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App State football is still riding a high

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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September 14, 2022 2:24 pm

App State football is still riding a high

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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September 14, 2022 2:24 pm

App State football is still riding a high after their win over Texas A&M football, and with ESPN's College Gameday coming to Boone, NC this weekend. Adam Witten, App. State play-by-play voice, joined the show to talk about how the last week has been for him.

Hayes Permar, who was sitting in for Adam Gold, talked about the upcoming college football week in the State of North Carolina, Brett Favre, ACC basketball, and more.

Plus, Katie Sweet of The V Foundation joined the show to talk about Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month.

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Have financial capital financial.

This is the gold shell for more filling in on a Wednesday pick up every Wednesday football seasons really get to this like Wednesday is the one day that is just home run easy to do right now. Like Mondays, obviously easy, and all the weekend football this year. Everybody wins.

Apparently College in North Carolina not the case in the pros on Fridays.

Obviously it's the weekend to get the games starting Thursday Thursday like little Friday. Got football that night my BAC game I be an NFL game Tuesday at Monday night football that I before, just all football football football yeah Wednesdays requested. I'm here to figure out I'm I'm also trying to figure out exactly who is producing today's look.

Fortunately, you and Victoria have different hairstyles.

Oh we do say that yes, I would be early doesn't hurt is my dog out there on top. You know she has her like a little bit longer. Her earlier is love your hair was to say hello but I guess it been jokes aside, yes it did building humans doing yeoman's work in the absence of Jonathan ran filled up. It's always nice to see you again.

Did Scott's producer of the show, at least for the day for the day. But for those I don't know. I now full-time producer of the Oji agents in the afternoons in Raleigh on 99 on the fan I was moved there officially on Monday, but today I'm back with you there you go I wanted. I wish I would say like I little rider. Not important for five I started making demands of him like that case, you can fill it. Yes, but I notes so I will go to something about about yes but I need to discuss producing. I don't say that because I enjoyed being with Victoria but hopefully John will tell you I've done radio together multiple times over several wee little yes sitting in different places don't apply.

We sometimes I still remember United being on air together. I was producing for you in sports channel 8 in the ACCs shut down the out the tournament. It's only now things are getting real. But yeah, but not quite real that loses jobs at 1030 John Swofford were playing basketball. 1130 John Swofford here to trophy targets over yeah. So we waited five hours of radio that's right because people wanted to drive around so you have to hopefully we could do some more good radio today. We got some friends over to help us with that Adam Whitten play-by-play avoidance of apps. State will join us at 1230 people. What hear more out talk all the time this week for you.

We will also talk to Jeremy Markovich at 215 joined us to talk about Natalie was going out of the boon. But even more good stuff in that part of the state. North Wilkesboro found out last week it will be hosting an All-Star game and All-Star race. Excuse me for for NASCAR and Jeremy was on hand when racing was back at North Wilkesboro also talked to Katie Sweet, senior brand, senior director of break medication to the V foundation is pediatric cancer awareness month thing a lot of cool things going on. I'll ask her if the V foundation is the V foundation now is not the Jimmy V foundation is just the V foundation. II feel like at this point V foundation almost as is as much about tail as it is all that I wonder if there would ever be talked about making that an official thing. Of course Jim Patterson always George is 1 o'clock my man live. I just talk about what's going on in the neighborhood because we live very close to each other but will probably try to talk some college football. You might ask a care about chip keep us happy before right now. We got the topics will help get us out of the gate football season began early in about the game right now to know you and see good their undefeated ECUs good. They bounced back with a win against Old Dominion and state obviously writing how Texas A&M Charlotte that is in South Carolina. They don't count football in the state is good right now and this weekend has some good games and some in-state matchups probably will be great. Gave state anyway so one gave this week and state host Texas Tech 7 o'clock should be big with text to come up big wind state stealing 10 point favorite. You got what you wanted Charleston Southern. Some feel good vibes. Watch Devon Leary spin the ball throw that around the place and I think state is good about texting. She gave North Carolina ANC. It ECUs Campbell again to teams kind of plan on different levels but I don't never take North Carolina ANC lightly.

ECUs knows that will wait for service liberty and that we I should've pulled the audio for this I forgot about this liberty socket smack liberty saying yeah you can do your run pass stuff when we were on your face. I can remember one of their linemen said it so it's to game for Wake Forest when those were again, they should when they should be the favorites. They are the favorites. Liberty is taught people to take them lightly, and then game day in Boone at state hosting Troy 330 Sunbelt matchup slave don't do it right like don't do the we won big now. Game day following your face and lose Troy could happen just like a legal or Sunbelt teams are being good teams. They can beat each other so that is the college sleep for the weekend should be good with night games 7 o'clock you're probably 6 o'clock in Durham. Father Clark in Winston-Salem.

6 o'clock at ECU 330 up in Boone and you care about Charlotte I Georgia state that gives at 7 o'clock speak, in which topic number two game day is in Boone that is kind of cool.

You saw that J&J pivoted not just because Appleby Texas A&M but the other Sunbelt wins right yet this week just to be kind of a celebration of the Sun Belt conference of Buddhist out of being picked as a representative but is to be freaking awesome. I mentioned earlier will talk to Adam Whitten is been a lot of discussion about act states place in the state of college football right on the one hand, they got championship trophies for their conference and from there lower division days there, knocking off big teams on the road they got a huge signature. Never forget these wins.

On the other hand there playing with lower expectations low resources and when they've gone head-to-head with state you would see in Wake Forest usually is gone. The big schools where they got the big win against UT a few years ago, but awake as being applicable to the thing states now scheduling them so that's good.

I love seeing all the teams play. That's the best part.

What I will say almost did this it is God's love is the feeling that they feel you pay for the hours on Monday or so.

I do do reason for the show didn't feel like doing a whole hour just devoted to this I want to find out if the program is close to who won the in-state title each year. Yeah you know me, there's that debate who had the most use in the state right like when you went to the agency to be to game that season. I feel like they had the most use in the state right state under Philip Rivers had the most use late 90s, UNC had a background memo to Florida State. They themselves worked out in team. They are most use abstain. It's hard to steal Jews when you plan at the one AA level. Even when you're in it wouldn't national titles right feel a little bit like when the two a state football title you I got on the forays like the big boys right yeah now the plan on a different level suck you like during the Jews conversation what happened is they've taken ECUs spot as the Tina could sneak in there and steal the Jews right when ECU had a great year, especially if they knocked Allstate UNC stating UT were mediocre ECU had the most use the state right now at currently is the most use state if they object everything they go to the AC championship or maybe even beyond that, they would have a Jews were the season right like state putting up big numbers of being a talented team that's more Jews than upstate when the Sun Belt abstain big when you go teams finished with eight or nine win seasons that state that you set for the next topic. We also will seven NFL team. In addition to this college football teams who we got to get it. I felt I realize I've no doubt I didn't I do this in the show don't get all the show. I've no doubt that I'm going to talk extensively about the Panthers with Will Brinson other people, but don't you come in here talk about how bad the Panthers yeah you do I give my time to talk about it okay I want to get not be deceived with how the game and do not say one bad call away from where one lucky kick that first half was terrible visible like NFL worthy football. It was gross and I love you little I mean it was so terrifically bad and I almost wanted to see it continue in the second half. Just so that we can start discussions of is this one of the worst teams of that first half one snaps anywhere playing the first dad was like a bad brother. The pastor call in the biggest favor. They were so now we can get into the nitty-gritty with like is there a new mantra of trying to protect Chris McCaffrey's willing to give the ball pin down the game and I'm TI was team is working second year, you can use this got 35 times gave that's already that's where outright, but at this point if you highly paid better took the ball at least 25 times or what are we doing right that's 100 other playmakers needed more not touching the ball.

Find creative ways to get these guys the ball on offense and made it look like it look like it was going to be one of the longest seasons in NFL history will talk about how bad Detroit is been I just I wanted by human. It's just that look they play the Giants this weekend like I don't think there's a lot expected of the Johnson believed they were last week they did. I thought they may have a conversion so will will see what I mean.

It is got a look markedly better from the show of this next game for me to have any faith of this team can win like five games.

Their ceiling was eight or nine with some breaks and they didn't get some breaks late, but they didn't deserve to be in the game. The Panthers are bad folks. Next up we know right tobacco Road ACC basketball schedule was released yesterday. I got the normal jokes for you. Yeah that's right you would you play twice. The reason deep dive into the AC schedule is permitted to use if you care to look it up to your favorite team right pitching matchup teams getting smarter about the need to be money they need to be eyeballs. We need you to play big games in November, December, more and more of the programs are all playing other big programs right my question when I see the ACC schedule release is in the last year the ACC basketball schedule will look like this.

There is discussion. I forget the name of the consulting firm swim slam stop close to that is like flatfish or something. I saw some not make out like I am making that up with like something close to that, like fish tales consulting with the former ESPN God and they've been bringing Amanda try to figure out okay ACC football not the greatest. Do we care with the AC basketball.

You are the greatest.

Can we do more with you. TV ratings wise right. What could that look like we discussed on the show but a possible like return of the big four tournament. You know the North Carolina team. Maybe Daisy breaks up as many tournaments or has a tournament where you may not be paired necessarily against it. It's a team, but all Florida State teams go to great for calcium and play for a weekend against four other big keep the command right or maybe there is a tournament if it involved were Duke and UNC could meet in the finals of that little whatever it might be right. There is talk of those there are specific terribly thrown other good ideas are like Joe Julio spray scratched up some deal has dropped some crumbs of things that they might be looking at it wouldn't be scheduling you can UNC play four times a year. It would be these other possible in game.

Many tournaments start by doing that in season tournament right not being so bound to what you've done in life both to what where where are there voids in the TV schedule. Other weekends in December that the college not smoke at all anymore.

The ACC have about a premier thing. So when I think schedule is fine. You should be all about setting up your find out who your team playing, I'm knocking to sit here and read them to you but I am curious is that the last week is that last year that will see the schedule look quite like this drastic change is coming next year, but there is talk about squeezing more money out of the basketball schedule for the ACC and so though trying to creative with it. Next up hockey baby yeah look that will always get the jokes be in a southern hockey marketing URL when they realize once again the canes are real deal fan base is people got real deal. Mad about the NHL stadium series. Think about yesterday.

I didn't get into it say this can be arrogant enough to be like as well. Arrogant rally working with them on the phone so you can think was the pre-sales technically right for you. Full season and here's the thing.

Yes, it was a presale but there is a lot of confusion until August 30 seven things that have been here.

One was that maybe anybody read the link actually could have bought like the link got sent to sent to season-ticket people, but they were could access it unconfirmed rumors and gripes that I heard that possibly could be true.

Okay, I will cover the like. The canes don't have much control over this event ticket sales range it's an NHL run event so people can get mad at the canes and that also is going to. I've heard that the ticket allotment breakdown specifics but maybe more were allotted to Washington Capitals fans. Do you know are within driving distance. Now I replant Toronto or the Los Angeles Kings. I heard that maybe the NHL figure they can sell a decent amount of tickets that were hosting it. Don't we see that the overwhelming majority we hosted don't like don't give those again the next time you do more things like a chance to sell out just came right now. So now you don't look now decent schedule C ticket for resale. The prices will make you feel bad right. However, just know that a lot of the game even a real Seo marketing will correct itself. There will be to get this can cost you money about save money but may not be as crazy as it looks right now and I also think that there are going to be more tickets released so I don't think that was the don't think it's totally gone yet so pure that also if you could create a ticket service that customers like you imagine who gets more complaints per capita about them than like Ticketmaster right whether fees get squeezed out like time waiting and then you don't get whatever I'm sure I've ticket transition event at Mosley's move right like I get mad I don't do a lot of like sitting in line waiting for stuff was because I'm bad about planning like eight months out of usually trying to find a best value ticket. I can do something later in the process so I've been happy with Ticketmaster as used basically just begin to get my tickets and scan them to get the game right that's a big part of customer service, but another big part is just not feel like your price gouging people and people feel like they have a fair shot getting tickets and nobody ever feels like that about the ticket service you know that you do this you have people that stand outside the stadium. They say hey I have two tickets and people can just buy it that way about maybe what the NHL should do also like that and also by people tickets and resell them.

Maybe that's what they should do. I would love to be able to grin ticket service that has negotiating on right yeah where everybody's offering a ticket for $100. You go to one person got yo 30 tickets available for hundred if you sell your for 80 going right now will be done with this can be wonderful like service will see.

Hopefully the right canes fans will get in but some of the regular Center to mixup air judge two more home runs last night.

You hear usually sounded like formerly of Roger Mayor's American League record, I believe that is and hear and see you and you can record scores guarantee you this people out there willing to say and not the only people above Mayor is now Sosa McGuire and bonds. Everybody else that snuck over 61. I don't know about commitment baseball fans are so mad right now listen to me those three obviously all have high level of performance enhancing drug suspicion around them or whatever so I could see some people who would like to get a crown air judge is a home run king if he passes Roger Mayor's, not me.

I will not next topic scumbag yeah a down right scumbag now what interesting things I saw about this was Jeff Perlman who wrote a biography about Brett Favre, yet a series of tweets where he said I wrote a book about this guy was mostly hero stuff because was about his like sporting venture in overcoming that stuff that did mention is addiction issues. Another mistreatment of women things but even with that, don't read my book discussion not be glorified anymore.

I don't quite come down on that. But the latest is that this been simmering for about two years.

I will bore you with all the details, but states the money for the federal government, 70 North Carolina whatever it is about "settlement paid money to the states. States get the money they give it to cities or counties. Whatever they decide what to do. It will use these resources to build a new building for for addiction processes write that with what happened that money federal government pays the money for THE government had paid the state of Mississippi money was designated to be used for poor people like why yes to bring these people out of poverty to help the poorest people in Brett Favre among many other people with close political ties and knowing people rectangle to try to get their hands on that money for themselves calls that they want. Brett Favre already been raked over the coals for take a bunch of money that was from this fund. He said it didn't even notice for the funny thought just get paid from the state. He did know who was earmarked to this point.

Look about for the gift of speech is any didn't even give them apparently was given paperwork didn't do… Is trying to influence the money to be used to build a volleyball center at the school where his daughter playing at the time the most damning thing that came out yesterday was text between him and I believe the former governor, saying, hey, the media is not to find out that were using these welfare funds for volleyball center and it just looks despicable. So if you are hearing the name Brett Favre today.

That's why I just want to give your primer because it is a topic I don't actually really want to talk about Brett Favre anymore other than hope he gets everything that's coming to them for anything illegal. He may have done involved in this and his reputation obviously is a tarnished even further and finally quickly have been underdogs in 24 straight games all go back to the Olympic torch. I would pop it would be like to try and currently still holding as Vegas favorites and watch the commanders to have Boyd's 24 straight games they been underdogs longest streak in Super Bowl history.

Do you know the last year they were favored to me was that is God.

I feel like there's a North Carolina tied it is your PJ Walker at the time led Carolina Panthers drugs favored the Panthers 20 oh okay hopefully being favored will go better for them this time. Those in your job.

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The road you heard what they did indeed did run out the clock and they be number six Ray fixated values that kicked off a series of great videos for everyone who wasn't in North Carolina two separate groups of straight well students but strangers and seemingly choreographed running down the middle of the street art center described like the legacy that agrees like they just played like dance their way to the middle and then meet then there were students living in the duck pond.

We saw the great video and then we got the announcement I think late that night or early the next morning that yes college game day change their plans if they maybe didn't have official plans but unofficially there were probably headed to Texas A&M Miami said not going to celebrate this when and Sun Belt culture, but taken at the Boone Madden called the game is been called games for little over five years now swam the meeting 676 years now think and he'll call this game as well. It is Adam Whitten radio play-by-play guy for upstate Adam how you doing, sir. An interesting trip between Wayne again finding out about game day documented travel getting back to a lot of different reading memorable experience in college next to talk about some of the settlement, all those things and I know you're one of those guys who are not a lot of people working sports and the media, and they you are there to tell the story you there to connect with the fans right so I know you'll say the players are in the wind. The coaches coached it up this book of the wind blows the fans, the students, but I also like to peel back the curtain a little bit and you are a person that was in that position. So I want here specifically about your experience and what's can you tell us what the time is been like between the final call and will now but I was going this week. What's it been like for you, text you got neurotic about stored sort encapsulated kind of crazy when this was. You guys played that audio coming out of the break. Despite saying that I still didn't really believe that when that game and tell it to triple there was still little more than a minute left on the clock. It couldn't just take three need to run a few seconds off the clock on each player though you know that they had their hearts broken gate like that before that I wasn't willing to get into the victory till the game was actually over at the players still out on the moment with incredible sucking it up during game show yelp by my experience was. I usually put my phone on. Do not disturb during the game when I picked it up after work. I think I have about hundred 75 text that is and get a bunch of other social media RR coach Scott Clark probably close to 500 talking about. It has been a lot of fun getting to experience that. I got some really cool messages from people that you people entering the work is so cool you got called on and yet you feel like you have affect the outcome of the game, but you are playing it because your help and to tell the story know from that standpoint it's been a lot of fun talking to the bodies of people I like school where there is about where game day gets that you know didn't give interviews like like that you guide me get things are. They don't happen that often. Schools like my Date because you just don't get a lot of opportunities to play college game did come to town our philosophy with stuff like soak up as much as you can with each opportunity and just try to enjoy me I don't I don't have to worry about preparing for a football game and worried about you making sure that you don't you don't lose all this momentum by losing team.

I try I get the right yes absolutely trying to make sure I know the coaches message likes don't do that state do not have let down laws.

I would give downtown I'm sure the be ready to go sort from the personal sub. This is also a little bit on the act states out to you a student there in the early 2000 and then you been all the calls, it's about what was a 2016 that you took over as is the football voice but you don't to broadcasting before that what what is been the thing that is run throughout your essay. Culture, it is the culture but the coaches have changed Adam and it's not just one guys created. This is not just Jerry Moore is not just got Satterfield in the tradition of the next level, which was huge. It's going through now. Three of four different different folks and not everyone be to miss you to be Texas A&M but almost everyone on was playing top on football and every time they play up our file school will scare the be Jesus out of them. What is the thread that keeps the culture in line how it gets passed even as the coaches change symptoms rapidly, which is what happens when you play really good God football question we talk about culture, winning out over stars when it comes to recruiting and that word gets used a lot but when you really think about what that mean define culture like work and I summoned up in something that I talked about. We had our coaches show last night and one of our guests wife are sitting coach to watch his own car recruiting court hasn't had a similar question which it know how how does this work in terms of your not recruiting for starchy recruiting for it is the best word that Apple is looking for what it's trying to figure out one of the things that they do is deal when players come up with their visit date. They end up spending time with the current players in our coaches yesterday look at Kate Binet and they look at. They go watch them plan a visit with them and try to get a feel for can make can they do they perform at the level they need to be able to date but they also rely really heavily on feedback from their current players today. Okay you guys spent some time with him is he going to person going to fit in. If you highly look pretty player like the feedback from the players is you know I just don't think that the been there there okay with letting that player go not making an official offer because yes, PE probably got all the town the world like that just isn't going to fit well and therefore is not going to maximize potential going to develop the way they want to.

I thought I was a pretty good explanation. To summarize why this is what year-over-year despite turnover in head coach is as distant coaches and think like that. It it just continues to home at the same at the same efficiency in and perform the same level as the radio play-by-play guy for abstains on the call, Texas A&M will be on the call for Troy this weekend college game day comes to town. I saw that you graduated before you worked with the school broadcast through 2006 different capacities we do in 2007 when they were in Michigan. You know II wish I had a great you know why I work at states of meteorites are Clearfield, their partners with that company. 2006 and seven I was working at the studio in our in our offices in Salem and that's what I was doing when the Michigan game is going on so you'll remember a couple things from this page you remember that first the very first game broadcast on the Big Ten network ends and then secondly it was pretty twitter premature opportunity to follow what is happening in sports or something like twitter so I'm sitting in a studio working again.

That was that was kicking at the same time adapting Michigan without a television I can watch the game and without something like twitter to be able to tell me what was going on because I'm on a broadcast of the time wearing a child into doing my job.

I could not watch. I could not listen. I could not follow along with anything other than the commotion happening around me and refreshing yet all that I could do to follow the game go imagine what what that's like somebody that can actually watch it transpire, know I was in Ann Arbor know I was not a watch party. No, I wasn't locked into David Jackson and Steve Brown on the call of the game and I don't have a very good story all similar experience that I was working at the Durham Herald Sun at the time probably typing I get sore right up some of the UNC state game wasn't televised with T McClendon either did or did not get in.

Try to follow that on the untamed Catholic boys went up the kid I got what what is happening I can.

I can relate in some way. Now I will take your answer to this is a way to mean a lack of faith in abstains about this. He taught us that they can compete against anybody to cool. When you like Miami or consider pins been stated Rita to a game without state but did you ever worry like I'm that I'm never going to have my Michigan moment like when you when you took over and they they had a couple close 10. Think maybe I'm not can have you get to call a game, get it done to get out and I'll I don't mean to say you did not favor them but did you ever sort of think in those terms of like you a lot I'll never get gave that big I'd be lying if I said it didn't cross my mind… The reason I get reminded of unite, I hope you think of the audio on demand, but David Jackson always quick to remind you that that that his voice will forever be heard every September 1 as long as counsel continues to place your light, you know, my very first game one 2060. Like you mentioned at at Tennessee on Thursday night. Tennessee was number nine in the country and at and on your thinking yourself. Oh my goodness I have this type but when the very first game and they lost that game in overtime, and of course the first thing I get not pay really enjoyed it when you finish the testing for DJ good stuff. I to talk to you for days.

Just know you sent get a boon. We got a lot of people were actually joining us today on the show you is I guess so. So let you go will be listen to you this weekend. I'll make a point to get the radio and hear some of the call on their I guess I'm ready for game day, but I hope all the folks in Buda bring out the creative juices for good sides. We appreciate you take a few minutes out of one of those busy week of the grant of the great call and have another great one in a great rest of the season and Adam Whitney follow on Twitter@Adam B. Whitten believe that right.

Adam B. Whitten, the radio play-by-play guy for abstains. What a cool experience for him again. Those folks they they grind. Those are not glamorous jobs right. They seem glamorous when you see them calling the coolest moment in sports.

There's a lot of you know Dragon a bunch of equipment up some stairs for games that like you know not as many people care about because it's a random December and the teams five and sit well abstains really is the name their opponent is a great read for every one of those big ones. These guys work hard so it's cool when they get to have those big moments. This episode is brought to you by Samsung unfold the all-new galaxy Z fold for and expands your world with flex mode it stands on its own, so your hands free to get more done during calls and with multiwindow view. You can use up to three apps at the same time plus the edge to edge screen allows you to fully immerse yourself in your favorite games and shows.

Visit to learn more about galaxy Z fold is working through you not understand why guys read my I'd like in the minute before the segment started someone coming in and offered me a free trip was so extravagant I thought he was kidding about like what what people knuckleheads come in here try to clown in the window property to love keep it light here in the studio and always give your light is our good friends from the V foundation. They do great work. Question is, is September the best month yet. Good weather, yet football back you got good weather football about traffic since September. Some people's favor month we have a guest so I want to ask Katie, sweet, senior director of recommendations for the foundation.

If September is her favorite month that the first question will ask Katie for thanks much you join us. September your favor month absolutely romantic and pale on her all at the middle cancer fighter and I did not be going pretty bad out they are and can return or any unpaid is my favorite time that you are able to connect what a personal level talks more about all the cool things got going over pediatric cancer month but is September you fall person for real. Oh yeah my birthdays in September at times with pastors coming up Friday Friday happy early birds would revert to music which everything is okay. Happy birthday someone things going over pediatric cancer awareness month and a tied into the question that I want to ask anyways, it's perfect. I saw one of things going on is that Mark and Cindy, Pentecost, founders of it works are matching donations to the V foundation in honor of the matching donations to the did by telephone for pediatric cancer part of the foundation up $2 million right now you whatever you give can be doubled about that not one of things I want to ask is if I tell edge of a meadow to my heroes grown up you from this area. Loving college basketball. They are so intertwined they you know the TV appearances. Together they did TV together, they were funny they were great characters names both just happened to start with AV and now Dick Bartel after Jimbo that it was clearly become the most visible, hardest working celebrity face. I know I'm using foundation is tons of folks working every day, but as far as the celebrity face.

He is either take it over that mantle. The gimbal that is started. Is there any way that it would ever become the V and V foundation, order, or if the. The subheading could be founded by Jim Bill Bonanno and perpetuated by by divide tell it seems like it is almost become as much a Bartel organization as it was the Jimmy V foundation every time that I'm dying at the level of energy at the level of commitment and he practices everything that we have find out yet and hide.

He focuses on children 24 seven data. Maybe I mean it in unreal energy heap. I think that he had the time came I ran into him on the street, he would get connected invested NFT rally at ease. A great asset for college gospels become an investor for the V foundation case. We enjoy this from the V foundation talk about all things going on. I won't have time to talk about all of them and death that I want to hit on what they are, there's the Connors cure the partnership that you guys do with WWE is a dribble for victory over cancer started at some other schools but this year's come to Duke and UNC because I was basketball related. We need here you go to see to check that out. The walk 60 miles in September, we could raise money to the walks out on your own and then departed with the foundation and get some free swag from them for the donations of those three things we mentioned Dick Bartel pediatric at the front of the Connors gear gimbal victory or walk 60,000 September 30 one of those speak to you in particular. Oh my God favorite child find a better question. Have you ever have you ever met a wrestler in person. How big was he or she not that I love how you kind of hanging out, he made a very large 100,000 students caught a couple weeks ago.

My favorite person and I absolutely and I watched a lot of WWE but I well now it was just incredible. It seems like what one of those things were much like watching hockey or NASCAR when you see the person. People are just so big so fast. If you like wrestling in person would be one of those things that you get to see them up close. It is September. It is pediatric cancer awareness this month and go to we should talk to Sherry Mazer about the process of owning a letter on the Internet having is your address and uncle that was Katie sweet dim favorite football team that you're cheering for the small college in Paris, and I have when I'm leaning toward. I will I will pray that on what I live that you mentioned a dribble when I land is not actually involved in the you can your sterile no matter what you are. Michael often team and you can get involved. I am I will thank you have a favorite playing politics with this.

I understand your governor comes on, or whatever you know you don't you like to say the favorites. Even though sometimes we know, but thanks so much and how is Sherry Mazer do I know she's moved on to choose to join us on the teleradiology word from her done Atlanta. She took her husband out of the sports market as well. So the loss for your organization and the sports media brethren here in the Triangle size are they doing well done Atlanta.

They are living their best client and concert game that teammate and I'm talking and you need anything. And while we next care.

I feel like she's probably not had any kind… That's the case, Katie. Sweet marketing director, senior director bring communication for the foundation right now they make it very easy to find all these things I talked about. I was older this morning the first thing you'll see is that make a donation to the Dick Bartel phone for pediatric cancer and will be matched right away so you can feel good about your money be doubled amid all the other things I mentioned the Connors cure the walk since about September, very easy to find great website and you cannot forget the address it's all on there for pediatric cancer awareness month say things about the best of luck to your favorite school. Whoever it might be North Carolina.

There's a good chance of doing well right now so will will assume that things are going well for you and you see is what it was there out and carried it down and you those that are in really close. We will make your review. Katie prohibits and best luck with the rest of the policies and emigrate. Pediatric cancer awareness month. Thank you for having me. Thank you. That is Katie sweet again. You got a One of the coolest charities. One of Jerry's most intertwined with sports and is very cool that it basically started from gimbal that are here in our backyard. People always like the SP speech state fans always like to say you know what the real speech was the one in Reynolds Coliseum before the SBC so we appreciate Hertz always joining us this is the gold shell

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