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What will it take for the Boston Celtics to get Kevin Durant?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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July 25, 2022 4:59 pm

What will it take for the Boston Celtics to get Kevin Durant?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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July 25, 2022 4:59 pm

What will it take for the Boston Celtics to get Kevin Durant? Brenden Whitted of The League Pass Lair joined the show to talk all things NBA, including the Boston Celtics in pursuit of Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant. Brenden wonders if the price tag is too high if it costs the Celtics Jayson Tatum as part of the deal.

Also, we hear sound bites from Carolina Panthers head coach Matt Rhule as he spoke to the media a couple days before the start of training camp.

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This is the best of the Adam Gold Show Podcast brought to you by Coach Pete at Capital Financial Advisory Group.

Visit us at This is the Adam Gold Show. By the way, I'm an episode behind Derek Jeter. I watched the first episode I thought was excellent. I need to watch the second one, I believe three and four this week. I would like to keep up with it. I'm not necessarily a big Jeter fan, but I thought the first episode was really well done. So I'm going to check it out. Alright, in Wall of Sound, almost entirely this will be comprised of Matt Ruhl clips from his press conference today, which was at 1230.

Training camp begins on Wednesday. And then at the end of this, just an absolutely hilarious mistake made by Cardinals, one of the St. Louis Cardinals TV analysts. A hilarious mistake, but we'll get to that in just a couple minutes.

First, the wall of sound is a function of this studio. There's no doubt about it. Jump the gun there. Yeah, that's fine. I needed to shut up.

It's okay. All right, let's get right to it, Matt Ruhl. Tell me in your quarterback room who's sitting in the front of the class and who's sitting in the back of the class. Yeah, I think at the end of the day, football players are the ultimate competitors, and I think the great ones love competition. And so, in fact, the best of the best create competition sometimes when it isn't there. So to me, my job is not to pick the starting quarterback. The players will do that with the way that they play. My job is to make sure that we have really good players in the room, which we do in that room, and make sure that they have opportunities.

And so, you know, it'll be a fun ride when we know we know. I love Matt Ruhl. I love Matt Ruhl. I mean, yeah.

All right. Well, you do a Matt Ruhl impression, do you not? I do.

Right. Because I think there's somebody that also does a really good one that I'll point out in a second. But first, let's hear yours. Oh, you want to hear my Matt Ruhl? Yeah. What do you want me to talk about? Anything. Okay.

Throw me on the spot here. Well, I think with any quarterback or any competition, everyone here is a professional. Let's be real. Everyone here is out here to compete and play hard and, you know, earn their starting spot and earn their time. But at the end of the day, we're going to check the tape and we're going to make sure that the best guy is out there and gives us the best opportunity to win football games.

We'll make sure at the end of the day of every practice, we'll definitely check the tape and make sure we critique guys and make sure guys are where they need to be. That's very good. Thank you. That's very good.

I don't know that it's as good as Porky Pig, but it's very good. Tell me, now that I've said that to you, now that I've said that to you, now you get it. Yeah. That's all folks. All right.

Here's Matt. I definitely incorporate a little bit of that. You have to. You have to.

Rule on Darnold reacting to the Baker Mayfield trade. Yeah. I mean, Sam is Sam's an amazing person. He's an awesome person. First of all, he's also a competitor like, you know, he's determined to play his best football this year. So I've seen nothing, but I've seen nothing but positive things from Sam since the end of last season to the way he showed up in the spring to what he did in the spring until now. And so, you know, when we let him know, you know, I'm not going to share a lot of my conversations with guys, but when we let him know that we were making this move, he handled it like the ultimate team guy and the ultimate professional. And so I think he's taken very much of, Hey, I'm going to control what I can control.

And that's the way that I play. And so I look forward to seeing him play great football. This, this, this camp. Not this season, this camp.

Uh, all right. Uh, in spite of the fact that they don't have a bonafide top half of the league starting quarterback, uh, Matt rules expectations have not changed. Last year's to me is over. You know, it's kinda like a, it's kinda like golf. You know, you, you, you play a bad round and you know, you sit there and you say, you know, you feel terrible about your game.

And then all of a sudden you show up the next day and you play golf again, you know, and it's like, Hey, I could have a great round. And so, um, I thought we did a lot of things well early in the year. And then, you know, just down the stretch, we, we, I didn't get it done.

We didn't get it done. And so that's our job. It's a results oriented business. And when you, and I certainly don't want to be a part of an organization that tolerates, you know, mediocrity and a lack of success. And so, uh, that's got to start with me.

So, um, do you like that? No, but at the end of the day, I, I can promise you like my life is about winning and losing. And so I don't like losing. So that, that affected me as much as anything else this year, I expect to win. You know, I want to win. I've never had, uh, uh, uh, going on into a season and said, I hope I can only win this many games and keep my job.

I'm not doing that, man. I, I w I want to, I want to win at the highest level, just like Christian does, just like Shaq does, just like everybody in this organization does. And that's why, you know, I woke up today, ready to go, excited to go and excited to be here. And I like where we're at.

I also woke up today ready to go and excited to be here. Uh, why did the Baker Mayfield trade take such a long time? Why couldn't this trade have been executed during the draft? So maybe, and work with me on this, you make the trade during or before the draft, and then you don't trade up to get Matt Carroll, Matt, Matt Corral, you don't do that.

I'm just curious. So why did the trade takes so long, Matt? Yeah. Uh, Scott, um, and I had that conversation in, uh, before the draft and in the draft, you know, we were, we were talking about that and just the deal didn't happen. Um, and so it was sort of an ongoing conversation until it, until it finally did, uh, you know, occur. There were times where it looked like it wasn't, you know, wasn't going to occur. Um, you know, in spring and OTAs, uh, we really became really excited about what Sam was doing. And when we got Matt, obviously we were excited about Matt. So, um, you know, there was a time that wasn't sure if it was going to happen, but when the time came at the end of the day, we felt, felt like it was the right thing for the team. And we did it. It would have been much better had they done it either before or during the draft, because not only when you trade up from the fourth round to get into the third round, it costs you an asset down the road.

So it costs them a future day to pick. And that's unfortunate that you did that just to get into the third round when, I mean, it's a fair chance that Corral would have been there in the fourth round, but that's neither here nor there. Um, now from Baker Mayfield's perspective, the depth of the quarterback room is what? The, no, no, no, not, this is not Baker. This is Matt rule on Baker and the quarterback room.

Well, I always look at my job is to, is to put as many good players and good coaches in the rooms and then give them the opportunity to, uh, to, to battle it out. And, um, I really like our quarterback room. I, you know, I don't know many teams that, you know, we have, uh, Sam Darnell, who's been our starter, um, who had an excellent spring and talking to him this summer.

Uh, Sam's had an excellent summer. So we have Sam, we add in Baker Mayfield, you know, who, who's took Cleveland to the playoffs, want to playoff game, set the rookie touchdown record, um, to add him. Uh, that's another starting caliber quarterback. Uh, Matt Corral is a young guy that we drafted that we really like and have a lot of hope for. And, um, I expect him to come compete.

You know, I, I showed up to the stadium last night and Matt was in there, uh, working out back in Charlotte, you know, getting ready. And so, uh, that's another guy. And then obviously PJ Walker is a guy that, you know, we've asked him to start for us twice and twice. But, uh, you know, PJ has, has, has gone out and won. So not many teams have, you know, four quality players like that. And, um, it's going to be a lot of great competition.

And to be quite honest with you, Nick, I think it'll be really good for our team, the competition. So if I fans like that correctly, not many teams are better at quarterback than the Panthers. Ah, depth, man. That's what, look at all that depth. That's essentially what he said.

All right. Um, done with Matt rule. And now a hilarious comment, an unintentional hilarious comment, but one that was picked up on by the, um, I guess the host of this particular, uh, part of the St. Louis Cardinals broadcast. Uh, analyst Al Roboski, who is a, was a fun guy to watch play. You have no idea who the man Hungarian was, right?

Nope. The man Hungarian would stand behind the mound and psych himself up and then, uh, slam the ball into his glove and then turn around and like charge up on top of the mound. He was nuts.

A lot of relievers were nuts. Anyway, uh, Roboski confused two guys named Ron. I feel like he dresses up with another member of the, uh, anchorman movie. Well, that's what I was thinking, you know, you know, when did the, uh, who was it to wear the cowboy hat with Ron Jeremy? Uh, well, well, I think that Michael has, has interesting outfits throughout the season, right?

He's always showing up wearing something fun. That's right. I mean, what do you say? Alexa, uh, these Alexa drat is the, what do you say was her, uh, the other, the host there and she just lost it. I don't blame her. She did. There are people who have no idea why that's funny.

I'm not even going to fill it in. There are people who don't know why that's funny. She caught it right away. But the people who do know why that's funny are screaming right now. So that is, that is how nuanced the joke is. If you have no idea that there was a joke there, that's okay.

Just understand that there are people who do know that there was a joke there and they are dying. I read Gus Johnson, I think in 2014 accidentally did it. Did he really? Yeah. I would like to know the context of that. Someone in the stands had a Ron Burgundy like face of a football game. Oh, okay. And then he accidentally said the other Ron. Oh, okay.

So it's not like somebody went hard to the hoop in basketball. No, they did not. Okay. All right. But that's shouts to Al Roboski and who was the host there? Alexa drat.

Shouts to, real shouts to Alexa drat. Yep. She got it. She got it. Almost keeping it together. Yeah. Almost keeping it together. Again, you may not have laughed and that's fine.

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800-661-7383 or text Adam to 2-1-0-0-0 for coach Pete DeRuta. Starting tomorrow at two 30, we're going to do a breakdown of every other NFL team in some way, shape or form. What did we decide we were going to start with tomorrow? I think we're going to start with the Browns. Because they're the first game. First opponent. And then later in the week, we'll also do the Giants will be the first road opponent. So we'll do Cleveland and then I don't know, we'll figure out a way to determine who's next and then we'll do the New Jersey Giants.

Yes. Right? Because they play and they work and play in New Jersey. So tomorrow breakdown of the Cleveland Browns at two 30 and we'll do that every show between now and the start of the season. And when we get to the start of the season, it will be when we get to the end of this list, it will be the start of the season. It coincides with the initial Thursday night championship game.

At the beginning of this program, the very first thing we discussed was the not really breaking news because there's really no news. The we all know that Kevin Durant has asked for trade or demanded a trade. And we know that there are teams that are interested. Initially we thought Kevin Durant was a formality, was going to end up in Phoenix. That's where he wanted to go.

They would be interested. And the player that would likely have gone back to Brooklyn, DeAndre Ayton, the the center. Well, he was given an offer sheet by the Indiana Pacers. And once Phoenix matched that offer sheet, then he could no longer be moved. So the deal that we all thought was going to happen ends up not even even being able to happen. So Durant isn't going to Phoenix because Phoenix isn't giving, giving up any other pieces there.

There would have been more involved in that deal. My understanding was it was going to be Ayton and potentially Cam Johnson back former Tar Heel Cam Johnson back to Brooklyn for Kevin Durant. So who are the perspective teams now that are interested in Durant? The rumor is Miami, Toronto. So suddenly out of nowhere, the Boston Celtics are involved. And Adrian Wojnarzki broke this, again, not saying it's breaking news because it's not news yet. It's still rumor. But Wojnarzki talked about this, I think it was yesterday.

And even when is so far as to say what the package would be. And that Boston turned it down. It was Jalen Brown plus another element. And there would be draft picks involved.

And that's what Boston's offer was. And the Nets said, nah, as we bring in Brendan Whitted, my friend, NBA analyst, expert, league pass layer, all of that at huco cell on Twitter. I like the experts.

Oh, you're such an expert. So look, I mean, you know more about the NBA than like any four people I know. So if I'm Brooklyn, tell me that this is wrong. If I am Brooklyn, I say no to the first offer of Jalen Brown plus parts. Because if I'm giving up Durant, then I want Tatum back. Because I see those as there are Tatum's not Durant, but I see those as the same type of player.

So am I wrong if I'm Brooklyn? That's the guy that needs to be part of the package. That's the guy they want. I don't get him though, I think that everybody's very well aware that you're not getting Tatum that take like it when Durant came on as, hey, he might be available, that Oh, he's untouchable label got reduced by a lot of people.

A lot of people. Oh, well, he's untouchable. He's a part of a linchpin of our squad. Now, what's the rest on the table is a whole very few folks that you're not willing to trade for. I think Tatum is one of those guys in part because he's so young, obviously, he's just 19. That's a it's an NBA joke, but uh, but no, like that's that he's so much younger, Durant, you're going to get him for the for the duration of his peak, the rest of his peak for next three years, you're getting it. But I don't think the Celtics are willing to mortgage their entire future. But honestly, if I'm Boston, everybody outside of team can go, you know, I mean, like, if because ultimately, it comes down to this. Do you think that Tatum and Brown are going to be great players together?

If so, then don't then don't pull the trigger and you got two great players fantastic. Right now you don't have any great players if you're Boston, you have some very, very good players that guys on those like the penultimate step of being a superstar, but you don't have those. And the last time you saw a team win a championship without a superstar was those that that Chauncey Billings pistons team that was a long time ago, it was those are few and far between you have to have a great player Celtics don't have one right now. All right, so let me play devil's advocate because you just said that Brown and Tatum together are not yet individually great players or superstar level players and the great players but not necessarily superstar level players and the proof of that is that there was way too much up and down in both of their games throughout the playoffs. A healthy Kevin Durant with options around him.

You're going to get 30 35 every stinking night. So if you get three years of Durant, like I love Tatum to and there's a 10 year age gap between Durant and Tatum. I love Tatum to but if I'm Boston, if it gets me Durant, yeah, I kind of think about it, but I would I would I'm not giving you anything else. You get taken you get Tatum we get Durant and we bought and we all move on and that's what colors a lot of this stuff when it comes to the ranch specifically with the next they gave away so many of their draft picks to get hardened, right? And so now not only do they want to be competitive right now.

They also need to refill their future assets. That combined with what Rudy Colbert got which that's okay. That was the most ridiculous trade. I it still doesn't make any sense to be like the hall that that Utah who was able to get shouted in the age. He's done it again the hall that they were able to get from Rudy Gobert. So that's the market now Rudy Gobert who is not the player that Kevin Durant is June 19, 2006, but it all started May 6 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina. It's a story of transition of heartbreak of figuring it out on the fly the Canes Corner look at the 25th anniversary of the move presented by the aluminum company of North Carolina listen now find Kames 25th anniversary wherever you get your podcast.

So that market no, it's not it is not close not it's not a conversation is done. So if he got that I'm getting more than even just Tatum I'm getting a I'm giving you a top five superstar right now you can get a championship with him right now. I need I need a lot. I need a lot and that's what the Nets did the problem is one of the problems in addition to the Nets being in this they have they leverage themselves so much for harden the other part the the the other problem is that you don't know what's going on with Kyrie like there's just there's so many times they've moved Kyrie in a second wouldn't they they would but I mean again he's on a one year deal right you don't know what you're getting for like they have I don't know and then the other part is you could just run it back if you're telling me right now that if Kevin Durant came in and said my bad let's get all of this I can't wait to start training camp you're telling me you're telling me that Brooklyn wouldn't run that back because they certainly would that's the other thing I don't think that they really really want to move on from Durant you have Durant Kyrie and Ben Simmons in the building right now right no that's that's that's as good as it gets this side of Milwaukee and I'm with you in the look I'm you know me I'm not a Ben Simmons guy I'm not but but what Simmons would provide them is an elite defender somebody who didn't need to shoot because he doesn't want to shoot so it would leave more shots for Kyrie and Durant they those shots would not be being taken by James Harden and some of their other players would also be able to blossom so you got Joe Harris coming back off injury right not to mention some of the other guys that we saw whether it's cam top was a camp Thomas I was a camp Thomas made first team summer league right I love him he looks like the next guy up you know I mean like you could if you would literally just put that look at that team as constructive don't touch anything you don't trade nobody right now I can make a case with them being the most talented team in the east right now it's hard to break that up for the possibility of some the other part of the problem is Durant didn't do this until after the draft and that really really I feel like if he did this I think July 1st was when they at least became public I don't know obviously the inner workings of the right organization but that's when it becomes public that's a week and a half after the draft and you just you're you hamstrung them so much on top of giving them a short list of teams that you wanted to deal with like it's like the market you kind of murdered the market and doing it this late and only having this many teams your your mark is going to be is going to be thinner than it normally would if you were if they were willing to you know if Durant had been like you know what I just need to get out of Brooklyn anywhere is fine I think you'd have a much different marketplace than the one they find out I mean if Kyrie is back and I don't know that Kyrie is back he just took the money because he's very unreliable as a person I mean we all we all understand this and last I checked Canada has still not changed any rules right by the way the the St. Louis Cardinals just went up to play the Blue Jays for two games I think today and tomorrow without their two best players Nolan Nolan Arenado and Paul Goldschmidt who I don't know can't find a CVS or a Walgreens anywhere near where they live so they're not going to play in in Canada let me move on from from Durant I agree I actually think there's a better chance that Durant Kyrie are back in Brooklyn this year than they're not so Donovan Mitchell is the lone remaining player of any redeeming quality for the Utah Jazz they gotta move him the Knicks are interested but here's what I don't get about from a Knicks perspective and I I've always mentioned this I used to be a Knicks fan I don't really care they're more of a sideshow at this point but I don't understand why the Knicks are pursuing Mitchell who would be an upgrade over anybody they've got but they have so many shooting guards they just signed another shooting guard in Jalen Brunson he's not a point guard really he's more of a he's going to be playing he's going to be initiating a lot of their stuff as much as much as you can believe in positions now anyway you don't give that kind of guy that kind that sort of money to come off the bench for sure but he's a shooter right but he's a shooter right yes so he's a shooter RJ Barrett's a shooter not necessarily a maker but he's a shooter I like RJ I'm just making a joke Evan Fournier is a shooter right so if you bring in Donovan Mitchell one of those three has to go it's not going to be Brunson because you just signed him right and if I'm Utah well you're going to give me Barrett out of those three anyway I just used to have Randall I mean Randall is still a major it's funny I know a good number of Knicks fans and it kind of feels like everybody got off the Randall train at the same time even after a couple years ago gave right gave one of the better seasons that a Knicks player has given any anybody and it's just I was like wow everybody just kind of fell out of favor with Randall all at one time because I'm still a Randall fan now what I will I wholeheartedly agree with you on this they have a whole bunch of play finishers not many play initiators they don't really have a point guard like that that you can just hey I'm going to distribute make sure everybody's in the right place get them to get the ball in their most advantageous places to score that the Knicks don't have and I don't understand honestly I didn't understand the hard the hard press for Brunson I wonder sometimes if being in New York especially now with Brooklyn as a as a as a crosstown rival for all intents and purposes they share the same zip code yeah around but I wonder if that sometimes be the pressure of being in New York it's too much for the front office to say hey we can just be good and like develop players as opposed to let's go out and go get this free agent let's go you know we're gonna we're gonna get Kimball Walker's a number off the bus we'll get Alec Burke's number off the bus I first had a pretty solid year for him healthy for the look right for first time in his career again another shooter though yeah but what we're gonna get off these contracts so that we have all of this money to make a big free agent splash and the big free agent splash is Jalen Brunson I mean they just brought in a good player right yeah and I and I like Jalen Brunson I don't know if he's the guy right like I mean you you bring in a guy like that for free agency it feels like he should be the guy and I still don't know if he's better than Randall or or or RJ and so Donovan Mitchell would did give them that splash but the numbers kind of get tossed around in terms of the draft picks that will be involved the swaps the future picks hey man like between Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell y'all Utah had both of them and they ain't go nowhere so I don't understand this rush to just give away every single asset to get those guys I like Donovan Mitchell I like Rudy Gobert both of them have holes in their games and I just don't understand giving away the whole farm to get guys that are like good players they're a good player are they going to make you a great if they were to make the Mitchell trade now they're gonna lose some current assets and future ones and I still don't think that they're a top four team and that's and that's my point I was having this conversation actually you were part of the conversation on Twitter today our friend Kanata Edwards was was part of this as well I actually responded to him because I think the Knicks as is as they are currently constructed I think the Knicks will compete for the play-in tournament they'll compete for 10 and if you compete I mean they finished 11th last year right if you compete for I like to say they'll be better I thought they underperformed last year I did too they overperformed the year before I thought they underperformed last year I think they'll probably end up somewhere six or seven you know I think that would be amazing but I think they'll come to me like the playoffs I well look I think they'll compete for the play-in tournament you know I'll just say 10 and if you're competing for 10 then you're competing for eight but getting in the top six is a different animal and I don't think they're good enough to get in the top six and I sure as hell don't think they're good enough with Mitchell to get all the way over that bar either so my point is why because he went to college there right a terrible way to do this but he's he would be a big time star though like he would be I think he would be a bigger star than like Randall and RJ certainly then Jalen Brunson I mean you know because you are this is a business you want to sell some tickets you want to you want to you know get some height around your around your your squad you're in New York and you know maybe it's a little hard to put Jalen Brunson's face on you know season tickets you know I mean like you do need this and that's not a shot to tell the brothers it's just like most people he was a backup you know I mean this is a dude that was a backup on a a good Dallas Mavericks team but still a backup you know you're still a reserved player for all intents and purposes and so like I think that New York feels that pressure to be a we gotta be in New York like because what do we see every offseason whenever whenever New York gets a little bit of camera oh they're gonna make it from the broad they're gonna make a play for Giannis okay he's coming it's always something like that it's always sold never told you know I mean like they're always over here overselling how much of a destination spot that New York is which is if I think that's one of the more interesting things that we never kind of talk about Utah has to build through the draft yeah you're not going to be able to build through free agency because I live in Salt Salt Lake nobody it's beautiful though have you gone it's I know it's you know it's legitimately beautiful I I recommend it and I believe that and I believe that however at no point in my life have I ever been like you know where I should live Salt Lake City I have you and I feel the same way right the thought has never crossed my mind right and so for certain places you have to be able to build through the draft charlie is finding this out too right I thought Michael Jordan being in the owner of the franchise would mean more in terms of hey I get a chance to play for Michael Jordan the Jordan the shoes I grew up with the guy I grew up idolizing I thought that would literally be a pull point I was dead wrong I could not have been more wrong about that and so you had the same reason that Charlotte outbid everyone four years 30 million dollars a year for Gordon Hayward Gordon Hayward is worth a buck 20 yeah because you got to pay that tax of I got to bring somebody to a destination that they otherwise would not be that's a huge part of free agency that I don't ever feel like just talking about I totally agree by the way he is from Westchester just outside of New York City so there you go yeah that would work for their purposes it would absolutely work plus the the Knicks training facility is in Westchester and I think their g-league team is also in Westchester not that Donovan Mitchell would be a candidate to play on the g-league team at huco cell brennan witted my friend league pass layer NBA expert guru my friend we'll talk to you later this is the Adam gold show June 19 2006 but it all started may 6 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina it's a story of transition of heartbreak of figuring it out on the fly the canes corner look at the 25th anniversary of the moon presented by the aluminum company of North Carolina listen now find canes 25th anniversary wherever you get your podcast.
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