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Battlefront, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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April 30, 2020 9:00 am

Battlefront, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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April 30, 2020 9:00 am

Have you ever noticed how little kids will pick up a new word without really understanding the nuances? If we’re honest, a lot of grownups still do the same thing with “churchy words” like holiness. We throw it around all the time, and most of us have a vague idea of what it means, but do we really understand the implications of calling God holy? Pastor J.D. clears up any confusion as he continues our series called, I Am an Alien.    

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Today on at length with Jamie Greer from man's you lift your hands in worship, door me praise me shout to God with joy because you feel it because I'm worthy of it, use that I could obedience the producers buried emotions in your hearts are adoration of him to be reflective of also more than is his holiness light Emily that noticed how little kids will pick up a new word and start using it without really understanding the meaning and its nuances. My kids did all the time and well as it turns out, a lot of us still to that even once were grown-up to take, or holiness. For example, gets thrown around all the time at church and most of us have a vague idea of what it means that we really understand the implications of calling God holy and do we then in turn understand what we are supposed to do as we imitate God. Pastor Jenny clears up any confusion today as he continues our series called I am an alien. Where in the book of first Peter is a concept of ambassador ambassador somebody or simply one culture with the mission for another country that is crucial in order to get anything else that Peter is saying during ambassador you're in exile because he says you're in exile. There are a few things you should expect you should expect personable that you're a very hostile environment to the place of the many ways the opposite direction of the waves report so he says in verse 13 will pick up John Weber start things off when we left off last time. Therefore, he says. Therefore, what. Therefore, because you're not sought alien. Therefore, preparing your minds for action by MB look up x-rays be sober minded, sober minded major not navely unaware of the environment.

You're in a hostile environments. What Peter is telling them listen first offense is something I think some of you desperately need to hear.

You need to wake up because you were in a estimate.

You have absolutely no idea about. And the enemy is absolutely destroy you. Mrs. verse 14 what of this set your hope fully on the grace and we brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ. As obedient children, do not be conformed to the passions of your former ignorance. Over 15 as he who called you is holy, you also should be holy in your conduct, since it is written in Leviticus, you shall be holy because I am holy to limited social first lawyers were limited for the rest of our time. Basically I will talk about what holiness is and then I want to talk you about what Peter says, our response to that should be met by limo talking about how it is that you can obey that command to be old okay the first one. Here's what holiness is the key word to remember when you think about holiness is the word separation when God told the Israelites that he was holy.

What he meant was that he was different from them. He was separated from them. It was unique. He was one-of-a-kind example Exodus 15 verse 11 there is none holy like the Lord nobody is completely separate is completely other holiness also been separated from all that is impure Jewish people had all these regulations to keep them from entering the presence of God with any defilement because God was absolute purity. He was separated from impurity which brings me to probably the most magnificent thing about God's holiness. That is, that God's holiness was most manifested in Jesus.

Get this, the greatest display of God's holiness was not in his separating himself from us, but in his entry into arsenic, corruption, and taken upon himself and putting it away forever.

God's holiness, which means separation was great was greatly demonstrated not in his separation from his entry into our pain and absorbing concrete to Peter says in response to God's holiness. You should be holy as he who called you.

Verse 15 is holy. You also should be holy in all your conduct. The life you live should be reflective of the God that you love just talk about a few ways that should be true.

My first of all, it ought to be true in our devotion to God. I often hear people talk about God is what God wanted from us is God wanted merely to be top of our list of priorities. God does not merely want to be number one on your list of priority gods of the top of my list last nothing else in your life created the universe. Nothing died for your sins. Jesus is not your copilot, which means our devotion to him was of an entirely different time and everything.

Everything else, marriage, parenting, or even most intimate commitments of the pale in comparison to our devotion to him because he is holy in our adoration of him. That's another thing. How we adore God should be on an entirely different plane because he thought fire people sometimes compare our worship to like you know how we got the football game or basketball game and I certainly appreciate that sentiment but I tell you that our worship of God ought to be on it differently than everything else entirely. All these commands in Scripture Psalm 47 one. Clap your hands all you people shouting the guy with the voice of triumph. Psalm 3527 but may go to delight in salvation shout for joy in the God first Timothy 28. I command all men everywhere to lift up holy hands in prayer. It's a command to listen. I have studied all these commands of Scripture and worship.

Not one time. Does it ever say stand before God with a subdued posture aboard look on your face and a couple coffee in your hand. Not one time, to the recesses clap your hands, shout, and the guy on the boards of tripe. I command you to live holy here.

That was not my personality is not about your personalities about the commands of God is what it's about. You say what's our personality giving is that your night is baloney because I have seen you in football basketball games and you do have the capacity get excited. So you just don't feel it will be a hypocrite do it right because then I'm like you know some will come out my heart. I can appreciate about that much about its use limited dress for the bursa.

It's not about what you feel like it's what he's worthy of your worship is not based on your feelings, your worship is based on his worthiness, and when you don't feel like you still worthy of it. So that means that you act your way. You believe your way of your feelings and not fill your way in your obedience by obeying and then for me feel secretive about the Scripture say about this Scripture tell you I'm pretty sure that a lot of us, including me, for why don't we get this is that there are certain things that we do. Even we don't feel like them, and God uses our obedience actually help us learn to feel like that for example you get down on your knees when you pray that causes a feeling of reverence to come over you. That's the way God created the Granger hard sometimes to follow the posture of your body. So he commands you lift your hands in worship, adore me, praise me shout to God with joy because not because you feel it because I'm worthy of it and I will use that act of obedience to producers buried emotions in your hearts to see our adoration of him ought to be reflective of his awesome worthiness is holiness will walk in here and say not that they're just really excited about something to say. This is a whole different time of adoration and devotion is holy. The million-dollar question is okay.

How how do you how you do that how do you actually develop to be holy like God is holy. As for the next several verses are about his reading so you will show you how Peter shows you deliver 70 called him his father who judges impartially according to each one's deeds. Conduct yourself with fear throughout the time of your exile, knowing that you were ransomed from the futile ways inherited from your father's not with perishable things such as silver or gold, but with the precious blood of Christ, like that of a lamb without blemish and without spot. Make sure you pay reported that two members unless you question a minute I verse one, he was foreknown before the foundation of the world, but was made manifest in these last times for the sake the question is how do you be holy like God is holy.

Here's what in those verses that I just read to you who is holy, who was without blemish or without spot. Jesus wants not you. Jesus wants and Peter explains that the Lamb who was holy, his blood was spilled to ransom us you member my unholiness when it looks upon God would be struck dead. My unholiness was absorbed into Jesus. Jesus looked upon the face of God and died in my place. That's why we always say here. The gospel is Jesus in my place is holiness took my unholiness. He died in my place and gave me a sense of always right now Peter says that give the blood is precious to us what is use the word precious Peter says that Christ's blood is precious because Christ blood does for us, something that nothing else can do what Peter goes to coming. Verse 18. He said this was handed down from your father's from anything that gets handed down from previous generations never notice that all the greatest accomplishments that we have, we try to pass down to our children right. For example, money, money. Some people work hard when we so much money to the next generation but they won't have any worries, but money doesn't produce no rally a lot of time to be increase of money and power come the increase of greed and exploitation of the misery.

Money is also okay. It is, but money is no savior science. Every generation passes down unbelievable accomplishments of the next generation or science fiction. One generation is day-to-day reality. The next technology does take where problems doesn't our grandparents left is the motorized car in the atom bomb.

Both are generations you leave the next generation of the iPhone and port technology does it produce no rally. Science is a British grout sciences, and soul issues. Suicide rates are higher the happiness index is lower in countries that are more scientifically sophisticated than less educated once religious traditions that are handed down from your parents can't save traditions with you on your parents not awesome is your religious tradition came down usually make you proud or self-righteous government traditions on the right or left that we passed out, have not been able to save communism promise himself as the great savior.

How many millions did Stalin and Nelson Thompson water on their way to their perfect government capitalism will realize now that capitalism can be abused and exploited by it, but I'm not going to say that all government systems are equal to have a hard time seeing how a housing bubble burst on Wall Street equals 20 million Chinese slaughtered mouse a ton of citizens really try to say that no government tradition is able to produce real salvation.

They're just not able to do it like a little Winston Churchill said about capitalism. Capitalism is the worst economic system except for every other economic system is ever been dreamed up with or not you agree with that. The point is no government tradition on the right or left has been able to give salvation their great accomplishments, but none of them can say because our problem was and is a problem be something God and only God can provide a solution to that problem only one thing could save and that was the perfect death of the eternal son of God, his blood had to be poured out on the ground that makes that blood pressures as it did something that absolutely nothing else has ever able to do that is close the gap between us and God.

Let God unite with us and fill us again with a piece initial loan the columns for the presence of God. Precious Peter tells you to live with an awareness of that precious to live with an understanding of the value of what Christ has done for you. Watch and that will give you the note for holiness motive is an English word that we get from motor drive where you get the drive to be holy.

Peter says it comes from understanding the preciousness of how what Christ used to make when you say the preciousness of Christ blood, which is your holiness that gives you the drive to actually be holy in response to a great story and is in the Bible is a little hardly known story: my favorite so buried in the book of second save psycho civil 23 to so many people mess with the cool stories ever. But let us, the Philistine army.

The bad guys have taken over Bethlehem which is David King David's hometown today and is on the run. Okay, so one day, after all, this battle with weariness. David is several miles from Bethlehem. And just as he sits down one night he just cut us up out of the mouth and said ma'am, but I wouldn't give for a drink of water from the well outside of the data. Bethlehem, but I used to drink from an old little boy is not given the command. He's just doing something that you do when you're away from home like man I would love to go to this coffee shop just just talking what you here's what I call mighty men which are basically like his Green Berets are like, we can make that happen today seek off without telling David travel through the night several miles to go to the Bethlehem my the entire Philistine army is there so they have to like you have to fight their way into Bethlehem Wells not like back in a corner somewhere. It's update which means without their plane. The fight their way to get this water out of the well put in the knapsack fight their way out. This is a total shutdown right after that, the date they travel to several miles home through the middle of the night I get there in time for David to wake up the next morning David gets up and they're staying there with their kids cup water in a little young for you, so here's a good David and King David psycho civil 2316 takes it important out of the ground, which would take me off a little bit on the side I'm idolizing, but when David did that, he said to them, 300, you should read the Bible when David does that, he says, far be it for me that I could drink something purchase by your blood, meaning I would never take comfort in something that put your life in danger. Now here's why love that story. First of all you see what holy devotion is holy devotion is David's men being willing to risk their lives for simply a sigh of murmuring that come from David's heart. David's wish becomes their command because even as we love them so much that just aside from his heart produces obedience. The second thing that a lot of other stories. It shows you where holy devotion comes from why David's men thought that about him because they knew that he felt that way about you see that story should make you think about Jesus because Jesus didn't just risk his life to give us what we needed Jesus actually died to give us what we need in Jesus didn't pour out a couple water on the ground. Jesus bore his own blood out on the grounds that kind of emotion from David to them produce that kind of loyalty from them to him how much more should Jesus's offering of his precious blood, which was there more than the could save report on the graph, how much more should that not produce in arts holy devotion back the preciousness of the blood of Christ becomes the power of holy devotion for some excess.

That's why when I hear somebody make the statement right here and on your life. How much do we have to give 10% is that it like the person I can be assured of one thing only, does not get because how much do I have to give is not the question of holy devotion is not a question of love. How much do I get together. That's the question of love. So you're listening for even the sigh that comes from Jesus our you care about lost people and nations all around the's my life. What can I do about that. God you care about the orphan and the widow, how can I serve them because that's aside, it's coming from your heart. I want to do it God you care about the poor money because I like seeing you delighted because I understand how precious the blood was that you gave to me that produces whole Lee devotion back some excess is another way will quickly say discus on your flight liberty that you do not just fisherman for 70 Peter Freitas was there to. If you call him. His father, who judges impartially according to each one's deeds not when I first read that verse setting the passage I didn't understand what it meant. I've never understood it meant trousers to skip it and hope you did notice, but I feel bad about that.

So I went back and herself. So I just stared at it for a while and I think I got it. I'll let you decide which business I think last for this verse God who judges impartially according to each one's deeds?

Answer Lodge micro God who judges impartially according to each one is not good news or bad news for you is madness bad fix because of God judges impartially according to each one's deeds, which wanted one or you want to stand up in front of God's bar justice and be judged impartially you committed. None of this are all sinners, no dessert out bad news, but you get the call that God what father. Daddy that verse is the gospel because the gospel is that Jesus was judged impartially for your needs.

Jesus received the full penalty you deserved for your evil deeds.

So now, because he has absorbed all the penalty I can call God judges impartially daddy because I no longer need to fear judgment. He's my dad so Peter goes on to say, look at this verse work minutes for the first conduct yourselves therefore with peer throughout your time of exile. This is not fear judgment because Jesus was judged in our placement but nothing about the fear and judgment. This is fear more like a reverential fear since of all, it's the kind of fear. Peter says that you have for your father imaginable simple story imagining a 13-year-old boy with a bunch of friends of his friends are doing something.

It was wrong to try to get this kid to go along with it like I should do it. You know by doing 13 I cannot do it and so they start to talk this kid and say what are you afraid that if you do this your days can hurt you will boy says back. No, I'm afraid if I do this I'll hurt him. That's the kind of fear that Peter is talking about a sense of how precious you were God and then this desire to hurt this guy because of what he gave to purchase me that kind you're supposed to learn this in relation to your parents and a sore spot for some of you as you have good parents but that's where you're supposed to learn it. You're supposed to learn to the first when you obey your parents is your friend what they can then as you grow older. As you mature, they love you want to obey them to honor them because of how much they given to you about OMS is given aside apparent to that's why that's why it's so important for you to parents to learn to discipline your children way to God disciplines. I don't let my kids back talk or disrespect me now because I have an ego problem because I don't want in the Lord to have that attitude were God and for a little while I stand in the place of God for them is also why I want them to see that I don't manipulate their behavior for my own comfort.

I pour out my life for them because what should happen over their lives as they begin to fear me, not because they're scared what I'll do to them, but they see that there is a daddy who has lived and poured himself out for them and that fear turns into a reverential sense of all that they been transferred. God, that's why it's so crucial for you parents to learn because you state your training wheels for them to learn to obey God for a time I drop you off and there's talk about obedient children live with her father. That's what you learn rights in response to the God of the gospel tell you become holy last most likely verse 21 through Jesus. He says this precious lamb were now believers in God, who raised him from the dead and gave him glory, so that your faith and hope are in God.

I was really arrested by those two words in God. The whole point of all this, Peter says that this is that your faith in your home and your love and your passion would be in God. God is the center of all, forget all the appreciate forget all really this is about your trust in faith and hope and love in God. God to whom you were precious to him and has become precious to you and it's a first revelation, intimate relationship, how deep the help your trust in God you're listening to Pastor Arthur and theologian Jeannie Greer on Senate life.

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