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Are the Carolina Panthers going to stink this year?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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August 5, 2022 3:47 pm

Are the Carolina Panthers going to stink this year?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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August 5, 2022 3:47 pm

Are the Carolina Panthers going to stink this year? Randy Slack of ESPN Wilmington and Jeremy Greene of ESPN Asheville joined the show to talk about the upcoming NFL Season, including if the Carolina Panthers will actually be good this year or not. Randy & Jeremy also talk about proper 'etiquette' when at the beach or in the mountains of North Carolina.

Also, Dennis Cox takes us on a tour to another NFL city, this time visiting Seattle. Also, are Golden Corral, Dude Perfect, and Oreos overrated, underrated, or properly rightly rated?

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This is the best of the Adam Gold Show Podcast brought to you by Coach Pete at Capital Financial Advisory Group.

Visit us at Capital Financial This is the Adam Gold Show. We got friends of the program, Ryan McGee and Marty Smith on ESPN right now doing the Oat Show.

Yeah, on not not the Oat Show. You know, you know what it is? I know exactly what happened.

What happened? August is a little screwed up this year. Okay, I happen to know this because I go on a vacation every year the third week in August. Okay, so you would think this is the first week in August.

It's not my vacation would be not next week, but the week after that, right? But August started on a Monday. It's the first week in August. But it's already August 5th now, right? Like there's still there's basically four more Sundays left in August.

I think I have this right. So like they they wanted. They wanted to get their programming ready to go. The Oat Show is their last day of silly stuff and the way the calendar worked out August 8th fell in what is like the second week of August, right? And they don't want they're not going to be doing silly stuff next week. They're going to be a real deal football next week. Yes, because we have preseason games on Thursday the 11th. So we got it. We can't do the Oat Show on the 8th, which is on Monday.

So we like you got a prep. This is the only the only way the 8th could be the second Monday in August. Is if August starts on a first make sense.

It's like they didn't want to that's too late for them. The second starts on a Monday. Sorry. Sometimes August starts on the third.

You know what I'm talking about. August started on a Monday. The second Monday is too late for ESPN to do silly stuff by the second Monday in August. It needs to be full football. So we got to get the Oat Show in now, but it does seem weird because it's not the Oat Show. It's August 5th.

It's ridiculous speaking of ridiculous. We could have some fun sound like do you want play-by-play from the NFL game last night? Is that what you want? Yeah, I do. Or do you want a weatherman shrieking with delight when he realizes he actually has a touchscreen that works?

Yeah, I do. Well, we'll give it all to you in the wall of sound. We don't care about the game last night.

Or do we? Do we need to hear a field goal? Alright, we have to officially recognize that a football game was played last night. Here's the first points of the NFL season. Congratulations.

Last couple of years. It is field goal from 32 yards. First points of the season. Good start.

Woo! Football's back! It's a field goal. We scored points.

Alright, moving on. Actually, funny stuff from training camp. Is Von Miller complaining about bad toilet paper at training camp? And of course, the fans are here to oblige. They can't have Von Miller with a dry... You know what? I'm not even going to go there.

Let's let Von Miller do it. I just went to play with all my favorite stuff, from all types of fans. I just put them in the locker room. It was great. I wasn't trying to complain. I was just saying my experience being in the dorms at 33. You come in and there's just so many different things that are different. I just said, hey, the toilet paper's different.

And boom, boxes on boxes on boxes of toilet paper and wipes and stuff. Everybody's just trying to make my stay here a whole lot easier. I just want to say publicly, I appreciate all of you guys. And I'm grateful. I don't want to dwell on the subject Dennis Cox, but I will say I am at a point in my life Where I appreciate Good toilet paper. Oh, yeah. I said actually it's not that I need good toilet paper I just need the absence of bad toilet paper. It's fair. We can't have bad toilet paper my mom randomly for some reason This is older than I am Sticks with some bad cheap toilet paper, and I I'm not sure what's up with that.

Oh, but yes I don't need tissue paper in my life. I'm gonna point what I'm willing to admit. Yes You need at least two plies if not three four five or six how many plies can we get in there? Well fly eight. Let's do it Next up and this was just funny. That's nothing to do with sports although we could tie it in because there was a weather delay at the Hall of Fame game right we needed the weather guy from ABC 7 in Chicago And yes, this is a video clip, but I think it's one of those things that actually translates to audio I don't know how better to explain this then my man had the screen behind him that he was pointing things out and he accidentally taps the screen and the screen starts reacting and like He didn't realize he had an interactive Touchscreen that he could move or zoom on and he and his colleagues figured it out live audio Listen now excited and happy these guys sound right now kind of hung up just a little bit way move the map I don't know.

I couldn't do that I gotta try it. Can you believe that just touch it anywhere you want? Our temperatures are warming up nicely this afternoon, but we're still good I didn't I just I've never I've never touched it. Oh my god Anyway, I'm gonna figure this all out a beautiful day in the next couple of days Roz We're gonna go out to you while I figure out this new they remind me of I mentioned at my beach week a week ago I was hanging out with my Three-year-old niece. Okay, super cute great kid, but one of the best parts about it is anything to her is She reacts to almost anything in the way that that weather person reacted to the touchscreen like oh my god This is the craziest thing I've ever seen So I'm trying to keep her busy and I don't I'm feeling very lazy like a lot of times I don't mind breaking out a game or trying to do a magic trick or whatever But I'm just sitting there being like I don't really feel like doing anything.

How can I entertain this kid? So I got my phone on me, right? I'm too lazy to even like open up and throw some apps or videos at her. I'm like, hey watch this And we got the time on my phone. I'm like, what number is that? That's a seven at the end there 207 It's gonna turn to eight watch this and I would sit there and point at it and be like here comes here It comes here.

It comes and the number minute on my phone would change from 207 there goes to eight And she'd watch it happen a real touch me Show me as if I were like controlling it or she just thought it was awesome It just you know makes your heart melt to see someone blown away By something that's so simple that you take for granted So that's what it's that's what I felt like watching these weather people Discover for the first time that they're that their map was interactive and then when they touched it They could actually move it or zoom or whatever. It might be And next up on the wall of sound Bryson D. Chambault is part of a group That is suing the PGA Tour They want to be allowed to play on the live tour and the PGA Tour at the same time Even though they kind of said the reason they were leaving the PGA Tour It's because they didn't want to play as many events, but now they want to play more events I don't know Bryson D. Chambault compared the PGA Tour to a monopoly and made an attempt at Comparing the two tours to a pizza shop. I don't know. This is what it sounded like You have a pizza shop that's been in existence for 50 years and all the customers go to it's a great product All of a sudden a new pizza shop opens up Right and they start paying the customers to come eat at their place and that pizzas potentially a little bit better of a pizza Right, and then all of a sudden that original pizza house goes if you go over there We're banning you from ever coming back to our, you know, pizza shop. What's wrong with that economic model?

That does seem short-sighted. Yeah, particularly if you have been the only pizza shop in town if you've had a monopoly Correct. That's probably not allowed, but I'm I'm still like a very basic point of this metaphor is That the golfer should be employees of the pizza shop not customers like the whole thing breaks down there There's a lot. Yeah paying the customers and again, like I Thought Bryson D. Chambault was being like well It'd be like if you worked at a pizza shop and it was the only pizza shop in town and then another pizza shop opened They were paying double the wages.

Like I'm not even then. I'm not sure I totally agree But at least that fits closer to the metaphor of what's actually happening here employee as opposed to oh, yeah We had a buy pizza here, but they're gonna pay us to eat pizza over here like no you were being paid And as it in both place and as an employee I think there are a lot of rules in place that would keep you from you know Working for a pizza place at lunch and then working at a different pizza place at dinner They may say like no, we don't we don't really want you maybe take You know, basically we don't want you working at two pizza places. For example us working in sports radio I can't work for this company during the daytime then at night Hosts a show in this market right at night on a completely different network completely different station. Yeah, I can't do You can't go work for somebody else.

Yeah, I mean you could You you might be able to have a podcast but even then you might have to check against the rules for what your woman are Right. Can you are you if you're getting compensated for it? You might be Is it competing as a product that we have of your employer? So like that doesn't seem like it's that crazy to me even if you're a freelance Worker which these guys kind of technically are I don't know the exact details but even still if you're freelancing for The New York Times they may say hey while you're writing for us We're not gonna let you write for the Washington Post as well write columns, you know Or whatever you're gonna make those terms when you start them So, I don't know.

I don't know enough the details. I feel like people are throwing around the term monopoly a lot Very quickly without actually just knowing what it is but definitely The golfers are not Customers of the PGA Tour and the live tour like that's that's the part where the metaphor breaks down right out of the gate for me So Bryson d'achambeau Definitely one of those dudes Who before he was like the muscle guy? he was the brain guy like he was the dude that was like I'm out thinking everyone and The more and more he talks the further away he comes from being seen as the brain guy That is the wall of sound Adam gold here from my man coach Pete DeRuda with the capital financial advisory group We are talking retirement. All right coach simple. When do we start tax planning in retirement?

We should start as soon as possible because here's one thing Adam taxes are not going away and so the game here is we know the rules a lot of people want to ignore the rules or act like they don't are Familiar with them but the IRS knows the rules and so we get to retirement They're gonna reach in and start taking some of their money out of your accounts so the secret here is to put a force field around as much as possible by Strategically moving some of our money to Roth IRA or some of the other vehicles that aren't taxed like special life insurance policies You can borrow against your money there and never have to pay tax on your money that you build up inside your cash value So there are a lot of strategies here. The one strategy that does not work is ignoring it So let's make sure to not ignore it The next 10 people will do for you your very own tax and retirement plan that will help you minimize taxation all the way through retirement 800-661-7383 all you got is call or you can text Adam to 2 1 0 0 0 for coach Pete DeRuda Hey sperm are filling in and this has become one of my favorite parts of filling in for the show Not because we're Andy slack or Jeremy Green because it means it's 215 on Friday and when I'm almost done now for the week No, no, I'm kidding because I've really gotten in really enjoyed getting to know these two dudes that I've never met But now that I've done it right now I've done a roundtable with three or four times maybe joining us from the mountains from the coast We got what we got one of each on the round Is that what this is production? Yes, this is a professional broadcasting.

We have production I realize that happened. I realize that happened from Asheville ESPN, Asheville He's the ESPN draft nerd on Twitter. It is Jeremy Green. What's going on, Jeremy? Oh Sitting here waiting for the the what looks like apocalyptic rain. That's about to hit here in Nashville It's the first warning because the storms normally come like west to east so I guess we'll be getting some storms in like four or Five hours where I'm sitting and then down on the coast I don't know if he's funny because I've never seen him perform live I'm gonna bet he is but I know that he knows funny people We're gonna talk to him about it Randy slack ESPN Wilmington. What's going on, man? Well, unlike Jeremy in the mountains It's just hot and humid here and it's just going to be like that forever because that's just that's my lot in life in southeast North Carolina, that's a Lot of North Carolina.

That's not exclusive view in southeast. I can't what I can't remember what day it was I think was like one of the first weeks in July I was here Dennis and I was like folks you know I was here Dennis and I was like folks you don't need to tune into any more weather reports for the next two months because I Got it for you It is mid 90s real feel just above 100 chance of showers in the afternoon Mostly sunny partly cloudy and then tomorrow it's gonna be the exact same So yes, I want to start with you Randy I've seen I've picked up through social media that you do some stand-up comedy shows and obviously you don't just talk sports You start you talk some comedy and you recently had a guy That you interviewed that I've become a big fan of and I don't even know how to say his last name I just I read it, but is it bar GOTS bar God see how do you say his last name? Nate bar God see bar God see I've watched a couple of the specials But I've realized like I don't hear you rarely hear the comedian say their own name, right? But Nate bar God see well, what was he like talking to him in person? He was really cool. It was fun because like the last time I talked to him I was a producer of the show in Pittsburgh and I just had to tell him to wait in the green room for an hour So to interview him was really neat. He's doing a show in Wilmington tomorrow night at the outdoor amphitheater Which holds like 7,000 people and if you've seen his stuff on Netflix, you know He has a story about a place down here the Cape Fear Serpitarium that it was on his first 30 minutes here on Netflix He follows up on his first hour and to talk to him about a story that became such a big part of his Comedy career that happened here in Wilmington was really really cool and kind of talking about the genesis of how another comic told him Hey, you've got to check this place out and it was weirder than he even could have imagined So it was pretty that was pretty fun. Very cool If you're in the area check out neighbor God see in Wilmington, Jeremy Have you ever met any stand-up comics or do you do any stand-up comedy? So I do do stand-up there.

We I have for that's actually how I got the job here We had Bert Kreischer on in April. Did he have a shirt on and oh, yeah And and I'm gonna be honest with you. He is the coolest human I have ever met in person But he is a hugger like he is a put his arm around you to take a picture kind of guy sure while shirtless Yeah, and I I'm gonna I'm not much of a touchy-feely person, right?

I don't care how famous you are when your arm goes around me and you're shirtless. It's weird. It's it's weird and it will always be people That are overly touchy commit like I'm the same way I'm not super touchy But I've been in settings where I'm used to people who are more touchy So I guess like I can adapt to that situation, but now you can't be both you you can't be signature shirtless and Signature touchy guy like you got to pick one of the other But but yeah Bert Kreischer good guy. I feel like Dennis Cox. Do you know Bert Kreischer the the stand-up comedian? Oh, yeah, I was like you you kind of resemble him a little bit. Yes slightly overweight kind of hair Really hilarious to hug people. Yeah, am I doing the thing? We're just because you have a beard that like yeah, y'all look alike.

Is that what I'm doing? Can I be really honest does any comedian not look like that? I feel like we're all slightly overweight little facial hair and You know, just we're all funny. That's the only thing we have and he just capitalized on it by going shirtless He just one up to all you guys Cox I need you to if we did a swimsuit calendar of just comedians who would actually be in it There's none of us are attractive people comedians verse sports radio hosts. That'd be an interesting like see who could sell more more calendars of themselves I don't know about you.

I look I look good in some Patagonia Shorts and bathing shorts. Come on, man. I Hey, go ahead.

Oh good. No, no, I have a quick little comedy sports thing here that just because we're talking about comedians In Pittsburgh when I worked at the WVV we would bring in comics all the time and we did a lot of stuff with the Steelers at the flagship station and Our co-host Bill Crawford was on the phone with Bill Burr and they were talking about how the Steelers Would have won the AFC Championship game with the Patriots didn't cheat. They're arguing and while they're arguing Former Pittsburgh Steeler Brett Kiesel is coming up to Crawford and Crawford goes Burr Hey, you think you're cheap your guys didn't cheat talk to this guy He puts Brett Kiesel on the phone an actual Steeler with a Patriots fan They argue on the phone the next day Bill Burr is texting my co-host just Blocks and blocks of text about I can't believe you ambushed me.

You did this This guy he was a bomb and it was just a classic Bill Burr stuff. It was a Like I love elements whether it's a musician or a comedian like when you you know When they come to do these interviews, obviously, they're promoting their show. They're trying to be funny So they're probably you know playing out some material They got a couple jokes planned But like when you actually get to see them act as like sports fans like it's kind of funny like they just become regular Joe's mad about that the call didn't go their way or whatever that the sports radio is doesn't agree with Their opinion and they you know, it becomes funny to see them in that element as well since we're sharing stories I don't even know what I got I guess the best is one time the Sklar brothers came to rally and they were shooting a Pilot and they needed somebody to find them moonshine from Johnson County and I was like boys I got you and I think it was it was a sports radio listener I can't remember who it was, but we found somebody to hook him up with some moonshine. All right, let's talk some sports I'm gonna keep it real simple. We had NFL football last night. We got an NFL team in this state Are they good or do they stink Jeremy Green Panthers? The defense is good I do love this narrative that every quarterback in alternating days has looked good because they're playing against the twos you I mean you can look at that a couple different ways of You okay Baker looks good one day Sam Donald is good one day You're going against the twos neither one of them look good against the ones now You can say that means the offense is not very good or you can go glass half full And say that means that the defense is gonna be really good. Yeah, which I fully believe I think this team will be good defensively It's more a question of can you avoid doing what Baker Mayfield does and doing what Sam Donald does? Which has turned the ball over at the absolute most inopportune time humanly possible And that's what will dictate the answer to that question I feel like I'm doing this McLaughlin group style, but I'm gonna keep it up Randy slag Panthers good or stink go Remember when the the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had Jamis Winston and they went like eight and eight and then they got Tom Brady and then They won the Super Bowl They were good team just with a really crappy quarterback and then they got the best ever The Panthers are gonna be the wish version of that. They're gonna go from a team that wins five games To a team that wins seven or eight and I think they're gonna be a lot more interesting this year But I don't think they're good, but honestly to cheap out on this. I don't think they're gonna be bad either Is it just a matter of the quarterback? Like if you could drop it, I mean I don't want to say Tom Brady or Ann Rogers I'm trying to think of somebody who's like mildly better like that We all like who's the like Tannehill like if you dropped in Tannehill on this team Is that are you thinking playoffs? Well, I think it's not just the quarterback The offensive line was upgraded this offseason as well and that that the line went through so many changes I think the quarterback got a bit of a raw deal and all the failures of last year's team The line did them no favors I think you're better on the offensive line and you're kind of better at well not kind of I think you're definitely better at quarterback I think this team can win seven games and they're in a lot more of them than they were last year The question that will continue to be asked Jeremy Green who is going to play quarterbacks probably gonna be Baker Mayfield I guess we'll be the starter on week one But do you have any signs as to why that's definitely gonna be the case or not be the case and then what do you? Do with whoever starts if they throw two picks and you're down ten at the first half the first game Are you changing quarterbacks or does the starting quarterback got to be your quarterback for the first whatever three games regardless of what happens?

We started this talking about stand-ups. So I'm gonna make a comparison I feel like Baker Mayfield is the Carlos Mencia of NFL quarterback And I'm not sure he actually did anything to deserve it I Don't get the the the love on him of how he's so much better than than Darnold and how this is going to be So drastically different in the last three years No, quarterback has been worse in the NFL than Baker Mayfield rating. No, I mean really no matter what metric you want to use So I don't see that as better than Darnold I have been on record as saying I think Sam Darnold will start more games this year than Baker Mayfield He will but Baker will be the starter week one when Cleveland comes in. That's who's going to start I just don't think it's going to go the way everybody thinks now in terms of how low how much Leash do you give whoever wins this to me?

It's not much because I don't see much difference between the two. Yeah That's what that's what I worry about is that you just keep ping-ponging back and forth when when I mean one guy might have a good two game stretch But as soon as one guy has a weak stretch you think well Let's see what the other guy's doing and then it just you'd almost be better off Only having one of them and just being stuck of having to follow them regardless There's a quick hook too if you remember because he's the one that actually benched Eli Manning interesting Ben Stila Manning interesting. Um There's probably more NFL talk to be had but I don't feel like talking it So you guys can do that on your own shows. It's it's august don't try and take my summer away from me Uh college football I got a scenario for you Some people think that unc and nc state could meet in the acc title game not likely but it could happen Some people think that app state might beat unc in week one or whatever It's unc second game. But at the week one and that ecu might upset nc state So I ask you in a long convoluted not very good sports radio question, which is more likely to happen randy slack Unc and nc state meeting in the acc championship or both of them losing to their in-state rivals in that early season game Which one's more likely man, that's a that's a tough one. I guess that they meet in the acc championship game Championship game, uh, just I don't think ecu is very good Okay, and nc state from everything I hear from from everybody is supposed to be really good this year So we'll see what happens. Uh, and would you do you give app and uh chance at all over unc I think so. I mean carolina has been you know, they're a team that you know, they have a lot of sizzle I don't know how much stake they have and we'll see what happens with them this year, but I I don't know. Well that game's probably closer than the ecu state game. Yeah, that's a fair assessment And and again, both of these are are probably in the unlikely to happen right unc and state meeting in the ac championship Not likely to happen but also not likely that both state and unc lose my question for you Uh, jeremy, I know you're a mountains guy and this is more of an eastern north carolina question But am I crazy for like I get everything I get on paper states better states got all the returning guys but there's something about the history of Teams in this state or even big teams in general not in this state, virginia tech west virginia south carolina Whoever when you think you've got the better team and you go down to ecu and they are just fired up You are their super bowl. They they don't care about uh, you know utep in november or whatever They're going to be playing in the in the uh in conference usa they care about state in september In september, is it crazy to think the most cliche thing ever in sports throughout the records?

but you always have to be scared of the pirates when they have a chance to basically, you know, take a I don't know the best way to describe it. Just put in another big win that they can hang on their wall So i'm gonna i'm gonna answer this question in a in a bit of a long-winded fashion Mike houston actually taught me how to shoot a free throw when I was in the sixth grade He was one of my coaches for many years at t.c. robertson high school up here in asheville I've known him since I was a I think I was 11 years old when I met him We're still friends to this day I believe in him Probably more than I even believe in myself He is as good of a coach as there is in america that nobody talks about interesting. So I Look at maybe i'm biased But I look at I I heard uh, randy say ecu is not very good. I'm going to disagree with you I think they are good. They're one of my favorite over bets in college football I think their win totals at five and a half if I remember correctly And i'm i'm overweight on that. Let's put it that way and i've watched nc state Let me down every time i've ever believed in them and I do believe in them Uh, so that that's so I will say ecu has a better chance to beat nc state than any of the things you just said Any of the things you just said see that's sort of where I sit.

We're like, there's no logical reason I'm, not telling you that i've analyzed things and I don't I don't even have uh, Jeremy's reason to pick because of his belief in the coach and the cultures he's creating it's more of just like I don't know feel like i've seen this before i'm not gonna pick i'm not picking ecu for the upset But i'm certainly not putting it as a win column for nc state, uh just yet. All right final thing for you guys again The summer is still here football started but we are still vacation season in north carolina Since you guys occupy different parts of the states. I need a little help from you earlier this week I discussed my north carolina beach week and some etiquette that clearly some folks did not know Maybe they were from ohio or whatever They were down on my north carolina beach and they didn't know the unwritten rules and I had to be like the catcher for the atlanta Braves describe. Hey, that's an unwritten rule of baseball.

You know, I had to be that guy. I didn't really but I felt like I needed to Uh question for you guys What is the unwritten rule or piece of etiquette that we should all be mindful of if we are visiting your area? Randy for a beach piece of etiquette, uh, jeremy a piece of etiquette for vacationing in the mountains. Randy We'll start with you down at the beach Uh, if you dig a hole cover it up. That's fair. We got sea turtles down here and just not only that it's just rude It's just rude if you're gonna look I don't care if you want to bury your uncle or If you know you want to dig a pit to make a really cool sand castle and a moat around it Just cover it up when you're done. That's the least you can do you dig the hole cover it up It's super easy.

If you don't mind real quick though. I do have a question for jeremy Yeah, I was just in asheville for the first time last weekend and when I was in asheville Everybody looked like they were from asheville. Everybody looked like Some sort of mountaineer portland hippie guy and I just wonder because here in wilmington not everybody looks like a surfer We have people that are retirees. We also have people that look like marines. So we have a few variations of people here in wilmington Why does everyone in asheville like a dude? We went to brunch and a guy had a canister with baby flying squirrels in it Like like how did you guys all decide to come up with one aesthetic that you all were going to adopt? So I don't know how much either of you know about how I look but I look very asheville as well I have been told I look as though I could be luke combs and zack gallifanakis's love child. Yes We never had a meeting of hey We're all going to grow beards and we're all going to wear flip-flops and we're all going to drink beer at two o'clock on a tuesday It just happened one day like we all just realized beards are cool so we all grew beards and then we all grew our hair long and now many of us have man buns and hacky sacks and It was never talked about I just think we all saw it so often that we went. Okay, that's the official uniform of asheville Uh, they did they give you the brochure when they hand you your like disc golf, uh set Do they hand you the brochure of how you're supposed to dress too? Is that how it works? They will actually kick you out of the city if you can't play disc golf um if you if you're not good at that, they will not let you claim asheville and If you drink any domestic light beer, they will also shun you.

Uh, do you have a piece of a mountain? Vacationing etiquette other than apparently dress like you're from asheville so that you believe you blend in you got anything for us You got anything for us up there in the mountains um Try at least three different breweries before you tell me which one is your favorite I think I speak for all of asheville As somebody that's in the process of selling a house When I say we we are full of people we have all of the peoples Uh, so visit please visit we love when you visit but in terms of moving here We're full we I can't get from my office to my house without it taking 15 minutes minimum and I live three miles down the street You're not going to get a whole lot of sympathy from raleigh or wilmington on that one I believe that north carolina is a popular spot right now and it's because We've got great sports radio stations all over the state esb in asheville. Jeremy green esb in wilmington Randy slack fellas at some point. We'll have to actually get together But for now, we'll just settle for these friday roundtables really appreciate it. Always.

Enjoy it Thank you. Yes, sir. We'll talk to them soon Maybe next time I talk to him we'll talk even more football because we'll be even closer to actual football season But I talked to a little panthers there. I asked him a panthers question. That was fair Um, I know jeremy goes all in on the nfl stuff. Um, and then like look at that. I see randy What did I say something wrong? Okay, good. I never know dennis cox looks at me and laughs sometimes I'm worried that I said I was talking to jeremy. I'm worried that I said something. Okay, that's good You can laugh at them. They're funny guys.

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What are you doing? Unless You're just sucking up some of the air could be office air conditioning so you can you know not have to pay for them Then I understand It is Officially NFL season field goals were kicked last night penalties were had Bad quarterbacks played The Hall of Fame game is behind us. We are now officially an NFL season and We have an NFL road trip It continues today as we roll into Seattle Alright do the obvious things in Seattle by the way the cities that we've already have touched on we've been to Cleveland We have been to Philadelphia We've been to East Rutherford, New Jersey. Sure, Indianapolis, Tampa Jacksonville, Glendale Vegas How many of these places I've actually been to about half Okay Can I tell you my story about not going to Seattle real quick? Okay, so Two years ago Three summers ago if you count this one, okay 2020 my cousin supposed to get married cousin lives on the West Coast.

She's always lived out there She's getting married 2020 Pandemic hits they postpone right it makes sense 2021 comes around they're doing the makeup Delta variant hits they postponed again horse 2022. We're back on wedding in Seattle Trying to get her friends and family there for the first time Her friends and family there finally get the friends together Some of my family is gonna go But my dad died so they couldn't so my poor cousin Tried three years in a row to get her family to come to the wedding twice wiped out by pandemic another time by By a tragic passing so I have not yet ever visited Seattle I've ported in and out of Seattle my family several years ago. We did a cruise to Alaska Okay, and that's what reported was out of Seattle first. I thought you like flew in and flew out and I was like Did you say you ported for flying in but if you but you got if you got on a boat, that's fair Yeah, totally except I use proper terminology I was like, I've never just I've never heard of somebody saying they poured it there just cuz they were at the airport But then I but now like I said, yeah, you did that's well you boat it if you fly Yes So do the obvious things while you're there, you know yesterday we talked about Vegas do the obvious stuff like go walk down the strip Make a sports bet get married do all the obvious things do the obvious stuff in Seattle like go to the Space Needle They don't drink Starbucks get rained on Listen to Nirvana gotta go watch Pearl Jam market where they throw the fish. Yes, exactly The fish yeah, catch them all that good stuff, but after you do all those things directly next next to the Space Needle You can go to Chihuly's.

I think I said that right. Okay, Chihuly Glass and Garden or Garden and Glass. There's some really cool architecture and some other cool things to do inside there But also Garden and Glass. I mean it sounds like could be the name of another store in Washington Just saying I vetted it. It's not Garden and Glass.

It's not that. But also you want to see some fish go to the Seattle Aquarium You're right there on the Puget Sound. Yeah, there has to be a good aquarium there if your aquarium stinks and you're on the water Sorry, what do you know there's an aquarium there? There is. Oh, you've been you're just saying it has to be good It has to be okay.

Yeah, okay. I agree Yeah, it has to be good, but also something to check out as well the Museum of Pop Culture There's a Museum of Pop Culture. They have film festivals, live music at times, various exhibits It's a non-profit as well. So you're definitely helping support some people while you're there So I'm definitely check out the Museum of Pop Culture or MOPOP as they call it Can you give an example of like something that would be an exhibit at the Museum of Pop Culture?

For example, they have the Seattle Film Festival takes place there Yeah, but that's an event that takes place. Like if I just walk in on an average day What am I gonna see at the at the pop coach? Would it be like like that Arby's sign? That just got taken down on Hillsborough Street.

Mm-hmm and rally would that be the type of thing that would end up at a pop? Culture museum. I hope so.

I'm not even trying to be funny. I'm trying to figure out or is it like like Michael Jackson's notes For the for like when he wrote yellow gene like is it that type of like I'm trying to figure out what would fit like fit at a pop culture music so There for example right now they have an indie game revolution the sound lab guitar gallery some other things that are going on currently at this Moment, okay, so there's just a bunch of different random stuff. Well, I have an important question for you Do they have any donuts in Seattle? Oh, do we have to go to a star? We'll get to do Don't jump the don't jump the gun on me.

Hey conversation. This is my thing Like bullet point I will get to the donuts I was trying to flow to the don't know no you just try to jump to the Donuts try to go but like hey what pop culture thing? Where are the donuts? That's exactly what you did I was flowing, you know, you gotta earn those donuts Hey, so you can walk around to earn those donuts on the 12 miles of trail at Discovery Park Okay, which is 534 acres right on the Puget Sound in Seattle. I don't know if I'm gonna be able to get to the donuts Right on the Puget Sound in Seattle.

I don't know if I'm gonna feel like eating a donut after a 12-mile walk I'm gonna be how you earned the donut. Yeah, but I'm not gonna want it then. Well, that's on you All right. Also before you go get donuts much like Las Vegas check out the Seattle pinball museum. No, yeah There's a Seattle pinball museum just like there was in Las Vegas.

All right. No, that's it on pinball museum. No I'm gonna be I'm gonna check it with go. No, no and for the rest of the NFL city tour They're pinball museums are off as much as it excites my man Orin Day. We're not going to any more pinball museums We've been to two already.

I don't need any more. We're going we're going Hayes Wait, can you not find a comic book museum? Other comic book museums. I'm saying the why are you having to go back to the the pinball because there's a there's one in Vegas Our next stop is Seattle and they both had pinball museums Mac, you definitely find a comic book shop in every one of these locations if I wanted to but I know I'm just surprised that You're going out of your way to work pinball in and not your own nerdy niche, you know hobby I love him like you're working in.

Oh, yeah. Oh, so you're a pinball game. I love pinball. It was fun I enjoyed pinball very much.

I like playing the spider-man pinball at boxcar. Whatever Tommy. All right Is that we have to go to now you want doughnuts. Oh, yeah.

I still want doughnuts not now now you want doughnuts No, no, I'm past doughnuts. I want to know who we're drawing for Monday's. No. Yeah, that's right We already drew for Monday. I want to draw for Tuesday. I have Monday's Detroit When do we draw for Tuesday or do we draw here after I tell you about raised doughnuts?

That's right. Raised doughnuts raised locally-owned The woman her name. I can't remember her name off the top of my head now if I forgot it But she apparently gets in at 2 a.m To start making doughnuts for the day and when she sells out she sells out That's those are the best types of restaurants with you when you could say like look This is all we got come and come and get it exactly prime barbecue does that bees barbecue does that down in Greenville? Like this is what we're serving. That's what we got when it's gone. It's gone. It's on you show up sooner Donuts does that.

There we go. Yeah Monday. We're gonna be going to Detroit and I have my only thing this Dunkin Donuts coffee cup is good for us holding the other names of these cities Okay, so next on Tuesday. Can't wait to hit the pinball Museum in Detroit on Monday. I'm gonna find We got the Rams so we're going to Los Angeles.

Okay, so I won't be here Tuesday, but I could do I've got friends in LA. I've been to LA I can actually figure out where exactly in LA What part of LA yeah, they in Anaheim or something? No, it's not in Anaheim Okay, it's actually up more towards a Burbank like are the Chargers near the Rams the Rams playing the They both do play in the exact same stadium SoFi Stadium It's actually an Inglewood, California Stadium I thought it's actually an Inglewood, California.

There we go. So we actually will be going to Inglewood, California What are the Rams still in LA? I thought they went to the Big Ten Yes Okay, the Rams left with the Big Ten. I thought yeah, they thought I had that right All right, that is the NFL city tour for the day Seattle Monday will be Detroit Tuesday will be Inglewood Always up to no good With the few minutes we have remaining we have just enough time to decide things are overrated underrated or properly rightly rated This is the Friday edition of rightly rated.

I think we've been overrated. I think they've been underrated First up Golden Corral. It's the Golden Corral overrated underrated or rightly rated this comes up because Golden Corral I don't know if you knew this took a little bit of a hit during the pandemic buffets. Yeah, that's so hot Mm-hmm, and again part of this was when we still like thought maybe we were getting it from the buffet and it's not But it was kind of like being around people so the extra time in line You know waiting for your food buffets took a little bit of a hit Although I will say as I cruise around eastern, North Carolina Buffets are back in some means but Golden Corral is diversifying a little bit.

Oh, okay. Not just gonna be big buffets they're gonna do fast casual and an An upscale steakhouse. Would you eat would you eat at a place called a GC grill Dennis Cox? Yes, would you get a fine steak from the GC grill? Is there an E on the end of grill? Looks like choppy. Do you get E?

Good question. It's the GC grill house. I don't think there is an E on the end Overrated underrated rightly rated Golden Corral.

I'm gonna go rightly rated. They used to be rightly rated to maybe a little underrated the thing about it is Golden Corral like I don't need your GC grill house because then you're gonna give me one steak and if it's not good I'm still probably paying the full price the best part about the buffet You think what you want in a buffet is the diversity of options, but in reality now This is this is definitely 22 year old Hayes speaking. The reality is not that you can get a hundred different things It's that you could get 100 of the same thing Yep, so I can go out there and say give me a piece of steak Give me some fried shrimp and give me 14 yeast rolls and when I get back if I bite into that steak And it's not good. I just leave it go back and give you another piece of steak Let's try again or if it is good you finish it Yeah, you go back another piece one out of three pieces of steak coming off. There are fine They're pretty good fried shrimp is fried shrimp and the yeast rolls are dank. Yeah Um, and honestly honestly going corral always did a pretty good job of having this the salad bar pretty fresh and so like I know it's a little weird cuz you're going in there and it kind of feels like feeding from a trough it is just a lot of food right and a lot of People and a lot of people in those people right like a lot of person at the people including me. I'm talking about myself here Eating a lot of food, but it is fresh on the salad bar golden corral still slightly underrated next up Dude, perfect is dude. Perfect overrated underrated or rightly rated You mentioned this earlier about we mentioned the Omaha production is going to do some second-screen stuff for some college football games Do perfects doing Amazon?

Oh, did you talk about this already? So we'll do Overrated underrated or rightly rated the internationally renowned masters of the impossible will deliver an unprecedented and rollicking Thursday night football experience that the entire family can enjoy together passionate NFL fans of the king of viral sports The dudes are setting out to raise the stake with off-the-wall challenges good spirited ribbing and life-changing dares rooted in on-the-field action Dude, perfect overrated underrated or rightly rated I'd say rightly rated the price it'd be hard to say they're underrated with their 58 million subscribers I'm a little surprised though a lot of like things They easily could have been fit in the box of like remember dude. Perfect. Remember that one year We're watching their videos and they all made like a quick million and then they were gone like they capitalized on their brand I've never seen their live shows, but I've had friends who like take their kids because that was always the thing, too It's like well you stand here a million times. They've come here to hate the Some said but like if you stand and film and you go one for 100 on this crazy shot But you film it you only put the one that you made on there. It's gonna look cool Well, you don't do a live show like you got to perform. So I respect the dude perfect dudes and that they have become like a standing thing the brand is strong and it feels like a little bit of how an old head like me and A young person could appreciate the same sport watching it differently, right? Like I feel like this will be the thing that helps a 10 year old get into a sport in the way that like the way I watched it might not be so I'm all about dude.

Perfect bringing people in give me some more second screen experience Dude, perfect. I'm going rightly rated And finally rightly rated Oreos I mentioned this earlier the pumpkin spice Oreo is back It took two years off, but August 15th. It's coming out Oreos overrated underrated and rightly rated Oreos are great rightly rated. Yes But yeah, you know pumpkin spice now get that out of here overrated like anything else It's just a little bit too early and I don't need a pumpkin spice Oreo Anyway, just a good classic Oreo, but it's a marketing thing. Congratulations. This is the Adam Gold show
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