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Duke Men's Basketball Coach Jon Scheyer

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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July 13, 2022 2:31 pm

Duke Men's Basketball Coach Jon Scheyer

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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July 13, 2022 2:31 pm

Duke Men's Basketball Coach Jon Scheyer joined the show to discuss now being the head coach after officially taking over for Coach K. He and Adam talk about the changing landscape of college sports, including conference realignment with the Big Ten adding USC and UCLA, NIL, and more.

Plus, the news broke officially of the Carolina Hurricanes trading for San Jose Sharks defensemen Brent Burns.

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This is the best of the Adam Gold Show Podcast brought to you by Coach Pete at Capital Financial Advisory Group.

Visit us at This is the Adam Gold Show. The head coach at Duke is John Shire. Last time we spoke, I think I called you almost head coach.

So I will start with another kind of a goofy question. Will you be coaching in the ACC? Yeah, I mean, look, we're coaching the ACC until somebody tells us otherwise.

So that's full steam ahead as far as we're concerned. And just trying to keep our head down, focus on the next practice, getting our team better. Really not too concerned or worried about all this noise that's out there right now. Yeah, what was your first thought, though, when the news broke and then everybody after that looks at, all right, well, everything's falling apart.

Where's everybody going? Everybody's playing a game of risk. I don't know if you were a risk player as a young man. You're still a young man, by the way. It's kind of frightening that I'm so much older than you.

But what was your first thought when you heard about all this? Well, look, there's been so much change in the college landscape since I found out I was getting the head coaching job. And so really, it's just par for the course, to be honest with you. And, you know, I found, if you try to get too far out ahead, you know, with planning of where you're going to be, what college looks like too many years from now, you're going to be wrong. Because if any of us thought we'd be right here at this point a few years ago, so you need to adapt. Is it a strange thing about different schools and different conferences? Of course it is.

It's just different. But, you know, honestly, I think we're going to get this sorted out here sooner rather than later in terms of the stability of the college, like I said, the college landscape. And I'm just really excited for year one, really excited to get going with our team.

And I know we're in the ACC, I know that much. I know recruiting has gone well, but I want to ask you about a guy who just left because I've caught the first two Paulo Bancaro Summer League shows. And I mean, I thought he was the best player in the draft. My only question was, was he going to be ultimately at the next level? Would he be quick enough to impact the game? I'm not sure why people are surprised that he's this good and this varied in terms of his skill set, but he looks like he's going to be a headache.

Yeah, he is. I mean, he's just like he's, his talent is clear. You know, I think people underestimate how big he is, you know, he's, he's all of 610, if not more, and have guard skills of that size is just, it's hard to match up with and then you add in how coachable he is, his spiel for the game. That's where we felt. I mean, when teams would call us like, look, you're getting the best player in the draft. And I think Orlando felt that they saw that's why they drafted him. And through a couple games of Summer League, you know, you have to take everything with a little bit grain of salt because it's different than the regular games.

But I think he's shown why he is the best player in the draft. Yeah, they didn't even work him out. So what a game of possum they played.

Yeah, they sure did. There was a lot of moving parts down the stretch and I wasn't in the loop for everything, but I had some understanding or knowledge and, you know, Paul, I mean, he was end of the day was really excited to go one really excited to go to Orlando. And Orlando did a great job with just looking every option, doing their homework, doing the research. And, you know, look, I'm biased, but I definitely feel they made the right decision there. Look, he's a young guy, Orlando, Disney, Epcot Center.

I mean, why not? John Shire, Duke coach is joining us here on the Adam Gold Show. I don't want to make this too much about like some past things, but I'm curious thinking back how much pressure was on those guys last year because of the circumstances. Yeah, I mean, look, those are some circumstances that nobody else, you know, as far as any teams have gone, have been put in and almost all of it was exciting and amazing. And then on the flip side, there's there's just more eyes on you.

So when you fail or lose or have a setback, it becomes a bigger deal. So I don't think any of our guys would have changed it for the world. I mean, what a what a an amazing time, but it was it was different. Like it just it just was. And so, you know, fell for him at the end, you know, with with outcome, but to be in that moment like that's that's what you dream about as a player. All right.

Tongue in cheek question, because it's not completely serious. But is there a way back for Duke in the rivalry with you and say, come on, of course. Of course, you know, you can make whatever you want out of one game and in the rivalry when you look over, you know, the years and years of big time games environments like you don't know what's going to happen.

And, you know, credit them for winning, you know, last year. But of course, there's, you know, a long way to go. I mean, the rivalry is not going to go away unless, of course, they go to the SEC and you guys go to the Big Ten and then you guys never meet again.

I have a funny feeling we're going to be seeing each other for quite some time. I agree. All right. So now tell me how your summer has changed with now that you're not almost head coach, you are head coach. Yeah. You know, it's it's changes in terms of, you know, you're the one ultimately that's having the final say on what we're doing.

You know, you're not making suggestions, you're making decisions. And it's been a lot of fun having our team here. We don't quite have our entire group.

Tyrese Proctor is still in Australia. And then Jacob Grandison is still coming off an injury right now. We don't have those two guys, which would be both of them will be really important for us. But this summer is by getting a feel, you know, for we have a lot of new players. We have new staff, of course. And so just getting to know one another, pushing each other, understanding the things that we could do better from last year. What was really good. We have to continue to do so. It's been exciting. It's what, you know, look, there's a lot of things that come with this job, but being on the floor with our guys is what's, you know, my favorite part. Adam Golden Studio with my man, Coach Pete DeRuta with the Capital Financial Advisory Group.

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I hope it's green for you. 800-661-7383 or text ADAM to 21000 for Coach Pete DeRuta. John Shire is joining us here on the Adam Gold Show.

What was behind, I mean, I think I know, but I want you to describe it. Hiring essentially a GM. You've also brought in a sitting head coach to kind of be another pair of eyes for you. So walk me through those types of decisions. Yeah.

Well, you know, any decision that we've made, you know, wanted to be really methodical and do my homework and make sure that the decisions are well thought out because they're important. And just in the changing landscape of, you know, college athletics, one for me, a first time head coach, having a Mike Shrogi with his experience, you know, is valuable. He's done literally anything you can imagine in, you know, college basketball world. He's, you know, video.

He's done up. She's been an assistant coach at three other high major places. He's been a head coach.

So that's incredible. And, you know, Rachel Baker's experience and grassroots basketball and in the NBA, you know, with the world we're in is bigger than basketball. Her expertise is, you know, incredibly valuable. And Jay Lucas, we brought in, you know, one, he has amazing Durham ties and connections with his family, his mom and dad, his grandfather, grandmother. There's, there's a, so he, this is ultimately home for him.

This is his family's home. And he understands everything that do basketball is about and the city of Durham. And then just his expertise being that, you know, to high major programs in Texas, Kentucky, working with three, you know, big time coaches and Rick Barnes Shaka smart and, you know, Coach Cal so honestly I couldn't be more excited about the group. Oh man, and then you can't forget we have an amazing infrastructure here that's been here. Mm hmm.

So there's the institutional knowledge and there's the chemistry and connection with me so I feel like a lucky guy. Give me great confidence moving forward and we need to continue to adapt and, and adjust. John Shire is joining us here on the Adam Gold Show, who would have gotten the most NIL money from your championship team. NIL at that time was like a foreign foreign out you have no idea what, what that would have been but I don't know I feel like the singular would have had some stuff man, you know, singular could have. Not Zubik not Brian Zubik all the all the pastry companies in Jersey would have been all over.

No, actually Zubik would have gone some great you know like anything with a beard, you know where you know, beard products you know and, you know, he could have really killed it with that does what's his name I forget his name still hang around the gym. I don't know whose name is so that's the coach K guy coaching coaching I mean we see each other good amount and he's here and he's, he's around but also he's doing his thing. So it's been a great balance that were as we go along and fortunate I have them still. So, it's been great. Has he invited you on the radio show yet.

Yeah, actually I went on after the season. So yeah, that's my first time, we had a goes, an honor guest, honored to be on. Is he a good interview on yourself.

Well thank you very much for even pretending. Now, now you are becoming him, because that's exactly what he that's fine by the way that that's exactly what he does I appreciate the needle. I've always appreciated the needle from from coach, because, and by the way, do I call you coach or I call you john, or I call you Mr Shire What do I do I want to make I want to get this right coach prime. You can call me whatever you want. All right, thank you. No, but, so, to me that that was always a sign of respect is the right word but maybe more acceptance that, you know, I'm, I understand what you do.

So I appreciate the needle so that you just made my day. Coach coach john Shire. I have news of a news of the day question for you. When NBA Commissioner Adam silver came out and said that they were he was going to advocate to lower the draft age, the limit, take back to 18. In other words, right out of high school, you're okay to go. How will that impact would that impact what you do, how you recruit. Yeah, of course it has an impact and just like if you look at the evolution of our program and, you know, Coach K I mean, you think about the success that he's had really he's adapted many many times and there's these iterations you go through with where you know when I was in high school, you were able to go out right away, and then the last year I was the first draft class where they change the rules so that's why my class. That's why Kevin Durant's going to college. And so this is a different Kevin Kevin Durant in college versus not in college, of course it does.

And, but so strategy changes just like it has the past couple years they still have professional opportunities, you know, kids from high school where they can go G league and overtime believe these other options so we'll continue to adapt and, you know, we feel like, you know, for our program will be really successful and figure it out whatever the path is what we have to alter well we'll adjust to whatever the rules are at that time but no question there'll be change. John Shire before we let you go a serious, serious question if you don't mind because I saw you tweet about it. What happened in suburban Chicago on Fourth of July, I know it touched you. But that's that, that isn't your hometown right you but you live, you grew up close to there right. Yes, the neighboring town next to where I grew up from is where the park is exactly. So what, what, what, what, I mean I understand why it touched you but why did it move you to, to take the social media. Well, you know, I think there's a, you know, like I'm a father of three and you know my kids are growing up going to school and you see what happens at you've all day and you think about Highland Park I mean my family was going to the parade.

That day in Northbrook which is right next door. And, you know, it's just a reminder that this is happening everywhere. I mean there's everywhere in the country, and so I don't think it's anything. You know that's this huge statement other other than this has to stop, like why, why wouldn't we stop and kids are being killed. And so, you know, I'm not, I'm not making a political stand right thing like that I'm simply saying, you know, what are the solutions you there has to be some solutions and so it was heartbreaking. I feel horrible for the families I feel horrible mean there's people that I know that were shot that day. And you know they're still obviously physically but mentally what that's going to do for all those families going forward I feel horrible for all of them so just my sympathies, go out to any family that's been, whether it's in Highland Park involved a should call anywhere.

That's, it's a horrible epidemic right now in our country that we're dealing with more than anyone, more than anybody in the world. John Shire Duke head coach, still in the ACC last check. I appreciate your time. Have a great summer we'll talk to you again, maybe as we get closer to the basketball season, be well. Thank you.

Thanks for having me on. Love, check, checking in with john Shire calm john calm coach coach Shire coach prime, the matter. It's May 6 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina, it's a story of transition of heartbreak of figuring it out on the fly, the canes corner look at the 25th anniversary of the move, presented by the aluminum company of North Carolina.

Listen now, find James 25th anniversary, wherever you get your podcast. NHL free agent Wednesday chip Patterson by the way top of the hour so we're gonna have fun with chip because we always have fun with chip might work in a little open championship but there's a lot of college sporting things to discuss, including. Why is the big 12 in denial. Talk about that.

Talk about where we are at this stage of the game but we'll get to that coming up in about 11 minutes are the only ones in denial. Like the PAC 12 isn't trying to expand. Right. I thought they were. Yeah, back 12 can't regenerate it not not as not without the two heavyweights can we go back to calling on the PAC 10.

And actually they're right now they're a 10. Yeah, but I mean even if the PAC 12 added San Diego State and Boise State. It's still, it's, you're missing Southern Cal. I don't know how you survive that, you know, you really don't.

You know, to this point. The Atlantic Coast Conference is being held together by that grant of rights and we'll see how many schools decided to challenge it, and they might. But ultimately, there's nobody out there to add that really increases your value.

That's the problem for everybody, the only. The only piece that really increases your value is Notre Dame. That's it. I mean, I can't even think of an of a school from the big 12 or the PAC, or the PAC whatever however many teams are that increases the ACC value enough to the point where you would add them. They have to be worth as many, you know, essentially as many teams as you have times 10 million. Does it or maybe not quite 10 million but does any team pay for itself.

I think the answer that other than Notre Dame is probably no. All right, so real quick here's where we are as free agency moves on. Max Domi will go we'll start with the former hurricanes. Okay, Max Domi to Chicago one year $3 million.

Which, okay. I was not was not a fan of Max Domi. I said this during podcasts canes corner podcasts available wherever you get your podcast. I was disappointed for the second year in a row at Carolina's performance at the trade deadline. Two years in a row. The hurricanes didn't get better. They didn't. None. I look I'm I'm not there's a lot of teams that tried and failed anyway.

Only one team can win the cup. But for the second year in a row Carolina did not move the needle at the trade deadline didn't do it. Max Domi was just a guy. He didn't he didn't he didn't impact the team. Yes, he had a game seven. He actually had a you know, about a 12 minute stretch of game seven. He had a nice a moment, but that was it. That was it.

Domi wasn't that good. So don't be there you go. Don't be in Chicago one year 3 million in coal Tampa one year 3 million population.

Say Felicia. Okay want to make sure Brendan Smith in New Jersey two years 1.1 million Vincent. Yeah, Vincent trochek to the Rangers seven years five point six to five million seven years.

Nope seven years. Yeah, enjoy the last four years that whatever I like I said before. Vincent trochek based on where he was playing in the lineup for Carolina needed to be better. He needed to be better. That's not to say he's not a good player, but he needed to be better.

And if he were better, I think Carolina would have figured out a way to keep him but didn't work out. Other signings Andrew cop to Detroit five years five point six to five a wonder of cop and trochek have the same agent because five point six to five million average annual value is is there close your route to Ottawa three point three times six and a half million Jack Campbell goalie from Toronto to Edmonton five years five million. Robert Thomas resigns with st. Louis great young player eight years eight point one three million Nick. Defensemen to st. Louis four times four.

So that's that's where we are in all of that. Here we go Sharks Hurricanes trade get a little breaking news here for you. This is pure per Pierre Lebron broke just couple minutes ago Brett Burns and Lane Peterson for Stephen Lawrence goalie prospect etu makaniemi and a conditional 2023 third round pick sharks are retaining 33% of Burns's contract. So again, Brent Burns and Lane Peterson for Stephen Lawrence goalie prospect etu makaniemi and a conditional 2023 third round pick sharks retaining 33% of that contract lane. Lane Peterson is a forward who will replace Stephen Lawrence on the roster. Who knows maybe not even sure he makes the roster. He is he's got one year at seven seven hundred fifty thousand dollars. Well, it's deal right, but he played 29 games in the NHL last year with just to assist which is not that much below. What Stephen Lawrence was providing Lawrence was a super kid who I'm not sure was ever going to be anything more than a fourth line fourth line guy.

So that's the deal. This is the Adam Gold show. June 19th, 2006, but it all started May 6, 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina. It's a story of transition of heartbreak of figuring it out on the fly. The Canes Corner look at the 25th anniversary of the move presented by the Aluminum Company of North Carolina. Listen now find Canes 25th anniversary wherever you get your podcast.
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