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A Life Responding to the Gospel, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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April 3, 2020 9:00 am

A Life Responding to the Gospel, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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April 3, 2020 9:00 am

What are the core components of the gospel centered life? As we wrap up this study on King David, J.D. Greear finds the answer by looking at David’s end-of-life legacy, and the way in which he responded to God’s judgment and mercy by pointing to an even greater King who was yet to come.  

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Hey everyone. So before we start today's program. I wanted to share how much we like here for you and are thinking of you during these challenging days. I know many of you perhaps know someone who's been affected or fearful that this virus will touch you or your loved ones and here's the MetLife we describing encouragement you to lead you to faith and not to fear. So email us or call us with your prayer request. Visit the blog for teaching and guidance on navigating tough waters dive deeper into the online archive of biblical teaching to help build your faith, but most of all listen when I say this, keep your eyes on Jesus. He is the healer. He is the provider he is the sustainer we are so glad you've joined us. Let's get into today's program today on Summit life with Janie Greer, the Army of old silver and gold that was just a shadow of the realtor Jesus was a real simple because he was the presence of God that was not built by the generosity silver and gold that temple was built for the general MetLife with pastor JD Greer and Molly bit of edge you question what are the characteristics or marks of a life lived for the gospel tough question right, but today pastor JD provides the answer for us and he gets that answer writing place where looking at the Old Testament book of first Chronicles chapter 29 the first place. Most of us would think to look for instructions on the gospel centered life and before we jump then I wanted to remind you that today is the last day to get this timely resource we been offering for the past two weeks so make sure you listen towards the end and you can get it before it's too late. Let's join pastor JD today the life of David budgets, wraps up and summarizes life in one picture second signal which we studied last week after God stop the plague.

David buys the field where God showed mercy and David dedicates that piece of ground as the place for the building of the future temp will be in the first Chronicles, which will go study today, they would take up an offering for the building of that and then he prays a prayer that is and how well it epitomizes David's life philosophy, a life that stands amazed by God's grace toward him.

A life just collaborate to respond to God.

Just begin reading the first Chronicles 29 nine the people which says that they rejoice because willingly the whole heart, with a peaceful heart with a heart brimming with peace and joy, but offered freely to the Lord forced him to also rejoice.

Therefore David blessed the Lord in the presence of all the assembly. David said 11. Yours, O Lord. Yours is the greatness of the power and the glory of the victory of the Majesty everything we have that is worthy of anything is been a gift that comes from your hand.

All that is in the heavens.

Verse 11 and in the earth is yours. Yours is the kingdom will Lord you are exalted as head, above all, not me. Verse 12 in your handle power and might, and in your hand it is to make great district all verse 14 but when I David says what about people that we should be able to offer willingly. David acutely aware of how much grace God has shown to him. To these people for all things come from you your own. We give it to you and give you anything that was actually ours verse 15 for we are strangers before you with sojourners is all our fathers were all our days of the earth like a shadow and there is no abiding in other words, this is your world. We bring anything into this world. When I take anything out everything is a gift from your hammer 60 O Lord our God, all this abundance that we have provided for building you a house for your holy name come from your hand and is all your own. Verse 17 and now I see your people who are present here, offering freely and joyously to you oh Lord, the God of Abraham, Isaac, is raw fathers forever such purposes and thoughts in the hearts of your people. In other words, God, this is what I'm asking for is my final act as king would you keep the spirit alive in our people and direct the hearts of your people.

Verse 18, towards you. Verse 19 grant of Solomon my son Solomon my son a whole heart that he may keep your commandments your testimonies and your statutes performing all that he may build the palace, the place for you to dwell for which I am now making provision verse 20 the David said all the assembly bless the Lord your God at all.

The assembly bless the Lord, the God of their fathers in the bow their heads and they paid homage to the Lord.

Verse 22 and then they ate and drank.

I got jiggy with it before the Lord on that day with great gladness and now my friends here is the official end of our story of David and so they made Solomon the son of David King and they anointed him sprints before the Lord and David quietly passes off the sea and he died shortly thereafter.

Here's what I want to do to give you three elements from that prayer that undergird David's life philosophy three things that summarize these three things I believe should also summarize your life philosophy. These are the three core components of the gospel centered life.

All three at once and then I want to brag about one of the time. Okay number one everything we have comes from God to be in verse 14, number two, we are the recipients of great grace. That's verse 12, number three this life is just a shadow. The kingdom of God is forever reimbursed 50 okay one at a time. Number one. Everything we have comes from God. That means two things to David that means first of all, God owns it all. Secondly, but he's the one to whom we hope to provide what we need in the future. He owns all know that is a revolutionary truth. Nothing you have you nothing is your second principle the day to day as recipients of great grace. We respond with will finish generosity see the way the gospel produces generosity is not by commands to be generous. The gospel fundamentally reshapes and restructures your heart to the generosity is not what you do. Generosity is what you are and generosity is not something you need to be commanded to do. Generosity is naturally he was breathing because you have tasted the generosity of God number 33 here's 1/3 component dislikes temporary, the kingdom of God is forever. When you start to see things from eternal perspective, it changes everything that was my grandmother passed away beside that casket of my grandmother, my three dollars and fill you in that moment the only thing my mind they get there, but they're prepared to meet God and they leverage their life so that they've invested. The point is that from the perspective of eternity. You see, listen, every person in every nation will stand before God. The most important question that will ever be asked of them is when you live in the light of that knowledge. I'm telling you, your life will change. Asked that troughs everything in my life.

Yes, I would like to play a lot more. Yes there are a lot of things that I use my money to afford there a lot of things I like to spend the money on but I'm just telling you in light of eternity.

Does that not change how you see your money and where you invested. I don't say anything overly controversial but for the most part I do not get the things that are not kingdom oriented. Why, why, because every single person stands before God, and on that day. First John 512.

You has the son has life does not have the son of God will never see life.

I know that knowing Jesus is the only question that really matters. Yes, I want people in other nations that have good education, I wanted to have clean water. I wanted to have better off hospitals but I also want them to know Jesus.

Because what good is good education weekly water better hospitals if they die go to hell.

So I choose to give and invest my money in things that you both things that help lift people out of poverty and pointing to Jesus because I don't want to just take care of their body whether shoulders to help so I invest in things that you both that minister both body and soul, but with people out of poverty. The three components of David's final acts is gospel centered life. Only a step away from the actual just teaching this passage. Let me tell you why this is so personal for me as your pastor okay, that is, I'm very aware that for the majority of the people in this room right here in our other campuses. You don't which is a major problem for you on three primary areas wanted to trust question because it has to make me ask, what is it that you really trust in life right you will even obey God in this one area where he is been so crystal clear what is that tell me about how you trust God, see you cancer what is that indicate to me about how you really live with faith and faithfulness. Walking with God you see last time I thought it's a fair question to Ellen MacArthur was able to point right now financially my life where I can afford the time. That means for my wife and I we going way beyond the type to give.

But that wasn't always true for us.

There were several years, especially right at the beginning of our marriage. We could see how in the world we could afford every single time for the grace of God and usually a French-speaking in the my life. We tie even if I can afford it telling you I'm tell you there's not an ounce of rhetoric in this. I'm not from Safeco preacher things for you. Twitter this is the honest truth. God and I and my wife for 10 years in a row have played this game he's going to near zero. When we have been in a place Teresa God we trust in you to provide for our needs and what type of everything that comes in gospel report are not, God has his way of multiplying give it back to us for the five loaves and two fishes a great picture that if I was to finish home at 12 baskets full conversation so I did you like it if I wasn't to finish what we want is all this that Jesus returning as well baskets that's been my experience that I'm not telling you okay you know what you put one dollar and play today. I'm not saying that right understand this is a simple trust issue. At the risk of being overly personal. This year my wife and I had a situation where it looked like we could face a financial crisis.

Details what that is but we just leave it at that and say we were scared for a few months of this year and I actually told alive like I think I'm just going to set aside time and just hang on to how much I owe and once we get this financial crisis now.

I'll see what you forget.

A friend of mine spoke in my life don't you do it, don't you do it you have stood up for years and told us to trust God. Now God put you in a place where you have to trust him. I wrote it out and I have checked with Tim Jackson or church financial officer because I know I never ever ever get back for him in a million years about how much I begged and pleaded and I gave it to him and he took it telling you 11 and oh God wins again way to God brought us through that the way the God provided for some telling you it always happens and I got a file full letters from some of you tell me that's been your experience to this is essential. Trust issue. It's safe for me for you. It's a kingdom issue. You see, I have to ask what kingdom your investing because every disciple of Jesus. One of the key components of discipleship would you listen very closely.

One of the key components of discipleship is that your kingdom is not down here at your investing in a kingdom that last forever, and when I look at how you spend your money and what you spend your money on it makes us ask the question what kingdom you really investing it is not something that is reserved for a special few. Every single disciple of Jesus is put on this earth and leverages the resources that have been given by God to him or her. The purpose of the back kingdom, not this one that I know some years later this and I'm not rich I'm not listen. I met very few people my life rich. When asked people. People are always what class middle-class blazer like the upper arm likes superstar level class and says that I'm always middle-class middle compared to what it was. If you made only $1500. You're only $1500 year that is more than 80% of the people on earth statistically. If you have sufficient food, decent close live in a house or apartment of a reasonably reliable means of transportation.

You were among the top 15% of the world wealthy. If you have any money saved, if you have a hobby that require some equipment or supplies a variety of colors in your closet to cars in any condition and live in your own home. You are in the top 5% of the world wealthy about Starbucks habit like I do now.

Things familiar sink garbage your garbage disposal. Your garbage in their know what you put in there. Excess food is what you put in there.

You understand that you and I live with a level of comfort and enjoyment that makes us ask what kingdom we live in for you when we realize we do leveraging ourselves radically for God's kingdom here me is not just for special few is the role of every disciple and a lot of people I talked to seem to feel like pouring yourself out for God's kingdom and leveraging your stuff or God's kingdom is for a special called you and the rest of us to go on building your own kingdom, but we got a tip every once in a while the lunch money. Jesus said that every disciple of his every disciple who pours himself out, and leverages himself or God's kingdom, not just one verses in the Bible it is inversely about seven your cares on the promise from Jesus to me every Jesus's command.

Matthew 2819 going all the world and preach the gospel and yet I'm not really call that Matthew 1128 come unto me all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

All that's for me. I love Jesus would read a few chapters later if anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. Like all the gold that by what right we appropriate the comforts of Christ, but ignore the commands. This is not for a special called out for you but sometimes I feel like we've invented this whole language of calling a category that doesn't even exist in the Bible we invented this whole language calling to mask the fact that the majority of people in our churches are not really disciples of Jesus. And so we invented a word, just try to disguise the fact that we got a few people who live in disciples and the rest of the people who live as people rebuild their kingdom to got off occasionally each of us will give an account for whether we invest in this kingdom are in doubt.

My challenge you to think through practical challenge you, my dear double dog in a kickbacks double dog getting a kickbacks is that you right now it's tax time that you look on your 1040 or whatever you turn in at the amount of money that you gave to charity. The amount of the percentage compared to the percentage of money you got and then you answer the question of what that percentage tells you about what kingdom you live here is my conviction.

A lot of you are a lot less generous than you think your have exactly combined rich in your lawn you bought 20 bucks no way that's a 2020 coming in for a landing right here like this is all goodbye like the nicest thing about back boom and the plate I'm awesome okay you that's great thank you but you compare that percentage at the end of the year, with the percentage that you spent on entertainment vacations eating out on the luxuries of life, and then you tell me what kingdom that's my challenge. I got things in terms of percentages even think in terms of amounts what kingdom do you live this research. One person is about 2.4% of their income. Most of them spend more underpants than they do.

The great commission Christian Americans today give percentage wise, less the day they did in the Great Depression politicians.

The worst thing you got about .7%. It's a trust issue kingdom issue thoroughly to gospel issue for me because again I would say how could you know the grace of God and do nothing for those yet to hear you're individuals like you and me are less worthy of the grace of God we are is what our. These are individuals with the same spot you and I would be we heard about you. Where would you be with Jesus you exact sent by the meds before about you. John Piper says this is regardless of the quote 3 billion people today are outside Jesus Christ. Two thirds of them have no viable witness in their culture if they already here in Christ commands that they hear the cross-cultural missionaries will have to be sent and pay for all the wealth needed to send this new army of good news ambassadors is already in the church if we like Paul, are content with the simple necessities of life. Hundreds of millions of dollars in the church would be released gospel of the frontiers. The revolution of joy and freedom it would cause at home would be the best local witness which cousins are my concerns. I know that some of you will misinterpret. This is a ploy for offering but I'm telling you. Don't give in here somewhere else. This is not about that. This is about three or what I would consider to be the most core issues, and what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. When you trust what you looking for what kingdom you live for and you really get the gospel.

This all comes back to masses of the questions become like okay if I had a promise from God that we would never have a financial need of the church, but I still care so deeply about this. The answer for the bottom my heart yes these are the issues that relate to what it means to be a disciple of if you're mad at me right now some of your okay if you just ask yourself this question. Why are you mad are you mad because you really think that I'm doing all this is a manipulative ploy to get your money. Is that why you're mad. Are you mad because I have got in your face, and touched on the things that you trust and love most is that we maybe just me.

The reason is that it is the first ring should be met if it's a second, I would urge you to not harden your heart to the word of God, but to repair this cause a revolution of joy in Israel long for me commend you so as not all negative. Some of you the shirt did and that means that in a day when most churches are cutting back on ministries because the recession are churches continued generosity is multiplied and were able to do things now that we want even dream of being able to last year.

That's because your generosity. So you're getting even admissible recession to get the rest of because I want you to walk with the peace and joy that comes from having God is your God so that you are not certain of money we would give it away.your delight and he is your rocket security because it promises or your power. That's what I desire went when all is by land the plane here. Okay, first Chronicles 29 first Chronicles 29 because of the generosity of God's people are able to build a temple beyond the other. Imagine I wonder what would happen if we were saturated by that same gospel spirit that these people were David's mission statement is simple.

Here is respond to God's grace prioritize God's kingdom.

I gospel centered life is a life that responds to the generosity of the gospel and a life that prioritizes the message of the gospel, a gospel centered life is like a response to the generosity of the gospel like that prioritizes the message of the gospel cannot see the irony of all the sins there taken of silver and gold, to build a temple that was just a shadow of the real temple to temple was a place where God well place for sacrifices were offered when Jesus Christ showed up on earth. He was the presence of God.

He was God in the flesh, and he was the sacrifice offered percent. Jesus was the real temple because he was the presence of God, and he was the sacrifice for sins and that simple that temple real temple was not built by the generosity of silver and gold that temple was built in its entirety. Generosity and what David and the people are doing is merely a dim reflection of God's extravagant generosity to God's people moved to such generosity by the generosity of their king David, how much more should we be moved to generosity by the generosity of our team, but a fitting lady in David's life, pointing away from David to attempt want to kingdom that would be built by God for man entirely at God's expense, not ours, Jenny Greer put the finishing touches on a series called search for a king you're listening to Senate life. If you missed any of these previous messages now not too late find them all in our

Our prayer is that through the life of David.

You would learn to see Jesus as the ultimate king you have been searching for is the ruler over all this is a particularly good reminder during an election year here in the United States as Christians are political connections, no matter how passionately held her biblically-based should always be secondary to the gospel message that declares Jesus is King. We'd love to get your copy of the book written by two people we truly trust on the topic of politics.

Drs. Bruce Ashford and Chris Abelard out.

It's called one nation under God. A Christian hope for American politics today is the last day to get it from us as a nonprofit ministry.

We are dependent on your support which means the cost for entering these daily broadcasts is covered by your generosity. You can join the team that makes it all possible and donate today will say thanks by sending you our latest resource team member for your copy of the book titled nation under God. When you call 866-335-5220 866-335-5224 game and request the online Jenny to browse around, find previous message is blogs and articles resources so much as all available free of charge hi Molly, the start of a short series. We hope you'll join us Monday on Senate life. Katie sponsored by Katie Greer minutes

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