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Sunday Morning / Jane Pauley
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May 27, 2018 10:50 am

CBS Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning / Jane Pauley

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May 27, 2018 10:50 am

Seeing green: Celebrities selling marijuana; Back to Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood; 1968: “Laugh-In,” comedy that defined the times; Steve Martin and Martin Short: Two amigos on tour.

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Let's partner for all of it. Learn more at Good morning. Jane Pauley is off today. I'm Lee Cowan, and this is Sunday Morning. The Memorial Day weekend is a time for honoring the military to be sure, but it also doubles as the unofficial beginning of summer. It's a time for recreations of every sort, including a past time that's recently become legal in several states, opening doors of opportunity to a number of celebrities.

Ben Tracy will report our cover store. Is it hard to find high quality plants? Only if you're really high. With his own marijuana brand, stoner legend Tommy Chong enjoys going to work these days. I'm the guy that smells it, feels it, puts it in my pipe, and smoke it. Quality control.

And quality control. But he's not the only celebrity seeing green. The growing business of celebrity pot later on Sunday morning. Nothing like that would ever have happened back in the neighborhood.

Faith Saley will be revisiting this morning. It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood. 50 years ago, Mr. Rogers first welcomed children into his television neighborhood.

Please won't you be my neighbor. A new documentary examines the life of Fred Rogers. One of the most exceptional things about Mr. Rogers is that he was exactly who you think he was.

In fact, he was even a better version of that person. Later on Sunday morning, a visit with Mr. Rogers. Steve Martin and Martin Short are touring the country. Two amigos in the service of comedy, as Tony DeCopel will be showing us.

You look like Anderson Cooper froze to death on New Year's Eve. Martin Short and Steve Martin sure know how to get a laugh, even when it's at the other's expense. People work as teams and they hate each other, and that's that's probably more common. So I'm just learning to hate. Yeah, we're not there yet. Yeah, we're not there yet. Steve Martin and Martin Short a sort of show business love story ahead on Sunday morning. Those stories and more when Sunday morning continues. Celebrities are no strangers to lending their name to products, but recreational marijuana? Although it's still against the law, in 41 states, a lot of big things have happened in the past.
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