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How can ECU football slow down NC State football?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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September 1, 2022 5:08 pm

How can ECU football slow down NC State football?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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September 1, 2022 5:08 pm

How can ECU football slow down NC State football? Stephen Igoe of Hoist the Colours joined the show to talk about ECU football, their expectations for the season, how there is a buzz in Greenville headed into their Week 1 game against NC State football, and how the team could slow down the Wolfpack.

Also, NFL discussions, including the Denver Broncos signing Russell Wilson to a contract extension, the non-story of what Carolina Panthers QB Baker Mayfield may or may not have said about the Cleveland Browns, and more.

Plus, Serena Williams continues to win at the US Open.

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This is the best of the Adam Gold Show podcast brought to you by Coach Pete at Capital Financial Advisory Group.

Visit us at This is the Adam Gold Show. This is the Adam Gold Show. Can I just let this play for a little bit? It's inspiring. It's your show.

Go for it. Really can't do that to the masses, but just very, very impressive. This is Tommy Trumpet. Yes. From, I didn't realize that that was his, that's what they call him.

That's so hysterical. They call him Tommy Trumpet. This is what happens when Edwin Diaz comes in the game for the Mets.

Closer, All Star, all of that. It is the best entrance music. First of all, this is the Adam Gold Show. I'm Adam Gold.

That's Dennis Cox. His idea to start the show with this and I'm on board with it. Frankly, I'm not sure we shouldn't change this to our open music. Just every show? Every show.

Start with Tommy Trumpet. It might get old after a while and we can go back to what we're using now. Which is different every day. It's changed every day. I do something different every day. We have to workshop this.

What are you doing right now? I heard a debate. It was just one of those silly, well, it's not better than Mariano Rivera's Enter Sandman. I'm like, yeah, it is.

Doesn't mean that Diaz is better than Rivera, but are you kidding me? First of all, Enter Sandman is used by, I don't know how many different teams, people, a lot, right? Virginia Tech. First time I heard it was Virginia Tech.

Cause they use it when the Hokies take the field at Lane Stadium. And that's pretty cool too. It's very cool. Nobody's saying, well, you know, Edwin Diaz's trumpet music, which by the way is amazing and different. Yeah. Nobody's saying that it's like, it's the best I've heard, but nobody's saying that this is this and this is, and this sucks.

It's just like, this is better. And I would say this regardless of who it was, Edwin Diaz has had an otherworldly type year. Closed it out last night. Mets get the win over the Dodgers, 2-1. Jacob DeGrom, first time ever beating the Dodgers ever. He's never beaten the Dodgers in his career. What, seven innings last night? The seventh inning struck out nine, gave up a home run, I believe in the seventh inning.

That was it. And the Mets even the series one game apiece. And I believe the rubber match is today. Clayton Kershaw will make his first start in a long time. All right. I didn't realize he was back.

Yeah. This is first start back in probably what, two and a half months. They lost Walker Bueller also to Tommy John surgery. So the Dodgers pitching staff, which, and they also lost Tony Gonsolin, who I think was hurt earlier in the season.

He came back, he's hurt again. So there's Dodgers going through it on their pitching staff, but they've got so much pitching depth. Much like the Mets have had great pitching depth for about a month and a half. The Mets were without both Max Scherzer and Jacob DeGrom. And they managed to win games. They've got great depth. That's what happens when you spend $300 million on your roster like Steve Cohen has done as the owner of the Mets.

It must be nice. I'm sure that the Tampa Bay Rays would like to have $300 million to spend on their roster. Even a third of that. Well, I would argue that by accident, and I think the Rays are at this level already. By accident, every team can afford a $100 million payroll. They, teams like the A's or the Orioles who are still in the race, by the way, and won last night. Those teams choose not to spend money. They can.

It's there. They choose not to spend it. They choose to lose. In the case of the Rays, they're spending more money, but they're winning. But teams like the Pirates and the Reds and some of these other teams that refuse to go out and get talent because you have to pay for talent and are in perpetual rebuilds. Those teams choose that because it's more important for them to, you know, extract profits from the team than it is to win games for your fans, which kind of means that you're not going to make a lot of money anyway. Winning makes money, right?

If for no other reason, it raises the value of your franchise. I'm just, I mean, I hate to bring that up, but somebody has to. All right, we got a lot of things to do today. I'm sorry I wasted so much time talking about Tommy Trumpet. I love Tommy. Can I hear that again real quick? Can we hear Tommy Trumpet one more time before we start?

So cool. He was alive last night. Imagine Edwin Diaz blowing a save after a live Tommy Trumpet.

He had to wait for Diaz to emerge from the the outfield wall before before like they really got into the drums. Tremendous. Oh, gosh, it's so inspiring. Thank you, Tommy Trumpet. All right, let's get going. We should change the Trumpets on this. Yeah, forget about the bugle. Let's go right to Trumpet. All right.

What a great story this is. According to an NFL Network reporter, Baker Mayfield told her that he wanted to fry up the Cleveland Browns next Sunday. It was an F word.

I'm just using fry. Oh, spicy. Cynthia Freeland was the reporter on the scene when the Panthers and Bills wrapped up the August friendlies.

But I think Carolina 121, nothing really matter. And then she related the story on one of the NFL Network's podcasts this week, which is why you should only listen to the pick six pot. Just listen to our friend Will Brinson, and we talked every Monday. We talked to Ryan Wilson a lot. We talked to John Breach a lot.

Those are the super friends in the pick six podcast. Just listen to that. And then you don't have to get up and deal with frivolous things before we get to Baker's reaction to this.

Can we just pretend for one second that we're not all 13 year olds in the middle school cafeteria? And stop with the did you hear what Jeff said about Biff? Did you did you hear that?

Can we stop with that? Mayfield was drafted first overall by Cleveland five years ago. In year three, took the Browns to the playoffs, and he absolutely demolished their arch rival, the Pittsburgh Steelers, in the first round. Absolutely demolished them, regardless of whether or not it was a totally compromised Steelers team by that point in the season. It doesn't matter. The Browns, and nobody will ask, well, how good was that Steelers team? Nobody's going to ask that. The Browns, they won a playoff game over them.

There are tribals. End of story. Last year, after a really good performance in week one, albeit in a loss against Kansas City. He got hurt.

He got hurt in week two. But he sucked it up for the rest of the year and went out and did the best he could because the Browns agreed. He thought it was their best chance to win, no matter that he was physically compromised.

How did they reward that? They could not wait to bring in a serial creep into Sean Watson. And because the Browns are the Browns, they gave him a completely distorted contract as though it was live golf.

The Cleveland Browns, it was a live golf contract. Alright, we'll get back to Baker Mayfield in a minute. Steady trying to find the motive.

Why do what I do? I like that. Russell Wilson has had a great offseason. Oh yeah, he upgraded.

We just start right there. Russell Wilson has had a great offseason. We always say, well, this team won the spring or this team won March. They won free agency. Nobody won more than Russell Wilson. First, Russell got sent to a team that believes that they are in position to win and win big. I'm not even going to argue, but a lot of people think Denver is going to be really, really good. They were just a quarterback away and they play in the AFC West, which is an absolute minefield of quality football.

You've got Kansas City. I think the Raiders are good. A lot of people think the Chargers are going to be great if they can overcome the head coach. So Denver is legit and he leaves Seattle, which is not. They might be the worst team in the NFL when it's all said and done. They might win fewer games than anybody. Geno Smith will start a quarterback. That's right.

That's funny. He's still in the league. I think that's that's great credit to him.

Yeah, look, I'm fine. I didn't mind Geno Smith when he was when I was a jet fan and he was with the Jets. Seattle was also unlikely to ever give Wilson a new contract, which guarantees him one hundred and sixty five million dollars like Denver just did. Wow. The contract is five years, two hundred and forty five million dollars.

Never mind that Wilson is almost certainly on the let's just say the 15th hole of his career. There's not a lot left. I think the deal, the amount of guaranteed money is a little presumptuous, but I guess you got a new owner. You're Denver. You think you can win? Well, what's a little overpaying among friends? Adam Golden Studio with my man Coach Pete DeRuta with the Capital Financial Advisory Group.

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You want to do that or that? Yellow means liquid money. You can get it any time.

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800-661-7383 or text ADAM to 21000 for coach Pete DeRuta. All right. Nice.

We should just do trumpets between everything now. It all begins tonight. The college football season starts in earnest. Shade to week zero. Yes. Intended shade to week zero.

Just call it week one. That's my problem. You know, Dennis, have you ever heard me rant about the the way we decide when decades or centuries? I have actually. You've heard that, right?

Because I'm not wrong and people just keep ignoring it. OK, there's no year zero. Right.

So no, no, no, not a lot. There's no year zero. We didn't go from one. First of all, they didn't call it one B.C., right?

Yeah. I'm sure they didn't even call it year one. But there was no year zero. Therefore.

The 10 is counted in the previous decade should be somebody's getting shorted anyway. College football season begins tonight. Not an awesome slate tonight, but we still have a couple of good games, right? Wake opens against VMI. Make me watch that.

Just make. I dare you to make me watch that Penn State at Purdue. Interesting game, I think. And we have the return of one of my favorite rivalry games as a kid.

The backyard brawl is back. Eleven years it's been since Pitt and West Virginia have played. Panthers have won just six of the last 20.

They are seven and a half point favorites tonight, but good for good for those two programs getting on the field again. After, again, more than a decade not playing. We need the sport. College football has been built on traditions and rivalries and things like that. We need forget about the bulls. Forget about all that stuff. The money and all that. These types of matchups really are what make college football, you know? So I'm glad we're going to see West Virginia and Pitt in the backyard brawl. Alright, moving on.

Apparently, the GOAT isn't yet ready to start grazing on pasture on the side of the mountain. Serena Williams, not done. Upended the second seed, Estonia's Annette Conovate, 6-2 in the third.

She reached the third round of the U.S. Open. It was utterly riveting television last night. I hung on every single point.

I mean, wave of emotion. Serena could have closed out. She served for the first set. Got broken with a very, very loose service game. Missed four out of five first serves and got broken. Ended up winning it in the tiebreak. Then, she got broken immediately in the second set.

And although she did break back eventually, she had already been broken twice and then got broken immediately after that. And she basically got washed out in the second set, 6-2. And then she cranked it up. She went to full 11 and she won the third set, 6-2. It was a star-studded night, as they are all going to be when Serena plays. Tiger Woods was there. Did he do a video for her?

He did not. But at the end, when she was walking off the court, speaking of video, they showed the Oprah video again. What did we do? We didn't make two? You really thought she was going to get beaten round one, didn't you?

Could have come up with a second video. She's the freaking queen of the National Tennis Center. She was not going to go quietly into that good night. You know what her record is in the first two rounds of the U.S. Open all-time? A lot to probably two.

42-0. She's never lost in the first two rounds of the U.S. Open. You know what her record is in the third round of the U.S. Open?

A lot to two. She has lost once. She lost her first time into the third round. In 1998, a player named Irena Sperlea beat her 7-5 in the third set.

Was she 16 at the time? She lost in the third round. So, we're going to hear from Serena in a second. Gosh, that was great last night.

Absolutely riveting TV. Alright, back to the top. Alright, Baker Mayfield accused of saying to an NFL Network reporter, I'm going to blank up, I'm going to fold up the Cleveland Browns.

I think you and I agree on this, Dennis. So, what if he said it? Who cares? I hope he does. I hope he wants to do that. Even if we apply all of the cafeteria dynamics to it, even if we say there's bad blood, he was treated poorly. My gosh, he's a grown man. He might want to use some of that, but he's going to want to fold up everybody plays.

Not just Cleveland. Is there a little added something? Sure, of course there is. You want to show them that they didn't need to hire that cereal creep and pay him ridiculous money. So, who cares if Baker said that? Here's Baker, yesterday, I think it was yesterday, responding to these remarks. Well, first, I didn't say it.

Obviously, I mean, everybody's going to write whatever story they want. There's history that I played there the last four years. I'm an extremely competitive person. Everybody knows that. I wasn't wanting to win. And there would be a really big issue of me being the quarterback here.

So, I want to win everything I do. That'll never change. Now, that is not how I phrased it. That's not even what I said.

So, I'll just leave it at that. Again, yeah, who cares? And if you read the story about how this whole thing came out, I mean, he was sort of not set up, but this is a story that created itself. Baker Mayfield did not create this story. All right, there's a little bit more on the Panthers.

I want you to hear this. Dan Graziano from ESPN out, I believe, a little bit over his skis. Baker Mayfield was not healthy last year.

And now he is. He was dealing with a shoulder injury and a foot injury and all kinds of stuff. And the team, you know, whether the team liked him and Odell is ripping him or Odell's dad or whatever.

And so, you know, I think he will play better. They have good receivers around them. They have a, I think, a good looking offensive line, so then the rookie can play left tackle, which they think he can. The defense has some stars on it. I just think that's a team that is probably being a little bit underrated, a healthy Christian McCaffrey, which I know is not something we've seen for a couple of years. But if he is, that's a team that should be able to score points. They'll play good defense and, you know, a couple of cracks showing in Tampa Bay.

We're not sure about Jamis Winston in New Orleans. Like that division is kind of there for somebody to sneak up on. Dan, you've been hanging with Aaron Rodgers in the jungles of South America, man. Are we shrooming? What are we doing? Come on.

Please. I mean, I mean, I'm not kidding. I think if nine wins, wins the division. Then, yeah, I theoretically they could. I don't think they're winning more than I, I can't even close my eyes and imagine them winning more than nine. Yeah, I think their best case scenario is eight and nine. I don't know.

We've seen stranger things. Maybe eight and nine wins that division. All right, back to Russell Wilson and the awesome offseason that he has had. So he gets a brand new contract from the Denver Broncos. Five-year contract, $165 million guaranteed. It's a five-year, $245 million contract. So we're talking about somebody who, I don't know, is he going to be Hall of Famer?

I'm not sure. He's obviously among quarterbacks in his era. He is one of the, oh, five to seven best quarterbacks.

Sure. I don't think we're, we're stretching it too much there. He gets this new deal and we can't even talk about Russell. We can't even talk about Wilson. We have to put it into context about Lamar Jackson.

Here's Keyshawn Johnson from Keyshawn J. Will and Max this morning doing just that. They're recorrecting the market now because Deshaun's deal in Cleveland was an outlier because of the situation in Cleveland. So yeah, they're recorrecting the market.

Lamar will come in slightly around $200 million fully guaranteed and not a penny above that. So according to what I just heard, Denver is doing Steve Bishati a solid. Yeah. Doing all the owners a solid. Hey, I got your backs guys. Exactly.

I got your backs. Here's Adam Schefter on Lamar's contract. As long as the Ravens don't hit the guaranteed money that Lamar Jackson is looking for, there won't be a deal and he's doing the deal himself. He has been doing the deal himself. So he has said that when the regular season begins, the negotiations will stop and he will get back to his day job of playing quarterback in the National Football League.

I keep saying it. $230 million guaranteed has got to be the starting point. Stretch the contract out, bro.

But $230 is going to have to be the starting point because that's what Deshaun Watson got from the Cleveland Browns. It's just so silly, but that's what we've got. All right, back to the open real quick last night. Serena's into round three. The draw has opened up. There are no seeded players left in her quarter of the draw. She's all the way at the bottom because she just beat the number two seed. In her region?

Yeah, in her region. There's no seeded player. The first seeded player she could meet would be in the quarterfinals. So when she gets to the Elite Eight, if you will. Serena wins last night in three sets and I had Serena to win.

And here is Serena talking about kind of freewheeling it. Honestly, I'm just looking at it as a bonus. I don't have anything to prove. I don't have anything to win.

And I have absolutely nothing to lose. And honestly, I never get to play like this since 98 really. Literally, I've had an X on my back since 99. So it's kind of fun and I really enjoy just coming out and enjoying it. And it's been a long time since I've been able to do that.

Alright, I want to pump brakes on people. She is going to be 41 at the end of September. 26 days from today. 25 days from today.

Today's the first. So she is going to be 41. It could go at any time. She could lose to Tom Lonovich. I think she's playing an unceded player tomorrow. She could lose.

She could lose to anybody. She is playing doubles with her sister tonight. First time doubles has ever been on in prime time. First round doubles ever in prime time at the US Open. That is the power of the Williams sisters. So she could lose at any point.

I hope this lasts for two weeks. Because watching that last night is as... Tennis is not going to get better than that. It was great tennis.

Conovate played well. Serena raised her level. I'm not saying she looked like old Serena. I mean she is old Serena. Like 10 years ago Serena. But she hearkened some of it back.

It was really really cool. Alright. When we come back. We have a lot about Saturday's game at East Carolina for NC State today. We'll talk to Anish Sharaf in about an hour. He is the play by play voice of the Panthers but is also doing that game for ESPN on Saturday. And when we come back we will talk with Steven Igoe who covers East Carolina for Hoist the Colors. So we will talk to him. Get the ECU perspective on a really cool rivalry way to start the season for both.

Next. June 19, 2006. But it all started May 6, 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina. It's a story of transition. Of heartbreak.

Of figuring it out on the fly. The Canes Corner look at the 25th anniversary of the move presented by the aluminum company of North Carolina. Listen now. Find Canes 25th anniversary wherever you get your podcast. The Adam Gold Show. Adam Gold.

Dennis Cox on the ones and twos and coming up on Saturday noon. Dowdy Ficklin Stadium. A great way to kick off the 2022 season. NC State at ECU. Wolfpack have lost four of five all time in Greenville. Haven't played there in 11 years. Something like that. 10, 12 years. Steven Igoe for Hoist the Colors is joining us here on the Adam Gold Show.

I appreciate your time Steven. There's nothing going on right this week. So let me ask you this. Since I have not kept up with the inner workings of what ECU is throwing on the field. There's a lot of familiar names from quarterback to running back, even a wide receiver. Are the Pirates an ambush for NC State? You know, I think there's been almost so much buzz about a this is a trap game for NC State or an upset watch and, you know, with it being the season opener.

I don't know how much that will turn out to be true. I just think ECU has a really good football team for first time. In several years, at least come back and on paper and obviously NC State at a little bit of a different level right now with what they've doing is built. But, you know, I think going into the game, ECU could technically ambush and say, but I feel like it's the state will be pretty prepared for this game. The problem is, you know, for the Wolfpack is coming to Greenville at times when the stadium is full and it's rocking. It can be kind of like an avalanche when the home team gets that momentum in a real environment. It's just been so long since ECU has felt that type of home field advantage. It sounds like it is going to be that type of home field advantage on Saturday inside the I.D. Pickman Stadium. And we've seen a bad ECU team beat NC State in 2016 in that same venue with Scottie Montgomery top day during. We've seen Scottie Montgomery at home top of UNC, Christine ECU hang 70 on UNC at home.

So in Greenville, I wouldn't rule anything out when the Pirates host an in-state ACC opponent. You're right. It was 2016. Dave Doran made the trip out there. The one before that was in 2010 or 2011.

Stephen Igoe from Hoist to Colors is joining us here on the Adam Gold Show. Last year, they won basically, I think, as many games as they had in the first two under Mike Houston. Where have the major improvements been made? The biggest is on the offensive and defensive lines. And it's cliche to say that if you want to win college football games, you have to be good in the trenches.

And I'm not going to say it was ignored by the previous regime, but they just had so many recruiting misses. Just guys that either left the program, didn't pan out, had injuries. I mean, Mike Houston's first year, they had to basically play the same four defensive line the entire season. Anybody that's familiar with football just knows that that's not a recipe for success. But when they take the field on Saturday, they're going to be at least 12 deep up front across the three defensive line spots.

And then the outside linebacker spot as well, which is basically like a stand up defensive end position. So, he's just recruited. Those guys played in 2020. They played in, obviously, last year. But the 2020 season was where many of those guys recruit freshmen playing for the first time. They took their lumps, but now they're in their third year.

They're veterans. They know what it's like to play in college football. And then the offensive line's been much of the same. They have red shirted a bunch of those guys, developed them. They've added transfers here and there, like Avery Jones from North Carolina, who's their starting center. Along with some transfers this off-season. So, they're finally good up front. And for ECU, anybody that knows their history, being good up front has long been a problem.

Steve and Igo from Hoist the Colors is joining us here. NC State at East Carolina coming up at noon on Saturday. We talked to Chip Patterson yesterday. And Chip was, Chip, I believe this game is about what NC State presents. And Chip thinks that this game and the outcome will hinge on East Carolina's defense.

How much better? You talked about the depth up front. How much better is their defense than it was a year ago? I think the biggest thing for the defense is they've got to find a way to avoid giving up the explosive plays.

Because they play, you know, I don't want to say incredibly aggressive, but they are aggressive at times. With blitzing under defense coordinator Blake Carroll. And so, they have a tendency to give up the big play. And obviously, if you're at a talent disadvantage, like NC State will present to ECU in several areas on Saturday. You have to kind of limit those explosive plays.

You know, you give up one or maybe even two, you can live with that. But you can't give up three, four, five and expect to compete in this football game. So, I think with basically everybody coming back defensively, except for cornerback Jaquan McMillan, they expect to be better.

It's the third year of the same system. The second half of last year, they really improved. You know, they went down to Houston and really dominated that game and gave up a special team touchdown. Had a few crucial turnovers and lost that game on the road in overtime. But from that point forward, the defense really played well and they started to execute. They forced a bunch of turnovers. And the real key for them is third down. I think despite giving up some yardage, they finished in the top ten last year and third down efficiency on defense. So, if they can get into state in the third and medium and third and long, I know they feel really good about their third down package. The key is getting them there. You know, can they stop the run?

Can they stop the short passes on first and second down? I know people are talking about this. I know how I'm talking about this game publicly, outwardly. How are the Pirates and like the coaching staff, how do you think they're talking about this game internally?

I think it's a measuring stick. You know, for multiple reasons. When you have an in-state ACC school coming to your house. I mean, if you're East Carolina, that only happens so often. So, I mean, that's going to get people fired up. And look, it's not, you know, the offensive coordinator said it best yesterday. You know, their ultimate goal of the season is to win a conference championship in the American Athletic Conference. But still, like everybody knows what this game means. You finally have a regional game. When you're in the American Athletic Conference, you don't really have many regional games. So, this has a special feel to it.

They're coming to your house. And you look at it from the standpoint of Mike Houston's first game as East Carolina's head coach was in 2019. They played in Raleigh, lost 34 to 6. He said, basically, it was an embarrassing game. You know, they weren't competitive. They weren't up to the standard. And he feels like they've come so far since that point.

I think it's a measuring stick game. Now, the problem is NC State has also drastically improved since 2019. So, it's not like you have two programs, you know, heading in different directions. I think both programs have gotten a lot better. And East Carolina is going to have to play probably its best game of the Easton era to have a shot on Saturday. 7-5 last season. What is, what's a good season for East Carolina this year? I think a good season will be a similar record, 6-7 wins.

You know, I think that's kind of the expectation. I would say it would be to get more wins than that, but you look at their schedule. I mean, they played four teams in the top 25.

NC State, Cincinnati, Houston, and BYU. So, they're going to be underdogs in those four games. They're probably going to be an underdog versus UCF. You know, that on paper would equate to 7-5 again. Now, I definitely think this team can win one of those games.

But also, they're more than capable of losing out of Tulane or against Memphis at home or something like that. So, I think 6-7 wins is a fair expectation. You know, I think a really good season will be eight wins.

And if you get any more than that, if you're Mike Houston, you've got to be ecstatic. You know, if you find a way to somehow win this game Saturday, you look at the schedule, you could conceivably start 6-0. You know, with some of the games, you start with four straight home games.

And they'll probably be favored for the next four or five games after this one. So, you have a chance if you can find a way to sneak this one out on Saturday to really build some momentum. You know, not only regionally, but potentially nationally.

Final thing for Steve Igoe from Hoist the Colors. Is there a chance that the fire marshal is needed at Dowdy-Ficklin on Saturday? Well, they are expecting high 40,000s for attendance. And, you know, it might be a sellout.

They might reach the 50,000 points. You know, I think it's going to be crazy, man. I think it's going to be the best atmosphere we've seen in several years. And, you know, when Mike Houston took the job, he said there would be a day he didn't know when. But there would be a day that stadium would be rocking.

And heaven help whoever comes in there with this quote. I don't know if Saturday will be that day, but it feels like we're finally getting back to that point in Greenville to where football is important again. People are excited about it. And 12 noon kickoff may keep it from being too rowdy, but I wouldn't put it past Iron Nation. Do we have problems with 12 noon kickoffs also in Greenville? I know NC State hates the 12 noon games, especially in the beginning of the season. Like, it's the best time for college football.

Yeah, I mean, that's the thing from a selfish media perspective. I love a 12 noon game. I can go cover it and get home to watch the night games. And two, who doesn't love some breakfast at tailgating?

I feel like it's a good opportunity. And if you're East Carolina, you're the first game right out of college game day on national TV. You know, everybody's going to be tuned in to the end of the game day. And they're going to pan over to Dowdy Pickles Stadium, which is a big opportunity for the program. Look, if you're going to tailgate and you want breakfast, get yourself a Blackstone.

Because they make smaller versions of Blackstones. And you can just make omelettes for everybody. Right at the tailgate. We can do that. Steven, I appreciate your time. Have fun. Steven Igo on Twitter, at Steven Igo, I-G-O-E. I appreciate it, man, from Hoist the Colors. Have a good time Saturday, I know you will. Alright, appreciate it, guys.

You got it, Steven Igo from Hoist the Colors. Look, it's just such a great way to start off the season. Oh yeah. Is it okay to say I'll be a little disappointed if it's not a sellout? No, I don't think you're off by saying that. Be a little disappointed if it's not a sellout. To me it should be. Usually the fact that you got a lot of NC State fans, it's not a long trip. I'll be disappointed in NC State if it's not a sellout.

Yeah. It's like, if there are tickets available, go buy them. Yeah, why aren't you there?

To me it's a point of pride that your fans travel and especially, what is it, a two hour drive? Maybe a little less? From Raleigh to Greenville? An hour and a half?

Yeah. An hour and a half to Greenville? An hour and twenty. You drive faster than I do. Not that much. Well, I haven't been out in a while. That's fair. They've built all sorts of super highways.

Man, if there are tickets available, who'd jump on it? Are you doing a Google map? Yeah, hour and twenty-two minutes. Hour and twenty-two minutes. From Raleigh to Greenville.

What road do you take now? It used to be 264. Yeah, you just take 264. Oh, it's just 264.

Well, it's like 587. Is there? I don't know what they are.

I don't know what they are anymore. It's one road. It's not that far. Alright, Saturday we've got two great football games. Basically either ends of the state. You've got the one up in the mountains with Carolina at App. You've got NC State at East Carolina. Again, a phenomenal way to usher in the start of the college football season.

This is the Adam Gold Show. On with the crossbar and the Hurricanes have won the Stanley Cup. June 19th, 2006. But it all started May 6th, 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina. It's a story of transition, of heartbreak, of figuring it out on the fly. The Cane's Corner look at the 25th anniversary of the move. Presented by the Aluminum Company of North Carolina. Listen now. Find Cane's 25th anniversary wherever you get your podcasts.
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