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Touring NFL cities in East Rutherford, NJ

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July 28, 2022 3:37 pm

Touring NFL cities in East Rutherford, NJ

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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July 28, 2022 3:37 pm

Dennis & Adam continue to get the know the NFL and Tour NFL Cities this time by going to the home of the New York Giants, East Rutherford, NJ.

Also, Scott Michaux of the Irish Examiner joined the show to talk about more PGA Tour players leaving for the LIV Tour. Also, more talk about the Carolina Panthers and Baker Mayfield vs. Sam Darnold.

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This is the best of the Adam Gold Show Podcast brought to you by Coach Pete at Capital Financial Advisory Group. Visit us at This is the Adam Gold Show game against Coastal Carolina in November.

Hello. I want to have those games later in the year where a team that is not competing for championships is playing against a team that is competing for championships. And it is going to be a test of how much these players, these coaches, these teams can stay focused on the matter at hand because it's college football. We only get 12 regular season games a year.

I'd like to be able to see who can maintain an elite level of play all the way through. But Wings from Rusty on that one, very nice. It's the Adam Gold Show, Dennis Cox on the ones and twos, although that is a Rusty Helser production. By the way, Hayes Permar, huge Wings fan. There's nothing not to love about Wings, man.

Paul McCartney, not just chicken wings, but Paul McCartney in Wings. That's a pretty great second act right there. Oh, they talk about the TV show Wings. That's also a great show.

That's what Hayes likes. Crystal Bernard, very good, right? Very good show. That show lasted a long time.

I got no problem with that. I mean, I think it's more of a cult favorite than like, I don't know, it's not like a Seinfeld thing, right? It's a good show. Good show Wings. Did you ever watch Monk?

I do know of Monk and I never really got into it though. Tony Shalhoub, right? He's pretty good in that. All right, let's get to the Wall of Sound, shall we?

The Wall of Sound is a function of this studio. There's no doubt about it. You want to hear some football-y things? Then you need to hear Baker Mayfield after yesterday on Taking It One Day at a Time. For me, it's just getting better one day at a time.

I have to get better and if I'm playing my best ball, things will take care of itself and just helping each other out. I mean, the main goal for this team, which is pretty well understood, is we're trying to win. No matter who's in there, we want to win football games and that's the main message. Man, gosh, the football people eat that up. I don't know if you remember this, Dennis, but Russell Wilson's rookie season, the Seahawks end up getting to the divisional round of the playoffs. They lose. He drives the team down the field, takes the lead against Atlanta, but there's like a minute and a half left.

And then Matt Ryan takes him back down the field and the Falcons win. I think this is the season the Falcons went to the Super Bowl and then blew the 28-3 lead to the Patriots. No, it was before that. It was before that?

Okay, you may be right. My sense of time is not always great. But anyway, Wilson, after that game, the disappointment of the game, Russell was like exuding confidence about next year. And he basically machine-gun fired football cliches at all the writers and you could feel, you can feel the warmth washing over them. Very Baker Mayfield-like right there. Very Baker Mayfield-like. He did make a mistake yesterday, but he recognized his mistake. Spartanburg is just different. Yeah, pretty stupid for wearing a long sleeve and pants.

So, but I'm stubborn so I had to learn for myself. There you go. Today with the heat index, probably near 300. He opted for for shorts and short sleeves. The only thing I could get, you want to protect your skin against the sun. I'm sure that's, you know, a thought.

That's true. And a lot of these long sleeve shirts are actually, they're not going to, they don't like hold the heat in so you can wear them outside. But yeah, he had dark colors on yesterday. Although the top was like a blue, but he had, the pants were dark.

And why are you wearing pants? That's just a silly idea. All right, Chris Lowe from ESPN. We heard earlier in the program from Marcus Freeman, new Notre Dame coach, about the debate, I guess, over independence or joining a conference. Chris Lowe recognizes the big picture when it comes to conference expansion and that it's all about Notre Dame.

Listen, the wildcard in all this is Notre Dame. And that's where their A.D. is made pretty clear that they're going to sort of sit and wait, see how everything shakes out, what the landscape looks like in a year or two. But I think that's the, that's the school out there that once they decide where they're going, I think the big thing makes the most sense. Then that really may sort of start that domino effect.

All right, couple of things that we need to know. Yesterday, Kevin Warren, or it was probably a couple of days ago, Kevin Warren said all those things at Big Ten Media Day about, you know, we're going to be aggressive. And he was basically scaring the world into thinking the Big Ten is going to expand again. I find it hard to believe that the big, that even the four schools the Big Ten was discussing, at least that were written about in the article, because he knows what the Big Ten is actually doing.

Stanford, Cal, Washington and Oregon. That those four schools will simply dilute everybody's take home pay. You know, we are going to get, I don't believe that Oregon, Washington, Stanford and Cal will add so much to the inventory of Big Ten football that it will increase the value by another $500 million a year.

Combined, because in order for them to pay for themselves, it's probably going to have to be in that range. No way. Those four schools ain't doing it. So if one of them had to be included in order to get USC, that's one thing, but that's not the case because UCLA is already there. So I don't see the Big Ten expanding.

I think Kevin Warren was simply saying we're going to do what we can. And Notre Dame, we're ready for you. But I just Notre Dame is also bound by grant of rights, by the way.

They are. So it's just something to think about. And who knows? We talked to Eric MacLean earlier, and MacLean thinks that, like, if a school like Clemson felt like they had to go, they would figure out a way to do it.

Damn the grant of rights. Well, we'll see. See what happens with that right now. Legally, Notre Dame would have to go to the ACC if they were going to go to a conference. I also think that for them, it would probably be a better move because remember, they're not making this move because of money. Notre Dame has been leaving money on the table.

They're not they're not going to the highest bidder. What would the ACC take be if Notre Dame was in the conference full time? Higher. Much.

Yeah. And and remember that Notre Dame will be special in the ACC. They will be special. They will be a very good member of the Big Ten that's different than being special.

They will be. All right. Moving moving on. Last night, Citi Field in Queens. It was the Mets beating the Yankees three to four times last night. One of the best pitchers in baseball, Max Scherzer, met the best hitter in baseball, Aaron Judge.

Three times he struck him out. Max Scherzer after the game, relishing the moment. I love pitching these situations. Love pitching in this atmosphere. You know, you got to want the ball in these type of moments and you got to go out there and face the best. I'm glad the Yankees, you know, you know, this is they're obviously one of the best teams in the AL for a reason.

It's fun to have them come to your park and you get to face them and you want to beat them. You respect of how how good they are, the threats that they have up and down our lineup. And you want to go out there and, you know, you know, that's what you measure yourself against is the best. You don't measure yourself against the worst. You always want to measure yourself against the best. Well, I mean, if I measure myself against the worst, I look better.

Yeah. If you measure yourself against the best, sometimes you lose. Max Scherzer did not lose that battle last night at all with Aaron Judge. The final at bat, he struck him out the last three times he faced him in the third, the fifth and the seventh. And in the seventh, after walking DJ LeMahieu to put runners at the corners with two outs in a two nothing game and judges coming up.

And it's funny, my my wife asked me a question about this because they were talking about it on the during the broadcast. But it was just one of those moments that really makes baseball so special there. There are dramatic moments in every game.

Sometimes they happen earlier in in the game. This one happened in the seventh, where fourth time through the lineup, you think, man, how is Max going to do this again? And he just got nastier. And the slider that got Judge was just tremendous.

Here's Aaron Judge after being swept by the Mets. You know, probably the biggest takeaway we got to just stay strong. You know, 15 games doesn't determine the season. And, you know, we still got a great ballclub here. We can go the next 15 games and, you know, win 12 out of 15.

And then people are asking what's going so right, you know, so it's just to stay the course. They're a great team. That is that is just a great team. They missed Giancarlo Stanton in the series. They still have some pieces that I don't think are quite clicking the way they have been. LeMahieu hasn't been what he was. Gleyber Torres hasn't been what he was.

Aaron Hicks is not the same player. Stanton's having a great year. Yankees have really good pitching.

It was a it was a good series. I mean, I don't I think the first game this year is kind of a little a little sloppy. I think both teams are just a little bit sloppy.

That's managed to win it. Six three. I mean, most of that damage is done in the first inning. It was four to Mets after one, but now it's two really really good baseball team. By the way, did you pick up in the Scherzer quote or soundbite the ping-pong match being taken place in the back? No, there was ping-pong. Oh, you didn't hear this.

I'll play the center. Yeah. Yeah, you know, this is they're obviously one of the best teams in AL for a reason. It's fun to come to have him come to your park and you get to face him and you want to beat him.

You respect of how how good they are the threats. Yeah, her the ball hit the ball hit the ground. That's tremendous. Yes. I you got all you got to love ping-pong.

I mean, how do you measure yourself to other ping-pong player by height by height? Okay on that note Scott me Shaw Irish examiner is going to join us Adam Golden Studio with my man coach Peter Reuter with the Capitol Financial Advisory Group. We are talking retirement coach. Let's say I have more than a million dollar balance in my 401k. Congratulations.

Thank you very much. How can that actually come back and bite me? Well, because in this is a thing that we it's a mirage. We see mirages.

I've written in the desert before you see what's water ahead, but it's not there. Well, your financial Mirage is thinking that that total balance in your 401k or your IRA is yours. We have two people that want to get a hold of it to uncles Uncle North Carolina and Uncle Sam, right? Both are going to do some damage to that balance depending on what kind of other income you have. You could lose 40% of your value.

So if you're looking at a million dollar IRA, maybe it's only worth 600,000 to you. So how do we get around this? Well, you don't get around it because you end up in jail if you try to do that, but you can do tax planning to minimize the effect of taxation into the future. The tax train is coming Adam.

We need to make sure to minimize the effect of the derailment of our financial accounts and for the next 10 people will do it at no cost or obligation put together your very own tax and retirement plan. 800-661-7383 or text Adam to 21000 for coach Pete DeRuta. And tomorrow round one. That's right round one tomorrow of the latest live golf challenge series event at Trump Bedminster. Bubba Watson who announced yesterday will not be in the field. Can't wait to see what team he's going to join. Apparently he's going to be a captain. That's pretty good going in week week four of live and becoming a captain.

Really wanted Bubba Watson a lot. We might talk a little bit about that. Scott Misha Irish examiner Global Golf Post joins us on the Adam Gold show after traipsing about the United Kingdom for the better part of the last three weeks. I want to start there.

I want to start in the UK. What how hard was it harder on the British press that cam Smith won the open championship or was it harder on Rory McIlroy? You know, there was actually a pause in the media center when Rory hold out that Eagle shot on Saturday and and I looked at some of my colleagues because I was on that side of the press room and I said I missed the memo.

Are we supposed to cheer in here now? But so yeah, there were there were a lot of down faces in the media as well as Rory McIlroy who I think was more stunned than everything else that he could just couldn't make anything happen. And and you know cam just you know, blew by him like, you know, freight train cam was great.

Look, I have nothing against cam Smith. He is an amazing player. He's fun to watch because he's all over the place is a little bit unpredictable. He will do things like he did Saturday like try to baseball swing his way out of trouble which got him into more trouble, but he recovers because he is a savant with the putter and ultimately that was the difference Rory didn't hit it close enough. But really he had plenty of opportunities to make putts and they didn't go in but I am I am curious because did more of you're closer to that group of people than I am, you know, I speak to you.

I there's like five or six people in our industry in your industry that I speak to on a regular basis. So I kind of get their feelings but there's so many more people who cover the sport of golf Rory has been a very popular for a long time on his own. But then you throw in this year and how Rory has been the face of the sport and I don't even want to say the morality of the sport because I don't want to go there. But he has been the PGA tour's biggest, you know, cheering section. Has that absolutely explain how that dynamic works from from the from the press room's perspective here. Well, I think I think it's it's pretty obvious that I mean while the live golf has certainly given us something to write about and it's interesting and people like reading it. I don't think in general. Most people like the fact that it's tearing golf apart a little bit. I mean, you know, this this is the biggest disruption. The sport has ever had.

And, and I think, you know, in that regard, it's not a very popular, you know, movement, if you will. So Rory being that that dynamic personality who has stepped forward and really taking it on his own to try to save the sort of a legacy tours. And the competitive nature of it and the way golf has always been and the way that yardstick that, you know, greatness has been measured by his winning on these tours and winning major championships and things like that. You know, they're chasing Tiger Woods and Sam Snead with most tour victories.

They're not trying to chase dollar signs, right, which is what the live golf is. So, you know, I, the fact that he has has taken it upon himself to be that guy just makes him that much more popular with the media with a lot of fans as well. So, you know, we kind of thought he seemed like the Destiny's Child to win this 150th Open Championship and put his name on as a St. Andrews winner of that that that event and sort of saving golf in the process against all the live people. Yeah. And look, it's it was tough.

It was tough in my house. I will admit it. I have admitted it. Normally I am a consumer of all things postgame whether it's, you know, live from reading everything and when it was over when Rory didn't chip in on 18. I'm like, I've seen enough.

I don't I don't need anything else. I still have not watched any of the post the post final. I still haven't watched any of the post final round coverage that one hit hard for me.

I've always been a Rory fan, but this it was an important one. I thought and look, he's going to win. I think he's going to win plenty more majors. I'm not worried about him. But that was the one I think he won.

Maybe he wanted it too much. Is there something Scott Misha Irish Examiner Global Golf Post is joining us here on the Adam Gold show. Is there something the PGA Tour can learn though? Not in the formats, not in the shotgun starts, not in the three rounds, not in those silly gimmicks, but in some of the ways that they are just doing things a little bit differently elsewhere in the team competition. Is there something the PGA Tour can learn from that they can use even copy to make their tour a little bit more.

Give it something give us something else to think about. I certainly hope they do and I and I think that's one of the criticisms. Many of us have had about the tour through the years is that they've not really tried to be innovative in the kind of events that they do. And, you know, when they when they add something, it's generally just another short field event, you know, 72 holes metal play that kind of stuff and the European tour. Now the DP World Tour has been more creative trying to do things like that with the, you know, with the European sixes events and stuff like that.

And I do think there's room for some different formats there I do think that you know the team concept could be good if expanded through the whole tour, you know for a season long type thing. You know there's there's ways to do that we've tried to get them to do something different with the tour championship and and make it more compelling than just a 72 hole event that's now handicapped. You know that didn't make it more interesting.

That made it less interesting. All it did was give a guy a couple of strokes that it doesn't really deserve because he played well weeks before. I don't understand that, you know, it should be a level playing there but they could do something or they pare it down, breaking you know get down to have a head to head thing for all the money on a Monday, you know, on Labor Day. There's a lot of different things they could do and I hope that they realize they need to do more now they can't be stayed and stay the same. What's going to happen.

Four weeks from now, when the final part is hold in at Eastlake in Atlanta, and the FedEx cup season is over. Well, that's going to be I think September is going to be very hard one for the PGA Tour because I think you're going to see a lot more names and a lot more prominent names, possibly make the leap to live after they've collected their FedEx cup check. And so, so it's going to be hard. And I don't know how they keep some of these guys you know we've heard rumors about dozens. Yeah, of players, some of them may be true, some of them may have absolutely no basis in reality. But I can't imagine all of them are going to stay. So you know and you mentioned Bubba Watson he's another guy we've heard for a long time you know coke rack when he left. He was a guy we'd heard about going for a long time.

There's clearly, you know, some, some sparks where we've seen the smoke. So I think you're going to see a lot more people make the jump. And it's going to be interesting to see, you know, fortunately only 48 of them can go let's just hope it's not the top 48. Well, here is the other thing about this, and Scott Misha is joining us Irish examiner global golf post here on the Adam Mitchell show is that while there's only 48 spots. Now, according to the, what I have been able to read about how you become eligible for official world golf rankings points, those fields have to get bigger, and the tournaments, have to go to full 72 all events. Otherwise, as a tour, like you could have one event where the fields are small, and the, the, I guess the length of the tournament is smaller, but ultimately your fields have to average I think 70 players and, you know, at least to to qualify for the GR points, and you've got to play 70 total events, are they ultimately going to change the format of those events, I guess if they want to stay competitive in terms of getting their guys to play in major championships and get those world ranking points that are necessary, they might have to make those changes it sort of sort of diminishes the concept of what they've been trying to do something different.

If you just become the same thing somewhere else with guaranteed money. But, you know, you know, who knows I think it's interesting that they're talking about doing it with the women. They do that, how is that how does the LPGA survive camp because if I'm if I'm, you know, the top women's player in the world. I jump at the money, because they're not making that money on the LPGA tour, they are not making PGA Tour money, which is plenty, plenty good enough for most of these guys, and should have been.

But, you know, they could really make a splash by doing with the women. Greg Norman said they're going to start to live. A women's league and if they do that yes, all of the women will go because the money, the money it's play money to live, it's just it there's no it's not based in anything. There's no reality to it, it doesn't matter, which is which is why three years from now. What does live look like in relation to the PGA Tour. Well, I hope I hope it looks like a novelty act and that maybe they get tired of it, but I'm afraid they won't, you know, they've got all the money to play with and profit doesn't seem to be a motivator for them right at the moment so it's pretty hard to compete with.

Impossible. It's impossible to compete with. I mean, the only, the only way the PGA Tour competes is with is by using history.

I don't know if they'll be successful enough to use history to win this battle but it is going to be interesting. For people like us who like to talk about golf and not just the players but the issues. It's going to give us a lot of stuff to do, Scott Misha, I hope you enjoyed your, your vacation. While covering golf. I did. I'm at home though, you got it.

Scott Misha, the Irish examiner global golf post. We're not the live tour, which again, the third event starts tomorrow. It's not going away. It is not going away. It's June 19 2006, but it all started May 6 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina, it's a story of transition of heartbreak of figuring it out on the fly, the canes corner look at the 25th anniversary of the moon, presented by the aluminum company of North Carolina.

Listen now, find James 25th anniversary, wherever you get your podcast. The North Carolina Panthers open up the season against the Cleveland Browns. So Tuesday, with 32 days before 32 business days 32 show days. Yes, business days before we get to the start of the NFL season, we are so factoring in Labor Day, right, absolutely. Exactly. Right. We decided we were going to do a dentist that decided, which is fine.

I'm all about it pawn it on me. We decided that we were going to highlight profile, really a team, but the city that the Panthers are going up against. So it was Cleveland on Tuesday. Yep. Philadelphia yesterday randomly used picked it out of that.

And today actually a cup. And today is East Rutherford, New Jersey because the first road game is against the Giants right is so that maybe. Okay. Shows you how much we know.

I don't know the schedule at all. I'm not, I don't do that, but we'll, uh, let's, let's, let's do it. Let's profile the giants.

It is at the giant. Look at that. Look at us.

That was the reason we did it. Yeah. All right. All right.

Where do you want to start? Much like Cleveland. Gotta go rock and roll hall of fame, right? Got to do the big stuff that the city has to okay. Yeah. Rock and roll hall of fame, Philadelphia, Liberty bell, independence hall, the Rocky stairs.

I don't know. It's the actual building for something else, but it's the Rocky stairs. You got to do those things. So when you go to the museum of art in Philadelphia with the Rocky statue. Yeah.

The Rocky stairs. So when you go to East Rutherford, you got to do all the big stuff. Like what? That's it? Yeah. Okay. That's I got nothing. I mean, there are some things, but you know, in terms of like big stuff in East Rutherford, New Jersey, what look at the New York skyline.

There's nothing cultural. In East Rutherford, New Jersey. Exactly. Okay.

Now this is where full disclosure. I, I was born in Queens, New York. I grew up in Montclair, New Jersey, which is close, but not, that's not where East Rutherford is.

No, it's not. Uh, but my dad's business has been in Rutherford, New Jersey was, I mean, no longer a business. Uh, my dad is no longer. Um, so his business was in Rutherford for 40 years. Okay. I am completely familiar with that part of Bergen County, New Jersey. So what I would say is now, I don't believe they had this officially, but I do, I do know that people have taken the Jimmy Hoffa tour.

Yes. That is something I wanted to bring up. So look, there's a landfill in Carney. There's a river in Passaic. And there is, well, there was because the Meadowlands is no longer with us.

The football stadium, giant stadium. Yeah. The urban legend has it that parts of Jimmy Hoffa were in gate D. Yeah. I don't know which parts of Jimmy Hoffa, but either below the gate or in the cement pillar, that supports gate D that's what urban legend says.

So little bits and pieces of Jimmy Hoffa that they scattered for, oh, posterity reasons. So there you go. Reasons. Right. So there you go. Uh, that is something to think about. You can do your own personal Jimmy Hoffa tour.

Yes. Ask the locals, Hey, is part of Jimmy Hoffa here? And then we'll go, no, it's there. It's over there. They'll tell you exactly where it is.

So they'll point that out to you, but also why you're there and make sure you not only just live the American dream, but go to American dream, the indoor amusement park. Dude, this was being built when I moved away. Now it started out and I believe it might even be where the old Meadowlands was.

I'm not sure I, they were starting to build this when, while the Meadowlands was still there while giant stadium was still there. Um, it started the first thing they had there was an indoor downhill skiing center process that yeah. Indoor downhill skiing. I mean, they have indoor or was it like basically like skydiving?

They, they have, it is an incredible American dream is an incredible complex. So they have skiing, they have, uh, a giant water park. They have an amusement park. They have two different, uh, miniature golf, putt putt golf courses. One is black lit, which is really cool.

The other is just goofy. Uh, they've got ice skating. It is massive. They've got restaurants. So you could spend an entire week at this American dream. If you wanted to spend an entire week in East Rutherford, I would not suggest that I wouldn't suggest it, but the, the amusement park American dream is massive.

But while you're there, if you are spending a week, go grab some food from either uncle Tony's deli, or as you mentioned to me, candle wick diner. Let me just say this about New Jersey, New Jersey gets a bad rap for a lot of things. The one thing New Jersey leads earth in earth, other than bad smells. And I get it. I'm from there.

You can't make the joke before I can. There is no place with better diners, no place on earth with better diners than the state of New Jersey. The candle wick diner in East Rutherford, a must, a must. Where else can you go at 11 o'clock at night and get a three egg Spanish omelet or chicken Parmesan. There you go. You can get that. And by the way, look in the, in the, like the, uh, the dessert case and there's like 15 different giant pies and cakes.

It is, it is the most amazing thing. They're open 20 day. At least they were when I was getting open 24 hours, man. The candle wick diner is special. If you, uh, if you got lost and you were in Paramus along route four, the forum diner is special. Okay. Very good.

Very good. New Jersey, by the way, also known for pasties. Uh, and we don't have to get into what those are. Some people will know. Some people will know what I just said. I'm not one of those people went, okay, I'm going to leave it at that.

I'm gonna leave it at that. Well, you mentioned sweet treats from candle wick. Oh, you want some, you want some good donuts.

So make sure you're in Cleveland. You got stopped by Jack Frost donuts in Philly. I'd go by friend jellies, friend jellies bakery. Very to go to top that donuts in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Cause if you don't go there, you got to go to a Duncan. I think the, why would you ever look Duncan donuts in Jersey? That's where we went like that. We used to get coffee at seven 11. Oh yeah.

So, um, top that donuts is good. It's uh, it's actually, that's the second in a chain, not a chain. They opened up a second. I think, uh, w there was one at the ocean, right? East Rutherford, not at the shore. Yeah. At the shore.

Right. Uh, not being a Jersey shore person. I miss, uh, I miss identified it, but yes, the, uh, top that donuts is very good personally. I think Duncan donuts is great. So I would have gone there, but, um, uncle Tony's deli, very good old school deli on Patterson Avenue in East Rutherford candle wick diner. Just go there, go there for every meal, every meal.

Not gonna lie. The chicken parm sounds delicious right now. You cannot go wrong at a, at a good diner and candle wick is the best diner. I love just a good diner.

I, when I, I, the short brief year brief, brief year, it was a year that I lived in Wisconsin. There was a diner. There was a cash only spot right there on Marina.

Cause I live right on Lake Michigan. Loved it. Cash only openings from 6 AM to 2 PM. They said breakfast and lunch homemade bread every day. Homemade bread's important every day.

Very love that very important. See, that's what, that's what gets you in like the New York, uh, New Jersey. You go up to Boston, the bread's just different. It is different. I don't know if it's water. I don't know if it's air. I don't know. It's not know how there's smart people here. Yeah.

Just different. You haven't had my focaccia yet. It's all I can say. I have not had your focaccia.

No, but I'm interested now. I got to, I got to make some and bring some in. There you go. We should taste it on air.

I'm dead serious. I'll put some peppers and onions. There's a segment right there.

We're going to taste Dennis's focaccia. All right. Let's do, let's do a rewind. I had probably a little bit too much fun in that segment. I know you did.

I had just a little bit. Oh, by the way, we were doing the Colts tomorrow. Oh yeah.

We're doing Indianapolis and I'm actually going to go ahead and draw for Monday. And my cup is Dunkin Donuts coffee cup that's fresh and clean. Yeah, but here's the thing. This is what it's good for is this.

That's all it's good for is holding these. Well, you don't like coffee. Dunkin Donuts coffee is very good. Ah, Monday. The Bucks. Tampa. Oh, I know where we're going. I know where we're going on Monday. This is the Adam Gold show. June 19th, 2006, but it all started May 6th, 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina. It's a story of transition, of heartbreak, of figuring it out on the fly. The Canes Corner look at the 25th anniversary of the move presented by the aluminum company of North Carolina. Listen now find Canes 25th anniversary wherever you get your podcast.
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