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Grow Up, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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May 4, 2020 9:00 am

Grow Up, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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May 4, 2020 9:00 am

When you’re a kid, there are several big milestones you usually look forward to hitting as you grow up, like getting your driver’s license, graduating high school, and moving out of your parents’ house. But in our spiritual lives, it can be harder to judge whether or not we’re “growing up.” As he continues our series called I Am an Alien, Pastor J.D. describes the marks of a maturing believer.

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Hi everyone.

So before we jump into today's broadcast went to tell you about an exciting opportunity for you tomorrow Tuesday, May 5 giving Tuesday now this is a new global day of getting a new unity as a response to the unprecedented meeting caused by COBIT 19 we are partnering with two of our Senate collaborative churches in Brooklyn, New York, one of the hardest hit areas in our nation comes to the coronavirus hundred percent of all gifts given to Summit life. Tomorrow will go to crossroads Christian church in Park slope Community Church. They will be able to use the funds to take care for those in their congregations have been most affected by our current crisis in return for your generosity towards these churches will not only send you our current assured 10 day devotional will also send you the digital version of the book you can share with family and friends and as an added bonus will send you a digital version of Pastor JD's brand-new pandemic prayer guide just released my life way that's for all gifts given tomorrow, Tuesday or call us at 866-335-5220 now enjoy today's program today on Summit life with Jamie Greer Woodruff Las Vegas because it will when your marriage fades your family fades when your body fades in your account fades full but were stoned last because that's what will not pay Monday and will pastor and author Judy Greer and Molly bit of edge you when you're a kid, there are several big milestones you usually look forward to hitting as you grow up getting your drivers license graduating high school living at your parents house just for example. But in our spiritual lives. It can be harder to judge whether or not were actually growing. So today Pastor Jay describes what a maturing believer looks and sounds like it's a part of our series called I am an alien and as a reminder this is the last week to get Pastor JD's new 10 day devotional. To be sure to check it Now here's Pastor JD helping us grow up short bears little grass right larger pictures when Christians are to have now reviewing the prosperity.

No blessing now grasp the greater promises motivators to the goal of believing. A lot of Christians are suckers for a powerful speaker are suckers for a miracle story suckers for the latest best seller, it builds a crowd without good music with the guys got a good smile. It's gotta be true but going to church of the dapper Abercrombie advantage of why you knowledge is a great place to be. But what happens is not real you know what the circumstances change and you will have a lot of anger to your play. A lot of people in here who are hopeful the point is you need to grow up. You need to grow up also to the Corinthians in verse 23 one is is you jealous you selfish or demanding something wrong a lot discreet about where God is the miracles to prove your faith you're addicted to charismatic personality stimuli. Although the original caller to such an order on all of Paul. He should be, I will Paul Apollo is like you just speak you like to tour people report by who can raise the hair of the popular Mac to make about one fuzzies the tour people beyond the aperture influence removed by every wind of doctrine that comes along. What could happen like Peter Savior hardship persecution confidence when you get isolated and you are not going to make it because your input in Christ. The two grow up. You need to grow up.

The first thing Peter tells us in this passage gonna grow up. Number two. He says this is what it looks like to grow up, she here he describes being grown up. Verse 22 is having some see your brotherly love talk about his love that is not corrupted by selfish agendas love that is not need driven love that is not manipulative love like Christ love love that poured itself out.

Love that David self away. Notice up to verse 20 says when talking about a love that is without malice.

He says you gotta make Jesus your cornerstone to all your life.

Ultimately anchors it is rooted in Jesus said that what Peter means there for Jesus to be your cornerstone is your cornerstone is what ever you fall back on when everything goes well, okay. So for example when things go along your life when you fall back into richer refuge. So you say well get things going well but you know what I want to make a lot of money or have made a lot of money. Money is your refuge at your course to be like well doubt your beliefs.

I have a good marriage to God, while the person know you got global religious whatever that is becomes your refuge at your cornerstone and what Peter is telling you is that anything besides Jesus that you make your cornerstone will lead you to be things right here, which is why I told you think of it like this big gospel prayer that I told you your appraisal form everyday goods like businesses in Christ is nothing I could do that makes you love anymore is not that I have done that would make you love me any less. There's nothing I've done that makes you love anymore.

Not that I've done that makes you love me any less. Forgiveness is mine closest to yours is mine. I was close to you what I'm doing well, as I am when I'm doing that because it has nothing to do with how I've done it has to do with what Christ did. Second thing I told you your review city guides are all I need for everlasting joy when it comes to the point you say you know because I have God's approval because I is forgiveness. I can have joy in the midst of anything I told you that your spiritual maturity is measured by your ability to be joyful in all things your understanding of the gospel is measured by your ability to be joyful in all bank because that shows you how much Christ approval matters to you as if it matters little to you that even when things are going wrong so I joyful still got Christ's. Usually, John said John the is is you know that somebody still a baby in Christ because he or she is sensitive to criticism. They find the admission of their weaknesses difficult and humiliating.

They're still fairly insecure and how he or she is being perceived.

Why is because they do not know that they are forgiven and loved.

They do not know that there forgiven and accepted, and there are still a lot of works righteousness that is clinging to them said that in this stage the first the baby stage was marked by a lot of feelings of little truth. This stage is marked by a lot of truth will feelings sometimes little feeling produced will depend on those feelings in order to stay and walk with Christ to become a young man, which brings you the last say verse 13 we talked about being a father that's you your your your level where it says because you know him who is from the beginning. He's refilling John to assist with profound trust in God profound trust in God. It recognizes how much weight higher. His ways are that yours so you trust God even when things don't make sense. You know how valuable you so you trust him and you obey him. You leverage your wife for him. I should always write or say the same thing. You can't grow up. You got a rollup and get past the feeling the empathy station again.

I so much to be hard on you as it discourages me because some of you. It's just when it's excitement it's it's just you never grown up spiritually. That's why your life is all over the place why you're characterized by malice and envy and hatred, and all these things, hypocrisy grown up number three how to grow up shows you in this passage how to grow up. This passage says essentially the same thing times unicycles will repetitive okay I guess this passage is the same thing three different ways in slightly different nuance ways verse 22 chapter 1.

As you grow by obedience to the truth of the word of God by obedience to the truth of the word of God. Jeopardy verse two brought by nourishment on the milk of the word of God. The chapter verse 40 tells you grow about building your life in the cornerstone of the word of God. Now all these things have in common the word of God.

Obviously subpoenas to give you three different qualities about the word of God that you really ought to understand high-quality number one is that the word of God is imperishable imperishable receipt of verse 23 chapter 1 was born again, not of perishable seed, but of imperishable the living and abiding word of God for all flesh is like grass in all its glory like the flower of grass. Grass where there's a flower falls, but word of the Lord remains forever, the word of God is the one thing in the universe that is imperishable that is in contrast like this to everything else in the flesh. Everything else in the flesh is like a flower.

It's really beautiful for a while but then it fades and it falls all the black words like grass.

The gradual space is anything else is perishable, so for example if your cornerstone of what you bill your life on is the approval of people in front of her face what generous heroes become totally happy with the center. I look at all those different jurors that are hanging up there and I don't even know who they all are a fan, if I told him to go. Who is Tyler Hansbrough is a blasphemer. How do you not know that was Michael Jordan. It seemed inconceivable to me that you did not know who Michael Jordan is, say it all fades.

If the rock of your life. If the cornerstone is how you look at your beauty and what happens is as your beauty deteriorates.

Your soul deteriorates. If your cornerstone is money and what happens is you the love always things will look at a minute ago malice to see the progress of worry your course the money that's what you're worried about it all the time with you before is what happened is in the last five years in our country.

The God that you build your life on money got crucified shows no signs of being resurrected by the people that oppose this cornerstone is the Jewish people in Jesus as they looked at the cornerstone of Jesus. And that thought, ha, that's not good for the building. We want to build so they rejected him, so people do is you look at Jesus and set the building. I want to build is a building about no my success. I want to build on money. Jesus is not really great for all the success over here is what happens is you oppose it, and then that cornerstone becomes God's chosen stone and grind you the power because you oppose the one thing that was imperishable. 10,000 years from now. Every other building that's been built, metaphorically speaking, is going to not be here except the ones that are built on Jesus Christ.

The living cornerstone was and is and is to come. That's what he says about the ways you become a living stone, which means you live forever in what you do forever last last forever.

When I heard it as a teenager, only one like a little soon be passed only what's done for Christ will last, but you start to build it on there and you start to grow see your life begins to be its permanent has something at last forever so you have rejected Jesus because he honestly is not good for the building or building to building your building to be destroyed is a cornerstone that God has laid if you trip over it will destroy. Jesus offers that all those who would build their lives on it. See the word of God is imperishable. Secondly, Peter says the word of God is about the gospel jettison S and yada yada yada. Mitch received this just help you get back and forth between the word of God and Jesus in this present verse 23 he says this is what is imperishable. The word of God.

Then in chapter 2 verse three Peter switches and starts talking about taking a spiritual milk thing of the Lord is good.

In verse four he talks about Jesus as the cornerstone watches this report is in Peter's mind. There's no distinction between the word of God and Jesus reason I point this out as some of you still seem to think that mastering the word of God over talking about is mastering a list of doctrines and a bunch of moral precepts, but for Peter word of God is about the gospel and to master the word of God is to ground yourself in the gospel like to see verse 25 he says appointment. This word is the gift that is good news gets what, what is a Greek UN jelly on which means gospel. That word of the gospel that was preached to you the word of God is the gospel. The way that we say that around our church and I said ad nauseam is, you don't grow spiritually by going beyond the gospel. You grow spiritually by going deeper into the gospel. All the doctrines that we learn are there to help us understand the gospel more all the moral precepts we learn flow out of the gospel, which is why we continually come back to give these two phrases are giving you the gift of righteousness of the gospel that Christ was nothing we could do making love is more, nothing redundant and what was less, and the fact that Christ approvals all we need for everlasting joy quickly. This if you would master those two things it does two things. The Kindle cornerstone 98.4% of all of your spiritual problems would disappear, worry, anxiety your neediness. Your codependency, your addictions, depression of talking clinically important note spiritual all those things would disappear if this became the cornerstone of your life is about the gospel to the word of God is imperishable word of God about the gospel that we do the third things that the word of God is alive. Verse 23 is living for Jesus is a living stone between this completely different from all other idols of foundations and other foundations. They fade, but the word of God, because Jesus was resurrected with the dead weight continually making you alive. "All my life I had other things that were more my cornerstone and that's why they use Jonathan Edwards analogy boomerang on what whatever you feast on besides Jesus may take up a lot of time snatching face right. So for example the affirmation of people minute. Sometimes I was so good minute enrich my soul.

It all with her last time you face were became hollow and bitter and disappointing monies the same way it is an intoxicating bill prevented boomerangs on you. Everything boomerangs on you unless it is a living and by the word of God which has the ability and it to continually renew your soul. There are depths of the gospel that I'm just getting to the new and fresh new thoughts on learning just new dimensions of the goodness in the beauty of God. I've tasted of singable Lord is good and I want to keep going deeper and deeper in that November 1 Peter one Peter said that the gospel is so unbelievable that even the Angels think it provides around his living body. It refreshes and renewed your soul pierces this word that causes your growth imperishable about the gospel.

It is living through says there are three different things you wanted to. In response to okay side occurs right down to every other except it is first thing you see that there verse 22 is as you have developed in obedience to the truth. You just accept it as being the word of God is the reason I say this is because are some of you that the word of God is so counterintuitive to you to anybody that really reads the word of God with us to it. It's scary.

It's offensive and it's counterintuitive if it's not, there's three things and you're not really reading it, saving nurser so far as temperature versus food like milk repaired and her nose are your baby needs milk like babies like every three hours you don't like me to baby milk at the hospital and then want to give the five. This is continual you, because another guy is. This is what you you will likely need spiritual milk that is nourishing your refreshing your to switch metaphors on your your hosting this week about the first smart phone I ever had was also do all the stuff about mobile phones and have an avenue and got the battery lasted about an hour and 1/2 should be double that Mr. cool for about an hour and then you know that I think about is my this morning. Your batteries are like that. Spiritually, they just are not that long right is used on the battery don't last that long. So you got to continually nourishing your soul. The word of God hears what scares me is for many of you. The only real diet give the word of God is what I give you right here not going to video but you may just do it so well laid out so well. I leave you with a spiritual buzz not come back next week. Liar you notice full flattery or you just don't really understand yourself because there's no way that you give a baby milk one time minutes come back next week and get more milk. It's the whole image is daily to be renewed in you because are so much around that is corrupting you and destroying you come back to you don't have a permanent spiritual milk mustache like as you never know it from the word of God. Some of you. I point this out with this you out of everything Jesus in the Bible everything Jesus of the Gospels 1800 versus right others. 1800 versus 180 of them are direct quotations of other scriptures which means that 10% of everything Jesus said was a quotation of Scripture and is our temptation and in his hour of trial percentage increase like six full so is going to be deposing Satan what is going to cross maybes drop in scriptural over the place. Everything he said was Scripture, how much of what you say and how much of your thought patterns are Scripture you all well here. Just like he's a son of God nearly as badly as an excellent the reason he sustained in an hour.

Satanic oppression trial in temptation is the word of God in him was strong you'll need to develop a stronger no torts then you need to develop strong worked out God's word you businessman your our seven hours away during no way that I can hop on to read the Bible you figure out a way you listen to it on MP3 I Bible on CD. On the way back for the work I did that for a while and not just for you to rearrange your work schedule cannot tell you what your kids need what your kids need is lessen your money and more of a spirit filled dad in the word of God in you is to determine whether or not your family is built on the cornerstone of Jesus. Whether it's built on the faulty cornerstone of money. You've got to make this a priority. You mother your mother still guilty when I hear it, this is like on young kids and that's Funny on leave me alone. You have to get up a half-hour earlier to read the Bible so that you greet your kids in the power the Holy Spirit forgot the word of God becomes a spiritual milk in you that sustains you that renews you. You just sporadically me the word of God, you got a nurse yourself on.

Thirdly, you begin to build your life on its when that happens, then you begin to look at the trials I come in your life and you can rejoice in those trials. Why because you love paint know it's because God's doing a trial is tearing down these buildings that build a bad cornerstone by Eddie's show you how to build the right cornerstone to you don't rejoice because of the trial, you rejoice in the trial because God is simply helping you build more more of your life in Jesus. But here's my question for you when your flesh fades because it will when your marriage fades when your family fades when your body fades in your account fades the when you fall back on. You are you want to cornerstone that last forever because that's what's how that's a piercing rollup because it is not paid for some, these could happen soon you realize it was awesome thing about Jesus is the cornerstone to build on every other cornerstone tells you that if you will build the building correctly then then your building will be secure.

Jesus, the cornerstone says I built the building correctly best the course you could base the rest of your life not on your ability to accomplish, but on what I've accomplished 40 she does building a building, not toward acceptance.

That's building a building from acceptance and those are two totally different things because the security of my life is no longer dependent on how well I perform for Jesus because the gospel is that Jesus did in my place, gave it to me as a gift that's a course or to build my life on because ultimately it means that it sorted and built its way been done. I rested it and now I built from security, not toward it and that's a whole different ballgame 01 produces malice, hatred, and the bitterness the other one produces living stones of righteousness of beauty and peace, joy, love and generosity. See two different cornerstones to accepting the nurse yourself on it and you build your life on it. When trials come, rejoice that you can reestablish now Peter closes with a warning.

That's Rockledge chapter 2 verse 1111 Ira choose sojourners and exiles to abstain the passions of the flesh, which wage estimates more pictures going sometimes means having growing pains.

Thankfully the Bible as a guide for return you're listening to Senate life. The Bible teaching ministry of pastor and author JD Greer. Today's message is titled grow and you can listen again or explore our library of previous messages free of this is the last week to get your copy of pastor Janie's new 10 day devotional titled short, this study gives a thorough biblical answer to the question of assurance how we can know for sure that were truly saved in Senate life is the only place to get this exclusive resource if were honest, we probably all admit that there are moments when we care about more what's going on TV tonight than we do about spreading the kingdom of God in the world limits where we fall into that same old temptation for the thousandth time when God feels distant, almost like a stranger when we don't jump out of bed in the morning, hungry for his word or when our mind wonders all over the place during prayer times like these are familiar to all of us, including myself, they maybe don't happen all the time, but certainly more often than we care to admit. So what do we do in these moments, the answer is to keep believing the gospel no matter how we feel.

At any given moment. How encouraged or how discouraged we feel about our spiritual progress.

How hot or cold our love for Jesus feels the answer whole he's the same exercise your faith in the gospel to learn more about the topics of assurance and salvation. We'd like to get your copy of our new devotional from pastor Janie Scott assured reflecting on your security in God's family, you're welcome to request a copy when you donate today but suggested level of $25 or more. Your gift helps us bring you these daily messages die deeper into the gospel right along with donate right now and be sure to ask for your copy of call 866-586-6335 5223 condoning and request a copy online dating if you'd rather mail your donation address is JD Greer ministry, PO Box 12293, Durham, NC 77. Make sure you include a note reflecting high-minded events and I hope you're ready for an encouraging week of teaching.

Be sure to join us Tuesday and will continue our study in first Peter Senate life with Janie Katie clear ministry

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