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A Tale of Two Adams, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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February 3, 2020 9:00 am

A Tale of Two Adams, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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February 3, 2020 9:00 am

This is the Tale of Two Adams: While one man brought the curse of death upon the human race, another man sacrificed and took that curse into himself. Pastor J.D. continues to teach in this message how we have chosen sin, like the first Adam, but we can choose life through the second man, Jesus Christ. When we do, we’ll understand why every son and daughter of Adam needs to hear how they, too, can be redeemed.

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With Katie Greer. There are really only two family lines. Only two races anymore in the human world, there is the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve and their sons and daughters of Jesus Christ and you had to choose which family you belong to your automatically born into the family about an you choose to be in the family of Jesus.

On team Adam Martin Jesus one of the other down while one man brought the curse of death upon the human race. Another man sacrificed and took that curse into himself. This is the tale of two atoms today. Pastor Jenny Greer teachers from Romans chapter 5 about how we have chosen sin. Like the first Adam we can choose life through the second man, Jesus Christ. When we do will understand why every son and daughter of Adam needs to hear how they too can be redeemed plastering Pastor JD as we conclude this first section of Romans, Adam, who was the first human chose to defy God's authority to reject God's clear command to avoid the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Because of that choice.

Paul explains death descended on all people, even though you and I were not physically present with Adam. God regards Adam's choice to be ours, and God holds us guilty of Adam's sin.

That is called the doctrine of original sin. Why is it as a race that despite all of our education and all of our history.

We still have such trouble doing what is right even when we know something is wrong. We know it's bad for us. Why do we not do to others what we would want them to do to us what riches almost always lead to selfishness. Why does power almost always lead to corruption.

Why are we attracted to the wrong wrong so so much and so pervasively basically got two options when it comes to explaining evil in the human race got the APS adoption which says that there's no such thing as good and evil. There's just useful, which makes arguing for justice really difficult if not impossible. The other basic option is the Christian one which says we are created for good which is why we know what injustice is. But every single one of us even though we know what justice is, is horribly bent toward evil and it's caused all these problems in the human race to the questions. Which of these to you choose may I dwell. Thanks Pastor JD with those of my two options. I have to say this might be a most depressing sermon that I've ever yet this is a lot of bad news.

I realizable knows that. But in verse 13, Paul Paul that she was saving this whole idea of being represented by somebody is actually turned out to be great news because is going to set up our way of salvation to see Paul reasons in the whole world was put under sin by one man.

What if salvation could come to everybody. Also, through one man, it was a representative that condemned this.

What if it's a representative who can save us.

And that's exactly what Walters natural 14 Adam BC was a type of the upcoming one Adam story set us up for Jesus's story. There's another Adam that was going to be born of the human race Paul explaining that Adam was going to be very similar to the first Adam. It's just that what he did was going to work in reverse. So you explain verse 15, but the gift of the second Adam is not like the trespass of the first Adam brought by the one man's trespass, and by the original Adam's sin, but many died, how much more have the grace of God and the gift which comes to the grace of the one man, Jesus Christ. Second Adam overflow to the many sins by the one man's trespass death reigned through that one man, how much more will those who receive the overflow of grace and the gift of righteousness reign in life. For the second Adam, the one man, Jesus Christ, Adam and Jesus are like Paul says, in that they are action as representatives have implications for the whole human race, but there also very different. Paul explains the motivation behind what they did was different. The first Adam selfishly disobeyed God and eight from the forbidden tree thereby bringing a curse upon the earth. The second Adam sacrificial. He obeyed God and climbed up into accursed tree to take the curse of the human race onto himself. The first Adam brought death upon the whole human race.

The second Adam restored life to all who would receive it. The apostle John in his gospel does what Paul does here. He follows the same line of reasoning, but he chooses to present in a narrative form and because of that a lot of people miss it.

It's one of those beautiful things about the gospel of John. If you really learn to read John you'll see it as John retelling the creation story to the lens of Jesus because what you got is you got John 11 starts out by saying in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. All things were made by him without him with on anything made that was made. That is a clear allusion to Genesis 1 that starts in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and God does so by means of his word, just like in Genesis 1 the word comes into a world that is formless and void and brings beauty and order out of chaos. What now what you got is Jesus beginning a ministry, whereas the word of God. He brings beauty and order until lives that are spiritually dark and filled with chaos that is the ministry of Jesus. John points out that Jesus dies on the sixth day of the week the Friday. Well that was the day that man had been created. The showing is that Jesus is suffering the death penalty of the first creation, the death 13%.

John then points out that Jesus was raised on the first day of the next week on Sunday showing that he is beginning a whole new week of creation, the new creation has come. John points out that that when Jesus died, they placed a crown of thorns on his head.

What you might recall that in the garden of Eden. It was thorns that were the result of the curse.

So what you're seeing is that Jesus is literally taking the curse of sin on his own head.

The first person, the Jesus encounters after he resurrects. John shows this is Mary and where does he encounter her in the garden the last place that mankind was together with God in the book of Genesis was in the garden. That's where they departed and member Adam and Eve are hiding from God was like Jesus shows up in the garden. Mary can't recognize them because she's weeping as I Jesus says hey found you. I came back to where we left, and here I am rejoining myself to you. Maybe the best part of the whole book is right the very end first time Jesus encounters his disciples.

It says he walked up to him and he believes on them, which I'm 23.I thought this is weird like without a first century greeting like hello friend, we agreed on, but the little what it says next is a Caesar breathed on them and received the Holy Spirit.

What you going.

The sinner just like God breathed into the first man Adam and Dave made him a living soul. Now I'm coming with the Holy Spirit to breed in a spiritually dead people and I'm making them alive to the Holy Spirit. All that the first Adam destroyed with the sin second Adam undid with his death and resurrection nonclient for that to because that is absolutely amazing. Right. Put your hands to get an ethics accident gospel right that is the beauty of what Paul is when you got just like it was the actions of a representative who did what any of us would have done in the situation. Had we been there now were saved to a representative who did what none of us would have done or could have done because he was the man that we just could not be, by the way, this idea of representative acting on behalf of the people get alluded to. All throughout the Old Testament right meaning. The sacrificial system. It's all built on one representative dying for the people. The story of David and Goliath, what happens, you got a giant that's terrifying. Israel and how does he get defeated, not by the armies of Israel ganging up on them yet. One little guy running out of the field and slaying the giant that an act of God's power. These all by himself. While all the armies of Israel stand terrified like cowards on the sideline powerless to help, God is setting up that ultimately the human race is to be delivered from the giant of sin and death, not to their heroic actions whether the actions of one who will come on their behalf can do for them what they could not do for themselves. So then Paul says, is the one trespassers condonation for everybody so lost 51 rights is that there is justification leading to life for everyone just like Jeff came to a representative life came to a representative now only stop here for a minute because some of you see that phrase life for everyone.

Eli Boyd a minute. Does that mean that just like Adams condonation automatically gained everybody. Maybe life for everyone, means that Jesus's death and resurrection is automatically going to be applied to everybody. I should be applied to everybody.

And because it's applied everybody that means everybody saved the problem with that is, it would contradict too many other things that Paul has said that the Bible teaches. The Bible never contradicts itself you little rule Bible interpretation. You always interpret hard versus not easy once you always interpret unclear versus my clearance assuming the Bible never contradicts to Paul.

Even in the book of Romans is again explained that not everybody's going to be safe to relate. For example, you have Remington 910 it says if you confess with your mouth. That's the condition that Jesus is Lord, and if you will believe in your heart that God is raising from the dead. That's the condition on which you will be saved now that you automatically say, but these are the conditions for with the heart man believes in the righteousness with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. Salvation he explains is like an invitation to get sent everybody, but you got RSVP in order to have it so clearly Paul is not saying that everybody's going to be saved automatically.

John 336 says either believes in the son has everlasting life, but the one that does not believe is condemned already, he stands under condemnation because the wrath of God abides on him by so clearly the Bible is not teaching everybody's automatically say even in this passage in Romans five Paul indicates that, subtly, but if you look at verse 17 that is how he says how much more will those who receive the overflow of grace application is not everybody is going to receive the overflow of grace is the invitation that you got RSVP to what Paul is saying is not everybody's automatically save the say that everybody has the potential to be safe to say that there are really only two family lines. Only two races anymore in the human world there is that the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve, and there are the sons and daughters of Jesus Christ and you got to choose which family belong to your automatically born into the family about and you choose to be in the family of Jesus ureter on team Adam Martin Jesus one of the other board one is used 12 different times in these verses one.

In this context means unity with the sinecure you can have unity with Adam and his posture of rebellion or you can have unity with Jesus in his submission to the father and his finished work of salvation this morning. You are one with one of those to you are the one with Adam in this posture of I know better than God or you are one with Jesus and his submission to the father and believing that Jesus has done what is necessary to save you when somebody gets baptize what they're showing is no longer a son or daughter of Adam and Eve only time our son and daughter of Jesus Christ because I'm identifying with him so I don't like the fact I don't like that I got included in Adam's choice by now you've got the chance to reverse it is been given to you. Which are you going to choose now before Paul closes the chapter he's going to go back to his discussion of the law in some your light come on Paul why the law again like to belong like do something in kind you when you're a kid to the Lord turn on your offer to go to the prom. What you got against the wall. I will remember this book is written to address people who think that the Jewish laws necessary for salvation to return to verse 20 sotalol: same as no law just multiplied the trespass below multiplied the trespass. In other words law couldn't save you the law could just reveal how desperately needed to be saved to show you how simple you are, our hearts were sinful before the law was given the law just revealed how simple we were. By giving us more rules that we would never keep Jordan multiplied our disobedience.

Imagine that you were deathly sick with the flu catering room door shot back in the room and I'm like hey I'm here I'm here with some loss nearly the barely conscious you got a fever near you get the flu and I'm like okay here's your first rule, thou shalt not run temperature. Thou shall not call thou shalt not sneeze. Also not have a headache shalt not feel nauseated. Thou shalt not get dizzy.

Thou shall not have the shakes.

With every new command not to have symptoms.

I'm just multiplying the ways that you fall short.

At some point you to lift your weary head off of your pillow and your to say I did it I did it I can't keep any of these laws on sick will see that's what the law did the login create sending us law just revealed it by showing us a bunch of places we could never live up to it we see what verse 13 says him back.

Sin was in the world before the law is in our hearts, but sin is not charged to a person's account when there's no law using the law came and he gave us commands that we would obey and so that multiplied our sin. Now there's another phrase.

America brings up something else.

This one right here n is not charged a person's account where there is no law that means if somebody hasn't heard of the law. It sounds like Paul is saying that they're not guilty of sin, and that is exactly what you say I know what this is or what about babies or mentally challenged people are they gonna go to heaven by the lender for many of you this is not a theological question. This is a very personal question because you lost a baby navels a miscarriage maybe lost a child in early in their childhood maybe was through a tragic choice like abortion know I have always wondered what happened to that person. According to this verse. If somebody doesn't know the wall they are not held accountable for it. Remember what Romans 118 said God was angry at for the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness with God is angry about is the suppression of truth. You can't suppress the truth you don't comprehend right in excess.

John 941 Jesus is the same thing Gospel of John, we have an argument with the Pharisees. The Pharisees and religious leaders.

They think they know everything. They call themselves the light of Israel and Jesus is actually your blind know I can call his body like a culture blind and like a sinner were sinners. Jesus says John 941 if you really were blind, you have no guilt you actually couldn't see would be guilty, it's because you say that you can see that's the reason you're guilty because you have suppress the truth you have known what the right thing to do was, and you have done the opposite.

God is saying the same thing is like where there's no perception of the law. There is no sin. Deuteronomy chapter 1 Israel's wonderful 40 years because of Israel. Soon the wilderness got to the whole generation was videoed on the promise land.

While they give in 40 years. But there were a bunch of kids were like under the age of 10 or so around there and side daughters let them go into the promised land. Any expense to Moses why you do it is Deuteronomy 139. This is because when Israel sin. These children didn't even know quote good from evil. They did know the right hand from their left. I'm not gonna hold them guilty of a sin that they had no ability to understand what that means. I thought my conclusion for that is that infants or mentally challenged people are not held guilty of sin, because they have no perception of the law on their hearts, and as such they will go to heaven when they die covered under Christ's blood as an act of God's grace. So I think that's the way that you answer that question usable.

What about adults who have never heard the law because there's a lot of people in the world never heard the law of God we have a don't you remember in Romans to pull answer that one. Specifically, he said they may not know this law, but their conscience has taught them along and all of us because we are made in the image of God.

All the snow some perception of right and wrong impulses. Without exception, every single adult has known the right thing to do at some point and chosen to do the opposite. So while it's true that a baby or a mentally challenged person has no perception of the law. That's not true of an adult in a culture somewhere that just because they have heard about the Bible they still known right from wrong and they chosen to do the opposite and because they've ratified Adam's choice.

They have become subject to Adams penalty where one in this essay.

That is why we go. That is why we go all across the world. The message, because we realize listen brothers and sisters realized that only one race of people and that is Adam's sons and daughters, the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve and we realize that there's really just one problem that we all have. We may be from different cultures when they speak different languages when they come from different backgrounds.

When we got one problem and that is sin. All of us were made in the image of God will make the same creator will have the same father God who created us in his image, but we've chosen to turn and walk away from Jesus Christ died for all of us like and while the condemnation of Adam has rightfully passed all people. They need to hear about the salvation work of the second Adam, as Paul says how they can call on the one they never even heard about Jesus really is done the work necessary to save them.

They need to hear about it so that they can choose to be safe. Some a church that's why we go on a mission trip to Suamico overseas percent multiplied.

Paul says percent multiplied rates multiplied even more. There's never been a sin ever committed by anybody in any race of people in any culture of the world by God's grace was not greater than just as sin reigned in death, and range down every culture, so also will grace reign through righteousness resulting in eternal life to Jesus Christ our Lord. They got here about that and only they can hear us if we go from submersible. Some of you hungry about transporting your life to one of these lenses. Some of you a backup stem from 91 mission trips you need to see what's going on out there, because I guarantee when you see with your eyes and pray more effectively probably give more you'll care more so my third thing we always push you to do is we believe God people in your life that he wants you to tell about the work of the second Adam, we believe in God is done everything necessary to save your neighbor.

We believe that Jesus is already paid the penalty.

The work is done but how are they going to believe on some. I did never heard really helps me sometimes when I get intimidated. The share price. Sometimes I feel the person is really different to me will be radical and if I'm talking to somebody who's a Hindu, but barely speak the same language decided that their background has almost nothing in common with me sometimes our member. This is a son or daughter of Adam and Eve.

One race will really look different to where exactly the same. Both of us were created in the image of God and the more the image of God and the sky is discussed at the same questions that I've got this guy was made to the same heavenly yearns for his heavenly father. Even if he doesn't know how to express and articulate. God is come to the garden to redeem this God and God put me in this guys like to remind him of something he's always known, and that is he was created for God and he's got a heavenly father then stands at the edge of having yearning, waiting for the limoncello all what you always known in your heart articulate you and you can believe in. The first item that you ratified condemnation on you and your family. But there was a second Adam came and he went back to the garden and there died for your penalty once upon your head and reading the see you back in the garden waiting on you were not that different. Everybody is on her daughter about many never encounter a person never that when Jesus died in the cross, he was not thinking about and he puts you in their life, so you could tell them as a second Adam who undid all the destruction. The first and that's good news.

That's why we do what we do different questions for you during team management team.

Jesus automatically got born on the first Adam and you ratified is now there's an invitation for you if you so choose to become part of the family of God is expressly baptism.

It's you that's not what does it but but it's what shows that you now identify with Jesus. I never made the decision to become a part of family God and receive Jesus invitation to be born again. What Jesus is mine and Nicodemus in order to be a part of kingdom of God. He got to be born again, born biologically.

The first Adam born by the spirit of the second one that's a choice we choose to receive him.

Have you ever done that. Secondly you been faithful to tell the people that God is putting your life about the salvation that's available. Second, that's why we do lose your one. That's why you inviter cards because we believe God puts people in your life are you been faithful to tell the people that God is putting your life want to bow your heads if you what all of our campuses.

There's two questions in one you ever see Christ as an invitation to get RSVP if you've never done it sound something like this, Jesus I surrender to you. I recognize I'm a son or daughter of Adam and Eve walking in their footsteps. I choose to submit to Jesus now to be forgiven and I to be born again you are right now to say that you just pray that prayer. My only request is that you tell somebody before you left. The person that invited you were one of our pastors down for secondly if you done that it was God putting your life for you to tell about the salvation available in the second fatal maybe should bring about that person's name right now say God help me give encouragement by this person, but I pray I pray God that we would rejoice, rejoice in the salvation given to us by the actions of a representative appointed. We can't shut up about it. We tell everybody know the salvation available in Christ. Whether it's the Hindu Buddhist communist across the world. Whether it's her next-door neighbor's son or daughter brothers pray got nasty things as Jesus held those in my lane. Great challenge and first part of Remington eight life with pastor Jeannie here. Don't worry, ready to take a break from Raymond's for a couple of months but will come back to it later this spring.

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