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Does Florida State want to leave the ACC?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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August 22, 2022 2:55 pm

Does Florida State want to leave the ACC?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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August 22, 2022 2:55 pm

Does Florida State want to leave the ACC? Wes Durham of the ACC Network joined the show to talk about the changing landscape of college sports, including what Florida State President Richard McCullough had to say regarding 'being aggressive' towards conference realignment, whether it means FSU wants to leave, or if FSU wants to push the ACC to continue to add schools.

Also, talks about the English Premier League, including the EPL matchup between Liverpool and Manchester United, and UNC Football naming a starting quarterback in Drake Maye.

Plus, sports betting picks for the day.

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I am Adam Gold. At state's own Tay Hayes. Got the Panthers on the board. Turnovers are a hard thing to coach.

They're a hard thing to figure in, factor in. But the Panthers need more of them on defense. Doesn't matter how good your defense is if you're not getting turnovers, you're ultimately going to wear down. And I thought the Panthers defense got exposed toward the end of the year. They will need even a better pass rush than they had a year ago. Brian Burns going to need some help. And they're going to have to stop the run again. That was a little bit concerning to me.

Of course, it was mostly twos and threes. We'll see more ones this week, Friday, when they play the Bills in the final. You know, friendly, the friendly finale before the start of the season against the Cleveland Browns. We will talk Panthers as we give you the results of today's listener poll now. So here's what Dennis put on the poll for us.

What should we talk about today at one o'clock? NL East, the race between the Mets, the Braves, the Phillies, took a bad turn for Atlanta last night or yesterday evening or late afternoon, early evening. Mets rallied from four nothing, seven, four and eight, seven down to beat the Phillies, ten to nine in Philadelphia. Braves got beat by the Astros and that margin is now four in the lost column in the NL East. But the Braves are going to make the playoffs. They're eight games clear in the wildcard race. I think Philadelphia man's the second wildcard spot and they're eight behind Philadelphia. Braves are going to make the playoffs and I'm not sure the Braves and the Mets aren't the two best teams.

I understand the Dodgers have this incredible record, but the way the Braves and the Mets are playing and Dodgers also win forever. So that came in fourth. UNC starting quarterback came in third. I don't know, it was a slam dunk that we'd be talking about Drake May and what he brings and blah, blah, blah. We will do that with Ross Martin in less than one hour, but that is breaking news for North Carolina. That Mac Brown is named a starting quarterback. What happened to the we can play to?

Yeah, what happened to the way one's got to start? Well, that is true. You could just flip a coin before the game. True.

Well, here's the thing. Yes, it came in third, but it was a really, really close vote. It was incredibly close.

I was surprised talking fractions. Nobody won a majority. Nobody even got to 30% of the vote. It was very close.

NL East race got 17% of the votes. So we'll talk more about what Drake May brings as opposed to Jacoby Criswell. Criswell was going to be more of the dynamic athlete quarterback than May, but none of these guys are unathletic anymore. You can't be unathletic and be a quarterback. You just in today's game of football. It's sort of like I heard I was listening to a Draymond Green podcast about the NBA today. And basically, what Green said was today in the league, everybody can hit a three-pointer.

Yeah. And if you can't, you're probably not in the league. That doesn't mean you take them, but everybody can. And I think that in today's football, if you're not athletic, you can't play quarterback. They ask too much of quarterbacks as part of the run game now. It's just part of the way the NFL has kind of morphed. And here's the thing, we've been talking about this for probably 10 years and that the NFL can only do within that, with that position, what they're given. So when guys go to college and all they learn are, you know, reading half the field, zone read, run the arc, when they're learning all these things.

It's hard to like break them all the way down and retrain them. You know, what was who knows when we're going to see another like Peyton Manning come out of college, right? Yeah, somebody who just stares across the defensive line and reads the defensive and destroys it. I mean, we don't none of those guys are coming out of college because so few quarterbacks are asked to even read a defense.

That's just the way, that's what the NFL is getting. Coming in number three. Oh my gosh, actually Carolina starting quarterback now is number two. Number three or number two until a second ago was the Panthers preseason. And honestly, Baker Mayfield was named starting quarterback today, which is not a surprise. Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnell both did not play.

Against the who they just play the Patriots, but they did those team versus team practices. And it was clear that Matt rule used them as his game. He used that as his preseason game to kind of help in the decision-making process to determine that Baker Mayfield would be the starting quarterback. But I believe we all see through the ruse.

This was preordained. No offense to Sam Darnold. There's a reason they went out and traded for somebody named Baker Mayfield because they really didn't believe in you even to just be decent.

Because that's all they're really looking for. There's no guarantee that Baker Mayfield is going to be the start beam be even be on the roster next year. No guarantee of that.

Although it's maybe a little bit more of a guarantee. Now that Matt Corral has the Lisfranc injury, which we're going to discuss a little bit later on. So Mayfield starting quarterback, if there is nothing necessarily troubling about the game against the Patriots. Iki Akuanu continues to be we'll just say generously a work in progress at left tackle gave up a couple of plays a sack of PJ Walker.

PJ struggled again. He's my guess is the Panthers were going to keep three quarterbacks as long as one of them was named Matt Corral. But now that Matt Corral is headed for IR and will be there all year. I think the Panthers just keep two quarterbacks. It'll be Baker. It'll be Sam and that'll be it unless they were to move Darnold and then PJ Walker will make the team as the backup. But I'm not saying they can't move Sam Darnold. They could there might be a team out there that says, you know what? We need it. We need somebody to back up who's played. They'll stash PJ Walker if they can on their practice quad. Yeah, I don't know what the what the age limits are and things.

I think they kind of relax those last couple of years. Here's the thing. That's fine. But in terms of on the roster, they will carry just two quarterbacks on the right.

So they'll just carry two quarterbacks again, unless one of them was Matt Corral and then they would have kept three. All right. I can't believe this one. I can't believe that 28 percent, a narrow win, wanted a breakdown, a full breakdown of Liverpool at Old Trafford against Man United. Yeah. So that is a match today between two teams that desperately need a win. Like if I'm Man U, I'm probably OK with extracting a point out of this. Liverpool is not. Liverpool must have three.

End of discussion. Man U is an absolute tire fire. They offered a hundred million dollars to Ajax for Antony, who is an outstanding player. But a hundred million dollars, I'm sorry, euros, a hundred million euros to Ajax for a play for one player who's not, you know, messy in his prime. Have you lost your mind? Well, that's where it's going at Man U.

They are a mess. Liverpool desperately needs a win. And it's possible when we place our bets later, Dennis. It's possible I might go to this match for all three.

OK. It's very possible. We do have a matter of the Subway series between the Mets and the Yankees tonight, which might draw me in for one. But it's very possible all three of my wagers will be surrounding Liverpool at Man U. If Man U loses this, they'll be with West Ham for the only team to be 0-3 to start the year.

Our next guest, Wes Durham, who's going to join us here in about five minutes. Wes is a big West Ham guy. He's a Hammers fan. So, I'm sorry, Hammers supporter.

Of course. And so it has not been a good start. I'm stunned that they have yet to at least scratch no goals in three matches.

Man U has won. But holy cow, have they been embarrassed. They just got humiliated by Brentford. Yeah.

To start. I think that was at home. They lost at Brighton to start.

Right? I think they lost 2-1 at Brighton. And that might have been at Old Trafford. Might have gotten that messed up. But Man U in danger of 20th again if they get run by Liverpool.

And Liverpool needs the win. All right. When we come back, Wes Durham, the voice of the ACC from the ACC Network, will join us. We'll talk about ACC. We'll talk about Florida State.

And the president, Richard McCulloch, who had a thinly veiled salvo about conference realignment. Next. Adam Gold in studio with my friend Coach Pete DeRuta with the Capital Financial Advisory Group. We are talking retirement. Coach, how does longevity risk figure into our retirement and income plan?

This is the best of times and the worst of times, Adam. Longevity risk means we're going to live too long. But to me, every day I live is not too long. Right. Absolutely.

It's good. So we want our money to outlive us. And unfortunately, many people have seen, you out there listening, maybe one of them, your money is not designed to outlive you. You might outlive your money and that's not what we want to have happen.

Right. Because when we get to that day after you run out of money, it's not going to be a fun time. So let's design a plan that guarantees you'll never run out of money. We call it the GPI plan, Growth Protection Lifetime Income, for the next 10 people. This is a golden ticket, Adam. $1,000 value, we're going to do it at no cost or obligation. And all you have to do is call. We make it so easy.

Would you like financial independence into your retirement? And beyond it, 800-661-7383, that golden ticket is a $1,000 value, or you could text ADAM to 21000 for Coach Pete DeRuda. The one and only Wes Durham joins us from the swamps of New Jersey, where he's got the Falcons and Jets tonight. Pre-season football. I'm calling them friendlies from one Liverpool fan to a West Ham fan. We're both off to rough starts. Just awful. Just awful for the Hammers.

Look, after today, we're hoping, at least I am, at least the Hammers won't be 20th, they'll be 19th, because hopefully Liverpool will take care of things at Old Trafford. Can I just tell you how big a Jurgen Klopp guy I am? You are now. No, I have been. I always have been. And it just reminds me how good he is and how good Pep Gordiola and all those guys are and how bad David Moyes is for West Ham. But I'll move on. I'm sorry.

So much David Moyes slander here. Maybe we'll get to it again before we get out of here. All right, let me ask you this. First of all, are we are we going to deal with Marcus Mariota and Joe Flacco tonight? Do I have to watch that?

Yeah, you probably do. I know you're going to watch Mariota for sure. I'm guessing that Robert Salah has woken up on the right side of the bed and going to play starters. If not, you might get some Mike White. Who do you say is Mike White? Three starts last year, including a record setting 400 yard game where he hit 82% of his passes and the upset of the Bengals. But you may also get some bam night tonight, too.

So don't sell it short now. I expect to see a lot of bam night in this ballgame this evening. Look, the the Jets have the the all triangle backfield bam night.

Michael Carter. They are expecting big things out of him. I am a recovering Jets fan, as you well know, well, West Durham.

But I don't understand. I don't care if Mike White is incapable of playing the position. I don't understand wasting snaps on Joe Flacco. So I mocked the Jets all last year for that. Zach Wilson may or may not be out for an extended period of time.

We'll find out as we move on. But I'd let Mike White play and let Joe Flacco sell popcorn or something. But it is like a new beginning for Marcus Mariano. Speaking of new beginnings, Western, I want to start with the Big Ten's big TV deal. I've wanted your thoughts on this since we saw the news last week.

How do you when you look at that, other than sweating profusely, what do you what are you thinking? I think Kevin Warren, who spent two decades in the National Football League, put together an NFL deal for his conference. I mean, I felt like that when I saw the the core basics of it. And now that I've had a chance to read through kind of the details of the contract, I'm even more convinced. Obviously, he had Fox. Fox knew that they are deficient in streaming. So they went and they knew CBS wanted in and Fox agreed to put CBS in that level that makes Fox comfortable, which says something kind of about where the media is with live games.

And then I think the NBC thing, if you read the details of it, while NBC gets something out of this, NBC really gets a lot more for Peacock than they do anything else, which kind of is the way they want it. If you if you kind of study the streaming habits of our culture right now, Adam, you know, and we both have sons in their 20s, right? So those are those are the customers in the streaming hotspot.

They're the ones that they're watching most stuff in a stream situation. For me, the over the air stuff and I know the reason I say NFL like is because the NFL really believes in the over the air concept on multiple platforms. NBC, Fox, CBS is part of the the way they televised football games. That's the way the Big Ten went about it. And you give the Big Ten a lot of credit, not only did they take one over the air network, they took three. They have a cable partner as well. If you want to take, you know, USA or Peacock with it, and it's going to be really interesting to watch it happen. And certainly there's some FS1 in there, too, which is a cable element, but it's a pretty comprehensive package.

And I think one that is going to be modeled down the road by a lot of different leagues. Yeah. First of all, a couple of things. First of all, I know you are, I'm a Peacock guy now because I need to watch Wolves and Tottenham, although that was a USA match.

My wife, because she loves Robert Plant, she found out that Robert Plant's a longtime Wolverhampton fan. So now she's got a side. So we sit around Saturdays and Sunday mornings, everybody watching their side. Look, it's modern, modern family, modern America.

The over-the-air element here, there are two things about this that really struck me, is that if you were a traditional family, a traditional household, or maybe somebody who just uses an antenna, who doesn't have cable, doesn't have streaming services, you can watch a lot of Big Ten football on Fox because those are going to be on Fox proper, the noon games, the 3.30 games eventually on CBS, and then the NBC primetime shows, you're going to see a lot of that. And how about getting back to market in seven years, actually seven years, let's say seven years from now, getting back to market again in seven years. To me, that's maybe the underrated beauty of this deal, is they could cash in again.

I do. I think that's right. I think getting ahead of the SEC, who expires two years after that, is also important. And certainly, they'll be around as far as we know right now before the ACC ever renegotiates again. I would also expect, too, that the Pac-12 deal is not going to be terribly long. I think the Pac-12 deal may in fact be a deal that is shorter than the Big Ten deal. I think you're looking at a five-year Pac-12 deal, and everybody says it's ESPN, and maybe so.

But the idea of that in long term, I think, is not very strong. The other part I would say, and this is really in the weeds of stuff, and you know this because you've been in media long enough, the Big Ten deal being over the air works pretty well for that part of the world because that's not as densely populated a conference as people think. You're dealing with a lot, I mean, no offense, Iowa is not a densely populated state, Minnesota not densely populated, Nebraska not densely populated.

Are you starting to follow me here? Being over the air is really important in the Big Ten because of the population. It's not nearly what the ACC footprint is with major metropolitan markets, fast rising populations. We all know where North Carolina fits in that, nor the SEC, even though some would say well what about Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, no.

Those are far more densely populated than what we're talking about with Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, parts of Wisconsin, things like that. Wes Durham is joining us here on the Adam Gold Show. All right, so fast forward to Saturday. Florida State University President Richard McCulloch was speaking at a Chamber of Commerce event.

Dangerous to speak at Chamber of Commerce events, man. It talked about being aggressive in conference realignment, Florida State, we're supposed to win, we're going to do what we can to try to stay competitive. I think he was pretty vague and it can be taken one of two ways. It could be taken that Florida State is looking to leave the ACC, which, very possible, I'm sure they might be interested in that. The other thing is, we also could construe that as saying he's going to push the ACC to be aggressive in expansion. How would you take Richard McCulloch's comments? Well, I'd have a couple of questions for him.

As somebody that's followed the league, I'd like to know where the money's coming from to leave the league because I know he's paying his former football coach $18.5 million. So that's one question I have. The second part of it would be this. Are you willing to surrender the rights, which you and I both know is well over $700 million right now, and I don't disagree with the aggressive part. I think the ACC has got to look at revenue. I think that's why the agreement was set up with Fishbait Solutions, Rob Temple and Rick Chris, who used to be in the ACC office. That company's job is to change the revenue streams, and that's something the ACC needs to do. I know there's a story in the paper today that Luke has written in Raleigh about the relationship between the ACC, ESPN, and Raycom and some of the television inventory.

Well, some of that, believe it or not, is also directly related to revenue options, Twitter, websites, all sorts of social media that you can monetize now. So I understand what President McCulloch's saying, but I just don't see the avenue that's there. I'm sure there's some Florida State fans that want to go some places at them. I just don't know what their options are going to be or who's going to take them. Because remember, if you're taking them, you've got to at least give them some share of your pie.

Right now, not many people want to share the pie. Everybody thinks that, okay, well if USC and UCLA run to the Big Ten and Oklahoma and Texas have run to the SEC, that automatically means that my school can go jump to another league. No, it doesn't.

It does not work that way. There are financial restraints and contracts in place here that are going to prevent a lot of this movement. That's why, I think, even though Kevin Warren tells Bryant Gumbel tomorrow night on Real Sports we're actively looking at 20, Greg Sankey is starting to slow his roll.

George Klyavkov talks about expansion, but he talks about it within certain timeframes and certain fencing, if you will. So I think we all got to understand this stuff's not going to happen in a big old flood like it did in the early 2000s with the ACC and some others. Nobody wants to take a pay cut. And we keep saying this, that if you don't bring, and in the case of the Big Ten, if you don't bring roughly $90 million a year to the table, then everybody else has to absorb that loss. Right.

I don't think Oregon or Washington does that. There's probably only one, we'll just call it free agent, that definitely does that and that's Notre Dame. Certainly if you're Richard McCulloch, you're pushing the ACC to make Notre Dame an offer they can't refuse. Right.

But let me offer this to you as well. The Peacock deal the other day in the NBC piece of the Big Ten, that doesn't influence Notre Dame's thinking one way or the other. Notre Dame is still able to be Notre Dame right now as we know it and be very comfortable with it because not only what NBC could do, but also what the ACC does do.

And see, some people are getting that kind of caught up in the riff, if you will. They're looking at it as the waves go in and out and the tide change and say, well, Notre Dame's got to make the move. Notre Dame actually may pick up more strength here. And by the way, we still don't have the answer to the one question that Notre Dame needs. Are you or are you not in a position to claim a spot in the college football player? Because if they are, then they don't care about your position in your conference. Notre Dame will continue to just thrive right along as America's independent team and be happy about it.

Yeah. Look, as long as Notre Dame feels like they have good access to that, to a playoff, whether it's four or my anticipation is we'll be 12, probably 16 over time, as long as they have good access to that, they'll probably stay where they are. But if we get to a point where, competitively speaking, they need a league, that's when they might look to move.

Here's the other thing about Notre Dame. We're still waiting to hear that what their whole new TV deal is ultimately going. We've seen speculation about it. And they might not need anybody's money. They haven't really needed it.

And they've been leaving money on the table for a long time right now. Let me ask you one more thing before we get out of here. SEC said they were going to go, I think they have, I don't know if it's unanimous or not, but support to go to nine game football league schedules.

Would that be a good idea for the ACC? Yes. Yes. For inventory, right?

Just for inventory. Well, no question. It changes your revenues. It's going to change the SEC's revenues. Let's be honest. Like, you know this, I'm a product of an FCS school.

I have no problem talking about my pride for Elon and all those things. And I know Elon opens at Vanderbilt next week and all this other stuff, and those games are important to those schools, but we're getting to a point, and I think we all have to recognize it, that the scheduling concepts have to change. G5, I mean, the ACC is playing nine road games this year, Adam, at G5 locations, nine. That's the most of any Power Five league. Carolina's got two of them.

That's correct. And I mean, Pittsburgh's playing at Western Michigan, right? Not in Akron? No. Pitts playing Western Michigan, Syracuse went to Liberty a couple of years ago.

I mean, you just got to, I mean, we got to get away from that. And the ACC, by going to nine, the bigger question is this, and this doesn't impact North Carolina schools, but the bigger question is the four schools that play the ACC-SEC rivals at the end of the year, when the SEC goes to nine, are they going to still want those games? And they showed you during the pandemic, they don't. And I would offer you this, if the ACC goes to nine, do they do it in collaboration with the SEC a little bit over those series? Because I can tell you Louisville, Kentucky, Clemson, South Carolina, Tech, Georgia, Florida, Florida State means something. And it's going to be really interesting to see if they have any stability if the SEC goes to nine. I think the ACC ultimately does too, by the way. Georgia Tech should not want to play Georgia anymore. By the way, there was a time where Elon Vandy would be an all Durham broadcast. Yeah, that was 30 years ago is your time to remember. You're the best, West Durham.

I appreciate your time, my friend. Good luck next week to the Hammers. They need to win. They need to score a damn goal. That's true.

That's what they need to do. We need to crawl before we can walk and hopefully my Reds will take care of things and you guys won't be holding the entire Premier League up. You're the best. Thanks, West.

See you, man. Now, your halftime entertainment. They have been disappointing.

By the way, before you start, we have the AP All-American teams and that's pre-season all-americans. Oh, do we? Yes. Is Devin Leary the quarterback?

No, he is not. Then I don't want to know. Bryce Young, first team quarterback, Malamama, CJ Stroud, first team quarterback or his second team quarterback. I'd flip them. I'd put Stroud first team and Bryce Young second team. Why can't we have two quarterbacks?

I don't know. Because we're only going to use one. Josh Downs, second team wide receiver from North Carolina, AT Perry, also second team wide receiver for Wake Forest. Let's see, only one ACC player, I believe, first team at any position. Brian Bracy from Clemson, defensive lineman, Miles Murphy was second team selection from Clemson.

Nobody from NC State made it. Former Pitt wide receiver, Jordan Addison was first team wide receiver. Jimmy Robinson's second team defensive back. For some reason on the AP All-American team, they've got like two quarterbacks, two safeties, and then defensive back. Fine, we have 130 teams in college football at Division I level. So if we have to add spots, they have three wide receivers, but they don't take away a position from a player from another position. So we have more than 11 starters on offense. This is all purpose players and all that. So congrats to Josh Downs, to AT Perry, to the guys from Clemson, Jordan Addison, Jimmy Robinson, all of them.

Congrats to them. Yes. All right, it gets things started here at halftime entertainment. I know how much you want to go watch Spider-Man No Way Home in theaters again. Yes. Again. Because they're going back to theaters, Adam.

That's right. I didn't even know that it wasn't in theaters anymore. What Spider-Man is this? For in the MCU, this is the third one.

Wait, which ones did I watch? Tobey Maguire. Okay. Yeah.

He's in this movie. I watched the first two with Tobey Maguire. Okay. The first one had, what's her name?

That okay. And the second one had, was with Sandman. No, that was the third one. That was the third one. So I watched the three. Okay. I watched three of them. You've watched three of them. Yes. Okay.

Well, Spider-Man No Way Home is coming back into theaters. Which one is that? The most recent one. So that's after those, that's after those three. Yeah.

And then after the two Andrew Garfield ones, now this is the third one with Tom Holland. So there's been eight Spider-Mans or more? Yeah. Spider-Mans. Yeah. Spider-Men.

Sure. We'll go with that. So Spider-Man No Way Home is coming back into theaters starting September 2nd. But they call it the more fun stuff version because it has 11 new minutes of material. So there's an extended version, I guess you can say. And you know, honestly, why? A director's cut.

Sure. Why? What did they bring it back? The movie only did $1.9 billion in theaters. In all honestly, they should have just kept it in theaters because people would still be watching it. Just like Top Gun Maverick is doing.

Just leave it in there. It's still in the theater. Top Gun Maverick.

Top Gun Maverick still in theaters. They don't want me to watch it at home. No. They don't.

They don't. They want me to go. I'm not going out to watch Top Gun Maverick. I will watch when it comes on Amazon Prime. Whenever that is.

Yeah. Have fun. I'll wait. I'm patient. I'm sure you are.

All right. Fox has announced their college football broadcast game talent, their play-by-play crews, as well as their in-studio, let's just say, ensemble, which includes Urban Meyer. Urban Meyer's back on Fox.

Big noon kickoff. Urban Meyer's back. Gosh, there's nothing he can do to... I mean, it's just what an embarrassment. He is an embarrassment.

He is an embarrassment. I mean, good for him, I guess, right? I guess. Maybe.

I guess. So,adan and Joel affordability. Joel Klaat. Jenny Taft is going to be your top crew.

- Right. Jason Benetti, Brock Huard, Allison Williams is going to get some select games as well on Fox. Do we have no Timmy Bean? No Tim Brando? Spencer? Yes. They are going to do some games. Right.

I'll just highlight a couple. But Tim Brando's going to be back. Yes. Yeah, of course. Noah Eagle, Ian Eagle's son. Really?

Oh, she's going to be doing some play-by-play. Noah Eagle? Good for him, man. Sure.

Good for Noah Eagle? Yeah. Good for him. We're halfway there. So, Lord of the Rings. All right, this is a trending thing that's been happening, Adam, is... What? Oh, is this what I was listening to earlier today? Yeah, I'm gonna get into that a little bit. Oh my gosh. Wow, I wanna know how much you had to edit here.

A lot. This is good. A trend that is happening now in entertainment is, hey, you know what, we're gonna do a little teaser for the trailer that we're gonna drop. Not just the trailer to tease the movie. A teaser for the trailer, okay.

Yeah, or the show. No, no, no, no. Hey, here's a little tease.

A little 10 seconds, 15 seconds for you. Oh, by the way, trailer's coming tomorrow. This is sort of like there will be a political candidate who will announce that he is considering, or she is considering to run. Yeah. It's an announcement saying that I am considering announcing my candidacy. Pretty much. So, Lord of the Rings, The Rings of Power, which is an Amazon Prime original, will be dropping a new trailer tomorrow.

They put a little teaser out to say, hey, our teaser for our teaser's coming out tomorrow, since that a thing. When it comes to Lord of the Rings, I'd actually turn to Randall from Clerks. Oh, no. Clerks 2.

Oh, boy. For my opinions on Lord of the Rings. There's only one return, okay, and it ain't of the king, it's of the Jedi. Hobbit movies were boring as hell. All it was was a bunch of people walking. Three movies of people walking through a volcano.

Even the trees walked in those movies. Yep. I edited a lot of that down from earlier. Oh.

But he is spot on. A falcano? Well, I had to do some editing, yeah.

A falcano. Yep. It was very hard to edit some of that down. I was listening to that as you were putting it together. Yeah.

Before the show. But he's not wrong. Those movies were terrible. The Hobbit movies were boring.

They're overrated, I hate them, they stink, get them out of here. I never saw any of them. Good, don't waste your time. I did see all the Star Wars movies. Actually, I haven't seen the last two.

Yeah, but I'll even say save your time on that, too. I watched Force Awakens, which I thought was good. Yeah, it was fine.

Yeah, exactly, that was my thought. It was fine, it was fun. Retread of A New Hope, that's all it was.

But. Save your time from all that stuff and go watch The Mandalorian, it's far better. I am just waiting for Top Gun Maverick to come to Amazon Prime. You can probably give it a year at this rate. That's what I'm doing. If people are still buying movie tickets, good for them. Good for them.

Make money, keep doing it. Absolutely. Why not? So Regal Cinemas, which is owned by Cineworld, which is actually a UK-based company, is actually filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy here in the United States. Now, they are saying it is a strategic option so they can restructure some of their debt and move some things around. So we don't have to pay everybody, good idea. Basically is what it is. But the theaters will still be operating as normal when it comes to showing films and such.

Gosh, man. Our bankruptcy laws are awesome. Yeah. So they are filing, even in the UK, they are filing what they call insolvency in the UK. So they have done that as well, but it's, I guess, a way to, again, a strategic option to keep things afloat for right now.

All right, well, good for them. We want Dennis to be able to go watch movies. Yes, and I want everyone to be able to go watch movies. You know why?

Because movies and theaters are fun. Yes. And by the way, have you gotten your tickets for Clerks III? No, I have not. I mean, do you have to buy tickets in advance for Clerks III? I mean, I have.

Well, you have. I have not bought in advance for Clerks III. I need to get my wife to watch Clerks, I'm not gonna watch Clerks II. I need to get my wife to watch Clerks, the original first, before we can go to Clerks III. Well, Clerks III is gonna be showing October 31st at the Carolina Theater in Durham.

Very nice. I already have my ticket for that. Kevin Smith will be there, by the way. That's right, that's right.

You told me that. I'm actually behind the scenes and working to try and get him on the show. That would be fun.

Because they will be coming to Charlotte as well before that. Are we gonna get a Little League World Series update? No.

Can I give you one? Okay. Japan and Nicaragua, in a barn burner of a game right now, they play only six innings, right? Yes. Okay, so Japan and Nicaragua are in the bottom of the eighth. Oh, wow. Japan has a 6-5 lead, but Nicaragua with runners at the corners and nobody out.

Okay. So the go-ahead, winning run is a board. Should they... We just had a double and then a wild pitch. Should they go a squeeze play out of them? No, no, no, no, swing away.

Swing away. Kids shouldn't be bunting. Should be... All four squeeze play to tie the game. No, you don't need a squeeze play. Just put the ball in play, you'll tie the... Oh, a stolen base. A delayed steal.

And now it's runners, it's second and third. Of course, this game might have already been played, for all I know. It doesn't say live on my screen, so maybe this game was already played.

There were rain delays, but Adam... That's right, there was a rain delay, so this is live. My thoughts on the Little League World Series? Overrated. It is completely overrated. I don't waste my time watching. Now an intentional walk.

Bases loaded, nobody out. I agree with you. I think it's not... But I think the better way to look at it, and this is the way I look at it as a dad, these kids get a chance to live out a dream that they probably will never be... Probably. Some of these kids will go on to play, whether it's college baseball or maybe even some big league baseball, right? Because they certainly have been.

So from a kid's perspective, to have this opportunity is awesome. Awesome. But ESPN shows too much of it. We don't need the regional semifinals shown.

We don't, we don't. Just get me to the... We used to have one game. It used to be the U.S. champion versus Taiwan.

Taiwan would kick our ass and that would be it. But now we have like... There are 10 teams in the U.S. bracket. Is it 10 now? Yeah, 10 in the U.S. bracket, 10 in the international bracket. I remember it went from four to eight. Now it's 10? Now it's 10, on each side.

Even worse. There's like, I've been to Williamsport. There ain't that much room in Williamsport.

No, there's not. So... I've driven by it. Love, love downtown Williamsport by the way. Very, very cool little city.

It is a nice little town. Over the crossbar and the Hurricanes have won the Stanley Cup. June 19th, 2006, but it all started May 6th, 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina.

It's a story of transition, of heartbreak, of figuring it out on the fly. The Cane's Corner look at the 25th anniversary of the move. Presented by the Aluminum Company of North Carolina.

Listen now, find Cane's 25th anniversary wherever you get your podcast. Legally, you cannot bet on the Little League World Series. Nobody, no reputable online odds maker is posting odds on the Little League World Series. I did find odds on winners, just outright winners.

And the, apparently the favorite is Hawaii. And Hawaii did throw a no hitter the other day, although it was a mercy rule no hitter. I think they only played like four innings, but they mercy ruled somebody. I guess they were up what, 10 runs? I don't know what the mercy rule is in Little League Baseball. It's either eight or seven runs.

I don't know the rules. Like when, I thought that when the light goes on across the street, the game is over. Yeah.

That's what I always thought, basically. All right, it's time to place bets. Place your bets, place your bets, here we are. I bet you slice into the woods a hundred bucks. Gambling is illegal at Bushwood, sir, and I never slice. Damn it!

Okay, you can load it. I owe you. By the way, Japan got out of that bases loaded situation with a 6'5 lead to Nicaragua, with only one run coming across. And whoever the shortstop is made a diving stab and kept the winning run from coming around from second base because if it gets to the outfield, Nicaragua's gonna win 7'6. So they're in the top of the ninth inning now. Six apiece, one out, man on second for Japan. So they were fired up.

Good for the kids from Japan. All right, I went 0 for three this weekend, although it's all right. I'm at plus 42-25. Not bad after, I was at one point negative.

That Jerry Kelly win at that senior event. Yeah, that's what put you where you are right now. Well, now I'm just halfway. There's only plus 2,500 for that. True, but you're closing it on 0.

I know. Good for you, Dennis. Let's see, this weekend I was a plus 385. Sounds good to me. So I'm at minus 275 right now. I'm almost there, Adam. You're getting there. I'm almost there.

Let's continue the move. You know what's gonna put me over the top? An Aaron Hicks home run today for the Yankees. Aaron Hicks? Aaron Hicks. Not Anthony Rizzo, not Aaron Judge. Not Aaron Judge. Aaron Hicks. Aaron Hicks home run, okay. Plus 600. Of course it is. Aaron Hicks plus 600.

I thought about doing something. Yankees are plus money at home. Yeah. That's how far Aaron Boone's team has fallen. Well, they're also facing Scherzer. Yeah, the Yankees are plus money at home.

They've lost 14 of 18. That's what happens. All right. Again, I could be going to the same match for all three of my wagers today. Mo Salah, brace. Plus 400 as Liverpool plays at Old Trafford today. A Mo Salah brace.

Plus 400. Mo Salah brace? Yes, it's two goals. Oh, two goals. Oh, okay. Call that a brace.

We call that, in football we call that a brace. Oh, okay. I just call it a multi-goal game. That's right.

Okay. I'm actually going to go on this game as well. Give me Liverpool minus a goal and a half. Plus 160.

Plus 160 minus a goal and a half. It should, I think that should happen. Yeah. All right. Especially if Mo Salah scores twice.

Absolutely. Maybe that's the final score. Two, nothing.

We both win. A penalty to be awarded in this match at plus 200. You don't have to score on the penalty, but a penalty to be awarded in this match at plus 200.

A penalty to be awarded. Yeah, so somebody's going to the spot. Oh, okay.

I see what you're saying. Gotcha. So now it doesn't have to be a goal.

You don't have to convert it. Penalties to be awarded. Plus 200. So, just to clarify, this isn't like someone gets a yellow card or a red card. We just call that a booking. We'll get to that in a minute. Okay. Oh, so we're going bookings too. Yeah.

All right, I'm actually going to look to get a little weird on this game as well, actually. Give me the total number of corners in this game. Total number of corners. Exactly nine. Nine.

Nine corners in this game. Plus 1300. Plus 600. Plus, that's it? Yeah.

Nine corners plus 600? All right. So, Liverpool gets a goal in each half.

Okay. Goal in each half. Louis Diaz scores. And McTominay for Man U gets a booking.

Yellow card, red card, whatever. Either way. Plus 900.

That's it? For all that to happen? For all of that, plus 900. I don't think a goal in each half is that much. I don't think Louis Diaz as an anytime goal scorer is that much. Mo Salah scoring for you. But it needs, the key is McTominay getting yellow carded. Of course, he might not even play. And if he doesn't play, because he didn't start last match. If he doesn't play, then no action and we just have no blood there.

So there you go. Should be a fun match. Three o'clock, but I can't watch it because it's on Peacock.

And I'm not going to be home until probably five. So I'm very bummed about that. I'll be following it on my phone. This is the Adam Gold Show.

Off and across the bar. And the Hurricanes have won the Stanley Cup. June 19th, 2006. But it all started May 6th, 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina. It's a story of transition, of heartbreak, of figuring it out on the fly. The Canes Corner look at the 25th anniversary of the move. Presented by the Aluminum Company of North Carolina. Listen now. Find Canes' 25th anniversary wherever you get your podcasts.
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