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Marriage and the Gospel, Part 3

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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May 13, 2020 9:00 am

Marriage and the Gospel, Part 3

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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May 13, 2020 9:00 am

Deep down, a lot of people believe the biblical view of submission in marriage is   outdated and patriarchal. But God’s principles for marriage transcend our cultural norms. As Pastor J.D. continues our series called I Am an Alien, he’s joined by his wife, Veronica, to discuss the interconnected roles of marriage and the gospel.  

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About the purpose of marriage. Maybe God's ways are best. After all they've got is allowed your marriage to be as lousy as it is because he wants you to see something deeper and that is his ways are best and that pursuing his path of obedience and blessing you could have that marital union that you dreamed when you were dating, but have given up on such you know a lot of would admit that the biblical view of marriage seems pretty outdated and patriarchal, especially as it relates to submission that God has a reason for the way he said things that and his design isn't just to set a cultural norm actually to reveal and reflect Christ today. Pastor JD Greer invites his wife Veronica to join him as they talk about the interconnected roles of marriage and the gospel were in first Peter chapter 3 verses one through seven, and Pastor JD talking about what it means for a husband. Let's get started. I know I will honor her thousand decisions so that I can speak with authority to the right wants some of you guys assert yourself once you assert yourself with all these wrong words were you serve yourself and then you're totally absent from the right wants you should be protecting your family in Serbia. I love the statement got your right does them a promise you get your point, your wife will appear right now to write about spiritual leadership is not licensed to do what you want to do it is empowerment to do what you ought to do guys listen, I should leave my wife in a way that her submission to me is a blessing not bird.

Here's one does God believe that the call to the mission field. The girl doesn't what you do. First you talk about it extensively. Maybe she's got valid reasons why maybe all those guys get your bill be flighty and spiritual monopoly thinking through all the things. Maybe she's got symbolic points, but the wise listen. After you make your reasons, no at the end of the day.

That's when there's arenas that you got to make your reasons known within you have to be subject to him, but I disagree submission implies, this agreement right if that submission was not agreement. If you only submit when you agree that's not submissive, it's agreement right but given me real quick what you look at two more verses in here will bring my varsity squad appear let her edition perspective on these right look like the good verse three.

Go to verse three. Slight change of topic, but you'll see all ties together. You know what you're going to be external the writing of hair or put it on a bulge over the clothing that you where bullets are going to be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God's sight is very precious. I saw Peter now is doing is talking to wives about two different kinds of beauty there's a kind of beauty that the world that we live in, always prioritizes and tells you to go after its external deals with close being in and shape your body is in the money value of your jewelry, but then Peter talked about another kind of beauty.

The beauty that comes from Christ likeness that were gentle by the way, there were gentle as a war that used throughout the Gospels repeatedly to describe Jesus so he saying there is a greater beauty that is at work inside you is Jesus's beauty and that is a beauty that never perishes that I told him that I thought the varsity squad would help give you for some perspective. Someone asked my wife if she will come up here and join me and I want to ask her a few questions.

Would you mind welcoming at all of our campuses walk my wife to say I don't.

Great submit request for you maybe for Sears question one can a woman with a strong personality still have a quiet spirit, like the passage is talking about your spirit and it's actually possible with impossible and to be outwardly quiet and reserved and you have anything but a quiet and gentle spirit that this passage is talking about. The question is are you surrendered to God.

And then if you're married, this passage is connected directly to how you treat and relate to your husband so you surrendered to God submitted to God and submitting to your husband.

So it has nothing to do with the outward expression.

Question number two is about submission mean to you what it means to you to submit and then do you feel inferior.

When you do that's that's a given. So I think an example of when I had to submit on it. Like Katie said earlier, doesn't it doesn't happen that often that an example is about a year ago when we lived, and JD felt very strongly where we lived.

Before that, we need today is to be closer to the church either. I have a 9-to-5 job so he went to be able to be home as much as was like physically possible, and Satan like me to move to make that more possible. I only had a hint did not feel like need to knew that I felt like we lived close enough I loves our cul-de-sac lot. We had a great sense and we had neighbors kids are kids ages. I mean I just seen.

I just didn't feel that way at class we had a super target 2 miles away who needs got home and got a super Target team on the liaison fan say no anyway, after several years of me just trying away and out and I guess thinking he would forget about it or something.

Pretty sure he's doing the same thing for that time. I finally realized it wasn't happening. We are feeling the exact same way since I was getting have to submit. He didn't say that he didn't demand that I just the Lord made it clear to me and I just knew it was when I asked you, so we moved now look alike to you. I still have to go visit my super target. I miss it so much, so I still miss my super target that's really when he is home, far more than he ever was before.

It makes him so much happier. My kids see him so much more in day or so much happier. It's a pretty good trade for the second part of the question do you feel inferior. I know definitely not like Katie mentioned earlier, when I can manage it in the few times I've had to do it. I feel like an Inca company. Because you see the best example of it in the Trinity and so when I can manage to do it there in the right way I see it is a Christlike attribute and I see this as a victory. So on send out. I think that would be the best advice I can get to single women in here young single women and that is JD makes it easy.

Also, on top of that data makes it easy for me to to follow him. So I would tell you is as a single woman marry someone that you will find it easy to follow and you will end up in a situation where you're like really fighting. It's really difficult battle to submit because you married someone that you respect and trust in you can do it. That's probably important point to Ghana and a lot of this is seems to be for married people, but we taught the we talk to single girls all the time. This is a compromise situation for them to get angry when you start suggesting that they'll be waiting for a better spiritual leader you want you. I love this guy like this is a minor issue like you.

You're going to bring kids.

If you have them underneath the direction of this guy. If you're going to obey the Bible you really want to put yourself in a situation like that and I think about think it's a huge issue. You realize it's not God told you for your good to wait for the guy who believes spirituality would joyfully be able to follow. Yeah, definitely tell that story.

The terrace about how she sees this see you don't go. I cannot promise okay since were talking about submission notices years ago my listeners. Eight now that I was taking her to preschool when they accurately story years ago we were talking about anything related to this she was falling when this kid limits the kids will do out of the blue. I don't have no idea where this came from. She says back in the car. Daddy in charge because he's taller than you. As I now think it was a teachable moment to get the image of the teachable money like okay some kind of racking my brain thinking how to answer and she says she jumps in containing. She says oh well charge because he's stronger than you know. Okay sound like you really try to put my answer together.

You know it's kind early in the morning whatever and I can see her little brain working. I know she's getting me to ask me delete put him in charge because he's smarter than you and like you like so see see that with charge because he's smarter than you and I would like no only about 10 points because they change the standard question number three let's question your how well this passage versus report talk about inner beauty and outer beauty, and talk about focusing on inner beauty.

That means to you and then maybe a comment about how you thought women at her church do with say what I'm not courageous enough to say first. I really feel like I should confess to you that this is coming from someone you herself struggles valiantly trying to dress with them anyway. I think it's fashionable attractive, hopefully cute, and yet still modest and it gets harder on the time. I think with some of our fashions and I'm definitely constantly fighting the battle of I got to be found in style.

A lot of times just in my heart I got a be found in style or more fashionable and let the men around me.

You know, worry about themselves then be found wanting in the style department or the fashion department and an honor God and honor the men around the NS.

That's Sunday night I struggle with all the time so I want you to know that that I understand that the battle and I understand the struggle just to see seek to be really honest. I brought home I was in jeans and JD said those are kind and I'm thinking internally.

My internal dialogue is tight, too tight. I really like these, please that I could tell by the look on his face that they paint him to say anything anyway and they had to get back Kathy sister the here identity is uncle JD behind.

Like much younger than him something to your sister V here maybe for a minute not so young that is sketchy by the way, we were within the range of I just look a lot younger sister V girls single girls then then that you are attracting with the sort of new trend is like the tight sworn his pants.

That thing and in this note. Back impact genes and things that are very inspiring now is or not demand that you're gonna want to be married to at the think about you think future here. It's hard to do when you're young. I know because I was there even married for 11 years and you had his four children. Do you want to be worried about him and know that you don't look the same as you did when you tracked them with those things now.

You've definitely married to someone who is not drawn to the person showing the most in the room, you probably get to the one who you know is dressed terribly like you and your dress terribly but it just just think future. And once you've had four kids and when you lay down on the bed, your stomach lie down slightly next to you.

You want to know that he was not attracted to you. Just for your cleavage or your text you want to know. He was attracted to a three-year-old break. You know what he was attracted to you in the first place. For not that it's not what's keeping him then either yet told him words we serve quickly with words he would have just for general encouragement for women vision for us to those guys. Yeah so just to last thoughts that I mentioned to JDM plays I think I think I just modestly in the past. More will not think I know I just modestly in the past when I managed it more out of just severe a result of severe training by my mom and dad that I'm thankful for, but it was more out of just a result of that, a sense of duty than anything else.

But as I've been initiated.

JD over the years, there's been something else that has become a big motivator for me now and not something I would like to share with you because it's really helped me and that is on dealing with women who have been devastated by their husbands addiction to pornography and then explaining to me in and sharing with me how difficult it wise to be out and seen the women that were screaming just screaming for the men to look at them and blessed after their bodies and how many came to church. It wasn't really a haven.

In all there were just as many women in the church with their backs bear cleavage see-through tight sworn his pants. You know I'm in the churches. There were outside the church and how that was just really really hard for them and their husbands. And when it was my friend changed and I went to help them as much as I could with whatever I could manage to do for them and we are not where you high-five in their position. I would want them to do the same for me.

I think that's and it's really helped me and I hope maybe you can think that way to because it's realigning their men here today they're fighting a battle right here today said he think that way. I think it can help you.

The other last thing I'll say is his tenant, and that is this we need your support in this we really do we need to take inventory of the women that you gravitate towards in your life and if they think if they dress modestly or in modestly and if it's more the latter if they just modestly change her ways.

We need you to help us just like you want us to help you in your battle to not know less after women and by what we where you want to help you with that. We need you to help us in finite battles not vying for your attention. I hear you give the attention to my lovely Jason and I love what he does know only run into someone.

Even though these are even out or something on his not wearing something that you ran off closer something this season and after the reflexive notice. Healing is likely the same way every time I let it. He has all will. She's like not read enough clothes anyway.

Total disdainful look on his face so he's trained himself to do that and always makes me feel like he values a woman in that moment he was wearing enough clothes he was wearing modest things and it encourages me to do that.

He didn't like helped me when I'm choosing a bathing suit.

Choose one that is more modest, rather than one is that is less modest and so that's what I call support tell the women in your life. If there's an appropriate memo to tell the woman in your life that you appreciate how she is dressing modestly do it. I tell Judy all the time that I need him to tell me that he still thinks I am sexy even when I'm choosing to buy something less revealing, rather than more revealing, because the world sure and tell you probably should clarify that you mean husbands or wives that are a sister without talking about the world around one of the church realized there ain't no way I can watch for you were not yet II mean I mean your wife or your sister like that. That's got all I limit hold us together for you real quick, but the text one more time what you see hold the stage together very briefly. So these are the effects when you live this way. There are three of them use either very briefly note them. You thought about them and then will you men when you on your watch one. Your prayers are not your prayers about an issue number seven. That's a pretty dramatic statement and that that your relationship with your wife when you were not what you should be that your actual prayers to God or hinder the internal logic that such a gentle scriptural principle. You'll find a number of places when you approach God in prayer right you approach them from a position of weakness. God is in a position of strength. You are in a position of weakness and you're asking God in prayer to help you in your position of weakness. What he saying is if you have used your position of strength to serve yourself. Why would you think God would use his position of strength serve you men if you are dominating your wife if you are serving yourself.

If you are interested in what you have as opposed to sacrificial giving it up the way Christ gave it up for you if you are not doing that with your family. Don't expect God to hear your prayers does God use a position was written serve you and with your serving others is what makes us much else. Use gold as your wife.

You may have and how to answer prayer a good one along God if your man about this.

Take some members you should know your wife is a wise God answer my prayers and you brought up in a piece of paper and get ready to write it down. Why is God answering my prayers as much of the number two you begin to live together. I was arrested by that phrase in verse seven live together because I never mentioned to you that there are so many marriages upon which a roommate situation to people living two lives under the same roof. When he says live together means that you're in this union during this harmony together.

Maybe some of you listen.

Maybe, just maybe some of you the pitiful state of your marriage right now will maybe put you in a position where you would say maybe Dobbs was your best.

After all, maybe God is allowed your marriage to be as lousy as it is because we want you to see something deeper and that is his ways are best and that pursuing his path of obedience and blessing you could have that marital union that you dreamed when you were dating, but of give up on since you got married.

But here's the third factor see it there and burst water before you preach the gospel some of the world and preach the gospel.

Some of the world was in our marriages ought to be the greatest apologetic of the gospel apologetic argument.

Marriages ought to be the greatest argument for the gospel of anything that we have in our community here.

We preach the gospel to our community and our marriages in different ways men and how they serve wives and how they submit Peter's picking up on the screen.

Have you seen it. We always think the way that we become convincing is by having better arguments than the other guys are smart guys and what are smart guys is more than their smart guys way to win some of the world is to have a charismatic speaker who tells funny and emotional stories.

We think the way to attract the watching world's best program likes the music of anybody that does a Christian from other churches: you want to commence a true cynic.

He says there's a greater beauty more powerful. It doesn't come right you are.

How comes from how much like Jesus. You are the gentle spirit because in there, you start to see the power of the resurrection power of the cross. There is a greater beauty sleep, a greater beauty greater power that is in the power of the cross and resurrection bins and anything else by the way wives she got in there were it said that you want to change your husband. Most of you try to change your husband you imagine the death right without a word without a word is visual change of you think the way to change your husband about them down where to bail bureaucrats the complaining newsflash in a working and I go to work by the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again to get different results if they wanted. Okay, how many you know blogs you make and read how many tell you what you compare him to other people, it ain't working the way that you change him as to the power of grace because the Christlike beauty transforms as part it's the hidden secret of gospel powers across resurrection when you go home your man say this. How can I preach the gospel, you show me, tell me how to preach a wordless sermon about the generosity of the gospel when you say how can I preach the gospel to you. What is it that I can do greater display on the submission of it right as much on castigating rear talking about putting the gospel on display in our marriages you're listening to some MetLife. If you miss part one or two of this message you can find the entire teaching free of while you're there, you can also catch up on previous messages in the study of first Peter called.

I am an alien. JD this week will wrap up our study of first Peter, while also introducing the second part of our new collection of resources for the year.

The second volume in a three-part box set of Bible studies through Romans.

In fact will pick up on that teaching again next week on the program so can our listeners get both the first and second volume of the study right now yes but they have to feel bad about not due the first volume is always a promise to fill appropriately remorseful always immigrated to get Melissa.

We really do we want to put this we know that some of you are new to this new summer life would love to have you. What we did is we created a Bible study through Romans were going to Romans in three different segments. The first one in January and we provided a part one Bible study that goes along with it.

Well, not going to the second part of their support to him later in September when we go to the third part Lord willing to part three bobsled will be available right now you get part one and two, you don't have those others also beautiful display box.

It will house all three of the studies I'm sure you can get those any of those you can get my going to JD sports you do is go take you deeper into some of these passages will be to study it for yourself, listening to messages is great, but there's just something about an open Bible pain in your hand and just pressing into the words Martin Luther said this is one of those books voted like an apple tree you want to climb to the end of every single branch and shake every branch as part of the good until every last Apple phone off and that's what you can do with with a study like this one, so just go to and life goal is to help you grow deeper in your knowledge of the gospel so that you can follow Jesus becoming more hostile to the truth and life taking our study through Romans help you take this study deeper on your own time will send you a copy today to support this ministry. Romans volume 2 by calling eight 658-665-5222.

Our hi Molly being here with us today and be sure to join us again tomorrow. Topics on some MetLife by JD Greer

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