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Still Small, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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March 18, 2020 9:00 am

Still Small, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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March 18, 2020 9:00 am

If you visit a few different churches, you’ll probably notice several kinds of worshipers. Some people sing in solemn reverence, while others raise their hands, dance, or maybe even fall to their knees. Is one way better and more pleasing to God than the other? Pastor J.D. addresses that question as he continues our study of King David titled, Search for a King.

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Janie Greer worship should physically demonstrate admiration of God's greatness and gratitude for his grace in the song says constantly that when he worships. He is aware that the nations are watching him, learning about the value of God to him by the way that he worships you ever think the reason may be that our community out there. Doesn't take God more seriously has something to do with the way we worship him in here like I'm only minutes from many of you when you're at church and the music starts at he noticed a few different kinds of worshipers.

Some people sing in solemn reverence while others raised their hands.

Answer maybe even fall to their knees so is one way better than the other. Today pastor JD Greer addresses that question as he continues our study of King David titled search for a king. If you miss any of the previous messages you can hear them online. Janie Now here's pastor JD with a message titled, still small.

Some of you grew up in church worship was very subdued.

It was reflective brothers love you worship was more of the Pentecostal writer of the services of a good somebody passed out right, so you subdued people are partly right and partly wrong.

The energetic people are partly right and partly wrong and some of you who are Christians are to learn what's going on with this craziness that we call worship now also tell you there are some things are very difficult to hear in this passage to make it difficult for me to say I told you this before us like the Holy Spirit is made very cochlear to me that it is not my responsibility to edit God's word in any form or fashion whatsoever and try to make it politically correct are more pleasing for you to hear or more, according to my own preferences.

Even though I try to give it to you unfiltered right and so you got a problem with some of things to say today. I would encourage you not to take it with me because I didn't write it to the author who wrote these things try to give it to you. The way that it's written, I'm old. It's glorious offensiveness right so you just need to be ready need to be ready to second Samuel chapter 6 to begin reading in verse two and then arose and went to bring up from there. The ark of God, which is called by the name of the Lord of hosts who sits enthroned on the cherubim's verse three may carry the ark of God on a new card brought out of the house of the Bennett Avenue was the son of the Bennett dad was driving the new card verse five and David all the house of Israel were making Mary before the Lord, the songs and they are having a worship service. I'm doing what you think they ought to be doing verse six when it came to the threshing floor of the kind the oxen stumbled and put out his hand to the ark of God to steady it. And God strike him down there because of his error literally Hebrew what it says there is is is your reference and he died there beside the ark of God. This next verse, verse eight, and David was angry because the Lord had verse for the gift. The Bible has been offending people for ages, including its writers I've somebody recently was struggling with their faith say to me like you know it's not that I don't believe in God.

I should believe it is there allow everything else will be here if you want better. It's just that I don't like it. I don't like how we set up universe I don't like the fact that he doesn't stop and just as I don't like all judgment thing I don't like how he rules the world. David gets that David was angry at God because of what he perceived as unusually harsh judgment. You're not the first one to be offended God, the Bible been offending all people in all places at all times is an equal opportunity offender. I want to try to make is don't be an ignorant and arrogant American who assumes you the first people in history to be offended just because you graduated with UNC Chapel Hill education right.

You're not always been offended you what you point is not helping me because they found reasons to believe anyway. Bottom line is we think the punishment is more severe than the crime only see when the punishment is more severe than the crime a little tuning fork goes off inside of us that says justice, and here we think that God is being unjust and are hard to accuse God of injustice and that angers us.

Just like it did is the Bible's premise and I give it to you straight up with no apology. The punishment is not more severe than the crime first from second problem is a much more serious problem in that one bigger issue that is user is unaware of his own sinfulness, but the earth has never committed the blasphemy of rejecting God's authority. The earth had always obey the commands of God.

It wasn't the ground of the dirt that would pollute the art. It was the touch of man that would pollute the ark understand that.

So he touches the ark baby doesn't understand it either so he's mad at God's right. He was a dead the reason we do not understand the judgment of God is we don't understand the wickedness of our sinfulness. The reason we do not understand the judgment of God is we don't understand the wickedness of our sinfulness, because when you love the wrong and you love injustice more than you love the rights that is a way of saying God I hate you I hate goodness I hatred and I delight more.

The woman I doing the right that is cosmic treason, and it deserves the chest condemnation of God. Many people sediment God love people letting what I got a lot about him have it. You don't want that magic somebody came here to our church and was an outspoken and known child molester unrepentant child molester is what you were somewhat weak except you come in halfway Rome in our congregation work in the kids ministry.

That's fine that might be loving and kind and some very narrow small kind of way.

But that is not overall loving is if God let sin into heaven. We would turn heaven and hell. We would turn heaven from this place it down here got us a holy and pure he cannot have injustice pollute the place where he is not what I didn't know but what if the child was repented and we would accept them right. We would accept the price of his ministry is Ms. we would accept years ago people and hell never people. Hell never repetitive and surprising for some of you see they go to hell because they hate God's authority in her life and hell that never changes his repentance is a gift that God gives to touch the ark died. Here's a question you think about this morning. Many of you hold the word of God in your hand. Are you still life span. See, this is this is serious stuff usually touch me or die. We had a problem with God's presence with the next verse, verse 11, the ark of the Lord remain in the house voted open even to get tight three months of the Lord bless you circle the word he blessed Obed Edom and all his household. It's like God was sending a message to David that his intention is still blessing David's faith is rekindled say that number to the ark's gospel. The problem of God's presence over to the arts gospel. Verse 12 and was told King David. The Lord is blessed the household about Obed Edom and all that belongs to him because of the ark of God to David went brought up the ark of God in the house of Obed Edom to the city of David with rejoicing.

Verse 13 when those who bore the ark of the Lord. I don't since except what what she got.

Those who bore the ark Lord what's happening there. In the right way.

Now I am in the next phrase says the sacrifice and accept that an animal he offered sacrifices listen God had provided a way for his presence to be with his people safely and I was at the sacrifice that was offered once a year.

That's what you see David honoring here is what would happen is the blood of that animal was going to signify that one day God was to send someone to die for the sins of man to take the wrath of God rightfully was directed at us into his own body and I was to be Jesus Christ as it was struck down for touching God's presence.

Jesus was struck dead so that I could touch conference you get this one or two ways you pay for your sin, you pay for yourself in eternity, the eternal death of Jesus suffers the death penalty for you.

It's a gift that he gives to all who will receive and believe. David believes that gospel he's willing to obey God's word.

Now watch David's response number three. David's response to the gospel. David's response to the gospel.

Number three reporting and David danced before the Lord with all his might. And David was wearing a linen defied some translations say make it bear, but Hebrew scholars tell us that the phrase means that David had just stripped down to his undergarments to amenity five which was the Hebrew version of likable underwriters or something. I believe that she quite comfortable where one right now is converted over that you get a target boxer briefs are limited, but verse 15 today the know the house of Israel brought the ark of the Lord was shouting with the sound of the horn as the ark of the Lord came to the city of David Michael, the daughter of Saul looked out the window and she sought to David leaping and dancing the floor and she despised him in her heart about that verse 18 when David had finished offering, the burnt offerings and peace offerings. He blessed the people in the name Lord of hosts alums next verse 19 I distribute among all the people, the whole multitude, but men and women to take a brand-new portion of meat I think of raisins to each one of the party went to the house serenity tell there's a very important reason why the details in there that were to come back to ReVia. Verse 20 and David returned, bless his household, but Michael, daughter Saul came out to me.

David said what how the king of Israel honored himself today uncovering himself before the eyes of his servants, female servants Boulder Fellers shamelessly and covers himself you were like Patrick Swayze, Chris Farley on the dance video. This is disgusting. You humiliate yourself.

You look like a servant David all dancing in your underwriters, you can look like a king that Saul's daughter Appleton barf far from the treated Saul was always worried about a lot of thought about him.

Michael is worried about what anybody thinks about David. David was pretty good smack talk says back to her verse 21 it was before the Lord shows me above your five he did not just bring up her father-in-law. I and above all his house to appoint me as Prince of Israel, the people of the Lord, and I will make Mary before the Lord. I will make myself even more contemptible than this and I will be abased in your eyes, but there's female servants about whom you spoke by their mama to be held on. In other words, he said. God chose me when I was nothing. And now that I am something to show people because God is something in me now that I'm something of myself.

Your father's problem Michael that he wanted people to go.

I don't want people to make a big deal out of me. I want to make a big deal out of God and to be un-glorified before people to put on display the glory of God.

That's fine with me. And ironically, Michael my greatest honor in the eyes of all the people that you're saying. I do not think of Millie my greatest honor to be that I didn't want Google myself up when Jesus which is why we talk 23,000 years later about Saul, David, not Saul. There's a big difference between Saul and David. Saul want to be a big deal in everyone's eyes, so he was destroyed.

They wanted God to be a big deal.

David was going to be destroyed. I was okay with him he needed to be humiliated for that to happen. He was willing. David knew that looking small to others might help them see the largest of God. Only one person can be a big deal in your life one to you to be God and one of the ways that David did. That was what did this through his worship. David was aware that people were watching him worship and they were learning something about the value of God to him by the way that he worshiped.

Here's my question for you. What does your worship tell people about the value of God to you writers that worship is our response. Whatever it is. Worship is our response. Whatever it is to the gospel.

Worship is not just what we do inherently same worship is how we live and how we spend our money is what we do with the time it's about usually teach our children how we treat the poor is how we respond to the things that God hates like sin and injustice in the lives of people much more about his fellow others about God. Worship is how you respond to all things. Worship is not just what we do inherently see but it certainly includes what we do in here when we come together as a community we sing God's praise and listen to God's word and the way that we do those things puts on display God's greatness and his glory in our lives again. What should I look like right just answer me lots of right now. Nothing should your worship makes a statement others about the worth of God. You are worship puts our hunger for God on display for the world to see worship should physically demonstrate our admiration of God's greatness and our gratitude for his grace. David in the Psalm says constantly that when he worship he is aware that the nations are watching him and are learning about the value of God to him by the way that he worship. Do you ever think that the reason may be that our community out there. Doesn't take God more seriously has something to do with the way we worship him in here. That's what David said now so you're like largest expressive is a person is not my personality. I understand and I'm not telling you, you should be somebody else during worship and I'll buy that you're not an expressive person as long as it is true that if I walk up to you with an envelope with $1 million in putting your hand as it is the gift you you took that envelope when you opened it you said. Praise God thinks it's true that that is how you would respond, but how about, otherwise I'd say it's probably the million dollars seems more valuable in your eyes than the salvation God has given you guys woman who came to Jesus from Jesus have forgiven in the middle of dinner she comes and begins to weep. She let her hair down to break the ball perfume of her speech against the weep and wash his feet with her tears and white his feet with her hair you imagine something more degrading and humiliating everybody around Little Rock is not Better Homes & Gardens approved right here. Again, this is this is bad stuff is not Southern living is humiliate is not you play hostess and Jesus said don't touch her. Talk to does this woman get something that all you dignified people didn't she understand what it means to be forgiven and she understands that an appropriate response is to love like this and express her love like this. And then Jesus made that statement. Those who are forgiven. Much love, much and if you don't love and express that in praise it might be a signal that you have never really understood the depth of the forgiveness that God has given you. The Bible presents a range of emotions that are appropriate and worship. Sometimes you need to be on your face in the presence of God. Sometimes you need to stand in the presence of God in stunned silence. Sometimes when God's word is being taught.

You want to have a better notebook out right now things are not saying you and your boss receive a work visa boss that you respect and trust. You bought a pair right I would say if you get a right to boss me know what you think God does right, sometimes weeping over your sin is an appropriate response to God not sitting in all in God's presence is appropriate. Sometimes you clap your hands all you people in shouting, the God of the voice of triumph. This would bluntly some of you need to repent the dignity that you carry yourself with an church to pastors on our staff told the store this week and give you full permission to share this one.

Bensing Daniel, white guy grew up in a Presbyterian household.

I somber as nature middle of the pastors is named Dell hereof and a Pentecostal household night and he's Hispanic so you got a double whammy on the whole emotion thing I laid out his arguments argument and our offices about what is appropriate in response to worship and dangerous and right now I'm just reflective I just am somber. That's how I show that the got and I guess if I'm as long as it is true.

That's how you would respond in joy in every other area of your life.

Understand that should Daniel let the arguments that he said were to become a watchman somehow I respond very situation how our son my daughter when she walked in the room correspond my wife and I have seen in a while.

I will respond. My favorite football team. Once again, these are what I discovered was that it was in the arena of the knowledge of God.was the only area where I did not express emotion and joy and he came back to Riddell and he said you were right and I was wrong. There is a place that is very appropriate for me to express my motion to God and for me to express that back to him.

So you guys like worship is girly emotions and expressiveness, praise and joy like I'm not a singer sing is not what I do. My life is radically episode. I never look at a sunset burst into tears. Couple of things to say to you today. Number one. David killed a 9 foot giant cut off his head and carried it back to Jerusalem under his arm hit songs written about him by teenage girls about how he had slain huge army single-handedly that happen you tough guy, yet he heads a giant hang around girls written songs about you and promise not. Worship is not manly is that you will know humility understand salvation like David does scald what is second if I get more personal and middle your life more than already him this with the promise of you guys is marriage. You know how to express yourself one of those clueless guys that thinking along the booklet on the table. You know that I love her any Christian counselor will tell you that that is absolutely moronic. I learned that my marriage is not enough for me to simply be a faithful husband. I have to express tenderness and affection to my wife into my children that is not only good for then it is good for me. There is a role to expressing your emotion to God. If you understand the depth of salvation.

It results in overflowing praise and if you're not a worshiper. It might be digitally understand the gospel.

Presbyterian about his friends not this is about putting God on display and some of you need to repent of the dignified way that you conduct yourself in worship. Now some you said no financing don't you judge me you don't know my heart right I can judge you, and I don't know your heart and the point is, nobody knows your heart and you were supposed to put your heart on display worship because the surrounding nations were supposed to learn about the value of God to you. The way that you worship. And not because you don't ever put it on display.

Your kids are not learning the value of God to you because of the way that you worship my Pentecostal friends is not just emotion frenzy.

I will praise God when the choir hits a high note. This is a genuine response. Rossi submits alliterative dresser submit bind is not in to Gail this is a genuine response of all to the gospel that affects not just your singing it back how you dig your taxes how you worship.

On the other six days is just as important as what you doing here that's worship that's gospel centered worship now report thing.

I skipped back to a really diverse and I did this Dave is out of the picture. Bread portions of me take a racist reach one of the parties to the house raising takes in Hebrew culture are aphrodisiacs as well.

They all went home after David gave them to Sears at the time was right. They were right.

Okay the point was it wise that detailing their life that detailing what is the gospel makes you fruitful worshiping the gospel produce a spiritual fruit in your life the way that you produce spiritual furs get caught up in a moment of intimacy with Jesus Christ, swept up on adoration for what given you in the gospel and abortion just offspring of his love toward peace, patience, God can take the most terrible things you all true worship. The centerpiece in everything we do here at Summit life with pastor Arthur and theologian JD Greer JD were offering important but not called one nation under God and Christian hope for American politics to advocate for any specific party or candidate. That's a great question and the answer is no. Make it clear that Jesus is an equal opportunity offender friend of mine says that the role of the gospel preacher is to undermine all the political parties that's kinda what this book does shows you that certain political parties are to get certain questions right at the end of the day you have to choose the blood of the party think it's more the most important questions more right than the other party does. Regardless whatever parties there are government leaders are going to let you down. You need something beyond political platforms to be your hope and so we want to stand above and behind both parties telling them this is what the Lord says these questions and many others are addressed in this great little book wanting to give to you as a gift to say thank you for being part of our ministry throughout the series, this will say thank you for how you partner with us in the ministry are some of 335 working online JD remember your copy of one nation under God that never again five or go online.

JD your salvation is not about anything to diving deeper into their stay on defendant life

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