports betting in North Carolina will have to wait

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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June 23, 2022 2:23 pm

The North Carolina Judiciary Committee and General Assembly only passed one of the two sports betting bills (Senate Bill 38 and Senate Bill 668) to legalize sports gambling in North Carolina. Brian Murphy of WRAL joined the show to share the latest with the North Carolina House of Representatives, and what's the timeline for the bill.

Also, Brenden Whitted of the League Pass Lair joined the show to talk about the Charlotte Hornets and what they will do with the NBA Draft, the potential to trade Gordon Hayward, and an extension for Miles Bridges.

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Yeah. Who's surprised? Nobody's surprised. This is the Adam Gold Show. I'm Adam Gold.

That's Dennis Cox. You've been following the news as we have yesterday. The state legislature here in North Carolina did the not unthinkable, highly predictable, and did not approve mobile sports wagering in the state of North Carolina. Did not, could not approve. And they used the dumbest reasons to not approve it.

Citing morals and the Bible and a point shaving scandal from the 1950s. It's again, highly predictable. What happened? We're going to talk about it with Brian Murphy from WRAL TV five sports investigative reporter. He's been on the case. We talked to him last week. He said, still should never. Nope.

It's not dead yet, but it appears to be on life support, but we'll talk about that a little bit later on, man. All of the arguments against this are rooted in 50 year old behavior. All of it. Anyway, we'll get to it. And again, I say this as somebody who's not even a gambler. I don't bet on sports. Although once again, thanks to Hayes Parmar for a little for adding to the coffers. I appear to be, I'm looking at the total. 34 65 to the good.

Yeah. And Dennis, you fought almost all the way back to zero. Well, I mean, it's still, you know, negative eight 35, but still very impressive over the last three weeks. I'm about 1800 to the good. You're on a heater.

I think I might have figured this out after I got into a pretty big debt. You know, at some point, even a guy hitting like one 50 is going to go like 11 for his next 32. Yeah. Right. And that's, that's you. You've, you've, you've fought all the way up to hitting a two 28. Hey, above the Mendoza line. I'll take it.

That is absolute. I don't know. Nowadays in baseball, two 28 will get you a 10 year deal. It might, it, uh, it's long as you hit enough home runs to 28 will work. Uh, although some, some teams are kind of trending the other way. Some teams are trending the other way. Oh, I mean, actually getting on base and getting hits. Baseball is, uh, runs in cycles as well. And I've said this before about all sports. If you fall in love and base everything on analytics, you are doomed to be as successful as the teams who ignore analytics. I mean, that's just the truth.

Analytics are really good as a tool, not as a plan. The whole, like I always rail on this movie and it was a wonderful movie and I enjoyed it. And when I, when I, uh, when I see it on my TV guide, I invariably will stop money ball. Really good movie. Brad Pitt as Billy bean, the guy who was the architect of the Oakland athletic great teams is still in charge of the Oakland athletics, right?

I keep pointing this out. The Oakland A's success in the early nineties had almost nothing to do with having a long time catcher who was good at getting on base, be their first baseman, Scott had a Burke. It had everything to do with having elite starting pitching and MVP candidates at two positions in Miguel Tejada at short. Yep.

And Eric Chavez at third for that particular season. Yeah. The, the Yankees got rid of David justice and essentially were paying $8 million of justice salary to play against them, which is one of the great lines in the entire movie. But it's a complete fraud that they are, that they are trying to sell the A's success of that era on money ball. Yeah.

A complete fraud. They had great players. Yeah. Motor Hudson, Zito, those three starting pitchers were on rookie contracts. So guess what?

That's why you could be cheap. And Tejada had an amazing, it was, was an amazing player at that time. Yeah. Chavez was great. Look, they had so many good players. That's why they were really good, but it's not, it doesn't help the narrative.

And that has spurned an era of, of, of, of, of, of, of, of, of, of, of, of, of, you know, really smart people, not knocking these people who have sort of figured out a way, maybe on the edges, on the edges, you can, you can impact the system, but for the most part, the A's won because of stars. Now, with that said, analytics has a place. It just isn't a plan.

Just like ignoring analytics is not a plan either. All right, let's, we got a bunch of things I want to do. We're going to start off with some news in about 10 minutes with Brian Murphy.

So let's do it. How did I get off on that con tangent anyway, uh, NBA draft tonight, Orlando magic with the number one pick. They have three choices. The consensus is that there are only three candidates to be the number one overall pick. You have a super athlete with deep shooting ability in Jabari Smith, 610 forward out of Auburn. You have a super skilled seven foot one playmaking. I'll put use air quotes here center who probably needs to physically develop in Chet Holmgren. I say air quotes and center because honestly, he doesn't play like offensively. He does not play like a cell. He's just a tall guy. He plays like a wing.

Right. And Holmgren is super skilled. And then speaking of super skilled, you've got the super skilled, really smart power forward who can initiate offense and pass, but might not quite have the first step quickness that you need to be, you know, the best he can possibly be in the NBA in Palo del Bancaro now. Bancaro is probably of the three, the best basketball player, right? But I, look, I don't, I think that all three of them are going to be good NBA players. The only one of those I would hesitate to draft, to be honest, is Holmgren because I think he could break. yeah I think he could break feed that guy a sandwich but I don't know you know there's probably a lot of people that thought Kevin Durant could break then Durant has not really gotten I mean he's gotten bigger I mean you can't not as you as an adult you get bigger I don't know that anybody thinks that Holmgren is going to be as good as Durant anyway Jay Williams on why Bancaro fellow Dookie is the favorite now to go number one if you understand a little bit of the situation in Orlando right Jeff Wetman is the general man you know magic president basketball operations and for him the reason why Paulo's probably the odds-on favorite is because they posted workout video of Chet Holmgren and Jabari Smith when they came in but they were a little bit more secretive about Paulo Bancaro almost in a way they refused to tell the media if they worked him out or not right so when you start thinking about that narrative floating around the Orlando Magic and I will say Jabari has a talent and we'll get into NBA comps like a mesh of a number of players to me the talent is so there jumps off the page there's like a Rashad Lewis type ceiling for him when it's all said and done but Paulo Bancaro can create his own shot bank like I said Bancaro is probably the best basketball player of the three but Smith to me is the most elite athlete of the three and I'm not sure that he shouldn't be the first pick and I actually think he will be the first pick and I think Holmgren will be the second pick and I think Bancaro will be the third pick and then I think the future best player okay will be the fourth bit but I'll get to that in a minute again I think Smith is the pick cases can be made for all three and this is where Jordan Cornette chimes in on there isn't any one guy I think that's what makes it so exciting is there's not a dead set number one and as I look at honestly everyone says the draft gets interesting at four and there's a drop-off see Keegan Murray at the fifth spot and think these are five guys that can change a franchise so I think that there's in a lot of ways they're luring in different ways but they're hybrid guys they're versatile pieces they're gifted unique set of skills that can be puzzle pieces and malleable to different franchises in those first five that need it Chet Holmgren's at the top of that list I think the biggest question mark with him is durability we've seen body types like that there's not a ton of muscle his back is kind of concave a little bit you don't necessarily love the posture can that hold up the toughness is in question because of his body but you know one of the things about the draft that it always is a misnomer to me Amber and Courtney is people always focus on what people can't do yeah look I again Cornette got to it I'm just not sure he can hold up physically 82 games against the guys he's gonna have to play against even even if he plays away from the basket I mean he's gonna get he's gonna get bodied a lot again on the on the low I kind of like Jaden Ivey a ton a ton I think he might be the best player ultimately in the draft all right more on what the Hornets should do in about 15 minutes all right before we get to Brian Murphy from WRAL about sports gambling I'm not saying the Stanley Cup Finals ended last night Dennis let's do that hockey but it does appear that the elevator door is closing after last night's 3-2 overtime win by the Avalanche yeah we can get into the controversy of the game-winning goal in overtime in a second but first let's acknowledge this Colorado looks like the better team yeah right they're the faster team they're the deeper team they're the healthier team goaltending has not yet materialized as the difference maker that it could have been and I say this even though Darcy Kemper probably allowed the weakest of the goals last night the the Victor Hedman goal that made it to one Tampa was probably one that Kemper should not have allowed I don't know that you could say that about Andrea that's a left ski from last night's game all right now to Nazem Kadri's game winner who by the way came back for the first time yeah I wasn't expecting that well they had been leaning toward this yeah so he comes back and he plays first super athletic goal by Kadri just dynamite is basically split the defense Mikhail Sergeyev was on the ice too long he was exhausted should have played the body didn't try to play the puck you lose when you play the puck we all should know this but it's I guess too enticing to play the body and he goes underneath the blockers side arm of Vasilevski and then it kind of deflects up over like under the back bar so good goal but it should not have counted it was clearly too many men too many men on the ice by the avalanche and I'll explain why it really matters in a second but here's John Cooper on just not really ready being ready to talk about it this one's gonna sting much more than others just because I think it was taken on it was potential I don't know it's hard for me that's gonna be hard for me to speak I'm gonna have to speak I'll speak with you tomorrow you're gonna see what I mean when you see the winning goal and I my heart breaks for the players because we probably still should be playing I'll be available tomorrow Wow yeah I mean you could look I'm not shedding a tear for Tampa I'm just not but because bad calls or bad non calls happen all the time but the way this is adjudicated all the time in the NHL is that when you notice too many men on the ice you just blow the whistle we don't need Tampa to touch or rather Colorado to touch the puck you got too many men we blow the whistle and it was clearly too many men and pk suban sort of admits that but then goes to a place where we shouldn't even go it's too many men on the ice but it's hard to nitpick I think the puck was already all the way down the ice it was a stretch play that came up it came up the other side of the ring I don't think anybody saw obviously when the goal was replayed everybody saw there were six people on the ice I don't think this really impacted the game as far as the ending goal listen temple was up to one in this game you know they blew a lead at home you go to overtime anything can happen these are the bounces that you need to win the Stanley Cup and it's a tough break for them obviously I'm sure they want that call there's a lot of calls I'm sure they wanted in this game I mean they have a reason to be upset about it you just lost a huge game at home possibly a game that's gonna cost you the Stanley Cup so I understand that but give Colorado credit they they battled hard they came back in this game multiple times they stuck with it they battled through adversity and now they're three one going all of that last stuff is true Colorado gets credit they battle blah blah blah blah blah blah blah I mean you said it you said the truth of the first part it's too many men it doesn't matter first of all it does impact the goal because the way I saw it cadre the goal scorer was the replacement for McKinnon the guy who was lazy getting off the ice I don't even understand it the whole place shouldn't have if cadre had waited for McKinnon to come off then cadre wouldn't have been in position to get the puck but he didn't wait McKinnon was lazy look it was simply a blown call that's it just a blown call that's all PK Subban needed to say blown call but them's the brakes and that's fine it's not reviewable should have been reviewable but it wasn't and nobody here anyway I'm sure in Tampa they'll be mad Adam Gold here from my man coach Pete DeRuta with the Capital Financial Advisory Group we are talking retirement alright coach simple when do we start tax planning in retirement we should start as soon as possible because here's one thing Adam taxes are not going away and so the game here is we know the rules a lot of people want to ignore the rules or act like they don't are familiar with them but the IRS knows the rules and so we get to retirement they're gonna reach in and start taking some of their money out of your accounts so the secret here is to put a forcefield around as much as possible by strategically moving some of our money to Roth IRA or some of the other vehicles that aren't taxed like special life insurance policies you can borrow against your money there and never have to pay tax on your money that you build up inside your cash value so there are a lot of strategies here the one strategy that does not work is ignoring it so let's make sure to not ignore it the next ten people will do for you your very own tax and retirement plan that will help you minimize taxation all the way through retirement 800 661 7383 all you got is call or you can text Adam to 2 1 0 0 0 for coach Pete DeRuta nobody here will shed a tear unless you might have had action on the lightning to win oh but wait we are not allowed to have action legally anyway on the lightning to win why why because the North Carolina legislature and even if they had gotten it right yesterday the state legislature who voted against online sports wagering it still would not have been in place in time to place a wager yesterday it was still going to wait until January 1 and maybe it still will come into play January 1 but as we said last week the clock she is ticking the legislative session ends June 30th that's a week from today right it's a week from today so I don't know if it's dead or not Brian Murphy WRAL sports investigative reporter joins us on the Adam Gold Show all right so explain to me mr. Murphy how one bill passes but the other doesn't and essentially it was the same score 51 50 I guess you don't have to win by two in the state legislature and how come we were missing voters where aren't there 120 votes in the state ledge how did how did we only get 101 all great questions thank you there was one representative who changed his vote he voted yes on on Senate bill 38 no on Senate bill 688 he apparently told told the Republicans that that's what he was going to do so it wasn't a surprise to them although it was surprised to us I'm not sure they thought that the entire thing was gonna come down to one vote right I've heard I've heard from people and I'm working to contact some of these lawmakers who said they were before the vote said they were gonna vote one way ended up voting the other and so I think that threw off the vote counts for the for the supporters of this as for where everybody went that's a good question there were several excused absences and then there were others who they as they say over here took a walk yeah that happens sometimes when you don't want to support something that maybe leadership wants you to support and so rather than voting against it which would force them to find other votes you just take a walk and so then then you know it's better than voting no I guess that's way to think about it not practically that is a no vote that I'm sorry that's a that's a no vote and well but if they vote no then you got to have two votes two yes votes to counter I totally understand if they want to vote no just have the courage and vote no well I agree so that's just me that you don't you don't get in the a bit in the business of opinion I do so oh I'll work it I'll work in that area and you can stay you could just laugh or whatever why was it this close I just don't understand why it was this close I think I think this is a bit I think there's a little bit of a disconnect I've been on your show I've been on on you know the OG right you know certainly my friends I think there's a huge disconnect on this issue in particular from people like us who follow sports very closely know a lot about sports gambling know a lot about the history of the issue and and the lawmakers who are casting the votes on this they you know many of them don't don't really know about online sports gambling they it's not something that they're very familiar with it's not something they've ever used in the past they're not a hundred percent sure about all of the issues that are involved and anything we heard last night you know a lot of is a lot of complaints about potential point shaving I just don't think there is a disconnect I think between you know people who operate in the space and think about these issues and and the lawmakers who are casting votes well Brian isn't it and Brian Murphy from WRAL sports he's their sports investigative reporters joining us here in the Adam Gold Show isn't it I mean that's gonna sound weird but if they don't really understand the issue which it's obvious that they don't isn't it their job to understand the issue or maybe put it put it this way a pretty sizable majority of the state is pro sports wagering you know it's almost 60% of the state is in favor of it why are I mean why not just go by the poll right well this is what you know so there are some and I don't want to you know a broad brush everybody there are some who have just moral you know they are opposed to gambling they know a lot about the issue and they're just opposed to gambling they hear that it's gambling they're not voted right and like there are others who are worried about the societal cost so there are there are informed lawmakers but yeah I think and this has been Jason Saines point to your question Jason Sain is the primary writer in the house person who's been pushing it the most he says well now everybody's on the record so they're gonna go home and hear from their constituents whether they think they did a good thing or a bad thing and now everybody's had to cast that vote and and maybe somebody will come back after the weekend or after some set amount of time and say hey my constituents really want this I mean at least judging by my Twitter account you know overwhelming people amount of people want this but you know I have to I try to understand that my Twitter account not representative of the state as a whole yeah no I'm not saying certainly his you know his feet has been lit up with people saying hey thanks for your work what can we do how can we help I think he thinks that now that the votes been made everyone most everyone has taken a public stance on this that those who voted no may hear from some of their constituents and maybe that's the kind of pressure if you're in favor of getting sports gambling pass maybe that's the kind of pressure that that breaks the logjam yeah you you you wrote about a watered down version of SB 38 real quick what was the watered down version of that yeah they stripped all college sports gambling out of the bill before it got to a final vote and this is the bill that passed right but they stripped all college sports gambling now Virginia doesn't allow people in Virginia to bet on Virginia or Virginia Tech this amendment to this bill you would not be able to bet on Alabama versus Clinton if you lived in North Carolina which stripped all college betting and that would reduce the amount of revenue produced by the you know by this bill the amount of tax revenue the amount of gambling revenue by half maybe yeah maybe a slightly less than half dumb it's it like even Vegas I think I don't know I don't think Vegas still has it you couldn't bet on Nevada games teams in Nevada in Las Vegas it's just it all these things are silly the gentleman who I did reach out to now off the top of my head I forget his name who cited the Autry who's who cited the point shaving scandal in the 1950s understood that there was not legalized sports wagering back then and that if we had legalized sports wagering that that likely would not have happened because all of these all of these point shaving scandals and it's not just one in North Carolina have been because people still gamble I wish people understood that let me ask you one final question well yeah you wanted you want to chime in here well I was just gonna say like we've seen some scandals recently and they've gotten caught because yes of legal sports gambling these large bats fishy bats and then the authorities get involved and we've seen it in tennis and some other sports it's the number one way to catch point shaving scandals is are the legal books the MGM's and Caesars of the world they know what's up alright final thing because you said it's it's not dead yet Brian Murphy tell me give me some hope that it will not be dead next week yeah I mean I don't you know I don't think it's going to pass same thinks he's gonna try to find some ways some of the supporters think they can find some ways the most likely way is that it gets attached to something else that has to get through the legislature a budget deal some sort of bigger package right but but seeing that how divisive that vote was and it was divided both among you know within the Republican Party and within the Democratic Party no parties were split it's just hard to see that it getting enough momentum at this point in in the session to get to get over here's a little bit of good news I'll leave you with maybe some good news if you're if you want to bet on sports this bill wasn't going to go into effect until January mm-hmm the legislature is back in January there'll be a new crop of lawmakers after the election perhaps some of that changes who's in place and maybe they can get it up and running quickly so this so it may only be a couple months delay that that would be the optimistic outlook I think couple of month delay beyond January 1 when does the when is the next legislative session it would start January January 1 right shortly after the new year so we're not gonna have any more legislative sessions until January 1 they can't extend this Tim Moore thank you yeah they can't we can't extend it and and they're also talking about coming back in the fall to handle redistricting so as long as long as lawmakers here in Raleigh there's still a chance all right if you're looking for some hope as long as they're still here they're still wheeling and dealing behind the scenes and they're still there's still hope all right I've got pitchforks so I'm ready to go Brian Murphy at Murph in NC on Twitter WRAL sports investigative reporter thank you very much for allowing me to vent June 19 2006 but it all started May 6 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina it's a story of transition of heartbreak of figuring it out on the fly the canescorner look at the 25th anniversary of the moon presented by the aluminum company of North Carolina listen now find James 25th anniversary wherever you get your podcast the Adam Gold Show I'm Adam Gold Dennis Cox in the producers chair NBA draft tonight we'll get a bigger picture look at the draft a little bit later on but right now we know that the Charlotte Hornets picked 13th and 15th what are the odds they select 13th and 15th what are the odds they select anybody in this NBA draft Brendan Whitted league pass layer at HU cook what we don't have him yet oh oh we're going to talk to Brendan Whitted here in just a second the the argument can be made that the Hornets may be better served certainly not selecting twice but maybe even not selecting at all and packaging those two picks plus Gordon Hayward to get out of town maybe bring back a player maybe bring back a future asset create more cap room they have this this bridges guy that they might want to make sure sticks around for a long time and we'll see where the Hornets are on the developmental time you know timetable how close are they to being where they need to be so we'll talk we'll talk about that in just a second but the draft tonight has right now a not had they there is no consensus surefire number one there are three outstanding options in Chet Holmgren from Gonzaga the 7-1 we'll just call them a center because that's what they list them as 610 Jabari Smith more of a small forward from Auburn and Paulo Bancaro also 610 250 pounds from Duke Bancaro has the best body Smith is the best athlete Holmgren has the wildest skill set but let's talk about the Panthers we bring in Brendan Whitted at huco cell on Twitter league pass lair graduate I don't know what that means all right let's talk about the let's talk about the bugs what do they do do you do you pick 13 and 15 what is what's the plan Brendan that is precisely my question what is the because obviously one of the biggest things is not having a head coach that's true too you know I mean like and and Kenny Atkinson deciding kind of last minute to renege on the deal and and stay with the goal stay warriors one it puts the horn is just in a bind because that's that's an important part right like where the the type of coach you have is important and and as an indicator where your franchise believes that it is headed but but the second part is also makes the horns franchise look bad that a guy would rather be an assistant coach even at the goals they were not the NBA champion goals they were to grab be an assistant coach then then a head coach of your franchise it's a little rough I want them to take both picks you know I mean like the the names that I've seen probably so most frequently are Mark Williams that you know the local local cast will remember as the center for for for for Duke I've seen a little bit about ochi-agbaji from Kansas and that like that's an intriguing ways another 3d guy and he's 22 years old which means that you'll likely be able to play him a little bit sooner than then some of these other guys like the the idea that they would trade that they would package the picks and trade up mm-hmm has also been has also been floated so shaden sharp the the player that signed to go to Kentucky was enrolled in classes and then decided not to play not to play he's the he's the kind of like there's a certain boom bus characteristic to him because you don't know what he looks like except on the prep high school level and so like that if you're talking about taking a big swing you know if you're if you're in a place where you're feel like hey we might be rebuilding maybe this would be a good opportunity to give him you know he'll take a little bit longer runway obviously I think I think the idea is that he would it would take him a little bit longer to develop but hey if that's what your plan is fine but again what is the plan that that's that's the kind of more difficult thing to figure out now keep in mind they have three rookies last year they have three picks last year took three rookies they have three things this year could end up taking three rookies again that's a lot of you know that's a lot of young talent are you are you or would you rather take one of these picks and try to go after Miles Turner to address that center position that was okay let's let's let's deal with that is there a trade to be made where you send 13 and 15 plus Gordon Hayward in a deal to get something I mean that's a lot you're you're you're you're giving up a lot and and you mentioned Gordon Hayward I mean he's been floated with you know they're not a lot of people that Russell Westbrook has been floating in terms of trade value because you know what is the value of Russell Westbrook at this point in his career but the same can be said for Gordon Hayward and the numbers are similar right like there will still be some ancillary pieces but those will be the two principles of that trade and again I get back to I don't want keep harping on this but I certainly will what's your plan because if your plan is hey we're still you know a couple years away keep in mind as a team that was on the precipice of making the playoffs two straight years are you do you think that you're close are you are you taking a step back to take a step forward because if you if you get Russ I think the overwhelming idea is that your team is not gonna be as good as it was well we don't want Russ I mean well but the the benefit of it would be that you're you still Gordon Hayward two years and a total of 60 million dollars right Russ is owed more this year but is on something similar this year but is when you would then be off that contract after a year right and so then you would have more flexibility right like there is that there is that opportunity there's also the you know if you if you do that do you buy him out do you play him you know does he give you a certain veteran leadership presence that he showed that he that he can give and then why on that Washington team and got them to the playoffs kind of kicking the screen so like there's I just don't know what the overall plan is III think that this is a team that thinks that is because they've been so close to the playoffs they didn't want to take that next step and I think part in part you one of the larger key things for them is gonna be how they treat miles bridges you know I mean like is if this is a team that takes this L seriously then you have to you have to match whatever he gets you have you have to give him the contract they deserve they try to run out the four years 60 million dollars at the beginning of the season I get it I get it like that was I think that was legitimate like hey hey take a swing you know I mean take a swing yeah don't insult your guy I like I bothers me don't insult your player well if you want him well he took a significant step forward last year though right at that point that wasn't an insult if they were to come with that now yes that would be an insulting offer he showed improve he said no yeah but didn't we see here Brendan didn't we see signs that he was going to become this after last year so maybe based on what he had done in the past that's not an insult but based on what they hoped he would become and what he they clearly knew that he hoped he would become I mean I think it's insulting it's sort of like what the Yankees did with with with Aaron judge to a lesser extent because they did out for judge 30 million dollars per year but ultimately well yes they're different they're you know varying degrees of of insult but like to me that you know bridges is gonna be you know he's not gonna be necessarily a 40 million dollar a year guy but he's not a 15 million dollar a year guy either and I think maybe that's trying to get away cheap ultimately cost you in the long run and maybe they should have they should have been on board with a little bit more projection or just wait it out and don't insult the guy well I mean it's a business right like they're gonna try to do what they sure that's why he has an agent right like I'm yeah he had a collaboration with agents like hey you know what this doesn't make a lot of sense and for and for bridges he's one of he kind of gives you a little bit of that new field player in terms of not a ton of mid-range game but good from three uses physicality is a really strong guy we use physicality to finish around the basket got to the free-throwing line a lot more which was really kind of to me show his growth like hey I'm going to use this this fantastic athleticism that I have for more than highlights I'm going to become a little bit better defensively and I'm going to finish at the basket at a at a better clip and get to the line more and becoming more efficient and effective scorer and the chemistry between he and LaMelo ball was real yeah so that's another thing you don't want to mess up because you you mentioned insulting players obviously the mellow is your franchise right now if you get rid of or don't or failed resign his number one target that's going to bring a whole another host of issues now those two guys are the generational pieces of this of this team if they if they are going to meet generational just the core pieces of this group going forward everything you do will be built around them is there anybody else on the roster that you say all right this guy must be a part of the team going forward or are they essentially all deck chairs nice day chair I know yes absolutely I mean PJ Washington has shown as a stretch four-five guy and has been intriguing his you know 38% from from three like there's some intrigue there I there are times when I'm not sure how he plays a lot of sides some other guys have been particularly defensively but if they were to you know not have to play him those heavy minutes at the center position I think that you would start to see maybe a little different side and a little bit different version of him super circuit reagent 2023 so they still have a little bit more time to kind of figure that out but yes I think everyone else other than those two are people that can be our pieces that can be put in into trades again depending on what you want to do if this team is a team that is going to give yourself a little bit longer of a runway go ahead and make the three picks right like go ahead and go ahead and add whoever whoever you want to add and you can figure it out from there if you're thinking that hey we need to be in a first round we need to advance to the first round second round and make the legitimate playoffs then yeah you probably do need to make a trade for a more established player like a turn all right so my trade is Hayward 13 and 15 for Turner to Indianapolis what do you think I mean well those are those are piece like especially if you're if you're talking about like I think Mark Williams has a chance to be like a legitimately really really good player I've been hearing a lot of good things about his workouts the fact that he's expanded his shot profile a little bit deeper and so can maybe now be a pick-and-pop guy got it that looks like he could be a perimeter defender at that Bob that will give your defense so much flexibility and you saw how important it is to like a team like Miami Heat we have been on the bio they have no problem switching any and everything you know I mean this was a team that was 20 second in defensive efficiency last year that's important you know I mean if you can have like kind of a a top five or six guy at that position defensively it gives you so much more talent on that side of the ball which is what they desperately need all right well I'm not afraid to give up too much if they want to bring Turner in I think Turner might make them well keep in mind turn I mean Turner has been a person really bad Indianapolis Pacers teams too right like so I did it first I did it I did I did it first but I appreciate look if Mark Williams edit it that takes all it takes a lot for you a Carolina guy today talk about AJ Griffin is another guy that's floated around that 1213 sort of area you'll be there there's yeah I think both of them could be here so hard from Baylor is another guy yeah that would help you immediately little bit younger 19 years old I think I don't think turns 20 to their season but like another guy that defensively has some versatility I think that's what they're looking at more so than anything else I'll physically they were they were one of the top teams they play with a lot of pace but you have to be better defense yeah and have to have some sort of help all right we hope we hope the Hornets do the right thing whatever the right thing is Brennan Whitted at huco cell on Twitter thanks man I appreciate it we'll talk soon absolutely look forward to it you got it man this is the atom gold show June 19 2006 but it all started May 6 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina it's a story of transition of heartbreak of figuring it out on the fly the canes corner look at the 25th anniversary of the moon presented by the aluminum company of North Carolina listen now find James 25th anniversary wherever you get your podcast
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