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Who was responsible for getting North Wilkesboro Speedway reopened?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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September 14, 2022 3:02 pm

Who was responsible for getting North Wilkesboro Speedway reopened?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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September 14, 2022 3:02 pm

Who was responsible for getting North Wilkesboro Speedway reopened? Jeremy Markovich of NC Rabbit Hole joined Hayes Permar, who was sitting in for Adam Gold, to talk about the reopening of the speedway, the return of NASCAR to the speedway in 2023 with the All-Star Race, and the recent races that took place that included Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

Also, a very interesting chess story during Rightly Rated that involved a cheating scandal.

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Show podcast financial capital financial This is the gold shell you see the tick-tock dance with viral. I can't think of the guys a child star is a lot of movies made in the sandlot and then began and somebody's not directly kid the curlyhaired medic in the place catcher, oh great Bambino right hand began yesterday to get to study will examine important looks like him grown up him and two of his friends and jerseys did basically like tick-tock dances to all the different football themes like the CBSSports the… It's hilarious that include what I football. So now every time I hear one of the themes the past couple weeks. I'm thinking about picturing them doing the dance is to them. They were hilarious and now I believe this help tick-tock works right. I want other people to get in fact you tick-tock your out there making urea as you begin your like in yesterday disgruntled planner exasperated for you if you will. This is right up your alley.

Give your boys on the LG. This is seriously okay tick-tock gold go find this video put on the football jerseys, usually an obvious do your version of it. Okay and it did just like them dancing like they're not great right like you could see their coordinated enough, but then not being good at it as part of the charm.

You guys can get over that same totaling there would not be perfect dancers would be good enough that it's funny that were dancing it's football there you go.

Just thrown out and claim on the best dancer of all three of us go ahead and claim that allow now by elimination after I give you that exactly upright give you that this is would be no contest. I've never seen dancer not dance put it out there today to get it Julio probably sneaky things he can dance better than he can make enough to be dangerous like he's been on a dance floor but not sure if what he was doing could be called dance.

It is all 100 and speculation.

You see, again, if that's all you gotta do is is clear the bar they're setting, I'm a give that to you that it's very low bar severe Levine. I've been in some I didn't like small theater production, dance, and yet it for a moment. I now want to see Dennis Cox dance would you dance to get the name of the song we did live but it was it was the shows Tony and Tina's wedding guys are like the partner dancing like bright ballroom dancing with a partner know I was like where got dance like that it was the bridal party we had reeled all got to get because it was like a fully immersive figure at a wedding guys some fun.

Yes I she had a dance. The single ladies to need to see that as well okay I need remember the dance but he figures it is time to take some audio off the wall. Listen to it as the wall of sound.

The wall of sound is a function of this. There's no doubt sits on my apparently I forgot to call this early.

When we talk about the Panthers but I could let this go unnoticed or missed. We got kind of a new reconfigured Panthers broadcast booth. Gone is Mick Mixon and his descriptive ways that gave us many great audio cuts.

We now get our friend Aneesh were off in their and gigolo who's been in the endlessly full of it is also joined by Luke equally and I think this is a misspeak I think is the right term for it. It was still just funny when I heard it while Garrett had beaten EQ quality like twice one of them badly and here's algae to loan described miles Garrett broadcast this past week we have stopped them in our defense is really going to great job miles. Garrett is starting to get extremely moved up. I'm sorry I'm sorry that I get kinda described well that's the engine that roles Mandy was just as you know Latin by acute quality like there's no friction there. There is also serene Williams is out we got a goat talking about a goat you will hear they had to say. Serene Williams talked about on retiring the possibility of doing it in the Tom Brady manner and you never know. I always say I just been saying that you now, I think Tom Brady start a really cool trend that was on good morning America, here's the thing with the reader know that we talk about this enough. When you go back and explore her career as I remember screaming this at the time she came on the scene and won her first title would like late teens or something like that right and then there were periods were she didn't play every grand slam devil he wasn't playing as many events in between as the other competitors. The other female athletes in this before. She was a principal Tommy before she had achieved the resident graceful time.

She's honestly great at the time she was willing to to which one plays what people were saying she didn't take the sport seriously. She had venous were starting businesses there, I will. You can't do a mere 20 want. You gotta go after the grand slam every year, Hart added every year you can because you might be out of the sport 25 right and they got is that you know what we can do our own thing and what was crazy to me was at the time they were criticizing the Williams sisters for not being focused enough on tennis. They were good.

It will maximize their titles in the window that you had to play tennis. There are like all these other girl that I'm not the tennis historian Saul get the error. Whatever owns it all. Penalize me for like all the employee then whatever but I get the Kim cloisters and the Martina Hingis is all and they meaning the Jennifer Capriotti's who all seem to like come on the scene hornet, 16 and 17. Like the Williams sisters and then they were gone. But like their early 20s right at you like a maybe the best way to win the most grand slams is it see how many you can jam in between the age of 19 to 24.

Or presumably you're in your best shape. Maybe the best way to do it is to pull back. Sometimes when you're hurt or when you're mentally not feeling great looking daily Osaka right now right like pulling back, rather, that like if you push through when you're hurt and you hate the sport and it's not fun. You get to the end of the year when you pushed. You already like is no fun.

I'm done. Instead, the Williams sisters always seem to take the kids is great and my opposites are number one ability to make money and build a brand, but it was you that Brenda did things we like literally the things they like to admit that filled life, but also other business ventures they met at the opportunity to do if they were famous tennis players write some always applauded them and think it was a huge hypocrisy and people who said they were passionate enough about tennis. They didn't play every single tournament at the age of 21 and she proved them right by me let you know I could still win grand slams in my late 30s. If I love the game and I don't burn myself out on that same land.

I don't. It's not like a team sport where you got a show out of town the rest the team. Izzard starts to be weird right. I'm fine with Serena. Much like we would let Tiger Woods like Tom Brady is not a comparison to me it's like Tiger Woods. The it's an individual sport at any given time.

If you're feeling up to yourself, even if it's two years from now or three years from now if all send your play was a friend of the summer and then you're like what it will be better than was less of a bring on bring give me a secret workout with one of the best 20 gobblers.

The world was in the right you know what I feel. Got to go play the U.S. Open.

I think it has to be this big hang up on retired un-retired when she's always good to be playing tennis when she trained her daughters or whatever and she's feeling frisky enough to be in the draw. I feel like she's got that same Tiger mentality of like even as you know she got the number would see China draw their Jesus can embarrass yourself right.

But if she's at a port like you know what a been the healthiest a band for six months in the ball of the harder must serve agon in the percentage I've seen in a while.

Grand slam that is Serena Williams I think should be handling it again. I feel she's going Tiger Woods plan of anytime show up. The ratings are going up the ticket sales going and were all excited if you get a bunch like tigers leaving after one day or from a there goes that you know about your two deep brawl with Jason Boyd, U.S. Open just now. That's what I want to see from Serena. I don't need to find on retired unretired and I got no problem with her.

She plays another U.S. Open, you know, five years from now she can do whatever she wants.

She's earned it again. She's good enough and finally on the wall of sound book. Sometimes coaches we had Brian Kelly last week advising people for being late to the meeting other. Even then, I think he was being playful right.

Sometimes coaches are short but I gotta say you got at least know who won the game. Yes, he questions reporter got no won the game.

There was a reporter at asking the acrid coach but his upcoming opponent didn't quite have the right where you awaited a loss as she is 3427 overtime feeling like Prescott like every press conference looks the same. If you don't see the media. There believe that Akron is the field like. Was there another reporter there was a just have one God and one got from your school baby, but now you got it all the gotta be smart enough with Gus's no Tennessee won the game. You're like oh my bad I said a real blessing on my but you can't in good was the first quarter assumed under the result could purchase one again.

By the way, yes. Reporters got a little bit of that that that is the wall of sound and golden studio in London coach Peter Brody with a capital financial advisory group. We are talking retirement coach.

Let's say you have more than $1 million balance in my 401(k) revelations. Thanks very much. How can I can actually come back and bite me because in this is a thing that we did we get the Mirage receiving Rogers a friend of the desert before you see what's what. Her head was not there when your financial garage is thinking that that total balance in your 401(k). I raise yours. We have two people that want to get a hold of the two uncles uncle North Carolina and Uncle Sam both ever get to do some damage. The balance depending on what kind of other income you have lose 40% your value.

So if you're looking at a million-dollar IRA. Maybe it's only worth 6000 you. So how do we get around is what you don't get around it could end up in jail. If you try to do that. What you can do tax planning to minimize the effect of taxation into the future. The tax train is coming out and we need to make sure to minimize the effect of the derailment of a financial accountant for the next 10 people will do it at no cost relegation put together your very own tax and retirement plan 800-661-7383 or text Adam to 21000 for coach Peter Logan later as you know if it was Michelle before when I filled in haste for more filling in try and run the show. As it stands there with Bruce to tell me to do, but they allow me to bring my check on back money.

My carry-on bag and in that bag I carry with me, rightly rated from us. Fortunately days and we were jampacked rightly rated so stick around a little bit later lot of items on the menu for rightly rated many of which are going to be interesting. In fact, if you mix them all might be one of the most fun that you never have got some drop on their when allowing you to don't get too much with right now. Joining us is our good friend from the North Carolina rabbit hole and when you come up like a nickname for him. He's like the like westerns, the mayor of the ACC. I love Jared Jeremy Martin Vic like the North Carolina whisper. I'm not sure Minden was like the name of your thing about try to take away from that, we need a name for you.

Jeremy really did like an unofficial role that you that you carry now is the storyteller of North Carolina outside the sub found on Twitter at deftly a name the first three years I followed him I thought it was definitely inlaying but then I figured out it was something else you were here to talk about North Wilkesboro, the Speedway and Boone, North Carolina, to the coolest most exciting things happening in sports in North Carolina right out the first ball Jeremy how you doing I am doing wonderful. II hope you are and should I ask where you are looking at a state park or something like you.

You look like you could be on a trail in one of like the North Carolina mountains to see drill something big on the state park or whatever, but I actually and in I'm in the forest and wait for so that is that is more in coming to you from that were technically that wouldn't be Wake Forest because we got that here, just north of Raleigh so that is some other forest in Winston-Salem.

Have you wait wait just for the week is forest fire to hired somebody wait for say their word about new development.

Their words could return it awake.

Pavement not be Wake Forest anymore thought it was kind of clever line. But, regardless, if you were on the scene as the North Wilkesboro Speedway over backup and it was couple weeks ago now, but I just thought about how cool it was to be there would race it was back I meet so that the crazy thing about this track is that white like we all know of it being like I did track right like it like like we are all familiar with this like being in a band and quite a lot of us are least in recent memory.

Before you know recently.

Nothing really happening there like race like NASCAR had not been there in 26 year. And so, so, like I do not.

There couple times like you look it's like it's quiet what you can hear the wind like everything looks like it was just abandon every pickup and left it one day and to see it come back to life to see like cars like a weapon around that thing at 100 mile an hour to to see it full of people with with Mike is it was really really amazing to see just like to see it a lot because it was dead so I can see the track allied with an incredible thing and you get the most credit for attracting back. I know with what your success.

A lot of people want to take a lot of credit. Even you politicians like to get in there and talk about things that they did in the budget and a lot of you live all that was a deal deal Earnhardt be involved.

He seems not to be rushing to take credit you give the most credit to for actually bringing racing back to North Wilkesboro. I mean literally years ago when I was out there and people talking like boy be nice that raising your get my F like a moonshot like you need like four or five different things to break the exact right way and it turned out Balbir like Elkind bid.

I mean like you can give Dale Junior a lot of credit because he was the one about their and I think I think I see one of the NASCAR. The Twitter account NASCAR chasm chart I can't document NASCAR works better than saying a lot. I don't really know what it is you know they made to stimulate they have this picture of Dale Junior with the weed Wacker out there what it was like try to cut the weeds down so they could stand the track for racing is like Best Buy weed Wacker. That's a magic wand so like he really got it actually going. But you have to really give a lot of credit to Marcus Smith mean you know this doesn't happen without him. This doesn't happen without his passion for this project because everybody also look at this thing is that like yeah sure you own the tracks resorts motorsports owns the track what you do with that, like, really, what what what people looking to sell. I get you doing with that slick people deserve a lot of credit.

And then there's a lot of people in Bucks County. I want to say Terry Parsons is a name that comes up over and over again. She is the widow of Benny Parsons who was just this beloved NASCAR driver for a long time and she lives in COUNTY.

She knows her body Bucks County sheet for years, even when this was not even an inkling of happening took the effort to make it out to call Speedway motorsports.

Can we get in there computer commercial directly let somebody in shoot something there and we do all the stuff she is really well-connected. Everybody in town.

She she was the one that when there was an opening to get this track back and have racing there once again she was one like slick cable to get all my friends got chart make this thing happen so you really can't overlook really just a passion for this track not only like you know the NASCAR Dale Junior you know level but also like the folks Bucks County Bay really wanted to happen it would like their time shot came up they really did Jerry mortgaged North Wilkesboro Speedway. And then last week big announcement Junior showed up in Raleigh with the governor and make announcement about a net NASCAR All-Star race being there next year. Obviously, that it is going to be successful on it however you define success. There might be long lines getting in there like this could be people there can be credits can be cool. My question and I hate to be the subset a little pessimist.

I want to be this way like we always talk about cool restaurant is closed and nobody goes there for last night before he closes right or whatever it is, is there any chance that that there's magic about the Speedway because it's been close like five years from now does run the risk of you know just be a minor-league track that the doesn't support itself, and that that this decoded so that was the fact that it had this mystery because track that is the great question better. The question I asked Terry Parsons my talk to her about what happened. Like all erase their and then at some point like this is going to turn back into a racetrack like this is going to be this amazing experience to like, well, okay, I would go there and see race and so I think the folks most kind, no, I think you spirit motorsports noted like you can't just make a racetrack that will work. I mean like short track racing is still around is still a viable thing but it's really hard getting even harder to watch a lot of Star Trek have a really hard time and work both borough is a short track got a lot of history but that's what it so I think you know they note things.

One. One of the things they know is that you have to use it for events or concerts for other things. Good thing is you really have to focus on the experience.

If you don't have a good time at the track and eat it it if if things are running well. If it's not a thing that you actually enjoy doing it because you feel like it's a bucket list thing you probably yeah you might not come back in and when I went to to rocking ham in 2012. This is kind of what happened, rocking him what he been close for a long time to reopen for truck series race and and it was a huge success.

The next year. The crowd was very, very small compared to what had been an and the truck slept so they are very much aware of that. I think the one advantage they have is they have Speedway motorsports in a large company behind them so you know it's not like they're doing it on a shoestring budget. They're going to be able to put some resources and really work on things that need to be done there.

I look forward to the North Carolina radical music Festival with China County line American aquarium Craven Mellon. I will see if we get from Charlotte on BSS and I look forward to that event there. It's been cool your connection with the cool spring that happened this weekend is a football game in Boone but more exciting than that is who's come to town to watch it that his college game day. I know that the gravels cannot on Thursday, but I saw you putting out a call for the Boone God was there and is anything like the top five, three or five things that most people respond to like if you're in bill you got to blank well there's a couple big but I was joking become a part of three categories here like all the responses I got so far you been like a oh I earnestly want to go to this place this place because it's really good guy like you like stick toilet you got a stick for all you got to go to Howard's knob.

You gotta do all these things like like like Jack a genuine thing like you actually enjoy the scooter you get a second category is is very much like I want to act like 25 years ago and I got into some stuff and quite legal thought maybe is misplacing still around, then you still even there. I do back and forever I wish I could go so that's number two in the third category is like ask of God, causing property damage so you multiple like you know you haven't had the fold experience it to your car had been flooded out CSO so I am looking for. All of this. I'm looking for like, please tell me where to eat, where to go to Cheryl that also like weird Buddhism is like like like the Gregory Brothers like like you know the ones that remix the tick-tock video where the kid is talking about corn right everybody knows this.

Now if you miss out on the past you said don't worry yeah anyways. McNulty song the Gregory Brothers are extremely popular on YouTube like therefrom, Boone. They have a weird like Gregory Brothers song about Jerry Smith Park that is part of the Boone culture that everybody should know about some just try to gather culture and you know a lot of stuff that really matters about but does not matter at all about excellence. I personally question future but you originally from Ohio and you become this north Carolina storyteller.

Do you think if you if is your career and in life and work done faded kept you in Ohio you would've taken on the same role or is it like partly because you come with an outside his background and what you want to for a long time now is that more like well the new place only get to know the things around me as opposed like taking a group for taking for granted is your native like you to get at the same role in Ohio is as a storyteller, people and places and sometimes weird off the beaten path stuff in your state. I mean all I can pick up two responses about one sure like I'm a very curious person I I'm interested in stop and and and like like this is what happened is a kind of the reason why I started this this this newsletter is just because I'm like oh I'm really curious thing unless I write about it. Get to the answer on this instrument. Clutter up my head and to be like one of many things I like think about sharing so we could help get things off my plate. I'm sure you do not merit matter where matter. I was, but the thing is really special.

What North Carolina and like I was looking up or I really started this newsletter I work for our state mag 6 1/2 years in writing them for more than a decade and I've gotten the opportunity to travel, they gave you travel all over from Lewisham or any of several time and and like work at house mountain has the code it's got the Piedmont. It's got large city, Charlotte Morales, that tiny little town. It's got like a history that is is is both good and bad struggle but there's a lot there's a reason why people are moving is such a fascinating place that is growing and interesting and right in the middle of a lot of different things as much as I love Ohio. Ohio is pretty flat right like there's a lot.

They have a great Lake that you know but like the diversity of literally everything in North Carolina makes it such a fascinating place and I don't know if you could do some of the stuff in any other state leave. I really don't I really think you know it's got problems. We all know that it's got struggles but like this is a wonderful place to be.

I'm just lucky to be here and what you write about it and I'm lucky that literally there's like no boxer that well that one side once I feel like I've got a bottle. One thing except he also like what your summer stop checking out all you find out why this random tanks on the news River near Morehead city, and all kinds of things this week will tell you the best place to check and like you said you travel the state get paid to do so. You also do for pleasure question. Like any good reality show. Have you been paying attention when you travel.

These places will put you on the spot right now with name the county seat. I'll give you County you give me the county seat. Are you ready for this. I'm writing this is also room but on the bank probably will help you look good help you.

I first as we were talking about Watauga County were game day will be the county seat of Watauga is it is Boone's one-for-one seal when a young guy like that Markowitz we also talked about Wilkes County. In this interview with the county seat of Wilkes County that would be Wilkesboro Wilkesboro North Wilkesboro. I believe it is Wilkesboro. You are correct to let me push you off your game. I little bit harder Beaufort County.

Do you know the county seat of Beaufort County, North Carolina, Washington that is good is not Beaufort, not sitting out in the county. Three for three winter. Either way, without the fund, Duplin County, Duplin County is that Kenansville it is key and then my personal favorite, the best county seat of all the smallest county in North Carolina. What do you propose what's the smallest County is I do with her. That's not what my information said will forget that. What about what the land area may will forget it.

Let's Clay County with the County of Clay County, Clay County is, I believe brass down know it's not brass. I give you a restaurant where they both were used to lower the possum if you don't decant in the county seat jealous on the spiritual center of Clay County. I believe that it's okay the UN for five year winter the county seat. According to Wikipedia, which may or may not be correct is Kaysville population 311 will is the best county seat of North Carolina. Of course you a five year winter we put you on the spot you define the smallest county by population. Carolina and I believe there may be more bearers with American people on this right here.

This was the third smallest by land area of smallest but totally what's the difference since Clay got is the third smallest county in North Carolina by land area in the smallest by total area that well you have what you have what you water like the sounds I get I guess that would well that's me going. Wikipedia and Jeremy Markowitz from the north on information you your two most trusted sources. If you guys are in conflict…… I appreciate the time. As always, keep up the great work. Check out the North Carolina rabbit hole you can subscribe to new news right your door this week will be about Boone, North Carolina.

Bridget sounded crabbing follow on Twitter at deftly inane.

He is North Carolina's whisper we come up with a better name that Jeremy Markovich I am an adventurous person. I mostly careful person we want to get out there but we also want to make sure were safe and loved ones are safe thing that's on start guarding safety services right on.

I found we can get roadside assistance we can share locations with friends and family. How can a crash. Any vehicle on any motorcycle kindly something both sides of me can agree on adventure safely on start guarding today from NASCAR on Google play.

Be safe out there. I don't like or promote sheet.

However, as an observer and sportsman, I thought hey know that you know, the larger the money the feigned prestige gets the likelihood of humans being dictated to cheating is a thing. I recognize this fact and I am intrigued, fascinated, entertained by attempts to cheat in a way that I'd say yes ultimately I don't like the people jobs are hurt by this. I don't like the bikers that got left on the Tour de France because all the bikers.

The doping got the spots right like I don't like that part of it, but absolutely I'm intrigued by the methods people go to to try and get around the rules. Whether it's like the Russian games were the Russians who literally built the testing sites had special bathrooms are the Russians going with secret doors in the back with a like exchange urine samples like they should, because they should be punished. All the things that I am fascinated at how they try to pull these things off.

Same with Houston Astros. If you caught should be punished to the full extent right gave all that stuff. But I still should be made fun of, should be booed and mocked and signed should be made fun of you because you cheated all those things I will as a observer. I'm entertained and kinda cool when something like you know what it's worth it. Were going outside the rules were to try to do something so I could only fairly call myself highly and attained when I learned that the chess world may or may not be getting rocked by a cheating scandal first ball barely none none experts just experts are good listening abilities got stuck about you right I'm only reading up on the more more chances having to deal with basically the threat of one person standing there moving the pieces are sitting there getting help from somewhere outside presumably outside people to be sitting there with pictures of your boarding run computer logs. Everything else was a high spot in the use of the best move based on what the other person is doing and it's really not one verse another. You, the manpower of the Internet and other people all working against this is Chessmaster we came upon the curious case of a Chessmaster Magnus Carlson withdrew from a major tournament with $350,000 in prize money.

Imagine it's pretty on the chess world after he lost to underdog Hans Neiman. Now I see all the people at the tournament were high rated. Chess players but Neiman was like the lowest rated chess player at this tournament and the least likely person to upset Magnus Carlson Carlson left the tournament. You don't got out just as you lost you still playing forgot we finish up but he bounced and he tweeted I withdrawn from tournament always enjoyed playing in the name of the tournament and hope to be back in the future, and any and there was a video in between said if I speak him to be in big trouble.

Many people started saying that possibly this guy Neiman had cheated right there's a hunting cheated, but it's interesting when they talk about how he cheated using the movie casino Dennis Cox I know of. It is a famous evil guys get caught cheating and revenue has guys banging on the table hammer until you get out here and he says your throws about the alley. Whatever.

Never come back here at the movie 21 yes but they will but well this is it. Hear the difference in the one were in casino there cheating about one guys sitting we can see the dealers card using the little radio transmitter Morse code. I lay deep deep deep deep deep to his buddy and they show it in the movie they both got something up there leg would say in the upper thigh area and they show you the picture.

They both got subjective leg, one God, tapping his leg.

The other guys feeling the vibrations over on his chest, cheating, set up once set up by describing casino were one guy had a device that sending vibrations to his inner thigh only how we best say this at 3 o'clock on FM radio in Raleigh, North Carolina yeah, cheating is being accused of having the radio transmission receiver hidden in a place that would let say I don't know be the least likely place to be checked or spotted on a person's body, not between his toes, not in his ear, not up his nose not his mouth. Eliminate more on the backside of having something is on the backside not catheter goes, having something concealed in a part of the body that helps conceal things and getting radio transmissions there from an outside source that helped him beat the champion again. I don't condone cheating but I am fascinated by this story about the possibility what's going on. A test will be thrown around that guy walked away himself may have been guilty of the same kind of cheated one more than what only he can out the other guy you'd be out of himself like you know when you win if you if you play golf with somebody ending into the wood you find the first you pick up the ball and you throw it somewhere where they know they can't find in your like I got a now you have apparently never did find the ball and then later they say all the mortgage the ball you threw their ball away.

You know they didn't find the ball right you know they're cheating, but you can't accuse MGA because you cheated all my right, there is still a lot to think that's what's going on here chess okay I just got it. I wish I had a witty pond take on this. You know there's there's the party where the sun don't shine yet. I hope someone could shine a light on this issue or whatever it might be, but it is upon a research off on someone else. Yes yes what that those funds would be welcome there. Some other ones that you likely that we should be playing in, but the sun don't shine guessing was headed. Yes, absolutely. So anyway, I was fascinated by the story, and I wanted to be truth so badly because it disproves some people will do anything to win just the fact that you would actually think of that to do that me if this is real for well and then since leading to bigger issues. Now they're saying more and more the be Smart fabrics.

Basically, you have a shirt on with a patch somewhere the like. Nobody will know would stand out would send just enough little vibrations in my brain insert into the we were getting there catching up that workaround and technology so cheating in chess it's getting dirty hi that's on to say it's getting real dirty white money. Let's take this thing down is rightly rated God we have music friendly and underage building rightly rated boxed wine is boxed wine, overrated, underrated or rightly rated the answer. It's underrated still the best. Okay, this comes up because longtime California vintner Fred Franz.

The cofounder of bronco why best known for his Charles Shaw bran a.k.a. two Buck Chuck passed away at age 79, is appointed they talk about his two Buck Chuck Trader Joe's visited two dollar wine you get five bottles for 10 bucks whatever this tribute to him talk about his brushes with the other wine grapes and Howie hated the like highfalutin wine societies really try to keep on not nearly enough being made out of what he did for boxed wine baby Franz.

It was the boxed wine industry and any of them to discuss that more. But RIP Franz the parents know about Coca-Cola's at the school anyway but I also did know was named after person but yes, Fred, Franz, you no longer with this box line underrated notes that no other answers by next up son drop his son drop overrated, underrated or properly rightly rated Jeremy Markovich about Dale Earnhardt driving North Wilkesboro. He drove a son drop car.

We know Roy Cooper been hanging out with Dale Junior to get this thing done here is the governor discussing his love of diet drinks including diet son drop unlike diet sodas the mountain. This leader has more heart Christie that's Roy Cooper, diet soda, small yeah diet soda sommelier, but I am so disappointed I grades is reviews spot on with the with regular to mount is a little bit sweeter son drop is that I don't know how to describe people.

It's like it's in the Mountain Dew family but it's like a little bit different maintenance little more tart, mellow yellow Mountain Dew son drop all of distinct flavors same family son drop overrated underrated rightly rated underrated price still underrated like it's great in the summer good with some vodka smothered me a mix is good or likes it and it looks cool Dale drive the car. Next up Wendy's is Wendy's overrated underrated rightly rated that's good coat comes up is Wendy's made the best college football commercial of the weekend is what sounded like important attorney is my great honor to return this to Mr. great rumors about Wendy's personally mock the fact that Reggie Bush got his house taken from them, which now in today's world of denial, like all that stuff seems silly right in people who took stuff like really really punishing work. Everyone knows he was the best player goes above that year every nose with a husband really took delivering.

Today they poke fun at that and then have them say they can never take it from me, even though it's like for limited time so they are going take from you what even was the same as there the of the pretzel Paul Berg yes now well done. I like a lot of good commercials of all the sports, it might have the best total commercial I like the diet Dr Pepper pepper 1 pound or whatever. It's all good I Wendy's overrated underrated rightly rated underrated up Wendy's moved to little bit overrated to be really good Junior Bacon chief Rod for $0.99.

Frosting is good dessert matured still the same without some fun today, enjoy some Franz. He is son drop some Wendy's whatever that chess guy was doing. This is the gold shell

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