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If not now, then when? for NC State Football w/ Luke DeCock

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September 2, 2022 4:21 pm

If not now, then when? for NC State Football w/ Luke DeCock

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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September 2, 2022 4:21 pm

For NC State football, the question is: 'if not now, then when?' Luke DeCock of the News & Observer joined the show to discuss NC State football, and how the team is set up to have their best season in program history, but how they need to make sure they take care of business at ECU football in Week 1. Luke also discusses UNC football on the road at App State football and how it wouldn't be a shocker if App State football gets a win at home over UNC football.

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This is the best of the Adam Gold Show Podcast brought to you by Coach Pete at Capital Financial Advisory Group.

Visit us at Capital Financial This is the Adam Gold Show. Boone became the story of college football's first Saturday. The college football world, one of the greatest upsets in sports history. You're listening to the Adam Gold Show on the North Carolina Sports Network.

That was absolutely incredible. Oh my gosh. Where were you when App won at the big house? Oh man, I don't know what year that was. It was like 2007, right?

I was in college. It was, I believe it was before App started winning national championships. Yeah. It was before that, I think. It's definitely before they went FBS. Well, yes.

Yeah. They were, that was an FCS team. I think it was those seven. It was my senior fall, my senior year of college. Then I probably was, I don't know, maybe at the time I was probably actually at home or I had a off campus house. I was probably at home with some of my roommates just watching football that day.

I mean, if I wasn't broadcasting a game. Now, that wasn't a great Michigan team, but it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter.

It does not matter. You went to the big house and took care of business. And they were the better team. They were the better team for 16 minutes. They almost lost the game. App almost gave it back, but absolutely incredible.

September 1, 2007. So absolutely incredible. I don't believe we have any of those. We almost had an FCS win over an FBS team last night. Bryant won over, I guess won at Florida International, but I'm not sure that's earth shattering if that would have happened.

Hopefully it will not happen to Virginia, losing to Richmond, and hopefully it will not happen. Anyway, so that was that. Now, it's time for our first installment. Every Friday, 1 o'clock, we go through games. Minute takes. Alright, here's how this works. We start a game, we get 60 seconds, we alternate going first.

And let's start, and I will do that. And because, why not, let's start in Boone. UNC at App State, Mountaineers getting a point and a half at home. As I said earlier, look, Carolina's got a good offense, a really good offense, somewhat of a suspect defense. We haven't seen App play. Carolina's got an advantage in that they've gotten a game under their belt. But I will say this about App as I close.

There are opportunities to prove yourself. This is not an upset. This is a game that App can win and should think that they will win, and sometimes those are the hardest games to win. Sometimes, for that reason, I'll take the Tar Heels up the mountain. Well, I'm going to take App in this one, because remember, it was only just a couple years ago that App went to UNC and won. Blocked a field goal late.

Does that sound familiar? I'll take App in this game. Give me the Mountaineers to win this one. In my mindset, though, it's almost easier to pull off an upset than it is to win a game you are expected in their minds to win. All right, NC State, East Carolina. We talked a lot about expectations for NC State this season, but in particular for this game, I think it's going to be close going into the fourth quarter. I think it might be a 10-point game somewhere around 27-17 in favor of NC State going into the fourth quarter. I think they get an interception late, and NC State gets a late touchdown and won it 34-17. That's my prediction for this game. But NC State is going to control this game for the most part, but I think ECU will keep it a little close. 34-17 would be just enough to keep it under 51.5. I think this is going to be a low-scoring game. I have a hard time wrapping my mind around NC State really opening it up on offense, because it is their tendency to do, at least early in the game, do just enough. So I hope they don't see that, but I think State wins the game. I think it'll be relatively low-scoring.

All right, moving on. Temples at Duke tonight. Duke is a nine-point home favorite, which I think says a lot about Temple. I mean, honestly. Look, here's what I want for the Blue Devils. It's been a rough last few years. Obviously, what, have they won one conference game in the last two years? It has resembled more Ted Roof era than David Cutcliffe era. It's time to get back to playing a little bit more exciting football, but they have to block. We have to see some competent play out of the quarterback.

We haven't seen a ton of it. That's all. But I think Duke will win the game. I don't know if they're covering nine, though. Duke probably is going to win this one. I'm just wondering if Matt Rule is going to be there scouting players from Temple to draft in the upcoming year. Well, actually, to draft for whatever team he's going to go to.

Actually, I take that back. He's not going to be coaching in the NFL. He's going to try and pick guys out from transfer portal from Temple wherever he goes to coach. I expect Matt Rule to be there tonight. Somebody said that they expect Matt Rule to be the next coach at Nebraska. That's an interesting spot for him, by the way. I'm not kidding.

That's an interesting spot for him. This will be the final year, Scott Frost. All right, moving on. You go first. FSU, LSU this weekend. LSU a three-point favorite at home. It's amazing how LSU has just completely dropped after winning a national championship. Granted, that team was stacked a few years ago, but the fact that they dropped this far this quickly truly is shocking. College football is better if both these teams are good.

Simple as that. I like the fact that they're playing each other, but both these teams need to elevate themselves back up to at least somewhat where they were. Who do we have more faith in? LSU and Brian Kelly or FSU and Mike Norvell?

Yes. The answer is LSU. Brian Kelly is an elite football coach. He's kind of a scoundrel. He's an elite coach. I don't think Norvell is.

This is a better game in name than it is an actual game. I think LSU covers the three. All right, now we get to the heavyweight matchup. Notre Dame at the horseshoe against Ohio State. The Irish, even though they are fifth in the country in the preseason, is a 17-point road underdog.

17 points. I actually think Ohio State has the best path to the national championship, to the number one ranking, number one seed when we get there, because I think there are fewer games that they can lose. I think the Buckeyes win. I don't know if they cover the 17, because I think Notre Dame has the potential to be really good, but Stroud and company, I think that offense is going to be dynamite. So, Ohio State comfortably. I'm curious to see what Marcus Freeman does as the new head coach at Notre Dame. How different does that program look than what it did under Brian Kelly?

That's what I'm more intrigued to see, because that's going to tell us a little bit more about what the future might look like for Notre Dame moving forward. All right. All right, Liverpool, Everton. That's right, Liverpool, Everton. I'm just going to go ahead and concede the time to use.

Are you real? No, it's the Merseyside Derby. Exactly. I know you want to talk about it, so I'm giving you the time.

This is great. At Goodison Park, Everton is a mess. But you know what Everton has managed to do in their last three matches, in the Premier League anyway? They've managed to get draws.

They've extracted a point. They took a point from Leeds. Well, they prevented two points from Leeds, but they got a point out of it. I'm not sure Liverpool is back. Liverpool got very, very lucky midweek. Newcastle was better, but Newcastle could have easily won. Then it looked like it was going to finish 1-1.

It's going to be a very, very tough game for Liverpool, give Everton a pretty good chance of extracting a point from this match at home. Great rivalry. And then about 25 years ago, this was the match in Premier League soccer. Man U and Arsenal.

This was Duke Carolina in the Premier League. Arsenal right now is 5-0. Man U has won their last three out of nowhere, sort of. They beat Liverpool at home in the third match of the season after being a complete disaster. I'm not sure who this, what the outcome will say more about one team or the other here. I'm not entirely buying into Man U being back, but they were active in the transfer window. They brought in Casemiro, Antony, two Brazilians who are really, really good players. But I am definitely into what Arsenal is doing.

I just think this is going to be an absolute great, great match. And I can't make a point because the minute's up. Oh no! Well maybe it'll come up in Place Your Bets. Might come up in Place Your Bets. I'm sorry, I sucked up all the time on that.

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It's a traffic light. I hope it's green for you. 800-661-7383 or text ADAM to 21000 for coach Pete DeRuta. Somehow my five team college football parlay survived last night because somehow Pitt and Penn State both managed to win and frankly not sure either deserved it, but they did. So all I need is Virginia Tech tonight at Old Dominion and I don't deserve this to happen. All I need is Virginia Tech to win at ODU and that parlay cashes. Again, totally undeserving. But I'm sure, like in baseball, sometimes you line out, sometimes you hit a blue pit.

Didn't hit it hard, hit them where they ain't. All right, we got some football to talk about and maybe a little hurricane hockey sprinkled in there with our friend Luke DeCock from the News and Observer who joins us every Friday. All right, sir, which game would you like to start with? You decide. App hosting North Carolina or East Carolina hosting NC State?

Luke's choice. Before I answer that question, I have to ask you, what would your parlay pay? $240.

Okay. And in terms of choices of games, $2.40 or $240? That would be, it's 240 undescribed, undisclosed units because the last time I placed a wager with actual money, I was in Las Vegas and it was probably 12 years ago. Well, in a different timeline, you might be placing that bet for 10 cents, paying $2.40 on your phone in the state of North Carolina.

We are not in that timeline. So anyway, to your original question, first of all, I want to say that the big rivalry is, of course, the Merseyside Derby. And to that note, if Everton extracts a point, as you say, I will be extremely happy to start the day Saturday. Are you an Everton guy? I am not quite born, but as close as you can get Evertonian.

Okay. I have a very good friend who's in Everton. I have Onana on my fantasy team, but we'll just leave it at that. We'll see, maybe next year. But yeah, no, many, many decades of horrible, torturous Everton fandom. When I tell NC State fans, I know what they've been through going years and years and years without a title, always tripping over your own shoelaces in the shadow of two huge local rivals who get way more attention. That's a lot like being an Evertonian, much more so than being a White Sox fan. Anyway, let's jump straight to NC State in Greenville.

That's where I'll be hopefully giddy after listening to the second half of the Everton game in the car on the way down to Greenville. As I wrote this week, if not now for NC State, when this is the best chance NC State's going to have to do anything of note in football, you can't screw that up in week one by losing at East Carolina. I shouldn't say you can't. You don't.

You certainly can. And Mike Houston's a terrific coach. He's had time at ECU.

This was a team that I think I would have picked to beat BC in the military bowl last year if that hadn't been COVIDed out. They've got a quarterback, which at that level, sort of at the Conference USA level, you can fake a lot of things. You can develop guys into linemen and defensive backs that got overlooked in recruiting. You can get little fast running backs and big slow running backs and fit them into your offense. You can recruit tight ends who are undersized or too slow and turn them into weapons. But you can't fake quarterback. And ECU with Holton Ehlers is not faking quarterback.

So I think that's a huge advantage. I expect NC State to win, but I would be the least shocked person in the world if they did screw this up. I hope, without rooting for anybody, I hope NC State does not. As cool as it would be to see the atmosphere in Greenville if East Carolina wins. We so rarely have football seasons of note around here.

It's obviously basketball territory. NC State has a chance to really do something on a national scale and to screw that up in Week 1 by losing in Greenville would be unfortunate. If you go into Clemson and lose, fine.

But not this way. So that's sort of my take on that. NC State should win, but lord knows whether or not NC State will win is a completely different question.

And the way I've discussed this, I'm not trying to say that it's proof that Dave Doran's not like, no. I think the program is excellent. I really do. I love what they have been able to accomplish and build at NC State. And I think it will be a year in and year out, which obviously, you know, a couple of peaks and a couple of valleys. But year in and year out, I think it will be a program that is in and around the top 25. And some years they'll be 15th and some years they'll be 30th. But you get the opportunity with as many returning players, like this is the year to find out if they can really get rid of all the other stuff that we've been dealing with forever and just go about the business. I think 10 wins is the base. I think to me, that's the basement of the season. Now, it doesn't have to be 12, but man, 9 would feel very empty to me.

But here's the thing. You very rarely in modern college football have a legitimate chance to win 12 games. And if you let that go by, like as I said, you lose to Clemson, fine.

That game's on the road this year, whatever. You still have a chance to win the division if you lose to Clemson, maybe even sneak into the CFP, depending on what happens elsewhere. But to lose to East Carolina and start again. Now, that said, the thing you didn't mention about this team that's true as well is we never really know these college athletes just because we don't get to spend very much time with them these days. But I will say, whether just through coincidence and sort of being around them a little bit, I think NC State's football team has really kind of generational leadership. It has players who are special, not just in the way they play football, but kind of in their worldview and their ambition and all of that. So I think if there is an NC State team, not just in terms of talent, but in terms of intangibles that is primed to get over that hump, this group has it. So we'll see if they can make the most of their potential and stay healthy and all those other things that everybody has to deal with. But I think NC State has a lot going for it. And I think they have those types of players on both sides of the ball. And I think we learned this during the pandemic year. They were as solid a group as we have seen in the league during that season.

So maybe that also was kind of a harbinger of things to come. All right, let's go up to Kid Brewer Stadium, which is, I mean, no disrespect to anybody else, my favorite venue in the state to watch a football game. And to me, it's obviously the point spread belies this. It's a toss up game. But I think that for the same reasons, maybe not the same reasons, there is a psychological factor that AP has to overcome in this game in that I believe they expect to win. And when you get, I don't think they think that they can win. I think AP believes they expect that they will win. And sometimes those are the tougher games to win when you're, it would not be an upset. It's easier for AP to upset North Carolina than it is to beat them in their own minds, maybe as the favorite. I don't disagree with your premise, and I think that is a big hurdle for teams that are on the rise in a lot of cases. You know, we saw that kind of with Duke at in the early years of the Kukla fair when they were unquestionably making progress, but still had a hard time taking care of business against like Richmond.

Yeah, you know, you know, you have to make that transition from the scrappy little guy everybody's rooting for to the big mean guy that's going to step on your throat. I, I understand what you're saying with regard to app and the difference between an upset and feeling like you should win. I don't know in my mind that that's in play as much this week, in part because it's still UNC going up the mountain. It's still, you know, the little guy against the big guy. I think there's still enough chip on app state shoulder playing UNC that the differences between say like this. And if you were playing like a really good coastal team where, you know, maybe coastal is getting some attention, but you're at home and you're a two point favorite and you can you take care of that. I think it's a different scenario. I think there's still going to be that sort of we have to pull the upset mentality because it is the big in state, the flagship, if you will.

To quote Everett Withers, it is the it is the still the big dog. But that said, I mean, I picked app state in the paper. I fully expect app state to take care of business, for lack of a better word at home. I mean, as good as UNC looked in some areas against FAMU on Saturday, there were a lot of areas that didn't look as good. And I think, you know, we can talk all you want about how experienced app state is and how talented UNC is. I think this is the kind of tough road environment where, you know, it may just be a hair too soon for UNC. And, you know, I don't necessarily buy what Mac is selling in terms of they're the underdog and all that because they're still in the ACC school playing Sunbelt School. And you should never, ever be the underdog as an ACC school playing Sunbelt School.

I don't care what the circumstances are. That said, I really feel like this is a lot of a lot of things are lining up for app state in this one. I expect it to be close and I expect Drake May to play well and Omari and Hampton to play well. But I expect app state to win.

I expect the over to hit sometime early in the third quarter, maybe even by halftime. Here's the thing, Luke DeCock, the problems that we saw with Duke's, rather with North Carolina's defense should be exploited by app state. Good running game and I think they can go over the top with Chase Bryce throwing the ball down the field. But a whole bunch of new wide receivers for app. Real quick, Duke and Temple tonight, I mean, I have no idea what to expect.

I don't know which quarterback we're going to see. I just want to see a team kind of play with a little bit more freedom that they have played with over the last few years. Yeah, I think the coaching change is kind of going to going to be give them a jolt of sort of new energy and confidence. I don't think there's any question that, you know, for for and look, I'm a David Cook, left defender. Me too. But I don't think there's any question that for everything he accomplished, things have gotten a little stale, both schematically and sort of in terms of general team energy. It wasn't always that way, but it was at the end. And Mike Elko and his staff have certainly there, you know, brought a different, I don't say attitude because that's such a cliche, but it's just different.

It's like a change of scenery and it helps. I do think we'll see exclusively Riley Leonard at quarterback. I think we'll probably see Jordan Moore in some sort of Brandon connect packages, maybe.

Man, I hated those kit packages. I hated him. Well, Brandon, can that was was the Marcus Colston of of ACC fantasy football the year that Colston was eligible at tight end. I think it was his rookie or second year, the one year he was eligible at tight end. If you didn't have him, you couldn't win your league. One hundred and twelve. Right.

Anyway, no. So I think we'll see Jordan Moore and some of some of those those sort of packages designed to give him the ball, you know, whether it's a slot receiver or is a running back designed to give him the ball and present that threat to the defense. I doubt Duke will show too much of its hand in that regard against Temple. Honestly, the as as as off the pace as Duke looked last year, there's still enough Temple talent there to beat a rebuilding Temple program that's also starting over. And I think, you know, that that this is a chance for Duke to get off to a good start. Neither side is really going to know what to expect from each other, which will be interesting. But I think, you know, there's there's going to be at home news new regime. There's going to be a lot of positive momentum for Duke and and and, you know, probably Temple is going to get that same thing when it plays its home opener, but not opening on the road.

So I think Duke wins this one. I'd like to see some people in the seats and some energy at Wallace Wade Stadium. All right, finally, I think the last time we spoke and it goes back a couple of weeks, the Hurricanes got the news that Max Paci ready, torn Achilles out, and we discussed whether or not they needed to replace him. They did, I guess, when they went out and signed Paul Stasny to a 1.5 million dollar contract for one year, 21 goals last year in Winnipeg. Your thoughts on Stasny and where this roster is because they're done and they're still going to have to be some some moves made to get salary cap compliant by the start of the season. But what are your thoughts on what they've done?

You know, I don't I don't think that's an issue. I, you know, this with with patch already going on LTR, you know, you don't get the full season because you expect him back, but right out a little wiggle room there and they use that wiggle room to get Stasny who, you know, I don't know how much Trudy has left on his tires, but he helps out with depth and center. You're going to be less reliant on Kokiyemi and Jack Drury, which I think is good because to me, the two big questions on this team with patch already healthy were could Kokiyemi and Drury handle the loaded center and you're kind of expecting the two of them to be better than Trochik and Lawrence, which is maybe maybe not possible, but maybe it is. And now you throw throw Stasny in there.

Now it's now it's easier. Now you just got to get those three guys collectively to be better. And, you know, let's let's face it with some of the centers the hurricanes had last year, you were a little nervous putting them out in D zone draws against, you know, in on the road and tough matchups, especially when they got out there with the slave and the Angelo pairing. None of that's an issue now. And you can use Stasny in that role as sort of your bettering guy, you know, Derek Steppin will be in camp.

Yeah. How, how, what is, how bad is Derek Steppin's luck where he signs with the hurricanes and then they offer chic Kokiyemi. And then he accepts a PTO with the hurricanes. And they're like, Oh, by the way, we're signing Paul Stasny at the end of the week.

Hope you weren't hope you weren't planning on keeping your house. But, you know, so, so there's some depth there, you know, the one question that's still there is, is Jake Gardner really a third pairing lefty or not. And if he's not, then you put them on LTR and you grab some guy waivers at the end of training camp, they'll be somebody or you give up a seventh to get someone. There's not there's, you know, there's that's not going to be an issue.

But it is going to be really interesting to see. I mean, if he's healthy, they really can't put them on LTR all they can really do. Oh, Adam. They could hurt him. What is what is that guy that Sean guy who Tonya Harding contracted? Oh, yeah. That guy's still around. Whack whack Jake Gardner on the hip with it with a wrench.

No, I here's the thing. If Jake Gardner isn't able to play in the NHL, given his talent and history and all those things, it's going to be because he's not fully up to speed. They say he's healthy and skating. So I understand that.

But if he's not able to skate at an NHL level, then it's clear that his is that the seven million dollar man probably needs some more time in the shop. So, you know, these things will all work themselves out. And there's also the possibility of trading into somewhere like Arizona that needs the that needs the money.

So that news that needs to get to the cab floor. Right. That means to spend the money.

That's right. So so there's there's all kinds of options. And maybe you you treat him to Arizona and they did bury him in the NHL or maybe you bury him in the NHL. There's there's ways around this. But I think that, you know, the Stassney move and then when maturity does come back, the money is low enough that the cap numbers are all still going to work.

So you have him then. It's it's it's it's interesting because this is not a franchise. It's typically typically gone out and gotten older players.

They've typically gone young. And so this is more of a what you see from contenders tweaking by waiting till the end of free agency and adding a guy who's still there at a low price. You know, if they'd signed him on July, whatever it was this year for a lot of money, it wouldn't have made any sense. But, you know, it's always been part of their strategy to kind of wait out the market on some guys. And here's a guy who's still a pretty good player and is is available pretty cheap.

And you slot him in and with patch already being hurt, that kind of opens the door and it makes a lot of sense. Luke to cock from the news and observer at Luke to cock on Twitter. I wish I wish you good health. I don't wish you good luck in the Merseyside Darby.

Come on, you blues off the toffees. All right, man, I'll talk to you next week. Safe trip out to Greenville. Luke to cock from the NNO, who joins us every Friday here on the Adam Golds. I did not know he was a fan of a supporter of Everton.

Did not know that. All right. We have reached orange wedges time. All right.

Talk to me real fast. Betting line for UNC app. Yeah. UNC is now one and a half point underdog. What?

Yep. Line has moved. That flipped like I've it had flipped last week or earlier this week, but had gone back.

It went back to North Carolina. That is a big flip. Money line.

Short period of time. Money line. Now you can get you and see a plus 110.

That's a minus 130. Just letting everyone know. Just letting everyone know. Okay, since I know you are completely enamored with Top Gun Maverick.

I haven't seen it yet. I know. Well, you can buy it on digital now, Adam.

How happy at this one and a half point that they are. You can actually buy it on digital now. Did you know that? What? Top Gun Maverick?

Top Gun Maverick. You can purchase it on digital now. I saw.

I saw that it is available on Amazon Prime. Yes. And we can watch it at home now. Yep. You can purchase it.

We're ready. It's also apparently has also become one of the top week one digital releases of all time. Why wouldn't it?

I'm curious what it's going to look like when the DVD and Blu-rays also come out because people still do like purchasing physical media. Do we? Really? It's still a thing? Yeah. Oh, absolutely. That's still a thing. Yeah. Do you have a DVD player?

My Xbox doubles as it is. Oh, okay. So I guess, yeah, I guess Jack's Xbox is in his media room. So we wouldn't we don't go in there. Yeah. It's probably not safe to go in there.

Is it sanitary? 13. Probably not. No, we don't have anything like that. I don't have like if I had a CD. I have no way to play a CD in my house.

That's unfortunate. I have no way to play a DVD. All of our CDs and DVDs and we have many are in the attic in boxes.

I'm curious to see what you have collection wise in those because you might be able to sell some of those for top dollar. Just enough what DVDs or CDs or CDs? Yeah, just think depending on what you're looking depend on what you have because not everything's loaded on a streaming platform. That is true. That is saying all right.

Now you're going to make me go through. Yeah, as you said the best of air supply. No, the best of it. I don't have that. I don't have that you have it. No, I know you can find it. I actually don't you can admit that you have it. It's fine.

It's fine. So apparently we might be able to edit tweets now. Oh, really?

Yes. So Twitter actually tweeted out yesterday, which is interesting seeing Twitter tweet. If you see an edited tweet is because we're testing the edit button.

This is happening and you'll be okay. So that's what they tweeted out yesterday. So big arguments have taken place regarding both for and against a edit button when it comes to Twitter because it gives people the opportunity and edit button. If you had maybe a little typo or you may forgot to tag somebody you can go in there and just do that put a time limit on it do it in post.

I'll get to that. Okay, but one of the cons is that well if somebody does tweet something egregious, they can quickly change it. But it's may have already been embedded somewhere and those kinds of things or may have already been quote tweeted. How does that change stuff? Whatever it may be, you know screen grabs people all do it. Right. So apparently they're tinkering around with the idea of giving people a limited number of edits within like a 30 minutes time period.

I wouldn't even do 30 minutes. I think the way they're going to again, this is all a beta testing period. So I think that's going to start with the folks who have subscribed to Twitter blue and they're just going to what there's there's a Twitter blue. This is like Johnny Walker blue.

Sure. It's very expensive. Yeah, there's a Twitter blue. It's like a paid extra thing. Okay, an exclusiveness, but they're going to do it just I think in one country for a short time period. Okay, but it's again something that is an idea that they're floating around.

I'm okay with it. They give you for example, like three minutes to make an edit of five minutes to make it as I mistyped that or forgot to tag someone where I tagged the wrong thing. I can go in there and quickly change it real fast as opposed to redoing a whole post just for typos. You know, there's a lot of times where you'll tweet something especially if you're using your phone, right?

You'll tweet something and you go. Oh my gosh, I it's instead of the word three. It's fee th ee ee. Yeah, it autocorrects, right? So yeah, you get stuff like that.

I think five minutes. That's it and then simply denote edited. But yeah, I think that's going to leave it out there. No, like put a symbol that means that it was edited and that's fine. So if somebody does try to get out of having tweeted something utterly stupid and offensive, we understand that you went back and edited.

Just that simple and I think that's actually something that they're going to drop in there is edited and a timestamp of when it was edited as well. So there's some different stuff that's going on right now. So the Lord of the Rings has the these called the power of the Rings that's taking place right now on Amazon Prime.

It's being released every week. Apparently it stinks. Oh, really bad. Yeah, Lord of the Rings. Well, that's just the Lord of the Rings. But this the power of the ring, this spin-off series that they're doing on Amazon. OK, apparently it's not that great. Oh, well breaks my heart. Yeah, well, I haven't seen any of the Lord of the Rings. Don't waste your time. I didn't read any of the books.

That's fine. How many hours does JRRRR Tolkien need? All of them. He has RST Eleni covered.

Does he? Yes. Give you that on a wheel of fortune. You might get that answered pretty quickly. But that's apparently it's not that good. So don't waste your time. I would say also as well, don't waste your time watching Lord of the Rings. Lord of the Rings overrated.

Not that good. Like Avatar also overrated. Yeah, I never saw Avatar.

Don't waste your time. I got the DVD because when you buy at that at that point, if you bought an HD, a television that was 3D compatible, they gave you Avatar. Yeah, so I have a 3D copy of Avatar, but we never watched it. That's the only thing that made Avatar successful is the fact it was one of the early movies in 3D.

OK, at least. Yeah, because it came out 07 or so because it was in 3D and visually it looked cool. Everyone went to go see it.

And that's what boosted the numbers. The story, all it is, is just a dances with wolves. That's all the movie is. It's dead serious. It's just dances with wolves. Dances with wolves is way better than Avatar. That's all I'm going to say.

And then there's a new movie coming out of it as well. Get out of here. Don't waste my time. That's all it is.

Overrated movie. I got people tweeting at me at this already. Yeah, OK, which is fine. Good.

That's right. I hope they fully understand everything that's happening. So in an interview, because in a recent Dr. Pepper commercial, Dr. Pepper does a lot of stuff with the Heisman Trophy. Bryce Young was going to be in a commercial regarding that. I think you might have an NIL deal with them.

Sure. He was asked about how many NIL deals he has. And he says, can't give you quite a number just because sometimes it might just be like a one off transaction type deal. But according to the website on three. Oh, and the number three, which tracks a lot of recruiting as well as NIL deal trackers, things along those lines. He's fourth overall in terms of NIL deals. Fourth? OK. Three point two million. Good for him. Yeah. Bronny James leads the way of seven point two million. Bronny James.

That's fantastic. It's a lot of cash these young guys are pulling in. The top three guys are actually all high school kids. Here's the thing. Yes. I'm all about.

I don't care who it is. I'm all about them getting money. I know a lot of people are mad that a lot of these NIL collectives are really using NIL to disguise recruiting inducements. Yeah. To that I say, oh, well.

Yeah. But in the in the raw, true name, image and likeness game, that's what it's for. It's for these guys to realize their value in the marketplace when everybody around them is making money.

That's that's the way it's supposed to be. It's it was fundamentally unfair and un-American that Bryce Young five years ago couldn't do that. No, there's just no reason we want them to be treated like regular students, right? Yeah. Except that regular students can make money.

That they can. So good for Bryce Young. I'm sure CJ Stroud is doing well in Columbus and surrounding counties as well. Fifth overall at two point five million. No second. Mikey Williams, the high school player from Charlotte basketball player.

Look at that. He's second with three and a half million. Third Arch Manning at three point four. I do think it's funny that Bronnie James is number one. Yeah, but he doubles up Mikey Williams.

I do think it's funny. He's like really just like a top 40 recruit. Yeah, I guess he's Bronnie James, though. Exactly. That's all that matters.

He's got over six and a half million followers on Instagram and barely five point six million followers on TikTok. But that stuff matters. Yes, it does.

It matters. June 19th, 2006. But it all started May 6, 1997, with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina.

It's a story of transition, of heartbreak, of figuring it out on the fly. The Canes Corner look at the 25th anniversary of the move presented by the Aluminum Company of North Carolina. Listen now.

Find Canes 25th anniversary wherever you get your podcast. Let me make a quick correction. And this speaks to.

I don't know what it speaks to. I had said earlier, way earlier in the program, that. The app win at. Michigan at the Big House in 2007, I thought was prior to it was actually prior to their national championships. It was actually to start the third season where they won three straight in a row where they won three in a row. So they won following the 05 and 06 seasons, right? Yeah. And then 07.

And this game happened in September 1st of 07. So memory, not as good as I would like it to be. What do I need? Prevegent. Prevegent or Ginkgo. Ginkgo? Ginkgo. Yeah, Ginkoba. OK. Yeah. Something like that. Whatever Larry King used to do commercials for. That and Garlik.

Yeah, you can you can look those things up. They're all I heard those commercials too much when I was in my formative years in radio. All right. Are you ready to place bets?

Dennis Cox. Place your bets. Place your bets. I bet you slice into the woods a hundred bucks. Gambling is illegal with Bushwood, sir, and I never slide. OK, you can hold me.

I owe you. OK, then. All right, Dennis Cox, I have no idea how you did last night. I had one thing that actually finished and it didn't win.

Freddie Freeman did not hit a double. I have two things pending from last night. That's that. I lost two, but I did win on the Mets winning. Yes, you did. But I was still lost money. I'm back to a minus 505.

All right, come on, let's get going. Yeah, well, that's why I'm hoping Arsenal, man, you have a draw this weekend at plus 250. That'll help. That says intriguing. There's a lot of I think a lot of really good matches in match week six in the Premier League. I'm not I'm not doing I'm staying away from that one. That is a my heart wants Arsenal to win.

But my my head says, I'm not sure that, man, you isn't actually good. That's why you go draw or just stay away. Just enjoy. Just enjoy the match entirely. I'm going to save my Premier League pick for later.

Okay. I look, I don't know about point spreads. Look, I think NC State's going to win. I'm not even sure who's going to win at North Carolina. And as Dennis said, you said earlier, that line has flipped a point and a half the entire, you know, the other way.

So it's a three point swing in that line. If they're telling us the truth right now, earlier today, North Carolina was a one and a half point favorite app is now a one and a half point favorite. I wonder if they're telling us that there is an injury, but I will I will just do this. I'm going to parlay the NC State ECU under 51 and a half and the Carolina app over 56 and a half parlay that I think it's plus 265. Okay, go for it. Thank you. That's what I'm doing.

Go for it. That's pick number one. All right. I'm doing a college football parlay. Virginia Tech over Old Dominion straight up win Charlotte over William and Mary straight up Duke over Temple straight up and NC State over ECU straight up plus 250. What? Wow.

Plus 250. Very nice. All right, I'm going to do a three team. I'm sorry, a four team.

I'm just looking just trying to find the the last of these games. It's a Sunday game, right? LSU and FSU.

All right. 14 parlay Boston College to beat Rutgers. Okay, Louisville to win at Syracuse. Okay, Duke to win at home over Temple. Okay, and LSU to beat Florida State plus 325. All right. I got three ACC winners and a loser.

They're very good. All right, PLL semi-finals are this weekend. Give me the chrome and parlay in all three of these matches together.

Chrome over Chaos, Archers over Redwoods, Atlas over Water Dogs plus 290. I have no idea what you just said. Yes, you do. I know I don't. I really don't. That's good.

Once you start talking about who's going to win in the PLL. I just say like I'm not going to find not going to check the scores. You can again. I've said said this to you from the very beginning.

You could just right now write down that you want. Okay, and I wouldn't I'm a man of integrity. I'm sure you are. I am. I'm not saying that you aren't all I'm saying is that I won't check. Okay, like I don't check your cricket matches. Whatever you bet though, right?

I totally understand totally understand. All right, Merseyside Darby. I'm very, very nervous about this match as a Liverpool supporter.

They are not healthy. They have almost no one left in the midfield Harvey Elliott occasionally good for being yo older good, but I'm worried Curtis Jones just coming back from injury Carvalho looked good. They scored the the game winner the match winner on Wednesday when they beat Newcastle at home, but there's something not quite right about this team right now.

They still don't have a second center back Virgil van Dyke is essentially on his own. I think mere talent gets them something at Goodison Park, but I don't think Liverpool wins the match. Okay, I think this is a draw at plus 380. Oh, I will be happy to be wrong and Liverpool win.

Okay, but I think this is a draw at plus 380. I have not seen what I saw last spring from the Reds and I'm a little disappointed in that little disappointed. This is the Adam Gold show. June 19 2006, but it all started May 6 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina. It's a story of transition of heartbreak of figuring it out on the fly. The Canes Corner look at the 25th anniversary of the move presented by the aluminum company of North Carolina. Listen now find James 25th anniversary wherever you get your podcast.
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