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The "Judge Bowl", did Roger Goodell make a mistake in how he's handling the Deshaun Watson case, and Adam talks to Daniel Wallach to get his insightful opinion on why Sue Robinson made her decision.

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August 12, 2022 3:51 pm

The "Judge Bowl", did Roger Goodell make a mistake in how he's handling the Deshaun Watson case, and Adam talks to Daniel Wallach to get his insightful opinion on why Sue Robinson made her decision.

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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August 12, 2022 3:51 pm

Football returns tonight for the "Judge Bowl", could Roger Goodell be in a situation because of how he's handling the Deshaun Watson case, Paul Finebaum on Clemson leaving the ACC, and Adam talks to Daniel Wallach (Conduct Detrimental) to get his insightful opinion on why Sue Robinson made her decision. 

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Have financial capital financial This is the Adam Gold show Wisconsin and Michigan State alumni or betters. Nobody looks forward to Wisconsin. The Michigan state football.

Fewer people look forward to Wisconsin. The Michigan State basketball because anytime Wisconsin is involved in basketball. It's unwatchable, unwatchable, other than by parents. Parents love and I'm sure there are some like 95-year-old people that remember the page baskets that really like Wisconsin basketball when you have to go off on that to start the program. I am adding gold IME is Thursday.

Congratulations. You're almost the weekend.

Victoria's here. You know what I found out today. Victoria what that I was was remotely connected today because of your first day of school for my son. He goes to a school in North Raleigh and so it was not only first day, but early release there so sick and tired of them already take up vacation.

They kicked him out like for four hours after we got there so you put out the pole today. Our listener choice poll question and it occurred to me that like you might have the world like the worst twitter handle of everything in the Lord. I got only the guy can't can't get anything out of it a lot alike but quite old so I make it a long time ago.

Dennis is been part of the radio station for a long time. Yes, his twitter is the fan Ricky which is he's not like years. It seems it's not relevant anything or I keep telling the change it so at V_to_the_Victoria yes we have to change me today to Arianna David to the act like a long long time ago there was this thing called AIM Instant Messenger that came from. I've been using me to Victoria since he had Instant Messenger, Yahoo Instant Messenger, with AOL, not that long ago. A very good friend of mine still gets their email through AOL allow a very good friend of mine, a very prominent author Wright who I speak to on a regular basis still has his you know habits die hard.

My wife hope she's not, which is kind of the same thing. It is Yahoo accounts.

I get vague. Yes, you know what I never canceled the Yahoo account so I guess you might I might I might as well I should probably go try to find it and see if I can hook up with Nancy with David.

Yeah, it's the I think I could use as many letters that's I had easy to do instead of TL I think that's what I cannot really so long I don't remember but that's why we should streamline congratulations to the parents who had first days of school today. The carpool line was ridiculous, and I've never seen a line this long to pick up after school how brittle it was it was it was like 8 miles why we had a lot of things to discuss. So let's start all right. Let's get right to it. We have preseason football. I like to call them Friendly's. We did this week we've been doing this for real football, played with the feet for last month. We had club Friendly's with we were down in Charlotte Miller July and Chelsea was playing Charlotte FC just in international club friendly was very cool. Vertical Charlotte FC one with a late penalty was an exciting day full state at Bank of America Stadium was a friendly. That's what these are. They call them preseason football there.

Friendly's publication wins right all the points prejudicing patriots and Giants.

We call this the Joe Judge bowl. Joe was a assistant coach of patriots.

Then he was the head coach of the Giants and now he's an assistant coach patriots. Again, Titans and ravens also tonight. This is the throwback bowl to teams that would rather run it all day long, then throwing source, sort of like football in the 70s, albeit different styles.

The Titans actually resemble more of that. The ravens are more modern spread running football hard to patriots are getting flak today for the decision to not play Mac Jones in the preseason opener Mike Tannenbaum is ESPN's front office insider. He ruined two NL rather AFC East franchisor why call them are called nationally for second AFC East franchises were just laid waste by Mike Tannenbaum's time in the NFL key was critical just to show how the new office-supply call which is to judge Bell took himself as did ESPN shut them up. Visits by me.I think it happens okay. The gist of it is very easy.

Yes, he does have new play colors but I just not put off by anybody I he's the quarterback. He's not fighting for his job they're going through and they'll have at least one more, probably two more preseason games so so what. Anyway, it is interesting here for the patriots. I think the last, let the last time they were in the eye will see the top third of the NFL, meaning a top 10 NFL team's 2018 when they won the Super Bowl.

They beat the Rams in Maine arguably the worst Super Bowl ever was like no points like 10 free of it was the final it was just dreadful. Are you good defenses. That's right. That's exactly what SEC fans say when they have no good quarterbacks in the league, and they averaged about 14 points again, but it's been a while since the patriots have been a top tier NFL team Mike Reese, who covers the patriots for ESPN on whether or not there is pressure from owner Robert Kraft.

The more you if you go he doesn't like that they haven't won a playoff game in the last three fusion so I think a lot of you keep a lot riding on this. Not one of those years were there looking at it, we can position ourselves for 2023. No You're like the owner and I can't think of a more important issue to set the way this again. It's been a while.

I'm not here to say. Well Bill Belichick has to prove that he can win without Tom Brady that is in it mean they he's had Tom Brady for 20 years.

Me, that's basically the Belichick era in New England was built on Tom Brady and I actually think the they were equally as responsible for each other's success, but the bottom line for the patriots is that without Brady without one of the two or three best quarterbacks that ever played the game. The lack of overall offense of talent has has been a problem. Brady was able to mask a lot of that because he was so good. Mac Jones isn't Tom Brady. I am not saying he won't ever be buddy. He certainly wasn't last year and the year before the cam Newton experiment mean just the pandemic years very difficult look like aims to be good at first. Then he got coded in his arm just stopped working, which is the problem with cam and is wise not anybody's roster. Although I'll be surprised. Maybe we get a verdict sometime and to Cleveland maybe kick tires on cam, but not suggesting that they should, but it should be a consideration. Anyway, Belichick hadn't done anything without Brady and again I'm not trying to say that it was all Brady because it wasn't but they can't mask no talent.

They just can't Mac Jones isn't that God everything you need to needed to know about where the patriots felt like they were with Matt Jones happened in that game against the bills when they ran it all but three times in the game seriously and a modern NFL team in like after 1970 through it three times in an entire football game unheard of the dumbest thing I've ever said it worked yeah and it worked.

Shame on the bills. Shame of the talk coaching is a coaching list that that made me laugh today and will will play around with that in a little bit anyway. We the other game is Baltimore and Tennessee for the ravens. Apparently they are still working on a long term contract for Lamar Jackson Jamison Hensley covers the ravens for ESPN on that process. Paul required for wall. Before you walk. Or more of the stuff you want to have you upon agreement of five have been talking all will all go two weeks ago, you talk too much about you if you want to keep the glaciation in the house. One point that each of you believe we talked and one will start some part of work you want to talk contract job thing. Lamar Jackson will be very happy to sign a long-term contract with the Baltimore Ravens when the number is what Jamar Lamar Jackson wants and it will take a substantial offer to sign Lamar Jackson I and I know people don't want to go there but it's going to take something very similar to what Cleveland gave DeShawn lots more to talk about Watson in a minute. Not not necessarily the player, although I guess the player the it's going to be in the neighborhood of $230 million guaranteed for Lamar. It's just going to be. And the ravens have to come to grips with that and Lamar will be very happy to sign the deal if offered, because he is 100% comfortable playing on the franchise to 100%. He's willing to roll the dice with his own health because he knows that after this year and this is the fifty-year option.

After this year.

The number is 45 million, and after next year. The number is 54 million and he's good with that.

He's good with $100 million over two years. He's fine. The franchise tag beyond that is like 74 million he's okay with that too.

Okay with that. I like seriously like Lamar Jackson is why he has his own live golf tour so he's good with it. And if you're the ravens you have to come to grips with the fact that he's okay with it. So if you don't want a $45 million It next year, or a $50 million It over the next two years on average than you got a meeting where he wants to be met. So I'd like. I'm not advocating Woodberry others.

Good move.

Bad move if you want Lamar Jackson to be a quarterback then it's going to cost you a time of money and pretty much all of it is going to be guaranteed the Kyler Murray contract has nothing to do with limp Lamar Jackson nothing at all to do with it all right. Speaking of DeShawn lots yesterday Roger Caddell came out and said publicly that they want DeShawn Watson to be suspended for the entire season. Quick stop on my man, Coach Pete DeRidder with the capital financial advisory group. We are talking retirement. I coach simple. When we start tax planning and retirement should start as soon as possible because there's one thing out of Texas are not going away and so the game here is we know the rules. A lot of people want to ignore the rules or act like they don't are familiar with them, but virus those rules and so we get retirement. The region start taking some of their money out of your accounts so the secret here is to put a force field around as much as possible. By strategically moving summer on Monday to Roth IRA were some of the other vehicles that are taxed like a special life insurance policies can borrow against your money there and never have to pay tax on you wanted to build up inside your Space up there a lot of strategies here. The one strategy that does not work is ignoring mature and not ignored the next 10 people will do for you your very own tax and retirement plan to help you minimize taxation with retirement 800-661-7383. All you got is call or you can text Adam to 21000 for Coach Pete. The road I find it interesting that good. The more I thought about them with silly thing to say out loud if you Roger Caddell. Because of this reason, the NFL appealed and while the appeal to one independent third-party. It was an independent third-party designated by Roger Caddell so if the not doing your quotes again.

If the independent third-party comes back with a year-long suspension. I mean, most of us are just go well that really one independent will call shenanigans on it if they're right though Roger Caddell had the right to hear the appeal himself, but he didn't want to have the appearance of being judge and jury here right so with that said, I am curious if there is a legal recourse for Watson just because Caddell said that when you talk to Daniel while a girlfriend from conduct detrimental coming up in about 15 minutes. Also, if he did file suit against the NFL. Is there a specific strategy and a timeframe to do so.

Remember, Watson did not appeal the six-game suspension, the NFL appealed the six-game suspension and the window to appeal is closed and as a result of the CBA language. There is no appeal of this suspension, you can appeal it. You can file a lawsuit against the NFL to block it will see how that goes. All right, now back to DeShawn Watson, the football player grounds announced that Watson was already facing a six-game suspension would play tomorrow against Jacksonville. I am curious, he hasn't played in more than a year, but they're going to play them in a friendly tomorrow against the bad team, Damien Woody, Super Bowl champion with patriots back in the day with ESPN.

I don't think is in favor of this. So let's let's assume for now that it's status quo and that he suspended the first exam is allowed to play in the preseason if he is allowed to play shooting show March planning to play him so he's going to be ready to play. Week seven makes absolutely no sense in the back of no you find these reps just in case you have a surgical mill. He told me his preseason is probably all play some point in the game, but my guess it differently think there is value.

I like there's value or not. I would love to know the reasoning, especially since we know it's at least six-game suspension and I think there's a fair chance that Roger Caddell is going to get at least close to his way. So let's just say conservatively that the suspension doubles for Watson goes from 6 to 12 games not with the NFL wanted, but certainly more substantial than six. I think the argument becomes easy, that playing in is completely unnecessary, so he hasn't played for more than a year. You still traded foreign. She hadn't seen them play for more than a year, but you still traded for him and gave him $230 million guaranteed over five years.

Okay, that's fair.

You don't have to see them play because you've already trusted him with $230 million. Any rust that is shaken off by playing tomorrow. I'm going to guess if the suspension is doubled resurfaces by triple the end of November so not to mention you're not playing against the other team's best just it really did seem like an unnecessary risk for the Browns to be taking, but you know what Cleveland is such a solid well-run organization Like to to an organization that just want to Super Bowl the rafts for coming off that title of a head coach with a brand-new contract is the best head coach in the league we throw that out of market were not going to go through it now.

But there is a list that we will discuss from sporting news that I found funny but it's natural to think coming off a Super Bowl that and not being they were not the favorites going into the playoffs. They did not have the best record in the NFL. Last year they just work the best team in the playoffs. Although they tried their best to lose that game to Tampa. All did day try to lose that game to tamp unbelievable so will there be some regression a Super Bowl hangover if you will. Keyshawn Johnson was a recurring theme that you keep hearing our training camps so for offenses programmer offense Where your offenses that you speed on all fixed because all three students to take longer to get in a rhythm defense because got a few simple ways they Roma run around the drills.

That's pretty much it all fits these bees holding and syncing everybody's be a rhythm and him are targets to be missing your quarterback in certain written group stays like that of the ramp certainly had been doing that when Matthew Stafford sit on the sidelines not practicing fully so RC wish to talk about the fours question about our hangover jailbait. There will be. I think this team is very very good football team with a lot of veteran players that no was going take to get back to the Super Bowl veteran coaches that was either Keyshawn with a bad cold and a fish tank. Damien Woody sitting in for Keyshawn.

All of those things are natural. The other thing Matthew Stafford is a bulky elbow they called it unusual for quarterback to have this kind of an elbow problem so he may play through it and I heard a lot of chatter yesterday and will will listen to Sean McManus, John McVeigh talks about that now but like they have been going through it. But real quick a lot of chatter yesterday about well if there if Matthew Stafford is in right the Ramsey to go get Jimmy grapple Mike. I think the rams really liked John Woolford the backup from her weight.that's what I think we've seen them play a little bit is a good quarterback yeah so I don't think they need to go get Jimmy G now, but there will definitely need another quarterback if Matthew Stafford is hurt John McVeigh not necessarily worried about the whole thing. We have a long long way to go were not anywhere close to where we need to be nobody's oppressed and we got a start having a little more sense of urgency. Overall, particularly on the officer side of the ball and continue focus on, let's get one more thing in here before we take our first break we talked to Don Waddell yesterday and for the second straight year the Carolina hurricanes had to rebuild, you know, at least part of the roster.

The core is still there. The ouster of unexpected cost on the Slaven's. All those guys are still there but illustrate check you lose Mitterrand or you lose D'Angelo use Coles Smith etc. you bring in Brent Burns, Max Bacher, Eddie Andre Kocher well Pat you ready is gone for six months with an Achilles tear's do you need more. I asked Don Waddell about there were very comfortable. We have our concert we will look or do you have to be aware of when Matthew Burdick come back. You have to get back on. So let's just say To 7 million we spend 5 million of record were reactive Now when he comes back assuming a will drop your salary. You have to find a way to know where the numbers for $5 million out of your mind, so not not always European stock situation.

Predict Christ to happen we want to be smart and be careful about it know what were managing today the world looking at what the future holds for my quick take on this in 60 seconds.

I think they have to do something because there are way too many variables that have to go right. The hurricanes not to take a step back without the offense they were hoping to get from Max Bacher because you need more teenagers to not suck his light like he did last year and eight Andre Spence think I'll take another step forward, which he did in the beginning of the year but not at the end of the year Brent Burns I think it's a fair guess they will be better than Tony D'Angelo more consistent than Tony D'Angelo and may be better in the long run it's very company and music in a management and project I doubt it. Andre Koch and played a full season in my lifetime. So how do you expect to make up what you lost you worried about the I think there are things they can do to alleviate whatever Problems they have and I would simply say this really worry about the When you have to. But you gotta get better. I don't think they're good enough right now. Forget about maintaining what they did last year hundred 16 points last year. I think I think they are. They are very good but I don't think they are great at this point and the whole idea was to get better from what they were a year ago Gloria sitting in for Dennis.when is that what is Dennis going to make his appearance today. I guess he's going to tell cities that he's going to put it back then tears them. Lack of trust is now asking to delete my cell and I know Chicago, so he are near the bar right out of the bar had been to Chicago many got not only see if he actually hit the spot where he should be.

Dennis have to come correct and I said yes I good I'm glad we all we all set with with with Mr. good.

Alright, so Daniel conduct detrimental the podcast a regular stop for me.

I talk to about this before at Wallick legal on Twitter.

Thank you very much for your time so you look fabulous. So for those people watching on TV.

The first guest we've had wearing a tie or go get ready for federal court into Sean Watson in the NFL. We do so worst federal court.

Let me ask you this question and this is before we get to a strategy that might work for DeShawn Watson if it comes down to it Del make a mistake yesterday his handpicked third-party independent third party which I don't think anybody believes really independent when he said yesterday that he felt the suspension should've been a full year and he also was attaching a fine to it. The mistake by saying that publicly, absolutely. If Roger Vidal had been the arbitrator deciding to Sean Watson's appeal in the NFL's ability taken the date that the rains himself made that statement.

While the case is still under consideration.

Will that would be considered an egregious case of arbitrator bias prejudging the case, prejudging your pre-determining the outcome. So if if we can agree that it's evident partiality if he made the statement as an arbitrator will then how far removed. Is it when he's making that statement yet handpicks his designee to basically serve in that role as a substitute for him because the CBA makes clear that the appeals are heard by the Commissioner or his designee right so I think I think muddies the waters a little bit and creates this perception that he's trying to put his palms on the scale.

Maybe a federal court disregarded.

Maybe this is no more than just reiterating the league's position, but since he was supposed to be the arbitrator and Peter Harvey was selected by Roger Caddell is flying a little bit too close to the sun. If you ask me, and it may have given the National Football League players Association and DeShawn Watson, a credible argument in federal court that Peter Harvey is is biased and he's doing the league's bidding, and that Roger wasn't attempting to influence him through these kinds of public statements and is bad enough that Peter Harvey is a lawyer who gets extensive work from the National Football League's relationship then you are on top of that, that he said sure, he's a vice chair of an organization called futures without violence, which is yet he advocates on behalf of victims of sexual assault and sexual violence does not cloud is. I mean, it's a laudable thing that he does in all the credit in the world to him.

But does that taint his objectivity as judge or an appeals officer considering the Sean Watson's discipline in connection with sexual assaults on women when he's not an advocate for women in this kind of context I think it might be a clue even a stronger case of bias. Caddell himself had been hearing the appeal, Daniel. While it is with us, conduct detrimental podcast if you're fascinated by the intersection of the law and sports. You have to go very good and they do a lot of stuff and it's all stuff that we talk about on this program so you're my Chi-Chi Daniel I love you so let me ask you about us. Let's assume that let's not assume it goes to a year.

Let's assume that the punishment is double door.

They go from 6 to 10. If you are DeShawn Watson, do you have legal recourse. You can't appeal. Do you have legal recourse and is there a strategy that you have to employee for the best outcome you get the Cleveland Browns fans hope so. I know you're your show isn't directed at the Cleveland market price based. Let's face reality here whenever these arbitrations or display or discipline awards go to federal court.

Invariably the league prevails because is a very limited scope of review records can we weigh the evidence or even look at the case, a new and and impose their own judgment as to what the best result should avenge their inquiry. The court's inquiry is limited to whether the arbitrator exceeded his authority, which is a very limited scope of inquiry and when you when you consider the scope of review. It's imperative upon the players Association to find the best possible judicial form. I mean if you look at some of the past cases with Adrian Peterson, Tom Brady, the start Case involving some of the Minnesota Vikings writers.

The union one of those cases in federal court because they determined where the lawsuit would be venued. They were the plaintiffs, they file the suit and other state and without holding they wanted in Texas with a secularly originally the one with Adrian Peterson in the district of Minnesota, and all those cases before David Doty and asserted that the Association I had almost a unbeaten record in federal court and then the league began to you know get wise to the issue and ran to Federal Ct. in New York, locking jurisdiction in the NFL's home headquarters so before we get to the venue and Kai setting the stage for white Delaware is going to be DeShawn Watson's best hope for bucking the odds because historically these labor arbitration decisions in all contexts, not just the NFL, but just in the history of labor arbitration awards there confirmed at very high rates in federal court, meaning that the courts rarely disturb an arbitrator's finding in a labor context so you got got a go for the best possible venue to have a shot and I think for Watson that the decision as to whether to sue hinges on how serious the suspension is because the crux of his argument in federal court is going to be that the league wants to oppose a suspension for nonviolent conduct, right severely as suspensions for violent conduct and that historically arbitral precedent which is your the past. Case law were league with the league imposes discipline for both violent and nonviolent offenses under the personal conduct policy. The most elite could ever spend a player for nonviolent conduct is three games. So if you have four accusers here for credible victims. You can make a case for the league to impose a 12 game suspension without violating the principle of fair notice that the players should be getting some kind of notice the reader an amendment to the personal conduct policy or some notice that there are that violent and nonviolent to be treated the same. Will the league wouldn't run afoul of that principle. If the suspension were merely doubled or less than double because then you can make a credible case that each each accuser. It's like a three games as an engine for accusers equals 12.

I don't like that methodology because if were 25 accusers then then then Watson would be suspended for 75 games amiss close to six seasons, so it becomes ridiculous.

At its extreme level over that within a couple of cases I think going from 6 to 12 Watson's would have a very difficult time establishing in federal court that this exceeds the arbitrator's authority when arguably the arbitrator would be using the past president baseline of three games for nonviolent conduct and multiplying it by the number of offenses, so I think the wall here that the did the dividing line between suing or not suing is going to be 12 games. Daniel Wallach is what is really of like a minute and 1/2 or two minutes left before I have to let you go and I appreciate your time.

Conduct detrimental to the podcast you really should go check it out. We had to guide John Nuccio to talk about late fees group. We had a good time. He was very good and he was 100% correct that irreparable irreparable harm was never proven by those three golfers.

I thought this was the first time that logic and legal really lined up for me because logic and legal hasn't lined up here and I'm just curious with our last minute or so. In Judge Robinson's ruling couple weeks ago she was in lockstep with everything. The NFL said it was egregious it was predatory. It was this it was that women were in were put in danger and she and she called it nonviolent as well because the NFL called it nonviolent, but my understanding is that whether we and we can get into parsing different types of sexual assaults but it's all sexual violence is all falls under the heading of sexual violence.

I had a hard time kind of understanding why that was considered nonviolent, especially when she says that the women were in danger. All they felt endangered right and a lot of this falls upon the National Football League. They didn't allege right by the alleged nonviolence of staircase. It's their disciplinary proceeding. And that's how the NFL chose to present the case and and Judge Robinson did make this determination that it wasn't violent in her opinion. She said that there was no allegation right that there was violence, force or coercion used in that back issue was undisputed, meaning that the National Football League acquiesced to that concept. So all of the post your decision. Criticism of Judge Robinson's opinion ignores the fact that the league didn't define what violence is in the league proceeded in this disciplinary proceeding as if these were nonviolent acts albeit still sexual assaults but not not an act involving the use of physical force or violence and I think we can all connote with that means. So the reason Judge Robinson agreed with the NFL as to the quality of proof, but still only suspended Watson for six games is that in the arbitration context and latent labor law, you gotta follow the law of the shop which is past president arbitral president precedent in the discipline imposed has to be fair and consistent. Otherwise it's too arbitrary so that is not this wide sentencing range given to the arbitrator. She has to be consistent in her decision-making with past precedent involved cases of of nonviolent behavior.

This this is really an issue of industrial due process notice and this is a legal issue and for the food for the national football league players Association have a chance of winning a federal court. I think they should file the lawsuit in Delaware because her analysis would be held to higher respect in a tribunal where she is to serve as a federal judge and I have made that point in the article I wrote a couple days ago so that she's this exalted federal judge who served 25 years on the Delaware Judiciary Chief Judge for seven years. Where does what is Watson when I have this case heard. If you want to elevate Robinson's analysis over and NFL appointed arbitrator you go to a tribunal where Judge Robinson is held to the highest amount of respect which she served on the judiciary so I bring this case in Delaware and there's a nexus between Delaware. In this dispute because that's where the arbitration prevents for the disciplinary proceeding was held. It was conducted in two Robinson's law offices Wilmington, Delaware, and I like Watson's chances. I wouldn't say 50-50 but they're much higher in Delaware than they would be in the Southern District of New York fit so this is all about finding the right venue to have a punchers chance and he definitely has a puncture stance is not to serve six games regardless what it's about seven game seven and beyond Daniel out conduct detrimental notches podcast website and that after I read that article and also read stuff from John Nuccio there, I thank you very much will allow you to best dress.

Guess we've ever had and I appreciate your time sir. We'll talk again soon step up my game for you and for federal court. I was always take care you had a Daniel Malik conduct detrimental so what Roger Goodell said yesterday.

Not a good idea and opens the door for the NFL players Association not run by a dummy to maybe get this to federal court in front of federal judge may be keep the suspension just the six games. This is just are 16 feet away, with Chicago holding a field of dreams game through NFL city for today is our NFL sitting fields in Cincinnati and Chicago playing in a cornfield, and I will guess they are very cool. They just of the year I got Chicago, I was a big fan of the first 15 albums think I like 800 and then Peter Strattera started screeching at me and I just can't. Although hard to say I'm sorry. I have a soft spot in my heart for that song but it's generally because of the movie hard to say I'm sorry, was featured in and just leave it that it was one of those movies that was on like 2 o'clock in the morning on it right so I met you before the break that Paul find Bob just can't help himself. It's been what, a month, basically little bit less than a month since Southern Cal and UCLA rocked the sports world and is actually UCLA news here in the second Iraq to support the college sports world by announcing that they were leaving for the Big Ten course Los Angeles has nothing to do with the Big Ten but they're interested in the money and that's okay and will be more money to the Big Ten to have UCLA and USC in the league so that began a domino effect of, well, Armageddon's happening. The ACC is going to die all the schools are leaving the back 12 and going to the Big Ten. The big 12 is going to die. The ACC plate teams are all to leave and divide after going to the SEC after going to the big direct regards, Paul find bomb can't stop not only limited variation. I think they are trying to get out of the ACC will deny that they're welcome to do so only believe them through intermediaries is trying to figure out a way to get out and go to be. I think ultimately Clemson will be in the SEC is perfect for them. They are the quintessential school there in South Carolina leave Maryville around the corner from Georgia. They arty have South Carolina in the state appreciate the geography lesson we all know where Clemson is and we know their neighbors.

We should we should not have stopped because you know else is a neighbor of South Carolina, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

For now I think I figured out where the playback is just a little Take slow, but either that'll Paul find bomb had oral surgery. Here's the thing. Like I don't dispute that Clemson is interested in envious of going to the SEC I'm sure will be envious of the dollars right.

That's why Southern Southern talent. UCLA did not leave the back 12 to go to the Big Ten because he really aligned with those schools more know they wanted the cash I'm sure Clemson wants the cash to buy the like Florida State does. And Miami does schools would June 19, 2006, but it all started May 6, 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina transition of heartbreak of figuring it out on the fly. Caseworker look at the 25th anniversary of the move presented by the company of North Carolina.

Listen, my blood that grade rights thing that's an impediment. And while I'm not saying never what I am saying is that it's probably going to be one so at some point there will be a move but if every legal mind that I have read on the grant of rights has said the same thing seems pretty ironclad. So with that because of that, and it's in place until the 2036 season. My guess is that Clemson could have all the wanderlust they want. There in the ACC, probably until 2034 2035 so I am not a mother worry about it now, and the college football landscape will look drastically different. By the time we get there. So I like again could be wrong, but based on everything I've read. I don't think Clemson is leaving to go to the SEC anytime soon. Real quick about UCLA. We had about that a minute left when UCLA you UCLA and USC. The two schools in Los Angeles to major schools in the state of California.

What is public was private southern cow is a private school. The governor Gavin Newsom is on the Board of Trustees for UCLA the highest profile public institution in the state of California and he was mad that UCLA theoretically did not inform the state of their plans to leave for the back 12 or for the big for the Big Ten so there is a public hearing. All I think the 17th and what is that today the 11th. So next Wednesday. There is a public hearing in which UCLA is going to have to prove or argue to the board of trustees and the governor why it should be okay if UCLA goes like I think this is simply grandstanding but I'll wait until we hear the arguments but there's some bad people and I did try to make UCLA stay in southern Cal Ben care like I give Stan forget that you come with us. That's a private institution as well. This is the atom gold shell June 19, 2006, but it all started May 6, 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina transition of heartbreak of figuring it out on the fly became split look at the 25th anniversary of the move presented by the Carolina listen now my

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