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This Changes Everything

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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January 29, 2020 9:00 am

This Changes Everything

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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January 29, 2020 9:00 am

How is it possible to rejoice when we are suffering? You may think it’s not possible. But, Romans 5 shows us that the gospel changes everything, including how we look at suffering. In this message, Pastor J.D. teaches us how we can rejoice in the hope that God will keep all his promises ... a hope rooted in the assurance that one day, even if nothing else in our lives works out, God will restore everything that is broken.

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Today on Senate life with JD Greer, you'll be sure your perception of reality under feelings that your feelings and fan base among what you know was true all reality or the way we say here is you don't feel your way into your beliefs. You believe your way into your feelings.

You let reality be determined by the word of God, what your feelings are just so that your faithful plunge of the ship wreck. If you don't learn this language yesterday. I was possible to rejoice when we are suffering. You may think it's not possible that Romans five shows us that the gospel changes everything, including how we look at suffering day.

Pastor Jenny teaches us how we can rejoice in the hope that God will keep all his promises to help Britain in the assurance that one day even if nothing else in our lives, works out God will restore everything that is broken but strengthened chapter 5 the things that I have personally learned as a parent of teenagers is that middle and high school students have a special jargon or language that they use over text messages. In particular you as a parent want to know what is going on in their lives. You have to at least know the basics of that jargon does not mean you should use those things.

By the way, daughters of let me know that they get offended when I use some of these terms like that that just don't even drive. So seriously you parents uncle JD's crash course list for you of essential insider theme tax terminology will start really basic to you. Some that you know this controversy about how to pronounce this one.

I think it's gift graphic interface format that would make sense for. That's when you use a picture to kind of depict some emotion but what's this on. Let's laugh out loud.

By the way you for the story of true story of the mom who thought that that Mets lots of love and so since her college-age daughter text says hey your grandmother passed away this morning.

LOL which is like.

Nope, not lots of love. It's laugh out loud to be careful about how courts talk to you later in the day. This one BAE before anyone else. It's like my special someone I never heard this referred to like is God. But you know it's whatever you you got there before anyone else. Don means on a scale 1 to 10, your attention, your dime, she's a dog never heard it used in reference to a guy, but I guess you could use about two these dominoes elsewhere. But then there is talk which is a combination of totally and dope dope means unbelievably awesome like the sermon was Tokyo that would be a way to use that my daughters have told me that one of our friends actually use that one and I do still not that's because your friends are taupe like me and my friend so shaken my head in case you missed it in my humble opinion. My improvement on that one is, in my humble but accurate opinion that so I think some of the mother was use at work, PB, KC, the problem exists between the keyboard and the chair. That's where the real problem is in the situation between the keyboard and a chair. That's where things are breaking down how I'm in my my personal favorite spot.

My daughter send this to me all the time. JD is the best father a child could ask for.. So you want to make sure that you know that one can use that array times.

I said there is, ladies and gentlemen, there is your insider team tax terminology I reason I share that with you is because what Paul has been doing it now for four chapters in the book of Romans is teaching you, gospel, insider terminology and then in chapter 5. He's going to take a turn and he's gonna start showing you what a difference these terms ought to make and how you see life, particularly how you see suffering for four chapters. He's giving you the essentials of justification by faith. If we were giving out certificates.

I would give out certificates. This morning I asked our production team.

If we could do this and they said no but I wanted to give you a gospel 101 certificate because you have now mastered. If you been here every week all the essential gospel terminology. So what Paul does or says now that you know that I must show you how these things should transform the way that you interpret life, particularly painful chapters of your life in affliction how well you actually understand the gospel easy. How well you understand the gospel is not is not revealed by by by what you can do a quiz or test how well you actually understand and believe the gospel, how deeply believe it is revealed by the attitude and the perspective that you carry through suffering. Martin Luther said Martin Luther was the reformer who launched the Protestant Reformation through his study of the book of Romans. Martin Luther said that justification by faith, which we look at for four chapters now justification by faith is the doctrine on which the church rises or falls in the same way I would tell you, justification by faith is the doctrine on which your spiritual life rises or falls everything in your Christian life is going to grow out of your understanding of that concept every significant advancement in your spiritual life goes back to you growing in your understanding of the implications of what God is actually done for you in the gospel is likely often say around here.

The gospel is not is not just the way you begin.

The Christian life. The gospel is also the way that you grow in the Christian life. The gospel is like a well don't get the best water from a well by widening the circumference of the well you get the best water from the well by deepening the well. In the same way you don't get the best spiritual fruit by widening the circumference of your knowledge about the Bible you get the best stuff by deepening your your understanding your familiarity with the things that the gospel teaches you in this chapter, the apostle Paul is going to go from argumentation for the gospel to celebration of the gospel. Martin Luther calls these verses the happiest text in Romans to see the word rejoice used repeatedly throughout these verses.

It's it's it's basically Romans eight was one of the greatest chapters in the Bible. It's that in miniature.

In just 11 verses it's like your preview of what's coming. The main focus of these verses is how the gospel transforms how you see your life and particularly how you experience suffering was dive in chapter 5 was a scope word by word. Therefore what ShopRite Eric a cousin important work. Therefore, there are four important, therefore, is in the book of Romans. I've heard it said that you can basically explain the book of Romans by these for therefore's first. Of those, therefore, is occurred at the end of chapter 3 chapter 3 verse 20.

When Paul says therefore we conclude that by the works of the law, a person cannot be justified. Therefore, it's going to take something else to save us.

And that's where he introduces justification by faith is another really important. Therefore, in chapter 8 verse one when Paul says there is therefore no condemnation for those of us who are in Christ Jesus. And then he explains that because of that we have access to all the benefits of the Christian life and a son or daughter of God would have if there's another important one. In Romans 12 verse one where Paul says I now urge you therefore, brothers and sisters, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice. In other words, in light of what God has given to you in the gospel.

You ought therefore to offer your life without restriction back to him.

Version 3 of his therefore's the other forth when it occurs in chapter 5 when Paul says therefore, but because we been declared righteous by faith we are entering a new reality that should reshape how you see everything right and and and and and if you understand this. Therefore, your never to be able to look at life the same. Therefore, because we been declared righteous by faith we now have peace with God, not peace with God.

Here is not referring to a subjective feeling a serene feeling of peace that would be the peace of God. Peace with God is a reference to the new reality that Christ's death has created for you with God. Feelings are important, what you hear me say that I want to fly this morning will behave non-feelings.

I am a little bit but I want you to hear me say that I like feelings of that like anybody else.

I am feeling sick. Feelings are important, but feelings come and go, is the reality of your standing with God. That is important.

I point this out because it seems like most people in our culture think that the primary purpose of religion is to give you therapeutic feelings of peace and because they think that they'll say things like, well, I'm really glad that going to church and Christianity and singing songs gives you that feeling of peace, but I get those feelings from yoga or meditation are taking long walks or playing golf or even kale or drinking bourbon or rubbing essential oils on my lymph nodes, or whatever it is you do find anything so that's the way that I get peace and that's the functionality you use Jesus to not use this but more important than feelings of peace, is whether you actually have peace with God it right Eminem access to think about in the physical realm which would you rather do. Would you rather go to the doctor with a bad headache. Have him run some tests and say hey there's nothing wrong with you. This headache will send you go away. The everything five, we dread have that happen or go to the doctor feeling grateful more alive than ever and him say yet, we discovered a brain tumor and you're not deliver more than six months what course you rather do the former because the feeling is less important than the reality. You ought to base your feelings on what you know to be true about reality, and those are trees that are expressed to you in the word of God. I feel peace in my heart because I know I have peace with God, not vice versa. It is amazing to me how often people come up to me with those things reverse the comes a pastor. I just don't. I don't feel close to God. I don't feel loved by God, I don't feel like he really cares about me anything because they don't feel these things that indicate something is wrong and always want to say to them, why are you looking at your feelings for assurance instead of the word of God. You don't base your you'll Bayshore your perception of reality under feelings you take your feelings and can base them on what you know is true about reality, or the way we said here is you don't feel your way into your beliefs. You believe your way into your feelings.

You let reality be determined by the word of God.

Let your feelings adjusted at your faithful plunge in the shipwreck. If you don't learn this, and this is were so many people are tightly now. If you have used help you see this content from watchmen, the Christian lived 56 years ago, in China, he watchmen the Chinese Christian said.

He said it. It's sort of difficult word picture give it to stomach. He said it's it's like three men walking along the top of the narrow wall metal mirror wall about a foot wide and three men. First he says his name fact, the second man his name faith and 1/3 man. His name feeling there trying to keep their balance on the wall. He said as long as faith. The second guy keeps his eyes on fact and feeling keeps his eyes on faith everybody to be okay. But the moment the moment that they turns around to check on feeling it is very likely that both he and feeling her to tumble off the wall right is what I'm trying to do now is no fellow right so so so the point is, your faith has to be grounded in the fact of what God has done for you in the gospel and your feelings should follow behind your faith. Don't base your faith in your feelings. Base your faith on the fact of what God has declared in his word and let your feelings conform to that do not believe your do not feel you and your beliefs.

Believe your way in your feelings.

You come on the me I pastor I don't feel close to God, to say I don't care what you feel. I want to tell you what God's word says because you don't look within for assurance.

You look at the word of God and you look at what his promises are right and what Paul is saying is you have peace with God, and you need to remind yourself of that, every single day had. There's a thing I given you guys call the gospel prayer has four phrases. The first one is basically I am doing to you to tell you, especially if your new believer. Pray this every day because it will help you ground yourself in the gospel in the first of those phrases is about your peace of God. It says is in Christ, there's nothing I could do that would make you love you more than I have done to make you love me less. I have peace with you, and because I know I have peace with you that changes how I see things I don't need to do anything to earn your favor, your love because we have peace with God. Paul continues we have also obtained access to him by faith in this race into this grace in which we sent the word grace here. You need to interpret that as favor because in this context, Paul is not talking about grace so much is getting mercy for your sins as much as he is talking about walking in a favored status with God. What he is saying is you like a son or daughter of God need understand that you exist in the favor of God.

All favor all the time. But like any child would feel about a father or mother that he knew she knew really loved him.

JI Packer that the theologian says that you can really understand you can really tell us how much somebody really understands the gospel just by finding out how much they think about how much they cherish how much it moves them. This idea of being God's child that he says this. If this is not the thought God being your father that prompts and controls his worship and prayers, and his whole outlook on life means he does not understand Christianity very well at all. Your demonstration that you really understand the gospel how much it just flood your heart with this assurance of knowing he's my daddy and I know that I can go with him to him because I exist in this favored status, disaster self is that how you feel when you approach God.

You approach God was some kind of like what I thought just as general disapproval of what I gotta make all these promises and and earn his favor.

I feel disorders general negativity made like he doesn't believe in care. Maybe like he's just too busy with other things is not really listening or do you, that awareness that he is a tender father who literally could not love you anymore than he does. Right at this moment. Some of you your Christian life is stalled, you're not growing in your affections for God you're not growing in your sense of closeness to God. And the reason is because you don't have the sense of God being your father this way. I just think of a very easy analogy, I think about like my kids with me when my kids were special when they were young. When my kids felt like that I was annoyed with them when I was in a bad mood when I was mad at them and this avoided me and would leave me in my office, so might hang out with her mom right because I don't want to be if they thought disapproval.

But the moments like I came home off of the trip and I was so excited to see them and they would come to mean, not lap and then pulling my leg.

I could get away from right because that that feeling of tenderness for me makes them want to be around me for many of you, you're not growing in your love for God because you have no real perception of the love of God. If you understood the tenderness of God's love for you. It would make love for God grow in you right metal policy that you need to have access in the good graces favor in which Stan now I know some of your lie. But wait a minute. JDs understand what my dad was not like this is not only have a way of interpreting this is an I want to be around my that the I get that understand but it's like I've told you need to start evaluating your earthly father through the lens of your heavenly one. Not your heavenly father to the lens of your earthly one. You have a father that was that father you always yearn for. He was a father God's word tells you that was so in touch with your needs, that he knows when a single hair falls in your head. So, when touching your knees before you even vocalizing purity knows what it is a God who says someone 30 now that he literally journals your days in a book. I know some people that are really fastidious about journaling every single day. I don't know anybody that journals about somebody else. If someone 39 go back and read it says God journals about you in a book. I don't know what that metaphor means but it means he's paying attention this for my favorite part of someone 39. Even if you made your bed, and how I'd come for you told my oldest two daughters. I might do matter where you are it matter what kind of trouble herein is not looking to danger herein. How far you are away. What time of night it is. Even if you made some dumb decisions to get yourself in the situation you pick up that phone you call me and I'll be there and express your civil gotta say in Psalm 139 right even if you made your bed, and now I'm not just in heaven and lecture you you call me and I will come this was a father who, when you would turn your back on on him and spurned him and despised him and ran the other way and said I wish you were dead.

All you did was stand and Heaven's Gate and looked out after you longingly waiting for you to return and when you begin to return expect of his robe and he ran and he embraced you welcoming the prodigal back home. He is a God that the Bible says that when I 317 dances over you with singing.

It's a pretty amazing image when you think about even worse appear that there somebody else in the singing and dancing in our worship services and it is God in heaven, and he is dancing with the light over his love and his tenderness for you. That is what Paul is saying you need to have access and walk in this state of favor and know that whatever's happening that God could not love you anymore than he does. Right at this moment, and you begin to pray with that knowledge. And when you do, you rejoice, you rejoice in the hope of the glory of God that we saw in chapter 4th of the life of Abraham that hope.

Hope is the assurance that God is going to keep all of his promises. This is a hope all is going to explain in a moment. This is a hope that is rooted in the resurrection because the resurrection of Jesus shows me that one day God is gonna restore all the various things are broken down here at the end of the day y'all if nothing else goes right in my life.

If nothing gets fixed. If everything goes wrong.

I've still got that assurance that there is a resurrection, little dear Carson, the theologian says it, I'm not suffering from anything that a good resurrection can't fix a man that's good news because eventually at some point in your life. Something wrong is not a turn right right something is going to go wrong, people die our bodies like to be pressing this morning that our bodies are did no work right at me under your accountant high school, you dumb that I hate you but I'm not talking about the rest of us right you and it's his friend told me to get in in the CrossFit open this year's competition that you could be would be more like it was a huge mistake.

I was going to tell you because I saw finished 6180 knows my number of age of guys ages 45, 49, around the world. Okay, how many people in that bracket on I like 6190. Maybe I don't know, but the depressing part for me is next year I'm going to be physically in a place will probably be better right. The body is not going the right direct when I was young I used to measure my skin string on the pole as I could do fast and run a mile in that you how much I could bench press a how much I weighed.

Now when you get older you start measuring things like I get out of the shower and stay in front of a full-length mirror and stamp my foot and start a stopwatch on the last party quits jiggling a stop stopwatch that could be related to measure think it's not getting better. Okay, now I'm I'm should be in silly but the point is the point is, at some point God not answer that prayer for your body. Just keep getting better at some point things fall apart right again just to get out of the sill around for a minute for some of you serious it's like the cancer is not going to go away God can heal.

Yes, he can we keep praying that the cancer mineable away the aging process might not reverse itself and its marriage might never come back together and in it and people that have departed may not come back in and you may live with this affliction ends. You just wondering what am I supposed to do without the person who is sinned against you.

Looks like the never to be brought to justice. Paul says that is a mean though, that your without hope, because you're not suffering from anything that a good resurrection is not a fix impulsive because of that. That makes me rejoice, rejoice. And of course, is different than happiness. Even though Christians often give these two computers. Many Christians think others are to be happy when weather supposed to be doing is rejoicing. Measure different things.

Happiness of explain to you is contingent on what you want to happen happening. It's in the very word happiness. Happiness is when what you want to have it happen and what you what to happen happens you're happy and what you want to happen doesn't happen in your unhappiness. In a sense, hard savings you get the concept joys altogether different. Joy is not based on your happenings joys base somewhere else. Many Christians think the Christian life is supposed to be snuggles and giggles and happy happy happy all the time. If you're not then something is obviously wrong. This is reinforced to us when were a meeting. There's a great him.

We sing when I was kid Alabama still love it is when we are blinded at the cross of the cross.

When I first saw the light in a burden about roadway is there, my faith, I received my site and now how go I am happy all the day when I was a kid be like that I will become a very aggressive and I'm not happy holiday right. Sometimes I Mondays are hard sometimes and I thought well I'm in my my first clue that someone is off. Here's when I started to really read the Psalms and realize these are not all happy songs. These are not all you know you know it was just dance around or Job and I read the book of Job in a my Job is obviously a God who doesn't decedent down through life with you know what a room without a roof and sing and happy is not that right Jesus. Jesus was a guy who didn't seem to just bounce through life with a chipper attitude all the time man of sorrows. What a name for the son of God who came there was a man that was acquainted with grief and familiar with sorrow did Jesus was still somebody who said the joy of the Lord is my strength because Jesus understood the joy is not contingent on happiness, joy is contingent joys based on something you have God that is better than happiness, and it's better than whatever you're missing in life. Joy comes when you know that what God's promised you in his word is more secure than anything you guarantee in your own and his presence is even better than all the things she would like for life to be everything that the title of a message today from Pastor Jeannie Greer on Senate life Jeannie were doing something this year, we've never done on Senate life before they the new collection of resources that were released in three parts. The box set of Bible studies through Romans. You can only get the first one right now that rank that is correct, that is correct. We start a Bible study through Romans, and this can be encapsulated in three different study books and you can get the first book right now including the box in the sleeve that will house all three of them. It's really a great resource and he looks great. It's exclusively to Summit life category thing to sit on your shelf. That sort of memorializes that no it holds the content that actually gives you a picture of the importance of the book of Romans and the role it is supposed to play not just in the Bible, but in your own spiritual life. The study guide will incorporate a series of questions that are specifically designed to really like to say complements the things that are being taught in the message of the first book is to cover the first five chapters of Romans, which honestly might be the most essential most important part of the whole book. As it lays out who God is who we are what Jesus is done to save us. If there were one book that encapsulated the heart Summit life taking people deeper into the gospel. It would be the book of Romans so great how to become a gospel partner because gospel partners are are what what partner with us in getting messages like this out there if you go to JD you can find out about all these kinds of opportunities and drive to go there today and that his new Bible study.lead mercenaries and you can work in a setting with your smoking names are when a friend or spouse is he working to study it will encourage you to align your life around the gospel. You're welcome to request the Romans part one set.

Thanks when you donate today to support this ministry. It takes friends like you partnering with us to make Senate life possible that more people can hear the gospel centered Bible teaching on the radio and went. Will you join the mission today is it just a donation is $29 or more when you get in touch. Remember to ask your Raymond how 866-335-5228 663-3524 you can get online. JD inviting you to join us tomorrow and message found this everything on Senate life

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