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What could the Hurricanes do before training camp starts?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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August 5, 2022 2:55 pm

What could the Hurricanes do before training camp starts?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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August 5, 2022 2:55 pm

Luke DeCock of the News & Observer joined the show to talk ACC football, including how NC State football and UNC football could face each other in the ACC championship. He also talks about the Carolina Hurricanes and what Martin Necas' role could be this season.

Also, Hayes Permar talks the Wyndham Championship, and gives more takes on North Carolina Beach Culture.

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This is the best of the Adam Gold Show Podcast brought to you by Coach Pete at Capital Financial Advisory Group.

Visit us at This is the Adam Gold Show. I'm going to need Dennis Cox to take over for the rest of the time while I try to find a live stream of Blake McShea.

I need a camera just on Blake McShea. Qualifier on Monday for the Wyndham playing out of the Zebulon Country Club. That's my course.

The Garner's kind of in my course. It's funny, the Zebulon Country Club, I've played there for years because I do PA for the Carolina Mudcats and it's out there on 264. Or whatever they're trying to call it now. Still 264. We still have the 885, no we have the 885. The other thing about changing the names, yes, the other thing about changing the names of freeways and highways, exit numbers change and we seem to be doing a lot of them at once. Maybe I can handle one highway name change every 10 years. But they're trying to take the Durham Freeway from 147 into what are they trying to call it? It's 885 now. Part of it's 885 but then it goes into 147 and it redid all the exit numbers. So to get off where the Durham Bulls play it was exit 12, 13, 12C's. Now it's exit 3's. 3A, B and C now. No I don't need that. And then 264 is what now? Somebody want to help me with this one?

I like purposely not learning them. It might be 87. It's like an 87. Yeah dude, get out of here with all that.

I don't even remember what I was talking about. Oh, because when you go out 264, the same exit for the Zebulun Country Club is the, well not quite the exit for the Mudcats, but very close to each other. I used to be a perfect wheelchair but I could go out there, play as many holes as I could at the Zebulun Country Club before I got to hop over and do the Carolina Mudcats. And the Zebulun Country Club is the type of place, obviously the price is a little bit lower, so good value. For a while they were probably cash only. I'm not sure how long they've taken credit cards. My garden country club is still cash only baby.

Is it breakfast only? They got an ATM for you. So you go out there and just assume you could show up whenever you wanted and play. And if it was crowded the first team, I got to go off number 10. And if you started and you played number one and two, and then it looked a little crowded, you might skip three and four and five and go play six and set like you know, you could just machete style the course you do whatever you want. Then like not too long ago, I guess there's more people apparently moving to Eastern Wake County and golf has been under a surge in the pandemic.

It was like one of the few things that never shut down, right? So a lot of people playing golf start going out to Zebulun Country Club, I'd show up, they'd be like, hey, you guys got a tee time? And they're like, no, we don't have a tee time, it's the Zebulun Country Club. And they're like, oh, sorry, man, we're full.

Like what? Then there was another time they were, so again, the court, they keep the Zebulun Country Club in like relatively good shape, especially for as cheap as it is. But every now and then they'd be out there, there'd be some guy dragging the green, like putting sand on it, like the things that they do in professional courses.

And we're sitting there waiting for this guy to drag the green, like what the heck is going on? This is not the Zebulun Country Club we know, where you can just show up. There may be a sign that says don't bring your own beers, but nobody's really checking.

And there's no reason to bring your own beers to Zebulun Country Club because they're cheaper at the golf course than they are at the store. And amazingly, it's one of those courses where if you get two beers, it's like, oh, that'll be $8. And you're like, okay, but if you go ahead and move it up to six beers, it'll be $6. And you're like, wait, what? What?

Wait, what? Well, I guess I better get six. Like, all right, that'll be $6, you know?

Like, I guess. I guess I should just drink six then. I get three times the amount of beers for two less dollars. For three quarters of the price, yes. That's how it works at the Zebulun Country Club.

But no, no, I bet if I go there now, they're probably charging like three or four dollars a beer and the prices go up with more beers you get, unbelievably. So all of this, which is to say, the Zebulun Country Club is a phenomenal, great place and I love it. But it is, it's getting a little bougie. It's taking, it's putting on the airs of an actual golf course, making me make tee times, sanding the greens, aerating, all these things and like having a professional courses. I'm like, I don't need all that. I don't need tee. I don't need grass in my tee boxes. I'm putting it on a tee anyway.

Don't waste your time with that maintenance, right? Anyway, but to see my man, got to remind his name, Blake McShea, Blake McShea surging into the top 10 of the Wyndham, five under on today, six under overall. That's who we're keeping track of at the Wyndham Championship now. He's the best name on the leaderboard.

Oh, every time there's an update, I'm like, what? So try to think six beers, $6. That's right.

Yes, that's right. Blake McShea still six under through 14. Let's see if we can get, let's see if we can get to eight under Blake. All right. Do I need to take this over so you can make it happen?

I'll find a stream of him. All right. It is time. We against our better judgment, turn things over to you and let the listeners choose what the segment is going to be.

What are we doing today? All right. So the poll out there was an option between the Wyndham Championship, which clearly you've spent half the second talking about already. Sorry. That was the least voted on one, of course.

Sorry fans. And then below that, or just above that, I should say the Premier League coming in second place was ACC football because practice getting started this week, but number one, NC beach week. You know, we should have put on there.

We didn't is the Ocho ESPN, the Ocho, which apparently is going down today, even though it's not August 8th. The pro breakdancing is going on. That's why I brought that up because now they're breakdancing.

I will say as much as I don't think I would ever watch breakdances as a competitive sport. It is kind of cool to watch how they stare at each other as they do it. It'd be like if Simone Biles is on the balance beam and her opponent was like, just sitting there, chilling at the end of the balance beam balancing, but watching her be like, oh, you're going to do a flip. We'll see you do a flip.

Yeah. And then watch this flip. Like if you'd land that flip, like, let's see you do it. It'd be a balance beam standoff.

That's kind of what it looks like here. Yesterday we talked about some beach etiquette. Basically the number one rule, do not set up directly in front of someone else.

You don't own the beach in front of you. People can swim in front of you. People could run in front of you. Kids can play in front of you. People could walk.

People could even sit in a chair or sunbathe in front of you, but just as far as an entire setup, cannot place one in front of the other. But today I wanted to share an observation I had when I was leaving my North Carolina beach week with my wife's family last week. Shout out to my wife's family. They do a great job.

I'm well fed, relaxed, get to hang out with a great family. Wonderful kids my brother-in-law has. They're very cool. Great family.

Just a good mix of people. My other brother-in-law is a big gamer. I don't get to play that many games anymore.

I don't have a system, but he always has like the latest thing. We play FIFA and it's awesome, right? So, get to kicking with them. Great time. A lot of fun. But one of my favorite observations, if I ever write a book about the sociological experience that is the North Carolina beach week, there will be a chapter devoted to the first 30 minutes of your arrival at the beach. Because I mentioned this, like we were Sunday to Sunday, but some people are Saturday to Saturday. So on our Saturday, which is like our last day there, you're watching people arrive for the first time and you're in like sad mode. You're trying not to shut the party down because you don't leave until the next day. But like the inflatables in the pool, you're like deflating them and like you might be cleaning a little bit or packing or doing some laundry. Meanwhile, the people that are arriving are like all the energy, all the emotion.

And it's cool to observe like the different styles of people. Like for example, you've got the Boy Scout family, like they roll up, whatever time the beach house became available, 3 o'clock, they're there at 2.55 with the key. They're like ready to go. The whole family takes part in unpacking the car. It's like a assembly line. Everything comes out in totes. It's like neatly packed. They look a little bit like the Derek's family from Step Brothers.

They were probably singing in harmony in the car there. And you're like, these people are going to be on the beach at 8 a.m. pristine setup. The two little kids are probably going to have matching bathing suits. On Thursday, there will be a family picture at a certain time and everyone's outfit will be worn.

White shirt, khakis. 100%. That outfit's not going to be touched until then. There's an itinerary.

Like somewhere Dad has a file of what's happening every day. I bet they have an iron and an ironing cord for those outfits. Or they've made sure that the rental house comes with one.

I'm not knocking them. You just see them coming in and they're super pumped. The kids are trying to run to the beach and Dad's like, not until we unpack this car young man. Then, sometimes you get this. We had this the other day. About three houses down from us.

We're on the sound side so you can be out on the pier and get a view of a few houses, not just the ones next to you. The books roll up. They don't unpack anything. But they are hyped. You hear their car going.

They are hyped. The only thing that comes out of the car is a cooler and a speaker. And again, they are three houses down but it is loud. Swear. Promise you I'm not lying on this. Not seven minutes in to being at the house and my man is teeing up golf balls and driving them into the sound. This is vacation. We are on hands.

Let's go. Drinks were mixed. It was like the blender, the cooler and the speaker came out. Not even the golf clubs. Just a driver and a couple balls.

Not no target. We're just hitting balls out into the ocean to explain our excitement for being on the whole week in front of us. And here we are just slamming golf balls. It is a great moment of human. It's like being at the airport. Some people are coming back from their trips and they're depressed. Some people are departing and you're seeing it all play out in front of you. Watching Beach Week Arrival.

One of my favorite things of Beach Week. Adam Golden Studio with my friend Coach Pete DeRuta with the Capital Financial Advisory Group. We are talking retirement. Coach, how does longevity risk figure into our retirement and income plan?

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A thousand dollar value? We're going to do it at no cost or obligation. And all you have to do is call. We make it so easy.

Would you like financial independence into your retirement? And beyond it, 800-661-7383. That golden ticket is a one thousand dollar value. Or you could text Adam to 21000 for Coach Pete DeRuta. One of the funkiest guys I know is a columnist for the News & Observer. He writes about all things sports, specifically when they intersect with the state of North Carolina. We'll talk to him about, oh, I don't know, anything that might come up North Carolina related. Even get his beach takes because I just gave some of mine. And every, as he knows, every good North Carolinian likes to spend some time down at the beach. It is our good friend Luke DeCock for the News & Observer. What's going on, man? What's going on, Hayes? As you and I texted last week, I think every North Carolina public school student should be taught critical beach theory at a young age.

100%. We should know these things. These rules matter. They matter, Hayes. I feel like most people are taught these things.

I don't know if it's in the curriculum specifically, but somehow most people seem to know these things. They learn from somewhere. Do you have any beach observations that could make life more pleasant for us if we observed it? Or just general old man takes about the beach?

Yeah, more yelling at clouds, I think. You and I are on the same page, I think, with most of your basic, you know, observing people's face and frontage and whatnot. Yeah, I think probably if I were going to come up with some of the old man stuff, I think the number one thing would be like, look, if you're out there surf fishing in the morning before anyone gets out there, that's fine. People should operate around you. But it does bug me when people roll up with a cart full of fishing rods and set up in front of everybody and start throwing lures in the water where like kids are swimming and whatnot like it.

To me, that's a first come first serve situation. But so I get like, I'm not a fisherman, so maybe I'm not qualified to speak on this. And I think most people observe that. But I do feel like there are some people who feel like the right to fish subsumes the right to play in the surf. Sometimes that does bug me. And look, I get people are going to smoke on the beach. That's fine.

You're outside. We all got plenty of space. But pick up your butts. I mean, there's nothing worse than trying to plop your chair down and find a pile of someone's, you know, half smoked camels lying in the sand. I assume those are the same people who don't pick up after their dogs. So we're wasting our time with them anyway. Yes.

I mean, I think I don't know if those are old man takes or whatever, but I'd say those are things I believe very strongly. Cigarette butts do always seem to fit in the smokers. I shouldn't put everybody in the same category. But like, yes, it is trash. That is a piece of trash, even if it is a very small one, still a piece of trash.

Wait till it's not burning anymore and then find a trash can for it. All right, we're going to just do hodgepodge North Carolina sports questions for you on things that you may or may not have written about. But I saw yesterday some news that I think you responded to the one of the last pieces out there for the Carolina Hurricanes is Marty Neches and what's going to happen with him and the word was possibly a bridge deal. Is that what you expect to happen with Marty Neches? And is that what the hurricane should be doing?

Yeah, on both counts. Yeah, no, I think after Max Lajoie's arbitration hearing, that opens a buyout window for Jake Gardner. I don't believe there are any sort of long term injured reserve issues with that. Buying out Gardner frees up about $3 million in salary cap space this year. And that's money they could turn around and sign Nate Neches. I would expect somewhere in the two seven five range.

It could be anywhere from two five to three and change. But it's not going to be a extravagant deal, quite frankly, because he didn't play well enough. He gambled on himself this year in a contract year rather than signing a long term deal last summer, which the hurricanes would have done. And he lost.

So when you lose, there are consequences. And so now he's going into what's almost certain to be a two year bridge deal that again will be a gamble on himself. And if he doesn't play better over the next two years, then it's all moot because he won't be here anyway. But look, we get on Marty Neches in part because he has so much talent and you can see it. And he's so fast and he's so good with the puck. But his comments after the season about wanting to play center and, you know, he was kind of critical of Rod Brind'Amour when Rod Brind'Amour gave him chances on special teams deep into the playoffs to the end long after any other coach would have would have abandoned Neches who was who was just so ineffective in the playoffs.

So there's the lights got to come on with him to a certain degree. He's going to get the chance to play center in preseason. He'll probably play more preseason games than anyone else and he'll get the chance to start down the middle and prove himself and he's got to do a better job proving himself than he did this season, or he's going to end up on the right wing and probably on the right wing of a of a reasonably skilled fourth line with Jack Drury and somebody, but it won't be the playing time that he wants. It's certainly not going to help him get a bigger contract. So this was a big season for Marty Neches next season and the season after that even bigger in their own way. The kids got talent and I think he works hard like there's no questions about his work ethic or any of that.

It just it hasn't clicked. He's been given every opportunity. He's going to get an opportunity to go back to center this year, even though he's he's sort of has been mired on the wing through his own and effectiveness and and we'll see what happens. I mean the Hurricanes. He's a top 15 traffic the Hurricanes need him to be an impact player.

So there's a win win here for everybody. If he can pull it off and bottom line on the hurricane. If let's say they do that deal bridge deal is their roster as currently constructed an improvement on what the roster was to end the season last year.

Yeah, I think so. I mean in part because in two key areas where they were weak, they've gotten stronger. I mean everyone looks at Tony DeAngelo's point totals, but you saw the power play fizzle down the stretch and in the playoffs, you know, DeAngelo put up big numbers playing with Jacob Slavin. A lot of guys are going to put up big numbers because they have the freedom to gamble because Slavin so good defensively and covers for them. Brent Burns is a people say well Brent Burns, you know, Tony DeAngelo look at their points and mobile you're getting a completely different class of player even at his age. He's he's in great shape. He stayed healthy.

Brent Burns is a completely different class of player than Tony DeAngelo and look Tony DeAngelo for a million bucks. Great. It worked. He kept his nose clean.

Everything went fine. There were no major disasters fizzled a little bit the end but whatever but if you can spend that $5 million on Brent Burns with the Sharks paying a big chunk of his salary, you got better and Brent Burns playing with Jacob Slavin is going to look like something else because he's it's been a long time since he's had a partner. That good that competent who can bail them out and back them up and we Brent Burns has the potential to have as good a year as any 37 year old defenseman is going to have.

And then I you know max patchy already what did we talk about for two months during the playoffs. The hurricanes needed someone could finish all these chances they generate they do a great job of generating chances. They need finishers and obviously internally you'd like to see Marty natures to bring him up against score, but such the cop didn't score and I who didn't score and Tara Vina didn't score at the levels you they needed to for the hurricanes to advance patchy already is a finisher. Now the question is, can you stay healthy because he's had injury issues, but he's again a completely different class of player than you know near writer who was a nice guy who also failed to score in the postseason patchy already when healthy is elite and goal scoring, and he is going to find the puck on his stick in dangerous places a lot because that's the way the hurricanes play so he has the potential to have a huge year, and you get him literally for nothing for nothing.

So, so you know and they have the cap space to fit in it. Now, the question you lose Vincent trocheck you are weaker down the middle, but you invested a lot of money and a lot of assets and you spared cookie me. This is KK is time to shine, and you've got jack jury coming up he's going to be an upgrade on Stephen Lauren so if you're the hurricanes you're hoping that the combination of cookie me and jury is better than the combination of trocheck and Lawrence I think that's an open question, but I see the logic there and you, they were kind of pop committed to that, based on the cookie and the offer sheet and deal, and now it's time like Marty Nick just for him to live up to it I mean he was the number three pick in the draft for a reason.

There were scouts at the time, who liked him better than special because you could play center and so he's a more useful player and in some ways obviously that's not the way it's panned out and and the hurricanes clearly made the right decision but now they've got both those guys and it's time for cookie any step up so yes, to answer your initial question, definitely better still some questions I think they still need a depth left defenseman but those guys are a dime a dozen, but they're they're in a position now to knock over the last couple dominoes being decent salary cap space have about one eight, which could turn into about 4 million at the deadline if they need to add another part. I heard you say the canes are better that's what I want to hear shifting gears ACC football, I think I've got this right last year let's leave Duke out of it for a for a second they're transitioning coaches but the other three ACC schools in the state wake NC State and UNC have expectations anywhere from like really high to at least the bowl game last year they combined for, I think I have this right 26 wins between the three teams, maybe it depends on how NC State counts their both their bowl experience I don't know what we do with that, but that's close to averaging nine wins for per school, we have over or under combined wins 26 and a half let's say 26 and a half for state UNC and wake this coming season. I'm going to go over in part because I'm on the record. I put this in print.

This is not just me talking on radio shows. I think there's a very good chance state and Carolina played back to back weeks. I was gonna get specific on this but yes all right, yes all right well we'll circle back to that but yeah so I think you know when I picked wait to finish fourth and immediately regretted it the moment that the balance came out but it does put me in the position of feeling very good about wake over over performing my expectations for them. Yet again, I know I think states state season will be a disappointment if they don't win 10 games in the regular season. I think Caroline has got a really good chance to win eight or nine I think wakes got a really good chance to win eight or nine so I think that number that you're on is, is right about the spot. And when you throw in bowl games and the potential ACC championship win for somebody, I think, I think you get to the over so it's an ambitious number, but I think you do get to the over now, you know, I don't know that Duke's going to contribute a lot if you want to throw them in there.

I think that's going to be a difficult season but I think I think those are the three of the big four can get to that number I think I think that's a realistic thing to expect. Did you say you had wake fourth in the Atlantic. Yeah, I had them after Florida State kind of on the thinking that Florida State was going to get it together this year and then I you know I immediately had a, what were you thinking moment the moment the ballots came out, why would I ever pick wake for it so in my defense, you know wake returns I think, according to Phil steel which I'm going to take as the official number class and they've lost disputed this with me and Charlotte Phil Phil steel has 16 starters returning. That's a lot for any other team that's not a lot by wake standards wake up, you know wake wake wake traditionally benefits from recruiting and growing I mean, developing players that's they figured it out. I mean Dave Lawson has figured it out the same way Jim grove did once that, you know, you can find for ACC players who other people don't think are ACC players and turn them into ACC players.

And they've got a quarterback coming back they've got receivers coming back. You know, there's, there's a lot of strengths strengths on wakes roster. But it's not the sort of the same sort of returning experience group is we're accustomed to it way so if they do take a step back, that'll be why and maybe that opens up the door for Florida State to sneak into third, but I don't think there's as good as wake has been as competitive as they've been at the top of the Atlantic division it just feels to me like this is going to come down to state and Clemson and and and wake is just going to have a hard time getting into that group this year in part States, I think is going to be really good and Clemson I think is going to bounce back and that just makes it tougher for wake and Florida State to a certain extent.

I don't know why, why would I pick my. It's like the people who pick Miami coastal every year like 5% of the time it works, every time. Wake is just so it's so hard to go in and picking them number one because like you said, you know their system is, we'd rather have this three star dude as a 22 year old going against your 18 year old four or five star dude. You know, but it just still it. I always give them credit for when they do it, when they get it done when they win 10 games when they go to an ACC title game whatever it is like they keep proving people wrong but it's still it's hard to sit down there to say, you know what, yeah, I think wakes going to be better than Clemson Florida State and NC State this season.

It's hard to do. I think it's harder this year than it should have been for some people in other years because I really do feel like state does have that that a very sort of team of destiny or around it but I think if you go back to last year. That was an error, not that more people didn't take wake seriously.

I maybe maybe I'm going to be saying this haze will talk next August 5 and have the same conversation. I just feel like this is a year where it's not so much that wake is falling back at all. It's that Clemson will be back up and state, I think is up up.

And that just makes it hard. They'll finish ahead of Florida State I could, I'll, I'll hedge that bet right now. All right, the PGA is in North Carolina there at the Wyndham but the more important question for you. Have you ever played the Zebulun Country Club Luke DeCock? I have not, you know, I will say I was a frequent visitor to Chevy at Hills. Yes, great. So of course my grandfather two holes in one there. That's amazing.

I, you know, and then barking at you from the pro shop to pick up the pace. I frankly, we need a lot more. Yeah, no, I have not played Zebulun I've not played Garner courses. Yeah, no, I'm just kind of a west side of the triangle guy now. Hey, that's fair.

That's fair. It's, you know, it's more more out there. And I love those kinds of courses and in fact when I'm down at the beach. One of my favorite places to play is the lakes and Boiling Springs lakes for 37 bucks. And, you know, in differently mode and frequently empty in the afternoons and you can go bang it around and yes it was a ball or two but yeah no I love it and I love the fact that someone who grew up on one of those courses is out there competing on a course like Sedge field.

It's obviously two different worlds but it really does have that sort of 10 cup feel to it. Yeah, it was it said that's that was the sort of intro to my question is, I believe I saw your column where the story partly because the PGA tour is front loaded now with majors, there's not the part of the reason we still have to talk about the live tour obviously it's the first year and it's all going on right now but like the PGA doesn't give us a whole lot to talk about on the back half of their schedule right. So that's why we're talking about the live more, but you mentioned specifically how the, the Wyndham championship is maybe less affected by the live tour because it does feel kind of like a local event, and one that the PGA tour is kept in Greensboro. It's obviously it's got to make money to keep it spot on the tour but it does seem to be nostalgia for an event that started in the 1930s and, and the guys that they get the Davis loves the web Simpsons that continue to come back seem to give a kind of a local feel Yeah, I mean I think it's in a, it's in an awkward position on the schedule I think it's better this year, without the, you know, if the live tour didn't exist. When it would have been in a better position this year because they got rid of the world match play that used to happen right before so there's, there was kind of an awkward bit on the schedule with with Detroit Minneapolis and this world match play event and then you know the the Wyndham and then the FedEx cup playoffs so I mean the yeah the pitch from the Wyndham is you know if you're going to play one of the three tournaments before the FedEx cup. Detroit Minneapolis are here why not come play here on this, this, this cool Donald Ross course.

The problem is the one week most guys want to take off before the playoffs start is the week before the playoffs. So what you get is a combination of guys who like playing here because it's home and that's web who's made more money than anyone else, including, you know, Sam's need you want it. I'm team times in the history of the value web Simpson has legitimately made more money in Greensboro outside field, then some players making their entire careers and he's made three I think 3.7 million in the window alone, which will put food on the table, and you know the chess and Hadley's Davis loves Harold Varner, the you know the guys who left for the live tour I think with the exception of Sergio Garcia and Patrick Reed, we're not guys who played the Wyndham anyway, you know, when Kafka came here once or twice DJ wasn't coming here, you know, as I wrote Phil Mickelson would rather full pocket kings then come to Greensboro. So, you know, those guys weren't coming anyway, Sergio obviously past champion kids come a couple times Sam Reed past champion would come occasionally so those guys heard a little bit and certainly they were marketable but but the tournaments always going to be built around two groups one is, is the Simpsons Davis love Harold Varner chess and Hadley guys like that guys who grew up around your JT post and past champion, Western Carolina, guys like that who want to come and play here because it's fun in the tone, and they do a really good job and what the guy tied for the lead right now. Young Kim is a great example of playing on a sponsor's exemption he's got special temporary membership doesn't have full membership he needs sponsors exemptions to play, get as many as he wants but he needs to get them. So they gave him a sponsor's exemption, and you know in years past they've given other guys like that sponsors exemptions, you know wills out Taurus has played twice on the sponsor's exemption once just out of Wake Forest and then once last year when he was in that position where he could get unlimited exemptions but he didn't have a tour card. So, so guys like that, who come up and play Trent Phillips is another one who was a star at Georgia.

He's making his first pro start on the sponsors exemption. You know, Chris got her up, who was the NCAA golfer of the year at Oklahoma State, he's playing on a sponsor's exemption so they've done a really good job of finding guys like that. They all played at the Wyndham before we knew any of these guys were now, some of them come back. And some of them don't, you know, like, you know, Matsuyama has come back. Chris Smith came back a couple times probably won't now, Raman Murakawa never came back but the goal is to get those guys in, you could sell them as young stars, which, you know, in the case of JooYoung Kim he's out there, tied for the lead, and then hope they come back in the future. JooYoung Kim is going to be a star in the PGA Tour I mean he's, he's legit people don't know who he is but he's, I think he's missed three cuts and 15 events that's insane for a young kid getting his start so you know when Zalatoris played, I want to say Detroit the week before the Wyndham, not many guys play Detroit and Greensboro but Zalatoris did because he felt obligated Cameron Young, another Wake Forest guy did not so you know there's maybe some hurt feelings there but it's it's it's a delicate dance because guys don't necessarily want to play the week before the playoffs starts, unless they need you know points to get in and you occasionally get some people like that. So it's usually still a pretty good field composed of either players that people around here care about, or players that you don't know yet, but may care about someday.

Well everyone in Zebulun will be around their TVs watching Blake McShea trying to finish, he's still in the top 10 now we'll see where he finishes up the day. What a story. Luke DeCock for the News & Observer, you can check him out, follow him at LukeDeCock on Twitter and check out his columns, North Carolina sports writer of the year, are you raining? I forget. No it's been a couple years.

Multiple time winner though, and his columns are always award winning. We appreciate the time dude, we will talk to you soon. You got it, thanks Haze. We are halfway through the show, it's time to get some entertainment, it's halftime. A lot of things to get to, you're going to jump on it fast. I know. Luke and I like to kick it. I know, almost 7 minutes on the clock. Hey man we were just catching up on North Carolina sports, a lot of things, we had the PGA Tour in town, I don't know if you knew but football is back. I heard. Come on. I heard.

A lot to talk about. I heard. Blake McShea's killing it, straight out of Zebulun.

Yeah straight out of Zebulun. Eastern Wake stand up. Alright what's up, halftime?

Let's get it rolling. Alright so are you an HBO Max subscriber? Do you have an HBO Max or do you have a password I guess? I think I am, no no I am a subscriber, yes. Ok.

I am. Well HBO, Warner Brothers and Discovery had their merger not too long ago. I saw this. Well HBO Max and Discovery Plus are actually going to combine their services into one. Why?

Starting in the summer of 2023. Well they're the same company so why not just give it all on one platform Haze? Because HBO Max makes sense, it's like everything HBO is right there. Yeah. I don't need Discovery mixed in with it. Why not? Because you know what I mean? You know what it's going to mean? It's going to make me pay more. Probably. They're going to charge you $2 more and they'll be like oh but you get all the Discovery shows now.

Ok. I don't need the Discovery shows. And for some people that works Haze.

Maybe not for you and me but for some people it does. If I minded, if I curated my streaming services better it really would be economical. Like if you were like look there's two shows on Netflix I want to watch, there's one show on Hulu and there's two over HBO and you just say for a month I'm only renting Netflix and not these other ones and then you just crush your show then turn it off and then turn on your other one. Like that's the way to do it and that is absolutely not the way that I do it. I waste money and pay them all, all the time and watch like three shows spread out over like three of the six streaming platforms that I pay for. But I never want to be caught with my pants down.

I don't want to be like oh my god this is the greatest thing ever and be like oh hey I'm the at service. So I'm the sucker that they love and I'm paying the bills for cable right now. Yeah, you and I both. Wow, wow, okay. So Warner Brothers and Discovery also has teased a ten year plan for DC Films. They confirmed as well that The Flash will be released along with Black Adam and Shazam 2. Now the reason why The Flash, the fact that they announced The Flash is going to be released comes off the heels of two things. One, Ezra Miller who plays The Flash has had some legal troubles recently so got a lot of bad PR, bad press I guess you can say like hey here's this guy who's our lead for this show who's also having all these legal issues going on. So there's speculation that they might either delay or even just not release the film. Plus the fact that Warner Brothers Discovery decided to during post production just scrap Batgirl all of a sudden out of nowhere even though they had already filmed everything.

We're in the editing process all the post production but no we're going to spend 90 million dollars on this film and not even release it. Sorry peace Batgirl. I got to say when I was first reading this I had the font too small and I thought Ezra Miller played The Flesh. And I was like I've never heard of The Flesh the superhero but this could get excited but maybe The Flesh had something to do with the legal troubles of which Ezra Miller is I don't know. I honestly don't know. I don't know. Anyway.

Also you might be interested in this. The Joker 2 which is Joaquin Phoenix is going to release October 4, 2024. Lady Gaga officially now announced as playing Harley Quinn in the movie and it's going to be a musical style. I know you love musicals. I'm skeptical. I do like musicals.

You love musicals. But I'm skeptical. I think you're all in on it. Like. I think you're 100 percent in.

I don't know. You're in on this Hayes. Like. You want this. I don't know if I do. You like this. I don't know if I'm ready for.

You need this. I'm not. I don't know if I'm ready for a crossover between Broadway and Warner Brothers or whatever. No I don't. I don't want this. I don't want a Joker 2 musical. I don't want it. You're getting it Hayes.

I don't like it. New Ninja Turtles movie is coming out next year. In one year.

August 4th 2023. And it has a title. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mutant Mayhem. Seth Rogen is producing the film by the way. Is Vanilla Ice doing the soundtrack? I hope he is. Is it going to be a musical Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

I hope so. Vanilla Ice. MC Hammer. Maybe.

I was trying to think. Maybe Olivia Rodrigo can play April O'Neil. And then we can just have him sing. I'm for it. I don't like the musical superhero thing. It's going to work as well as the Spiderman Broadway show did.

That's what's going to happen. I'm telling you. There is that I guess you could say. Do you know the original Ninja Turtles movie? The one that came out in 1990? Parts of that were filmed in North Carolina. Yeah Wilmington right?

I think that was one of the movies that helped really raise Wilmington's profile as a movie spot. I'm going to be honest with you. I don't think there's been a good Ninja Turtles movie made. You take that back.

Right now. The original one in 1990 was a very good movie. No. Get out of here. Turtles is kind of weird because there's no way to.

I don't know. They always look bad. The original in 1990 was good. They look the best animated. You got to animate the turtles. Turtles just don't translate to live action. No you can't do it. No the original one in 1990 was a very good movie.

No it wasn't. I hate to tell this to you. Next up at halftime entertainment as we cut off Hayes Permore's mic once again.

Peyton Manning's Omaha Productions partnering with the Pat McAfee show to do a simulcast of six larger more high profile college football games this fall on ESPN2. You trying to find that you're trying to turn your mic on Hayes Permore? Yeah I don't know what the buttons do over here. Okay go ahead and just pull your mic down even though you're trying to talk right now. Yeah exactly.

Let me in. Yeah yeah you're back out. So anyway so a second screen experience much like the Manning cast did with Monday Night Football. They're going to be doing that this fall.

Six games Pat McAfee and the Pat McAfee show crew are going to be doing college football games on ESPN2. This was highly predictable right? Like with the success of what they did on Monday Night Football I wasn't personally it wasn't my favorite thing as far as like watching it while watching the game. I enjoyed watching the best moments that came out of those things.

They clearly did a good job with it. Actually shout out our good friend Brett Thompson. You know Brett Live on Twitter. He works for ESPN.

He went to UNC and used to live in the area and that was like one of the productions he worked on was the ESPN the Omaha productions whatever. So yeah I mean you saw this coming and it's almost like you can it's going to be the big SEC game. They probably won't do it. I mean I'm sure they'll do Alabama or whatever but like this is just the extension of what watching a game with Twitter open was right. You know like when you get that clubhouse feel where everybody's making the same jokes like oh my God did you see that person in the stands and was crying and then we're all like jumping on it. Now they do their interviews and stuff during. I feel like Monday Night Football you can do that because you don't know it's Monday Night Football is not necessarily a big game right. But if you're doing an Alabama Mississippi State or Alabama Texas A&M game you're not going to be able to just do an interview through big parts of the game. I mean again I get that people are watching the second screen they know what they're getting. But like I feel like Monday Night Football is more of a the game doesn't really matter it's background to us anyway because it's just Monday night right. It's just a regular season game whereas college football especially a big time SEC matchup likes to try and have the feel of well the loser this game is going to be out of the playoffs. You know I mean it's just gonna be harder to do the interviews during it or whatever. But like I said least predictable thing it was very successful for Monday Night Football.

She knew you were going to see more extensions of it. I'm looking forward to it. Those guys are fun and they love football and they're really good at what they do. Eli's overrated. Eli yeah I'm talking about Pat McAfee and those guys. Pat McAfee is very funny. Yeah those guys are those guys are great.

Eli's not overrated he's just not as funny as people make him out to be like oh that was a funny line it was like he just gave a like a stare or he said like thanks for the two Super Bowls or like you know it's like okay that wasn't that funny okay. That's all I have. That's all the time I have for.

Oh my bad did I not did I leave you enough time to talk some more comic book stuff. On the other side Hayes Permar and I are going to play some bets next on the Adam Gold show. Dennis Cox is producing and he is ready to brag. My man hit one last night and then Mookie Bex hit one I'm going to let him tell you about it. In fact I'm not going to play some bets. I'm on a I'm on a low losing streak and then I'm not going to be here Monday to have to own my own bets so I'm not doing I've got something that I'm going to do instead but I'm gonna let you know. The Jags did lose last night and Harold Varner the third and Webb Simpson aren't going to win so I'm looking already at over three yesterday. So I might abstain from placing I'll give you something to possibly bet on but let's go ahead and place your bets. Alright so you picked a home run hitter last night. I promise you I almost went with Otani just because I know you like to take Otani home runs and then he hit two last night which wouldn't have paid out any extra. Seven home runs not enough for the Angels.

You hit it on a Mookie Betts homer last night. How much did that pay for you? Plus 400. 400 units? Yep.

This guy's going to be in the positive here soon. What are you what are you laying down today? I'm going to go since our we had a listener tweet at us yesterday.

Hey take the Amtrak. Requesting bets. People requesting a bet. Hey I want to I'm going to Baltimore for 30 years of of tandem yards or playing the Pirates.

We had Jesse at house the hot dog. Yep. Yeah, and he won the Pirates Orioles bet. Pirates Orioles take the Orioles minus one and a one and a half runs plus 130. So give him one and a half plus 130.

Take the O's. Jesse also hit us up when later when we talked about the best sandwich shop in North Carolina. Yeah, he had been there. He had done a hot dog reveal of that place. Follow him on Instagram.

And he very highly recommended it. All right. I'm Bryson City. So I'm not going to place a wager, but I do I wanted to give people the updated. I bet MGM. They have their latest. Futures odds to win the college football National Championship.

Okay. Now, obviously this list isn't exactly like one through 25 like the top 25 Vegas odds to win would not necessarily be your top 25 rankings or whatever. But I do feel like where would you expect with all the hype coming into the season being picked possibly to win their division. I can't remember did state was with state the preseason pick or was Clemson the preseason pick on the preseason pick for the Atlanta. Anyway, a lot of people like state. Where would you think they would be in odds to win the National Championship state? Yeah, plus 13,000 like in in terms of how many schools? How many schools? I will probably put them at like I'll say 17.

See, I would have thought so too. Maybe even as high as like 12 or so. Sure, but they're down like now.

There are a lot of people tied with the same thing, but they're in like the 30 range. And in fact, Wake Forest latest odds way better to win the National Championship. So obviously the number one team with the best chance to win the National Championship Alabama. Okay, plus 190. Then Ohio State, Georgia, Clemson.

So that seems to make sense. There's your top four Alabama, Ohio State, Georgia, Clemson top four in terms of betting odds. Your next four Texas A&M, USC, Oklahoma, Notre Dame. Your next four Texas, Michigan, Utah, Florida. So we're at the 12 now.

13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20. Wake Forest is really tied for 17th. Okay, they come in about where you thought NC State would be. They're tied with Oklahoma State, Arkansas, Baylor, Penn State, Wisconsin, all at plus 8,000. Then you got Arizona State, Mississippi, Tennessee, UCLA, Washington, Michigan State, Nebraska, Auburn, Cincinnati, Florida State, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi State, and NC State.

So that's something that's interesting to me. NC State they're at plus 15,000, North Carolina about five or six below them at plus 20,000. So NC State picked to finish second in the Atlantic Division. Many people had them first to win the Atlantic Division, but right now on the bet MGM odds, they're fourth in the division. Clemson, Wake, Florida State and State all better odds to win the national championship. I know that's not the same thing as ranking the division. I just found it interesting. Look, if you still like NC State, great value bet. Put it down. Sorry I talked through the segment. I have 10 seconds to give me the last two pets here. Crystal Palace, Arsenal, exactly eight corners plus 600. Vincent Lacute, submission versus Jeff O'Neill in the UFC this weekend plus 400. Glad we didn't waste any more time on that.
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