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Adam answers our latest poll question, but which ended up being the winning topic? The choices were the Field of Dreams game tonight, do the Canes need more scorers, Giants v Patriots, or more Watson talk.

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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August 12, 2022 3:52 pm

Adam answers our latest poll question, but which ended up being the winning topic? The choices were the Field of Dreams game tonight, do the Canes need more scorers, Giants v Patriots, or more Watson talk.

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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August 12, 2022 3:52 pm

Adam answers our latest poll question, but which ended up being the winning topic? The choices were the Field of Dreams game tonight, do the Canes need more scorers, Giants v Patriots, or more Watson talk. Plus, we learn during our Halftime Entertainment that another memorable sports moment could be made tonight, what is returning WAY too soon, and where do you most definitely have to get pizza if you're in Chicago. In Victoria's opinion.

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This is the best of the Adam Gold Show Podcast brought to you by Coach Pete at Capital Financial Advisory Group.

Visit us at This is the Adam Gold Show. Chip Patterson just dropping truth bombs. 100% true. Gotta love them.

Yeah, 100% true. I mean, there are five schools in college basketball that move the needle. Just five. Duke is one. And frankly, it's won by a lot. Kentucky, North Carolina, Michigan State and Kansas are essentially tied for second.

But. I've used this analogy when we've talked about Duke basketball and why when we play these silly. Conference realignment.

Like games of risk. I understand that it's almost entirely about football. It is about it's entirely about football.

I'm not arguing that. The football season is not the only season. And Duke basketball is Notre Dame football. So Duke has value. In the expansion realignment game. And that's why I believe Duke would not be left behind.

Again, I keep pointing this out. Somebody's got to lose. No offense, Duke, but you are. Just perfectly positioned, just like Vanderbilt is to be that team that absorbs a lot of the L's.

When we get to a place where we've got like. 20 teams in the SEC and 20 teams in the Big Ten, and they're only playing each other. There's going to be a lot of upset people, man. There's going to be a lot of alumni throwing a lot of money around for. Seven and five seasons.

Because somebody's got to lose. And it's going to be there's just going to be a lot of unhappy fan bases. Anyway, that's that's a different matter altogether. So we do this at one o'clock every day, but Wednesday when Chip is here, because we get double helpings of Chip Patterson. Where we do a fan listener, Paul Fanpol, I don't know, but fans is probably very presumptuous.

We do a listener poll where you decide what we talk about. We have right in capability. And frankly, we've already used one of the writings because I was unaware that Paul Finebaum had gone that route.

Clemson's going to leave. Yeah, OK. Yeah. In a decade. So we've already done the one of the writings. And today's poll is of these four choices.

What should we talk about? And we've the poll is over. The precincts have closed. Giants Patriots game. Somebody actually voted for that.

What a degenerate you are. No, we're not talking about the Giants and the Patriots today. Is Bill Belichick under some pressure?

And while we're not really going to discuss this, let me just point one thing out. In the last three years, they have made the playoffs twice. But the last year under Tom Brady, it was obvious that they stunk by the time offensively anyway, by the time they got to the playoffs. And that was the the last pass that Brady threw was a pick six in the playoff game and a loss to the Titans. That won a playoff game since twenty eighteen when they won the Super Bowl. And again, this is not about Brady can't do it without or Belichick can't do without Brady. This is Brady was able even at the end to mask a pretty bad offense.

And now they can't anymore. And you simply cannot win games on defense alone unless your defense looks like the 85 Bears or the 2000 Ravens tip. The only choices you got.

If you have one of those defenses, then feel free. Score 17 points a game. You can still win.

But if you don't, you can't. And the Patriots made the playoffs last year, but they weren't good loss in a wild card game. They went they went 10 and seven. They were pretty much just OK. And that's where they are right now.

They need to get better offensively. I think James White retired running back. James White announces retirement today if I kind of just glanced and saw that. So that's the Bill Belichick thing.

Is he under pressure? No. But that team needs to get better. Deshaun Watson suspension we've already talked about with Daniel Wallach. We have not heard a ruling on that.

Same people voted for the same number of people voted for Belichick and Watson. All right. The Carolina Hurricanes. We talked to Don Waddell yesterday about what do they do now that Max Pacioretti is gone until probably middle of February. He said, well, we hope because hockey players apparently don't need Achilles. OK, I'm not a doctor. So I'm just going to respectfully disagree, but I'm not a doctor.

So maybe Don Waddell is right. But they went out and they signed Max Pacioretti because they needed a goal scorer. Now they don't have Max Pacioretti. They need a goal scorer.

There are too many variables for for my money. And again, look, I want the hurricane to do well for those people who don't know. I announced it on the podcast. I'm doing pre and post for the hurricanes this year. I want them to do well. It's more fun when they do well. And I will admit I am a fan, but I try to be the objective fan in this regard. I root for people. You know, I have a good relationship with the head coach. I want Rod Brenda Moore to win a damn Stanley Cup as a coach as well as a player. Maybe that's when I'll get into the Hall of Fame, which is long overdue. Yes.

But you've got. Martini nature's coming off a terrible year. Is he going to get back to the player that they thought they were getting before last year? Is Andrei Svechnikov the first half Andrei or the second half Andrei in the playoff Andrei? Because the second half Andrei and playoff Andrei weren't great in terms of point production. I thought Svechnikov played well, but he didn't finish the deal.

So is Andrei Kasha going to play an entire season for once in his life? So this is where we are with the Hurricanes in that they need too many things to essentially hit. I'm not saying it's an inside straight because I don't think it's that dire, but they need too many things to happen for them to not miss Max Patchee already. I think they need to replace at least a player. You're not going to go out and get somebody who's going to score 30 goals. Well, I mean, you could, but they're not going to do that in terms of finances, right? They're not going to go out.

Let's just I'll throw out a name randomly. They're not going to go trade for Vladimir Tarasenko and put him on the team. And who's about a seven million dollar a year player to they're not going to do that, right?

But you could go out and add somebody who can definitely play in your top nine and fortify the roster that way to alleviate some of the pressure to do that. You would probably have to somehow offload Jake Gardner's contract. Yesterday, Don Waddell said that Jake Gardner will be part of this team. They've seen him skate.

He's working out with actually some teammates who were from Minnesota, including Brady Shay. So he said yesterday that Jake Gardner, because he's a left shot defenseman and they don't really have many of those. They have only got two really that he would be part of the mix. I would argue buying Jake Gardner out at this point is a better idea. And then adding another forward who can help your team to the mix, because there are still some free agents that won't cost you a ton out there. They also need somebody who can shoot the puck from the right side, please. Natius Jarvis. I think Jesper Fosse is right shot, too.

Yeah, that's it. You don't have a right shot center. He mentioned Derek Step on yesterday. I'd be all about I'd be all about bringing Derek Step on in, except if I was Derek Step on.

I'm like, wait a second. I didn't play in the most important games and I was a good player. So I don't want me. I don't want to do that again. But if he doesn't have any other options, maybe Step on comes comes back.

But I loved Derek Step on. I had somebody email me and said, well, Ryan Dzingles here. I'm like, Adam Gold here from my man, Coach Pete DeRuta with the Capital Financial Advisory Group. We are talking retirement.

All right, Coach, simple. When do we start tax planning in retirement? We should start as soon as possible because here's one thing, Adam, taxes are not going away.

And so the game here is we know the rules. A lot of people want to ignore the rules or act like they don't are familiar with them, but the IRS knows the rules. And so we get to retirement. They're going to reach in and start taking some of their money out of your accounts. So the secret here is to put a force field around as much as possible by strategically moving some of our money to Roth IRA or some of the other vehicles that aren't taxed, like special life insurance policies.

You can borrow against your money there and never have to pay tax on your money that you build up inside your cash value. So there are a lot of strategies here. The one strategy that does not work is ignoring it. So let's make sure to not ignore it. The next 10 people will do for you your very own tax and retirement plan that will help you minimize taxation all the way through retirement.

Eight hundred six six one seventy three eighty three. All you got is call or you can text Adam to two one zero zero zero for Coach Pete DeRuta. Well, I can't argue with that.

Ryan does single was signed, but I think Ryan does single was signed to play in the American Hockey League, not the National Hockey League. I think that is a very, very big difference. So look, I don't know where they're going to what they're going to do, but I believe that they need another offensive piece. We saw in the playoffs that if you can't if you can't manufacture offense, it is hard to win, even if you are the better team.

And I know people don't don't believe this. I thought they were the better team than the Rangers in the playoffs. They just lost the series. The chances that the Rangers cashed in on weren't necessarily that much better than the chances the hurricanes had. They just had guys who were more apt to finish them. And that's what the hurricanes need. They need guys who can finish, not finish guys, because they got plenty of finish guys. Oh, I didn't even mention the biggest finish guy, the biggest finish ask is, yes, Perry, Cokie, me really going to replace what they got from Vincent Rocha.

Defensively, offensively, face off circle. I mean, no, if if yes, Perry, Cokie, me produces 50 some odd points this year, then I will be stunned. I just don't look at him as that type of player. He's always 22. So he's still young and still developing. But this is your five for him.

Wow. Yeah, he was a very was a young player who was eligible to come up to the NHL and he was probably rushed by Montreal. And he didn't do well. But he was a he didn't play a ton of games in year three. He was a healthy scratch for their final Stanley Cup finals game. Third pick in the draft was a healthy scratch in that game. So the the hurricanes have a lot of question marks.

And it would be be nice to maybe get an exclamation point somewhere. And we have now reached halftime. Now your halftime entertainment.

All right. It's a big night. Field of Dreams game again in Iowa. And I'm a huge Cubs fan. Are you a Cubs fan?

Yes. I love a couple of years to say the least. But you won a World Series in 2016. You know, that'll last me my lifetime.

So at least I can say I've been there, done that. Well, last year was so emotional and so great. This year is going to be at 715 Eastern Standard Time. Now, last year, the White Sox can't like them. They beat the Yankees with a walk off to run homer.

Of course, it was beautiful. I have to give them credit this year. I'm hoping that the momentum from yesterday's games might carry the Cubs into a win today, because they won against the Nationals 42 and the Reds lost really badly to the Mets.

I'm sure, as you know, 10 to 2. Yeah, I didn't know that it was an afternoon game. Sometimes when, like, we get focused, we don't talk a lot of baseball here. Congratulations to the Braves. Yeah. Prize prospect Vaughn Grissom hit one over the green monster last night in a win over the Red Sox.

Beautiful. I am all about, like, get better. And I think the Braves got better. Marcella Zunna has just been way bad.

Yeah. Way bad. So, anything the Braves can do to get better, you know, good luck. I mean, it's going to be tough to bridge that gap. Seven games back going into today anyway. But good for Atlanta to bring up a stud.

He looks, I mean, hit a home run in his first game. Very promising. Yeah, very good. I think so. So, yeah, I don't know. I can't say I'll actually watch this whole game. I think it's one of those things that it's cool to watch when you're there. But, you know, we'll see. We'll see if we get in our fields, because I also love that movie.

Anyway, moving on. Speaking of Chicago, have you been out that way before? I have never been. I've changed planes in Chicago. I have never been on the ground in Chicago. Well, I highly recommend just hanging around, because Wrigleyville is awesome. But do go in the summertime.

I have not been in the winter. So, but when you do go, you know, you've got to have pizza. You've got to get pizza.

And the great debate? No. Well, most people, you've got to get their deep dish pizza when you go to Chicago.

It's like, I mean, you just have to check that box. I'll get an Italian beef. Okay.

We'll do that. Yeah, you can't go wrong with that. Not the pizza, though. Just pie. It is a lot of pie.

It's a lot of pie. Well, the great debate is whether to go to Lou Malnati's or Giordano's. I've been to both multiple times. I probably don't have the popular opinion. I'm a Giordano's girl.

Why is that not a popular opinion? So Lou Malnati's, he kind of started everything in the 1940s. And it was in a northern suburb of Chicago.

Giordano's didn't start until 1974. So I think a lot of people are like, lose the OG. And it's just the feels, the nostalgia of it all. But I don't know. I'm also a cheese lover. And here's the difference. Giordano's pizza has an extra layer of dough where they have cheese in there, too. And so for me, that's it.

Sign me up. Cheese all day. Well, if you like a lot of cheese... Yeah, carbs and cheese. Yeah, bread and cheese, then the deep dish is for you.

All about it. I prefer Detroit pizza to Chicago pizza. You know I have not had Detroit pizza. Oh, if I could just... This is a free plug.

They do not sponsor this show at all. Jets pizza, the square pizza. Yes. It's addictive.

I mean, it looks amazing, but pictures are deceiving. So sometimes I'll have to try that out now. So anyway, if you go to Chicago, definitely eat some pizza.

Try Lou Malnati's and Giordano's. See which one you like. Next up.

I feel like I already know what the answer to this question is going to be. Are you a pumpkin spice person? I hate pumpkin.

I hate everything about it. I knew that. Except to carve it and put it on my front porch. True.

Put a little light in it. God, you just... I'm the worst. You're not down for that? No, I don't like anything pumpkin.

Okay, well... I don't like pumpkin beer. I don't like pumpkin pie. I don't like pumpkin scented candles.

See, I'm the opposite. Give me all the pumpkin. Let me have it all. I love it. But is August too soon?

Yes. As a pumpkin spice lover, it is too soon. Oreos is bringing back their pumpkin spice Oreos. Never had it.

Don't know if I want it. But it's coming back August 15th for a limited time. So stock up so you can eat it while it's actually fall. You're a terrorist if you eat that. I know. It's too soon. If I'm still eating watermelon, I should not be eating pumpkin spice things. You know what?

That. Off with a crossbar, and the Hurricanes have won the Stanley Cup. June 19th, 2006. But it all started May 6th, 1997, with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina. It's a story of transition, of heartbreak, of figuring it out on the fly. The Cane's Corner look at the 25th anniversary of the move. Presented by the Aluminum Company of North Carolina. Listen now.

Find Cane's 25th anniversary wherever you get your podcast. That is a very good way to discern right there. Yes. If I can still eat watermelon, I should not be eating pumpkin. Exactly. I would like to eat watermelon year round. Oh, me and you both. And they're not the only ones. Dunkin Donuts is bringing back their signature lattes, cold brews, donuts, all the things.

August 17th, pumpkin spice related. It's too much. That's too much. I don't know, but to each their own, I guess.

No, we should arrest people. No, seriously, I was in the grocery store yesterday, and I have not had a lot of, I've not bought a lot of beer the last five months. I really haven't. I've just, I've really kind of cut out of it. My wife's not, we used to drink like a beer or two almost every night.

We don't anymore. But I bought a six pack, a new six pack of beer last night, and I nearly didn't because Oktoberfest beer is out. Oh, yes. It's August 10th. I'm not ready.

I'm not ready. Can we not Oktoberfest? In August? When it's 98 degrees? That's what gets me.

You can't even walk from the car to the store without sweating halfway. You're ready for a beer, but you don't need all that spice right now. What's going on? No, I don't want any of it. Who's making these decisions? I don't even want it in October.

I know it is kind of hot still here in October, so it might be a little too soon. Moving on to the next thing, which is also something kind of weird that you can ingest. Coca-Cola has announced its fourth and final bizarre creations flavored. Now this kind of combines eating weird things in our field of dreams because it's called Dream World. Now, apparently it's supposed to taste like dreams, which is mango and citrus.

I don't know if I would put those two together and think, oh, that's going to taste like dreams, but apparently Coca-Cola thinks that you will. So I saw Coca-Cola had something called Starlight. Yes.

Right? That was one of the Coke Zero Starlight, and I didn't hate it. Okay.

It was fine. It's worth getting. Yeah. I mean, it really doesn't taste that different than Coke Zero. It almost tastes like there's almost a cinnamon finish to it, but if I find Coke Zero cherry, I might buy all of them.

Right. It's a perfect combo. I don't know, this is a little tangent, but popcorn and Coke cherry together. Like if you go to the movie theater, I haven't been to the movie since pre-pandemic, so it's been a minute.

Nor have I. That combo? All the way. I can't do high test. The only high test sodas I can do, root beer and ginger ale.

I don't want any other high test sodas. Yeah. I'm down with both of those.

Those are good calls. Well, like you mentioned Starlight, there's another one called Bite and then one that's unnamed. So that's their whole Creations collection. They couldn't even name the other one.

Unnamed? Yes. I looked it up and it's a collab with an artist named Marshmello. And for some reason, why wouldn't you call it Marshmello?

I don't know. It's ridiculous, but. Have you ever been to the world of Coke in Atlanta?

No, I have not. Worth going. You get to sample different carbonated, they're not all Cokes. Okay.

Like where they sell and like in Italy and Taiwan, wherever Coca-Cola is sold, a lot of times in certain cities, certain countries, there'll be something specifically for them. And there are some vile options. Wow.

I'm just saying. But you can sample all of them at the world of Coke in Atlanta. And it's, it's fascinating. Like people drink this. Wow.

Why? It's like wine tasting for Coke. Way worse. Way worse. Way worse.

There's nothing bad about wine tasting. No, no. I'm I agree with that.

Is it like a Hershey PA where they've got the little Hershey Kisses as lights or their little Coca-Colas on the light pole? I didn't see that. Oh, well, they should. Missed opportunity.

They totally should. I have not. I have not been to Hershey Park. Is it anything like, like Wonka World?

It felt like it as a kid. River of chocolate. They do have a little factory where you can sit in a little cart and go through and watch them make chocolate. But this is also like nine-year-old Victoria Brain trying to remember this stuff. Why do you have to be nine years old to want to watch people make chocolate?

That was the last time I went. So I'm going off of a very long, I do it all day again. So, and the last thing, finally, just in case you weren't hungry enough, ketchup and mustard flavored Doritos are a thing now. Wait, ketchup and mustard combined or ketchup flavored Doritos and mustard flavored? On their own.

Yes, I think so. There's ketchup and there's a mustard one. Now they're doing this as a test run and you can buy them on

We're not sponsored by them. But is this supposed to like take away the condiments? Like are you supposed to use this in place of ketchup and mustard? Does somebody dunk a Dorito in ketchup or mustard?

I'm sure there's someone out there that does. You know there are people who put chips on their sandwiches too. You ever put Fritos corn chips on a sandwich? I did that as a kid.

Lay's is also a good chip to put on there. Yeah, potato chips. Yeah, I've seen it. I've seen it. It's a little weird.

But it's not offensive weird. I mean, look, Doritos, it's not my thing anyway. And although I will admit in college, the Cool Ranch Doritos came in handy. Oh, yes.

Cool Ranch Doritos did come in handy. That's a favorite of Christian McCaffrey. And I'm a favorite of him. Or he's a favorite of mine, I should say. Either way, maybe both. We've never met. We don't know. He doesn't know it yet, Victoria.

Yes, one of these days. But the Cool Ranch, but yeah, look, if you're interested in... I know. It's these flavors, like it just, it's crazy some of the flavors that these people come up with. But hey, if you're interested in it, you can find that and then maybe instead of putting ketchup on your burger, you could put a Dorito?

I don't know. Victoria doesn't put any condiments on burgers or hot dogs. Oh, wow. And I don't understand how he eats them.

Yeah. No, especially burgers. I have to have cheese, at least. At the very least.

Sometimes no cheese. It depends on what day it is. Really.

He's so random. All right. When we come back, we're going to place our bets. I believe Dennis has probably already phoned his in and I think I might have won one yesterday, but I'm not sure. We're going to go back and look next.

Victoria in for Dennis, although Dennis always makes his presence felt, especially this time, this time of the day. It was, uh, it was yesterday. He didn't want you to bet for him. No. Right.

Even though I have no problem. He's betting for me when I'm not here. I know. And he also wouldn't let you do the NFL sitting.

But as a Chicago aficionado, right, you are going to hold him to account when we get to that part before we get to placing our bets. Just a couple of very quick things that people have responded to. We were talking about coaches before. And we're also talking about conference, realignment, reshuffling. And I mentioned that UCLA is going to have to argue its case to the governor and the board of trustees why they should go to the Big Ten. So Steve wanted to know why I thought UCLA was a higher profile school than Cal.

And I don't even know why I have to answer that. Like it's not necessarily a better academic school than Cal than the University of California at Berkeley. But among all of the schools in the university of the California university system, the one that almost everybody knows first is UCLA. They might not know it as the University of California system, but they all know UCLA.

So I mean, that's just self-explanatory. And then Eric points out that the top basketball schools should break away to form its own conference. And that would be fabulous if they all hated money.

It'd be fabulous if they all hated money. Because that's what would happen. A purely basketball league would ultimately be exactly what John Swofford back now in 2002, 2003, when the ACC started first discussing expansion. That's what they were trying to avoid, being a boutique basketball league.

That's the whole point. Now they've, we can argue, I heard Joe Giglio saying that the ACC's problem, and I'm not saying he's wrong because in retrospect, we can go back and say that they shouldn't have added, let's just say Boston College. That when the ACC expanded, Joe Giglio is a friend of ours from 99.9, the fan in Raleigh, and he's been a guest on this program often. But yeah, I mean, in retrospect, Boston College adding the Boston market wasn't the best idea because Boston as a, BC sports as a whole are not very popular in Boston. But you clear games in Boston. So you are clearing games in one of the best media markets, one of the best sports towns in the country. And I mean, it's a niche market for a place like that.

I get it. But I don't think adding Boston as a market or thinking that Syracuse brought you New York when it really didn't, I don't think those were the mistakes because I don't think where they expanded was necessarily a mistake. They did try to avoid Virginia Tech and avoiding Virginia Tech would have been a mistake as it turns out. And they said for the same reasons, they didn't go to West Virginia. That's like, why don't we want West Virginia? I mean, sometimes fan bases matter and West Virginia has got a great fan base.

But the real problem with ACC expansion, I think is pretty similar and it's something that I've said before. The ACC, since expansion, first Miami along with Virginia Tech and then Louisville, whatever, the ACC's football brands have other than Clemson now and Florida State a decade ago, the football brands haven't been good. If Florida State had stayed at their level, if Miami had stayed at their level and Clemson arrives at this level and you've got three teams that routinely play in the top 10, top 15 at worst, it's a different ballgame, completely different ballgame. The problem isn't Boston College. The problem is Miami, has been Miami.

So I mean, I think that's just logic because ultimately your television packages are worth more if we know there are going to be more good games. I mean, nobody really cares about what's going on in the state of Mississippi. No offense to the state people in Mississippi.

Nobody cares. But if you've got a good football team, then the network say, hey, we got 11th ranked Ole Miss against Georgia. We got a ranked matchup to sell. So much better than when the ACC's got four ranked teams and one of them's Wake Forest. No offense to Wake Forest. They ain't moving a needle. We get, we understand that.

But that's the way I think we should all look at conference expansion or what went wrong is that the football brands didn't do very well. All right. We've got time to make bets. So let's do it. Place your bets. Place your bets. I bet you slice into the woods a hundred bucks.

Gambling is illegal with Bushwood, sir. And I never slide. Damn it! Okay, you can load me. I owe you.

Can I just say that I'm bummed that we didn't get a chance to talk to Andres Cantor because it was my opportunity to talk soccer. Yeah. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe.

I don't know. I will certainly, we can make soccer bets, although, uh, not, not doing well there either right now. All right. So, uh, so Dennis won't let you bet, Victoria. So where is Dennis going first? All right.

The first one. Now I'm rooting against him. Exactly. Yes. Take that, Dennis.

Patriots money line over Giants plus one 35 plus one 35 Patriots minus plus one 35. All right. I was going to do that, but I'm not doing it now. Gosh.

I hate when he does that. Uh, all right. Men's tennis, Tommy Paul over Marin Chilich, Tommy Paul's, uh, plus money is like plus one 20 or something like that. Give me Tommy Paul.

Go America. There you go. Men are playing in wherever the men are playing, uh, Montreal men are in Montreal. Perfect. By the way, Gail Monfils was announced to play in the Winston-Salem open next, I think is it next week?

Next week or the week after a final us open tuneup. Oh, wow. That's a, uh, I think he was a finalist or a semifinalist last year.

Uh, he is just super fun to watch. Oh, big show. He was announced. So yes, big yet. Oh, well, moving on to the next one.

Britain's money line over Ravens plus one 15. Really? All right. You know what I might do here?

Was that also something that you had? Yes. I was going to do both of those. So now here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to parlay the other teams, both of them. There you go.

So give me the giants and the Ravens at minus money. Both of them parlayed. There you go. Boom.

Thanks, Dennis. All right. I'm rooting for you because this last one, let me tell you, he likes to talk about UFC, but your girl knows some UFC.

UFC. Oh yes. I bet. You'll see now that we're friends on, on the Twitters because every Saturday I'm blowing it up for all like two followers I have.

Yes, absolutely. You've got well over two more than two followers, maybe, maybe 10. So he has Marlon Vieira by decision over Dominic Cruz. I can agree that I think Vieira is going to win.

He also has plus a one 30. I can agree that I think Vieira is going to win, but this is how, you know, he doesn't know this player. It's Cheeto. He goes by Cheeto. Oh really? Yes.

Vieira goes by Cheeto. Okay. So there you go. All right. Well, I'm, uh, I'm on board with that. Sorry, Dennis. Uh, getting punked all over the place today.

All right. A, uh, because we, we need, we, we need some good feeling here. Uh, we're doing, uh, Sicari in the, uh, in the women's event. I forget who she playing against. I forgot to write down who she was playing against. She is minus one 50, a favorite. I'm taking a favorite because I need to win sad.

This is what I resorted to. This is the Adam gold show. June 19th, 2006, but it all started May 6th, 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina.

It's a story of transition of heartbreak, of figuring it out on the fly. The canes corner. Look at the 25th anniversary of the mood presented by the aluminum company of North Carolina. Listen now find James 25th anniversary, wherever you get your podcasts.
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