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Out of the Gate consists of more Carolina Panther updates from practice, the UNC women's BBC throws some shade, and the PGA says don't give up on us too fast.

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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August 16, 2022 4:45 pm

Out of the Gate consists of more Carolina Panther updates from practice, the UNC women's BBC throws some shade, and the PGA says don't give up on us too fast.

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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August 16, 2022 4:45 pm

Out of the Gate consists of more Carolina Panther updates from practice, the UNC women's basketball coach throws some shade, and the PGA says don't give up on us too fast. 

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This is the best of the Adam Gold Show Podcast. Brought to you by Coach Pete at Capital Financial Advisory Group.

Visit us at This is the Adam Gold Show. Well, you know what we need? I should have told you to have Stone Cold Steve Austin's music ready to come blasting in over the Masters stuff because one of the things we're gonna talk about today is a huge meeting going down in the world of golf. Including the big cat himself coming in to talk about it, maybe trying to finally put a smack down on this live golf thing that's getting out of control. We thought that was Taylor's ours and we talked to him Monday about Cameron Smith possibly probably being the next guy to exit. He is declared himself out of the next tournament with hip discomfort. I believe it was this is after getting a penalty ruled against him 24 hours after the fact.

I don't think that had anything to do with it. I think he was gone. But we will talk a little bit of golf. But we're already off to a bad start here, Victoria, because do you know what happened today when I came? What was that? Okay, first of all, I'm cruising in.

Hayes Permar filling in on the Adam Gold Show, by the way. People don't care about that. They want me to keep going with my story. Victoria, filling in, producing.

They do care about you more than they care about me. I'm cruising in. I'm a little late. Don't have time to get my usual fast food lunch, right? Right. And then I'm like, they got a snack machine here. So I roll up to the snack machine and I'm trying to decide what nabs I'm going to get. Right. Like the orange ones with peanut butter. And I see the kneecap. Okay.

People maybe say them different ways. I don't know. And it's some sort of, I don't know, is it a graham cracker outside? What is that cracker?

That's kind of what I get the impression of. Somewhere in the graham cracker family is our kneecap on the outside, right? And I presume it's got the brown, like, you know, label and it says kneecap. And so I'm like, boom, that's what I'm going for. Money in, kneecap out.

I pick it up. Kneecap with lemon cream? Are you kidding me? Oh, that is a thing.

What is this? That is a thing. What is, it should not be a thing, especially if it's the only kneecap in the machine.

Now there may have been the peanut butter that was out because it's obviously the only kneecap that you would get. But we were off to a bad start. I can't complain too much because a good friend, Joe Giglio, did offer to pick me up anything if I wanted it. But I got time for all that.

And besides, I'm too full of things to talk about to be able to be hungry. So let's go ahead and jump out the gate. All right. Just kidding. We're not getting out the gate yet. More intro, because this is going to feed into actually getting out the gate.

I'm kidding. You can still play the music. Just keep playing the music. Because here's what happens, folks. You know, much like is happening with the weather right now is tricking people into being like, you know what? It's fall. I think it might just darn be fall. All those pumpkin spice is too early takes. Everybody's like, you know what?

This morning a pumpkin spice latte might have been pretty good, right? So everybody's like, I don't know. It might actually be fall. Don't do it. Don't fall for it this time. The same thing is happening in sports.

Okay. You see a weekend of preseason football and you're like, ah, all the sports are back. We're playing them all. We got games.

We got actual things to talk about. And much like I hate to break it to you, especially if you're new to North Carolina, this is not fall. This is false fall.

This is fake fall. Summer is coming back and it's going to come back with a vision because it's going to be when you're sitting at a football game in the middle of the day in the hot sun. It's 97 degrees. Feels like 108 again. You know, like it was just a week ago. It's coming.

It may not be on your 10 day right now, but it will show up again. So the same thing is happening in sports. We had a weekend of preseason games. We saw Baker Mayfield throw.

We saw Sam Darnell play. Right. But actually, we don't have anything to talk about. Yeah, there's no real games.

But what do you want me to talk about? Baseball? Is that what you want? Baseball?

No. So to the rescue comes our good friend, Courtney Banger, who knows that rivalries are what sports are all about. It's about the drama and stepping out of coach cliche is what everybody wants. She showed up on the British. Yes, Tar Heels podcast, which I'm just going to put this out.

There may not be a thing too much longer. There's a great show I used to watch that they had a recurring thing where they would be like fill in the blank with the person's name and it was so-and-so made headlines yesterday but not the good kind like you want and that person Courtney Bangard was that person. Courtney Bangard made headlines yesterday but not the good kind like you want. She went on the British Tar Heels podcast and he asked her a direct question who do you hate more NC State or UNC or Duke excuse me and here's what Courtney Bangard said. Do you enjoy beating more NC State or Duke?

Oh gosh it's like you're asking me who I hate less it's like I hate. Adam Goldin studio with my friend coach Pete DeRuta with the Capital Financial Advisory Group we are talking retirement. Coach how does longevity risk figure into our retirement and income plan?

This is the best of times and the worst of times Adam. The longevity risk means we're gonna live too long but to me every day I live is not too long. So we want our money to outlive us and unfortunately many people have seen you out there listening maybe one of them your money is not designed to outlive you. You might outlive your money and that's not what we want to have happen because when we get to that day after you run out of money it's not gonna be a fun time so let's design a plan that guarantees you'll never run out of money we call it the GPI plan growth protection lifetime income for the next 10 people this is a golden ticket Adam thousand-dollar value gonna do it at no cost or obligation. And all you have to do is call we make it so easy would you like financial independence into your retirement and beyond it 800-661-7383 that golden ticket is a $1,000 value or you could text Adam to 2 1 0 0 0 for coach Pete DeRuta. I guess the question normally is who do you hate more NC State or Duke but I didn't want to yeah I just made it easy for you who do I hate less it's like okay that's like who's your favorite child right I mean it's like I hate both of them more than probably I should because I don't have the history that everybody else has Duke is a national and international rivalry that I love NC State fans are so classless I just don't even like going there right so I I don't know it's a hard one it's a hard one both the same but the same equally I have more respect for Duke but I like beating them because they're more relevant NC State is just mean to each other to us and each other mean to each other so that was the whole thing and of course obviously you know NC State fans took issue with that I do have what they actually he started the question who do you like to beat more he did not put it he did not phrase it as hate now say who do you hate more so I actually had kind of hearing that again reminded me that she walked it in there took it to that place I took it to that it's like asking which child do you like more like she made it a Sophie's Choice type thing okay you know like come on that's right okay dr. Phil yeah it's a very weird and maybe it was there different theories like was she just assuming that nobody was watching that she would do was just a funny cute little thing that people over in England like there's like eight people that get together and watch UNC games yeah and this is their crew whatever shade and fine but not realizing that like the world's pretty connected these days if you you know if you talk smack about somebody there's a good chance they're gonna find out about it so here's the thing she shouldn't have said it she made it awkward weirdly awkward for really no reason she I mean there's room to say that you like beat number that you really don't like it she stayed without calling the fans classless without just a couple other you know the way she went about it but sure enough not too much later in the afternoon after that became public well first what happened is that video went private and then it got hacked where that question got taken out of it but what again once it's out there it's out there you can't take a bag the video and and nobody else is watching any of the rest of the video anyway right the only relevant part is that part so that's the ones getting all the lessons corny banger came out with this statement I'm honored to be part of some of the best rivalries in all of women's basketball and inspired by the competitiveness that our game ignites as a coach and leader my responsibility is to lead thoughtfully and respectfully well that said I want to sincerely apologize for my recent comments circulating from a podcast I love a podcast then it was at least you didn't say a podcast from a guy at his mom's basement she could have like been more dismissive while attending to keep the competitive energy fueled between two passionate fan bases I took it too far I carelessly use the word classless in reference to the passionate fans of NC State and I deeply regret my word choice it doesn't accurately depict my feelings for one and there's no place for name-calling that said I want to publicly apologize first and foremost to the players and coaches who've worked tirelessly tirelessly to be great at NC State I also want to apologize to the Wolfpack fan base I have the utmost respect for the uniqueness of the rivalries in our state as they help our game to be great everyone involved in my program NC State's program and the communities of both schools deserve better and you will get it from me moving forward all right here's my thing she shouldn't have said it but also like you don't have to apologize to that I'm not gonna go all like you know our society's soft you know there are times where an apology is certainly warranted right and maybe we probably debate apologies way too much which is exactly what I'm doing right now but like in my mind you know the the state Vans would have really enjoyed sharing and saying I can't wait to beat her again by 30 like we did the last time in Reynolds or whatever and she's already given him fodder with the small gym stuff you know like so I she shouldn't have said it but I appreciate it not just in the I'm a radio goes to talk about stuff like no I appreciate people stepping out but again it didn't when Roy Williams would talk about his disdain for NC State it felt like he was holding back like it felt like you knew what it was just him and his players he was saying a couple steps further than what he was saying in the media which again he never held back on his feelings about NC State the kitchen table was a lot different I'm sure yeah but there is there is something to there's something to classless and also you're putting that blanket on everybody right yeah that she just didn't need to do but also I felt like she didn't need to apologize let you know let it sit out there now now you know you made everybody mad you made state fans mad you made UNC fans mad no anyway but because we're in false fall of sports season we will take it Courtney banger we will appreciate you live your truth Courtney something happened next up getting out the gate the Carolina Panthers you know they're gonna make me talk about NFL they wouldn't let me go too long they're gonna start looking in the windows and be like what are you gonna talk about the NFL we will take you out of here we will pull you out of the studio with a cane right now like a vaudeville act shut it down start talking about NFL so I'll give you this okay I don't have any insight but today is apparently the day that you should be following your favorite Panthers beat reporter your favorite Panthers Twitter account for information because as we talked to yesterday with Taylor's arzer and he's Shroff I've heard Darren Gant say this on radio and other people saying this is one of the times that actually matters a little bit later than this you start going into full bubble wrap mode don't let anybody we think is gonna be useful this season get hurt that that becomes the third preseason game right Christian McCaffrey yes and so apparently well he's in full bubble wrap mode all preseason apparently this is the one time that they are unwrapping the bubble wrap yes and letting him out there so I also just just as of note I was I was glancing at I believe it was Carolina Blitz our good friend Vashti her account she had a helicopter landing at the practice drop someone off you know you're in a rich environment when you're not sure whose helicopter is it which billionaire is landing at the Patriots Panthers scrimmage by helicopter I used to work at a camp it was YMCA camp but a little bit of a ritzy element to it it's you know and most people drove down you know my family drove in a big family van the you know maybe maybe more upper class people might drive a nice brand new suburban right sure but like a nice brand new suburban isn't enough because some people could show up in this camp in a boat oh you drop your kid off on boat but then but then not to be out dawn every couple of years we would have somebody come by helicopter and we would cater to them by driving the golf cart out to pick up and I'm like no if you show my helicopter we'll give you the big field to land in it's gonna drag your month-long trunk of clothes across that field yourself Bob bringing you a golf car you're gonna be bougie but apparently you know I didn't work in the development office you know I was told go out there and pick it up with a golf car but just anytime you see somebody landing in a helicopter and you're not even sure who it is you know you've got billionaires in the air yes so yes Christian McCaffrey is going to play there will probably it's almost like Baker Mayfield has taken the upper hand in the quarterback race if you listen to the people that seem to know and read the tea leaves so I mean obviously injury would be the thing that derails that and knock on whatever you can be near you know we don't want anybody getting hurt but like unless something I don't know weird terrible outlier ish happens either like Sam Darnell looking incredibly good against a Bill Belichick defense that might actually be trying hard and and Baker Mayfield fumbling more snaps with the center you know unless it's some something crazy like that we're likely to see Baker possibly named the starter after the second game and we'll see how the rest of the starting lineup shape up but again these next two days apparently really matter so pants I'm not gonna pretend that I could tell you who's leading in these position battles but in the we always roll our eyes and make fun of like you know in voluntary workouts beat writers are all out there be like oh Baker Mayfield just connect with Robbie Anderson you know as if most amazing thing the Super Bowl 12 wins you know like whatever but apparently if you actually want to read some tea leaves you can go read them today read the read Joe person's article at the end of the day the end of the practice we might see I don't know even know exactly practice ends we might see if any audio drops during this show we'll try and bring you updates on Panthers practice that actually matters more than the preseason games next up getting out the game all right we mentioned this first thing but there is a players only meeting going on on the PGA Tour this is from Alan ship knock golf writer who was last seen being handled by goons at a live press conference with Greg Norman staring him down but here was the tweet from yesterday that had the golf world all abuzz said I'm hearing tomorrow's PGA Tour player meeting regarding live is going to be a banger suppose this supposedly everything is on the table from major championship boycotts to Monahan's future to a larger compromise and Tiger MF woods I'm not shortening it he used the letters not the words Tiger MF woods is expected to fly in to provide counsel slash bully slash cajole we'll see what needs to be done now the reason I laugh at this and I call it a players only meeting they're probably gonna be PGA Tour officials there too although not the Commissioner Jay Moynihan it's Jay Pat Moynihan something one of those one of the one hands but didn't play players only meeting is usually reserved for team sports and we kind of mock it when it's like oh that you know this team it's usually like a high profile team because they're getting a lot of you know press it's a New York team or the Dallas Cowboys or you know some team that's the Super Bowl champion and they're not doing well the next year they start out one and four and like players only meeting like NBA team you know sometimes I get the coaches out players only meeting and like at some point somebody like Bill Russell threw a players only meeting at one point and it like mattered it actually worked because he said you know you know we're gonna do it our way I don't know whatever but over the course of time June 19 2006 but it all started May 6 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina it's a story of transition of heartbreak of figuring it out on the fly the canes corner look at the 25th anniversary of the move presented by the aluminum company of North Carolina listen now fine canes 25th anniversary wherever you get your podcast it became mine to me the players only meeting now you know what I think of what I think players only meeting varsity blues like when they come they're like we're gonna win this game and like Dawson Lear takes over and whatever is yeah yeah and he's like you're gonna be the oven scored in like players only meeting let's go so it's usually a team sport thing and we usually kind of roll our eyes on it it's like this the next step in we're trying to get things together like well what are you guys doing to fix this have you should have you had a players only meeting like all right okay okay we've gotten to that level we've had a players only meeting but to see it in a an individual sport it just I just find it humorous a PGA tour players only meeting now what's not funny is their jobs and their careers and are at a sort of crisis or crossing roads however you want to describe it depending on how you're looking at it but this is a real problem especially as young players Taylor's ours are on this show I think he said Cam Smith is leaving is one of the biggest blows maybe maybe the biggest blow so far everybody else you started with justification of like it's old washed-up dudes and that's what it looked like then it was like certain dudes that you know they may still be good Bryson D Chambaud but you can give an excuse for wives okay to lose this guy or that guy but Cam Smith you know coming off of a major win young dude very good golfer and now to turn around and be going to the live golf tour but here's the thing I feel like it's much more understandable take take the the politics and the Saudi stuff out of it it's much more understandable for any international golfer to join the live tour right like they don't have as strong a tour and especially if you're not you know the European tour you know if you're not even Europe the rest of the tours they've all got names but it's like a collection of places and you're used to playing internationally anyway the one of the things that I also read about the players only meter before the players only meeting is some of the information that they're going in with because we've seen the PGA raised purses but when they're like oh we're putting 15 or 20 million more dollars in the pot when you're here in you know 50 and 70 and hundred million dollar signings that doesn't mean that much but listen to this the latest thing that I've read they're circulating a document to try and say and this and this is you know real deal it's almost like do you remember the discussion where every time a new if you were a returning starting quarterback and you signed a new contract it was gonna be the biggest starting quarterback contract for the most part right it didn't mean you were the best it means you would sign the most recently because when the last guy signed his contract money was the money was less right the money continues to grow so the PGA Tour is trying to let golfers know like hey don't don't be caught up in what some of these guys have earned their whole career because that's starting in Dustin Johnson the million dollars he earned in 2020 would have been a five million dollar purse excuse me in 2000 when he started would have been a five million dollar purse they got a number out there that if Jim Furyk guy was very successful on the PGA Tour won a ton of events but he played most of his time pre Tiger so the purses weren't nearly as big no if they say if he started his career right now in 2022 and played for 20 years and won a hundred of inch whatever it is he would want 600 million dollars in today's dollars and that's what they're trying to tell these guys of like hey hey let's get real about the money a 50 million 50 million dollars splash bonus right now and even somebody over there in the end of the day it measured in real dollars with inflation and increase of purses is not the the super mega deal that it might look like yes obviously the biggest names and and again the guys that are at the end of their career that's something to be weighed against like well yeah I don't have that much of time but if you're gonna have a 10 15 20 year PGA to PGA your career yes what do the real dollars look like and that's what the PGA Tour is trying to let these guys know so it's interesting and again the little tidbit of Tiger Woods coming in and like what tiger you gonna get are you gonna get tiger like break it down in tears and and you know pull it on the heartstrings are you gonna tiger like in dudes faces like what I feel like at a certain age it would have been tiger I don't know trying to intimidate guys sure now I feel like we've seen soft tiger this is dad tiger this is a play with my son tiger this is hugs can a President's Cup captain tiger guys all waited for me after I won my master's tiger like he could go in there I think you get a little emotional so that as many people have said get me a pay-per-view stream of this meeting and we can get a pretty good purse going right now like there enough dudes who would pay 50 bucks dudes is a universal term for me golf fans yes men and women but there are people that will that would pay to watch this meeting and we could at least run up a couple more bucks for these guys and dudettes absolutely and finally getting out the gate a little news from the world of college football yesterday Miami and Atlanta have landed college football playoff championship games Atlanta in 2025 Miami in 2026 that's kind of cool those are closer than most of Atlanta obviously be the closest a college football playoff championship game will be held to us in the triangle until you know you gotta wonder if Charlotte is trying to make themselves obviously David Tepper would love to hit us that level of game they're not in the rotation yet what's also significant about 2026 that's the end of the current contract right it's the 2025 season but the championship games gets played 2026 and so after that who knows it was looking like it might go to 12 teams the ACC helped smack that down now the ACC may be trying to get back in that game we'll see what the playoff looks like after that and that'll determine what the championship sites look like as well just a while we're talking college football to recap from yesterday five ACC teams in the top 25 the top 25 dropped right as our show was going on Josh Goodson reminded us who had NC State ranked the highest and who didn't rank them but yes Clemson for state NC State 13 Miami 16 Pitt 17 Wake 22 I think it was just last year that there was only two teams in the top 25 for a lot of the season for the ACC so start out with five is good you got to love the respect being shown to Wake Forest give me that top 25 nod Pitt is a team that I'm worried about staying in there and Miami is always the wild card like who knows what what Miami are you getting good Miami or bad Miami I also have to give a shout out though to the Mountain West like sports information people are good at like manipulating stats to make them sound bigger than they actually are our favorite of course is the whatever Duke and UNC play somebody you'll find a point in time at which if that were the starting point they're tied exactly in points right like if you go back and say like every year somebody's doing the math to make it so that the rivalry looks like they've scored the exact same number of points if you start from 1972 or whatever it is right so shout out to the Mountain West for trumpeting their five teams in the top 44 and what's the top 44 clearly they had the 44th team so you got to go like far enough to get as many of your team did as you can but then like not one further so you know you don't want to water it down by say a top 50 right yeah cut it off at 44 so they can brag they had the same number as the big 12 and more than the pack 12 so that'd be like me saying the ACC five teams in the top 25 only one fewer than the SEC we're right there when everybody knows like the SEC has I believe three of the top five which is that's a little bit different than the ACC's five in the top 25 and of course there is always Clemson clear carrying the flag for us and the top five can NC State obviously if they jump out of the gate with a couple wins they're gonna creep into the top ten just based on shakeup right if you don't lose you win your first two weeks out those are both gonna be big games obviously for NC State then you might see them in the top ten to be really cool to see if we can get Clemson and NC State as a top ten matchup by the time those are played but yeah that was the AP top 25 this is the Adam Gold show June 19 2006 but it all started May 6 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina it's a story of transition of heartbreak of figuring it out on the fly the canes corner look at the 25th anniversary of the move presented by the aluminum company of North Carolina listen now find James 25th anniversary wherever you get your podcast
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