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Who's Your One?, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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January 6, 2020 9:00 am

Who's Your One?, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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January 6, 2020 9:00 am

The power to continue in the Christian life comes from the same place you got the power to start in the Christian life. In this message, Pastor J.D. continues his introduction to the “Romans” series and explains what it means for the gospel to go deeper in you and through you in the world. You may already know the facts, but are you ready to get intimately familiar with the truth of the gospel?

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Today on Senate life with JD Greer, my friend. I got good news for you that word. Everyone that has to include you. Jesus created the world in six days, which is the word of his mouth when death had taken over his body and it was beginning to decay Jesus raised from the dead didn't handle your messed up part of the gospel is the power of God.

Yes, your dysfunction and your sins are bad, but Jesus and his power or greater language in dressdown day.

Pastor JD continues his introduction to the book of Romans and explains what it means for the gospel to go deeper in you and through you in the world marrying of the facts that are you ready to get intimately familiar with the truth of the gospel. Let's join JD in Romans chapter 1, we still use today. I'll give them to you not in Latin. But in English the three words that you should know and what you write down the margin or one different righteousness.

Righteousness is not a standard we obtain righteousness as a gift of the merciful God gives to us by faith is a gift, we receive it.

Which leads to the site word alien righteousness. When I first so that were about was me, my little green man we got the right, just like it was no alien righteousness means righteousness from outside of you, not righteousness that corresponds to how righteous you are not award for being righteous, but a declaration that your right just because God gives you righteousness. Imagine you're sitting in physics class for your final exam and as you sit there. The teacher stands up and gives you a blank notebook and says your exam is to explain the difference in the three different kinds of isotopes and the varying electromagnetic qualities between all three of you have no idea what he's talking about three hours.

You sit there like a dumb animal and just stare at your paper and when the three hours is finished you walk up to the teachers desk with nothing on that piece of paper except for your night and you're just going to turn in your zero and take your failing grade. Right before you sit down that blank paper on the desk.

A student you don't know comes up behind you and snatches yours out of your hand and takes her blank piece of paper and scrubs out your name and write their name and then puts in your hand they are completed.

Perfect essay, having had scrubbed out their name and put your name on and so you get the perfect passing grade, and they get the failing grade. Now I realize were not allowed actually do that in college.

I get that.

Okay. But that is what Jesus did with alien righteousness. He lived the life that I was supposed to live and took his name off of it, but not on that.

He died the death that I was commended by my name off of it put his name on it so that I now have different righteousness and alien righteousness, which leads me to the third phrase he used simultaneously righteous and the sooner you see in who I am. I know that I'm still a sinner.

It's not that I've actually become righteous. But God has cleared me righteous while I am a sinner. Some of you think righteousness is the standard you work up to a God to say congratulations your right just know righteousness is a gift that God gives you from outside of you and he put you on it. And while you're a sinner. God still see she was perfect not because you are perfect, but because of who Christ is and what he has done in your place in this righteousness of God is revealed by the way, you should know that this gospel both talk about is not just about forgiveness. That's all we always think about oh understand I'm not perfect and just forget it.

You're not perfect. I get that but you're not just forgiven okay. You're also maybe just which is a hold of the thing that John start another grade Bible teacher says if like a prisoner on death row was pardoned by the judge.

But not only is he pardoned, the judge says after he pardons him. He hangs around his neck. The Congressional medal of honor and award 10 graduate degrees from the most prestigious university in the land so that everywhere. This prisoner goes from that point on that prisoner is greeted as a hero who has done amazing great things rather than a prisoner who is done shameful deeds. That is what God is given us in Christ. People asked me sometimes how I can be so sure that when I die I will go to heaven. Is it because they say you have mastered the Christian life so much you think you're so good at it. That doll just make sure you grade to the curb and you'll get in absolutely not in fact is quite the opposite. The reason I know for sure that I will go to heaven when I die is because I am as sure of heaven as Jesus Christ himself is why because Jesus became a righteousness God says me, JD, why do you think are worthy to get into heaven, I will stand up and I will say because I fasted for 40 days in the wilderness and I resisted saying to his face and I had so much faith I walked on water and I never had an impure thought, and I was so full.

Love that will never crucify me I would definitely awesome is that father forgive them because they don't know what they're doing you like wow, that was when did you do all that I didn't do any of it that was Jesus's exam. He filled out my name off of my name on I am righteous in Christ. He was a wire you are you not discouraged at all.

The lack of progress that you have made in the Christian life is why, because I know that I have. The resurrection power of Christ in me and I know that he is promise that one day I will see him as a years and when I see him I will be like him and I know that that resurrection is to present me faultless in his presence with great joy. It was a how are you not discouraged of the obstacles that are in your life is why, because I know that he began a good work in means one is going to complete it. Why you not discouraged when it looks like you can't see God at work at work in your life will because I know that he didn't spare his own son for me. And of course he's not. Also, to me freely. All things late in the Christian life. I know that God is given me his righteousness to keep me all the way through. I'm not just forgiven.

I made my just come treated like Jesus because Jesus took my place. That is what this gospel is talking about Leslie Paul said is that everybody who believes everybody to 1 June. Greek Jews were the first people receive salvation and admittance of the Jews. They were religious, but they got us through you to take it to the Greeks of the Gentile, which did not make sense to the Jews because the Gentiles in their view were the worst kinds of people. Historically, Gentiles were the oppressors. They have these perverse weird sexual practices, almost no concept of family there, people it took up two spots of the multipart Unipart their car diagonally false is to them to everybody day hey hey you running you Jewish, Roman Christians, you look around you see the pagan Romans one that are going to Coliseum.

The ones that are you bloodthirsty, and the ones always pray sexual practice if they believe they believe what you believe their experience the power you experience. Everybody's a bagel word that means literally no human has ever existed on the face of the planet Earth that the power of God is not able to save and restore. If you believe that includes you, you understand. I'm way messed up. You don't know how the relationships are destroyed.

You don't know what I carry in here my friend.

I got good news for you, that warn everyone that has to include you. I don't get it listed. Jesus created the world in six days, which is the word of his mouth when death had taken over his body and it was beginning to decay. Jesus raised from the dead he can handle your messed up part you can deal with your relationships.

The gospel is the power of God. Yes your dysfunction and your sins are bad, but Jesus in his power or greater. No wonder verse 15. No wonder Paul said, I am eager not be eager when you understand power like that every once in a while we get to see a firsthand glimpse of somebody just naturally eager lights. My favorite thing to see the start of a calm summer college students went to this conference call the New Year's conference I campus outreach New Year's conference and there was one of her students couple years ago at unit at his university got there three guys who he described as having his words zero spiritual interest at all.

He said you know, just every time I try to talk about spiritual things was at the brick in the pond to sink right to the bottom. He said they invited me because she's a pretty good athlete invited me to join their flexible thing is that I thought going up to three embarrassing because the very first day they picked a fight got a big keynote and all team involved fight bear.

We got suspended from the tournament. He said we made a case they let us back in on probation when it women the entire tournament. He said well over the course of two years little by little, they started to listen to what I'm saying and so they can with me.

The New Year's conference. He said so. The night that I was there that I spoke one of the guys comes to faith in Christ.

So II find this rail later this guy goes back to their there.

The room and leads his friend Christ ministry him.

He leads his friend Christ in a room by googling the gospel.

How awesome is that what is the gospel argument to make. They can do it. Taking the Romans did not trace receive Christ, then the two of them. The next morning first thing we go find their third friendly him to faith in Christ. So here in the space of about 12 hours you've got three guys and come to faith in Christ because of the faithful labor of a guy for two years easier on the gospel, by the way, I told a guy like that means your spiritual great great great grandfather, which is amazing.

College write it, how could you not be eager if you experience the power of the gospel out little Charles Spurgeon says if you really understand what Jesus is done for you. You will be able to keep the good news to yourself you be whispering in your child's ear retelling to your husband to be earnestly imparted to your friends without the charms of eloquence.

You'll be way more than eloquent because your heart will speak and rise will flashes you talk of his sweet love, you'll need a public speaking course.

You need to go to seminary when Jesus become real to you. You become the most eloquent speaker. There is because you, some it comes from your heart and reread his will by Andrew Carnegie about how to speak publicly effectively. He's like eloquence is overrated. People that always courses on unit looking fake.

He said the most eloquent person you ever see is Google random person on the street and shove them down and watch the pop up MLB as eloquent as you ever seen anybody speak because they're mad right tell me what you did wrong when you have the gospel it's really you just come a passionate eloquent speaker about Jesus, by the way, maybe the reason some of you aren't eager to share the gospel as is never really become Realty is a theory it's a religious theory up there but you don't talk your friends about it because you've never tasted of its power personally and utterly don't hear me condemning you because that's what this year is about. Maybe this year you'll for the first time take the doctrines of the gospel and no travel there is 18 inches between your head and your heart and you'll taste of its power and then you will be able to shut up about it either. By the way, when Paul said I'm eager to preach the gospel to Rome realized that eagerness for him came with the cost right. I mean for me. I'd even preach the gospel.

Rome today. Hope you're listening, you will become the Vatican preach the gospel you guys. I'm happy to do it. Okay, ready and willing eat good we think Rome is like luxurious vacation right now I'm in room one time and it was a mistake know here why because they diverted our plane in the air.

For some reason and gave us an unplanned 13 hour layover in Rome some busy trying to be like would like to do it or three things I wanted to do in room one. I want to go to the Coliseum because the movie gladiator had just come out and Russell Crowe.

That movie reminded me a lot of myself okay so to want to go visit the catacombs of her lot about that and then number three is a wanted to go eat at the original Olive Garden.

I was able to accomplish one of those three things. I'll let you figure out which one was really awesome. All of us love you Rome. I've eager to preach but that's all ineffable. For Paul, just read in the book of acts. His journey to Rome and were talking beatings and stony means and shipwreck in chains and prison and float in the sea for half a day and then get bitten by a snake dangled off of his arm and then didn't Dragon Rome where he's held and presented ends up being executed it. It was an awesome vacation trip for him.

But Paul said it's totally worth it because I know this is the power of God, and I know that this power could even say Caesar is Caesar would believe it. And I know that this power can affect anybody that believes it. So if it cost me my life didn't see you. It's totally worth it. There's a question what's the gospel worth you. What's the gospel worth to you and is it worth you being eager with the people around you to let me use the moment we have remaining amount to what this means for us as a church this year and then will tell you what it means for you personally this year. Okay, first, what it means for us as a church, it means that as much as I am able.

By God's grace. The gospel will always be paramount at this church in our message and our mission as your pastor, I need you to understand that I always want to keep us focused on gospel why it is itself the only power of God you're like to submit a change that much. When uncle JD says appearing gives you some wise insight validity right that can change you. The gospel is what changes you suggest to try to share practical things all the way with you. But understand that the only thing that'll change he was when you behold the gospel and believe the gospel. And that's why I'm always gonna come right back to it and everything we dictate that the Martin Lloyd Jones level in my preaching heroes. I'm back in the 1950s.

He said you know there's a big discussion today about whether Sherman should be doctrinally rich or were practically relevant now. It's amazing here we are 70 years later, people are you at the exact same thing going any similar class are starting about this is that, should they be more doctrinal. Should they be more practical is that I would say neither is it because the goal of the lecture is that you leave with a page full of notes. The goal of a motivational speech, usually with a painful action steps. The goal of preaching the gospel is that you leave worshiping there should come a time in any gospel message where the pin goes down in the eyes go up and you stop saying oh my god look at what I do for you. These are saying oh my god look at what you done for me because in that moment of wonder you change you don't change because I give you wise insight for living. You change because the Constitution of your heart changes you guys know me I want to be practical. I want to be helpful. I'm going tell you when uncle JDs 10 insights on being a good husband on to be nearly as helpful for you husbands, as you pondering the 10 billion steps that Jesus took when he came to save you. You'll become a much better husband, you become the husband, your wife is always dreamed of having when you stand in wonder at the grace of Jesus urge you because you will come like him. Not a lot better than my insights. That's what it means for my preaching that means at our church to do our very best to always stay focused on the gospel as our mission because there's a lot of secondary agendas important agendas things are important society. They could take us away from our primary agenda you understand. That's one of the reasons of you been around it. That's one of the reasons you know that I avoid any kind of political engagement. It's not that I don't have political opinions you listen to me and probably tell that I got 10 opinions on every subject, right, it's just that I know that this church becomes characterized by a particular political viewpoint or slant, then we will lose opportunity to preach the gospel to the rest everybody else right and I don't want my on what our our bandwidth to be used up on things that are not the gospel. That's why I can't tell you Mike you hey I get I might be wrong in my opinion on global warming. I might be able to do about I might be wrong in the helpfulness or on helpfulness of a single-payer healthcare system.

I might be wrong. My policies on immigration, but I'm not wrong about the gospel and I refuse to let my opinions on the former key people from hearing the on the latter.

I know the end of the day. I know these questions are important and you need to have them and you educate yourself on this salvation did not come riding on the back of an eloquent city come riding in on Air Force One dictating in a baby's cradle in a manger and that's were to talk about here because Jesus is the power of God to change and I don't let any secondary thing come in the midst of preaching that one thing right to fly in all the mission agendas we do preaching the gospel since last one was riveting, jolting stories, I think of Jesus's life is John six for Jesus feeds the 5005 loves to fish. Read the story immediately after he gets done. Everybody in the crowd wants to make him king.

Why, if the student can do that with five motion to fish, what can he do in the stock market. This got to end world hunger was used to. He runs believes he retreats he goes up the mountain and hides when he comes back in the of the chapter, preaching the gospel. What was so important to him that he would even forgo solving world hunger preaching the gospel because feeding hungry bellies will keep people alive for a lifetime to preaching the gospel save your soul for eternity. It's not that we ever choose like a new one without the other. And we do this as part of our love for our neighbor but we understand that in the midst of all the good things we do for our neighbor the very best thing we can ever do is we can preach it in the gospel that can save their soul eternally. It's why we don't build this church around her own cultural preferences because you know it's not really about the things that you and I like is it if this gospel is going to be for our community than we've got to figure out what to do to get the gospel accessible our community.

God is not just call us to reach one kind of person from one particular culture.

In one particular part of the city's goal is to reach everybody here, which means that we got to do things here that may not be exactly the way that you prefer the one thing I've learned, you probably have to is a different cultures prefer different things and worship. Have you noticed that you write everything that we got a lot of historic badness of the medicine here. Here's what I know about about about you people okay. I know that and they love to sing the words that are in the song ones are written in the song, and I know that if they would get really into it. This is what it is right here okay pain.

Not that I and if there like totally feeling like in the spirit of China. The TV thing right here that's the thing with her moment and not preaching. If I see some really good mandolin on a very short staccato now. We got others from a more Pentecostal background. They're the ones who are out in the lobby for the service. There is a stretch in school and will pull him either in worship okay and when we have some of our members who came from a African-American Pentecostal background that meant when they would talk about the new service they would let out a short staccato.

Amen we were talking full sentences with paragraphs and questions and on my drive to stop and like answer this?

What is going on here. We are a group of city from an Asian countries to run the second row. One of her services and am meant manger and worship go. It was inspiring to watch them because they think they can sing the words of the song they would shout the words and they would jump up and down they would move in the moment. I still appear to preach, they would just mean deathly quiet them to sit there and I was live events after like three months I went to one of them, like what is talking too fast. You understand what I'm saying and runs not connect with you and the sky is known in our culture is just very impolite to speak with somebody else's on State Street.

He said, so we wait we try to show honor to you preaching the word of God by by state as quiet as we can and taking notes on everything that you say which of those worship styles is God's favorite will, yes and amen. Right. Yesterday man is just different and we hope that were going to reach the people are trying though. It's not going to be because we just tailor everything one particular kind of worship reference only when save you an email okay. It's not about you and your lover for this number for that and I'm like I could care less what you prefer. The question is what we gotta do to reach people to gospel. The definition of a multicultural church is that at some point you get uncomfortable, including if you're the pastor okay if you're not uncomfortable image, not a multicultural church might most people say they want multicultural church what they want is a multi colored church with a bunch people acting like you're all in your culture were going to reach people who are far from God it's good to be because we do things that were not used to doing and we are open to to expanding our horizons and that's the reason behind what we do because we want to be a gospel people because that's what's good for the gospel.

I that's what it means for us as a church. Here's what it means for you personally to things real quick. Okay do things real quick pulse for the Colossians in Colossians and Romans was of the gospel deeper in them in water to them in the world the premium.

The premium this year and will shake every Apple we cannot this apple tree in the space that we got here okay memorize verses get an accountability partner was make it very verses were doing with Romans deeper and use number two wider through you in the world known engineer something to you that we'll talk more about next week but at least when introduced to you this week is a phrase called who's your one I want you to prayerfully identify at least one person this year everybody one person that you can build a relationship with, and that you can begin to share the gospel with my that's outside one of your children. It might be, for example, to simply asking them how can I pray for you what you committed to inviting at least one unbeliever, one unbelieving family to be in your home at least one time a month for a meal or some kind of social investment in the gym or soccer kit soccer teams were from the school was one time a month, commit to doing something with somebody outside. I want you to pray begin to pray about one person you can be your one that you can can pray about reaching out to over the course of the year and I eager to share the gospel with people in my life and invite somebody in the spiritual journey and I hear one them, and they are praying for a challenging mission in this message sent in life with Janie Greer. If you've missed the beginning of today's message. You can hear it just the beginning of an exciting new series in the book of Romans for the next few weeks will study the first few chapters, and then later this year will come back to Romans a couple of times to continue our study to pastor Jenny more than a year to preach any challenge.

The Senate church to be reading arrivals along with the study because if there's one thing that will transform your walk with the Lord spending one-on-one time in God's word. If you like to take that challenge and read through Raymond several times and other large sections of the Bible. By this time next year we have a tool that will help you do that included a year-long Bible reading plan in the 2020 Senate life, day planner and offender also comes with Bible verses each week to remind you of the trees are learning on this program within the lab to get you a copy as our way of saying thank you, when you donate to support this ministry Senate life is funded by listeners like you said when you gave your actually giving to another listener helping them dive deeper into the gospel mission by giving today and remember to ask the Senate life, day planner, call 866-335-5220 at 866-335-5220 or you can get is easier.

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