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Mayberry, Grace and Frankie, Left-Handed

Sunday Morning / Jane Pauley
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August 14, 2022 3:43 pm

Mayberry, Grace and Frankie, Left-Handed

Sunday Morning / Jane Pauley

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August 14, 2022 3:43 pm

Guest host: Tracy Smith. In our cover story, Rita Braver looks at how left-handed people cope in a right-handed world. Plus: Ted Koppel visits a town that reinvented itself as Andy Griffith's "Mayberry"; Tracy Smith sits down with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, stars of the Netflix series "Grace and Frankie"; Martha Teichner delves into the story behind a new opera about a Muslim enslaved in America; And Conor Knighton checks out how a small town in Illinois got on the map by dreaming VERY big.

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Life is for living. Let's partner for all of it. Learn morning Dean Polly is off this weekend. I'm Tracy Smith this Sunday morning the good old days.

For many of us that's a time not so long ago when life was simpler, slower little kinder with television comedies like the Dick Van Dyke show the Beverly hillbillies.

And of course the Andy Griffith show Andy and his peaceful hometown of Mayberry left the world of primetime TV in 1968 yet. Would you believe that decades later, loyal fans continue to flock to the North Carolina town that claims Mayberry's legacy town where is Ted Koppel will tell us there's a fine line between fiction and reality rose groans your course this is just replica of a Hollywood shirt for television insurers went off the air. More than 50 years ago. So what is good kitsch tourists flocking boundary, North Carolina by the hundreds of thousands every year of your Sunday morning Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin have been acting together and breaking the rules together for more than four decades, and they're not about to stop now because we are sick and tired of being dismissed by people like you might drop seems everything you touch turns to go. Specially the Netflix. Grace and Frank at their careers are about love.

She gives all her money away this jacket I've seen this at least 10 times.

Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda on their long-running show there forever friendship. You may not have noticed that yesterday was international left-handers day but we think it's perfect timing for Rita braver's appreciation of lefties everywhere.

Connor Knighton visits a small town that dares to think big, very big and a preview of a new opera with Martha Tyson or it's a Sunday morning for 14 August 2022 and will be back in a moment. As we mentioned south because are being celebrated the world over this weekend. Our legendary lefty Rita braver takes a closer look at life on the other hand, this could be any gadget shop, scissors, notebooks and pens.

These items and scores of other products in the store are specifically designed for left-handed people's pastry server sharp cutting edge is on the left side silver wreck site. We like to say you may recall, the left leg Jewish Bible lefties in San Francisco is the real thing opened by Margaret Manjula in 2008, and guess what not. I can even think I'm terrible with my left hand. No surprise lefties, including your faithful correspondent makeup, only an estimated 10% of the worlds population and understand that we sometimes feel well left out. So some of your best friends are left-handed. Of course we lefties do have greatness in our ranks finest actors, musicians, techies, five including Bill Clinton. We seem to be overwritten better than certain fields politics life cracking ever.

You know I like is over what I started studying the way the brain functions.

It made me wonder whether root really was a son of being a little more creative and nonrational what you think.

I have no conclusions on yourself. Though auto so there has been this math. Lefties are more create skillet here and now there is some research that shows left-handed people organized thoughts in a different way and tasks in a different way.

Absolutely. And that is is really mysterious author and journalist David was so intrigued by the mysteries and myths surrounding left-handers like him. He spent a year when the world to write a book about hand often associated with the devil. The very word left comes from the old English left, meaning weak or worthless Latin word for left a sinister. So that's really right right goes in French, which also means kind of crude undesirable.

You should certainly not be eating with the left hand in countries where you don't have utensils. Why is well you know it's not the cleanest dinner table talk, but the answer to that is that in the poorer parts of the world people are trying to keep separate which hand they eat with in which hand they clean themselves. You mean after using this estimate exactly and older Americans may still remember when writing with the left hand was unknown. No, they were schoolteachers who were trying to back this behavior out of them and in other parts of the world and punishments were very severe for following what is just a natural tendency lefties know all the jobs left-handed compliment, and more recently, swipe left for project and there's always having to left feet still many lefties are great athletes from Max to tennis players in baseball. I think it definitely is a good thing. Sean Doolittle is not out in left field.

He's one in a long line of famous southpaw pictures in 2019. He was the closer helping the Washington nationals win game one of the World Series. I got brought in in the eighth inning when they have a left-handed header up and so I got the final out of the eighth inning. I finished the ninth inning. We got the win that lefty pitchers are good, not just getting left-handed batters out but also white batterers because righties are used to facing people like you so much right, it's just a different look, because in baseball there are there are much, much fewer left-handed pitcher so the ball is coming in on a different angle, but like most human beings left or right handed. Doolittle is also a bit dexterous. I play golf right handed a kick with my right foot pretty good with scissors which hand you back with us. Realize this is about lefty, but a golf club writing is pretty weird so much is weird about being left-handed scientists know it's at least partially genetic, but they've never been able to figure out exactly how it's passed on a recent study by scientists at the University of Oxford using genetic data from some 400,000 United Kingdom residents has revealed important new information. Dr. Carol Wiberg compacts the differences in DNA sequence between a very long time does condos and whatnot shows regions where the two groups, with the difference on average professor Gwen duo says.

The study found some very preliminary connections between goodness and development of certain diseases, hire people so if you see the risk off with talking about very small. Still professor Dominic Furness says the discovery could yield important information on devising new treatments. One of the important structures within the brain not working properly in these diseases. Why are they not working properly very fundamental level. The study also found some differences between left and right-handers in the brain's white matter material through which messages pass to the central nervous system so the brain which the study does say that your findings raise the possibility that left-handed people have an advantage when it comes to performing verbal tasks.

This is really have required scientific testing. I would say sometimes like I feel a little bit different than everyone else, you psychologist Charlie Resnick lefty herself welcomes the idea of more scientific research helpful to educate others who are right-handed because it's really a little tough. Left-handed and right-handed world sometimes she introduced us to seem to take it all in stride. I don't even the ink stained thing I've noticed about the things that you always get still something that you should be proud of any even though your different. What would you say to parents who think, oh gosh, my childhood, just do better because the world is right-handed. I and what would lefty expert David Wellman do somebody came to you and said okay.

I can magically make right-handed like everybody else I would say are you out of your mind never know know know me either, just so lefties close mean you both and wouldn't give you now how would you see Griffith show aired for here on CBS back in the 60s and the Opie and the gang were a huge hit with viewers back then, it turns out they still are. Ted Koppel has one of our Sunday best his visit last summer to North Carolina told me a brochure and from whose little boy fishing hole on the outskirts of Maybury, North Carolina were actually scrolling on a leak in Beverly Hills, California on the Howard Hughes political.

There's no one of Hollywood's top directors. Most of the other stores and grocers on Welch Deputy Barney Fife of the actors who played the floor, the Barber revolt. After all, it's been 54 years and you left the show, so it may come as something of a surprise to learn good Maybury is doing for the research will name your only genuine link to the Griffith show was born and grew up in Boston if he had not been born. This particular hotel. We would be standing here having that conversation with Randy Collins is president of the motor area Chamber of Commerce recalling when North Carolina's tobacco textile industries.

Stuffing knocked out after the mills closed. A lot of the town fathers and the business owners got together and said hey what about this Maybury thing. Maybe we can do something with businesses were born or reinvented with almost a year, 50 years this or capture the reality of the true Maybury is fictitious.

Most everyone knows that except maybe some of the rabid fans show they believe it's real, then the tone is doing a whole lot to undermine the illusion struck by Wally's filling station you can get a ride around town for galaxies used as a whole. Sleep.

We are constantly looking other ways that we could promote the community because we know the Mayberry generation won't be here forever, but that was streaming television.

Andy will be forever with us and we hope the younger generation Jewish family from Pomeroy Ohio which no exaggeration to this, we creation versions for the Fosters being a national monument you watch the show for hours a day. Sometime early in the morning true for the after a month or two watching four hours or more, but you're going to turn his little brain out now clean, clean comedy has morals, values you'll see that a lot today and don't mean streets were to ruched speak of the florets barbershop rebel slippery loan. We drove Louisiana busy generations. Now all was being real with the song about stealing or is a godless society that we see today morning when you see what you see what you should do if you were black 60s, but things were no what actually happened during the years program for the world seems to be God 1 PM I like casualties to kill us. Hebrews are Americans week went to school, which is strange to find so many people have a full century later, searching for great toe is Randy: should the Chamber of Commerce acknowledges African-Americans were invisible. There were very few speaking parts. If you watch closely in the crowd scenes.

I think Andy and others on the show push to make sure that there were people, crowds, Catholic closely is in her 90s.

She and her younger brother and sister were all born here with return to move back here 1973, so we wanted a sandwich and we went in her mother and Bell Main Street and they served us, but we had there were no electric should write the 1973 yes or little better after little bit after bubbly schools also born and raised in Mount Airy is a clear memory of race relations in the 60s, black with a blow what's new with everything were segregated, but learn skills. Thompson is bubbly. Schools twin. In making those program it was for basically the white population. She believes she understands the ongoing popularity of the program is appealing to people who are not familiar with small town and what Andy has projected is a quiet, peaceful town with everybody happy everyone is looking for peace. Good place to live. It's a good place if it were not home. I would not be here for your home is where you make yet another real born in your memory and family mostly members being created lesser why would you want us to.

Well, that wasn't treated as a lesson in my family I have planned family history. Our property is their memories of childhood is still very strong. I'm very satisfied being retired in place where I grew up very becomes more complex with each conversation. The injury is please see interests are far away political support people who believe your blood question the president a lot of support you if you took a poll that would probably not lean in our current president's favor is for 20 books upon sometimes during the deputy's uniform and look over some person was explained as well as the entire crew from CB a Sunday morning, just ask your curiosity like we have election sought to save the rest of you, it was not all question. This is serious? You all tell me what you think happened on January 6 for this and that's how that start yelling will do just like yesterday is gone there once in the direction now is not the direction my life is about the place.

I just hope will show some do you love me this conversation about his script was written in Hollywood. All my goodness, I want to tell you about our new shout business and each episode mean weekly, gastric and other quirky find inspiring and informative stories that exist because well maybe you do to the newest interior design trend Barbie car to the right and wrong way to wash her also getting the things that you just kind of well probably not able to do in daytime television. So watch out. Tristan is ever you get your podcast. It's a good news on the got streaming progress and crazy time once final point is when people in the best way to protect people final season Millstream's is on the something really big sign on the outskirts of claims that 3000 people live here being generous. Latest estimates are actually closer 2700. The population is about the only thing in Casey smaller than you'd expect to be hard to get the whole thing and go hello area is home to the world's largest rocking chair and largest pitchfork, the world's largest golf team from the largest box in the world you can look out on the main street that could be any American small town you live here, what was it like when you start to see some these businesses close down. It's heartbreaking because when you grow up in a small community, you know, everybody. So you see town. This, slowly dying off factories that once employed workers here closed or moved away they packed up and left for bigger cities.

Locals like Jim Bolin trying to figure out how to revive the tiny town he loves small town we have to try to come up and think outside the box to get people to come to our small communities and in shop. It all started with this world's largest wind chime elected in 2011 draft horse. Jim's wife's café the winter I want to first bill that I said that's my mission were we casted out to the interstate and try to real people and are also down there to see what God catching fish for The experiment was such a success went on giant buildings. This family-owned pipeline business access to the raw material you start to feel like a man on a mission because at this point I'm thinking okay what can we do for town so I'm looking at different businesses and try to find something that would correlate with the business free of charge barbershop.

The world's largest barbershop.

The candy store up the street got a whimsical tear of the world's largest wooden shoe shoes yes they come in to see the shoes and then they find out it's in the store so it helps me as well meticulously researches his creations works with the Guinness world record organization to get them certified along the way. He's built plenty of large items around town necessarily record holders. This is an even Walmart. The collection of giant objects. Casey, halfway between St. Louis and Indianapolis on the map within your favorite so far from the rocking chair seat license plates of all the cars that stop by the focus out of there from Pennsylvania to get people from all over, all over California, Texas, all these cars, lifelong resident Jimmy Wilson site first, the idea of a traffic jam in case Illinois that a new concept and where road rage. Now, I have always been able comes down and so slow walking around the people get upset problems town once. I can't believe it is the greatest things around. The flag goes up on the giant mailbox. Someone stopped in another letter most likely hoping to commemorate their trip just to know that people are excited having a postmark case, Illinois on their male what that feel like this pretty is pretty cool to see kids and people get excited about something that the case is just at Sterling is a special big dreams bigger heart, all in a small town in your driveway without me to Mexico where you're in charge of the car's I regret this already.

Sunday morning on CVS and here again is Tracy's Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin still stirring things up in their 80s and talking about acting age activism making five preachers for women with arthritis vibrators entertaining Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin are great Frank visionary and 80-year-old woman from the right to take on that side show women became friends. Only after their husbands played by Martin Sheen, Sam Waterston revealed that they are in love with each other. Okay this is your game and getting married here shows humanity. We both have been told by women who have faced terrible things that watching Grace and Frankie has kept her head above water given them hope so for anything Tomlin and Fonda actually are great friends in real life, not exactly like the women they play. For instance, Jane Fonda doesn't drink as much as Grace stopped drinking, and here's why.

It's because even with one drink like if I had a martini tonight I would be at half-mast tomorrow. That wasn't true. When I was younger but as you get older. I think alcohol affects you differently and I I only have so many tomorrows left. I don't want to be at half-mast for any of them. Grace and Frankie premiered in 2015 just wrapped seventh and final season, making it the longest running original series on Netflix ever did either of you imagine starting out that at this point in your lives, you would have a steady gig like no I didn't. I was ready to go on the road again to be more creative. 70. Lily Tomlin's road act was her widely acclaimed one-woman show hearing nightly.

When Jane went to see it just started working on an idea for a movie that would become 9-to-5.

What did you think watching Lily on stage, I fell in love me.

I was blown away when I left the theater. That night I said to myself I'm not making a movie about secretaries unless unless Lily Tomlin is in it and we know how that turned out she set companies that I would just say that if you want to check first stage shares.

Happy birthday Mira. You may not know that Lily Tomlin quit after the first day of shooting.

I said just have to let me out of the movie. You don't have to pay me anything. I thought I was just awful.

I said I'm just going to ruin the movie that I saw the dailies and the second day because he couldn't drop the papers quickly enough, and so I and I thought was pretty good but it's okay now I think I'll just keep this part. They've been friends since together on sat, and occasionally Tesla 2019 hair who both have a long history of social capital during a demonstration of the climate are a key. Jane says political activism is well in her blood. I think a lot of that comes from my father noise and after the other played an underdog or he played people who stood up for the underdog fight so people can eat.

I'll be there. There's a cop I'll be there that was like in this DNA didn't like bullies.

He believed that we had to fight for people who are less fortunate, and why I inherited that from him. That's in your DNA to offscreen Henry Fonda was said to be an intensely private man and Jane says she inherited some of that to my father's daughter. I could be in a car with him for three hours and he wouldn't say word so you know it's it's hard for me to be social.

It's very hard for me to go to parties and all of that I'm not comfortable at all to any excuse to be my myself this is like that.

Yeah, you force yourself to go out kind of yeah and when I do go out I tend to find a corner and stay in one place. The whole evening. She seems to show up which in fact Jane Fonda started making her famed workout tapes to raise cash for the causes she believed and so I thought maybe I should start a company that will fund what were trying to do and I had a very smart friend who said never going to a business that you don't understand. There was one thing I knew, which was exercise. She sold close to 17 million copies of her feel the burn tapes and she gave most of our profits away.

In fact, she still does, she does that she gives all her money away this jacket I've seen is at least 10 times. Still, her lifetime of exercise has had benefits beyond merely financial 84. She looks great in fact they both do. I'm super conscious that I'm closer to death and doesn't really bother me that much. What bothers me is that my body is basically not mine. My knees are not mine. My hips are not mine.

My shoulders not my, you're looking at somebody who's only me from here, France's truth is what makes Jane and Lily Grace and Frankie work is that fake joints in all, thank you so so very real fact is if you're alive and relatively healthy at an older, I mean I'm almost 85 fact that I'm still alive and working well. Who cares if I don't have my old joints and I can't ski your bike run anymore. My father was six years younger than I am. When he died and he seems so old, so you she is not so important is health.

You know you can be really old 60 and you can be really on a five beautifully put why you laughing I just like to hear her talk. Now off to the famous festival. So Martha Tyson or can tell us about one of this summer's highlights Yeary just as the curtain was about to rise on the opera based on his story. Omar said he did more than 150 years appeared to blink as if he had come back to life and that was the point, why this Plato Festival USA Charleston South Carolina Premier Memorial Day weekend to let this speak for himself. Inspired by the writings writings that were written in the enslavement he he Grammy winner and the genius grant singer-songwriter Rhiannon Giddens was asked to write the opera Omar Sunday was solid from his home in Africa and sold into slavery left behind biography a remarkable document. The only one of its kind known to exist as close to I could get up putting a voice from the time of slavery. What you know about Omar. I never heard from her nose like what you know about Omar having cited Giddens brought in composer Michael Ables. This is yet another example of how our history is not being told to us and suddenly looking at the whole story for meaning that Omar Saeed was far from unique.

As many as 20 to 30% of the enslaved Africans brought to the United States were Muslim.

Omar is a stand-in for tens of thousands of people largely forgotten by history. This is the original autobiography written by Omar inside his hand. It's hard not to say how written by himself. In 1831. This translation is from the 1860s and it starts out in the name of the merciful. She starts out with a Muslim prayer Lynn Lisa Kitchener heads the African and Middle Eastern division of the Library of Congress, which acquired it in 2019 songs throughout the translation to speak of his story in Senegal to speak of his story.

Upon arrival to the United States. Omar writes that he was from food tomorrow in northern Senegal that he spent 25 years studying Islam a big army came he goes on and took me after a month and 1/2 at sea. He arrived in Charleston, South Carolina most likely here at Gadsden's wharf. It was 1807, a critical year in the history of American slavery in 1807 and support to note that there was the act of the mission of the importation of slaves. Scholars argue that Omar inside the was perhaps on one of the last legal ships leaving West Africa coming into the United States.

The cargo of African individuals. He escaped accrual more than Bill North Carolina where he was caught next us all so so the story goes found and began writing verses from the Quran arrow on the walls of his. So these are Omar's own words in his own handwriting on these drapes.

Christopher Myers is the production designer for Omar, the opera, this dramatic moment the lighting is still the central moment of the entire piece because of what because it was legal at the time because it was a remarkable thing for a black man to be writing to be speaking his culture to feel the breadth and width of this event, James Owen, a prominent politician devout Christian is intrigued. He buys special treatment introduces him to Christianity all in. Omar may or may not willingly or not.

He was enslaved and everything that's known about his life.

The question of his conversion, even what's in his autobiography has to be seen through that lens.

I felt like I was reading a document by someone who was watching his words feel his heart he was hiding himself but without these pages without being able to stare into his eyes.

There would be no attempting to fill in the blanks.

Omar other cities that will Omar Saeed start to be 93. He died in 1864 after the Emancipation Proclamation before the end of the civil he was never free. Why is Omar story to tell people because of everything you can talk about recovering our history and telling the full history of the states in a way that includes what a multicultural country we've always been better than Julie does not offer no real. We will need another story's and then we know more about who we are now Tracy Smith thank you for listening and please join us when our trumpet sounds again next Sunday. This week Stephen Long live Mitch McConnell in one of Washington's biggest midterm monument list for me to set races you think Republicans have the best chance of taking a democratic seed with Nevada not Georgia. Georgia is right up there with New Hampshire's products to New Hampshire people really just don't like you have more from this week's conversation, follow the take out with Maj. Garrett on Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts

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